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Holiday Shmalidays

the long 4th of july weekend & look ahead

Hey sweets!

It’s Monday, but thankfully my extended weekend continues.

I won’t give a super detailed four day recap, I’ll just hit some highlights.

Since I was off, I got to go to the gym Thursday instead of my usual at-home workout. That was a treat.

I worked my back, shoulders, & biceps, and my arms were so sore the day after!

The rest of the day was all about cleaning.

Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.

Okay… And a little relaxing too.

Fun socks...-and a Boz photobomb

Friday was much more fun.

I got another gym session in that morning, this time legs.

We spent the afternoon at my parent’s house, and barbecued some delicious veggies!

4th of July fun

4th of July fun

It was good to see everyone, and the vegetables were just as good as I anticipated.

4th of July fun

Afterward, we had an afternoon siesta.

Since he never wants to take pictures...

Mine was a whopping 15 minutes. I’m just not good at relaxing and taking naps most of the time.

I caught up on some laundry, and then later that night we watched the fireworks on the tailgate!

The Bigs were terrified, so we moved them into their kennels and put them in the garage. Poor babies!

With the late night, I slept in until after 7:00 Saturday morning. I hit the gym and worked chest & triceps, and even hopped on the elliptical for some (boring) cardio.

A jewelry store right outside OKC is going out of business and was having a crazy 50% off sale. I had a $30 gift card and was able to get four necklace and earring sets for $1.15.


Afterward, Will and I ran a couple errands and headed back home to get ready for the rest of the day.

At the Movies is here, pretties!

Will and I went to church Saturday night for Week One. The famous was decked out and entirely transformed. The place was packed, and it was good to see so many new faces.

Afterward we had a big event to celebrate.

Layla’s second birthday!

Lots ‘o fun. It was good to spend time with my favorite people.



Then she turned two.

Then she turned two.

My sister made her such a beautiful crepe cake!


Then we came home and watched the UFC fights.

I even stayed up past midnight.

Who the heck is this girl!?


The late night meant a late morning, which I hate. I slept until 8 and hit the gym.

I cannot even tell you how nice it’s been to be able to workout at the gym four days in a row, plus a fifth tomorrow! I love my at-home workouts, but I just can’t beat lifting hard and heavy in an actual gym.

We washed Will’s truck and took it easy, and it was son nice not to have anything to do or go.

Today is full of responsible adult things like oil changed and washing my car. Bor-ing.

Will’s first official softball game is tonight, so that should be fun. He actually had two, but one doesn’t start until 9:30, which we know is my bedtime, so I’m only staying for the first.

Will’s parents are also heading here to stay with us tonight, as they have an early morning flight out of OKC. Lots of happenings today.

So let’s talk the rest of this week, starting with food.

This week we’re having:

-Baked potatoes, BBQ chicken on Will’s, and a sweet potato for me instead of a regular one.

-This ropa viela, minus chicken for my portion.

-Black bean enchiladas

As for posts, here’s a peek at what’s coming up:

-A mocha green monster
-My favorite piece of gym equipment (and why you might like it too)
-Things I’m loving
-Gathering water

Off to enjoy the last of my long weekend! 

The Uneventful Memorial Day and Look Ahead

Happy Memorial Day dears!

I am so thankful for this day and what it means to is in America. Hopefully wherever you are, you see spending it with friends or family and in remembrance of those before us.

I hope you had an excellent weekend full of good things!

What did you do?

My weekend was incredibly uneventful, and in the best way.

I had major plans of scouring the house (because it needs it!) and working on Will’s man cave.

Neither of which was accomplished.

Usually that would send me into a fit of itchy hives.


That’s not to say tomorrow it won’t.

I could very well wake up tomorrow and realize all the time we “wasted.” However, let’s hope not.

The weekend was void of work and full of relaxation and nothingness, and I was shockingly okay with it.

I think....

Anyway, enough about that, here are some highlights!

I was off Friday and planned to do lots of cleaning. Instead, however, I ended up working out, spending a good three hours editing a video for tomorrow, and having lunch with my parents, sister, and Layla!

Such a good way to spend lunch!

Lunch date! ❤️

Friday night Will and I made a quick trip to surprise his mom! After over 30 years of teaching, she retired. It’s sad for her school district because they need more teachers like her.

Will’s grandparents were in on the surprise, too. My MIL was quite surprised to arrive at dinner Friday and see all of us there!

We had a good dinner celebrating.

Saturday started with a leg workout! After doing some stuff around the house, Will and I got ready and went to see Blended. I have a mini girl crush on Drew Barrymore.

Is it me, or has time stood still for her? She always looks the same to me!

After the movie, we went to church! I can’t tell you how much I love going to Saturday service.

After church we came home and caught up on a couple shows.

Like Saturday, I intended to start Sunday with a workout, but I didn’t budge. My alarm went off over and over and I kept kitting snooze until after 8!

We got up, got around, and headed back to the movies. This time to see the new X-Men movie. As usual, I enjoyed it.

After the movie, we ran a few errands and enjoyed a late lunch at BJ’s. I did something I haven’t done in a long time- split a greasy, fries appetizer with Will.

I figured I would be sick after, but thankfully I was not! I definitely indulged Sunday, that’s for sure. I even had ice cream and junk after dinner.

However, I did manage a short workout last night, which made me a little happier. It wasn’t a great one since it was fueled by junk food!

See what I mean about an uneventful weekend?

Today is more of the same, only I’ll be spending some time with my parents, sister, and P too! I look forward to spending some time with them and putting some stuff on the grill.

I got a variety of veggies to grill and can’t wait to eat them!

So yeah, my unproductive weekend in a nutshell. smile

Oh and as a total random aside, can we all please laugh at this amazing balancing act of Boz and Lucy the great circus acrobats? Haha
The amazing boz and Lucy.

Will doesn’t find this picture (that I rotated 90 degrees) as hilarious as I do.

I can’t help but cackle every time I see it. smile

So now we look to the week ahead. I realize we still have the whole day in front of us, but since this is my only check-in, we might as well cover upcoming posts now!

This week I’ll be sharing:

-My homemade Chapstick recipe!
-An at home workout
-My May Ipsy review
-And being a soothing aroma (yes, aroma… As in smell)

Definitely check in this week. I have lots of good things up my sleeve and can’t wait to share them with you!

❤️ Happy short week!❤️

The one with Mother’s Day and look ahead

Here we go again.

I hope you all had lovely weekends full of homemade macaroni Mother’s Day necklaces and breakfast in bed.

I had a nice weekend and look forward to hitting a few highlights!

I was off Friday, which allowed me to get laundry done as well as a few other chores.

I even got adventurous and made some super great homemade Chapstick! I can’t believe how easy it was and how great it turned out.


I plan to share everything on the blog very soon, so be sure to stay tuned!

I also spent some time with my mom and this gal.

Layla at the table

Her pig tails are adorable.

Friday night we met Will’s parents for an early Mother’s Day dinner.

It was nice to see them and celebrate Will’s mom.

I slept in until 7:30 Saturday, which was both wonderful and annoying.

I hate sharing the gym with others, but I also needed the rest.

Sleeping late ended up being a good thing, because it created a necessity for innovation at the gym.

I couldn’t just do my usual routine. Instead, since I couldn’t monopolize ( tongue rolleye ), I had to change my game.

I hit legs hard and focused more on basic bodybuilding moves without incorporating my usual cardio circuit.

I’m still sore this morning.

Saturday afternoon was all about window work.

Lots of window work.


We tinted the windows in Will’s “man cave” which took a few hours.


The dogs were very helpful in this endeavor.

Sleepy pup

We cleaned up and went to church. The service was so, so good. If you have kids in your life, I hope it blesses you too. You can check out week three here.

Afterward we made multiple stops for dinner. I chose Panera Bread, while Will got wings.


They hate me.

They’ve pretty much gotten rid of every salad I love there.


I ended up getting their veggie sandwich and Greek salad.

Because sometimes you need bread and a side of salad

Then we finally watched the 24 premier!,

I slept in again Sunday, and hit the gym to work chest and triceps.

Afterward I got around and went to the store, along with half of Oklahoma.

Who goes shopping on Mother’s Day?!

Apparently everyone.

Afterward Will and I went over to my parent’s house to spend some time with my wonderful mom. I am so lucky to have them so close!

Then we cheered on the Thunder.

And now it’s Monday.


Let’s talk food, workouts, and posts.

This week dinners include:
-Baked potatoes
-Carne asada nachos (I eat my portion without chips or meat)
-Stir fry

As for workouts:

-Monday, off
-Tuesday, HIIT
-Wednesday, off
-Thursday- body pump
-Friday, HIIT
-Saturday, legs & back
-Sunday, upper body

Now posts!

-Recipe roundup
-Why you should love push-ups
-Thursday things
-The best.outfit.ever

So check in this week for more fun!

More to come.

The Easter One & Look Ahead

I don’t know about you, but getting up this Monday felt harder than other Mondays.

I know why, too. Our entire weekend was nonstop and full of work!

The fun of being an adult.

Let’s hit the highlights!

Will and I were both off Good Friday, so we arranged to have the cable and internet guys come out and do some work at the house.

Nothing makes you realize what a dust pool your seemingly clean house is like having to get behind giant furniture you haven’t moved or vacuumed behind in six years.

Seriously. Like almost six years.

We did some cleaning behind the giant furniture and disconnecting cords and such. Thankfully they arrived early.

It ended up being a good thing because one of the workers was there almost four hours!

While Friday was a work day, I did manage to sneak away for some fun with this gal.

Petting Rocky

We had to kennel the Bigs since they were doing stuff in the backyard with our internet and cable, so it gave me an excuse to take them out front and see Layla and my mom.

The rest of what was left of our day was devoted to house stuff.

Exciting, I tell you.

The fun didn’t end there! Saturday was much of the same!

I got up before 6:30 to hit the gym and get the day started. I had the weights all to myself, just the way I like it. Will and my dad had to make a trip to the bike shop to pick up our motorcycle, so after I got home and got cleaned up, I went to the store.

I came home to Will doing some serious research on… Dustbusters.

God love him.

Our DustBuster has been dead for about a year now, and I’ve just made do without one, though I do like the convenience, especially with the dogs.

We ended up with this bad boy.

My new toy

It looks like some sort of alien sucker gun of something, right?

My new toy
It’s wonderful.

Hey, I’m old.

These things excite me.

Saturday afternoon was more chores and home project stuff and a sermon. Lord knows I needed it after a long day of home projects. Haha

Yesterday was Resurrection Sunday!

I got up and worked out and practically had the place to myself.

We went to my parent’s house for brunch, and it was so nice to see everyone.

The food was delicious. Look at this beautiful spread!
Resurrection Sunday brunch spread. I'm dying over here.

Resurrection Sunday brunch spread. I'm dying over here.

Resurrection Sunday brunch spread. I'm dying over here.

I ate my fair share of the “bad stuff” and enjoyed myself.

I also let Lu tat me up. The things we do for beautiful nieces. smile

Rocking a Princess Ariel tat courtesy of Layla

By the time we got done it was nearly noon, and I could have used a nap!

But alas, no rest for the B-Love family. Will went back to painting the spare bedroom, and I prepped food for this week. Unfortunately we ran out of paint and decided to call it a day, so more painting in his future this week.


Said no one ever. smile

It was definitely a working weekend, but it was a good one nonetheless. It was nice to spend time with my family and celebrate Jesus’s resurrection.

Let’s talk food.

I’m only making a couple things because Will and my dad are going to the Thunder playoff game tonight! That means I’m on my own for dinner.

For the rest of the week you’d thing it was the dead of winter. We are having vegan potato soup, and beans and cornbread.

I have no idea why. They both just sounded good to us.

As for posts, here’s a look at what’s coming up:

-A peek in my pantry
-Amazing Arms Month wrap up
-April Ipsy
-Why scripture matters

So that’s it for now. I hope you had a great Easter weekend!!

Thursday Confessions: The Birthday Weekend Edition

1. My birthday was Monday, but the lingering birthday cake is killing me. Help.


2. Speaking of, over my birthday weekend, I treated myself to a couple spoonfuls of peanut butter.

But then?

Things just got crazy.

This just went from bad to worse

3. Will went down to get a snack during the Red and White game and came back with peanut M&Ms to share with me.

I told him I wouldn’t eat any, but yeah… I totally did.

I’m a sucker for those things. They’re pretty much my favorite.  Seriously, why are they so good?!

4.Teeny glass-like sprinkles make everything prettier and more delicious. Seriously, it’s a thing.


5.My glaring paleness is straight offensive. This isn’t so much a confession, rather a declaration.


6. My birthday present is getting a second couch for our living room to match the one we just bought.


Um, the weird thing is, the couch seems way too fancy to make it our everyday couch. Am I weird for saying that?


7. When I blew out my candles, I wished for something most 31 year olds would have. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing, or a bad thing. Haha

Okay, that’s enough for today. Feel free to get something off your chest in the Share the Love section below. smile

31, Reflections, & A Look Ahead

Hello lovelies!

I realize it’s Monday, and we have a week ahead of us, however it doesn’t feel too bad this week because:

1. It’s my birthday, and
2. Will and I both get Good Friday off!

Not too shabby.

Before we get into all that, though, let me hit some of my weekend highlights!

Friday Will and I were both off and had a very productive day.

I made it to the gym before 7, so it wasn’t too busy. I enjoy not having to share equipment. smile

Then, got ready and was able to shop at the grocery store in peace, get a fancy (read: cheap) watch at a local jewelry shop, as well as run a couple more errands all while Will painted our spare bedroom!


Afterward, we went downtown to a glass shop to get a piece cut for our entertainment center. Then we went and saw Draft Day!

I’m sure you’re shocked we went to see a football related movie. Ha

Friday was a busy and productive day.

Saturday was full of fun and just as packed.

I got an early leg workout in at the gym, followed by a little time with my sister and Layla.

Afterward, I got ready and Will and I made a trip to Lowe’s, and then headed to Norman for the red and white game!

It was a big crowd Saturday, making it all the more exciting. After that decisive and epic victory over Alabama last season, I think we are all pumped and ready for football.

Red & white game

WB red and white game

After the game, I had Will take me to Cool Greens for my “birthday lunch.”

I’m a super cheap date. smile

We just bought another matching couch to accompany the one we just got in a few weeks ago, so I didn’t want to do anything over the top. Plus, honestly? It’s one of my favorite local places.

I got their skinny plaza salad. So, so good.

Afterward, we came home and had a relaxing and uneventful evening!

Yesterday I got to spend the morning with my family! I love them very much. We had a birthday breakfast, and Layla even sat by me which was a nice treat. smile

My sister got an action shot of us admiring artwork. haha

It's a Bird, it's a plane, it's a huge pic of food at Jimmy's Egg!

We missed church because breakfast was followed by a trip to Best Buy and a two hour nap (!!), so we will have to watch online this week.

The rest of the afternoon was far less exciting than the rest of the weekend, but it was really nice to relax and not do much!

I did, however, spend a couple hours in the kitchen prepping food for the week. More on that soon.

That afternoon I went over to my parent’s house and had birthday cake! I love my mom so very much. She made me the prettiest, springiest, most beautifully colored cake. smile


It was delicious.

So that was my weekend!

And here we are again.

And here I am, 31.

How did that even happen!?

Last year felt like a huge milestone, and I suppose it was. I felt old, but I also felt “official,” like I had finally come into my own.

I’ll leave you with a few random thoughts at the end of this post on life in the 30s this far, and would welcome your own comments, too!

But for now, let’s talk food this week.

This week we’re having:

-Vegetable lasagna (with zucchini as the noodles smile h
-Caprese salad
-Philly cheesesteak sandwiches (I’m having leftover lasagna)


Now let’s talk posts.

This week we are talking about:

-How you just gained refrigerator rights
-Arms month continues! Sculpting sharp shoulders
-Thursday confessions
-How the Bible helps

So check in this week and don’t miss out!

I close with just a few random thoughts on the 30s (or lack thereof at times smile)

Share some of your own thoughts below! <3

1. I finally feel like I’ve arrived and have more of a seat at the table.

Unless it’s Thanksgiving with Will’s side of the family.

I’m pretty sure we will forever be at the kid’s table there. 

2. I’m still terrible with directions.

And feel like I might always be.

3. I’m more comfortable with who I am, who I’m not, and who I want to be.

4. Oddly enough, I feel way more comfortable and less self conscious about my flaws. While I looked better in a bathing suit 10 years ago, I’d probably rock it with more confidence now.

5. I’m a better wife.

6. I understand the importance of rest and a day off work sometimes.

7. I finally understand God’s grace.

8. I’m (slightly) better at putting on fitted sheets.

9. If I want a giant spoonful of peanut butter, I’m going to eat a giant spoonful of peanut butter. I trust myself way more and no longer fear self-sabotage. It comes with understanding moderation.

10. I realize birthdays are far better than the alternative and therefore appreciate each passing year.

So there you go! Now let’s enjoy our Monday!

More to come…

Things I’m Loving Thursday: 10 April 2014

Boca Original Chick’n Patties

I know they’re full of sodium and GMOs, and I know they’re ridiculously over-processed.

However, this week I treated myself to a sandwich, with them as the main star.

Go ahead judge me.

This helpful reminder about muscle growth!


Mary Kay Timewise Luminous Wear Foundation


I have used their mineral powder for so long, that I forgot how much I love their liquid foundation. It creates a nice, light, glow. Very pretty, and hydrating.

Long Weekends!
This is my short week, and my birthday weekend!

Not only that, but we get Good Friday off next weekend too, so I’m doubly lucky.

Actually, the following Friday is my usual short week so I’m triply lucky?

Is this real life!? smile

While we’re at it, birthday weekends!
I have a few thoughts I hope to share next week, but let’s go ahead and toss the whole “birthday” category into things I’m loving today.

My birthday weekend always falls during the OU red and white game, so it’s sort of a tradition we incorporate. I used to despite the fact that every Saturday of my birthday weekend was devoted to a trip to Norman for the spring game, but now I kind of like it.

Herb gardens!


Um, sort of. smile

Did you know if you take fresh herbs and place them in water they will grow roots?

Fancy schmancy, huh?

I had some extra parsley this week and hope it takes root and I can plant soon. Fingers crossed.

That’s all today.

Anything you’re loving this week?

Happy Birthday B-Love Blog



My blog turned nine in February.


Did they even have the internet nine years ago!? wink

I am so thankful for each any every one of you that reads and lurks on my blog.

I really am.

In fact, I even said a prayer for you guys today. I am just overjoyed by your presence here, whether I know you personally, you occasionally comment, or just read in passing.

I so wish we could all meet up for an afternoon over protein shakes (or coffee haha) and just talk and get to know one another.

I realize that’s a lofty endeavor, so instead I just want to take today’s post to tell you I’m grateful for this little blog and my own space.

When I first started this blog over on The Nest waaay back in 2005, I interacted with such a diverse and beautiful group of ladies from all over! It was nice back then, because I had a lot of time available and could read and comment on lots and lots of blogs.  Those early years on the nest bring good memories of women, who would under any other circumstances be total strangers, encouraging and building one another up.

We were all newlyweds and this whole marriage stuff was something we were all navigating together. We shared in lots of laughs, tears, and the gamut of emotions in between. As we got older, had kids, some had breakups, and some moved, our tight knit circle sort of softened as they do sometimes. However, I have so enjoyed reading blogs from those of you who still post, and always will!

I suppose that’s one of the reasons I still like posting so much. It captures so much life that can get easily forgotten over the years.

This blog saw my first anniversary, and will be here for my tenth.

It’s survived a trip overseas for three years, and another one home.

It’s been through dogs, houses, babies, jobs, growing pains, master’s degrees, and even a long blog hiatus, but it’s always been here.

So I offer you all virtual birthday cupcakes (strawberry ones with pretty pink vanilla frosting, of course) and celebrate this one with you. Thanks for being there. Here’s to another nine.

More to come. <3

Beating the January Blues


Well my friends, it’s January 2nd.

The vacation days are done, the gatherings are over, and the decorations are put up (um or about to be).

It’s official, I have a case of the January Blues.

I experience this every year, and perhaps you do a little too? The days are short, the anticipation of Christmas and New Years is a whole year away, it’s cold as crap,no OU football, and no major holiday in sight.


Will and I spent a good portion of yesterday totally relaxing and being lazy, and gearing up for the work day ahead. We also talked about the January Blues and the importance of staying focused and having things to look forward to during the morose winter months.

I think that’s key in getting over the January Blues. Having things to look forward to, even if t’s something as small as having a weekly date with yourself, friends, or significant other.

We took a look at our calendars and planned a few days off- even ones way late in the year. We also talked about a vacation this year, which has me upbeat too! We decided to postpone my 30th birthday trip to this year instead of last year, and I really need to buckle down and decide what the heck we’re going to do!

Definitely something to get excited about.

Another way I get through the January Blues is keeping consistent.

And I don’t mean consistently keeping the blues. smile

I mean, sticking to your usual routine (assuming it’s a healthy one!). These cold winter days can make it hard to get up in the mornings.

Um, warm bed or frigid cold car on the way to the gym?

See what I mean?

Getting up is the entire battle, but once I do, I’m glad I did.

Keeping consistent with my usual workout regimen goes a long way to keeping me focused on my ongoing goals. Consistency is key!

Finally, I keep my mind on what’s important.

Prayer, positive messages, and scripture, are such valuable tools in helping to beat January blues. Psalms offer praise, and are a great place to start. I find in being positive and counting blessings I have more joy during these January days.

I like to keep short one page devotional and inspirational message books in my desk to keep me grounded throughout the day. Taking 15 seconds to read verses can go a long way in making the next 8 hours easier.

So that’s my plan of action. What do you do to beat the January Blues?

2013 Year in Review

I did this last year, and thought it would be good to do it again this year.

If anything, because I’m 30 now and old and can barely remember which fibrous cereal I had for breakfast let alone 12 months ago. smile

Without further ado, my 2013 year in review!

Saw the cowboy ride away (George Strait’s last concert tour)

The Cowboy Rides Away Tour

Went to Boston for work

Surprised Will with a small V-Day basket

My valentine

Celebrated P’s 23rd at Bolero

Ps bday

Fed my phone to Rocky

Broken phone

Celebrated 9 years of marriage

>Ear protection! <img src=">

Took P and Layla to Zam Zams to enjoy some of our favorite Middle Eastern cuisine

Zam zams!

Got a promotion at work!

Traveled to Boston for work
Beautiful blooms!

Turned 30 (and didn’t cry or die like I thought I would smile)!!

One of my fun cards

Had sushi with P

Had so much fun touring the OU football facilities

The Bell Dozer

From the press box

Play like a champion today

Went to the Arts Festival

The girls

Went to the Red & White game over my birthday weekend.
Red and white 2013

Started Ipsy subscriptions!

Got a spray tanner for my birthday, and (sort of...) mastered it.


Went to Boston for work…again


Was rocked by the Moore tornado. Thankfully safe , but knew so many affected. It still hurts when I think about it.


We bought a motorcycle.

The bike!

Spent a weekend in a beautiful remote cabin with my family (part of May too… over Memorial Day!)



Playing with pups

Learned how to roast garlic.

Celebrated Layla’s 1st birthday!
Layla turns one!

Went to the Toby Keith Moore Tornado Relief Concert (and sweat like pigs!)

Toby Keith Moore relief concert

Visited Will’s family & shot some paint balls.

Shooting paintballs

Celebrated Will’s 33rd
Will's Birthday!

Started looking for a life group

Babysat Layla

Layla Bug<img src=">

Got my first ever speeding ticket

Bought a dining room table

My new dining set

Kicked off another OU football season


Lots and lots of OU football

Stripe the stadium  OU-West VA

Went to dinner with my LG girls
Life group girls!

Went to breakfast with P

Coffee slingers

Traveled to south bend for the OU-ND game!

BnW OU-Notre Dame

Touchdown Jesus!  And a Will <img src=">

And made a pit stop in Indy!

Watching the colts game

Got all dressed up and went to a wedding.

Who are these dressed up kids!?

Went to OU-Texas

OU-Texas 2013

Took Layla to a pumpkin patch

The pumpkin patch!  In front of the creepy scarecrow dude

Went to DC for work, got to see Theresa!

A great evening at home with Terry.


Went home to cheer on Will’s high school football team
High school football

Shot paint balls

Went to our last OU game for the season

OU-IA state  Windy Saturday

Celebrated Thanksgiving in Colorado

The girls

Face timing with my Will

Paid off our credit card!!!

Put up the tree!


Battled bad weather

Helped P move into her house

Professionals at work

Had our LG Christmas party, danced the night away!

Celebrated Christmas Eve with my parents

& Christmas Day with Will’s family

Christmas 2013!

It was a wonderful year, full of so many blessings.

I never really set resolutions, but I had a few things I wanted to focus on during 2013.

I wanted to know God more. That’s an ongoing desire, but this year I made such strides in drawing near to God. His grace is so real, and I am so excited about knowing him more in 2014.

I also wanted to be a better wife, family member, and friend. Same thing for 2014. As silly as it sounds, when I turned 30 it was like a switch went off (um, did this switch go off for any of you guys?). I want to focus on loving my husband, family, and friends even more, and blessing them like they bless me.

Just like last year, I want to be healthy. I also want to evaluate whether or not I might need to make some changes to help with my iron and B-12 levels.

I also wanted to give myself more credit in my job. I’m not that mousy 22 year old girl anymore. My second promotion at this company was a great re-validation. I want to continue to evaluate my career this year. There’s tons of changes looming all around me, and I want to really do a gut check and pray about what 2014 holds.

So what about you? Give me your 2013 year in review. Do you make resolutions? If so, share!

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brittny I'm B-Love. Lover of God, my husband Will, my doggies, OU football, weight training, plyometrics healthy eating (mostly!), peanut butter, and all things health related. Buckle up and get ready for my constant embarrassing moments, health and fitness tips,and my effort to rely on Christ while living life in the real world. Follow me on Feedly! Sign up for monthly emails at!

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