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(Healthy-ish) Festive Fruit Dip

Believe it or not, I still have Christmas junk food remnants around the house.

My mom’s delicious Christmas cookies are lingering in the freezer. I already killed the first batch, but she gave me more over the weekend.

I decided it was wise to stick those in the freezer for more appropriately portioned treats throughout the next few weeks.

Hopefully most of your treats were enjoyed and life is getting back to normal.

I’m sharing a recipe today.

One I’d probably still classify as a treat, but considering it’s made with Greek yogurt and served with fruit, it’s gotta be healthy, right? smile

It’s super easy and simple, requiring only a few ingredients.

Place three tablespoons of brown sugar in a bowl.

Dip ity do da

If it’s a little chunky like mine was, just zap it in the microwave for 15 seconds and use a fork to mash it out.

Add 1 1/2 cups of Greek yogurt,

Add two tablespoons of honey,

Dip ity do da

And a teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice,

Dip ity do da

Give it a really good stir until it’s all smooth!

Dip ity do da

Serve with fruit.

Or eat straight from the bowl. smile

Happy Tuesday friends! I met a dear friend for coffee and lunch yesterday and it was very nice.

Then I came home and watched the Sooner game with Will.

Boy oh boy it was embarrassing. We’re hearing lots of changes are in store for 2015. All I gotta say is, there better be!

Will was understandably sick. “I want Bob to apologize for this poor performance!” He said. It made me laugh, but seriously- what a complete joke of a game for a staff that gets paid millions.

Enough of that. Today Will starts vacation with me and I’m so happy!

Perhaps I can get him in the mood to overhaul the office.

Yeah right.

Check in tomorrow for more fun! ❤️

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WIOW: Somewhere Between Cookies & Carrots

Last month I shared my Thanksgiving plan of attack. 

This month in doing the same with Christmas.

I know you may be ready to drive a pencil through your eye at the sight of any repeat article about “How to Navigate the Holidays Healthfully.”

But stay with me.

I don’t know about you, but Christmas time is way harder to “navigate” than Thanksgiving.

Webmd estimates the average American puts on about two pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year.

That may not seem like much.

Except, if it’s compounded year after year on top of other bad habits, well, it adds up!

I’ve always had a Christmas problem.

In my mid-20s, I’d do whatever I wanted all month. All month.

I ate, grazed, and indulged freely.

All the gingerbread men.

The house.

The village.

The gumdrops atop the houses and village.

And I don’t even like gumdrops.

I never had a plan.

I need a plan.

I need a plan like Santa needs cookies.

Bad. Real bad.

So here’s a look at my plan for the next two weeks.

It’s somewhere between eating nothing but rabbit food and the entire gingerbread community. smile

Hardcore Meal Prep
I’m always good about meal prep, but I find myself throwing stuff together like a mad woman this time of year, and then calling it “meal prep.”

Eh, not so much.

I plan to really take time figuring out my meals and snacks for the next two weeks, taking into consideration the outings I have scheduled too.

Plus I’m a guaranteed candidate for hangry-ness, so I need to make sure I plan snacks and have them handy, especially while out and about getting ready for Christmas!

Accept that the office will be loaded with junk next week

For all of us headed to work next week, the office is usually chock full of delicious goodies from employees and vendors.

I could profess right now that I won’t touch a single piece of deliciousness, but yeah. That would be a total lie.

Instead I’m going to be realistic and plan to bring my usual lunch and snacks, but also allow for two treats total during the days I have to work.

Bend on Beverages

Bending on beverages is where I’m going to be able to keep my wits about me.

Remember how my office got the most delicious coffee maker ever and how it was killing me?
These days, I usually try to stick to one drink, and then sip tea and water the rest of the day.

However, for the next two weeks I’m going to allow myself al the delicious vanilla and hazelnut coffee my heart desires. I’m going to bring almond milk to help stave off the added calories of fancy creamer.

The warmth and flavor will satisfy cravings and keep me feeling fuller. Plus it feels like an indulgent treat anyway, so it’s a win-win.

Eat, but eat mindfully.

Here’s where things get hard for me.

On top of Christmas and New Years, I’ve got four other outings scheduled.

All festivities are at places with few healthy options.

That means at least six meals where I will be eating richer food than normal, plus the guarantee of leftovers too.

Instead of stressing out, I’m just going to go and enjoy myself.

I’m not going to throw caution to the wind. I plan to balance the trappings of Christmas meals and family with healthful choices whenever possible.

Six meals aren’t going to kill me. Six meals plus snacks, indulgent treats, and late night eating for two weeks straight, will.

I don’t want that!

So that’s my plan. Somewhere between all the carrots and all the cookies.

I had to share just to have some accountability.

Thanks for listening today. Do you have any goals planned to help get through this month in the same pant size you started?

If so, feel free to share below!

Sweet Potato Soup

Today we’re making soup.

I’m a big fan of winter soups. I like making a huge pot that lasts me all week.

It also gives me the chance to get creative.

If it’s a vegetable and in my fridge, it’s probably going into my soup.


Today we’re making an easy standby I make each winter.

Sometimes other veggies get added or ratios change, but hey, that’s the beauty of soup.

This was the perfect answer when feeling under the weather last weekend.

Enough chatter. Let’s make soup!

Toss 5 chopped sweet potatoes into a huge pot that’s over medium heat.


Add a bag of carrot chips.


Throw in a small chopped onion, and include a few chopped celery sticks.

As an aside, sometimes I’ll heat the celery and onion over a little oil to soften and flavor everything first and then add everything else, but today was all about speed!


Now slowly add a giant (28 oz) can of chopped tomatoes and 32 oz of reduced sodium vegetable stock.

Let everything come to a boil.

Okay, now that things are heating up, let’s add some spices.

Here’s the star of my soup. Red Thai Curry.


It has such a wonderful flavor, and adds a beautiful color.

Obviously regular curry works just fine too, and I also use a little of that in here as well!

On top of the curry, I add a little ginger, a little parika, and salt.

The soup is your empty canvas, season away!

Clamp a lid on the pot, reduce heat, and let everything simmer for 30-40 minutes.


When your timer goes off, add ladles of soup into your blender until it is about half full (if not, you’ll have a major splattery mess, I promise) and give it a good blitz until smooth. Repeat until you’ve got the desired consistency.

I like my soup full of veggies, so I’m good with only one blitz. If you like yours more soupy, blend away!

This is great with shrimp or tofu, however I didn’t add anything to today’s batch.

Bam, you’re done!

This makes 8 generous helpings of soup, at about 130 calories each.

I’m all about upfront prep that results in healthy lunches for a week!

Here’s to a healthy Tuesday. One day closer to Christmas! smile

All Things Christmas 2014

Let’s talk Christmas stuff today.

About how I love Christmas and all the trappings. From the commercials, to the stores, to the cookies at my parent’s house, the candlelight services, advent studies, and everything in between.

We all have family traditions and favorites and I would LOVE to hear yours!

Feel free to share below in the “share the love” section.

We’ve had lots of traditions over the years.

Some have stuck, some have changed, and some have only recently been adopted.

I would love to do a Christmas post devoted to aaallll the Christmas things, but today’s post is devoted only to all things Christmas for 2014.

Which will be enough.

We have a few things coming up this month that I’m very much looking forward to, and feel the need to share on the blog.

Sorry. smile

Because of all these changes I keep talking about (and not sharing!), Will and I opted to minimize Christmas stress wherever possible.

That meant we opted not to go to our company Christmas parties. While super fun (I enjoy them way more than Will), our time is valuable and important so I opted to give that one up in favor of more time with family (and taking care of all these changes that I keep talking about but not talking about).

We also opted to do a joint Christmas present early next year.

We’ve always done joint Christmas presents with each other, and I love that we do this instead of buying each other presents.

Will is impossible to buy for.

Even with no Christmas parties, there’s still lots of fun in store.

We are attending The Nutcracker with my parents this year!

Funny side story.

I think I realized just how much Will liked me back in 2002 when he skipped an OU game to take me to The Nutcracker and acted like it was no big deal.

We both know it was a big deal.

That guy bleeds Crimson and cream!

Anyway, we’re going again, 12 years later, and I’m looking forward to it.

We will also enjoy some of the gorgeous lights and decorations downtown OKC.

We also love going to the movies this time of year.

I’m the annoying person that whips out my not-so-quiet carrot sticks and proceeds to eat them at the worst ever time.

During quiet scenes when you need to pay attention.

All of a sudden you hear, “Snap! Crunch. Crunch.Crunch.”

I’m sorry.

I don’t mean to eat at the worst times, but it often happens.

Anyway, Will isn’t a carrot stick smuggler.

He’s all about the movie theater popcorn.


It’s delicious.

Every Christmas, our theatre has deals on refillable drink cups and popcorn buckets you can buy and use for the following year.

It’s a must-do in the B-Love house, so we’ll be making a stop to the theatre at some point so Will can buy his tub.

Speaking of movies, here’s a fun fact.

My sweet Will had never seen It’s a Wonderful Life in its entirety until just a few years ago.

Real life.

Now it’s among his top favorite movies.


That’s on the to do list, too.

Oh, and while we’re at it, if you haven’t seen it, you should! 


As for Christmas music this year, I typically alternate between Pandora’s Christmas Radio and their Christmas Choral Classic stations.

Something about Christmas makes me adore the choral classics. I can rock around the Christmas tree with the best of them (um, and I totally do), but I can’t beat a beautiful rendition of my favorite Christmas hymns.

My family also had a yearly tradition of going out to eat together sometime the week of Christmas, followed by a huge tour of Christmas lights!

There are some fantastic public displays in OKC, as well as in neighborhoods. We hit them all.

Now that we’re responsible old, P and I opted to simply do a $20 stocking challenge for each other’s gifts this year.

Oddly enough, I had a blast with it! I think this will be a new tradition. You might be surprised at the good stuff you can get with only $20.

My mom kills me with baked goods.

This is a yearly tradition, however this year I hope to take some time while I’m off to help bake.

You know, seeing as how all I usually contribute is my appetite for delicious Christmas cookies.

Layla has been my mom’s helper this week, and I can only hope to live up to her superior stirring (and testing!) skills.

Speaking of Layla, can I please just tell you how much fun she’s been, especially this time of year!?

That is all.

While Will and I are ever-mindful of advent, we’ve never really done anything on our own for it aside from church stuff.

This year I bought candles to light for each week and have been doing an advent study. I have been so very blessed by it.

It’s a story I’ve read a million times, but when I quiet myself and really think on God’s love for humanity and how I need to love others, it reminds me why I even put up my dang decorations in the first place.

To celebrate Him.

If you haven’t done an advent study, I would definitely encourage you to do so. It’s easy to get caught up in the commercialism of Christmas (because, let’s face it, it’s kind of wonderful).

However, I cannot express the value of quieting yourself amidst the hustle and bustle to really contemplate the meaning of Christmas and the beauty of its simplicity.

I don’t know about you, but that simplicity can get drowned out by the tissue paper, cookies, movies, and Pandora music.

Oh friends, it probably clear to see I truly do find Christmas to be the most wonderful time of the year!

Thanks for letting me share some of the things I’m looking forward to this year.

I would absolutely love to hear some of the things you’re excited about this year. Share away! ❤️

Tuesday Things, 8 Dec 14

Take 20 seconds today and meet Arthur.

This dog.

He epitomizes my love for the canine.

He walked over 400 miles and had no prize to achieve like the racers competing.

He got a meatball 400 miles before, but was a friend for life.

There’s a good chance I’m walking into the office with striking white dry shampoo head multiple times a week.

Real life.

It’s awful, guys.

I try to remember to rub it out, and I do.


How to turn me into a huge puddle.

Oh girls.

My sister has an email account for Layla that’s she’s going to share with one her day when she’s much older.

There are hundreds of things I’ve wanted to say whenever I try to rid myself of distractions and write her a letter.

Then I start contemplating my thoughts, tear up, turn into a big mess, and never write anything.

Oh man y’all, I completely fall to pieces!

So my goal is to push through and write something I’ve been meaning to for months now.

If I turn into a big crocodile teary mess, so be it. We push though!

Or just write a lighthearted and funny email instead? (Duh!)

Two Words

Hot Hands.

I greatly appreciate these things. They’ve saved me many a frigid football game.

We were outside a few hours last weekend and those puppies were like a big fat hug amidst my chills and runny nose.

Bethel Music’s You Make Me Brave

This song.

There are actually a few on their new album that are darn near killing me, but this one was the first I heard.


How to Annoy Me
To all of you organized and on top of everything eager beavers who sent out your Christmas cards Thanksgiving weekend- Stop It.

You’re making the rest of us look bad.  smile

That’s it for today. Any randomness you care to share?

The One with the Christmas Show & Look Ahead

Here we go again!

This weekend was nice.

I find most weekends this time of the year are nice!

It started with getting to see Layla’s first ever Christmas program.

Christmas show!

Oh man.

Can we be completely honest with each other?

Aside from the fact that we all swoon with glee to see our kid/niece/grandson/etc. on stage for their portion, these things have the potential to be major snoozefests.

Admit it.

This is a safe zone.

I mean, they had teachers hold the teeny babies on stage while they played a Christmas song and gently moved their wrists around, which had little bell bracelets on them.

Adorable, but long.

Anyway, I loved getting to see Layla up there. It’s an interesting thing watching kids in front of a crowd for the first time.

Pretty entertaining.

Friday was full of work and fun. I worked out, but opted to skip my cardio session in favor of some girl time with my mom and Layla!

We made multiple stops, and got some Christmas shopping done.


I’m also afraid I ruined Layla when it comes to riding in the cart.

Let’s just say we had fun, and I got to work on my sprinting and agility.


In the safest, most responsible manner, of course. wink

The rest of the day was spent cleaning the house.

I didn’t even miss ditching my morning cardio session. I made up for it with four hours of cleaning!

I also managed to get some Christmas decorations down too

And even get some small candles to light one for each advent week. ❤️

Friday night was quiet and relaxing. In fact, after all my work cart sprinting (kidding… Mostly) and cleaning I didn’t even balk when Will suggested pizza for dinner.

Refeed. Haha

Saturday. Oh Saturday.

No need to address the incredibly frustrating third home loss at bedlam, or the fact that we let OSU re-punt, resulting in a touchdown.

Instead we will talk about how I killed my leg workout.

We’ll also talk about how Will’s parents came to town and we had dinner with them and watched football together.


Gotta focus on the positive, right?

Yesterday was incredibly lazy and wonderful.

Church, gym, football, food prep, and a ton of nesting.

I made a chocolate pie, my breakfast for the week, a casserole, as well as How Sweets carne asada nachos for our evening football fare ( I make Will’s according to the recipe but ditch the meat and the chips and add veggies for my version).

A relaxing and cozy day at home with my beloveds.

And now, another long week begins!

Here’s a look at what’s coming up this week:

-Tuesday Things
-All things Christmas
-Preparing our hearts

I hope you’ll check in this week. Until then, here’s to a good Monday!

WIOW:All About Balance

I know we just experienced a holiday devoted to pies, fowl, mashed potatoes, and sweet potatoes encased in butter, brown sugar, and marshmallows, but I gotta talk about food today.

Despite the Thanksgiving hiatus, I’ve made some changes to my diet over the last couple months and am compelled to share.

Earlier this year, I switched from a completely vegan diet to one allowing for more vegetarian options.

And oh man did that open up a whole new world for me. smile

While I still prefer vegan, I’ve really enjoy the vegetarian protein options available.

Prior to this switch, my diet was always heavy on carbs.

Healthy carbs, but carbs.

And I was happy.

While I was happy, my winter pants weren’t.

I was also holding onto a lot of water weight.

I love carbs and acknowledged their importance in a balanced diet, but that was the problem.

My diet wasn’t balanced.

Heck, with the job change my whole routine felt out of whack and unbalanced.

Without living on pea protein, I really had a hard time naturally achieving a completely vegan higher protein diet without also upping my carbs.

I could do it, but the truth is, I also missed B-12.

And iron.

I don’t need to tell you again. I posted all about it here.

Anyway, making the switch felt so much better.

So that’s the background.

Based on that change, I’ve recently made the decision to alter my diet a little more to be more protein focused.

In fact, I’ve reduced my calorie intake by about 300 per day by adding back more protein to my diet. I’ve felt completely satiated and don’t even notice the deficit.

I don’t think I’ll share my macro breakdown today, but I will talk about my “HEC.”

Metabolic Effect, a site I personally have found to be a great resource, talks about how much our Hunger, Energy, and Cravings (HEC) play into hormones and how we eat.

It’s not a one size fits all, that’s for sure.

When I decided to lower my carbs and increase protein, it was really important to me that I kept my HEC in check (haha).

That meant an incredibly slow process of reducing carbs and adding protein.

I didn’t go on a crash diet of slashing all carbs and eating nothing but eggs and cheese.

No way.

I cut by only a handful of grams per day to see how I felt.

The good news was that I felt just fine. Satiated and satisfied.

I still eat plenty of carbs, but I have definitely seen such a difference in my clothes by increasing my protein.

I realize this increased protein concept seems like such a “duh” moment, especially for someone like me who has done lots of my own research on the subject.

Yes, I fully acknowledge the importance of protein. I always have.

Today’s post really is about sharing my decision to harness its power in my own ability to feel satisfied and shed some holiday fluff. smile (Remember my fall football fitness goals?)

Here are just a few examples of the swaps I’ve made.

The biggest change came with my daily green monster. I LOVE my daily green monster, and I love it super fruity.

Instead of my daily green monsters with a whole banana, I’ve ditched the fruit altogether or have added low glycemic berries instead.

I also opted for a fruity greens powder to help add the flavor without the sugar.

Hands down, that’s where I started saving the most carbs. Breakfast was second.

Instead of oatmeal for breakfast, I’ve swapped for eggs with three cups of steamed greens (or something similar).

Instead of lentils or quinoa for lunch, I’ve swapped for a salad with avocado and tofu.

I’ve swapped air popped corn for organic yogurt, or my rice cakes for organic greek yogurt. This switch has been the hugest bang for my buck. We all know how much protein greek yogurt offers, and that was one was switch that catapulted my protein intake.

I’ve enjoyed my beloved mangoes once or twice a month versus once or twice weekly (money saver too!)

I’m still occasionally adding in fish once or twice a week, which also sends my protein macros soaring.

I share all this, but must also note, when I say “soaring” I really mean soaring the levels into a more balanced state.

I was easily eating 45-50% of my calories in the form of carbs many days.

Between the new job and the more hectic schedule, I stopped focusing on balance. 

Fast forward eight months and I finally woke up and realized it was time to get ahold of myself.

It started with my Fall Football Fitness goals and progressed from there.

So yeah.


It’s a good thing.

My HEC is in check (couldn’t resist), and my winter pants are happy girls.

Thanks for tuning for this rather long ramble! Check in tomorrow!

Tuesday Things, 2 Dec 14

My office got a new coffee machine a couple weeks ago and it is killing me.


It’s affecting my life.

I love coffee but rarely drink it (yeah, yeah I realize it makes no sense).

Now that they have this new machine with the most delicious vanilla flavored coffee ever, I’m up to multiple cups a day and it’s killing me, ya’ll.

I had the worst time trying to get to sleep last week, and staying asleep was just as hard.  I knew it was the coffee but I just.couldnt.stop.

So yeah, I rationed down to one cup, first thing in the morning. One and done. No matter how wonderfully vanilla-y it is.


Yesterday was the first day my macros were finally where they needed to be since Thanksgiving.

I did fairly well navigating through the long weekend, but I spent my fair share of time carb crashing after the large meals.

It feels good to be back to normal eating and feeling more like myself.

Kind of.

I mean, who doesn’t love a plate full of your favorite carbohydrates?

We had a house full of dessert and delicious leftovers.

We finished the last of it Sunday. Now there’s nothing.


No pie. No potatoes.

It’s like complete food drug detox over here ya’ll, and I’m kind of going through withdrawals.


Pass the protein and healthy greens.

Joel and Julia.

It’s about time they reconciled so my life can go back to normal.

I still have so many unanswered questions. Mainly, WHY ARE THEY CANCELING THE SHOW!?

The game changer

My culinary horizons have expanded.

Have you ever “hard boiled” your eggs in the oven?

If you have a Pinterest (I don’t), you’ve probably seen this trick a million times.

Someone told me what a difference it made for easier peeling, and they weren’t kidding!

I’ve always battled peeling problems. Pieces of egg completely ripped off when I’ve tried to peel. What a waste!

Just plop your eggs in a muffin tin, and bake at 350 for about 25 minutes.

Plunge the eggs in an ice bath and let them sit a few minutes before peeling.

Easiest removal ever.

No more Neilsen

Remember how annoyed I was when Will agreed to do the Neilsen rating stuff for a week?
Turns out, it wasn’t too bad.

Um, maybe even a little enjoyable?

(What’s wrong with me!?)

Now it seems strange not having to write down what we’re watching every single time the TV is on.


That’s it today! Any randomness you care to share? 

Thanksgiving Weekend & Look Ahead

Mondays after holidays are such a major drag.

I wish I could be like some of you, eager to share your stories at the water cooler (haha do people even do that anymore?), but I’m not.

I would love to enjoy the Monday after at home with Will and the pups.

Let the wishful thinking commence.

My Thanksgiving weekend was different than most, but still very nice.

I find these holiday weekends go far too quickly, mainly because half the days are spent traveling and doing family activities, while the other half is reserved for normal weekend duties.

I tried to keep my normal weekend duties to a minimum, though.

Wednesday night was all about food prep. I made my favorite mashed sweet potatoes.
Let the mashed sweet potato eating commence

The carbicide also commenced a day early.
It's got spinach on it, so it's got to be healthy, right?

It had spinach on it. It was healthy pizza, right!?

As you already know, we spent Thursday with Will’s family.

Thursday was sort of a weird day.

Will’s great uncle was diagnosed with lung cancer just three short months ago. He never smoked a day in his life, but after a long spell of coughing and never getting better, doctors made the discovery.

In just three very short months, the cancer spread and he got worse and worse. It’s like we didn’t even get to properly prepare because we were still in shock just how quickly it began to take over.

When we got to Will’s grandparent’s house Thursday, we learned they moved him to hospice and things had taken a grim turn. Will’s grandparents and parents were headed to the hospital right after we ate lunch together.

Will’s family is all about “visiting.” They love to sit and visit hours on end.

Thursday was hectic. We all ate, and as many of us were catching up and “visiting,"Will’s mom and grandma were frantically clearing tables and putting things away. We kind of got kicked out of the house!

We figured they must have gotten news things were even worse.

So we caravaned back up to OKC.

It was a whirlwind day.

Two hours driving to his grandparent’s house, about an hour and a half actually spent there, and then quickly turning back around for the two hour trip to the hospital.

We got there, and the waiting room was full of family. I’m so thankful we were able to go and be with everyone.

We got to see Will’s uncle.

I pray you’ve never had to see the deterioration of cancer. Unfortunately, I have seen it a few times. It’s a wrenching thing to remember the vitality of a loved one and their demeanor the way they were, and then to see cancer take its toll.

He could barely speak, and his eyes remained closed. Will and I held his hand, and amidst tears prayed with him.

I’m thankful for that moment.

We said goodbye to everyone and headed home.

A Thanksgiving far different than our norm.

I did manage to snap a few pics before we got news of Will’s uncle and his worsened condition.

Oh Will.

He hates pictures, as you can see. smile

Will is smiling on the inside.

About two hours after getting home, we got a call to see if Will’s grandparents could stay the night with us.

I’d love to tell you I handled the request with grace and warm hospitality, but I’d be lying.

Will and I frantically went into guest prep mode for the 20 minutes we had before they arrived.

Let’s be honest, after the day they’d had, they probably wouldn’t have even noticed if I had a pile of laundry on the couch or a little dust.  Heck, I could have had spaghetti stuck to the walls and they probably would have been none the wiser.

I’m so thankful we were able to extend our house to them. I’m so happy they were able to stay and be in OKC when we received the news Friday.

Friday was packed with family, too.

We received the news about Will’s uncle passing around 6:00 that morning. Although very sad, there’s such a peace knowing how much he loved and praised Jesus, even until the end.

Will went to breakfast with his grandparents and mom, while I stayed behind to do a little prep for Thanksgiving with my family.

Oh girls, we outsourced Thanksgiving with my family this year, and it was the best decision ever!

I ordered the healthy menu, and it did not disappoint. The menu came with turkey breast with pomegranate au jus, mashed sweet potatoes, mashed white potatoes, made with Greek yogurt instead of cream, fresh green beans, quinoa salad (so good ), and a pumpkin dessert.

So delicious!

I also made rolls, and my mom made a relish tray and another casserole. Aaaaand the most delicious caramel vanilla cheesecake ever.

So much for healthy. smile

Despite the sad morning, it was really nice to be with my family. I’m sure I hugged my mom and dad a little tighter.

Love my mom

The afternoon was a nice break, especially after the rushed and emotional day before.

Layla is such a hoot! I know I tell you all the time, but seriously. She’s a hoot.

We finally had a quiet evening Friday night. In fact, we went to bed before 9!

Saturday was enjoyable. It was a nice break to simply spend time together and appreciate the long weekend. I got up and worked out (for the third time over since Thursday. Woo hoo!).

We caught a movie, and then proceeded to spend almost three hours putting seat covers on our old Honda.

Almost three hours.

Will is the most meticulous man on the planet about some things.

The seat covers

We tucked, and buckled, and pulled, and tucked some more.

The back seat was the worst.

Painful, guys.

The evening was much less annoying. We enjoyed leftovers (and cheesecake) and caught up on shows.

Sunday came way too fast.

We kicked off the Christmas season at church. I also worked out and prepped for the week ahead. It will be nice to eat normal meals again! smile

Now we’re back to Monday. A Monday that feels mountainous. Remember how I accidentally screwed up Thanksgiving for some of our friends to the north? Yeah… What goes around comes around. I have lots waiting for me today.

Here’s a look at what’s ahead this week:

Tuesday Things
The Diet Lately
Things I’m Loving Thursday
A Trashy Realization

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and that today is t too overwhelming. Check in tomorrow! 

Happy Thanksgiving 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m posting early in hopes you won’t be in pecan pie coma yet.

Which brings up an important question- do you even like pecan pie?

Much like pumpkin, I find the topic highly divisive at the Thanksgiving table.

I don’t understand how anyone could hate either, but then again I pretty much love anything placed in a buttery crust and baked.

Oh, and can we also talk about how one properly slices a pie?

I realize I’m a self-proclaimed health nut, but I must confess, Thanksgiving pies must always be sliced into six, not eight pieces.

Unless of course you are creating a little dessert sampler plate, in which case it should be cut into 12 pieces.


6. Or 12.

I realize how preposterous 6 may sound, but that’s just how it’s gotta be.

Regardless of whether you love or detest pecan (or pumpkin) pie, or cut your pie in 8 pieces instead of six, I will not judge.

On the same note, please be so kind not to judge me as I reach for my second helping of cranberry sauce or mashed potatoes.

It’s probably going to happen.

Today we head to the boonies to celebrate Thanksgiving Round One with Will’s family.

Which means, for about six years straight, I’ve missed the Thanksgiving Day parade. I used to always watch it growing up.

Are you an avid watcher? Am I missing out? Should I DVR it?

Actually, don’t tell me to DVR it. I wouldn’t watch it. Something about taping a live holiday event and then watching it afterward just seems a little sad.

Moving on.

You’ll be proud (or annoyed?) to learn I worked out at the gym this morning, despite the fact it feels a little like a complete and utter waste in some ways. smile

I still feel quite accomplished, and even gave myself a pat on the back.


I’m pretty sure Will rolled his eyes.

He was even more annoyed when I kind of sort of ran late and had to accomplish my makeup, crooked eyeliner and all, in the car.

Real life.

So now we’re all settled, all done up, and headed to grandma’s house, mashed sweet potatoes, broccoli salad, crooked eyeliner and all.

Anyway, tomorrow’s festivities will be more low key. We outsourced our Thanksgiving meal and I can’t wait to tell you about it.

Until then, I am going to bask in the love of my family.

And pie.

Definitely pie too.

On a serious note, I want to take a moment to thank you.

There are millions of blogs out there. Ones that are far more modern than this outdated archaic design I’ve had since 2008, and ones that are probably more entertaining.

Yet you come here and read my words everyday.

I appreciate it.

Some of you since 2005, and I love that. I’ve grown up so much since those early posts as a young newlywed. I like to think, by God’s grace (and patience) I’ve gotten far better since then. I hope you’ve become better too.

I hope you’ll continue on this journey with me.

Thank you for reading.

Thank you for being for me.

Thank you for being kind.

Sorry for the scattery post today, but I wanted to say hello.

Happy Thanksgiving from The B-Love Family. ❤️

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