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Freaking Football

Hello From America!

By the time you read this post you’ll never guess where I’ll be-

That’s right, my friends, A-FREAKING-MERICA!

I know you’re shocked, right? It’s not like I’ve been talking about this for the last 3 weeks or anything (ha). I’m typing this from Kuwait, but setting up an auto-post so this shows up tomorrow. So, that means I need to oooh and ahh over how great America is (although I’m technically not there yet).

Guys- the snow in Minnesota is beautiful!

Christmas is everywhere!

I missed Wal-mart!

Does it sound like I’m typing this from America, or that I’m faking that I’m typing from America?

Do you care?

I didn’t think so.

Besides, when this posts I really WILL be there. Home sweet home. I’m so excited! I can’t even contain my jubilation. In fact, let’s all let out a gigantic yell of cheer! Ready?


Gosh that felt good.

Vacation has finally arrived, and not a moment too soon. This weekend was spent working, packing, and celebrating Christmas with my family.

Actually, it was more like working, working, celebrating Christmas with my family, and doing a little packing.

I don’t know what my problem is, but I really hate packing.

You’d think with how much I went on and on (and on and on and on) about being ready for vacation I would have been more than eager to throw a few things in a suitcase and head home. However, that hasn’t seemed to be the case. I did so much procrastinating last night.

“Will, let’s watch a Prison Break!”

“Hey, I forgot we bought a book about Petra while we were in Jordan. I should read it RIGHT THIS SECOND!”

“Gotta pack clothes… gotta pack clothes.. Okay- I’ll bring these jeans. Hmm, I wonder if they still fit? I wonder if ANY of my clothes fit. Let’s try on every single item I own right this second to find out! Then let’s organize my closet by color! Better yet- by alphabetized brand!”

I’m hopeless when it comes to packing guys.

Not only that, but I bring entirely too much with me.

I’ll be gone for a month? That means I need 30 shirts.

I’m going to church 3 times? That means I need to bring 6 outfits so I can change my mind once each Sunday.

It’s really bad guys, really bad.

I could never be on Survivor or the Amazing Race. Options people! I need options!

I probably failed to mention that I’ll be shopping at Mall of America for a day or two while we’re in Minnesota. SO- not only am I starting out with entirely way too much stuff, but I’m also accumulating MORE stuff to pack. Do I smell a Heavy Baggage Fee in my future??

Will can take it out of my Christmas money- I’m not rummaging through my bag to make it more proportionately sized, darn it! I did that last year and it’s nothing but a big mess.

You start with one heavy bag,

then you start transferring,

then you end up with a lighter bag,

and then the other bag you just added crap to is heavy-

so then you have to dig again and add and take away, add and take away until finally you’re wearing half your suitcase and your purse weighs 30 pounds.

I’m not doing that again! I refuse to wear three sweatshirts at one time again. Not only does it get hot, but I look like the Marshmallow man from Ghostbusters! It just doesn’t work out very well. Bring on the fee.

So that’s all for now my friends. Look for me and Will on Monday Night Football! We’ll be the insane looking hicks with our chests painted “Yo Adrian!” Okay, I’m totally lying. My whiteness would blind you. I’ll just stick to a jersey or something more traditional- like a foam finger… yeah, that should be good.

It’s good to be home! Oh, and FYI, I may stink at feedback for the next couple of weeks. My apologies in advance.

Yay for vacation!

Little Orphan Annie

"You know what? I’d pay $1,000.00 if it guaranteed OU another National Championship.”

“Hmm. I think I’d rather just keep our money and cheer them on, hoping they’d do it on their own without our help.”

“I’d even give Boz away, as long as I knew he was going to a good home.”

“What!? Are you serious? You can’t give our dog away to ensure another title! That’s weird. That’s troublesome. That’s SICK!”


“Good thing I didn’t say the next thing.”

“What’s that?”


“No really, tell me.”

“Nah. Nevermind. It was nothing.”

“Oh c’mon- I won’t get mad. Promise.” (ha)

“Okay. If I knew you were going to a good home, I might give you away too!”

There really needs to be a support group for husbands like this.

Hook ‘Em Horns… Not.

Jacqueline- this is for you:


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It’s what’s for dinner.

I could now enter into a series of Texas jokes, but because I had had a gracious friend that didn’t rub salt in the wound when OU lost last year, I will do the same. What a nicey I am.

Maybe Will and I should start thinking about some bowl tickets, huh?

Dear Sooners,

You broke my heart.

The only consolation is that Texas lost too.

Worse than us.

Can we please claim a victory against them next week? I’d really like you to be Big 12 Champions and go to a really good bowl where Will and I can come see you play.

Do you think you could swing that?

Besides, if you lose to Texas, I’d never hear the end of it from Longhorn Lane.



Honestly? This is Most Boring Post I’ve EVER (yes, EVER) Written. Ever. Period.

I feel completely uninspired today.

What a WONDERFUL way to begin a post, if I do say so myself.

Uninspired. Yet, for some silly reason, I feel completely obligated to this blog and the fact that





It’s as if last night I got all dolled up and met my blog at the altar to exhange vows. I think I said something about, “I will update you from now until all eternity.”

Then we danced to “Keeper of the Stars” while everyone watched and ate bad buffet food.

Crazy aunt Margie totally got down to Super Freak too. Oh my gosh, it was freaking hilarious.

My blog looks pretty darn good in a tux, by the way. Although, blog, I wouldn’t have gone with the bowtie.

Mrs. M, can I use my blog marriage pictures for the album you’re putting together?

Okay, okay, enough stupidity for one day.

If you dare:


Tickets for Will and I to fly to America this December ........ $alotoffreakingmoney.00

Hotel in Minneapolis ........ $125.00/night

Rental Car ........ $190.00/week

One Meal at the Cheesecake Factory ........ $55.00

Adrian Peterson Vikings Gear ........ $100.00

Finding out that the tickets you paid a crapload for- soley to watch your favorite rookie OU player and no other reason at all- normally go for NINE DOLLARS AND FIFTY FREAKING CENTS due to the extra-small fine print stating LIMITED VIEW on the front-

ie: meaning there is a huge freaking pole/concession stand/cruise liner blocking 99.943% of the field- ........


There are some things money can buy. For everything else, there’s Vicodin.

if only life were as easy as playstation

I think you stateside girls jinx my weekend.

I really do! smile

You are all so ready for your weekend that you join together and pray that Thursday and Friday will fly! Well, you are successful. Another weekend begins for you and one ends for me. I just can’t believe it’s almost over. It feels like it just began! I guess that’s how it always is, but today it especially feels that way.

Next week, take it easy on the whole praying for the weekend thing would ya? smile

I just got done playing a highly competitive game (ha) of NCAA basketball.

Will was OU (what a shock) and I got to be Duke- mostly because they are number one and I figured that was my only shot of losing by less than 30 points.

Final score?

OU- 108

Duke: 48

Well, I tried.

I really did!

What is it with guys and video games? I think their brains are wired and programed to pick up any controller to any game and just play and win.

It wasn’t even enjoyable for me. Will, of course, was having a blast schooling me. I turn into “the enemy” when it comes to playstation. I am no longer just “Britt, Will’s wife...” I am “Basketball Brittny,” whose goal is to conquer and defeat his Sooners, and his sole purpose for the next 2 halves of the game is to make sure I lose.

Not just lose, lose badly. Very badly. As you can tell by the above score.

That has been the highlight of the afternoon. smile

We went to Bible study this morning. It was so good to go. We had sort of all dissolved last fall because of work schedules but it started up again this week. It was refreshing to go.

After that we went to eat with my parents and then went to the grocery store- Will’s favorite place. If you’ve read for very long you know that I like grocery shopping. I think there is some calming fun (of course unless it is payday weekend and you’re at Walmart!) in walking up and down the aisles.

This is not Will’s idea of fun.  It’s more of a Playstation game to him. Sort of like a Mario Cart of sorts. The goal is to see how fast Mario can fill up his cart and make it to the checkout without knocking over old robed ladies or displays of paper towels. We take quite a different apporach to shopping, as you can see. Sometimes I think Will’s whole approach to life is like a big playstation game- from Grocery Store Mario Cart to Should We Go Home Wheel of Fortune.

The whole time we were in the car-from Bible study to the grocery store and to the apartment- Will made sure to blast his newest George Strait cd, and in particular, all the songs that talk about Texas. Now, we’re not really sure where we’ll end up when we come home, but we kind of agree on Texas or Oklahoma. This is due to the fact that we are huge Sooner fans and want to be able to get to Norman on game days (yes, it is a pathetic obsession that dictates our lives, we already know, you don’t have to tell us).

We talked a lot about things “when we get home.” We didn’t really specify a time, but it was sort of fun. We talked about getting a dog and what kind it would be. We talked about what we thought we wanted to do when we got home, which is sort of a scary thought because we’re not exactly sure. Will wants to “be Bob Stoops (OU’s head football coach),” and I would love to do PR or some sort of consulting, or maybe go back to school… but we just don’t really have a plan of what we really and realistically want to do yet. I guess that’s okay because we still have time. It was just sort of fun to talk about it.  Today, that is, ask me tomorrow and I may have a different answer regarding the above converstaion.

Maybe one day soon, as we approach the big decision day, I will lay out my many pros and cons, but for now I won’t bore you with the details of our “private life” because honestly girls- it’s great, but boring. smile

Speaking of our life…

Our 2nd anniversary is Monday!! How crazy is that!?!! I figure I’ll post about all that later this week, but it just blows my mind to think that in just a few short days Will and I will have been married for 2 years. We’re oldies on the nest now! smile ha ha. I guess we won’t technically be newlyweds anymore. Tear*!

We decided to celebrate this next weekend instead of Monday. I made a hair appointment for Thursday morning so I’ll be all freshly highlighted for our night on the town. Such fun. smile

I have our wedding video all ready to go and I got our wedding proofs from my parent’s house so we could look at them. I left my album in Oklahoma but brought our proof book so we could still take a walk down memory lane. smile Okay, more so that I could.  Will loves me and all, but his big thing is that he LIVED the wedding, why watch the whole thing again on DVD? Boys…

Maybe if I play it in the playstation I could call it Tiger Wood’s Wedding Challenge… and he would think it was some exciting new game…

Okay. I’m not fooling anyone here.

It was worth a shot! smile

Sweet Sarah,
I hope your surgery goes well today. I said a prayer for you today. You’ll be back to running miles in no time and we’ll hold hands and frolic in the forest of Green Gables and make fun of that dreadful Gilbert Blythe. Ha ha. Get well soon! You’re so gosh darn fun and we’ll miss you!

My College BA stands for Beyond Absolutely worthless when it comes to basic stuff you should know.

Do you ever think in some ways college has made you stupider?

I mean, you spend all this time focusing on one main area. It’s like your brain totally forgets basic things everyone should know. Give me a map of the world and ask me basic geography questions like where mountain ranges in Asia are or whatever else, and you would laugh in my face. My sister had algebra homework last night. Basic Algebra 2, and as I glanced at it I thought, “Are these REALLY things I will HAVE to know in life? I hope not.“ The last time I attempted math was my freshman year in college algebra. I got my first and only C in my life and was done with math forever. That stupid class is the reason I wasn’t magna cum laude and just cum laude… stupid class… I’m not bitter though…

Case in point- college made me stupider. All I came out knowing dealt with interpersonal communication or the UN.

No math. No gravity. No XY=USHEUS squared.

You think I’m crazy don’t you??

Okay, so maybe I’m alone on this one, but last night Will and I had a moment when all I could think was, “Wow. If we ever decide to have kids, they have a chance of really being on the dumb side.”

Okay, so we’re really not “dumb” (I caught you smirking!), but I do wonder how we could be “smart” for our lives and then not be able to do basic things…

Will got Madden a couple of weeks ago. I think this game’s demographic is like from 12-30- I have absolutlely NO clue- but I know it attracts both young and “old.” Anyway, one of the features is getting to create your own player, sign him to a team, and make him this all-star.

To do this you have to do fun stuff like create what he looks like and pick his parents and stuff. Well, before you can get drafted into the NFL, your player has to take a 2 minute, 20 question I.Q. Test of “real” questions.

“Yes! Our guy is going to be a genius on and off the field! Everyone is going to want to draft him!”

We start the simple I.Q. test. It didn’t help that we were both trying to take the test, and as Will was reading I was shouting the answer before he could even finish the question. We take the full 2 minutes to answer…

and we get a 60%!!!!

Wow. That is a D. We got a D on those stupid, “If Sara is X times the age of her brother, and her brother is X times the age of their aunt’s second cousin’s estranged mother in jail, then how old is Sara?” Something like that. SEE! I can’t even MAKEUP the stupid question! How am I going to answer it!?

Anyway, we totally died laughing. Our “agent” left a message on our phone saying, “Your I.Q. test was less than desired, Idon’t know how the draft will go.”

Wow. College grads flunking a video game IQ test while 12 year olds are acing it. Hmmm…

We deleted “Whittny L” (we tried our best to combine our names, I goofily suggested Willttny, but Will just thought I was a dork) and started over.

We had to take our test again. It had different questions, but I refrained from yelling and answered politely and after Will had read the whole thing.

And we got an 80%. A B.


Did we not learn anything in school?

It really humbles you when you fail a mindnumbing, brainsucking, “We don’t want you to be smart, we want you to sit here and play video games all day” I.Q. test on Madden, a game devoted to “dumb jocks.”

The game should say, “Madden: rated G for Genius’ only.

Have a good day back to the grindstone.

I Talk About Sports So Much You’d Think I Was Some Insensitive Male Pig or Something…

We had a repeat of our “random wake-up before God to watch football live” schedule this morning, only it flopped.

We went to bed around 8. Will got up (get this) at 2 in the morning so he could get ready for work and watch the game, which started at 3. If this doesn’t show the guy is an out of control sports fan, I don’t know what does.

Anyway I couldn’t get back to sleep either. At 3 we went to the living room to watch some of the game before Will has to leave… only it wasn’t on. Instead we had the “joy” of watching Andre Agassi play tennis (we’re not much into watching tennis… or “fake” football- AKA soccer). So, we got up for nothing. We went back to bed and we got up again aroud 4… and guess what was on? The stupid Dolphins game. It was halftime. I guess there was a delay on the tennis match so it went into the football game, but when it was over it cut back into the live game.

So much for “the plan.”

I think Will might have caught a few minutes before having to head off to work, but not enought to get excited about. This is preseason. That means that the scores of these games DO NOT COUNT or MATTER. I don’t even want to know what our lives will be like once the real season hits!

If I ever questioned my husband’s intense passion for sports, especially college and pro football, my eyes have been opened and I will never have to wonder again. smile

I haven’t decided if the past two “get up late to watch preseason football” nights have been fun or crazy. Maybe both. I think it helps that the Green Bay game is still looming over my head- that way I am still excited about the notion of football and the fact that in 4 months we will be at a “real” game freezing out butts off and not having to schedule our life around random ESPN viewings in Kuwait. It will just be me, Will, the Packers, and freezing misery. how thilling! smile

I’m thinking if there is anything else worthwhile to report- not that my football-crazed husband’s obsession could be considered worthwhile, but it is probably the most exciting thing that I have to talk about today! That might not be a bad thing. There may actually be a day that I miss sitting in an apartment doing absolutley nothing. I hate it right now, but this is the last time I will ever get to do it in my life, so I’m trying to make the “most” of being trapped.

I’ve come to appreciate things more, that’s for sure! I never knew how exciting going grocery shopping could be. Bring on the Sultan Center! Lucky for me tomorrow is Friday and I think some time during the weeked we will be making a trip to the grocery store- Wow! Do I really get to go? (how sadly funny) Can I push the cart all by myself?? Okay- sorry, but it really is a highlight after not being able to go anywhere all week.

How did I go from sports to grocery shopping? Who knows with me!

Okay- back to football. No more talk of that grocery girly stuff. wink I am so ready to start planning this trip, but for some reason Will has been dragging his feet a little. I think it’s because he just wants to be there. He doesn’t think that we actually have to get on a plane, drive to Green Bay, have a hotel ready and all the things in between. He draws a direct line from our apartment to Lambeau Field like that’s it. I, meanwhile, am 4 months away and feel like I’m criss-crossing everywhere, running around in all directions. I guess a lot of our plans are contingent on my job situation- do we have to stay at the “classy” joint with the 25 cent vibrating bed, or splurge a little and go all out for our stay. Okay- so we won’t be Roach Motel poor if I don’t have a job or anything, but we can’t really concrete our plans for a few more weeks until we hear something. Tonight as I was washing dishes, Will came up behind me and just wrapped his arms around me and put his head on my shoulder as we talked about making plans. He’s the “Don’t worry! Everythings fine“ guy. I am the, “Oh My Gosh! There are a million things to do and they have to get done in 9 minutes!“ girl. I guess we’re a good balance.

Why am I telling you all this? I don’t know. I guess these are the things that have been consuming my thoughts for the last few days. This will be our first “major” trip together since our honeymoon and I’m getting excited about planning it. thank goodness for the internet. It has made life so much easier! How did people plan long distance trips before? Seriously. I know that sounds like a totally stupid question, but the more I think about it, the more it boggles my mind! You just couldn’t type in a search for cheap hotels and search for things by price at the drop of a hat. You couldn’t compare flight information by price or schedule by the push of a button. Planning for would have given me a huge headache. Too many details to do on your own without much help. Again, what i would I do without the internet? I know when I was little my parents had to do it- as well as everyone else before Al Gore came along and created the information highway for us smile (sorry- I had to throw in some stupid dry political humor)- which means the majority of the population- but what a pain!

Okay- total random and dorky question, but really- stop and think about it. I know I’m not alone here. I think I better get off before I continue on with the dorky thoughts that plague my mind.

Yet another countdown has begun… 124 days ‘till the Frozen Tundra.

the countdown has begun

Let me paint you a picture of what the next 6 months of my life might look like:

Will gets home after 5. We eat dinner, hang out for about an hour and then go straight to bed- around 7ish.

“Did you set the alarm, Britt?”

“Yes, Will.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want to miss this.”

“I’m sure Will.”

At about 9:55 my alarms goes off and we both get out of bed and head to the living room to flip on our Orbit ESPN and watch live football- not the soccer stuff.

This will become second nature for me from here on out. Last night this is exactly what we did, only I fell asleep on the couch during the 2nd quarter… that was my way of handeling all the excitment. wink

I have to admit, it was sort of exciting to watch football last night (the first 20 minutes or so anyway). It is really gearing me up for this fantasy stuff. We watched the first preseason game of the year. I’m not really sure what I think about football season while we’re in Kuwait. Will is sadly not as excited as usual, which sort of gets me sad because I know how much he loves sports. I am in some ways happy because I know that Sunday afternoons no longer mean Will watching NFL Sunday ticket on the loudest volume setting. I am also a little disappointed because this is my first year to do fantasy with Will and it won’t be as fun when we don’t get to watch and root for our guys.

We will get a very limited amount of games, and those we do will be broadcast at weird hours- so we will have to sleep creatively for the next few months! We already figured out how are going to do our OU games, thankfully, so that is one less thing we will have to consider when going nocturnal.

They have a program we signed up for where they will send us a copy of the game the Monday after it was played. It will take a while to get to us, but at least we will be able to watch it. Honestly, I can’t get too excited about this concept. By the time we get our video we will have already know who won- so I can’t see watching a whole game (especially if they lose) when I know the outcome. That is a total guy thing. Will could watch ESPN Classic all day and not get bored. He can watch, knowing that OU is going to bite it- and still watch anyway. How can you watch something you’ve already seen, knowing there is no possible way your team is going to pull an upset? This matter is not to be discussed, only marveled at, and I will fully support Will with the whole thing- as I flip through a magazine or something. smile

Anyway, he called me today all professional like and told me he needed to talk to the co-owner of our fantasy league. He had been proposed a trade- and I know he knew I wouldn’t understand all the mechanics of this trade stuff- but I thought it was sweet that he called me anyway and made me part of the process- even if he is the brains of the operation!

16 days unitl the big Draft Day!

Have a good rest of the weekend.

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