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just a thursday

I truly love “Saturdays.”

It is my favorite day.

Will and I had a super time today. It wasn’t like we did anything extra wonderful, but it was just nice to get out (I think I say the exact phrase after every Thursday afternoon… sorry, but’s that exactly how I feel!).

I don’t have anything overly entertaining to write about, but I wanted to “document“ my day so a few years from now I can look back and read my blog and think, “See, you didn’t really hate the first few months here.“

As usual, I was in a deep sleep and dreaming something wild that involved me and Will trying to move into a new place, only we couldn’t… and it was like we were home, but we really weren’t… something like that. The substance of my dream isn’t at all pertinent. The fact that in the middle of my deep sleep we got the usual Saturday morning phone call is what counts.

I was up.

For about an hour. I tried really hard to go back to sleep, but just couldn’t. I checked my email and piddeled around a bit and then went back to bed and finally fell back to sleep and slept until around 9:30. I had to force Will out of bed, and he wouldn’t budge until about 10.

We just sort of hung out all morning. My family had went to grocery shop and run errands so we had the place to ourselves. The plan was to go to eat around 1ish, but by 12:30 Will was still figuring up his fantasy football draft, picks, something or other, so we missed that goal.

I was ready and watched my usual Thursday afternoon show, the terrible Trading Spouses. We ended up leaving near 2 or something, but I guess all that info doesn’t matter much. smile

Usually when we go out on the afternoons, the resturants are dead because we go early compared to the Kuwaitis. However, today since we had went so late it was busy. It was a strange feeling eating in a busy place during the afternoon. We ate our “cheapest“ sit- down restaurant meal since we’ve been here. It’s so hard to realize that we really did eat cheap when all Will and I do is convert our bill into US dollars and get depressed at how much we “really“ spent. Between the two of us we had 5 tacos and one drink. That is it. It was only 5 KD, but back home it would have been almost $20. It isn’t as gratifying to know you ate cheap in Kuwaiti terms because you know it was just a normal bill back home.

After lunch we headed to the pharmacy to get my birth control.

What an experience that was.

It was my first time ever at the pharmacy and I didn’t really know what to expect. We chose a small one and went in. Of course there were about 5 other people in this small pharmacy looking at “normal“ stuff like face wash and shampoo. I, the blonde American that totally sticks out (as if that wasn’t uncomfortable enough), was there for birth control. Okay, so to everyone else this seems like a dumb thing to get nervous about, but I WAS! Their culture is just so different so I was all uptight about having to go in and get it. Of course there is promiscuity, but you can get in serious trouble if you are caught. You can even get in trouble for showing too much affection in public- even if you ARE married! l don’t know why, but I was totally nervous to do this.

The Kuwaiti pharmacist, all in his dish dashya (I’m not totally sure on the spelling- it’s their long white garb) looking like the most devout Muslim I had ever seen comes over to me. Of course I get the “real“ guy! He probably thinks I’m some unwed 18 year old with her older boyfriend and since Americans are “racy” I’m sure he thinks I have tons of sex with a million people. Why did I have to get the “real” guy?  His helper- in shorts and a Hawaiian shirt is consulting a lady on face creams.


I tried to flash my wedding ring.

Why did I care? I don’t know. I’m still getting used to things over here… I’m a dork.

“May I help you?“

“Uh. Yeah. Uh… Yeah, I need to pick up some prescription drugs. No. Wait. Not prescription… there is no such thing...Uh...”

( at this point I want to grab Will and tell the guy, “Look. I want to have lots of legal sex with this guy right here but I don’t want to ger pregnant so can you please just put the stuff in the bag so I can go now!!!!)

“uh. I need to pick up some birth control… some Minesse. Two months worth (so I don’t have to come back to this place for a long time… maybe ever if I can talk Will into getting them for me. Do you HAVE women that work here?!)

So we got two months, paid the man, and left. 2 months cost me 16 American bucks total. That is amazing.

After that adventure Will and I headed off to the Sultan center to pick up a few things we needed… and a few we didn’t. I got some yummy chocolate to take to the movie we were about to see so I wouldn’t have to buy their expensive stuff.

I’m cheap when it comes to that stuff. What can I say. We saw The Island. It was a lot better than I expected.

After that we came back to the apartment. Will got the funnest and most intriguing gadget- an ear and nose trimmer (oh, the things that excite me). Will has used one before, but I’ve always been nervous about inserting a buzzing tool up my nose. He came into the bedroom all cute and excited and said, “You gotta see this!“ I have to admit, I was a little interested. We went in the bathroom and he showed me how it worked. I was giggling like a little kid as I marveled at this contraption. Will kept saying, “ C’mon! Try it, you big baby! It’s not going to hurt you!“ It took about 5 of those and finally I nervously took the buzzing thing and gave it a go. What strange things we do to keep ourselves presentable.

So that has been our Thursday up unitl now. Once again we will be going to bed early and waking up around 3 to watch football. I think it will be a lot more fun knowing we get to sleep in together tomorrow

just a recap

Just a re-cap post today. Nothing spectacular really.

We had a great weekend. It felt so good to get out and be together. The ultimate would have been to have our own apartment to come home to, but in time we’ll get that too.

Nonetheless, it was just a good weekend. Wednesday night Will wanted to see a movie. It was “opening night” for Monster In-Law and The Longest Yard so it was pretty much between those two. I really really really didn’t want to see Monster In-Law for personal reasons (don’t worry- I won’t get into that), but you’ll never guess what Will wanted to see… Yep… Monster In-Law. That’s true love right there- to sit through that movie with Will. Actually it was really good.

So then we came back to the apartment and uncomfortably had cake and ice cream with my family. I haven’t had a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake in ages. It was divine. I think I’ll have to start celebrating half birthdays and random holidays like Secretary Week so we have an excuse to go out and buy a cake. smile After that we just sat around and called it a night.

Thursday we had our famous phone call and Will got to talk to his family and see what all was going on with Will’s fam. We went back to sleep for a few more hours and then I forced Will out of bed by playing a game of bowling on my phone’s loudest setting. We got up and got around and then went to Hard Rock for lunch. It was so much fun. After that we went and saw yet another movie!We opted for The Longest Yard. It was really good.

We headed back to the apartment and then the “fun” began- we sat down to a very important business meeting to talk about the draft coming up in our league. Will made me get my magazine that I have been so avidly reading and researching (wink wink) and a notebook so we could analyze and discuss what players we want and when we want to draft them.

This stuff is quite a process! I am a person of intense order. I call my planner “the second Bible.” I always have to have a plan. Fantasy Football (yes, I know I’m capitalizing it as if it were a real day) Draft Day is anything but structure! You have no idea what these other 11 guys are going to take so you have to have several options lined up incase they take “your” guy. Wow. I ended up having so much fun though! I can’t believe I just said that! I actually had a good time looking though our magazines, reading about players and then discussing if we should consider them or not. We were about an hour in and Will was like, “Let’s put it away for tonight. I don’t want you to get burned out.” I had to laugh to myself because in all honesty I could have went another hour and been fine. Oh well. It was probably a good idea because I may be singing a whole different tune in a few weeks when draft day starts.

Well, today is our last day of the weekend, which saddens me. I always think as I write my posts on Friday that as I am ending my weekend you all are preparing to start yours!Today is just a lazy day. We have the apartment to ourselves which is nice. Will is playing his game- for the first time this weekend! I was shocked because I thought since it was “his” weekend he would have wanted to play more. smile So, while he’s doing that I’m siezing the opportunity to use the computer while I still have the chance. Will has to work tonight which is a bummer, so I will be on my own tonight- kind of.

So, that was our weekend in a nut shell. Nothing too extra-special, but just what we needed. thanks for all the sweet wishes. Have a great weekend.

two for the price of one

had to laugh to myself today when I saw the birth control in Kuwait thing on the Nest- because that was going to be the topic of today’s post! What a Twilight Zone moment. Are you in my brain??

Well, now I have to think of something else to write about because two posts fully explaining my BC issues is enough- even for me! smile

Well, Sunday is the big day. The day I make the big switcharoo. I wouldn’t be as nervous except for the fact that I have decided to skip an Aunt Flo this month because Will’s birthday is next week.Okay, so how you are all saying. “My eyes have seen too much!” Sorry, I crossed the “we don’t know you very well and REALLY don’t want to hear about your birth control issues, let alone skipping aunt flos and God knows what.” I’ll stop. If you really want to play psychologist with today’s post, I am writing because of my anxiety of not only starting low dose of BC on the day I’m supposed to take my placebo pills, but also one that isn’t approved by the FDA. Yeah, that makes ya feel great.

So, now that I promised I wouldn’t stay on the birth control subject because we’ve all had our fill for the year, I will change subjects.

I am in love. I try to use the world Love carefully, because I hate saying I LOVE Taco Bueno with the same excitiment as I say I LOVE Will. It just happens that way. I know the love is different, but it just comes out with the same zeal. That’s terrible.

Anyway, I really am in LOVE, and as of this very instant it might just borderline the same excitement as a shouting acclamation of an “I LOVE WILL.”

PEANUT BUTTER FLUFF Sandwiches. Ahh, the power that eminates from these few words. Yes, they require capitilzation because they are their own entity. They are simply divine. Let me explain. Bread is a strange thing here. They sell it, but it is a little stale even when it is fresh. It comes in tiny loaves and you must use it within a day after you buy it or it gets moldy. It’s quite an interesting thing. If I knew a kid here that needed to do a science project, I would ask him to find out why their bread is the way it is.

Anyway, you just can’t get excited about plain bread as it is, let alone Kuwait bread. But then it happened. The blessed ordering guy, in charge of choosing the items that go in the military PXs put in an order for WONDER BREAD. The miracle substance of life. I never thought I would be so excited to see a plain, white, bleached flour with no nutritional value loaf of bread. The anticipation of opening a fresh loaf of WONDER BREAD- its almost overwhelming! When they get it in stock- and it only comes to one of the bases in Kuwait- so you actually have to make a trip to get it if you work elsewhere- and believe me, none of the camps are close together.

Anyway, once it hits the shelves it’s gone within the hour. People would give their children’s college funds for a bag. You have to be at the right place at the right time. Luckily, my mom was. She threw her elbows around and fought for the last 2 loaves and got ‘em. I never realized how much I liked slice bread until I couldn’t have it. I missed it so much I could have actually just eaten the “real bread” plain- but it’s like a forbidden rule to “waste” “THE” bread in our house. You’d think we had a stash of truffles around instead of plain white bread.

the one true satisfaction of having the rare and much sought after WONDER BREAD in our house is having the best additions to go with it. PEANUT BUTTER and MARSHMALLOW FLUFF. Just let me take a moment to write that again- PEANUT BUTTER and MARSHMALLOW FLUFF, and yes, I do find it annoyingly necessary to capitalize the words. It just sounds so sinfully terrible! How much more fattening and wonderful can you get?! I figure this bread only comes around here once in a lifetime, so I should at least get the full satisfaction from it. So, I have been consuming my “fluffer-nutter” sandwiches like it was the absolute last time I would ever have one again. I’m really relishing this WONDER BREAD moment. Yes, I am a goof- but I am currently blinded by love.
* * ******************************
I was going to leave you all with that today and start an entirely separate post for the following story, but I thought. “What the heck. I’m already here typing. I’ll just lump them into one big post.” The issues are totally different, and in all honesty they do deserve their own post (PEANUT BUTTER FLUFF sandwiches for crying out loud!), but I am just going to place them together anyway, despite their deserving their own post and title. Today was the most special day in our house! We had our first visitor in Kuwait!!

I wish you knew the elation that I felt today. One of Will’s friends, who is currently stationed in Iraq, contacted Will the other day to tell him he would be at Doha on his way back to the states to for the birth of his first baby! Well, he didn’t know the exact day, but we knew it would be soon. Today Will had a few missed calls on his phone and a few emails from Parker saying he was already here. Luckily he got a hold of Will and Will went up to Doha to hang out with him. He was really excited.

Well, about an hour after he had gotten to Doha, Will calls and says, “Can I bring a visitor home for a few hours?” I have never been more happy to clean house for a guest than today. We have never and will probably never again have a visitor, so it was a big deal. I rushed around and got ready and closed out bedroom door- which is off limits because we are living out of suitcases and everything is a mess.

Well, Will brings Parker over and the first thing he does is takes he stuff into our room! Grrr. Oh well. I needed a few Get Well cards on the dresser, like Crystal talked about in a post the other day.

So, Parker got a shower and we just hung out at the apartment for an hour and then decided to take him out to eat.Of course, we went to Buffalos. I think I might get sick of that place!

It was so much fun. Will knew Parker from teaching youth sunday school together at the church Will grew up at, so although I know Parker, I don’t know him that well. It was still so nice for Will and I to get out with another “person” and just have a good time. He had so many stories to share, some very sad, and some of awesome hope. It was just so interesting to get to ask questions about what is going on there and what he thought of everything since he is in the middle of it every day. It was just like my 4th of July experience but so much more personal. It was just really cool to get to hear his stories and for Will to get to spend time with his friend. Parker is coming back to Doha in a few weeks, so I hope Will gets more of a chance to hang out with him and (hopefully he will get access to get off camp) show him around. It was a really fun and really surprising day!

We had a visitor!

feeling better

As I sat down to write today I reazlied it was my only shot. I have to “fight” for computer time at this house, so I am at a blank. There were a million things I wanted to tell you all- I even had a funny story or two, but I’m not sure where this post is going to end up.

I got “in trouble” today by my own stupid default. I forwarded my sister something from my blog and didn’t stop to think the link was included- duh! So, once again I have somewhat been forced into the WPP. She “knows” about the “Will annoyed with my mom” issue which means that if it hasn’t already come out, its only a matter of time.

I don’t even want to go there in this post though, so moving on…

Today was so much fun. Will and I didn’t do anything extremely out of the ordinary or anything, but we just got out by ourselves and enjoyed the day- and boy did we need it!

We got the usual 6:00 in the morning phone call and of course went right back to sleep afterwards. Will’s dad’s birthday was yesterday and even though he didn’t really vocalize it, I think Will was sad that he missed it. They are really close and Will thinks that with his dad’s health there won’t be a lot more birthdays. I think it was really good for Will to get to talk to him and wish him a happy birthday this morning.

After we got up and got ready we went to Al-Kout mall to exchange my blazer. It was a little too big, so I got another size. I an so in love with it, but I have no idea what to wear with it! I looked online and there are other colors on the site, but only green at the store. hmmm. I just don’t know! I hate that and rarely every do it- buy something that doesn’t really fit into my wardrobe- but I really wanted it and I’m sure I can find a pretty cami to go with it. What color?…

Anyway, after that we headed down to Gulf Road to go to Marina Mall. I really like that mall. It is so pretty. Will wanted to see a movie this weekend. Our choices here are sort of limited and we get movies a couple weeks after they are released in the states. We had to choose between Madagascar, Fantastic Four, and some scary movie. We opted for Fantastic Four. It was good and they only cut out the kissing scene, so it wasn’t like we missed anything.

After our movie we went to Will’s favorite restaurant here in Kuwait- Buffalos. I think we like it so much because it reminds us of home.

It was just such a fun day. Like I said, nothing overly-wonderful, but it really felt like we “were eachothers” the whole day and didn’t have to compete for the living room or the kitchen, or whatever. It felt like after we had dinner we would drive home to our own apartment and just hang out on the couch watching Trading Spouses (real great TV huh?). Not the case, but it was nice to picture today.

Since I’m on that subject I thought I would answer Laura’s questions from my feedback yesterday to explain things better. I’m just going to be open and candid- so don’t think I’m being a snob or anything. I hate when people talk money when they don’t know people that great- so don’t think I’m being like that- because I’m totally not! smile

We definitely wouldn’t have come here if there wasn’t a goal and purpose set before us. Our goal is to stay in Kuwait for three years to pay off debt and save a good chunk of money that there would be no possible way to do in the states. Now- with me not working that has thrown a wrench in things and has altered our thinking. However- assuming I have a job soon and we decide to stay, here are some good things about staying.

When I get a job, Will and I will be able to have our own, furnished apartment totally paid, including utilities. We will be provided a car to share with someone we work with and they pay for car maitenance and gas- which is only about 86 cents- doesn’t that make you ill!?  Will gets a living allowance every two weeks that many people just live off of and don’t touch their paycheck. Will’s check is also tax free since we are living overseas, so everything you earn, you keep.

So, assuming I have a job too, that is attractive.The company pays for the employee’s way home at the end of a year, and to Frankfurt and the end of 6 months, which is also nice so we can go home and visit family.

So, once we pay off our immediate debt (and sell our house- which is huge), we are living without bills here and are able to save everything we make. The fact that I don’t have a job really hurts us because we aren’t able to meet our goals and get ahead. It is really crappy!

That is our main reason for being here. We also felt like this was the only chance in our lives that we would ever be able to do this. We had nothing holding us down, so if we were going to move, now was the time. Plus, there are opportunities to visit Dubai and other close countries that so few people think to visit on vacation! Afterall, that sure wouldn’t be my first choice! smile

I know I down my situation a lot, but its because I’m not here to sit all day. The main purpose for us to be here is to work, so in a lot of ways it’s been a counterproductive 2 1/2 months. Okay, so please don’t think we dictate our life around money- because when we got here we quickly learned that where we come from and what we love is so much more important that the material- but I think most couples can understand what I’m trying to say.

I know that God has us here for a reason and in this really yucky “living with my parents“ situation for a reason too, but it sure has been a trying and lonely few months! “What do you want us to do!?“ I constantly ask.

Thank you so much for all that listen to my crazy ride! I am only able to have the joy that I have because of my faith in Jesus Christ.

I really appreciated all who posted thoughtful and encouraging words yesterday. If only I could have taken you all out to get a coke or something!

Anyway, I hope you all don’t think I’m tacky for telling you all of that stuff, but that is why we are here and why we are holding on and praying that I will get a job. If not, then I’m not really sure what we are to do!

Not much of an exciting post today! Oh well. I had such a great day. Its amazing how something as simple as walking around a busy and loud mall with your husband can calm your spirit and make you realize that somehow, everything will be okay.

The Hair Lady

This is a record for me. 3 posts in one day? That’s pretty annyoing. The nest is going to ban me if I’m not careful!

Today I had my first hair experience in Kuwait and although it was different it wasn’t really that foreign. There are some strange quarks though. Today is “Saturday” here, which is seems to be the most convenient time for people to get their hair done in the States, but not really here. We went at 2 and it was dead. Things don’t get busy until night, even on weekends. A lot of stores are closed until 4:30. Its strange. Anyway, I also found it weird that no one really talks there. That was all I did back home! You go to your stylist- that you adore and you talk the whole 2 1/2 hours you are there! Not the case here. I kept wanting to strike up conversation, but it just wasn’t the same and I felt like I was in school and was talking out of turn or without raising my hand or something.

Anyway, the girl that did our hair was a year older than me, so that made me feel good- I figured since she was trendy probably wouldn’t mess my hair up. She is from London, which made it that much cooler.

Going to a new stylist was weird. I am such a dork because I feel that even though I’m about to get my hair totally foiled and combed and sprayed and everything else, I still have to get my hair all pretty and perfect before I see my hair person, and today was even worse because it was my first time with Layla. How goofy. I’m strange that way I guess.

I feel like I cheated on my lady at home. I really believe once you find “the one“ you have to stick with her for the rest of your life. Okay maybe not that long, but you know what I mean, right?

She foiled my hair and instead of putting me under the dryer for it to set, she just let me sit there for 25 minutes, which I thought was weird. I was worrying (which I do all the time anyway) the whole time if it was going to be just a good since I didn’t go in the dryer. Will it last as long? Will it fade faster? What a goof.

She foiled and the TCNs do everything else pretty much. They took my foils out and washed my hair- plus this awesome scalp massage.

Well afterwards I was waiting for her to trim my hair and she never did. I thought that was weird because home it is just this unspoken thing that if you want a foil you also want a trim unless you say otherwise. I was pretty surprised to find out that the cost of my foil- which was almost two and a half times my normal place- didn’t include a trim. Oh well.

The lady did an awesome job, and I now have a “mistress on the side,” but my lady back home already figured would happen.

I got home and my family went out to eat and Will and I sat at home and watched our Season 1 King of Queens boxset. Sara- I thought about you when I stuck it in. I thought Kari was an only child, I had no idea she had a sister!

Okay, off the subject.

Well I think- and I’m being serious this time- I’m going to remove myself from posting today, afteral I posted more today tham some people do in 2 months.

Thanks for listening to me talk about something few people probably care about other than myself and my new hair lady.

Just Another Post

This WPP (see Sunday’s post) stuff really chaps my hide. I could really use a good vent session today, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to remain under radar for a little while longer to make sure I’m in the clear. I haven’t figured out how I will know I’m in the clear… I’ll have to think about that later. I guess I’ll have to start talking in code or something. I could write about my “mom” and “dad” like they were other people… okay sorry everyone. Like I said I needed a vent session today and can’t really get one yet. Its a family related vent- if you hadn’t already guessed.

I got pictures today! I’m trying to figure out how to put them in my actual post, so it may be a year or so before they are actually up because I haven’t got it to work yet. smile

Since I can’t post about what I really need to just yet, I may as well stop talking about it so I quit thinking about it!

Will and I went on our first date last night. Awwwww. How sweet. I even had my mom take a picture before our big night out. Since we are living with them I just imagined her yelling, “You kids don’t stay out too late,” or “Remember, they arrest people that show too much affection in public!!!”

I really braced myself for that one. The only thing that was missing was my dad opening the door with a shot gun in hand or something.

It was good to get out- can you tell I needed to?

We went to ChiChis- after about a 45 minute drive trying to find it. Gulf Road is a little confusing and there are few places to turn around- you have to go miles down the road to turn around when where you wanted to be initally was across the street. So, it made for a long trip. Once we got there it was good to sit down and eat and enjoy eachother’s company and just be together alone- for the first ever time since we’ve been here.

Then around 2 this morning Will gets out of bed and slowly makes his way to the bathroom all sick-like. He was feeling miserable. He brought the trashcan in and two towels- one to put on the floor and one to put under the pillow incase something happened. I felt really bad for him and put a wash cloth on this forehead, but the whole time I was thinking, “PLEASE don’t throw up! I just don’t think I can handle it.“ Is that bad? He’s thrown up once before since we’ve been married but made it to the toliet, but if it was going to happen this morning, there was no way he was making it to the bathroom. I tried to be sweet and gentle with him, but I was praying the whole time that he didn’t throw up, but then I compromised and became realistic and was telling myself, “Okay Brittny, I realize he’s probably going to throw up, but maybe, just maybe you’ll get lucky and he’ll make it in the trash can.“

You know the whole thing about having a kid and not minding if it craps or throws up all over you because it’s your baby and you get used to it? The same doesn’t apply for husbands (or in my case babies either). Will- I love you, but please… please I beg you, do not roll over and throw up on me. That’s all I could think. Maybe if we had our own place I wouldn’t have minded so much, but with everything looming over my head, being puked on was the last thing I could have used.

Poor thing, he felt horrible. I caressed his head and he finally went to sleep.

Well, we made it through the night and I woke up unscathed. He finally went back to sleep around 3:30.

That’s the most excitement I’ve had today! Hope you Monday is just as good, if not better. Ha Ha

Thanks for listening

just another day

Yesterday turned out to be a good day and a nice start to our weekend.

My mom had the day off because they changed up her schedule this week, so that was nice. She recently got her license over here so we were able to get out and about.  We picked my sister up early from school and went out to lunch. Afterwards, we went to the Sultan Center, similar to Walmart, and did some grocery shopping. There were a lot of westerners there, so it was nice. It just feels more like home when you get a friendly hello from a westerner. My mom says that most of them get up really early on Thursday or Friday (our weekend) and go grocery shopping to beat the rush (which is when my parents usually go), so she was surprised to see so many people out.

My mom did a good job driving- we didn’t even get lost! It is very easy to get lost here because very few roads are marked. You want to know something else really strange? They don’t have a phonebook! Talk about going crazy! I have no access to any phone numbers here. You want to find a doctor or make a hair appointment or call for pizza? Good luck. You just have to hope your heiress (kind of like a apartment concierge) has a good list of numbers. Anyway, I got a little sidetracked, moving on…

Will got home later that afternoon and we were able to sit and just talk about how I was feeling. He really needs my support during this time- hes working really long hours, away from his family, etc.- and I haven’t really been sensitive to that. It will be a lot earier to spend time together once we get our own place, but that may take longer than we expected. One good thing is that Will got his license yesterday, so going on dates and just being together on weekends will be a lot easier. I felt a lot better after we laid everything on the table and I listened to how I could be a better encourager about the things we can’t change (like living with my parents and the lack of time to ourselves).

Today was a lazy day. We got Showtime, which is like a better cable network here. It can’t be much worse, thats for sure. They have the BBC food channel and E!, so I am thinking I hit the jackpot. I finished my book. It turned out to be pretty good. I think I will get a few more online and hope the shipping doesn’t take forever.

I think we are going to go to the Contiki tonight( I have no idea how to spell that). It is a fancy Polynesian place. Its in one of the hotels here. Its a part of this awesome wooden ship. I guess Kuwait is or was (I’m not really sure) famous for making huge wooden ships. Our restaurant isn’t in the ship, but I’m hoping to get to go in and check it out.

I’m not really sure what the plan is for tomorrow. Hal, the man who leads my parent’s bible study, mentioned changing things up for a while. I guess everyone that goes to the study but our family is going to work 12 hour days 7 days a week until Camp Doha is closed. The closing of Camp Doha is a REALLY long story. In short: after the Gulf War, the US agreed to keep their base open there for 10 years. The contract will be up at the end of this year and the Kuwaitis do not want to renew it because it is on a really lucrative piece of land- a port that they are hoping to turn into a hub. They want to develop one of the islands off the coast into a major tourist spot- kind of like Dubai- that premits drinking and gambling, etc. (which is ironic since their government is adamantly against those things). Anyway, Doha is going to be the hub for boats to take people to and from the island. So, everyone is having to move to other camps in Kuwait. Now, why did I feel the need to write all of that whey I really only had the intention of talking about a hiatus on Bible study? Who knows.Anyway, I am hoping we will figure something out. I think it is good for us all to get together, just for accountability and time to be with friends.

No other exciting news to report (not that what I said was exciting by any means grin ). 

Guess I better get going for now- I think I am going to get my eyebrows threaded. Ever heard of it? Neither have I and I am terrified of what they are going to do. No one waxes here, so this thread thing will be interesting…

My roll of film is done, so I should get them developed and have some picture up by the middle of next week, that way people will believe me when I tell them its not all camels and dirt.

maybe we’ll lead a normal life in Kuwait afterall

Our first “real” weekend in Kuwait made a realize that we will truly live a very “normal” life while we were here. It felt a lot like the states… but sweltering.

Where to start? I am going to look forward to Wednesdays. The work week in Kuwait is 48 hours, so everyone works 4 10 hour days and one 8 hour days. Will got home at 3:30 on Wednesday, so it was like we had the whole afternoon to hang out and get an early start on the weekend. (it still seems like it should be call Friday everytime Wednesday hits… TGIW just doesn’t have the same ring). Everyone got home and we hung out a while and then my dad made reservations for us to eat at the Crown Plaza hotel for my graduation!

Since I have been kept inside all week, it felt so good to get out. This counrty is nocturnal to the extreme, so everything is so busy at night- we were out what they would say is “early” at 7:00. There are several restaurants in the hotel, but we chose to eat at this western steakhouse. It was really good. It was kind of humourous to see their take on “the old west.” I wonder if they still think there are outlaws and cowboys and horses there just like everyone thinks there are nothing but camels and people that don’t wear “normal” clothes over here. smile

Dinner was good, but we had to stop off at baskin robbins for desert- not the healthiest thing! smile Guys- I’m not joking. Evertime I get into a car here I am terrified. I have never experienced panic before, but I seem to each time I am in a car. They way the Kuwaitis drive is out of this world. First of all, very few streets are marked, so you have literally no idea where you are going. My dad has lived here for a year now and had to call a dentist’s office for directions on how to get there, and will tell you by things it is near because the buildings have no numbers. I wonder how they get their mail. Then people will get impatient and drive up on the median and curbs to pass those on the road and then cut in somehow! You can be in a turning lane and someone 3 lanes over will decide to turn and cut everyone off and almost hit you to turn too. Its craziness. I do not look forward to driving here. Today my dad wasn’t going fast enough (he was going the speed limit) so this car got right on out tail and started honking and flashing its lights and then it pulled right beside us and was halfway in out land and almost sideswiped us and was yelling and everything. I seriously almost hypervenhilated. It was terrifying because even though it wouldn’t have been our fault, the police almost always believe Kuwaitis over anyone else because of “wasta,“ which means power and is what this country seems to run by, It’s kind of an unspoken good ole boy system.

Anyway, since everyone comes out at night the traffic can get pretty bad. We sat in it for a while. We just counted all the porches and BMW 700s and landrovers we saw like it was a game.

Yesterday was nice. I felt like I was in America again. We got up around 8 and got ready. We went to this place that is similar to a best buy and my parents needed to buy a printer and a freezer because of the lack of space they have in the apartment. Then we went to the Sultan Center, which can be equivilated with Walmart to go shopping. We came back and unloaded everything and then we went to Marina Mall. It was soooo awesome. It is on Gulf Road, which is like the main road in the city where everything is located. We parked and then I was able to get an Aston Martin… or at least we got a picture by one. smile Will wanted me to take a picture of this gorgeous lamborgini but I didn’t want to look too suspicious. smile The mall was beautiful, like a really nice normal mall you would have in the states. Will was dying to see Star Wars on opening day, so we went ahead and did that. Their theatres are really nice with fancy seats. The movie was great- except they cut out the kissing scenes which I thought was weird. My mom slept through the whole thing. Pretty expensive nap. smile

After the movie we went to ChiChis, this mexican restaurant. It was like 6:30. Anytime Will and I would be home and go to dinner at that time we would have to wait for 30 minutes. Like I have said a thousand times, people don’t get out until late and don’t eat until after 8:30 or so. We were the only people in the entire restaurant! It was the first time I have ever had a restaurant to myself at 6:30 on the weekend.

After that, Will and I had a decision to make. I will try and quickly explain this as best as I can… Because I am not employed with my family’s company yet, I am unable to live with Will in our own apartment unless he pays $1,000 a month (which we can’t do). So, that has made things kind of hairy. We decided to move the few things we had in our apartment out until I got a job. Will is hoping that in the next few days we will be able to get him a room in my parent’s complex, so at least he will be closer and we will be able to see eachother. So we moved out of our cute little place and into my family’s for a while… this situation deserves a post of its own- 5 people in an apartment.

On our way out the “movie guys“ were there. They sell copies of new movies for like $3. We got Sahara, which is still in theatres, Ray, hotel Rwanda, and something else, I don’t remember.

I know this blog is getting long, and I am even leaving out things, but I am just glad about this weekend. Being by myself last week really made me wonder if being here was going to be okay, and this weekend was kind of a little reassurance that everything is going to be okay. Life is not that different from home- minus my friends and a few other things like Walmarts, wearing sleeveless shirts, and tap water. smile

Today was nice. My family usually goes to a Bible study led by some friends, but he and his wife were out of town this weekend, so we didn’t have it. We just kind of took it easy. We rested, went the nicer Sultan Center more downtown and got some things we had forgotten, and just drove around. We drove past some ferarri dealerships, and looked at some more car places. Will was drooling. Sorry Will, in your dreams. smile It still blows my mind how rich this country is. It’s crazy.

We also stopped by the beach real quick on our way to the dealerships. It was beautiful. We stopped along Gulf Road and took pictures. We only stayed a few minutes because I had no sunscreen, but it was really pretty.

Tonight we watched Hotel Rwanda. The main guy used to be on Saturday Night Live. He did a great job. It was funny to think of the sketches he was in, and then see him so serious now.

Thanks for reading this looong blog. I wish I could write more, about Geezys and our new living situation… but I will save those for another day! Hope you all have as good a weekend as I was able to! Off to bed now! Good Afternoon America! Goodnight Kuwait!

Spring Cleaning- or something like it

Where did my weekend go? I told someone the other day that I was unofficially a graduate as of this past Friday and they asked me how it felt and I had to stop and think about it. My life has been on fast forward these last few weeks and I haven’t really had time to stop and think about things, or take anything in. I’m not even to the point of realizing, “Okay, I am going to be leaving ‘my world’ in 8 days.” I’m not there yet. So as I “graduate” I haven’t really had the chance to reflect on how I feel. If I was honest I am a little apprehensive- I’m in the “real world” now. No more summer vacations and getting done at 3 in the afternoon! smile anyway…

This weekend was a blur. I spent my first night alone on Thursday. I think it was the first time in my entire life that I have actually spent all alone, because in the past I would have Cleo with me, which in a sense counts. smile I had to study all night for my finals the next day, so it wasn’t that bad. Jenny (MIL) and I went to dinner, because she was alone too (Will went to visit his grandparents in Tulsa with his dad before we left). Will got home Friday night late, so we didn’t do anything. I sat around and watched Animal Cops until he got home. Such a thrilling graudation party. You have to watch out for me. I tend to get a little wild. ha ha. Saturday morning I went with Jenny and her mom to this mother-daughter luncheon they had at her church. It was nice. It is kind of funny to look back at last year’s banquet. I had only been married to Will for a month then. There were several girls who had major crushes on Will and weren’t big fans of me since I had married him (how silly and junior highish smile ) and so I had to have the “perfect” outfit and hair and everything else to go. Why are their times when we dress for other girls? I know I can’t be the only one to ever do this. I know it was petty, I guess it is just a girl thing. How silly that I even “stooped” to their level. Oh well. So this year was nice, a few of the girls weren’t friendly, but a couple were and it was nice just to talk about moving on and growing up (she had just gotten married this year). It was also funny to talk to a few ladies and hear the gossip about our move. One lady heard we were going to do accounting in Belgium. How funny. That would be nice, but that is way far off from the truth. Who knows what other stories are going around. smile I had a good time this year, plus I won a door prize. smile

That afternoon was not as much fun, but necessary. We moved out a ton of furniture. Our house was looking sad. We got a lot done. I didn’t realize how much stuff we had… and still have. Sunday afternoon we finished up moving our furniture. We just have a couple more things like our mattresses and stuff and then we are done. I have a couple of more boxes to pack to put in storage, and the rest is figuring our what to mail over there and pack. We only get to take 2 suitcases and a carry on with us each. The company will also pay for us to mail 100 pounds, which is not much, so it’s been a challenge trying to figure what I really want to take with me. We can ship as much as we want, we will just have to pay for it, but I don’t think I want to take a ton of stuff with us because once I get a job we will have to move again into another aparment, so its no use getting settled and having to move all over again. Everything is furnished there, so that is good too. So it’s mostly bringing a few picture frames and clothes and who knows what else. Its amazing how much stuff we’ve shipped. I also shipped about 4 boxes of winter clothes already. How dumb. It’s cold maybe 3 months there. Oh well. too late. My head is spinning right now. My mom is a veteran packer. As a military wife for 20 years, my mom was use to all of the little details, I however, am not. smile My “aunt” -as Josie put it in her blog the other day- came to visit 5 days early which is not normal at all. I don’t know if it is because of stress or what. I hope that is what it is and once this is all over I’ll go back to normal. Who knows. I am just ready to finish all of this, but it doesn’t even feel like I have started. smile I get one thing done and there are a million things to begin. Serenity now!

Well, my sister wussed out and started school. Looks like I’ll be going it alone for a while until I get a job. That’s a whole other thing though. I just have to look at today and not worry about tomorrow! smile

I think that is enough for now! more to come as get ready to begin a whole new adventure!

Back to the Grindstone

Back to the grindstone. Thats what Will and his dad always say when they have to back to work after the weekend or a break. Well, I certainly am back to the “grindstone” - or at least to the daily gruel of life.

My mom and Will have had to trade off taking me everywhere, what a pain. I got out of my mom’s minivan (yeah- not even a “cool mom SUV“ or anything- she has the “loser cruiser“ as my sister and I have dubbed it) and just cringed. She yelled out, “I can walk you to class if you need me to.“ I just expected that any second she would jump out of the car, give me a sack lunch and kiss me on the head or something. AHHH! smile What a nighmare. smile It wasn’t that bad though, I just said no thanks and wobbled on.

Minus the tons of snide comments about my walking and shoes by my coworkers and classmates, it hasn’t been too bad. smile I walk like I don’t have to be anywhere until tommorw, and I take baby steps. But I get there, and that is what counts! smile I am ready to move on, get better, and most of all- STOP HAVING TO BLOG about this! smile Anyone who reads my blog regularly is probably shouting an exultation of “amen!“ So, unless I have a funny story to tell you about my situation (which is an everyday thing in my life anyway), or I got a good report (like, “hey hopalong, you can finally drive“), no more feet talk! Hurray! smile

The Easter Bunny visited me Sunday! Last year Will surprised me with an Easter basket, carrying on the tradition of my family always getting me one. Will has taken on so much to help me these last few weeks, so his help has been the best gift of all. Well, Sunday morning Will opened the front door to get the paper and there was the cutest pink basket outside filled with all sorts of goodies. How thoughtful. smile

My birthday is in a couple of weeks! how fun! I told Will that I just wanted his gift to me to be money towards our season tickets. I partially changed my mind. I have a gift card to Ann Taylor and found the cutest dress ever and am just going to have him pay for the rest of the dress. Here is the dress:

Thought it was cute and wanted to share. No matter what- I am fighting through pain and am going to wear that dress with cute shoes- such a rebel. smile

Enough for today! I better go. Have a great day! As always, more to come in my crazy life…

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