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A Series of Short Posts

A Series of Short Posts: Flossin’

See below.

I just changed a rabbit pellet diaper,

watched a show with talking pet store animals,

and am donning fake jewelry galore. 

And a bow in my hair.

We should definitely be more worried for me.

She’s wearing me down, guys… I actually like the bow.

A Series of Short Posts: When All Hope is Gone

So here’s the deal.

With the recent developments with my grandma, my mom, who usually takes care of Layla, has been in Colorado taking care of her mother.

That means we’ve had to get creative with Layla’s childcare.

Apparently they’ve run out of all hope and choices.

Because they got stuck with me today.

Oh boy.

I’m not sure who I’m more worried for.

Me or Layla

A Series of Short Posts: The Layla Edition

Short posts!

It’s been a long time since we’ve done one of these.

We’re long overdue, yes? 

Let’s get moving.

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Work it out Wednesday: Help Wanted

Hi friends!

It is going to be in the 70s this week.


Yes, regardless of the official date, spring weather is certainly upon us here in Oklahoma.

I’m not necessarily ready for the warm weather!

I’m pasty, and softer than I would like to be.

Regardless, warmer temps are definitely on the way whether I’m ready or not.

So let’s be ready.


I mean, we have two choices- and I chose to be ready.

Wow- that was easier than I thought!

If every decision were that easy…

Anyhow, I am thinking of doing something fun on my blog this spring to get us all ready for summer. However, I am looking for thoughts and input as to what might be beneficial for you personally based upon your current level and goals.

It would be silly for me to share things that are not going to be helpful, right!?


So, let me sort of give you an idea of what I am mapping out- and hopefully you can fill in some blanks!

Beginning on the April 10th Work it Out Wednesday, I plan on beginning a new spring into summer program that would last 10 weeks.

Whew! That seems like a long time!

The week would begin on a Wednesday and end on a Tuesday, just to stay consistent with the current Work it Out Wednesday schedule.

During these 10 weeks, I plan on outlining a weekly fitness plan we can all perform for the whole week.

That includes cardio and weights- things we can do at gym, but also adding options that can performed at home too.

Depending on feedback, I might also use Mondays to post meal/snack ideas for the week to make sure what we are eating matches the effort put forth in our workouts.

We cannot out exercise a bad diet!

Anyhow, the main goal would be to initiate good habits for novices, and reinforce and strengthen veterans who might be in a rut, keeping the weekly plans flexible enough to be modified for all fitness levels.

So wow- I just dumped a ton out there.

I am sorry for being so overwhelming!

I wanted to share this early, because if it is something people are interested in- I am going to go all in and make this a big deal!

And it will take a lot of time and energy on my part.

And I am fine with that, because I love it.

Plus I am going to be doing this for myself anyway, but it would have been to a slightly lesser degree.

Bottom line- if you want to spring into summer, let me know what would be helpful, what you struggle with, what you want to get better at, if you work out at home or the gym, what questions you have, etc.

And keeping in mind that I am just a regular girl and not certified (yet? smile ), I will do my best to make this happen for us.

So there, I just put a lot out there. I just wanted to get it on the blog early to see if there would be any feedback, and then use it to incorporate it into the next few weeks of preparation.

So there you have it!

I look forward to ideas.

(and happy ninth anniversary to me and Will. <3 I know he doesn't read my blog, but I figured I ought to memorialize it here anyway) Little did I know this boy would propose and be my husband nine years later.

Look how young we are!




A Series if Short Posts: Brainiac

I am officially addicted to the free trial of Luminosity.

I am killing these games.


But true.

A Series if Short Posts: You Can do it, We Can Help

I want to buy my own airbrush tanning system.

I want me and P to stand in our garage and bronze ourselves up so we can look as beautiful as you tan girls.

Seriously, my pastiness annoys me,- so I know it’s annoying the rest of the world too.

The trouble is that the good ones are pricey.

I wonder if the Home Depot wall spray painter could work?

Haha, just kidding!

Sort of…

A Series if Short Posts: Gain Size in Your Bis

Try this next time you are at the gym-

Do 12 hammer curls of heavy(ish) weight.

Immediately pick up the next lowest weight and do 12 reps with that weight.

Then immediately pick up the next lowest weight from that and go until you can’t go anymore.

Rest for a minute.

Repeat three times.


Your pretty biceps will thank me later.

A Series if Short Posts: Gaze into Microwaves

I often stand in front of the microwave watching my food cook.

This can’t be good for me, right?

And who is so impatient that they must literally stand, comatose in front of a microwave while they watch their food get fried to completion?

Apparently me.

A Series if Short Posts: Material Girl

Who jammed out to the 80s Pandora Station for an hour at work this week?

This girl!

Don’t judge me.

It was an awesome decade musically.

(um as well as in GENERAL)


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