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Let’s discuss.

It’s getting hot outside and once again it’s time to don sandals, shorts, tanks, and dresses.

Except, I have to call ahead and give advance notice anywhere I go so the public can wear proper eye protection.

Glaring white.

It’s what I am.

Yes, I still have the tanning machine.

However, I’ve pretty much decided if I use it I can’t work out the the entire time I’m tan. I sweat glow so much that it starts to kind of melt off.

It pools in some places and fades in others. It even wipes off, too.

What a mess.

I end up looking like a spotty giraffe and it’s just all bad from there.

It’s not just the tanning machine either. It’s pretty much all fake tanners.

So which is worse, glaring ghastliness or spotty giraffeness?

No Seriously.

Which one is worse?

*Is anyone else already counting down to Memorial Day weekend?

Please say you are.

Last year we spent the weekend in a super remote cabin away from the world.


It was heavenly.

We have no plans this year, but I’m just looking forward to a long and relaxing weekend. I’m spoiled this year because it happens to fall on my Friday off, so that means I get a four day weekend. Seriously, I can’t even contain my glee.

*Speaking of glee, I made Chapstick over the weekend!


I’m pretty excited gleeful about it.

It was so easy, and I have Chapstick to last a year now.

I can’t wait to share it with you guys soon, and give some away!

*Please tell me you watched 24 the last two weeks!?

I was afraid I was going to hate it, but it totally sucked me right back in. 

This is the first time we’ve had to
wait a week between episodes, and I hate it! I would much prefer to watch it all in one weekend.

I’m awful.

*As for other things, I decided to WebMD a minor ailment the other day.

Don’t do that.


Seriously, it’s awful. I probably just had low blood sugar for a minute, but spent all day Monday convinced I had fibromyalgia.

True story.

Basically, don’t go searching random symptoms unless you’re mature enough to handle the reality that you just might, probably, most definitely have fibromyalgia.

*Over the weekend, Will and I pulled out some of his sports pictures in preparation of hanging each other them this weekend (we seriously hate hanging stuff and get so grouchy. Okay. Mostly me.) Most of them were boxed with bubble wrap.

Layla enjoyed stomping on the bubbles.

Bubble wrap


Okay, let’s end on that.

Any randomness you care to share?

Thursday Confessions: The House Edition

1. Now that you have refrigerator rights, I feel I can be totally real and lead off with a huge home confession:

I have a complete internal meltdown when people wear shoes inside my house.


You can probably see the color start to drain from my face, and the smile fade from my mouth.

I hold it together on the outside, but guys?

I’m dying inside.

2.Sooo chances are if you were ever to pop in unannounced, you would find we use Walmart sacks as trash bags.

Very Classy.

This has been a “thing” at our house, oh for about five years now.

Yep. True story.

I used to throw a total fit about it, but after while got tired of arguing with Will about the trashiness of it all (no pun intended haha). The truth is, we have a freakishly large amount of Walmart sacks and I guess we are putting them to good use?

I disgust myself.

3. Favorite chore: Dust busting with my new Dyson handheld. smile

My new toy

Least favorite chore: Dusting & cleaning the shower

4. Speaking of dusting, how often do you guys dust your blinds and baseboards? 

I’m not really sure what constitutes “normal dusting.” I usually do basic surfaces every week, but do in depth dusting, to include baseboards and blinds, twice a month.

Too much?

Not enough?


5. Will and I have a heightened sensitivity to the way our house smells.

Like for real.

Do you guys do that too?

We kind of sort of have a mini breakdown in the Sam’s aisle during the spring-summer months when we religiously check to see the scents they have only to realize they never ever carry what we need EVER during the warmer months.

Did the Sams people ever consider that vanilla and apple cinnamon are always in style!?



So yeah, we pretty much hoard those two scents on the fall and winter when we can get them in bulk at Sams. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

That’s enough for me. Any household confessions to get off your chest?

Thursday Things, 13 Feb 14

Watching the Olympics has definitely confirmed I’m old.

I have complete admiration for the hard work and dedication these people put into mastering their sport. However, I also can’t help but wince every time I watch them crash onto their knees during many of the sports.


Can you believe the impact and abuse our poor knees, and especially theirs, take in a lifetime?

Yes, I’m old.

I’m watching the Olympics and simultaneously thinking about these athletes and their knees. (HELP!)

So the mint plant I got last year for my birthday is still alive (yay!).

However, it was recently pelted with avids.

And it totally ticked me off.

“Oh no you don’t!” I thought to myself.

Will helped me concoct a natural deterrent, which helped but also really dried up my leaves. So, I’ve had to do lots of pruning and give lots of extra care to my poor mint plant, but I think (I hope!) we’re through the worst.

Maybe I should start singing to it?

Then again, it’s doing so well…

As you saw Monday, I got into a little trouble with peanut butter over the weekend.


I knew better than to buy that darn White Chocolate peanut butter.


But I thought, or secretly hoped rather, I would be able to be mature around it.

Turns out I can’t be.

I’m like a blood hound let loose in a meat market.

I literally opened the container the second I got home from the store and unloaded groceries.

What is wrong with me!?

Although, I did unload the groceries first.

That shows some type of restraint right?

Keep telling yourself that, Brittny…

Too late

Do any of you guys watch the Sonic commercials on TV these days?

Thanks to the DVR we don’t watch many commercials at all, however we watched a lot of the Olympics “live” over the weekend and had to endure commercials.

Those Sonic commercials?

I’m on the fence.

Will hates them.

I do too… but also secretly maybe sort of kind of like them… a little.

Although I will say, I totally don’t understand the dynamic between the two guys. The dark haired guy seems so normal, and the other guy seems so…annoying. I guess that’s the point.

Any randomness you care to share? smile

what we can learn from the goldbergs

I love the Goldbergs


Please tell me you’ve watched the show?

If you were born in the 80s, you ought to give the show a try.

It will probably strike a chord.

And you will probably want to live inside their lives.


As some background, the show is about an east coast family in the 80s.

You’ve got the lovable and feisty, grandpa, the tough-love dad, the overbearing and hilarious mom, and their totally radical kids (Radical. Haha Can we please use that word on a regular basis from here on out?).

They’re probably a lot like the neighbors we all had back in the 1980s.

At least, I like to think that is how my neighbors were. smile

The show covers real life shenanigans experienced by Adam Goldberg, the show’s creator.

You know how our grandparents loved The Andy Griffith Show, and how our parents loved Happy Days?

I sort of love the Goldbergs like that.

I think our parents and grandparents liked such shows because it reminded them of a simpler time.

Oh man, here we go.

(Insert the part where I tell you I had to walk uphill both ways to school. Oh, but unlike my parents, it was the 80s, so I had shoes by then.)

It’s true.

I’m old.

And watching The Goldbergs totally validates it.

And I don’t even care.

Because seriously?

Looking back with rose colored glasses, the 80s were freaking great.

Still enough technology to have fun, (Mario Brothers anyone?),

but not enough to let it totally control your life (raise your hands if you’ve ever occasionally fallen asleep in bed with your phone still in your hand).

The show totally takes me back to a much simpler time.

When I actually had to call friends from a phone attached to a cord in my house. A phone I had to share with other people that lived there (crazy, right?).

Oh man, and when we got call waiting and caller id?


The show takes me back to a time when I got to go to Blockbuster and spend a good half hour hoping, just hoping the videotape I wanted to watch that weekend was hiding behind the store’s display model.

The show takes me back to a time when I got to wear puffy pants, neon pink, crimpy hair, and listen to totally radical (haha) bands like NKOTB, on things called cassette tapes, on a device called the Walkman.


Remember that huge set of encyclopedias out parents had? Do they even sell hard copy encyclopedias anymore? Haha

Ooh! And remember when we had a tiny diary with the smallest.lock.ever and would handwrite our whole lives in it? What!?

A time when our parents actually knew our neighbors and let us play outside all day long without worry.

A time when there was a lot less noise.

A time when life actually happened before our very eyes, and not on a phone screen with people we call “friends” that we met like two years earlier at dinner one time, had fun, but never saw again.

I realize virtually every generation experiences this nostalgia to some degree. However, I can’t help but wonder if we are among those that have experienced it with a little more heightened awareness.

I mean after all, everything is at our fingertips these days.

Like the touch of a button.


I mean, I freaking tried to get Will a diet coke the other day at Qdoba and nearly had a meltdown with the simplicity yet complexity associated with the new giant soda machines.


Why is this so hard!?

I just want some soda!

(I’m such a technological granny)

But seriously… what the heck happened to these things?


Anyway, watching the Goldbergs is a good reminder to and just live life in the moment. Just because it’s not 1988 doesn’t mean I can’t occasionally turn my phone off and (gasp!) avoid Facebook for a few days. It’s reminders like these that make that whole being still lesson a lot easier to implement in my life.

And for that Goldberg Family, I say thank you.

<3 Happy Friday and more fun to come.

(and maybe even a post over the weekend)

Thursday Things, 30 Jan 14

Can we please talk about how pumped I am for Winter Jam?

It’s true.

Winter Jam is a super gigantic Christian concert tour that will be in OKC Saturday.

I mentioned my affection for listening to trashy rap music while working out over the years , and how making the simple switch from embarrassingly awful rap to Christian rap made a (obviously) huge change in my entire outlook and Christian walk.

Lecrae, my favorite Christian rapper, is headlining the concert. I’m so excited about it!


I’m sure you’ll get the lowdown on Monday. Brace yourself smile

I’ve recently renewed my obsession with roasting garlic, only for it to fizzle soon thereafter.

The problem, however, is that I roasted 5 heads over the weekend with an entire bag of fresh garlic waiting to be used. Ugh…

Bulk buy. Good plan.

Similarly, I’ve also renewed passion for lemons, but thankfully I’m not sick of those (yet).

Lotsa lemons

I pretty much can’t even drink my water if there’s not a lemon wedge in it right now.

Such a total water snob.

Are any of you guys watching Parenthood this season?

It’s one of my favorite shows on TV right now, and it’s killing me! Julia and Joel can’t break up, they just can’t!


What’s worse, now I have to wait a whole entire month before it’s back on.

Gosh darnit, Olympics.

I wonder if I can use this month to contact the writers and stress the importance of their reconciliation?

Good plan.

Sooo, I pretty much cackle every time I watch a “My Boyfriend Does my Makeup” on YouTube.

Sure, sometimes they get a little long, but they almost always make me laugh.

I tried to get Will to do a video with me for today’s post.

Yeah, obviously didn’t happen.

He’s such a curmudgeon.

For the record, you would have cackled too.

I bought this pretty, pink, summery dress at Target last week.


I got it on clearance for $11.


It’s true.

I want to wear it.

Like right now.

It’s going to be in the 40s tomorrow.

Sleeveless dress? Winter weather?

Good plan.


Thursday Things, 16 Jan 14

1. Sooo, I gave a new recipe a try last weekend.

It was supposed to be easy and delicious.

And it was…

Sort of.

Halfway through baking I realized I had a problem.

Recipe fail


The dough you see curved around like a winding river was supposed to be folded and encompassing the inside goodness.

Like a pocket.

Eh, only not so much.

Recipe fail

Yummy, not pretty.

2. Last week our Life Group went bowling, and look what happened.

Actually happened

Yes, it’s true.

How it did, I have no idea, but it makes me laugh.

3. I’ve gotta get organized ya’ll!

It’s ridiculous. Will continues to own the office (for now). I need to find a shoe rack for our closet to help free up some extra space so he can move his gigantic paintball duffle bags into our closet, which sounds easy right?

Eh, not really.

There are like a billion different kinds of shoe racks. Who knew?

4. Have you guys started thinking about Super Bowl food yet?

I know- it’s early.
I’m crazy.

But yeah, totally thinking about it.

5. Sooo..  I was thinking about sending out weekly emails with happy thoughts, inspiration, and scripture to some of my girlfriends.

Nothing spam-y, nothing that needs a response, and nothing annoying. Would you be interested in getting them? Comment below or shoot me a note and I would absolutely love to add you.

That’s all for now friends! Happy, healthy, Thursday. Check in tomorrow!

Friday Musings

Sooo, lately I’ve been trying to use things up.

See (perhaps like some of you?), I am a bit of a makeup hoarder.

Yes, it’s true.

And with all the Ipsy stuff I’ve been getting, I feel the need to get rid of the old as the new comes in.

However, at the same time, I do not like to let things go to waste (um, unless of course I made a terrible judgment call in a weird moment of impulse like crazy cranberry colored eye shadow I instantly regretted or way too dark lipstick that looks completely gothic against my pale skin).

Anyway, in the spirit of usage, I’ve been hacking away at a nice neutral trio set that is nearing its way to emptiness.

But guys?

This stuff is old.

Like, I thought about taking a picture to show you the colors, but realized you may recognize getting this set in your 1980 something Clinique bonus set and be all like,

“Wow! I got that too.

Right before I had my first kid.

Who’s 26 now.”

Okay, so it’s not that old, but it’s old. In fact, I’m positive all Marie Claire and the likes would hands town be telling me to toss the crap.

But I’m not listening, darn it. It’s almost done!

My eyes aren’t glued shut with infection (yet), so I’m good right?

Insert nervous laughter.

I disgust myself.

Am I really 30?


While we’re talking about the un-30s, I might as well also confess I’m wearing a red shirt and sporting light pink nails.



Who the heck do I think I am?

And no, it’s not because I’m trying to be all edgy and trendy (or perhaps I could pass it off as being Valentine-y?)

It’s simply because I have not placed value in the need to remove my four day old polish.

Perhaps I should factor that time into my pie management?

Consider it done.



Let’s talk about that that.

Please tell me one of you is watching The Taste this season?

It’s no secret that I am totally in love and have the hugest girl crush ever on Nigella Lawson, so naturally I have thrown myself into watching. Even Will is a fan.

Which is weird for a lot of reasons.

Let’s camp out here.

Aside from a delicious and expensive steak, Will isn’t a fancy eater. Stick a pizza or a burger in his face, and he’s set.

He’s a man’s man. Trucks, paintball, football, action.

So it’s hilarious he sits on the couch with me while we critique culinary cuisine.

“What is she doing!? Why would you add the ginger!? WHYYY?”

“I know, and that presentation is pathetic.”

We’re hilarious.

Or maybe I just think so?


Speaking of food, I’m kind of pumped about lunch this weekend! We’re meeting our Life Group at The Mule to celebrate a birthday, and the menu looks pretty darn good. They even have a vegan sandwich that sounds delicious. I’m pretty much the last person in Oklahoma City to go here for lunch, but hey, at least I’m venturing out, right?

I think that’s enough for today.

Tell me something fun. Ready? Go!

The One Where I Got a New Purse & Look Ahead

It’s Monday, but my days feel completely thrown off between last week’s holiday and this one.

I came into work last Thursday and Friday, which was a bit of a joke since the entire world took off those days.  Do you know who works the day after Christmas?


Schmucks work the day after Christmas.

Or people like me who took the first part of the week off and had to cover for others taking the second half off since they covered to me (which makes perfect sense and is not Schmuck-y at all smile ).

I’m working half a day today, off tomorrow and Wednesday, and then coming in Thursday and Friday.

These middle of the week holidays really confuse everything.

Or just me.

They confuse me.

It feels funny doing a weekend recap today, because I feel like, aside from this half day work interruption, I’m only midway through my weekend. 

Plus, I feel like I’ve been posting nothing BUT weekly updates.

Enough already!

Well…enough starting after this one.

And tomorrow’s post.

But after that, I promise no more boring weekly updates.

Sheesh, who do I think I am!?

My Friday work day was long and slow (see above). 

After work, I went to Dustee’s to spend a gift card I got for Christmas. I like that place SO much, but rarely shop there.

If you’re not familiar, Dustee’s is a giant jewelry/accessory store. I guess you could compare it to a slightly grown-up version of Claire’s. it’s also very overwhelming! So many choices. It’s like a mini crisis trying to shop there and just make a decision already!

I ended up with a pair of earrings and two necklace/earring sets. Everything was 20% off, so that was even better!


New necklace!

New necklace!

The night was pretty standard. Will actually ended up working a little Saturday morning, so we just continued to clean out the fridge to finish up more Christmas leftovers and junk while catching up on some of our shows.

We’re very exciting people.

After Will went to work on Saturday, I hit the gym. I go early and always have it to myself, except I didn’t. Close to ten people were in and out while I was there. Crazy!

I usually like to fan out and do a leg circuit- totally taking full ownership of almost every lower body piece of equipment in the gym. Only, yeah, that’s not exactly the best gym etiquette, right? smile So, instead I totally changed it up.

And can barely walk today.

I’m doing a cycle of creatine this winter, and I cannot convey to you how super the results have been just after these last two weeks. I noticed huge changes in my strength and endurance Saturday. I focused on lifting heavy and really feeling each and every repetition. It was a great workout.

The rest of the morning was a much needed cleaning day. I hadn’t cleaned in like three weeks, so I was overdue. My in-laws are coming to stay with us tonight, so I had to scour from top to bottom!

That took all morning! Once Will got home, I got around and we went to the unhappiest place on earth.

The mall.

Have I ever told you guys that I’m not a huge fan of going to the mall?

I know, I know, what kind of woman says that?

I do.

Perhaps I will devote an entire post to why I hate going to the mall, but since this is a recap, I’ll just leave it be.

As anticipated, it was an absolute zoo with post-Christmas shoppers.

I had to exchange the purse my parents got me for something a little less purple. Bless her heart, when my mom bought it, it looked pink on the screen. However, when it came in, it was pretty wild looking!

So, I battled the crowd in hopes of finding the perfect purse and exchanging it.

Only… shopping for a purse is like a major commitment. At least for me it is. I buy a purse, run it into the ground, and never change it out for the entire time I own it.

And eventually people have to have an intervention so I throw it away and get a new one.

That’s sort of how the cycle goes.

I’m so grown up.

Anyway, it was an absolutely overwhelming process. By the time I got to one end of the store, I totally forgot about the purses I did or didn’t like on the other side.


Will followed me around like a puppy the whole time, trying his best to help me along the way.

But really? God love him, I really just wanted to tape his mouth shut.

A woman should never go purse shopping with her husband. It just adds to the stress.

The mall was packed, I had far too many choices, I was hungry, and irritable.

The perfect storm.

Soooo, like six years ago my mom bought me gorgeous and very expensive Gucci purse as part of yet another purse intervention.

Only, it just felt “wrong” using it. One, it seems way too fancy for the abuse I put my bags through, and two, it’s sort of small.

Um, well small for me. Not for a normal person.

I like a freaking suitcase.

You never know when you’re going to need a whistle, plastic spoon, full size umbrella, or copy of the Constitution.

(Yes, all real things that have taken up residence in my purse at one point or another… Just call me Mary Poppins. Sheesh!)

Anyway…after walking around and around for half an hour I realized I could stay there another three hours and probably never make a decision.

So I finally decided to just get a new wallet and give the Gucci one a go.

Besides, I’m 30 now.

I’m way more grown up and organized and can totally handle a teeny tiny grown up purse, right?


I picked out this Jessica Simpson wallet and definitely feel like it was a good buy. It has two separate compartments. One for cards, and one for money. Lots of space and very functional. Win! And, it was 20% off. Double win!

New wallet

The rest of Saturday was a bit of a blur after that…

It was late afternoon, so we ran a few errands and came home!

Before long, it was time for dinner. I made a quick trip to pick up Buffalo Wild Wings for Will and Panera Bread for me. When I got home, it was time to watch the UFC fights!

I cannot believe I just said that, and I cannot believe that an exclamation point followed the statement.

We got sucked in a little last year when Fox showed some free fights, and then we ended up watching the Ultimate Fighter this season. The whole Rousey/Tate rivalry was really intense, so we knew we would probably end up watching their fight to see what happened.

The fights did not disappoint! Did I really just say that?

Sunday ended up being a church online day, for no good reason really. The rest of the day was equally lazy.

I usually do all my prep for the week and finish doing laundry and chores, but with the holidays my whole schedule has been thrown off! I didn’t do any food prep this week since we still have so much crap to get rid of, but I did manage to do some laundry and dishes. Will watched football while I got some of my posts ready for the week, and that was about it! Very exciting. smile

I did manage to get to the gym to hit back, biceps, and shoulders. Just like Saturday, my workout was super. I love being able to see my strength gains and really feel a difference in how my body responds.

Oh I do actually have exciting news! I did change out my purse today.

Check out how terrible the handles on mine were:

Time to throw this old hag bag away

Really!?! time to throw this old hag bag away

In my defense, the purse part was still in great shape.

I sound like such an addict.

The change out was really intense. I stood over the counter trying to determine what was going to make the cut and what wasn’t (and no, the whistle, Constitution, and umbrella did not make the cut. smile)

I can no longer tote my 27 lipsticks and glosses, but hey, I guess now that I’m old and mature I should be able to nail down a color each morning, bring that one and only one with me, and commit.


new purse

For some reason, it looks blue but it’s not. It’s black.

And now back to work today…sort of. Half a day today, and then off Tuesday and Wednesday. The recent ice storm hurt our poor tree, so Will’s parents are coming up tonight to stay with us so the guys can do some surgery.

We’re going to Eischen’s tonight for dinner. It’s sort of famous in the OKC area for having amazing chicken. The only problem is that there’s only like 5 things on the menu…and none of them are healthy let alone vegan friendly. Awesome! I’m going to be a trooper and positive, but I have no idea what I’m going to do other than eating real food before and then maybe getting some okra when I’m there.

No real meals to share this week since we’re having company tonight and NYE and Day this week. I do, however, plan on keeping my food way cleaner and healthier than the last seven days. I have a freezer full of veggies that I am going to load on my plate throughout the week.

As for workouts, I did cardio today and will also do the following:

Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps & Cardio
Thursday: Off
Saturday: Legs & Cardio
Sunday: Back, Biceps, & Shoulders

Now for posts.

Here’s a look at what we’ll be chatting about this week!

-2013 in Review
-New Year’s Make a Change Workout
And more!

Check in this week! Hope you had a great last weekend of 2013!

Thursday Things, 26 Dec 13

1. Alright, so please give me all the details. What did you do for Christmas, what did you eat, what did you get, what did your crazy uncle say?

I need the scoop.

I plan on sharing my Christmas fun later this week, which is yet another reason I need to hear all about your fun NOW.

2. Back to work today.

That means normal morning things like my usual morning routine, making a green monster, and packing Will’s lunch.

You know, it’s strange. There are so many things I would never dream of eating…until I pack Will’s lunch. Have you ever tried honey-BBQ Fritos?

They’re genetically modified everything, and totally vile… but boy are they good.

See what I mean?

3. I’m pretty sure my dogs are becoming crotchetier and naughtier in their old age.

Aren’t we supposed to get better with time? Not these guys. Boz and Lucy are spiteful and totally naughty these days. I’m like that angry mom on your kid’s soccer team, always huffing and puffing and yelling at her kids.

That’s me.

4. If you read anything beauty related, chances are a time or two (or a thousand!) you’ve read it’s best to sleep on your back in order to minimize smushing your face into your pillow for hours on end each night (which leads to years of smushed face sleeping), which can perpetuate wrinkles.

I have no idea if it’s true, but hey I’ll do anything I can, especially if it’s free.

The trouble is, I’m pretty sure I can’t fall asleep on my back. Trust me, I try.

Hopefully I can find a decent wrinkle cream…

5. My parents gave me this bag of black and white chocolate covered kettle corn, and IT IS KILLING ME.


My heart is racing as I type.

Why would they do this to me!?


Thursday Things

1. So during the winter, I have this crazy love with what I call “grandma socks.”

I’m sure you’ve seen them. They’re the big, fluffy, ugly looking socks that girls that have no life (ie: me) stay home in.

Or if you’re feeling daring like me, you go out in them too.

I disgust myself.

Anyway they’re splendid, and I love them.

And I don’t care what you say.

Once you cross over to the fluffy sock side, there’s no going back during cold weather season.

Will’s grandma gives all the grandkids stockings every year full of cute little things, and every year the girls get colorful, fluffy stocks.

The first year I got them I laughed and though, “Yeah right! Like I’m going to wear these things.”

I said that sarcastically.

Because I was sooooo cool.

Now, I say it with heartfelt joy. “Yeah! I’m so going to wear these things!”

It’s amazing what turning 30 does to you.


2. The pressure is mounting to finalize Christmas shopping.

I already told Will under no circumstances will be visiting any mall at all during this year’s Christmas shopping extravaganza.

No way, no how.

We went to Bath & Body Works for Will’s grandma last year, and I think I aged five years. It was hot, crammed, loud, smelly, and full of grumpy Grinches.

I can’t afford to age almost a decade in two years, ya’ll.

No mall!

3. Speaking of Christmas shopping stress, do any of you guys feel “happy stress” about cooking for all these shindigs, too?

We have our Life Group Christmas party coming up, and I want to find the perfect (but healthy) recipe to bring. Plus, I want to make a few gift sacks of yummy snacks for people at work.

Googling recipes is overwhelming. There’s about a million of delicious Christmas recipes I want to make.  I might as well just hole up in the kitchen for the next seven years.

4. Buuuut- despite feeling overwhelmed about recipes and shopping, this gal has her tree up.

Yep, it’s true!

Check out this beauty.

And it didn’t kill us in the process.


Standing tall




Lit up!

I think it needs some gold tulle, but other than that- done!

Hopefully takedown will be just as successful.

5.Those cookies I made Will last weekend?

They’re killing me.

Pretty crowned cookies. Snow storm nesting.

They’re so darn cure and bite sized. What was I thinking!?

That’s it for today dears! Friday favorites tomorrow! 

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