Because I'm Terrible at Scrapbooks
Freaking Football

Honestly? This is Most Boring Post I’ve EVER (yes, EVER) Written. Ever. Period.

I feel completely uninspired today.

What a WONDERFUL way to begin a post, if I do say so myself.

Uninspired. Yet, for some silly reason, I feel completely obligated to this blog and the fact that





It’s as if last night I got all dolled up and met my blog at the altar to exhange vows. I think I said something about, “I will update you from now until all eternity.”

Then we danced to “Keeper of the Stars” while everyone watched and ate bad buffet food.

Crazy aunt Margie totally got down to Super Freak too. Oh my gosh, it was freaking hilarious.

My blog looks pretty darn good in a tux, by the way. Although, blog, I wouldn’t have gone with the bowtie.

Mrs. M, can I use my blog marriage pictures for the album you’re putting together?

Okay, okay, enough stupidity for one day.

If you dare:


Tickets for Will and I to fly to America this December ........ $alotoffreakingmoney.00

Hotel in Minneapolis ........ $125.00/night

Rental Car ........ $190.00/week

One Meal at the Cheesecake Factory ........ $55.00

Adrian Peterson Vikings Gear ........ $100.00

Finding out that the tickets you paid a crapload for- soley to watch your favorite rookie OU player and no other reason at all- normally go for NINE DOLLARS AND FIFTY FREAKING CENTS due to the extra-small fine print stating LIMITED VIEW on the front-

ie: meaning there is a huge freaking pole/concession stand/cruise liner blocking 99.943% of the field- ........


There are some things money can buy. For everything else, there’s Vicodin.

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