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A Series of Short Posts

The One With the In-Laws & Look Ahead

After a three week stretch of three day weekends, a full work week begins.

I’m sure you feel real sorry for me.

That’s okay, though, because I’m pouting enough for both of us. smile

I hope you had a lovely weekend!

Here are some highlights from mine.

Friday was a busy day full of in-law prep. I went to the gym early, and got straight to cleaning.

I feel like I say I “have” to clean all the time, but the truth is, I don’t.

I’m just crazy. I one of those that cleans the blinds and baseboards pretty much every.single.time I clean the house.

Who does that?

Crazy people.

I was done cleaning by lunchtime, and soon after it was time for an hour of relaxation!

My mom and dad got me a spa gift card that I decided to use Friday. I got a 45 minute massage and it was heavenly.

I haven’t gotten a massage in many years, so this was a special treat.

I’m glad I got my cleaning done that morning, because I was complete mush the rest of the day.

I made a trip to No Boundaries to drop of twenty grab bags they can give to the girls they minister too.




I was so excited to be able to make so many! Special thanks to the beautiful hearts that help make it possible, it will be such a huge blessing.

Will and I were even able to squeeze in a quick trip to Sonic happy hour! I got a giant unsweet blackberry tea. So refreshing and delicious.

Happy hour

Saturday was busy all the way until the in-laws arrived at noon.

Thankfully, I managed to hit the gym and go to the store before their arrival.

Will and his dad took out the bike and enjoyed the warm weather.

Afterward, we had a late lunch at BJs, and caught up with one another. I got their kale and roasted Brussels sprouts salad. So, so good.

Afterward, we went to church! This week’s sermon was so very good, and is working on my heart. Check it out online here.

Afterward, we made a quick trip to Academy Sports and I got some dumbbells!


So, I’ve been doing tons of home workouts lately, and I really needed to get something a little heavier than the pathetic five pounders I have.

Sure, ten pounds total can be helpful during HIIT, but ultimately I need something more.

I picked up a couple ten pounders and two fifteens. I’m pretty pleased with the purchase and think it will help make my home workouts even better.

Afterward, we had a belated birthday cake celebration!

Strawberry, round two.

Birthday cake round two

Since we are doing work at the house, our spare bedroom was out of commission, so we gave Will’s parents our room, Will took the couch, and I “suffered” and spent the a night away.

Yeah, real tough. smile

Sleepover party!

How could I resist that cuteness?!

Oh and hey, the pups got haircuts, too.

Yesterday we went out for breakfast, and said our goodbyes.

We took the rest of the day easy, since the last two were full of busyness.

Let’s move ahead to this week.

Here’s a quick look at what I’m sharing this week:

-Noodle-less veggie lasagna
-Why comparison can hurt
-Things I’m loving Thursday
-Why I risk turning into salt

So check in this week for more fun! Now off to conquer the week!

OU Obsession: 2003-2013

Today was supposed to be Q&A with P.

Yeah, about that…

Obviously not happening.

Instead, it’s 100% me today.

Which, I realize isn’t as exciting because its always 100% me on this blog each day but hey, humor me.

Plus it’s Friday.

And a three day weekend.

Surely we all feel optimistic and a little more forgiving, right?


So read on anyway.

Well my friends, tomorrow the madness begins- let OU football season commence.

I cannot explain to you the night and day difference of our household from now through December compared to the rest of the year.

There’s a different vibe, a heightened level of excitement and awareness.

Watching carefully for the next big catch or upset,

ready for our boys to pounce and tackle their way to a (hopefully) respectable bowl game.

We can sniff out a bad call, fun tail gate, and all the best stadium bathrooms.

We’re like wolves apparently.

But seriously, it is definitely a different feeling around here, and will be through the rest of the year.

It’s like welcoming back that super cool older middle school friend you adored and looked up to when you were in grade school.

You know- the one whose mom would let her watch Friends and The Simpsons, when yours wouldn’t?

The one who wore her big sisters way cool Z. Cavaricci jeans and Clinique lip gloss.

And always smelled like Calvin Klein perfume.

Yeah- she was the best, right?

You just felt cooler and more confident with her around.

Fall and football season are sort of her equivalent.

Only sportier and sweatier.


This OU season will be an interesting one. Will, the forever Sooner optimist, is hoping for a BCS bowl game and thinks it is within reach because of Trevor knights raw talent (which will become more refined this season).

I, on the other hand, am always more trepidatious about such predictions, mainly because we have been let down so many times before (but let’s not forget, all they have accomplished is still nothing to sneeze at!).

Regardless, I’m looking forward to game day and the revival of our annual traditions.

In honor of tomorrow’s season opener, I thought it might be fun to take a quick look at some of our pictures throughout the years.

We used to buy tickets to a game or two when we were engaged.

Here we are in 2003, in the rain!

2003 OU north Texas in the rain!

In 2004 we got season tickets and I think Will may have actually cried tears of joy. smile
2004 Football!

No games in 2005 because of our move to Kuwait. :(

We made up for it in 2006 by going home on vacation during football season and seeing most of the games! Here we are before OU-Texas

hook em horns...not

Will went home for a game in 2007 while I stayed back and spent a fun extended weekend with P. We did, however make it to the Fiesta Bowl that season (it was played in Jan of 08).

happy sooner couple- pre-loss

We moved back in May of 2008 and have been going ever strong! In January 2009 we went to Miami for the 2008 National Champtionship.
when we still thought we had a chance

Here we are at OU-Texas 09. We also went to Nebraska that year, which was really cool, but I didn’t get any pictures!


OU Texas

Here we are in front of Big Tex for OU-Texas 2010
Behind big Tex

2011 was a trip to Florida State!
Before the game

And here we are freezing our butts off at the OU-OSU game in 2012
Chilly Willy OU-OSU

I look forward to lots more memories and pictures to share as the 2013 season commences. Let the games begin.


A Series of Short Posts: Teaser

You should check in tomorrow.

You’ll get a laugh at my expense.

Lucky for both of us, I’m a good sport.

A Series of Short Posts: The Grammarian

I may permanently be stuck with a “baby voice” for the rest of the day.

I know all that crap about not talking to kids in a tone like that… but I clearly cannot follow rules.

Aunt Brittny is a siwy wittle gurl!


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A Series of Short Posts: Snacks

So far so good. The house is still standing, and I’m Layla is still breathing.

Um, and why didn’t anyone tell me that those squeeze-y tube pureed fruit snacks are so freaking delicious!?


Blast from the past! We are babies!

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A Series of Short Posts: Flossin’

See below.

I just changed a rabbit pellet diaper,

watched a show with talking pet store animals,

and am donning fake jewelry galore. 

And a bow in my hair.

We should definitely be more worried for me.

She’s wearing me down, guys… I actually like the bow.

A Series of Short Posts: When All Hope is Gone

So here’s the deal.

With the recent developments with my grandma, my mom, who usually takes care of Layla, has been in Colorado taking care of her mother.

That means we’ve had to get creative with Layla’s childcare.

Apparently they’ve run out of all hope and choices.

Because they got stuck with me today.

Oh boy.

I’m not sure who I’m more worried for.

Me or Layla

A Series of Short Posts: The Layla Edition

Short posts!

It’s been a long time since we’ve done one of these.

We’re long overdue, yes? 

Let’s get moving.

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Work it out Wednesday: Help Wanted

Hi friends!

It is going to be in the 70s this week.


Yes, regardless of the official date, spring weather is certainly upon us here in Oklahoma.

I’m not necessarily ready for the warm weather!

I’m pasty, and softer than I would like to be.

Regardless, warmer temps are definitely on the way whether I’m ready or not.

So let’s be ready.


I mean, we have two choices- and I chose to be ready.

Wow- that was easier than I thought!

If every decision were that easy…

Anyhow, I am thinking of doing something fun on my blog this spring to get us all ready for summer. However, I am looking for thoughts and input as to what might be beneficial for you personally based upon your current level and goals.

It would be silly for me to share things that are not going to be helpful, right!?


So, let me sort of give you an idea of what I am mapping out- and hopefully you can fill in some blanks!

Beginning on the April 10th Work it Out Wednesday, I plan on beginning a new spring into summer program that would last 10 weeks.

Whew! That seems like a long time!

The week would begin on a Wednesday and end on a Tuesday, just to stay consistent with the current Work it Out Wednesday schedule.

During these 10 weeks, I plan on outlining a weekly fitness plan we can all perform for the whole week.

That includes cardio and weights- things we can do at gym, but also adding options that can performed at home too.

Depending on feedback, I might also use Mondays to post meal/snack ideas for the week to make sure what we are eating matches the effort put forth in our workouts.

We cannot out exercise a bad diet!

Anyhow, the main goal would be to initiate good habits for novices, and reinforce and strengthen veterans who might be in a rut, keeping the weekly plans flexible enough to be modified for all fitness levels.

So wow- I just dumped a ton out there.

I am sorry for being so overwhelming!

I wanted to share this early, because if it is something people are interested in- I am going to go all in and make this a big deal!

And it will take a lot of time and energy on my part.

And I am fine with that, because I love it.

Plus I am going to be doing this for myself anyway, but it would have been to a slightly lesser degree.

Bottom line- if you want to spring into summer, let me know what would be helpful, what you struggle with, what you want to get better at, if you work out at home or the gym, what questions you have, etc.

And keeping in mind that I am just a regular girl and not certified (yet? smile ), I will do my best to make this happen for us.

So there, I just put a lot out there. I just wanted to get it on the blog early to see if there would be any feedback, and then use it to incorporate it into the next few weeks of preparation.

So there you have it!

I look forward to ideas.

(and happy ninth anniversary to me and Will. <3 I know he doesn't read my blog, but I figured I ought to memorialize it here anyway) Little did I know this boy would propose and be my husband nine years later.

Look how young we are!




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