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Rapunzel, Rapunzel! Let Down Your Golden Hair!

Welcome to our Fairy Tale Blog Episode of Rapunzel!

Today the role of Rapunzel, the fair-haired maiden trapped on the 10th floor of a Kuwaiti apartment complex, will be played by Mrs. Brittny. The story line will take place here until Saturday, when the maiden moves to her new apartment which lacks the internet and all other communication with the outside world!

Director’s comments: “Okay Brittny, the look you are going for is bored out of your mind, restless, cabin feverish… kind of like Jack Torrence in The Shining.“

Now, lets set the scene. Rapunzel will remain confined to the apartment until: her knight and shining armor arrives to rescue her. The knight will be played by the valiant Will… or Orlando Bloom (whichever is available for casting) The only other way the maiden may be rescued is if she receives word that she the employment she seeks is gained.

Now, the typical movie lasts about an hour and a half these days… so why don’t we really give the public a show and make it last… I don’t know… 3 weeks!? That’s a great idea! Let’s see just how miserable you can get when you are unable to go anywhere at all for 3 weeks (minus weekends). This is going to be great!


Welcome to my current existence. smile Things have been pretty boring here. I have been unable to go anywhere and have literally been confined to the apartment the last 3 days. It’s likely that it could be like this for at least 3 more weeks. If I were to get hired tomorrow, it would take at least 2 1/2 weeks to get the paperwork in, so it’s been hard to stay positive. smile The worst will be Thursday when we move to our own place because I won’t have the internet or TV. Okay, I lied we have TV, if you want to call it that, but we have no network provider. Our TV consists of almost 250 channels of nothingness… I seriously felt stupider after flipping through them all. Plus, the majority of them are arabic news networks which I can’t understand anyway… so I’m trying to take one day at a time and at least enjoy the few days I have with the internet before we move. smile I thought my confinement days were over after my surgery this spring… boy was I wrong! smile

I guess I better go! Thanks for listening! Have a good day.

Great Balls of Fire

If you’ve been reading my posts, you know that my mom is “driving me crazy” as she prepares to move. Well, I have yet another story to add to the book.

Wednesday afternoon, the day after my surgery, my mom- who had stayed up until like 3 in the morning “punishing” P and I with her clanging and the screech of pulling packing tape, and moving furniture- was up early- with her same antics. Well, about 4 in the afternoon, she and my sister were in the garage when a man came to the house in a frenzy telling her that our back yard was in fire! My mom starting FREAKING out- I mean, she was frantic. She ran to the back yard and was yelling for help and told my sister to call 911. Meantime- I’m stuck on the couch and have no idea what is going on because I can’t get up to see how bad it is- like- do I need to get out of the house? My mom is screaming because the water hose is stuck on their lawnchair- some random man (bless you) climbed our 8 foot fence somehow and helped my mom before the fire dept got there. I could hear my mom spazzing from the living room. Wow. The firefighters put everything out. The fire burned most of our neighbors yard and started to come into ours. What an afternoon. So the rest of the evening, my mom kept going outside to make sure that everything was still fine. (she had heard sometimes fires can restart when its really dry outside) I woke up like at 3 in the morning as she was coming in from her hourly check. Talk about crazy. Praise God for the man who came to our house! Who knows how long it would have burned. I can’t handle that much excitement with my feet all screwed up

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