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Freaking Football

The One With the Super Bowl & Look Ahead

Much like this morning’s Super Bowl reel, we’re going to keep today’s post to just the highlights.



Friday night grocery shopping.

And Lucy snuggles.

Sometimes a pup belongs in your jacket

Will went to work I squeezed in a Saturday morning workout- back, biceps, & abs.

Afterward I scoured the house. Much needed.

I also managed some food prep.


Will got home later than anticipated (boo) and was pretty wiped out.

The original plan was to go to the Winter Jam concert later that night, but just about everyone bailed. They don’t sell tickets in advance, so we were also going to have to stand outside for a few hours before the door opened to ensure we could get in- and it was frigid!

Sooo, we decided to skip. Sort of disappointing, but we managed to have a fun night.

We ended up getting the UFC fights, and I enjoyed a cheat meal. Veggie pizza, extra easy on the cheese.

Cheat meal, easy cheese

I also made some sugar scrubs! I cannot tell you how great they’ve been during this dry winter weather.

Sugar scrub

Finished product

We woke up to snow yesterday morning!


The roads and bridges were a bit of a mess in the morning, so I decided to skip the gym and do the Insanity Max Interval Circuit at home. We also did church online.

Will also used part of the day to get some of his paintball gear ready to sell. Here’s me taking a picture of him taking a picture. haha


Things cleared out by before noon, thankfully, and as people got out and about the roads got better.

One of the guys in our Life Group opened up his house for the Super Bowl, so we all ended up going over there to watch.

Will and I were rooting for the Broncos, since we’re a big Peyton Manning fan.

Not a lot of healthy options at all, and since I had pizza (cough: and a Reece’s cup) the night before, I snacked before and brought some food along. I did get a little sampler plate of some of the goodies I thought I couldn’t live without.

We got home late, and the day started early (don’t they always?).

For that reason, let’s just cut to the chase and take a look at this week’s lineup!

-How we can both make a small difference in a woman’s life this week

-What to eat before a workout

-So what’s this Nature Box thing about?

-Why I miss the Goldbergs

Check in tomorrow for fun! And happy Monday! smile

Super Bowl Recipe Round-Up

I realize virtually every blogger it posting about this, but can we please talk Super Bowl food?

I need to.


See, it’s sort of an institution in our house.

It’s like the final hurrah of the best season of the year.

After Sunday?

No football for months.

Sure, we have basketball and it’s great and all… but it’s not football.

Naturally, the last game of the season has to be properly celebrated.

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly seven years since Will and I were in Miami cheering the Colts to victory!


That was a special trip. Sadly our Colts came short this year, but we always look forward to the game.

This year one of the guys in our life group is hosting a party, which is great because it takes the pressure off having to come up with an entire menu of goodies.

However, at the same time, it also means there will be a house full of indulgent treats with very few healthy or vegan friendly options.

I’m all for indulging in super bowl food, but in moderation. I also like to load up on mostly healthy stuff and pick one or two treats to enjoy.

With that in mind, here’s a round up of a few yummy and healthier options I’m thinking about bringing for the shindig.

Hopefully this inspires you to create something delicious and healthy too!

This cilantro lime shrimp looks so yummy!

Love, love, love finger foods for football games These crab and avocado phyllo bites fit the bill.

This edamame and black bean salad looks delicious and I’m pretty sure if I don’t make it this weekend, I’m making it very soon. 

Can we please trash it up a little and scoop it up with some baked Tostitos?

Cute bite-sized peanut butter filled dessert? Yes please. No one will even know they’re vegan friendly.

I pretty much want to live inside of these apple nachos.

Will loves these jalepeno poppers. They’re definitely in the running.

These crockpot brown sugar and roasted garlic pulled pork sandwiches would make ridiculous sliders. Not something I would eat, but I know it would be a big hit.

During halftime, you’ll find me in cashew brownie bite coma.

I’ve died and gone to hummus.

Let’s eat a whole entire pizza (bite).

Now the trouble is narrowing down from this list.

What are you making for the Super Bowl?

Thursday Things, 16 Jan 14

1. Sooo, I gave a new recipe a try last weekend.

It was supposed to be easy and delicious.

And it was…

Sort of.

Halfway through baking I realized I had a problem.

Recipe fail


The dough you see curved around like a winding river was supposed to be folded and encompassing the inside goodness.

Like a pocket.

Eh, only not so much.

Recipe fail

Yummy, not pretty.

2. Last week our Life Group went bowling, and look what happened.

Actually happened

Yes, it’s true.

How it did, I have no idea, but it makes me laugh.

3. I’ve gotta get organized ya’ll!

It’s ridiculous. Will continues to own the office (for now). I need to find a shoe rack for our closet to help free up some extra space so he can move his gigantic paintball duffle bags into our closet, which sounds easy right?

Eh, not really.

There are like a billion different kinds of shoe racks. Who knew?

4. Have you guys started thinking about Super Bowl food yet?

I know- it’s early.
I’m crazy.

But yeah, totally thinking about it.

5. Sooo..  I was thinking about sending out weekly emails with happy thoughts, inspiration, and scripture to some of my girlfriends.

Nothing spam-y, nothing that needs a response, and nothing annoying. Would you be interested in getting them? Comment below or shoot me a note and I would absolutely love to add you.

That’s all for now friends! Happy, healthy, Thursday. Check in tomorrow!

One with Sleet & A Look Ahead

Happy Thanksgiving week!

It’s Monday, yet it feels like Wednesday since it’s a short week. I can’t dread the day like I usually do, right?

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. This past weekend was our first frigid one of the season, and I did very little.


It was a lazy weekend in, complete with cold weather and snow. Pretty great if you ask me!

It started to get icy Friday afternoon, so Friday night was pretty low key, with the exception of a quick trip to Walmart to grocery shop… alongside everyone else in the great state of Oklahoma.

Not only was it payday weekend and the Friday before Thanksgiving, but the weather promised to get worse this weekend.

Which means everyone in Oklahoma completely freaks out and buys enough to feed an army for two weeks.

Fun times.

I’m not a Black Friday shopper, but I imagine my trip to Walmart Friday night was eerily similar.

Will and I stayed in and caught up on some of our shows.

And even stayed up past 10:00!

It got crazy round here, ya’ll.

Saturday was not much different.

I actually slept in (you know, since I stayed up so late haha) and hit the gym later than usual.

I missed my chest and triceps day and wanted to incorporate them into my leg day I figured it wouldn’t be all that of an effective workout day, but turns out it was a great one!

Just making a few changes to my program by throwing in triceps and chest during my cardio and legs made a big difference and torched a ton of calories since I was constantly moving. Definitely a fun workout.

Afterward, I came home, showered, made Will a chocolate peanut butter pie,


and watched the OU-Kansas State game!

It was nice to see the boys bring home a victory.

We didn’t have much time after the game, and I can’t even recall what we did with that time!

We ended up making a quick trip to Buffalo Wild Wings for Will and Panera Bread for me to grab a quick dinner while we watched the Baylor-OSU game.


I really thought the Bears were going to win this one, so I was pretty surprised.

After that game, the OU basketball team was playing Michigan State (who’s ranked #1 right now), so we flipped over to that. It was a good game for awhile, but eventually Michigan State pulled away.

We even caught up on a couple shows after that, which means bedtime was near midnight.

Who are these wild and crazy kids!?

We slept in until 8 and woke to sleet!

South Oklahoma got pelted with snow, but we didn’t get too much, but did have some ice on the roads. We ended up watching church online and staying in for the day. I did some stuff around the house and then visited my family for a little baking!

We had a good time, and made something I’ll be sharing tomorrow.

Last night was spent getting ready for the week ahead and spending time with Will.

This is going to be the first Thanksgiving Will and I have ever spent apart, and my heart already aches. We sat on the couch and watched more football and just hung out together.


Dinners this week are pretty boring.

I made a big pot of vegetarian chili Saturday, so we’ll have leftovers Monday and Tuesday.

And I fear I’ll be having it for lunch until the day I die. smile

Wednesday I’m going to make Will this buffalo chicken dip that I keep hearing about.

Remember how I hate travelling and being away from Will and it makes me justify cooking him unhealthy food?

Yeah, that’s what this is.

I will be having a sweet potato with tofu.

As for workouts, this week is going to be a little trickier than normal, which is all the more reason to plan ahead.

No workout today, but I plan on hitting the gym Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

Thursday my family and I will be on the road, so no workout that day. I plan on doing one of my at-home workouts (like my cold weather workouts I’ve been sharing!) on Friday and possibly Saturday, and then off again on Sunday as we head home.

Truth be told, I’m happy about the time off and getting to see family (especially my grandma since she is in such poor healthy), but I’m also sad this week since Will and I will be apart. I am focusing on being thankful this week and mindful of all my blessings, and hopefully you are too.

Here’s a look at what I’ll be sharing this week:

-Fall Favorites: Why sometimes you just shouldn’t mess with a good thing
-Another Cold Weather Workout
-Happy Thanksgiving!
-And more!

Check in this week for fun, and let’s make it a good week!

The Long Recap & Look Ahead

Hey, it’s the last week of October!?

How did that even happen?

This month was crazy for me. I realize many of you might travel a lot, but for the most part these days I stay put.

However, October had me in Indiana, Texas, and Washington D.C. all in one month. And that feels like a whirlwind, even if some of those trips were full of fun.

This month has been such a blur. Oftentimes looking ahead instead of enjoying the moment at hand. Living to Thursday night as we looked forward to having Friday off for OU-Texas weekend. Surviving the week after and getting readjusted to having no breaks in sight until Thanksgiving. Looking ahead and dreading my trip to DC, and praying the days away so I could rush home.

And here we are. The end of the month.


Slow down.

Didn’t I post about that recently?

I feel I need to back up past the weekend a little to commemorate a wonderful night with my friend Theresa.

After work Wednesday night I drove to suburbia to visit Theresa and her family

The route was very scenic, and I didn’t even get lost!

I got there and was greeted by Theresa and got the grand tour of their beautiful house.  Soon after, Theresa’s husband arrived with little Kayla in tow!

I see pictures and hear stories about Kayla, but it was so nice to finally get to meet her and see her cuteness in real life! Since she was in her element there wasn’t any stranger danger, so we had a good time!

As Todd got Kayla ready for bed, Theresa and I continued chatting and started dinner together.

Can I tell you how nice it was just to be at home? I felt so comfortable and, well, at home.

I don’t like being away from home much these days, and even just a couple nights away leave me homesick. However, this trip wasn’t really like that since I had such good company!

After dinner, we chatted some more about anything and everything, from work, to kids, to faith.

I was so thankful for that evening!

A great evening at home with Terry.

We’ll just glaze over Thursday’s trip home since it was a loooong one. Plus I think I bought a little cold back home with me. Blah.

We’ll glaze over Friday too. Again, long day.

Friday night was low key, as usual these days. We got Subway for dinner and watched a show or two before calling it a night.

Seriously, Will’s hours are such a drag.

On Saturday, we got up super early, and Will went to work while I slowly worked out. Since I wasn’t feeling my best, I took it easy on myself and didn’t in a very good workout.

In fact, I barely broke a sweat!

I figured it was better than nothing, and that I also needed to take it easy on myself since I wasn’t feeling the greatest.

Afterward, I did some light cleaning! I even managed to do the fans too. smile


Bye bye dust!

Will got home, we got ready for the day, and then headed to Norman to cheer on the Sooners!

It was drizzly the whole way there.

As you can see- Will loved the weather. smile

Thrilled About the rain delay <img src=">

When we got into the stadium, we learned there was an hour rain delay.


We coped by sharing an overpriced box of peanut M&Ms.

Rain delay

(Will opening up our loot)

Hey, sometimes it has to happen.

Plus I hear they cure colds?

The game started as anticipated, and for awhile it had me pretty nervous! Thankfully, the Sooners pulled off the upset and brought home a victory!

And it was so much fun, even in the rain.

Here we are trying to look bummed about the rain, but we’re not disguising our smiles very well. smile

Trying to look bummed about the rain (but can't hide smiles)

One my favorite all-time Sooner memories was back in 2008 when Tech was ranked #1 and came to OU and we beat them! The game day environment was pretty much unparalleled to any other game I had been to. It was pandemonium, and so so much fun.

In fact- on every third down the started playing Jump Around, and I kid you not, nearly every person in that stadium got crazy, even the old blue-haired ladies!

One of the best games ever.

Anyway, while Saturday wasn’t exactly like that, but it still was fun!


After the early morning, we pretty much went to sleep as soon as we got home!

But not before I did a little food prep. I made quinoa with cranberries and slivered almonds and roasted sweet potato for lunch this week.



Sunday was a church online day. I definitely like going so much better, but that did not happen! I still wasn’t feeling the greatest, so I skipped the gym altogether. Hopefully the rest does me good.

We got up late, and I got a start on laundry and some cooking for the week. I showered, barely got ready, and headed over to see my girls!

We went to this super cute tiny coffee shop for a small treat! I got an iced tea latte with soy. The weather was absolutely beautiful yesterday, so we drove to a nearby park and walked around and enjoyed the day!


I hung out with them a bit longer after getting home, and then I went back to my house to do some more stuff for the week ahead.

And here we are, Monday all over again.

Here’s what on the menu for us this week:

-Stir Fry w/marinated chicken for Will & Gardein chicken for me

-Black beans & Tacos w/shredded beef for Will & Gardein shredded beefless tips for me

Here’s my workout plan:

I’m still not feeling my best, so I’m going to hold off on any high intensity cardio. Instead, I plan on doing the following:

-Tuesday: Chest, Triceps, & Shoulders & 15 minutes light cardio
-Wednesday: 45 minutes elliptical
-Friday: Back, Biceps, & Shoulders, & 15 minutes light cardio
-Leg Circuit

And here’s a look at what I’ll be posting about this week!
-Healthy Pumpkin Protein Bars
-What the heck are supersets?
-October Ipsy Review!
-And more!

Check in tomorrow!

Football Inspired Workout #5


Alright my dears, it’s our last football inspired workout.

Which makes me sad.

I hope it makes you sad too!

I mean, we are just starting the best time of the year. Football is in full swing and the cold weather has finally arrived.

It just felt right covering all things football during September.

Nonetheless, I am excited about this month too, and not to worry, I have more fun planned for us.

This week is all about skipping.

Yep, skips. As in, skip to my Lou,

Something you did with your friends as kids…

You get it.

Only for these skips?

I need you to make these explosive and plyometric. Shoot up with those things! Not some graceful prance, I’m talking force and power behind each of them.

When done correctly, this is a great plyometric move that can burn calories and shape your body. Really mean these when you do them, or it wont be as worthwhile.

Like this…

And for good measure? Let’s throw in a couple of the oldies too.

-10 skips
-10 V-pushups
-20 jumping jacks
-10 shuffles
-10 skips
-10 triceps dips
-20 jumping jacks
-10 toe touches
-10 skips

- Repeat 4 times

That concludes our football inspired workouts, but worry not, there are many more workouts in my brain that I can’t wait to share. smile

Ipsy review tomorrow!

Thursday Night Football Fare… On a Monday

Because hey, football is on tonight too!

Monday night football is upon the B-Love house again, and once again I’m tempted to just throw cheese and ranch dressing on everything in sight and give it to Will.

What is it that brings out the inner crazy 500 pound crazy football fanatic in me this time of year?

Seriously!? Who is this person?

I might as well have a super tight jersey with a giant belly protruding out the bottom, face painted all up, and foam fingers in both hands.


Oh wait. Only one hand.

I’ve to be able to eat my football fare with the other.


Tonight we’re going out for dinner. And will probably eat something delicious, fat, and calorie laden.

For multiple reasons.

1. Because we’re still out of town and want to enjoy some local deliciousness.

2. It’s football season, and Autumn Brittny is way cooler and relaxed about having a yummy indulgence.

As you can see, my usual blogging schedule is a bit “off” since we’re on the road.

Nonetheless, I did round up some yummy food to share with you guys in hopes it will inspire you this week!

Let’s start with something healthy, you know… because it all goes downhill from here. In honor of our hemp protein we learned about last week, I offer a lighter but still fall-friendly option

Um, totally making this on Saturday (minus the gouda for me)

And so commences the date in which everything I make includes pumpkin

And another pumpkin recipe to try
- um, I’m sure football boys LOVE hummus as their gatherings yes? (haha)

Um, vegan ice cream cookie sandwiches that are super easy to make. Is this real life?

I would say you would need some other food to accompany this recipe, but truthfully? The only accompaniment you need is a spoon. And even that is optional.

Our trip has been lots of fun, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it later this week!

In the meantime, here’s a quick peek at what I plan on posting about this week:

-Wrapping up our protein series with whey’s grandpa
-Our last at-home football inspired workout!
-My Ipsy Review!
-Our OU-Notre Dame weekend recap!

Can’t wait to share! Check in tomorrow!

Sooner Saturday!

It’s football time in Oklahoma!!

Last year, Notre Dame came to our house and beat us.

And it sucked.

Seriously- it’s like being schooled in Monopoly by your 2nd cousin.

Who’s in first grade.

It’s humbling.

And embarrassing.

Today? We are in South Bend, hoping to bring a reckoning to the Irish after last year’s ego crusher.

I can only hope we follow through.

Oh, and did I tell you we are there?

Yeah- we are in South Bend today. smile

Very sneaky.

Check in soon for a fun update of all that we’ve been up to!

Until then?

Fingers crossed, and Boomer Sooner!

Thursday Night Football Eats: Choco Banana Bites!


The other day a friend told me about these delicious banana bites she saw online, and I knew I had to try them. 

As I’ve mentioned a million times before, I am pretty much addicted to peanut butter.

And bananas.

And who doesn’t like chocolate?


In football, they call that a triple threat.

I think.

It seemed like the perfect little snack to accompany the Sunday Colt’s kickoff.

So, I didn’t have an exact recipe (um, but this stuff is sort of a no brainer), so I had to come up with my own ratios which worked well, thank you very much!

Here’s what you need for about 15 bites
-2 slightly large, ripe bananas (too ripe and they’re too mushy, too green and they’re too tasteless)
-2 TBSP natural peanut butter (about 1 TBSP for each banana… or a Brittny TBSP, which is a little padded wink )
-1 cup dark chocolate chips (I used a vegan friendly kind, but any will do)
-1 TBSP coconut oil (optional)

So here’s what I did:

1. I sliced all the bananas into ½ inch pieces and placed half of them on parchment paper.

2. I then gently “dolloped” a little dab of peanut butter on the tops of those halves,


3. and topped them with their banana hats smile !

4. Then they went in the freezer for an hour!


Um, how about you have your four year old get that part ready for you so you can watch the game, right? smile

After that, I painted my nails watched some football with Will.

5. I warmed up the coconut oil and chocolate in the microwave so it was nice and melty, and quickly dipped my banana bites into the mixture and put them back in the freezer for about half an hour.


Then? Then we ate them all over the course of the weekend.


Yes. Two people, two bananas. Makes perfect sense duh.

Leftovers (if you have any?) can be stored in the fridge or freezer.

Here are the nutrition facts:

Definitely a yummy treat with no bloated belly or guilt afterward.

Cheers and enjoy the game!

Work it Out Wednesday: Football Inspired Workout #3


Another round of football drill inspired workouts today.

Last week touched our tootsies. smile

The week before, we shuffled.

This week?

This week is all about those high knees.

High knees are a great, heart raising way to target your legs and lower abs.

And today we’re going to high knee the heck out of this workout.

Yes, I said it.

I don’t care if it doesn’t make sense.

I’ve found over the years, most people get lazy with high knees, just barely raising their legs above a normal jog.

That’s disgraceful- don’t do that.

We can do better than that, and we know it!

Look at these boys on the left side of the screen.

Like that.

So when you do this workout?

Don’t let me down.

Make me proud.

Get your knees way high up in line with your hip and work your butt and lower abs.

Go all out for each of these drills, take a break and go again.

This isn’t a cake walk, ladies, this is a workout.

-30 seconds High Knees
-30 seconds Pop Squats
-30 seconds Pushups
-30 seconds High Knees
-30 seconds Mountain Climbers
-30 seconds Triceps Dips
-30 seconds High Knees
-1 minute Plank
-1 minute Rest

Repeat 5 times.


More to come, lovelies!

A sweet treat tomorrow!

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