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Thursday Things, 2 April 2015

Peachy Keen
My mom visited my grandparents last week and brought home the most out of this world homemade peach preserves.

I’m dead over this stuff.

I got a small little glass jar, and then a big mason jar. The little glass jar is completely empty. With the exception of a tablespoon my dad had, I killed the entire jar on my own.

I suppose I should have just taken a picture of a spoon in the jar for my Tuesday post?

Since we’re telling secrets about junk food...

I had french fries for lunch Monday.

Real life.

And yes, I did take a picture for posterity. You’ll see it next Tuesday.

We took a quick trip to El Reno, Oklahoma. El Reno is famous for their onion burgers and has been highlighted on national TV.

I didn’t have any healthy options (none at all). Sometimes I’ll forgo eating until later, but I was famished and desperate times call for desperate measures.

We cleaned the office

I shared pictures of our empty office on Monday, but what you did not see was the before state.

It was awful.

With lots of hard work and lots and lots of shredding (so much shredding!), the office is actually serving its full purpose.
Office overhaul

It needs some decorations, but I’m not too worried about that right now. I’m just thankful it’s not covered in stacks of paper and junk!

Oh the treasures we found…

I am so incredibly pumped for Easter weekend!

For lots of reasons.

First, I’ve never worked anywhere that had Good Friday off, so tomorrow will be a special treat.

Two, I have lots of things planned.

Normally that would stress me out a little, but I’m pacing myself and am going to try my best not to freak out if the house isn’t perfect or if the laundry doesn’t get done.

Three, I’m excited about multiple family and friends outings.

Will’s family on Friday, a special friend on Saturday, and brunch with my family Sunday. Wee!

Four, Easter brunch. I pretty much need to plan my entire macro and caloric needs around this meal. You’d die over the stuff we’re making.

Oh, and Easter candy.

It’s pretty much the best candy EVER. 

White Reece’s eggs? Dead.

Cadbury chocolate? Dead.

The Cadbury crunchy chocolate eggs? Dead.

Starburst jelly beans? Dead.

Pretty much all the Easter candy.

Five, early Easter service.

We usually go on Saturday to free up space for big Sunday crowds and I’m looking forward to it.

So yeah, yay Easter weekend!

The Break-up

I broke up with my phone and social media over Lent and it was the best.decision.ever.

There were a few important things I missed, like details about our friend in the hospital, but God intervened without Facebook (gasp 😊) and we found out anyway.

It was such a nice break and quieted my mind. 

April Fools

Did you prank anyone?

I’m old and boring and did not fool anyone this year.

My favorite one was when P took a pregnancy test for me when she was pregnant with Layla so I could fool Will.

Good times.

April Showers

We had our first bout of bad weather last week and thankfully came through unscathed.

I totally wish we could fast forward from March to June and skip storm season. I hate it!

Thankfully we have a storm shelter I intend to overuse.

Will, God love him, is the guy standing outside watching everything roll in at a distance. I pretty much have to force him in there with me.


Let’s end on a happy note

Check out Rocky.
Dad's little helper. That face! 😂

That face.😂

He looks so happy, right?

Will did some major dirt work in our yard a few weeks ago and snapped this picture of Rocky helping.

I love that dog.

That’s it for now! Check in tomorrow for Good Friday. 

March Food Things

Soooo, I’m not liking this whole post my food stuff. What was I thinking!? Ha!

This was sort of an “eh” week.

I had lunch provided at work three times, which makes it difficult to keep things clean. Plus I was out of town one day for work and they fed us box lunches.  In addition to an unhealthy ham sandwich (meat removed), I also had a giant sugar cookie, pictured below.

I ate fish three times this week (!!) as you’ll see below. Will and I also went to The Cheesecake Factory, where I kept things healthyish with their skinny-licious fresh vegetable salad… Until I got a piece of their low carb cheesecake to go. smile

We ate out again later in the weekend, and this time I got the grilled shrimp at Long John’s.

It wasn’t my best week, but it wasn’t my worst either. You get the good, the bad, and the ugly. smile
Food things
Food things
Food things
Food things

Food things
Food things
Food things
Food things
Food things

Food things
Food things
Food things
Food things

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March Food Things

Last week’s post was nonexistent, so this one is a bit more comprehensive.

As in, it actually contains pictures. Haha

I eat a lot of the same stuff, so I didn’t take five pictures of the same lunch.

You get the drift.

Enough talking, let’s eat! smile

Food things

Food things

Chickfila market salad. The chicken goes to Will.
Food things

Weekly fish atop sautéed peppers, onions, and potatoes
Food things

Kashi cereal with Greek yogurt

Food things

Food things

Food things

Food things

Food things

Food things
Food things

Food things

Food things

Food things
Food things

This onsie cookie was almost too adorable to eat. Almost.

Food lately

Veggie Qudoba gumbo 😍

Food lately

Food things

Food things
This past week’s fish with “fried” rice, egg, and veggies
Food things

Food things
Food things

Last week’s lunch- veggies, eggs, and spicy hummus

Food things

Food things

Scrambled eggs

Food things

Food things

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Springing to Spring

Spring is right around the corner!

That means pulling out the short sleeves and springy skirts, and showing a little more skin than in the doldrums of winter.

If you’ve been hiding under fluffy sweaters and cozy pants, it’s time to shed the heavy clothes and lighten up!

I keep healthy year round, but do want to tighten up a little this spring.

For that reason, I decided to devote March Tuesdays to sharing what I’ve been eating.

The good, the bad, and ugly. I figured it would be good accountability.

I’m going to be honest, I did kind of a bad job this week.  I decided on Friday, so there’s a very limited amount of pictures this week. Sorry!

Plus, I’d remember to take pictures, but then I’d forget. No consistency!

I promise to be better next week and capture a full seven days. ☺️

We’ll call this an introductory post. Haha

That’s enought chatter! I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Check in next Tuesday for a more comprehensive post, and tomorrow for WIOW!

Good things

Good things
Sweet sorbet

Good things

Good things

Good things

Good things

Good things


February Food Lately

Let’s talk about food.

And how I love it.

Like lots of people, I get in cycles of eating the same thing over and over for periods of time.

Then for some strange reason, as if I suffer a brief moment of amnesia, I completely forget about the food and go months, and sometimes even years without eating it.


Anyway, today seemed like a good day to capture some of my recent favorites.

Who knows, maybe I won’t forget them for months on end now. smile

I have been absolutely killing my water intake. I can thank the dry winter weather.

I love tea, and always have a Celestial Seasonings multi pack in the house. 

On a whim the other day, I decided to ice their peppermint tea and add a packet of stevia.

There’s no going back.

I’ve been icing everything in their variety pack. I hung out with Layla last week, and she agrees, iced peppermint tea is delicious and refreshing.

She wanted to keep my mug!

I’m also absolutely thrilled about using my fresh herbs from the Aerogarden too!

They’re great in my big old mug.

The latest has been lime-basil.

Basil- lime deliciousness

It makes me feel fancy, like I should be in a big fluffy robe listening to ambient music and awaiting a massage.

Except I’m behind a desk and in uncomfortable heels.

At least the water is tranquil.

Lunches have been pretty cyclical, too.

I’ve been eating my favorite peanut noodle salad, sans noodles and double the slaw.

It’s great with tofu or shrimp, too.

The dressing kills me. It’s me second favorite homemade dressing.

Speaking of dressing, the other lunch I’ve been eating is centered around my most favorite homemade dressing ever.

-1 head, roasted garlic, mashed
-1/4 cup olive oil
-1/4 cup vinegar (I like apple cider or rice)
-1 Tbsp grainy mustard
-Juice of half a lemon

Mix it all up and thank me later.

I keep it in my fridge and it lasts all week and sometimes longer.

Aaaand desserts.

They’ve been happening, and it’s time to confess they haven’t been vegan friendly.

I’ve been enjoying an evening treat of Greek yogurt lately.

I like adding some stevia or honey to plain Greek yogurt, and then I stick it in the freezer for an hour.

It keeps me out of Will’s ice cream, and keeps me sane.

So yeah. Just a few food favorites lately.

Tell me what you’re loving so I can add it to my food cycle. smile

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Thursday Things 29 January 2015

Tools for Blondes
Sooo a few years ago I shared a post about my crazy and incessant need to check and make sure I unplugged my straightener about a million times each morning.

Real life.

My mom knows me.

She got me the WeMo switch for Christmas.

This puppy can shut off power to the outlet from a phone app just incase I forgot to turn the straighter off.

Complete and total game changer.

I’m not sure who was more grateful, me or Will. smile

Chaps-tick Hate Turned Chap-stick Love

Remember this NYX chapstick in my December Ipsy I didn’t really like because (even though it tasted delicious) it made me look white and pasty like I had concealer on my lips?


Um hello!

Why didn’t we realize the wonderfulness this stuff could offer!?

It really does wash me out and look like a concealer over my lips BUT it works as a great sort of neutralizing primer to the pink in my lips so the lip color I choose is its true color when I put it on.

So smart!

Brain Training

If there was any question whether I was old, rest assured-

I’m old.

I’m only 31 and have downloaded the Elevate app to keep my mind fresh and engaged.

You know, because little word games are supposed to do that or something?

I figure it’s not hurting. Plus it’s kind of fun to take a few minutes out to play.

Real life.


That wasn’t.

Sooo after the Garth Brooks concert we went to a couple weeks ago, Will and I had the brilliant plan to drive up to Ponca City and have a super early breakfast at Perkins (usually about a 3.5 hour trip for us).

Yes, Perkins.

If you read my blog way back in the Kuwait days, you may remember Perkins found a special place in our hearts during our trips back to the US.

We would fly to Minneapolis, shop at the Mall of America a couple days, and eat breakfast at Perkins.

Total tradition.

We went back to Minneapolis in 2011 for old times sake (as well as a game in Green Bay!) and literally ate Perkins for 2 of our 3 daily meals the entire trip.


Now, if you live near one and don’t understand why we are so crazy for them, I get it.

There’s plenty of regional places people go batty for I just don’t understand, but it’s their “thing” and a special favorite place for them, so that’s what I get.

Annnnyway, long story short, we were so pumped to road trip up there after the concert.

As we were heading up to Tulsa for the concert, Will mentioned he thought we may have to wait an hour or two after getting to Perkins before they opened.

See, they’re open until 10 on weekdays, but 24 hour on weekends.

To us, that meant they’d open at midnight Friday.

“Let’s call and make sure,” Will said.

So I called and…

They don’t open until 6am on Fridays


So yeah, they’re kind of 24 hours on the weekend...if opening at 6 counts. smile

I was pretty bummed. I really wanted a huge mammoth muffin for midnight breakfast.

That’s all for today. Anything you care to share?

The One with Playoff Football, Play Dates & a Look Ahead

Weekend things, jan 15

Weekend things, jan 15

Weekend things, jan 15

Weekend things, jan 15

Weekend things, jan 15

Weekend things, jan 15

Weekend things, jan 15

Weekend things, jan 15

Weekend things, jan 15

Weekend things, jan 15

Weekend things, jan 15

Play date!

Lots of playoff football, a delicious (and unhealthy) cheat meal, workouts, herb growth, quiet times, church, Sunday breakfast at Jimmy’s Egg, family time, and food prep.

A weekend of good things.

Check in this week for

Tuesday Things
Gym Rules for Male Newbies
A post all about Garth Brooks (and Will)
Our Healer

Hope you have a great day! 

(Healthy-ish) Festive Fruit Dip

Believe it or not, I still have Christmas junk food remnants around the house.

My mom’s delicious Christmas cookies are lingering in the freezer. I already killed the first batch, but she gave me more over the weekend.

I decided it was wise to stick those in the freezer for more appropriately portioned treats throughout the next few weeks.

Hopefully most of your treats were enjoyed and life is getting back to normal.

I’m sharing a recipe today.

One I’d probably still classify as a treat, but considering it’s made with Greek yogurt and served with fruit, it’s gotta be healthy, right? smile

It’s super easy and simple, requiring only a few ingredients.

Place three tablespoons of brown sugar in a bowl.

Dip ity do da

If it’s a little chunky like mine was, just zap it in the microwave for 15 seconds and use a fork to mash it out.

Add 1 1/2 cups of Greek yogurt,

Add two tablespoons of honey,

Dip ity do da

And a teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice,

Dip ity do da

Give it a really good stir until it’s all smooth!

Dip ity do da

Serve with fruit.

Or eat straight from the bowl. smile

Happy Tuesday friends! I met a dear friend for coffee and lunch yesterday and it was very nice.

Then I came home and watched the Sooner game with Will.

Boy oh boy it was embarrassing. We’re hearing lots of changes are in store for 2015. All I gotta say is, there better be!

Will was understandably sick. “I want Bob to apologize for this poor performance!” He said. It made me laugh, but seriously- what a complete joke of a game for a staff that gets paid millions.

Enough of that. Today Will starts vacation with me and I’m so happy!

Perhaps I can get him in the mood to overhaul the office.

Yeah right.

Check in tomorrow for more fun! ❤️

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WIOW: Somewhere Between Cookies & Carrots

Last month I shared my Thanksgiving plan of attack. 

This month in doing the same with Christmas.

I know you may be ready to drive a pencil through your eye at the sight of any repeat article about “How to Navigate the Holidays Healthfully.”

But stay with me.

I don’t know about you, but Christmas time is way harder to “navigate” than Thanksgiving.

Webmd estimates the average American puts on about two pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year.

That may not seem like much.

Except, if it’s compounded year after year on top of other bad habits, well, it adds up!

I’ve always had a Christmas problem.

In my mid-20s, I’d do whatever I wanted all month. All month.

I ate, grazed, and indulged freely.

All the gingerbread men.

The house.

The village.

The gumdrops atop the houses and village.

And I don’t even like gumdrops.

I never had a plan.

I need a plan.

I need a plan like Santa needs cookies.

Bad. Real bad.

So here’s a look at my plan for the next two weeks.

It’s somewhere between eating nothing but rabbit food and the entire gingerbread community. smile

Hardcore Meal Prep
I’m always good about meal prep, but I find myself throwing stuff together like a mad woman this time of year, and then calling it “meal prep.”

Eh, not so much.

I plan to really take time figuring out my meals and snacks for the next two weeks, taking into consideration the outings I have scheduled too.

Plus I’m a guaranteed candidate for hangry-ness, so I need to make sure I plan snacks and have them handy, especially while out and about getting ready for Christmas!

Accept that the office will be loaded with junk next week

For all of us headed to work next week, the office is usually chock full of delicious goodies from employees and vendors.

I could profess right now that I won’t touch a single piece of deliciousness, but yeah. That would be a total lie.

Instead I’m going to be realistic and plan to bring my usual lunch and snacks, but also allow for two treats total during the days I have to work.

Bend on Beverages

Bending on beverages is where I’m going to be able to keep my wits about me.

Remember how my office got the most delicious coffee maker ever and how it was killing me?
These days, I usually try to stick to one drink, and then sip tea and water the rest of the day.

However, for the next two weeks I’m going to allow myself al the delicious vanilla and hazelnut coffee my heart desires. I’m going to bring almond milk to help stave off the added calories of fancy creamer.

The warmth and flavor will satisfy cravings and keep me feeling fuller. Plus it feels like an indulgent treat anyway, so it’s a win-win.

Eat, but eat mindfully.

Here’s where things get hard for me.

On top of Christmas and New Years, I’ve got four other outings scheduled.

All festivities are at places with few healthy options.

That means at least six meals where I will be eating richer food than normal, plus the guarantee of leftovers too.

Instead of stressing out, I’m just going to go and enjoy myself.

I’m not going to throw caution to the wind. I plan to balance the trappings of Christmas meals and family with healthful choices whenever possible.

Six meals aren’t going to kill me. Six meals plus snacks, indulgent treats, and late night eating for two weeks straight, will.

I don’t want that!

So that’s my plan. Somewhere between all the carrots and all the cookies.

I had to share just to have some accountability.

Thanks for listening today. Do you have any goals planned to help get through this month in the same pant size you started?

If so, feel free to share below!

Sweet Potato Soup

Today we’re making soup.

I’m a big fan of winter soups. I like making a huge pot that lasts me all week.

It also gives me the chance to get creative.

If it’s a vegetable and in my fridge, it’s probably going into my soup.


Today we’re making an easy standby I make each winter.

Sometimes other veggies get added or ratios change, but hey, that’s the beauty of soup.

This was the perfect answer when feeling under the weather last weekend.

Enough chatter. Let’s make soup!

Toss 5 chopped sweet potatoes into a huge pot that’s over medium heat.


Add a bag of carrot chips.


Throw in a small chopped onion, and include a few chopped celery sticks.

As an aside, sometimes I’ll heat the celery and onion over a little oil to soften and flavor everything first and then add everything else, but today was all about speed!


Now slowly add a giant (28 oz) can of chopped tomatoes and 32 oz of reduced sodium vegetable stock.

Let everything come to a boil.

Okay, now that things are heating up, let’s add some spices.

Here’s the star of my soup. Red Thai Curry.


It has such a wonderful flavor, and adds a beautiful color.

Obviously regular curry works just fine too, and I also use a little of that in here as well!

On top of the curry, I add a little ginger, a little parika, and salt.

The soup is your empty canvas, season away!

Clamp a lid on the pot, reduce heat, and let everything simmer for 30-40 minutes.


When your timer goes off, add ladles of soup into your blender until it is about half full (if not, you’ll have a major splattery mess, I promise) and give it a good blitz until smooth. Repeat until you’ve got the desired consistency.

I like my soup full of veggies, so I’m good with only one blitz. If you like yours more soupy, blend away!

This is great with shrimp or tofu, however I didn’t add anything to today’s batch.

Bam, you’re done!

This makes 8 generous helpings of soup, at about 130 calories each.

I’m all about upfront prep that results in healthy lunches for a week!

Here’s to a healthy Tuesday. One day closer to Christmas! smile

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