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Freaking Football

if only life were as easy as playstation

I think you stateside girls jinx my weekend.

I really do! smile

You are all so ready for your weekend that you join together and pray that Thursday and Friday will fly! Well, you are successful. Another weekend begins for you and one ends for me. I just can’t believe it’s almost over. It feels like it just began! I guess that’s how it always is, but today it especially feels that way.

Next week, take it easy on the whole praying for the weekend thing would ya? smile

I just got done playing a highly competitive game (ha) of NCAA basketball.

Will was OU (what a shock) and I got to be Duke- mostly because they are number one and I figured that was my only shot of losing by less than 30 points.

Final score?

OU- 108

Duke: 48

Well, I tried.

I really did!

What is it with guys and video games? I think their brains are wired and programed to pick up any controller to any game and just play and win.

It wasn’t even enjoyable for me. Will, of course, was having a blast schooling me. I turn into “the enemy” when it comes to playstation. I am no longer just “Britt, Will’s wife...” I am “Basketball Brittny,” whose goal is to conquer and defeat his Sooners, and his sole purpose for the next 2 halves of the game is to make sure I lose.

Not just lose, lose badly. Very badly. As you can tell by the above score.

That has been the highlight of the afternoon. smile

We went to Bible study this morning. It was so good to go. We had sort of all dissolved last fall because of work schedules but it started up again this week. It was refreshing to go.

After that we went to eat with my parents and then went to the grocery store- Will’s favorite place. If you’ve read for very long you know that I like grocery shopping. I think there is some calming fun (of course unless it is payday weekend and you’re at Walmart!) in walking up and down the aisles.

This is not Will’s idea of fun.  It’s more of a Playstation game to him. Sort of like a Mario Cart of sorts. The goal is to see how fast Mario can fill up his cart and make it to the checkout without knocking over old robed ladies or displays of paper towels. We take quite a different apporach to shopping, as you can see. Sometimes I think Will’s whole approach to life is like a big playstation game- from Grocery Store Mario Cart to Should We Go Home Wheel of Fortune.

The whole time we were in the car-from Bible study to the grocery store and to the apartment- Will made sure to blast his newest George Strait cd, and in particular, all the songs that talk about Texas. Now, we’re not really sure where we’ll end up when we come home, but we kind of agree on Texas or Oklahoma. This is due to the fact that we are huge Sooner fans and want to be able to get to Norman on game days (yes, it is a pathetic obsession that dictates our lives, we already know, you don’t have to tell us).

We talked a lot about things “when we get home.” We didn’t really specify a time, but it was sort of fun. We talked about getting a dog and what kind it would be. We talked about what we thought we wanted to do when we got home, which is sort of a scary thought because we’re not exactly sure. Will wants to “be Bob Stoops (OU’s head football coach),” and I would love to do PR or some sort of consulting, or maybe go back to school… but we just don’t really have a plan of what we really and realistically want to do yet. I guess that’s okay because we still have time. It was just sort of fun to talk about it.  Today, that is, ask me tomorrow and I may have a different answer regarding the above converstaion.

Maybe one day soon, as we approach the big decision day, I will lay out my many pros and cons, but for now I won’t bore you with the details of our “private life” because honestly girls- it’s great, but boring. smile

Speaking of our life…

Our 2nd anniversary is Monday!! How crazy is that!?!! I figure I’ll post about all that later this week, but it just blows my mind to think that in just a few short days Will and I will have been married for 2 years. We’re oldies on the nest now! smile ha ha. I guess we won’t technically be newlyweds anymore. Tear*!

We decided to celebrate this next weekend instead of Monday. I made a hair appointment for Thursday morning so I’ll be all freshly highlighted for our night on the town. Such fun. smile

I have our wedding video all ready to go and I got our wedding proofs from my parent’s house so we could look at them. I left my album in Oklahoma but brought our proof book so we could still take a walk down memory lane. smile Okay, more so that I could.  Will loves me and all, but his big thing is that he LIVED the wedding, why watch the whole thing again on DVD? Boys…

Maybe if I play it in the playstation I could call it Tiger Wood’s Wedding Challenge… and he would think it was some exciting new game…

Okay. I’m not fooling anyone here.

It was worth a shot! smile

Sweet Sarah,
I hope your surgery goes well today. I said a prayer for you today. You’ll be back to running miles in no time and we’ll hold hands and frolic in the forest of Green Gables and make fun of that dreadful Gilbert Blythe. Ha ha. Get well soon! You’re so gosh darn fun and we’ll miss you!

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