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The Kon Tiki

Tonight was by far, hands down, bar none my best night in Kuwait thus far.

Tonight my parents took us to the Kon Tiki restaurant. I have to say, this meal ranked up there with my wedding day. It was that good.

The Kon Tiki is right next to the largest wooden ship in the world- it is SOO beautiful! We wanted to go tour the ship, but they were having a private party so we couldn’t go.

The whole area was so very beautiful and lush with little water falls and walkways. There was a smaller ship in front of the main one, so we walked around there and got a few good pictures I’ll have to post when I get my film developed.

After I made my starving family pose for 53 pictures, we finally went into the restaurant and got our seats. The atmosphere was so awesome. It is a Polynesian restaurant, so it was all wooden and tribal. It was really cool. The restaurant actually sits underneath the ship we were walking and taking pictures on, so it was cool to see the huge space it took up downstairs.

Do you ever eat like you will not be given food for the rest of the week only to realize that you really WILL be able to eat but by then it’s already too late? That is probably the best way to describe my carnage tonight. I ate so good today and have really been trying to be careful what I put in my body, but for some reason these rules and practices became nullified as soon as I got into the car.

Alcohol is outlawed in Kuwait, so you can see grown men “belly up to the bar“ to order a shot of milk. So, they have all of the fancy drinks you can get in the states, but all without alcohol. So, we all got “drinks.“ I got a strawberry daquri which was so delicious. We also got little mini appetizers “compliments of the chef“ when we first got there and they were so good! It was a little pineapple chunk and a shrimp in a spicy but sweet chili sauce. I ate mine and Will’s because he doesn’t like shrimp. THEN Will and I have been craving crabcakes since we’ve been here, so we ordered that as an appetizer. I ate one of those. THEN they bring you this array of breads- I did pretty bad there, so I won’t confess to all of the damage.Then came the main course. (It is safe to say I was a total glutton tonight)

Will and I got the same thing. It was this sweet chicken- dyed pink!! It was sooo fun! Pink is one of my favorite colors, so I was tempted to take a picture, but I thought that would be a little over the top- plus who wants a reminder of the eating binge they went on the night before? Not me.

I didn’t eat much of that (I know you must be shocked) because they didn’t take the skin off of the chicken, which is a huge pet peeve of mine. I have found that few restaurants do here. Anyway, our dinner came with the best rice ever! It was coconut rice. It was the sweetest and most incredible rice I have ever had. Next time I think I will just order a bowl of that and skip all of the gorging on everything else.

So, by now I am about to throw up all over the table but specific satisfaction sets in. I learned about this phenomenon in one of my health classes. Specific Satisfaction occurs when your brain is full of one type of food, but hungry for another. That is why you always seem to have room for dessert even thought there is absolutely NO room in your stomach. So, of course you all know me and I just nicely thanked the waiter and told him no thanks to dessert. Ha Ha. That’s a laugh.

I have to say, and I think Will would agree, this dessert could be compared to our wedding night. Okay, so I’m sure you all wanted to know that- but I’m telling you it was the most incredible thing I’ve ever eaten. We got Passion Fruit cheesecake, but it was unlike anything I have ever had- it didn’t even LOOK like cheesecake. It was this cheesecake looking round top, like a scoop of icecream that sat on the most incredible chocolate orange type flat crust I have ever had in my life. It was like air. It was amazing. I wish I could fedex you all some so you would believe me and not think I’m a total fatty for eating everything as if it were on fire. This guy at the table next to us got ice cream, but they served it on these huge ice blocks- it was really cool.

Okay, so my entire blog is about gluttony and food and calories. I feel miserable right now. I ate SO much. I am definitely going have to watch it the next week so I can go back to my equilibrium. smile If you’ve ever seen Charlotte’s Web just imagine the scene with Templeton rolling around after his huge eating spree and that would be a pretty accurate picture of me, but tonight’s dinner- OOOOOhhhhh it was so worth it

2,000 a Day

My sister and I had a good laugh today. We created our own goofy reality show called 2,000 A Day.

We were in the kitchen having sharing a package of pop tarts talking about how much we needed to eat healthier and start working out again (ironic since we are eating a package of oh so healthy pop tarts). This has been the basis of our entire relationship the last month I have been here. Since its been a few months since my surgery I can start working out about 30 minutes each day, so we agreed that is how we would start out.  So we finished our breakfast and decided that it was really dumb to share a package of pop tarts because they have a million calories in one and you are still left hungry. So we just made small talk in the kitchen for a few minutes and then were like, “okay lets just go ahead and eat something, dang it.” So we carefully weighed our options:

*We could split another “healthy” package of pop tarts and eat nothing until lunch

*We could stop where we were and have a healthy mid morning snack (it was 5 when we had breakfast, so our bodies seem to think its lunchtime at 10 in the morning)

Well, today we decided to keep “runnin’ with the fat girls” as my sister says. So we ravenously opened our second package of pop tarts and attacked them like we hadn’t eaten in a month. I told my sister when we were done, “ Okay, this is what we are going to do. I am going to close the door to the kitchen and lock it. Then I am going to hide the key so you we can’t get in. I will be the caretaker of the key today, and you can be the one to hide it tomorrow.” We both died laughing. She was like, “This could be a reality show. If you end up finding the key and getting into the kitchen, you have to cut your calorie intake in half the next day.” We had a good laugh. I guess you had to be there because it just doesn’t do the story justice in writing. I promise, it was really funny…

Well since we are on the subject of food, I almost died the other day when I was looking at our grocery bill. We went for just a few odds and ends. A recipe I wanted to make called for cheddar cheese soup, which of course they didn’t have. So my mom thought maybe we could try it with cheese whiz (I promise, we don’t always eat unhealthy- you probably think I sit around and eat chocolate frosting on crackers all day or something- I promise I don’t J). So we ended up getting it and I didn’t even think anything about it. Well when I checked the bill I saw how much the stinkin’ thing cost us! That jar must be considered a holy treasure or something because in US dollars it was 9 bucks! What a rip off. I never thought processed calorie packed cheese would require a loan. J

Okay, off with the food talk. Will and I went to the movie store to buy some more movies, and boy was that an adventure. I always thought that now that my sister and I were here all day we could venture to the beach across the street or down to the movie store- just as long as we didn’t go too far… ha ha yeah right. I was totally freaked out last night. My mom told us she thought the place was only about a block away so we thought we would just go ahead a walk since it was so close and parking in this country requires an entirely separate post. So we start walking… and walking… turns out it was not just a block away. On the way there, there was a car full of guys that pulled over next to us when we were walking and just came almost to a stop and just slowly followed us as we were walking. I was freaking out- but it gets even better. THEN a little white car jumps the curb where we are walking and just sits there, watching us in his rear view mirror. He just sits there until we walk past him and then he follows us on the curb for a while and then drives off. Guys- I am totally adding that to the list of the top 5 scariest moments in my life. Crime is really low because you can get body parts chopped off and stuff, but I still felt nervous. This lady I interned with back home lived in Saudi Arabia when she was a teenager and she told me that the guys there think totally different then they guys back home. Their minds are just totally different. I guess she was right. We’ve been out several times in public, but that has never happened. I think since we were walking on a busy street, just the two of us, maybe it was different. Kuwait is considered the most liberal country in the middle east, and many Arab women don’t even wear the full abbaya when then go out, but I think I might get at least the veil part if I’m going to go anywhere alone. I guess P and I won’t be going anywhere alone during the summer that’s for sure!

Ahoy Matey- the Trouble With Being a Land Lover

No cake or premeditated assult talk today, just me and my crazy overthinking and overanalyzation of EVERYthing! smile

I wont lie, today’s blog is going to be long. I can compare it to my last semester of college when I had to read 10 grueling chapters of international politics the night before the final. Do you see where we are going with this post?

So, now that I’ve warned the world about my long post and have permitted myself to write as write as much as I want, I have no idea where to begin! The thoughts are there, but all jumbled. Its amazing that I went to college to learn how to talk to people, but there are times when I feel like I am speaking an entirely different language! (especially with guys, ie: Will) smile

I’m in a predicament that needs an unbiased outsiders opinion…

I believe networking can be absolutely crucial when trying to get a job, especially a first “real“ job. Like everyone else, I think its important to put your best foot forward and develop relationships with those you may work for some day. However, I always get a little hacked when I see people get things just because of who they are. I know that is how things are done sometimes, be it right or wrong, but I always frown on it.

My family has been totally encouraging during my sit around the house all day and watch reruns of everything that flopped in the States time. My dad always keeps an ear out for new job postings and has submitted my resume to a couple to people a while back. My dad and I are a lot alike in the sense that we want to do everything “by the books-“ no special treatment, so I told him not to really push people about my working there to the point they get irritated.

When we got over here, Human Resources told my dad that they don’t hire any married woman under the age of 23 because it is a Kuwaiti law. What a mess. So I am sitting here thinking I will be a barefoot, in a moo-moo, curlers in my hair, eating gobs of peanut butter on double stuff oreos until my next birthday (I was pretty dramatic when we found out). Well, to be sure, my dad called a lawyer that works at the embassy just so we would know, and so I could look elsewhere if it were true. Well, it turned out that it wasn’t a law at all and just sort of something that the company has adopted over the years. They have been through so many different people that it just became “law“ over time.

Well, my dad wrote a letter to a lady in HR just to let her know that I was in the country (which makes everything a lot easier) and available to work. I guess that made her mad and she wrote my dad back and said he was showing favortism and this and that. It wasn’t the case at all. There were no innuendos (or however you spell that) or anything that should have caused her to get mad. It just said that I was living here and if she needed to hire anyone, he had my resume. But anyway…

Having the information from the lawyer has opened a whole other can of worms because I really don’t want my dad to go to the head of HR and tell her that they are wrong and its not a law and blah blah blah (not that he would do that, its just a fear I guess). I just don’t want to be seen as the boss’ daughter who got a job because of him. Nothing has happened to give truth to my feelings, but I’m sure people on the other may feel otherwise. I have this fear that when I do get a job I will be walking into it with people upset at me. Am I making any sense at all!? I hope so. There are a lot of things that probably need to go in the middle, but I don’t want to get even more confusing. smile

Okay, all of that mess leads me to my current situation. My dad is one of the managers at the company where everyone (my family) works. Every month the managers plan a get together for the wives and their families. Well, my dad signed Will and I up to go along. They are taking a boat trip out to this small island for the day. The guys are going to fish, and the ladies are going to do whatever “grown-up“ ladies do. smile It sounds like it would be a good chance to get out and see stuff, but I just don’t know about going. Everyone that is going is really nice (or so I’ve hear) and have been asking about me, and all of the people that I am paranoid will dislike me won’t be there anyway. I think it would be a really good time fore me to meet the other managers and give them a person to put with the resume, but I’m just unsure.

One of the guys my dad works with has a daughter that is my age that works for another company in Kuwait. She is going too. It would be so nice to have a friend here, which is another reason I would like to go.

I guess that is my situation. Do I want to get on the boat or remain a land lover this weekend? I think- just from sitting here and getting all of my feelings out- that I am leaning towards going. People are going to think what they want no matter what. Plus my mom and Will both work at the same company and no one has said anything to them besides a few jokes to my mom about my dad having wasta (Kuwaiti word for power). I worry and overanalyze everything (as if you didn’t already know).


Assuming you are not crying tears of boredom or nodding off, I am going to go on to my next subject! smile I put up some pics of my first few weeks in Kuwait! I was really excited about getting them. You’ll have to go check them out and see what I see everyday. There are NO camels in these pictures! In fact, I haven’t seen a camel since I’ve been here. I think they are all out in the desert. I’ve heard they have camel races somewhere in the city, which I think would be kind of cool to go see. I though I got more pictures of the interesting Kuwait scenery than I actually did, so next time I will have to try and get more of those.

Ahhh, on to the lighter side of my life. Before we moved I was addicted to the Food Network. It was my favorite channels (goofy, I know). I haven’t quite figured out why I enjoy watching people cook things that I never will, but there is something mesmerizing about the whole process (this is coming from the girl that has literally cooked a cookbook- I’m not lying) So, I have convinced myself I love cooking and have the potential to be a good cook. I decided that despite the fact that I am an unwilling “SAHW,” I should sieze the opportunity and become a better cook (Scary thought). I think (and my family would probably agree) that I have been promoted from “rookie” status to rookie in waiting.

Yesterday I made a really yummy dinner that I want to share! For all of you almost professional cooks this is just boxed mac and cheese or something, but I was still excited that Will liked it. He is always encouraging with my cooking but also honest. He will always tell me what he thinks about my cooking when I ask- which has probably gotten him in trouble with me from time to Will is a really picky eater and he loved dinner last night, so that was a plus. He even said he wanted me to make it again for his birthday- this is coming from the guy that is addicted to eating out.  These chicken and rice burritos are soooo easy (I made it for cryin’ out loud) and they sit in the crockpot all day which is another plus. Here it is:

*1 pound of skinless chicken breasts cut into strips

*1 can of green enchilada sauce

*1 large green pepper cubed

* about 3 tablespoons of water

* 2 cups of instant rice

* 1 small onion chopped (I’m not a big onion fan so I used the minced flakes)


*whatever else you like on burritos- we used sour cream, cheese, and tomatos

* Place the chopped onion and pepper at the bottom of crockpot. Add water. Place chicken on top and pour the enchilada sauce over everything. Cook on low 6-7 hours. 5 minutes before serving, add rice (it should absorb all of the liquid and cook up fast). Serve with tortillas and toppings!

What a Martha Stewart! bet you didn’t guess I’d throw in a recipe today. Thanks for working through my many thoughts today! Hope your Monday is a lot less complicated than this post!

The Red Velvet Conspiracy

The other day my mom, sister, and I were sharing a piece of carrot cake that we had gotten after lunch. This cake is my sole focus. It has my full attention. Nothing is going to get in the way of me and this cake. I turn into an entirely different person when it comes to sharing dessert. The lion in me comes out. It’s like an aniamal eating her young or something- you may see me on Animal Planet one day. Its like I have a time limit or something, and I not only have to eat the fastest but I have to eat the most. It’s quite entertaining for onlookers I would imagine. The way I see it, everyone is on their own when it comes to sharing a dessert in this family.

So I’m elbowing my sister for more fork room and proceed to tell them how great cream cheese frosting is on carrot cake. I then go on this two minute tangent about how every year Brian (Will’s brother) has a red velvet cake for his birthday and how great cream cheese frosting is on red velvet cake. “Everytime I eat it I sit and try to figure out what flavor red velvet is. I just can never figure it out!”

My mom and sister simultaneously put their fork down, look at eachother, and start laughing. “It’s chocolate cake with red food coloring, britt!” No way! It can’t be! I never think,” This tastes like chocolate” when I eat red velvet. Will someone help me decipher the flavors I experience! AGH!

So anyway, when Will gets home my mom tells me to go ask him (who has no concept of cooking) what red velvet is. “Chocolate cake with lots of red food coloring.”

I feel so deceived! What’s up with that!? What’s the point? You add a fancy name and red food coloring to a simple chocolate cake and it becomes an entire different entity!


Anyway, I didn’t feel like creating a whole new post for the unexciting events to proceed, so I thought I would just attach them to my ramblings of cream cheese frosting and superficial chocolate cake.

We didn’t end up going to the Contiki because it opened at 7 and we were hungry by 5:30. We ended up going to the Hard Rock Cafe. It was the coolest I had ever seen. Its an all glass pyramid, so you have an incredible view no matter where you are. Its right on the gulf, so it was really pretty.

Friday wasn’t much more eventful. My mom ended up having to work because her boss had a heart attack , so it was a lazy day. It was “take your family to work day” for me! Ha Ha. They were able to see all of the exciting and wonderful things I do while I am here “at work” and they are gone (really working).

I am bracing myself for my little sister’s finale to school and her constant company this summer. This sounds silly, but I have a system and schedule down while I sit here and do nothing and wait for a job. I have a feeling my system is going to need a little tweaking with her here… a LOT of tweaking I should say. I think my whole plan is going out the window as we speak.

She is my best friend. I’ve known her her entire life for cryin’ out loud! However, I have a feeling we are going to kill eachother. I forsee many entertaining blogs on the way about being locked in an apartment with my 15 year old sister. Cabin Fever in the air? I think it’s already hit. Hard.

I am already having visions of the many arguments we will have over the computer- our only access to outside life form! I wouldn’t even know people live in Kuwait if it wasn’t for going out on the weekends! smile Computer sharing will be interesting.  I think it is going to become the thorn in our sides. Shes already made comments about being on it all day, so it am biting my tounge. For now blood in my mouth is better than her blood on the floor. smile I hope its not that bad. I like my sister and would feel bad about locking her on the balcony so I can maintain my schedule. ha ha

Enough about my uneventful past few days.

I got my pictures developed and they turned out great! My dad is going to scan them for me today, so I should have them up tomorrow or the day after!

Better get going. Happy Saturday. <3

I should be the poster girl for California Rasins

Spring is still here, but you would have thought Summer took over the Middle East and made it’s permanent “command center“ outside my apartment. Its dry here. Dry that I don’t think a person can understand until they live here. I mean, you could lay a side of beef outside in the morning and by evening it will be jerky. Even the Kuwait newspaper calls its country “the oven.” Its only May- could it get any worse? Yes.

Well, I’m sure there will be many more times I will whine about the heat here, but I’m not complaining so much about the heat today but how DRY everything is because of it. The Persian Gulf is literally right ourside my balcony, so I was hoping I would find SOME relief from the dryness (can you believe it- a girl who is WELCOMING humidity??), but theres none. 

I truly think I am in the early process of evolving into a rasin. Really. I can see it. I am eventually just going to shrivel up and be this one big round shrively talking rasin (what a visual).

I think when you get off the plane in Kuwait someone should greet you with a survival basket- not with a map or money or anything like that. Instead it should be filled with the best ever body lotion, face moisturizer, chapstick, conditioner, and sunscreen. I think I should write a letter.

I sit inside almost all day and I am already seeing the affects. I don’t even want to know what it will be like this summer, and especially when I get a job and am more exposed to the atmosphere. I have dry skin as it is, so I am going crazy here. I have to apply half a bottle of lotion on myself just to get rid of that itchy tight feeling (yuck). Maybe I need a new lotion- any recommendations?

Then, of course I know the whole “drink plenty of water“ tip.  I drink 8 a day, but obviously that is not going to be enough- even if I am just sitting inside. Its like a rule where my family works that employees drink a bottle of water every hour they are at work. They have hundreds of cases brought in each week. Hmmm, strapping a toliet to my back doesn’t sound very fun but maybe I will have to resort to this.

Then my hair. Not only will I be a shrively rasin, but I will be one with bad hair. I have limits, and thats pushing it. Like my skin, my hair is also dry- everything about me seems to be dry- my skin, my hair, my sense of humor…

I wash it every other day since its so dry, and it is still dry. I think I am going to have to sleep in my conditioner (KPax- it is the best for dry hair!) and rinse it out in the morning. I am running out of ideas to shield myself from this “oven.“

So that is what is new (but hopefully not permanent) here. I better go for now because I have some things to do: drink a keg of water, slather on the moisturizer, and check on the beef jerky I laid out on the balcony. Ha Ha

maybe we’ll lead a normal life in Kuwait afterall

Our first “real” weekend in Kuwait made a realize that we will truly live a very “normal” life while we were here. It felt a lot like the states… but sweltering.

Where to start? I am going to look forward to Wednesdays. The work week in Kuwait is 48 hours, so everyone works 4 10 hour days and one 8 hour days. Will got home at 3:30 on Wednesday, so it was like we had the whole afternoon to hang out and get an early start on the weekend. (it still seems like it should be call Friday everytime Wednesday hits… TGIW just doesn’t have the same ring). Everyone got home and we hung out a while and then my dad made reservations for us to eat at the Crown Plaza hotel for my graduation!

Since I have been kept inside all week, it felt so good to get out. This counrty is nocturnal to the extreme, so everything is so busy at night- we were out what they would say is “early” at 7:00. There are several restaurants in the hotel, but we chose to eat at this western steakhouse. It was really good. It was kind of humourous to see their take on “the old west.” I wonder if they still think there are outlaws and cowboys and horses there just like everyone thinks there are nothing but camels and people that don’t wear “normal” clothes over here. smile

Dinner was good, but we had to stop off at baskin robbins for desert- not the healthiest thing! smile Guys- I’m not joking. Evertime I get into a car here I am terrified. I have never experienced panic before, but I seem to each time I am in a car. They way the Kuwaitis drive is out of this world. First of all, very few streets are marked, so you have literally no idea where you are going. My dad has lived here for a year now and had to call a dentist’s office for directions on how to get there, and will tell you by things it is near because the buildings have no numbers. I wonder how they get their mail. Then people will get impatient and drive up on the median and curbs to pass those on the road and then cut in somehow! You can be in a turning lane and someone 3 lanes over will decide to turn and cut everyone off and almost hit you to turn too. Its craziness. I do not look forward to driving here. Today my dad wasn’t going fast enough (he was going the speed limit) so this car got right on out tail and started honking and flashing its lights and then it pulled right beside us and was halfway in out land and almost sideswiped us and was yelling and everything. I seriously almost hypervenhilated. It was terrifying because even though it wouldn’t have been our fault, the police almost always believe Kuwaitis over anyone else because of “wasta,“ which means power and is what this country seems to run by, It’s kind of an unspoken good ole boy system.

Anyway, since everyone comes out at night the traffic can get pretty bad. We sat in it for a while. We just counted all the porches and BMW 700s and landrovers we saw like it was a game.

Yesterday was nice. I felt like I was in America again. We got up around 8 and got ready. We went to this place that is similar to a best buy and my parents needed to buy a printer and a freezer because of the lack of space they have in the apartment. Then we went to the Sultan Center, which can be equivilated with Walmart to go shopping. We came back and unloaded everything and then we went to Marina Mall. It was soooo awesome. It is on Gulf Road, which is like the main road in the city where everything is located. We parked and then I was able to get an Aston Martin… or at least we got a picture by one. smile Will wanted me to take a picture of this gorgeous lamborgini but I didn’t want to look too suspicious. smile The mall was beautiful, like a really nice normal mall you would have in the states. Will was dying to see Star Wars on opening day, so we went ahead and did that. Their theatres are really nice with fancy seats. The movie was great- except they cut out the kissing scenes which I thought was weird. My mom slept through the whole thing. Pretty expensive nap. smile

After the movie we went to ChiChis, this mexican restaurant. It was like 6:30. Anytime Will and I would be home and go to dinner at that time we would have to wait for 30 minutes. Like I have said a thousand times, people don’t get out until late and don’t eat until after 8:30 or so. We were the only people in the entire restaurant! It was the first time I have ever had a restaurant to myself at 6:30 on the weekend.

After that, Will and I had a decision to make. I will try and quickly explain this as best as I can… Because I am not employed with my family’s company yet, I am unable to live with Will in our own apartment unless he pays $1,000 a month (which we can’t do). So, that has made things kind of hairy. We decided to move the few things we had in our apartment out until I got a job. Will is hoping that in the next few days we will be able to get him a room in my parent’s complex, so at least he will be closer and we will be able to see eachother. So we moved out of our cute little place and into my family’s for a while… this situation deserves a post of its own- 5 people in an apartment.

On our way out the “movie guys“ were there. They sell copies of new movies for like $3. We got Sahara, which is still in theatres, Ray, hotel Rwanda, and something else, I don’t remember.

I know this blog is getting long, and I am even leaving out things, but I am just glad about this weekend. Being by myself last week really made me wonder if being here was going to be okay, and this weekend was kind of a little reassurance that everything is going to be okay. Life is not that different from home- minus my friends and a few other things like Walmarts, wearing sleeveless shirts, and tap water. smile

Today was nice. My family usually goes to a Bible study led by some friends, but he and his wife were out of town this weekend, so we didn’t have it. We just kind of took it easy. We rested, went the nicer Sultan Center more downtown and got some things we had forgotten, and just drove around. We drove past some ferarri dealerships, and looked at some more car places. Will was drooling. Sorry Will, in your dreams. smile It still blows my mind how rich this country is. It’s crazy.

We also stopped by the beach real quick on our way to the dealerships. It was beautiful. We stopped along Gulf Road and took pictures. We only stayed a few minutes because I had no sunscreen, but it was really pretty.

Tonight we watched Hotel Rwanda. The main guy used to be on Saturday Night Live. He did a great job. It was funny to think of the sketches he was in, and then see him so serious now.

Thanks for reading this looong blog. I wish I could write more, about Geezys and our new living situation… but I will save those for another day! Hope you all have as good a weekend as I was able to! Off to bed now! Good Afternoon America! Goodnight Kuwait!

keeping secrets and sugar rushes

The countdown has begun. 4 weeks until I graduate and 4 days until my birthday, counting today. How fun. I am looking forward to this entire week. It’s funny how a Monday can seem lovely when you are looking forward to something that entire week. smile

Well, as I said yesterday, we got some good news- but I can’t say what yet! AGH! I have wanted to talk about it so bad, but I can’t yet, so now that you are wanting to know it too, you will have to wait until we hear something and I get the go ahead to finally unleash the 3 month long secret… and no… I am not pregnant. smile

Last night Will and I went out to celebrate our little secret. It was fun to have a date after church. We ate dinner and then we did the forbidden for two dieters (besides eating after 7)… we got ice cream from Shakeys. They are like shakes but thicker- kind of like a Sonic Blast. <3 It has been a while since I’ve had a good dose of sugar, so last night got crazy.

I don’t know if your body reacts a little differently after seriously monitoring sugar and fat intake, but I had a major sugar rush, and I haven’t had that in years.

We had to go over to my mom’s afterwards and I was prime, like never before. I mean, my mom and sister were cracking up- mostly because they don’t see me like that much. It was funny. It was a 20 minute high, and then we went home and I went to bed. Ha Ha. I guess I got wasted on ice cream. Go figure. smile

Will work for chocolate

Be on the lookout- I’m a madwomen on the loose searching for every woman’s chocolate stash!

Will decided to lose some weight. That’s great… but I’m STARVING!!!

I decided to help him along by joining him. I set a goal to lose a few pounds so I’m ready for swimsuit season, and since my surgery I haven’t been able to exercise, so any extra calories I intake and am not able to expend have cost me these last 4 weeks! smile And… so began our watching what we eat diet!

We generally eat the majority of our calories at night- the ultimate no-no, so cutting that alone will help a lot, but it’s so hard! smile

Will decided he would do best on the Slimfast plan, and he has been doing great! He’s already lost 5 pounds. I truly know why people lost so much weight doing this- because if you truly stick to the plan, you are eating nothing! smile

I would give anything for ANYTHING! smile Even a tic tac, or maybe an M&M… something!

I have been proud of his disipline, but I’m paying for it!  He ate really good last week, and we were more cautious when we went out last weekend.

I will be ready to go back to my regular diet once I can start exercising again- it is so much easier just to eat 2500 calories and not feel bad because I know I will exercise. But now actually sticking to what I should take in for my height and weight...what a challenge!

I sneaked a mini snickers in my purse yesterday and Will found it and was like, “you are cheating, and because of that, I’m going to eat this… it hurts me more than it hurts you!“ Oh yeah, I’m so sure.

It’s been a challenge, but I am really proud of Will. Diabetes runs in his family, so I know that is something he worries about. It can so be avoided by a good diet and exercise and maintaing weigh, so he is really starting to take control of that. I think once I can start running again that will be good for us to, so we can work out together and spur eachother on… but until then… I will endure my French Vanilla Slimfast- the things we do for love. <3

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