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Freaking Football

The Home Team

My weekend was full of lots of normal American things like football, sub sandwiches, cool fall weather, and more football.

All day Saturday was college football.

And after that there was more football-

Followed by even more football.

And still more football to come tonight.

You get my point.

The last 3 years have been spent in Kuwait, where football games were limited and broadcast at all hours of the night. Don’t get me wrong, Will still got up to watch all that were broadcast, but we were so disconnected that it just didn’t seem to be the same.

You see my friends, this is the first football season since 2004 that Will and I have been in America to endure enjoy a football season in real time. During our stay in Kuwait we saw games here and there, but nothing continual. Nothing

This year, however, we have NFL Sunday Ticket-


NFL Sunday Ticket.

The phrase alone causes women all over the world to shudder.

The phrase that screams, “I’m going to invite all my smelly buddies over to our and we’re going to be barbaric, sweaty men- roaring incredibly loud each time our team does something good or bad- spilling bright orange velveeta queso and Dr. Pepper all over your new carpet each time we jump up in jubulation or frustration. We’re men- hear us roar.”

NFL Sunday Ticket.

The fall of all women and clean carpets.

At this point in our little American stay Will has yet to meet lots of “buddies,” so therefore my house is still clean. We have one set of friends we hang with- a set that is very respectful of things and would never spill bright orange velveeta queso and Dr. Pepper all over our new carpet.

However, I know as the season progresses and we find a church home and will gets a job- the buddies? Yeah, they’re coming. I feel it.

It’s almost as though the yet-to-be-met buddies are breathing down my neck as I type-

I can smell the sausage pizza on their breath and can hear the belches even now.

Oh please save me.

I assure you- more to come on this subject…

a post from the domain owner herself

Yeah that whole picture update thing little miss P promised earlier this week?

She was off her rocker.

The truth is that I’m back- but not with pictures.

Yes, finally back.

It’s funny to me how I can keep in contact with you guys so much better across an ocean. Here I am in your backyard and can’t even log in to say, “Hey! I’m alive!

This is the first time i’ve been on the computer since the last time.

(ha ha)

Which was the last time I posted… whenever that was. I literally didn’t check my email for like 4 weeks.

It was amazingly liberating

and stressful.

In fact, I even dreamed about it-

not checking my email.

Crazy right?

Things have just been a whilwind lately.

I’m still adjusting to life back home, getting used to some of the things I wasn’t accustomed to for the past 3 years (ahem- cleaning my own house and pumping my own gas- ahem- SPOILED).

I bid my sister farewell this morning and it really hurt. Thankfully i’ll be seeing her soon (remember! We’re taking an extremely long and amazing cruise- YAY!). However, saying goodbye was still hard because it’s a reminder of the fact that i’ll have to say goodbye again soon and that time it will be for a long time.


Let’s not be a downer, right?

Having here was amazing.


We had so much fun. Granted I had to work each day, and granted we didn’t do anything super outrageous or fun, but just having her here was so nice.

So that was my big news.

Oh and by the way- thanks so much for welcoming her to the blog world! I tell her all the time she should blog. She’s such a good writer. Ha ha apparently I am too because some of you thought I was posing as dear old P. ha ha. It was her- it really was. I felt so bad for my slackerness that I told her to guest blog. She needs a regular spot as far as I’m concerned.

Hmm.. Tuesdays with P?

It has a ring to it.

Oh- and she has her license- which TOTALLY deserves a blog post! C’mon P- at least guest blog on mine so you can tell the license story. Pretty please?

I won’t tell you guys anything just in case she decides to share…

Alright moving along (at least until I can convince Miss P to blog anyway)

We’re becoming a petting zoo here at the B-Love house.

We’re buying 2 more dogs.

Yes- come bring your kids, they can feed the animals at the freaking zoo!!

These dogs, unlike boz and lucy, will be exclusively outside doggies.

So I guess it’s not total petting zooish, right?

I’m excited- mostly excited for Will because as long as I’ve known him he’s wanted 2 big dogs and now that we have a house and a yard we can finally do it.

Rocky and Teddy.

Those names don’t mean much unless you’re an OU fan.

We officially have all 3 Butkus Award Winners in our house- Boz (Brian Bosworth), Rocky (Rocky Calmus), and Teddy (Teddy Lehman)

Yeah- my husband is obsessed.

Ya think?

Hey- marriage is a compromise and I figured this one wasn’t worth fighting.

We’re getting a male Rott and a female lab. Will found these amazing red labs, they’re so unique. I guess that’s originally how they looked in England before they came to America. Sadly, I think I’ll be on my trip when it’s time to get both of them. :( I wanted to be there to pick them out, but I guess I’ll have something nice waiting for me.

Hmm- is that all the “big news” I have to share? I think so.

Okay, so now that I’m a little more settled I’ve been thinking.

Can we just start fresh?

I mean, there is absolutely no way I can get out of blog commenting debt- no way at all. I would totally need to take out a blog commenting loan in which I would hire people to pose as me and write nice little comments on your blog- and I don’t want to do that because I like you and don’t want our friendship to be based on blog commenting lies! Right!?!


So here’s what I’m thinking. I’m thinking of starting clean.

A blog salvation if you will (ha ha).

In which my debts are cleared and I can start commenting from X point on (like soon).


Deal (at least… that’s what I envision you guys saying because I envision you guys as niceys and not comment whores. Right? Right??… hmm...).

So here’s the deal- I’m going to turn comments back on in September.

AGH! September- YES! I will be MIA for a little while longer, but still posting more often than before.

See- I’ll be on the cruise.

I told you guys it was long, didn’t I?

I wasn’t lying.

Um.. but I’ll throw in house pictures soon??

Ha- yeah because THAT makes it all better, right?

Hello! My name is Britthy and I’m a super sucky friend.

I totally deserve a t-shirt.

Wait- don’t do that.

But seriously? I’m wearing a big imaginary one right now.

As for things in my life…

They’re going good.


I won’t lie. I miss the way things were, but I think that’s all apart of being a grown up and adjusting to change. Perhaps we’ll talk about that in another post- one that’s not so full of randomness.

Things with the house are slowly coming together and I’m continually wishing the tiny bush out back were instead a money tree in which I could go out and pick big bills off it’s branches to buy all the pretty things for my house.

Oh magic beans.

I’d be fine with those too.

We’re starting to look for churches which is… fun?



Full of blessings?

I guess all of the above applies. I just want to find one already!


Jumping from magic beans to churches. Should I have seperated my post with little stars to warn you of big random topic changes?


Oh well… it’s just good for me to finally get back to doing something I love.

I hope you all had a nice weekend.

Back to work tomorrow.

That’s one thing I’ve noticed about being back in America. The weekends seem to go a lot faster! I guess because they’re full of busyness.

Anyhow, I’m back and hope to be blogging a little more regularly prior to my departure on the big sea!

thanks again for welcoming P, it made me feel really loved.

<3 and another normal week begins…

Goodbye Brett

It’s one of those times where there are are a lot of things that could be said, but I won’t try to say any of them.

Instead I say we will miss you, Brett.

Will and I had a wonderful time freezing our butts off and watching you play. It was a rite of passage (mostly for Will, but I guess me too...) watching you at the Frozen Tundra.

We ate breakfast at Perkins that morning. Will got the eggs benedict (this is where he fell in love with eggs benedict) and I got pancakes so I could try 50 different kinds of syrup. Then we went to K-Mart to get me a scarf that ended up not keeping me warm at all. We went to the gift shop next to the stadium and the Packers Hall of Fame, where we watched a documentary on the Green Bay Packers.

I don’t remember much after that. I think we went back to the hotel to watch the Colts game before heading to the stadium to eat dinner- where it froze before we could finish it (literally). For some crazy reason Will thought it was proper to eat dinner in the open stadium as part of the “experience.” I must say, frozen chicken strips and cheese curds aren’t all that great.

Oh- and by the way- for all my lovely bloggy ladies, this story is probably somewhere in my December 2005 archives, if you care. I know you ladies love Packer football (ha ha).

Anyway, you and the Pack were having an awful season that year, and I think you only ended up winning 3 games all season or something terrible like that. Thankfully, we watched you win- in overtime. It was freezing- a bitter cold. I think it was -13 with the wind chill. I was so ready to leave, but looking back, it was a pleasure to watch you play. I only wish we could have seen one more.

You will be missed.






Cheaters Never Win.

They simply go undefeated all season long and lose to a wild card team in the Super Bowl.

Congratulations, NY Giants. 

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