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OU-Texas Friday: Totally Predictable

Walking in the rain after the colts game

Well hello there sweets!

It’s Friday, I am off work, and we’re headed down to the Big D for our annual OU-Texas extravaganza!

I always look forward to this trip. It’s not like we do anything super spectacular, but it’s just nice to keep tradition. We always have a lot of fun (um, except for my terrible navigation skills… after that, then it’s fun! smile), and I love the same things we do each time.

I realize it may seem mundane to some, to take part in virtually the exact.same.thing. every single year, but for OU-Texas weekend? I love it.

With that said, let’s start talking about all our fun!

When we first started going down to the game, we would work on Friday.

Which was a big rookie mistake.

A lot of people work on Friday and then head down after.

Which leads to a HUGE caravan on the way down there, passing cars with their OU flags and “Beat Texas” car chalk.

Which is fun and festive and electric until you hit the traffic in Denton.


It’s not fun at all.

For that reason, Will and I have started taking Friday off the last few years, and it has been so nice!

We kiss the pups goodbye (and graciously thank our house-sitter for putting up with all of their crap by filling the fridge with goodies), and make it a leisurely drive.

We always stop in Marietta, Oklahoma for the Bevo Bash, which is pretty fun.

The Carl’s Junior always gives out free burgers for a couple hours, while the sports radio personalities chat about the game. Vendors set up booths for fun shirts and stuff, and it’s just an all around good time to get in the spirit and surround ourselves with other Sooners!

I always give Will my burger and eat a premade lunch I take in our cooler.

By now, I know you’re not surprised that there’s all sorts of craziness available in my cooler. From green monsters, to lunch, to drinks, and snacks. smile

Afterward, we usually mosey on over to Robertsons, which is famous in the area for their meats.

Will stocks up on their beef sticks, and they even have little doggie treats we sometimes get for the Bigs.

After that it’s all business down to Dallas! No lollygagging, as my dad used to say.

We listen to sports radio, chat about “important stuff” we normally don’t talk about and, if I’m lucky, make it to our hotel without multiple detours and a big fat argument.

Seriously- why can’t I read directions!?!

Turn left means turn left!

Exit means exit!

Why is this so hard!?!

Seriously- every.single.year.

Luckily, we are staying in a very familiar area. We sort of alternate between a couple, but this is our favorite.

So that means I’m in good hands, and Will can get us there.

Which means little to no Google Map reading on my part.


We will get there, and I am willing to bet Will will take a nap, while I likely try to do something productive. You know, like play Words with Friends or read blogs on Feedly. Real productive. Haha

Tonight, just like last year and the year before, we will likely go to Ruth’s Chris for dinner.

And tonight, just like last year, I will get the vegetarian option.

And tonight, just like every other night, we will come back, watch some TV, and go to bed before 10.

Because that’s how these 30 somethings roll.

But in our defense? We have a big day.

We have to kick some Texas butt.


So despite the fact this trip sounds painfully mundane and repetitive, we love every minute, so just humor us and let us live.

Until then? Onward ho! Time to pack up and head out.

Stay tuned.

More fun to come, and Boomer!

an introduction into fair food

Another Red River Shootout is upon us, friends.

I realize to most of you this does not mean much, but for life in the B-Love house?

It’s like a national holiday.

The whole week leading up to OU-Texas is intense.

It’s like a whole different vibe around here. Nervousness, excitement, focus.

You call it weird, but we call it normal.

We start thinking about this weekend a couple weeks in advance, even though we’ve been going seemingly forever.

And do the exact.same.things each time.

Yet we still enjoy planning and talking all things OU-Texas.

Yeah I know, just humor us.

This year (like every other year) is no different.

Much like last year, I have my plan in place so I don’t starve the entire time we are at the fair.

For the last few years, I typically allow myself one fair indulgence, and the last two years Will and I actually ended up splitting the treat.

Back in 2010, I seem to remember the game being later in the afternoon, which freed up plenty of time for us to hit up all the trashy food spots.

I distinctly remember having a cinnamon roll, and then sharing fried frito chili pie and fried cheesecake with Will.

Oh that’s right.

I remember because there’s pictoral evidence:

Fair Food


Oh, and do not let the two forks in the cinnamon roll fool you.

That pastry the size of a Mini Cooper?

Only fed one person.

And heshe loved every bite.

The game has been an 11:00 kickoff the last last couple years, which has left less time to meander around for the perfect fried snickers bar.

And after the game?

The fair is a zoo.

I know that’s part of the “fun” and “charm” of having OU-Texas at the state fair (and admittedly even more fun when you win), but quite frankly, it is total, utter sweaty chaos and the only thing we feel like doing is leaving.

Plus, you can almost set your clocks to the fact anually Will and I will either:

A. Get in an argument on the way down to Dallas because of my terrible navigation skills.
B. Get in an argument about where to get in line after the game, how to navigate, how to avoid drunken frat boys and grannies
C. Both

Good times, I can assure you.

No lie, one year after we lost to Texas an old decrepit grandma in a wheelchair, donning a Texas shirt, rolled right into Will and yelled that OU sucks.

And cussed.


Anyway, because of the madness, we generally only stand in line for one thing before departing.

We tend to get along better when this happens, and the expectation is already established.

I have a feeling this year will be much of the same.

Assuming my calculations are correct, here’s a look at what I plan on doing:

-I will pre-make my green monsters for the weekend, so I can get some level of nutrition each day.

-I will also bring oats I can make using the water from the coffee pot in our room. Depending on what Will does for breakfast, I at least have a healthy option. If we go out? Chances are I can find something decent.

-I am also bringing the following snacks along for this trip: apples, almonds, protein, protein bars, and peanut butter.

YES. Peanut butter. Get off me

And, not that I need to justify it (even though I totally am!), with the exception of the one treat we get, I don’t eat at the fair ever. So of COURSE I would need a cinnamon roll the size of a Mini Cooper.


the one where I went to church with P (and didn’t clean the fans) & look ahead

Hello friends!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Has fall weather arrived for you yet?

This was the first weekend that was quintessentially fall.

And it was lovely!

I failed and took hardly any pictures of the weekend festivities.

So when you read this?

Pretend there are tons more visuals. smile

Friday night was low key, as they usually are when Will works Saturday mornings.

We had Subway for dinner and caught up on our shows.


We are so far behind on all of them, so we needed to clear a few off our DVR so they’re ready for more!

Saturday was pretty typical. Will went to work for part of the morning, while I headed to the gym.

I did my usual leg circuit and had the gym all to myself. It was so nice!

After, I cleaned the house.

With all this nice weather, there was no need to run the ceiling fan in the living room, so I turned it off.

Only to realize the thick layer of dust on the blades.

And I had already cleaned.

So the fan went back on.

Hey, it’s going to be in the 80s this week. I’ll clean the fans next time.


I did a couple more things around the house, and then Will got home!

Before we knew it, it was time to get ready and head out to the game.

My boss (I am so blessed to have a great one!) gave me a Chili’s gift card last week, so we ended up using that before the game.

I got a black bean burger (ditched half the bun) with broccoli, and enjoyed Will’s company.

Then, it was time to head to Norman!

The Sooners hosted TCU Saturday night, and it sure proved to be a bit of a nail biter at times!

We stayed the whole time, and were thankful for a victory.

Definitely a fun game.


Yesterday was a good day too, but went way too fast.

Since we got home late, we slept until 8:45. It was so nice!

I got ready quickly, and accompanied P to church!

She is trying to find a church home, and so I am going to visit a few with her until she decides which is best for her and Layla.

It was really nice getting to go to church with her.

We had a good chat as we headed there, so that was nice too.

The service was a blessing, and it is evident the church is growing and seeking God in all they do.  In fact, they began a sister church that is now on its own and supporting itself. P decided she wanted to try that one too, so I will visit there with her soon.

Afterward, we headed home, but not before I got to see this little one.

LuHow cute is she!?!

By the time I got home, it was well after 1:00, and I still had tons to do!

For that reason, I felt rushed and behind all day.

And still didn’t get through my weekend chore list.


I hate starting the week that way!

I managed to get all the laundry done, and food prep for the week, which are the biggest.

So why am I complaining! smile

The rest of Sunday night was spent getting posts ready for the week and watching shows with Will.

And now? It’s Monday.


The good news is that we have fun stuff planned to help get us through!

Here’s what the B-Love Family is having for dinner this week:

-As previously mentioned, I’m totally trying this roasted vegetable penne (minus the gouda for me). I think it is going to be delicious!

-We are also having this salsa chicken (but with black beans instead of chicken for me)

-And Will requested one of his favorite casseroles his mom makes, so I’m making that for him (and I will have leftover penne)!

It’s OU-Texas week, so my workouts will be a little different than usual.

Usually, I prefer to lift at the end of the week, when I have more time at the gym, and I like my cardio sessions earlier in the week when I don’t feel like getting up early!

However, this week will be a little different:

-Monday: Back, biceps, shoulders & 10 minutes high intensity cardio
-Tuesday: Legs
-Thursday: Chest, triceps, shoulders & 10 minutes high intensity cardio

And then? Then I hope to squeeze at least one cardio session in over the weekend.

I’d love two cardio sessions, but I want to be realistic.

Here’s a look at what we’ll be talking about this week:

-An Introduction to Fair Food

-An Outdoor, At-Home Workout

-More Than a Cinderella Story

-OU-Texas Weekend begins

And hopefully more!

Check in this week, friends! Thanks for reading, and I’m sending prayers all of our ways today that we shine bright in all we do.

More to come…

Will and Brittny Go to Indiana!

Well hello my dears!

Another Friday is upon us.

So, as you know, Will and I took a trip to Indiana this past weekend!

Will has an appreciation for football traditions and has wanted to visit the Notre Dame campus for a long time, so when OU signed up for a home and home with the Irish, I knew we would be making the trip.

You may remember last year’s sad defeat.

It was such a bummer. Seriously. The hype leading up to the game was huge. We striped the stadium, they gave away towels, we had a flyover and a fun pregame…

So yeah- when we lost it hurt.

We knew going into this year, there was a chance we could lose, considering we had a new quarterback at the helm and this would be our first away game.

In hostile territory!

With Knight going down, and Bell stepping in after an excellent game in Tulsa, the team seemed more cohesive and the odds appeared to be in our favor, making our trip all the more exciting.

So if you will indulge me, I present to you our trip recap!

We took off Friday, and the morning was a little crazy.

Thankfully, the littles got to stay home with our awesome house sitter (thank you!!) , however the Bigs had to be boarded.

Getting the dogs to the vet is always crazy.

We got it done, came home, got ready for the day, and headed out to the airport!

So, you pretty much can’t get anywhere direct from OKC.

The joys of small metropolis living.

I always pack prepared for the first day of travelling, as you recall from this post, so I was pretty much set most of the day.

I was like the children’s birthday magician that just kept pulling crap out of my bag. I’m pretty sure Will expected a white rabbit to come out at some point.

We had a layover and ate at Buffalo Wild Wings, which isn’t the greatest for a vegan, but I did my best and got their hummus and veggies. I ditched half the hummus (it wasn’t that good) and half the pita. I would have skipped all the pita bread, but, well…

it was pretty good. smile

Lunch date at the airport- ditched half the hummus and pita

We got in around 5 and had to drive two hours to our hotel (long story that I will not bore you with).

We had such a great morning, but as is with many of our travels, I ended up getting us lost.


Thankfully it wasn’t a big deal and we were back on track in no time. We had a spat (um, which I always anticipate when we are driving in uncharted territory) but seriously, in all our years of marriage? This was our best travel day by far.

Yay for us! smile

We got to our hotel, watched some TV, and that was about it!

Pretty low key day, centered totally around travelling.

Saturday was all about GAME DAY!

We got up early and headed to South Bend. We got in around 11 and had Chick-Fil-A for lunch. I got a yummy salad and ditched the chicken.

OU-ND pre game lunch

We got some good directions that allowed us to park for free, and also allowed us to enjoy a nice walk to the stadium.

Guys, it was so beautiful!

I really enjoyed our jaunt to the university, surrounded by other OU fans, charming houses, and changing trees.

The campus is as beautiful as everyone says, and then some.

Especially as the leaves started to change. They were just starting last weekend, so I can only imagine how striking the campus is as their trees begin to change to bright shades of orange, red, and brown!

Kickoff wasn’t until 3:30, so we did a lot of walking! We saw so much in such little time.

Their cathedral is stunning,

ND cathedral ceiling

B&W at notre dame

as is their admissions building.


Heck, even their library is pretty cool!

The only time I've seen will in a library

And let’s not forget Touchdown Jesus!

>Touchdown Jesus!  And a Will <img src=">

After we walked around a bit, we headed to the stadium and were among the first in line! Everyone was friendly, and they have a cute little opening welcome statement before they open the gates which was sort of cool. (I’ve been trying to upload a few videos of the fun to no avail… yet. smile )

We got to our seats and were pretty surprised.

Yes, those are wooden benches

Yep, those are old wooden bleachers.

Amongst all the pomp and splendor of Notre Dame, their stadium is…a bit lacking?

Will says it’s tradition.

I say it’s an anomaly.

The bleachers were narrow and jam packed. No TV screen, and the band stands on the sidelines.

Just seemed so weird!

We were so packed and had a few big guys in our row and had a really hard time sitting down. It was crazy!

The one cool thing, though, is that for some reason you seem to be closer to the field than any stadium I’ve been to. You really feel part of the whole experience, and that was neat!

BnW OU-Notre Dame

The game?

Was so much fun. It was quite a game! Both teams fought hard, and it was so exciting to see the Sooners win.

The Irish fans we came across were very gracious. I don’t think we’ve ever been congratulated more on a win than by their fans. Definitely good fans and a good time.

It was only our second victory in all our 11 matchups!

I was pretty surprised to hear Will say this was probably his favorite football game we’ve gone to of all time thus far, even surpassing our trip to the Super Bowl.

I guess the tradition of the Irish runs deep!

After the game we walked back to our car and headed to the hotel.

Fun, fun day.

Sunday was so much fun too!

When we booked our trip last year, we hoped either the Bears or Colts would be playing at home (hence the fact that our hotel was ages away from South Bend), but unfortunately neither were. However, we still made plans to go to Indy for the remainder of the trip, since I’ve never been.

We drove to Indy Sunday morning and set up shop at the Colts Grille.It was so so much fun, guys! We were there for an hour before the game, as well as the entire Colts game. We sat in a corner and Will did his fantasy football while we chatted and ate…


And ate…

Veggie burger

And ate.


One downer about being holed up at a sports bar during the game is that you just keep eating.

The game was so much fun, and I see why people go to sports restaurants to watch them. We were surrounded by Colts fans and the atmosphere was electric.

Watching the colts game

We ordered an appetizer, and I picked out most of the dry chips leaving Will the nacho-y ones.

I had their veggie burger and salad for my main course (and yes, I ate the bun too),

And then had about 3 bites of the chocolate cake Will was too full to polish off.

Yeah- we ate a ton.

(And ate nothing until late the next day!)

We got back to our hotel early that evening and watched some of our favorite shows and just took it easy.

Vacation is great.

Monday was just as leisurely.

We both slept in, and I finally managed to get a workout in. I hoped to workout twice, but only did once. Just glad I did something!

We ended up going driving half an hour to Perkins to have breakfast for lunch.

Have I told you guys how much we like that place?

I’m sure I have.

But here’s a quick recap. When we took our first vacation from Kuwait in 2005, we visited Minneapolis and had breakfast there.

And ever since, it’s become a tradition to eat Perkins for breakfast anytime we are near one.

So we did just that!

And I even splurged and had a 500 calorie muffin (yikes! Definitely not something I would advise any other time!).

It was delicious.

Perkins muffin

Afterward, we went downtown. OKC Mayor Mick Cornett tells a story about how his visit to Indy inspired him to think big for OKC, and much of the beauty we restored down town into our beloved Bricktown area (and beyond!) was based on Indianapolis.

And he wasn’t lying- there are a lot of similarities, only Indy is much bigger.

We tried to go up in the tower dedicated to their veterans, but it was closed!

Tried to go in the tower but it was closed!

Bummer. Will had been once before, but I never have.

We had a good time walking around though.


B and W in Indy

We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon, and then headed back to the hotel to rest.

We had to get up at 1:30 the next morning to drive back to South Bend to catch our flight (yes- I realize all the driving was ridiculous.) back to OK.

Thankfully, I did not get us lost on the return trip. The drive was easy, and thanks to these puppies,

Heated seats. Best thing ever for long car trips and AC wars

I didn’t nag Will about freezing the whole way.

We got back into town around noon, and had plenty of time to unpack, do a load of laundry, and get ready for the week ahead (which thankfully is now complete!).

The Government shutdown has made for a quiet week at my office, so I was able to catch up much faster than I anticipated. I really thought everyone would be back to work by today, but I suppose I am too optimistic.

So that, my friends was our trip recap! Thank you for indulging me.

I hope you guys had a great week.

I don’t know about you but I sure am ready for the weekend!

Check in, more to come! <3

Thursday Night Football Fare… On a Monday

Because hey, football is on tonight too!

Monday night football is upon the B-Love house again, and once again I’m tempted to just throw cheese and ranch dressing on everything in sight and give it to Will.

What is it that brings out the inner crazy 500 pound crazy football fanatic in me this time of year?

Seriously!? Who is this person?

I might as well have a super tight jersey with a giant belly protruding out the bottom, face painted all up, and foam fingers in both hands.


Oh wait. Only one hand.

I’ve to be able to eat my football fare with the other.


Tonight we’re going out for dinner. And will probably eat something delicious, fat, and calorie laden.

For multiple reasons.

1. Because we’re still out of town and want to enjoy some local deliciousness.

2. It’s football season, and Autumn Brittny is way cooler and relaxed about having a yummy indulgence.

As you can see, my usual blogging schedule is a bit “off” since we’re on the road.

Nonetheless, I did round up some yummy food to share with you guys in hopes it will inspire you this week!

Let’s start with something healthy, you know… because it all goes downhill from here. In honor of our hemp protein we learned about last week, I offer a lighter but still fall-friendly option

Um, totally making this on Saturday (minus the gouda for me)

And so commences the date in which everything I make includes pumpkin

And another pumpkin recipe to try
- um, I’m sure football boys LOVE hummus as their gatherings yes? (haha)

Um, vegan ice cream cookie sandwiches that are super easy to make. Is this real life?

I would say you would need some other food to accompany this recipe, but truthfully? The only accompaniment you need is a spoon. And even that is optional.

Our trip has been lots of fun, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it later this week!

In the meantime, here’s a quick peek at what I plan on posting about this week:

-Wrapping up our protein series with whey’s grandpa
-Our last at-home football inspired workout!
-My Ipsy Review!
-Our OU-Notre Dame weekend recap!

Can’t wait to share! Check in tomorrow!

Sooner Saturday!

It’s football time in Oklahoma!!

Last year, Notre Dame came to our house and beat us.

And it sucked.

Seriously- it’s like being schooled in Monopoly by your 2nd cousin.

Who’s in first grade.

It’s humbling.

And embarrassing.

Today? We are in South Bend, hoping to bring a reckoning to the Irish after last year’s ego crusher.

I can only hope we follow through.

Oh, and did I tell you we are there?

Yeah- we are in South Bend today. smile

Very sneaky.

Check in soon for a fun update of all that we’ve been up to!

Until then?

Fingers crossed, and Boomer Sooner!

Memorial Day Memories


Last Friday me and my whole family loaded up our cars and headed down to Beavers Bend for the holiday weekend.

And it was wonderful!

We were free from distractions, internet, and barely watched TV.

Well… except for Will who had to stay up on the OU baseball team.

My parents rented a beautiful remote cabin in the absolute middle of nowhere, and it was so wonderful to get away.

It was nothing but three days of eating absolute junk

This happened

Enjoying the scenery

Loving on layla


And my doggies
The many faces of boz

Shooting paintballs


Meeting friends

Playing in the water


And total relaxation.

Definitely a wonderful weekend full of wonderful memories.

Just wanted to take a moment to capture it on my blog so I can look back fondly one day when I’m old.

Like 31.


Anyhow, thanks for indulging me.

Here’s the rest of this week’s line-up:
-The Kryptonite Continues
-Brittny Bootcamp
-Non-parent Parents

And more.

Check in tomorrow!


So I’m going to let you in on a not so secret, secret- most of the time when I travel for work, I go to Boston.

Before all the funding cuts, when travel was less scrutinized, my coworker got to go to amazing places like Greenland and Italy.


I get to go to Boston.

I’m not complaining, I actually find the area so charming, but hey- how come the work I do doesn’t require me to travel somewhere a little more exotic?


Pity party over.

I was in Boston a few weeks ago (remember my hotel after party?), but this time when I go, I can’t help feeling a little different.

I know when I get off the plane and drive to my hotel, everything will look the same. I know the places I frequent will be no different, and I will see the same faces.

However, I can’t help but feel differently about this trip because of the recent bombings.

Think back long and hard to when you were a kid. My parents used to let my go play outside for hours with my friends. We would ride bikes between our houses, play at a nearby playground, and simply “check in.” Granted, that was a long time ago, but can you even imagine letting your kids do something like that nowadays?

I think about all the fun events we have been to over the years, events full of crowds, and full of chaos- never once thinking we were in danger.

Yet, in recent years it is one thing that always crosses my mind. Whether I’m in a theatre, minding my own business watching a movie, or I’m at a Thunder game with thousands of others cheering on KD.

I know it seems so simplistic to ask, yet I still find myself doing so-

Where did we go so wrong? How did we lose our way?

I know the answer is convoluted, and republicans and democrats want to pontificate the whys and they hows.

And I’m not wanting to do that today, so much, but rather just to take another moment to take a step back and simply allow myself to wonder how we got here.

Today’s post is not about answering this question, because I believe there are tons of contributors. It’s not about figuring out how to make things better, because I believe there are tons of solutions, too.

Rather, as I head to Boston today I find myself mindful of the changing times, and simultaneously hopeful and fearful for what the future holds for our world as we continued down our paths, both globally as well as within our own small egocentric circles of life.

I could obviously devote paragraph upon paragraph about all this “stuff.”

But let’s not do that.

It’s exhausting.

I’m exhausted.

I can’t change someone.

I want to change people, but I can’t change them. I can only change me. I can only change me and hope that it inspires others around me to want to change themselves, too.

I want to be a light, and sometimes I am, but most times I’m not. Most times I’m just neutral, just coasting through the motions.

But days like today remind me of my value and the importance of really living the life I have to the fullest.

So hug your babies and love yourselves and thank God for today.

Because it’s all we have to be our best.

So let’s be our best.

More to come…


Random Friday Fun

I slather (yes, slather) coconut oil on my face each night before I go to bed. 

True story.

This happens.  

Incase you’re wondering, I put a towel over my pillow.

I have a serious girl crush on Kandee Johnson.

True, she’s a bit over-the-top-happy sometimes, but who doesn’t love a little sunshine and positivity in their lives?

I like her unicorn and rainbow attitude, and it keeps me coming back every week! 

My sister loves Lisa Eldridge, who is another great makeup artist. 

What’s funny is that I find the fact that we each like these ladies very telling about our personalities.

Once you get to know me, I can be a little over the top with excitement and cheer, and my sister is an awesome balance of chill and togetherness and poise.  Which makes are attraction to these respective ladies pretty understandable!

I think Will and I is going to buy a motorcycle. 

Don’t worry.

This one will get its own post, I’m sure.

The deal was too good to pass up, and the gas money we will save is out of this world.

Nevermind that he has no freaking clue how to ride one.

I have get to visit with Will’s family this weekend.

We had hoped to push this trip out a few weeks, but a few plans changed which made this weekend the weekend. It’s always a fine time, but I always am so behind on junk like laundry and food prep and groceries and cleaning the house (which most certainly will not happen this weekend).  

Check out my fun workout shirts.

Fun workout tees

They were a gift and totally made me laugh.  

Any randomness you care to share?

see you on the other side

Well friends, it’s been a good decade.

However, it is time to say goodbye.

Before leaving the awesomeness that is the 20s, I wanted to take a moment to soak it all in and really look over some of the milestones of the decade.

Without further ado, here is a quick recap of the last decade.

Got married
Honeymooned in the Poconos
Moved in with Will
Still in school (blah)
Worked in the school’s transcripts department (big money!)

Turned 21!  Not a wild night (I was a pastor’s wife)
Had been married for a month
Still in school
Took a weekend quick trip to the mountains for a surprise getaway
Got a surprise Christmas Tree from Will
Started a blog!
Had major foot surgery

Graduated college with a BA in Communications
Moved to Kuwait the same day
Lived with my parents
Had the summer of unemployment (which turned out to be something I’m thankful for, looking back)
Went to Qatar
Started my job
Went home on vacation

Endured the heat
Went to Dubai, Will got to ski indoors!
Went home on a really long vacation (and got Boz and Lucy while we were there!)
Got a new job, turned out to be a really important move for my future,
Went to the Super Bowl (and sorry there are no pictures where they say there are… when I moved my old blog over I lost all the pics. Bummer)

Started The Blove Life!
Experienced a Kuwait earthquake
Went to Jordan and celebrated Thanksgiving there
me and p being brave and climbing rocks
Went home on vacation and went to the Fiesta Bowl
happy sooner couple- pre-loss

Applied for a job back home and got it!
Left Kuwait
Moved home
Bought a house, started the job, began making sense of life back in America
Got the bigs
Went on the most amazing vacation of my life with P
in front of the library
Went to the OU national championship in Miami (and lost. Boo)
save the sooners

Stopped posting. :(
Got a promotion
Saw my BIL get married
I seriously love this picture- down with the longhorns!
Went to Chicago over Labor Day and visited my sister!
Went again over Halloween and saw Tiesto! Amazing concert
so much fun

Started school
It sucked
Still not posting much during this time
Got serious about eating right
Went to Broken Bow for an amazing glamping weekend away
Went to my Gran’s birthday party in Iowa
The Fam w Gran
Saw my sweet friend Terry get married and got to go to New York!
Celebrated my sister’s 21st in Chicago!
Sister friends

Continued to endure school
Still hardly posted
Went to Florida for the OU-Florida State game
Found out my sister was going to have a baby
Cut my long hair!
A little scary at first!
Went to Green Bay and Minneapolis for vacation for old time’s sake
Go Pack Go
Found out my sister was having a girl, got to be there for the ultrasound

Finished school! AMAZING!
Celebrated by going to a murder mystery weekend
Stone Lion Inn
Started posting again
Saw my sister have a baby girl, cut her umbilical cord
Began following a predominately vegetarian/vegan friendly diet
Got promoted last week

Oviously lots more I wish I could recap, but I had a hard time remembering, and I feel like this is a pretty good consolidation of the last decade. God is so good. I am so thankful for my family and the blessings along the way.

Thanks for following the journey one day at a time.

Here’s to another good ten years.

See you on the other side.

layered hair

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