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Holiday Shmalidays

A Semi Trip Recap

I’ve missed this place! I feel like I haven’t been around my blog for a while. Granted, it was only about a week (sans a 3 line crappy post which doesn’t really count as a real post), but it still feels like ages.

I wanted to wait to post until I had all my pictures loaded and could tell you all about my trip. Sadly, I haven’t done that yet (yeah, I suck), so there won’t be much to share! I had a wonderful time, but it was exhausting. We were gone 4 nights and stayed in 3 different hotels! Craziness I tell you. We were on the road a lot, but guys, it was such a great trip. I only wish I had more time to spend there, there’s so much to see! We visited Amman, Petra (A-freaking-mazing), and the Dead Sea- we were constantly packed in a van.

So do you want the long version or the short version? I mean, I want to write a novel about everything, complete with pictures. You know, do it up good and right, but I don’t have time for that today (and I don’t have the pictures- because, as we already established, I suck). However, then I think if I don’t do a “real” recap about my trip today and then wait until this weekend it’s officially “old news.” Who wants to read old news!? No one!

Well tough! You’ll be reading old news this weekend, because it’s important for me to really capture my trip so I can remember it all 4 years from now. All I keep thinking was, “Wow, that was an exhausting and wonderful trip.” It went so fast I wasn’t really able to fully enjoy it at the time, but now that I’m back to work I’m looking back with many fond memories of last weekend.

I only have one picture on my computer that my mom sent yesterday. It’s probably my favorite one. It was taken at the Dead Sea when we braved it in the cold water. It really just sums up my trip- wonderful. I’m having a difficult time at work right now, and when I look at this picture, I’m reminded of how thankful I am to have such a wonderful husband like Will in my life. Sunday night he played me this Carrie Underwood song that talked about not worrying about the small stuff. It was so thoughtful of him to do that- and he’s right. Work is work, but faith and family is what matters most. I forget that sometimes.

So that’s about if for now. I hope you guys had a good Thanksgiving! I can’t wait to read all about it. I read some of your posts and you already put your Christmas decorations up! It got me really excited to be going home for Christmas (yay!). I can’t wait. Will bought It’s a Wonderful Life last week, so we’ll definitely be watching that this weekend to get us into the Christmas spirit! I love you guys very much and will post (with pictures!) very soon.


Thanksgiving Recap

I had a great Thanksgiving and for lack of anything exciting to post, I will simply fill my blog with pictures, lots and lots of pictures. Lots of huge and not properly sized pictures that will probably make my blog look funny. YAY!

I posted a crap load on flickr and will probably get bored and won’t finish posting all of them on here- so if you’re bored too, you can look for the rest there!

I thought this sort of summed up life here. Covered ladies all in a row.

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Have I mentioned Will hates taking pictures?

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Making room for turkey.

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My Angstgiving 2005 Guide. I have no idea why I still have it. Please don’t ask.

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We got matching jerseys! Surprisingly enough, Will was the one who thought we should get them. Pretty cute. Too bad we won’t get to ever freaking wear them to a STUPID OU NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME! WHY!? WHHHY Sam Bradford? Get well soon. PS- I need all other 5 and higher ranked teams to lose next week. Can you arrange that?

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My mom would kill me if she knew I was posting this- so don’t tell her. I thought this shirt was freaking hilarious. It came free with their Sopranos set. Nothing says “Happy Thanksgiving” like a mom in a shirt with a bloody knife! You know what I’m sayin?

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Me and my bird.

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Me and P. Did you notice she went brown? It’s such a change!

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Me and P again.

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The Turkeys

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Will and Boz throwing up their “number ones”

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Will trying to get Boz to look at the camera.

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This picture is freaking GENIUS! This is P doing our The Shining cover. She looks like Jack Torrence, right?

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My rendition is not as good as P’s.

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P and “Tony” <- another thing from the movie.

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My mom got us all Advent calendars to count down to Christmas, but we’re using it to countdown to our vacation home! YAY!

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Alright, so that’s that. Sorry I’m not more exciting. I had a really good weekend though. I ate entirely too much and was too lazy.

Turkey Talk

Good “whatever it may be” friends (I figure if I say morning this post won’t be finished until the afternoon, and knowing me I may not even publish until this evening… we’ll just stick with “whatever it may be.” It’s safe)!

Well, here it is again- Thanksgiving. The good news is that this year’s holiday (hopefully!) won’t be another Angstgiving as in years past. We can only hope, anyway.

My family and I are celebrating a little early this year because of our trip to Jordan. The plan is to have Thanksgiving tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed. See, unfortunately there’s a chance I might have to work. I’m just going to put my foot down and tell my boss I’ve got a freaking 16 pound turkey that’s been defrosting in my fridge since Sunday night and dang it, that bird is getting tossed in the oven, and if not- HE’S going to be the stuffing!!

What do you guys think?

My coworker and I agreed we could come in Saturday, so hopefully that will suffice. I even said I could do some work from home while the bird was in the oven. While we’re on the subject of work, will you guys say a prayer for me? I just found out some disturbing news that might have me searching for something elsewhere. I really hope not, but please just say a prayer for me. My stomach feels yucky over everything.

Okay- this post is NOT about work. It’s about Thanksgiving! Let’s get back on track!

The original plan was for me to go over to my parent’s house tonight, bird in tow. I was going to stay the night with them so I could get up early and make the turkey at their house. You might remember last year’s Thanksgiving drama. As you can imagine, I don’t want a repeat of that, so I thought it best to let Will do his own thing in the morning and let me get the turkey ready at my parent’s house. Transporting the stupid thing was a sloshy juicy mess last year, and this plan will not only make for a happier wife, but a happier Thanksgivng overall.

I’m not sure I’m going to go over there now, though, if I’m going to do some work from home. I figure I’ll be distracted if I’m at my parent’s house. There’s no way I can resist goofing off with P. Besides- what loser tells their sister, “Now now, pipe down. I need to focus on my studies!”


I’m sort of bummed because I thought it would be fun. I know all I’ll do is worry if I go over there instead of taking care of my crap. We’ll see. Again- PRAYERS guys, please. I really want to seek God’s will for my life and job.

So- plans are still up in the air for tomorrow’s festivities. The plan is for me to make a desert tonight and the turkey tomorrow. We’re going with rather unconventional desserts this year. My mom is making key lime pie and I’m making a chocolate buttermilk pie- only because it’s from a Semi-Homemade cookbook and it was one of the first pie recipes I turned to. Plus it’s chocolate and you can’t go wrong with that.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Did I ever tell you my sister and I have a really morbid Thanksgiving tradition? We LOVE to watch The Shining Thanksgiving night. How random, right? I don’t really know what started this tradition, but it’s become a staple in our holiday fun. Will and my parents don’t get it, I can’t understand why. Will already informed us he won’t be participating in this year’s viewing. What a party pooper. Oh well.

Back to turkey. I’m making the same one I have the past two years- the orange-y one. smile I had pictures on my old blog, but when I had to transfer all the archives (copy and freaking paste. It took FOREVER) over to this blog, I got lazy and didn’t insert all the pictures. So- sadly, if you ever read the archives (ha ha yeah right), I have a ton of posts where I’m all, “Look at our trip! Here’s me with P doing such and such, and here’s Will skiing in Dubai!” only there aren’t any pictures underneath. I suck.

Okay- this post has literally taken me all stinkin’ day to write. I started this morning and got so busy that now it’s time for me to leave- and the best part of all is I GET TO WORK FROM HOME! 16 pound orange-y turkey… get ready to be basted!!

Love you guys. Pictures of the big day to come tomorrow! 

Who IS This Girl!? (Happy Thanksgiving!)

I was a bad girl and called in sick today. How terrible am I?!

Actually, I was feeling a little under the weather yesterday (probably from sick girl), so I got up around 5:30 and saw Will off. I figured I’d go ahead and get things done since I was home, so after he left I started the fun!

I vacumed the whole house because I’m anyl and felt I had to do it before I started cooking. I was debating cleaning the whole place but figured I’d do it after tomorrow because there will already be a mess in the kitchen waiting for me.

I have been so proud of myself.

Despite being a little under the weather, I have seen a side of me that I really like and wish stuck around the whole year! I’m quite the little cook! I guess I’ve never really been a bad cook, I just rarely do it. When I do cook, I always love it. I remember asking for cookbooks for Christmas one year in high school so I would be a good wife one day. smile However, I hardly ever cracked them. wink I am also been a famous chef, appearing in my very own cooking show (I can’t believe I’m about to tell you all this! Sorry P. I love you!!)! My sister and I had a short-run series, Cooking With Lovehandles, that never (and WON’T EVER) made it to cable, but nonetheless was hilarious and very entertaining and enjoyed by all 3 people that have ever (and WILL ever) viewed it. It consisted of us setting up the camera by ourselves and dressing in nothing but backless aprons making a chocolate cake, adding silly innuendos and commentary. Pretty funny.  Yes, not only am I totally dorky, but extremely goofy.

I also got a lot of practice this summer as an unemployed stay at home blogger. That was the first time I have ever daily made “real” meals that didn’t entail boxes and cans. It was good practice, but short lived. Anyway, I say all that because I enjoy cooking but never make time for it, but I have really been proud of myself today! I have released my inner Martha!

I am conviced that if I have one, everyone has one somewhere deep down inside of them. Now, lets get to the good stuff! smile

After vacuuming, I started on my mashed potoatoes.

(side note: by the way, I have no idea how to spell potatoes is it with an e or without an e. I have no idea. I think Dan Quayle didn’t know either… or was that tomatos?? I don’t know. Anyway, I graduated cum laude so don’t let my “idiotness” fool you. I’m sorry if I drive you spelling champions nutso in this post, please just love me anyway. I could look it up… but I think I’ll post first)

I have never in my life made “real” mashed potatoes. If they didn’t come in box, I wouldn’t touch the stuff. I know some you may be thinking I am a brave idiot for never making mashed potatoes and then making them for the first time on Thanksgiving, but that is the case with just about everything I’m making!! AAAHHHH! smile

I started peeling my potatoes and was having a blast! I know, I’m such a dork. I kept thinking to myself, “Wow! I’m peeling potatoes!!this is so much fun! I love peeling potatoes! Me… Brittny Lynne.. who has never made these things in her life is doing a kick butt job peling potatoes!”

I had to call Will.

“Guess what?”


” I am a great potato peeler! I’m thinking about making it a career (I really did think that to myself).”

“You’re peeling potatoes? I thought we were having the box kind. Im getting really excited now (Will loves “real” potatoes)!”

He was very proud of my potato peeling.

I felt like a dork about calling him just to tell him how great potato peeling is, but I was pretty excited about it.  After the peeling, of course, comes the boling. While that was going on, I started my freaking homemade cornbread. I was a little nervous about this becaue I’m not much of a baker. I so would have prefered buying some Jiffy, but since they didn’t have any I opted to try my hand at “real” cornbread.

It wasn’t hard at all. My oven, however, is a scary thing. The recipe said to bake it for 22 minutes. It ended up taking 42 minutes! AhhHH! The whole time I kept thinking about my turkey tomorrow and how freaked out I am about cooking one anyway, and the fact that I can’t rely on a consistent oven makes things about 50 times worse. Ugh.

My cornbread turned out really pretty- and it tastes like real cornbread! Again, I had to tell Will. This time I text messaged him because I can see myself doing this with EVERYTHING I make today. I simply said, “I can make a mean cornbread!” what a goof.

My potato recipe is a make ahead recipe, so I went ahead and drained and started mashing, and mashing, and mashing. So not fun! I was thinking I should tell Will we were having “Smashed Potatoes-
ones that are somewhat mashy but still have chunks of smashed potatoes there. I don’t think he’d go for it. I continued to smash, complaining that we didn’t have a mixer. About 10 minutes into this gruelling process I realized that I DID have a mixer. Thank goodness. I whipped that baby out and mixed away. They actually look like real potatoes! Ones that you would see on your grandma’s table! Wow. and I did it.

Who AM I!?

I’ve also browned my turkey sausage so it will be ready for the stuffing tomorrow, and I also made our corn so all I’ll have to do is reheat. Will for some reason insisted that we have corn ON THE COB. I don’t know why just regular canned corn wouldn’t work, but that is what we are doing. Maybe its a mind thing of it tasting better or something. Who knows.

I feel like I have gotten so much out of the way. Tomorrow I will still have things to do, but it has been so nice to work at my own pace so all I’ll have to worry about is this 50 million pound “thing” that will require a lot of my attention tomorrow! smile

So here’s the menu. It’s nothing spectacular, especially since I’m doing this alone and for the very first time ever ever ever! We’re having:
*crispy citrus turkey
*apple and sausage cornbread stuffing (I guess if you want to get technical it’s “dressing” because there was no way I was going to stuff the my bird the first time have have TWO things ruined if I mess up the turkey!)
*mashed potatoes with brown gravy (just regular, brown packet grave, no fancy homemade stuff)
*candied sweet potatoes (soley for me, and if Will even wanted some I wouldn’t share anyway- I treat those like he does his stupid Johnny Rockets shake)
*corn (on the cob!)
*whole berry cranberry sauce (again, only for me becuase Will hates it. Oh, and it’s fron the can baby)
*rolls (Will is going to pick some up from one of the restaurants here tomorrow), *and- of course- lemon meringue pie. wink Nothing overly fancy or special, but I’m still excited and proud because I did it on my own.

I feel like I entered this rite of passage these past couple of weeks or something. I mean, I know I’m growing up and getting older and everything, but I have felt like such a grown up the past few weeks. So maybe it’s not “A Martha Stewart Thanksgiving” but I think she would be proud nonetheless. smile

I am so excited about tomorrow.

I think I’m done with my cooking for today. Now comes the not so fun part: dishes. :(

I love you girls. Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving! I can’t wait to hear about all you did!! smile How funny, as you’re sleeping tonight (Wednesday night) Will and I will be getting ready to eat! Sweet Dreams! smile

Lots of Holiday Love,
Brittny <3

Angstgiving Part One

I jump the gun on everything.

If something big is a couple months away, I like to try and have things squared away well before they come. I was near spastic stage when Will told me in August we needed to wait to book a hotel for our Packers game (I do have to say I was right in this case- everything was booked!).

I was the kid that came home from school and went straight to homework so I could get it out of the way.

I feel like a child that lost their mom in the grocery store without my planner (AKA the second Bible).

I am a planner, so don’t let this post throw you off.

Here we go again. Yet another holiday season to tackle. Yes, most of you are like, “Holiday season? Halloween isn’t even here!” Yeah I know, I love the holidays though, so from Halloween on that begins my holiday planning cheer and everything in between.

Last year was our holiday trial run. Will and I were just married and had the experience of our first married Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Sharing time,

making food to bring to the entire family for the next day only to mess it up terribly and then having to go to Walmart the night before to buy something pretty and plate it like, “Yes, MIL, I really DID make this. Are you accusing me of buying these HOMEMADE treats!?”,

getting up before God to drive to Will’s grandparents,

blending traditions,

killing traditions,

and starting traditions.

By most people’s second year they are beginning to get a system down.

“We went to your parent’s last year, so that means we’re at mine this year.”

“No, Sweetie, We can’t afford to give your second cousin’s girlfriend a gift.”

“Does your family really like playing Dirty Santa or is it a way to avoid a yearly garage sale and cycle their crap to other family members?”

Whatever the system may be, the kinks are usually beginning to work out. Last Christmas I was thinking how nice it would be to have a calm 2005 season, with things figured out and a little more stable. Ha. Little did I know that our world would totally change and we would be oceans away from the previous year’s plan.

This year will be like a trial run again, but a little more unique. (and I thought I was done with all that stuff!)Christmas… ......well, as “pee in my pants, If I were a dog my tail would wag all day long” excited I am about going home and being able to really celebrate Christmas (as Muslims, Kuwaitis don’t celebrate the holiday), things just won’t be “normal” because our time is so limited and will be spent going back and forth visiting family.

It will be fun, but at the thought I feel exhausted. So, I don’t even know WHAT that will be considered. How about, “MTV Boiling Points Christmas Addition: How Many 5th Cousins Will Brittny and Will Have to Meet and How Many Potlucks Will They Have to Attend Before Going Insanely Crazy? If they are able to last 2 weeks, they will be handsomely rewarded with a crisp $100 bill.”

Okay, I’m kidding. I have been looking forward to this trip forever, but I don’t know how relaxing it will be. What I do know is that that I’m sure there will be many “parts” to this post as the holiday season approaches.

Thanksgiving will be yet another trial run because we will be spending it in Kuwait. Girls, I’m freaking out about this holiday. I know there are lots of families here that cook huge meals and invite families over. In fact, I think my parents might be hooking on with another family. That’s fine and all, but that’s not really how we want to spend Thanksgiving.

I thought it would be really special to do something totally different than what we normally would have. So, I decided to tackle my biggest project yet.

I thought planning a wedding was stressful? Ha. Welcome to my thanksgiving freakshow.

This will be so humerous you may want to pull up a chair, get some snacks and watch. Think Martha Stewart meets Amityville Horror.  This is the most accurate picture I can come up with. Look! Even Michelle freaking thinks I’m in over my head.

I told Will I would cook us a “lovely thanksgiving dinner(<- my exact words)”, and I know that made him happy. As the words so genuinely full of excitement and cooking goddess ideas left my mouth I began to think, “Oh brittny. What in the crap have you gotten yourself into!?”

The concept itself thrills me. I feel like such a grown up- cooking a huge holiday meal for just the two of us in a foreign country, but then reality sets in and I think, “I don’t even know how to use my gas stove, and I’m really going to plan an elaborate meal that is cenered around it.... Huh.... That makes perfect sense.

I’m not a terrible cook, I just don’t cook “real food (ie: things that don’t come from a box, freezer, or can)” much. I can read and follow easy/medium recipes, but theres this unspoken added pressure of a major holiday being on the day you are cooking this meal. Then, there’s that added pressure I put on myself as I think, “ Will’s grandma did it this way, or I don’t think this is going to taste as good as my mom’s.”

I really don’t want to let all that stuff get in the way (ha- with my worried mind, that will be more of a challenge than figuring out what leaves the bird’s butt cavity and what stays). I get so giddy when I think about making a major holiday meal for the two of us. I don’t know why it excites me so much, but it does. I think the Brittny’s Thanksgiving Cooking Extravaganza excitement is the emotional side of me. Ther terrifed, “How in the world and I going to pull it off” side is the realistic side. So torn!

I know I have a while to figure everything out and maybe even practice a thing or two, but I still think I will be a little bit of a mess as the days to Thanksgiving near. Will and I have talked in passing about most of the details, but if I am really going to give this a go, I’m going to have to sit him down and come up with a plan!

Back to the Grindstone

Back to the grindstone. Thats what Will and his dad always say when they have to back to work after the weekend or a break. Well, I certainly am back to the “grindstone” - or at least to the daily gruel of life.

My mom and Will have had to trade off taking me everywhere, what a pain. I got out of my mom’s minivan (yeah- not even a “cool mom SUV“ or anything- she has the “loser cruiser“ as my sister and I have dubbed it) and just cringed. She yelled out, “I can walk you to class if you need me to.“ I just expected that any second she would jump out of the car, give me a sack lunch and kiss me on the head or something. AHHH! smile What a nighmare. smile It wasn’t that bad though, I just said no thanks and wobbled on.

Minus the tons of snide comments about my walking and shoes by my coworkers and classmates, it hasn’t been too bad. smile I walk like I don’t have to be anywhere until tommorw, and I take baby steps. But I get there, and that is what counts! smile I am ready to move on, get better, and most of all- STOP HAVING TO BLOG about this! smile Anyone who reads my blog regularly is probably shouting an exultation of “amen!“ So, unless I have a funny story to tell you about my situation (which is an everyday thing in my life anyway), or I got a good report (like, “hey hopalong, you can finally drive“), no more feet talk! Hurray! smile

The Easter Bunny visited me Sunday! Last year Will surprised me with an Easter basket, carrying on the tradition of my family always getting me one. Will has taken on so much to help me these last few weeks, so his help has been the best gift of all. Well, Sunday morning Will opened the front door to get the paper and there was the cutest pink basket outside filled with all sorts of goodies. How thoughtful. smile

My birthday is in a couple of weeks! how fun! I told Will that I just wanted his gift to me to be money towards our season tickets. I partially changed my mind. I have a gift card to Ann Taylor and found the cutest dress ever and am just going to have him pay for the rest of the dress. Here is the dress:

Thought it was cute and wanted to share. No matter what- I am fighting through pain and am going to wear that dress with cute shoes- such a rebel. smile

Enough for today! I better go. Have a great day! As always, more to come in my crazy life…

love Valentine’s Day!

Today is so exciting. I know a lot of people think it is a commercialized holiday to sell flowers, candy, and jewlery, but I’m a typical girl and I still get giddy at the thought of V-Day. This is our first married Valentine’s Day, so thats exciting too. A man at our church owns a large flower store in town and asked Will to help him deliver flowers as a fundraiser for the youth group. So Will enlisted his dad to be the van driver while Will makes the deliveries. Its a long day, he actually got up before I did this morning!

Saturday night we went over to Will’s parents and ate dinner and watched Troy. We also got our valentine’s day gifts from them. I got a cute OU shirt and some good smelling lotions and soaps. Then last night we went over to my moms and got our gifts. She really spoils us. Its funny how practical our gifts are now that we’re married. There was a time that I had to “borrow” some toilet paper and dishwashing soap from my mom because we decided to use our money to buy OU season tickets instead of groceries (We are young and stupid I guess).  Anyway, in our bags there was a huge pack of toilet paper and Electrosol dishwashing tabs. Then we each got a Wal-Mart gift card and cash. Plus way too much candy. That was great. My mom always overdoes it on “small” holidays, but I’m not complaining. smile

I got Will OU vs Baylor b-ball tickets. That’s a story in itself. I was so proud of my idea to get him these tickets because I had been hearing how incredible Baylor was doing and how they could win it all. So I got the tickets thinking this was going to be such an awesome game. Well, I’m terrible about getting excited about gifts I got people and wanting to tell them before the day comes, so I dropped some hints about OU b-ball and asked how Baylor was doing. Will then proceeded to tell me how terrible they were this year and how everyone is beating them… it was the Baylor WOMEN who were doing so well… not the MEN! smile I was so disappointed and Will could read it all over my face. He eventually guessed my “best ever” surprise. We had a good laugh and held eachother on the couch. So, he already knows his gift, but thats not a big deal. I also had a heart shaped cake made for him that says Go Sooners beat Baylor, so that will be a surprise.

I guessed Will’s gift for me, or at least I think I did! smile I think I’m getting a pair of shoes I’ve been wanting, so we’ll wait and see. We’re going to eat tonight, and then I have to go home and study away. I have a huge test tomorrow, so that will be the end to a wonderful day, yuck. smile <3

i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
i go you go,my dear;and whatever is done
by only me is your doing,my darling)
i fear
no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want
no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)
and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows
higher than soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)

-ee cummings

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