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Thursday Things, 26 Dec 13

1. Alright, so please give me all the details. What did you do for Christmas, what did you eat, what did you get, what did your crazy uncle say?

I need the scoop.

I plan on sharing my Christmas fun later this week, which is yet another reason I need to hear all about your fun NOW.

2. Back to work today.

That means normal morning things like my usual morning routine, making a green monster, and packing Will’s lunch.

You know, it’s strange. There are so many things I would never dream of eating…until I pack Will’s lunch. Have you ever tried honey-BBQ Fritos?

They’re genetically modified everything, and totally vile… but boy are they good.

See what I mean?

3. I’m pretty sure my dogs are becoming crotchetier and naughtier in their old age.

Aren’t we supposed to get better with time? Not these guys. Boz and Lucy are spiteful and totally naughty these days. I’m like that angry mom on your kid’s soccer team, always huffing and puffing and yelling at her kids.

That’s me.

4. If you read anything beauty related, chances are a time or two (or a thousand!) you’ve read it’s best to sleep on your back in order to minimize smushing your face into your pillow for hours on end each night (which leads to years of smushed face sleeping), which can perpetuate wrinkles.

I have no idea if it’s true, but hey I’ll do anything I can, especially if it’s free.

The trouble is, I’m pretty sure I can’t fall asleep on my back. Trust me, I try.

Hopefully I can find a decent wrinkle cream…

5. My parents gave me this bag of black and white chocolate covered kettle corn, and IT IS KILLING ME.


My heart is racing as I type.

Why would they do this to me!?


Thursday Things

1. So during the winter, I have this crazy love with what I call “grandma socks.”

I’m sure you’ve seen them. They’re the big, fluffy, ugly looking socks that girls that have no life (ie: me) stay home in.

Or if you’re feeling daring like me, you go out in them too.

I disgust myself.

Anyway they’re splendid, and I love them.

And I don’t care what you say.

Once you cross over to the fluffy sock side, there’s no going back during cold weather season.

Will’s grandma gives all the grandkids stockings every year full of cute little things, and every year the girls get colorful, fluffy stocks.

The first year I got them I laughed and though, “Yeah right! Like I’m going to wear these things.”

I said that sarcastically.

Because I was sooooo cool.

Now, I say it with heartfelt joy. “Yeah! I’m so going to wear these things!”

It’s amazing what turning 30 does to you.


2. The pressure is mounting to finalize Christmas shopping.

I already told Will under no circumstances will be visiting any mall at all during this year’s Christmas shopping extravaganza.

No way, no how.

We went to Bath & Body Works for Will’s grandma last year, and I think I aged five years. It was hot, crammed, loud, smelly, and full of grumpy Grinches.

I can’t afford to age almost a decade in two years, ya’ll.

No mall!

3. Speaking of Christmas shopping stress, do any of you guys feel “happy stress” about cooking for all these shindigs, too?

We have our Life Group Christmas party coming up, and I want to find the perfect (but healthy) recipe to bring. Plus, I want to make a few gift sacks of yummy snacks for people at work.

Googling recipes is overwhelming. There’s about a million of delicious Christmas recipes I want to make.  I might as well just hole up in the kitchen for the next seven years.

4. Buuuut- despite feeling overwhelmed about recipes and shopping, this gal has her tree up.

Yep, it’s true!

Check out this beauty.

And it didn’t kill us in the process.


Standing tall




Lit up!

I think it needs some gold tulle, but other than that- done!

Hopefully takedown will be just as successful.

5.Those cookies I made Will last weekend?

They’re killing me.

Pretty crowned cookies. Snow storm nesting.

They’re so darn cure and bite sized. What was I thinking!?

That’s it for today dears! Friday favorites tomorrow! 

to put up the tree, or not put up the tree? that is YOUR question


It’s that time again, the time of year where Will and I debate whether or not to put up the Christmas tree.

Sure other decorations go up, like the easy ones, but the tree is a different story.

We did some quick math, and I think out of the five years we’ve lived here, we’ve only put it up twice.


But hey- you remember why we don’t, right?

To spare ourselves World War Three.

(Yeah, yeah, I know you think I’m a total Grinch and don’t believe in Christmas after hearing the above. Get your panties out of a wad and take 5 minutes to read the linked post above. It makes perfect sense, right? smile )

It’s all about knowing trigger points and running in the completely opposite direction.


Only this year?

This year I think we’re going to get a little lofty and bring the tree down.

I mean, we’re going on nearly 10 years of marriage. Surely we can handle Christmas tree take-down, right?


Mark your calendars on January 1st 2014, because it’s gonna get crazy ya’ll.

I had hoped when I got home this past weekend Will might have surprised me and put the tree up while I was away.

But he didn’t.

He said he thought about it, but worried if he did and hurt his back no one would be there to hear his cries for help, which may leave him rendered helpless.

Although he does have a bad back, I still call this an excuse. smile

But I admire his efforts.

Bless his little heart.

I like the idea of having the tree up (um, because it’s Christmas) but since we don’t really do a lot of celebrating at our own house and are with others, I’ve been okay with leaving it down in the past too.

Plus, I believe Christmas is such a heart thing, too.

Which I suppose is another reason I keep going back to putting the tree up since it’s a good reminder?

Seriously, guys. It’s Christmas! We need a tree, right?

Ugh, but I hate ugly Christmas tree dis-assembly arguments!

But it doesn’t have to be that way, right?

Who am I kidding.

The second we get to that pesky second part of the tree that ALWAYS sticks and is so heavy and hard to manage, we each have a stroke.

But hey, it’s been a couple years and now I’m 30 and waaaay more mature. I can do this.


So you see the back and forth in my mind, right?

For that reason, I’m placing this matter in YOUR capable hands.

Do you have faith we can put the tree up and take it down peacefully?

I mean, in theory we should be able to, right?

I like to think so.

So this year?

I’m leaving it to a vote.

Yep, this is actually happening.

Vote below to weigh in on whether or not we should put up the tree.

You have until Saturday at 3pm CST to cast your vote, since we’ll be putting it up later that day.

(Depending on how you vote, of course!)

So help me out and weigh in here!

Either way? I think I’m okay.

Do I want the tree up?

Yes (um, don’t let that sway you. My professors would officially call this survey flawed).

Am I fine if it’s not?


So there you have it, it’s up to you.

So go vote!

Click here to take survey

25 things I should be doing after work tonight but most definitely will NOT be doing

1. Organizing our closets.
2. Organizing our utility room.
3. Organizing or office.
4. I sound like a mess broken record… for good measure let’s get off the organizing stuff. Oh, I know! Making a Christmas card list.
5. Picking out Christmas cards.
6. Decorating for Christmas
7. Wait. Decorating for Thanksgiving.
8. Buying Thanksgiving-y decorations so I can decorate for Thanksgiving.
9. Figuring out what we’re doing for Thanksgiving.
10. Figuring out what I’m making for Thanksgiving.
11. Perusing sites for Layla’s Christmas.
12. Figuring out what to give P as a housewarming gift.
13. Sit-ups.
14. More sit-ups.
15. My nails (they’re terrible)
16. Putting laundry away.
17. Offloading pictures to my computer.
18. Contemplating next week’s blog posts.
19. Catching up on Parenthood (seriously! I am four weeks behind, and I love that show!)
20. Researching shoe wracks.
21. Researching decorations for the office.
22. Did I say sit-ups? Yeah, we should do some more.
23. Brush the dog’s hair.
24. Brush the dog’s teeth (seriously, their breath is horrid).
25. Go to bed before 8:30.

Wow…this list has me feeling lazy. I think I’m going to pick a few off and actually do some.

Anything you’re putting off?

Starting Your Day Right.

Hi all!

I’m coming off of OU-Texas weekend and behind on getting posts ready for the week thought it would be fun to take a little walk down memory lane today to highlight some random (but entertaining!) posts over the eight year life of this blog (!!!).

So even though this isn’t a “real” post, it sort of is, because chances are you haven’t read these.

So really, you’re getting like 10 posts for the price of one.

What a steal!

So even though it’s Monday, and your boss is probably forwarding you heaps more work on your already full plate, take a step back and realize- “Hey, I’m busy, but I’m no Jack Bauer.”

You’ve got this.

Or thank your lucky stars you don’t work with The Great and Powerful Oz

(or do you??).

Or perhaps you indulged over the weekend?

Don’t feel bad, we all do.

In fact- here’s a hilarious story about Will and I actually getting into a fight over cheese sticks.

Yes, it’s true.

Or maybe you’re really bored at work and aren’t sure what to do?

You’re in luck!

There was a brief period of my early working life when I too had to hold my eyelids open so as not to fall asleep.

On those days?

I did this.

How about why, to this very day, I am tempted to throw away food in the work fridge that’s been there for ages.

Travelling for work soon?

Don’t be a flake, prepare for the worst!

Let’s move away from work for a bit.

Let’s talk football in honor of tonight’s game.

Remember when I almost swallowed a fly in front of Drew Brees?


Ooh! Or let’s talk about how much out of this world fun The Dollar Tree is!!


Or we could discuss how I let curtains sit at the dry cleaners for a year and had to sneak them into our house so Will (who swore up and down we didn’t have them- despite my arguing) wouldn’t find out.

Let’s not forget my obsessive compulsive tendencies ,

Or how, at 29, I flooded my dishwasher with bubbles

Yeah, good times. Lots of quality posts here. smile

Let’s take a look at what we will be talking about this week:

-My OU-Texas weekend recap
-Core work
-How to make your eyes pop in an easy step
-and more!

Check in this week for fun, and have a great day!

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Thursday Night Football Fare: Fudge-y Brownies


Today’s recipe is… unique.

But we will get to that later.

So, we are four recipes into our September Football Fare Fun, and we’ve done two savory dishes, and one sweet.

Something sweet is in order today.

How about delicious brownies!?

Who doesn’t love watching the game with a giant warm brownie topped with ice cream?


Today’s sweet dish is sort of a chameleon because it boasts a secret ingredient.

And I’m not going to tell you in the text.

Because you have to hear me plead my case in this week’s video!

Here we go!

Alright, so will you please give it a shot? I was somewhat compelling, right?

You just might be surprised that these brownies are actually dense and moist and delicious.

And fudgy.

That’s a triple threat.

I think. smile

Here’s a link to where I got the recipe.

I love her blog. She makes such yummy things!

Here are the nutrition facts for mine:


Check out that protein and fiber, right!?

And it’s a dessert.


Alright, that’s it for now!

More to come!

making you feel better, one confession at a time

I cannot stay away from the banana bites.


I find them far too convenient to make.

And eat.

Don’t do it.

Actually, do it.

Just put a lock on the fridge.

And give me the combo. I’ll keep them safe.

Lately I have been over office chit chat.

I realize it can be an important tool and helpful in the workplace- yes, I get that, so please don’t tell me.

However, lately… I’ve just been over it.

In fact, I am ashamed to admit this but I was so busy last week that I used my desk phone to call my cell phone and faked a conversation with “someone” about work stuff so I could keep working on my computer and not deal with someone that wanted to shoot the breeze.

True story.

But, in my defense (a little at least), I saw a study last week that said most water cooler conversations can last as many as 26 minutes per exchange.

Who has time for that!?

Oh, and incase you’re wondering?

Me and my cell phone pal were a hoot. I love that girl, and she is so helpful! wink

The Pumpkin Mask

So remember our last Ipsy review? 

I got a Michael Todd pumpkin rich face mask.


Well, I just got around to using it last weekend, and yeah.

It’s like smearing mashed Thanksgiving all over your freaking face.

It was amazing.

And weird all at the same time.

I couldn’t decide if I should mosey on into the kitchen and whip up some mashed sweet potatoes and pumpkin muffins,

or just eat the mask.

I disgust myself.

I may or may not have used my husbands face scrub.


Twice this week.

But probably not.

Because what girl goes that!?


Totally unladylike. And totally un-30.

I mean the stuff even says PRE SHAVE.

Forget that it is cheaper than your girly scrubs,

Or that it smells totally perfect,

Or that the scrubbieness is like an awakening massage each morning, kissing your little cheekies with each stroke.

It’s for boys.

So I totally didn’t use it… Today.


Okay, that’s enough sharing for today. I think I’ve done an adequate job of making you all feel a little better about yourselves.

So carry on.

But before you do? Share your own confession in the Share The Love box below!

Reintroducing Autumn Brittny

Enough of this nonsense!

The whole week I’ve been talking about “Summer Brittny” versus “fall Brittny” but have not really delved deep into the real differences.

We are putting an end to that today.

After all, I feel like I should reintroduce myself to the blog world.

This is Fall Brittny talking, not Summer Brittny.

(um, and how much do I love the idea of saying Autumn but never do? Maybe we should call me Autumn Brittny?)

There are a few things you should know about me, aside from the fact that I’m the way cooler, nicer, and more lenient version of myself

Although, I’m sure Summer Brittny would contest she’s the better version, but we both know that’s a lie.

For example, Summer Brittny completely forgets how to bake.

It’s like she’s never seen an oven. When I look back on recipes I’ve made just last year (and even made on a recurring basis) I have zero recollection of performing the act. It’s like a full blow case of cooking amnesia- even with the usual healthy stuff I make.

“What? Homemade chia muffins?”

“You mean, you can bake sweet potatoes?!”

“You can make healthy jalepeno poppers? And they go in that big hole you’re calling an oven?”

It’s like she’s a cavewoman.

Fall (er) Autumn Brittny, however, is all about baking. I love creating healthy and delicious remakes of my favorite not so healthy recipes. Um, you DID see yesterday’s post, right?

And who doesn’t love that!?

Autumn Brittny loves the outdoors.

Which is polar opposite form Summer Brittny, who rains from her head and sweats with the force of 10,000 warriors.

And must be in AC at.all.times.

It’s true.

Autumn Brittny eases up a little about Will having unhealthy food in the house.

“Oh! It’s football season, duh. Of COURSE we need to have chips in the house so you can gorge on them, Will!

Summer Brittny would NEVER allow such heresy,

Speaking of- The thought of going a week without cleaning her house makes Summer Brittny break out in hives.

Although equally happy with a spotless house, Autumn Brittny realizes life happens and sometimes? Well sometimes there are just a week or two where your baseboards don’t get dusted. It happens.

Autumn Brittny is all about t-shirts and tennis shoes.

Hey, I’m sure it’s nice to be all cute and done up on game day, complete with your uncomfortable cowgirl boots and awesomely tall and curled hair, but I just can’t do it.

My husband makes us park and walk too far to get to the stadium. It’s all about comfort for this girl.

Summer Brittny? The thought of tennis shoes outside the gym is flat wrong. She’s all about flowy dresses and pretty summer skirts.

Autumn Brittny gets emotionally invested in the away games.

Like, if she could get into the TV she would. She spouts off when bad calls are made, throws her hands up in the air, and is even known to give the occasional fist bump after a good play.

Summer Brittny? Not so much. I just can’t get into the summer lineup the same way I do with football.

I mean, I’m sure there are some Bachelorette fans who would disagree, but I digress. smile

So Autumn Brittny could probably find a dozen more differences between her alter ego, but she also recognizes the need to stop when she’s ahead and maximize her time. After all, I have lots to get done between now and tomorrow’s game!

So there you have it.

Tomorrow’s game day plans include lunch out, and then heading to the game for another sweaty kickoff. I sure do hope this is the last of the miserably hot game days, though I can recall a few OU-Texas kickoffs that were pretty darn hot too. Ugh…

Nonetheless, I’m sure the super cool, laidback and carefree Autumn Brittny will find a way to make the best of it. wink

More fun to come!

Random Fun Facts

So for my 30th birthday, my work dad got me a mint plant.

A hearty, full one.

And that whole day people came into my office commented on how they had mint in their yard and “how easily it took off and grew.”

Um yeah, about that.

I took the mint home and

proceeded to kill it in a matter of weeks.

I’m hopeless.

So he pulled some out of his wife’s garden and got me a small sprig started again so I could get it to root and then plant.

Only it was dead by the weekend.

I’m striking out guys.

Here’s my last attempt:


Look how healthy this looks, right!?

I am going to keep it here at work for awhile in hopes this is a perfect spot and will allow it to get even fuller.

It’s totally got to be the location killing my mint and not me…


Sometimes? I’m a terrible dishwasher loader.

And it really makes me question my overall organizational skills.

I mean, sometimes there are days when the bowls and cups are perfectly aligned and fit nicely.

The silverware is all facing the same direction and allocated correctly, and the bottom rack? Is not an afterthought.

Dishes are carefully placed in each section.

And it makes sense.

I find my days go splendidly when this happens.


Most of the time that never happens.

And the bottom rack?

ALWAYS an afterthought.

It’s like I play a game of “how many dishes can I cram into the bottom so absolutely everything in the sink fits into the washer?”

And, as I’m sure you guessed, I always win this game because it’s not about order.

It’s about


My hair stylist’s husband plays NFL football
Um, how cool is that, right?

She comes home every few weeks to keep with her clients, and I have an appointment this week!

I always love our appointments because she always has such fun stories about all their adventures, and the Christmas presents some of the big players get for their fellow teammates, and their unique outings and get togethers.

It always inspires me to want to do something fun myself.

Sure, I may not have a movie debut watch party with all sorts of glitz and glam, but I can totally have a movie night with all sorts of sweat pants and healthy snacks.

It’s totally the same…right?

And if you’re lucky? I’ll even wear my good sweatpants.

Yes, there is such a thing.

So remember earlier this week when P was totally down on a purple smoky eye?

I was out to prove her wrong.

Check this out.

Totally doable, and not too shabby if I do say so myself!

Not even a hint of go-go dancer-ness.

Um, please say you agree.

So here’s a fun fact you wish you never knew-

If you walk into my office to talk to me? Chances are I’m not wearing any shoes


Pretty much from the moment I get in, until the moment I leave, if I’m behind my desk? I’m not wearing shoes.

Obviously when I have to get up to do my usual rounds or go to the break room, meetings, etc. I’m donning my heels, but for the rest of the day?

Forget about it.

PS- Like my tennis shoes, too? I wear those when I go walking around the building.

Any randomness you care to share?

Weekend Recap & Look Ahead

Hello friends!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Mine has been great, and has me even more excited for the weekends ahead.

But I suppose I should not get ahead of myself!

Friday afternoon started with such a treat.

P and I met for lunch!

We were able to find the perfect spot that’s close to halfway from both our offices, and not only that, but the spot is beautiful!
The park!

The park!

Lunch at The park!

The park!

We brown bagged it and sat on a park bench and chatted. I can’t wait to go again soon, especially as the leaves start to change.

Girls lunch

The rest of the afternoon went quick after having such a nice pick-me-up.

We tried another life group last night, so that was fun. I liked this group and was blessed by the Bible study and fellowship. It was definitely a good night.

As soon as Will and I got in the car we decided to talk about the two we visited so we could determine which way we were leaning.

So as not to influence the other person, we counted to three and said the group we were leaning toward.

And as luck would have it (ha), they were not the same.

Of course!

So prayers God leads us to the right one.

Saturday was such a nice day.

Will worked in the morning, so I hit the gym early and got five pounds closer to my leg press goal, so that was exciting!

I did a circuit and was totally soaked by the time I was finished.


I will share it soon so you can be soaked too! Ha

Afterward, I did a little light cleaning around the house, got ready, and went to see my two favorite girls!

The three of us had breakfast at The Red Cup, a fun little hipster spot in OKC. Not only that, but they’re very vegetarian friendly!

We found a little corner to set up shop, and P sipped coffee while I had one of their green teas.

She and Layla shared granola (which looked so good!), and I had cinnamon oatmeal with soy milk.


We sat, ate, chatted, and had a nice time. We also decided we need to make breakfast a more frequent affair, especially as Will’s fantasy football fun starts up again and I become a football widow (I can’t believe it’s already that time!).


My favorite tiny one

Afterward, we hung out a little longer. Here’s a short clip from our fun at the house. Um, how freaking adorable is my niece?

After that, Will was home!

He mowed the lawn while I did some stuff around the house, and then holed up in the living room and had a relaxing evening. We watched the MMA fight on TV and didn’t do a whole lot!

Today was church, and I have to tell you how hugely blessed I have been from this series on Elijah.

If you have a few hours throughout the week, be it in your car, getting ready in the morning, or at the gym- check this series out.
You can even download a podcast too.

There are three series out of four on there now. Definitely check it out, you won’t be sorry.

Chest, triceps, and shoulder work is done, food prep is underway, and now it’s on to the pile of laundry waiting for me. smile

Here’s a peek at what I’ll be sharing this week:

-Mary Kay Monday continues! This week is all about softer, smoother skin
-Why those sit-ups aren’t working
-Ipsy-Birchbox Review

and more.

Check in tomorrow. I look forward to our chats!

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