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I need a break from thinking





Although I don’t really have much to say (but really- do I ever??), I feel the need to step away from whatever it is that I’m doing and just chill out.


Chill out.

Note to self: find out if that is still “cool” to say.

Anyway, there’s not much going on worth mentioning (again- is there really ever??). I just felt the need to post.


I already said that.

Oh well. Moving right along.

I’m so ready for the weekend. There’s really no particular reason other than the fact that I’m just ready. Ready, ready, ready.

Did I ever tell you guys that Kuwait swtiched their weekends


about 6 months ago??

Ha, not that you really care.

Anyway, Kuwait switched their weekends from Thursday-Friday to Friday-Saturday the first of September. So- tomorrow is my “Friday!” I’m so ready to get on with it.

What else??

Oh- if you know of any wonderful loving dog lovers in Kuwait, could you send them my way please?? Will and I are starting to stress a little about what we’re going to do with poor Bosworth and Lucille while we’re in Jordan next month. Boarding is outrageous here, so we’d really prefer not to.



This is why we need friends, Will!

I highly doubt we’ll be able to meet and become best friends with the couple I’m obsessed with right now. So, we’re going to have to suck it up and either donate Boz to science research or board the doggies.

I’m still holding out for our best friends, but don’t worry- I won’t dump the dogs on them. We both know that if I did that they’d run screaming and never want to see us again the second Boz hiked his leg and peed on anything that looks remotely close to a tree or fire hydrant.

Or really, anything at all for that matter.

Poor Boz.

We started sticking his nose in the pee and telling him “no” lately.

Are we bad dog parents?

I read to do that somewhere…

I hope you’re not calling PETA right now.

Anyway- it just makes you think, you know? I mean, you’d never do that to your kid- so why stick your dog’s nose in pee?

Ahahaha- sorry, I just had a visual of doing that to a kid.

I’m a nerd.

Okay, back to the matter at hand.

I don’t know if it’s working, I hope so. We’re not very consistent- and as we all know- consistency is key.

The Gooolden Key.

Wow- this is a really dumb and random post.

Anyhow (hmm- let’s count the times I say “anyhow” or “anyway” in a post! It’s quite frightening I’m sure), as you can see, I’m a little scatter-y today. I needed this release though. I feel a lot better!

Happy Hump Day! More to come…

An Earthquake in Kuwait!?!


How weird! I wish I had some cool story to share, but I don’t.

How crazy!

Hmm, I’m thinking I need an “I Survived the Q-8 Quake” shirt.

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An Annoying Weekly Update

I’ve unofficially declared Tuesdays (or Mondays, or Saturdays or any freaking day of the week when I’m all dried up and out of any real substance to talk about. heh- who am I kidding? When do I ever have real substance on here?) Update Day. Because, well, as you all know I have so much exciting and fresh information to discuss about my thrilling life in Kuwait (ha).

Something Actually Worth Reading...well...sort of
I was so excited to hear that one of places Will and I are visiting this year was named one of the new 7 Wonders of the World! I was already excited to go, but now? Now I’m just plain stupid about it. If you were too freaking lazy to click on the link for the grand revealing (don’t worry, I’m lazy too and rarely click on links), I’ll go ahead and tell you what new Wonder we’ll be visiting this year. We’re going to Petra, Jordan!

Will and I decided we really need to make the most of our time here and start planning the trips we’ve been talking about forever but just haven’t done because “we still have 103 more years in Kuwait.” However, we’ve already been here 2 (which is hard to believe!), so before we know it, it will be time to go home and we will have missed out on things we wanted to do. So, we committed to taking a few short trips during the rest of our time here. We invited my family along, so it should be a good trip. We’re going to stay on the Dead Sea a few nights, see Petra, go to Amman- it should be a good trip! I’m most looking forward to Petra, though. Mainly from an eschatological aspect (wow! you didn’t know I was a smartie, did you?). Will, however, is looking forward to swimming in the Dead Sea. I hear it’s physically impossible to swim in it because of the salt content- so watching him attempt to swim will be quite a show.

I have quite possibly the craziest story ever in all the world (okay, that’s a total flat out life) about planning our trip, but sadly, I can’t share. You can thank the Kuwaiti people that monitor the web for trigger words that I can’t even write in this post. Let’s just say it has to do with Jordan’s neighboring country- a place most Arab countries believe does not exist. Ha ha- or as my friend Sarah says, “the Whole-y Land.” Was that a good hint? I freaking hope so. Anyway, we had a creepy experience last weekend because of it and found out that the Ministry flags and blocks all calls to “that country.” Maybe one day I’ll get to tell you about it. Since I just taunted you with half a story and got you all like, “What the crap is she talking about!?!” I’ll go ahead and move on to something else. Sorry for the ambiguity.

Not Exactly Worth Reading
Other than the Jordan trip (which seems forever away), there just doesn’t seem to be a lot going on.

Last Tuesday afternoon I got an email from the wife of the couple we went out with (hmm, did that sentence make sense?.. who knows...). She asked us out on


It’s this 6 hour tour thing. It sounds like a lot of fun (ha- Will was thrilled), and I was actually looking forward to it until Will mentioned, “Uh- we couldn’t even carry on a conversation for an hour. how are we going to manage 6!?!” He’s right. This reality has set me into a panic. I think the couple might be just as frantic because I haven’t heard from her since the initial email. She told me she would find out the times and then get back to me. Granted, it’s only Tuesday, but now I’m wondering if they want to “forget” that we had made plans. I guess I’ll find out soon enough. I’m sure 6 hours will produce a plethora of blogging material. I’ll keep you guys posted on what will either be the 6 Hour Stand Up or the 6 Hours of Continual Conversation… or lack thereof.

Are you Still Reading!?
Last Thursday I went to Will’s camp to work out with the guy that is whipping my Will into shape! It was a lot of might not be the right word. I was glad to get to see Will in action and see all the “abuse” Will says this guy puts him through. The guy was really great and helped me make some improvements to my own program. That’s not exactly how I would like to spend every Thursday, but it was nice to work out together and finally get to meet the guy that has helped Will drop almost 10 pounds.

We bought $80 worth of grapefruit last weekend. Yep, we love our citrus. I think we looked like complete morons checking out. I should also mention that we went to 3 different grocery stores this weekend too. Yeah, that was loads of fun. Every store has something the other ones don’t. It’s quite a headache. So, Will and I decided we would limit our grocery needs to 2 stores and just load up on things we need from the 3rd. That’s exactly what we did. Will loves these Del Monte jars of pre-cut grapefruit. We took all that was available and proudly walked out with 2 (extrememly heavy) bags. Isn’t that sad!? $80 and 2 bags? For freaking grapefruit!?! Gotta love the prices they slap on imported goods.

Hmm… Want to see the most beautiful hospital? Go here. It’s the newest and best women’s hospital in Kuwait. It’s like a freaking hotel. My mom had her surgery there. Surprisingly, it’s cheaper than most “normal” hospitals in the states. I have no idea why I just linked you there… probably because I need to make a doctor’s appointment and wanted you to know we actually have normal hospitals here and not something from behind a farm shed. Uh, well, we have those too- but at least we have options, right!? Sigh, sadly I still don’t think you guys are any more eager to move here.

What else?… I started re-reading the book of Daniel last week. I forgot how much I really enjoy that book. I’m only like 5 chapters in, but I feel so refreshed by the things I’m encountering. I just want to sit and continuing reading on and on. Here’s just a few things I’ve tried to focus on from my readings (in normal people’s language):

God wants us to give all of ourselves to him, even in things that seem sort of trivial.
Just because the “in crowd” is doing something doesn’t mean it will make you better in the long run
God stands tall with those who are faced with adversity
Pride comes before the fall, and God alone is sovereign. <- that's what I read about today- King "Nebby's" prideful heart.

I'm reading the book along with a Prophecy commentary I got for my birthday. It's really enriched what I'm reading. Also, Beth Moore has an excellent study on Daniel, but it's better to do with a women's Bible study group, so I think I'll hold off on that one.

Go Ahead and Leave, It’s Pretty Much Downhill From Here
Boz has started doing the weirdest thing! He pees directly into his food dish after he eats. “What in the freaking crap are you thinking!?!” I constantly yell. He just cocks his head and looks at me and is all, “What, woman?! It’s MINE! ALL MINE!!” MUHAHAHAHAHA.”

This marking his territory crap makes no sense to me. I guess I’ll just at least be thankful men aren’t allowed to walk around doing the same. Think about all the wars that would break out over that!

Alright, alright. I think I’ve put you through enough crazy ramblings for one day. I wish you all a wonderful day!

More to come <3

You’re Gonna Wish You Were a Fly on the Wall

If Will and I lived in your neighborhood we’d be your back-up back-up friends.

You know the ones I’m talking about- the ones that aren’t even stored in your phone- or even in the old Nokia you haven’t used in years. Reaching us requires a lot of research on your part.

We’re the ones you call when you’re desperate.

The ones you finally settle for after sitting on the couch for hours, racking your brain as to who else you could possible call- someone. Anyone. You try your dog walker, your babysitter, the senior citizen center, even your freaking gynocologist before you call us. Ha- in fact you’d rather be spread eagle in the stirrups at the gynocologist than go out with us.

Hoooney!! Who can we call!?!” you whine, popping your shoulder and kicking your legs like a kindergartner that wasn’t picked for Feed The Fish duty.

That’s when your husband chimes in, “Well, there’s always the...”

“Don’t say it! Don’t even utter their name! You know I hate how he’s always talking about football, and her! She’s in a whole other world! Don’t even get me started!”

You banter back and forth, and finally decide that sharing a meal with two boring Sooners has to be better than another night on the couch watching Mary Tyler Moore reruns. At least, you hope it is.

That’s the kind of friends we are. We wouldn’t even make your JV list.

The truth is- Will and I don’t get out much here in Kuwait. If we must actually brush our teeth, shower, and look alive on the weekends, our date of choice is with my parents (yep. We’re so cool… It’s pretty sad when you double with your parents every single weekend.). I’m thinking really hard, and…


I don’t think Will and I have been out with any other couple the whole 2 years we’ve been here! Granted, you may remember “Fred and Ethel Mertz” from the old blog. There’s been a couple other invites here and there, but other than that we’ve hit a dry spell.

When we first moved here that’s all I wanted- friends. “Friends! Friends! Friends! Give me Friends!” I would say. However, after the first year I was sort of like, “Sleep! Give me sleep!” Something about being over here sucks the life out of you, and lazy weekends are the Duracells that get you through.

Well, guys, these Duracells won’t be fully charged this weekend because Will and I have a date.

Yep, that’s right.


I feel like an awkward teenager all over again. The nerves, the anticipation, the obsessing…

Here’s how it went down:

There is a family that works at my company. I know the mom and dad of this family. Every time I see the mom she reminds me she has a daughter that works here now and she’s my age. Oh! and she has a husband too! the mom adds. I’m always nice and do the, “Yeah, maybe we’ll get together sometime,” song and dance, but never really planned on acting on the idea.

Until last week.

The daughter emailed me. She asked if we had plans for that night of the next. My stomach sank. “I know! I’ll call Will!” I thought to myself. “I know what he’ll say! He’ll be the one I can blame a ‘thanks but no thanks’ on.” <- I knew he'd say, "NO WAY! We don't like people. We're curmudgeons that live in a cave, remember?"

However, he totally shocked me. "Yeah, I guess," he said.

WILL! You were supposed to say no!! Oh- and by the way- he conviently fails to remember the part where he readily agrees. He is blaming this whole thing all on me. Such a typical male.

So, I emailed back and we set something up. I wasn’t prepared for anything last weekend. I would need plenty of time to prepare for such a catastrophic event. So, we planned dinner for this Thursday.

It was a date. An official blind date. No backing out now. We entered into a legally binding social agreement when we said yes. These can only be broken by a Congressional hearing. Or bribing the other couple with a free Johnny Carinos appetizer coupon. There was no way out.

Ever since we sealed the deal, I’ve had second thoughts. Perhaps it was the, “Of course- we can always go out for sushi” comment in regards to where we should meet for dinner. “Always go out for sushi,” I thought. “She makes it sound like going out for sushi is what everyone does on a Thrusday night. It’s just like dinner at Applebees!” Maybe it was that. Will loved the sushi idea (ha).

Or, perhaps it’s the whole notion of the “double date” that’s giving me second thoughts. It’s not only just a double date- it’s a BLIND DOUBLE DATE! We have to sit down for at least an hour with these people. Share a meal. Find mutual interests. Muster conversation. Remember what I said earlier!? We don’t date! I don’t even know if we’ll be able to produce audible conversational sentences to these people. It might come out sounding like dolphin squeak. Heck- we might not even be able to squeak! We might just sit there, drooling all over ourselves and trying to speak in hand gestures- just like the cave men we’ve become.

Then there’s the “other people opinion factor.” I told a couple people about the big date and ended up getting mixed feedback. Two told me they knew the couple and said they were, “… nice people...” However, they said it in that hesitant way- like they wanted to say more but didn’t want to ruin us from ever going out again. Plus they know we never ever get out and are thinking to themselves, “Dang it, They NEED human interaction. Even if the couple practices contortion stances for fun.”

Sigh. I just want the truth people!

The truth!

“You can’t handle the truth!” one said.

She’s probably right.

So I have the feeling our blind date couple started thinking about the potential awkwardness as well because I got an email from the wife asking if we could change the time of our get together. Now, instead of having supper, we’re having breakfast.




What made them decide breakfast!? Which then had me stressing out even more.  Breakfast means they might be apprehensive about meeting us too.

Hey- it’s one thing for us to be stressed about meeting them, but they’re not allowed to feel the same way. They have to love us. There is no other option. So, after I got the, “can we change the time” email I started wondering if she had asked around about us like we asked about them.

“What did they ask?”

“What did people say?”

“I wonder if they’re judging us before they even notice us!”

“HEY! They can’t do that!”

and then laughed because I’m doing all of the above, but darn it- they can’t!

So, it’s breakfast. Breakfast seems so much more laidback than dinner. Breakfast is easy. There just seems like less pressure. If we have to go on this blind date- breakfast is definitely the way to go.

Ha, I’ve been joking about it all week. I told Will we should send them an email that described what we would be wearing, how there would be a newspaper in the upper left corner of the table, and that we’d be drinking iced tea (hahaha). He thought I was a weirdo.

“We don’t want to scare them before we even meet them.”

“But Will! How are they supposed to find us?!”

So at the start of the week I had the attitude of- Let’s just get this stupid thing over! However, as the day is finally on my doorstep, it appears I’m singing a different tune. I’m thinking about what I’m going to wear, things to say, what I’ll eat… it’s like I’m dating all over again! I hate this dating drama. I thought I got married and it would all end-

but they don’t tell you that, do they? The fact is that dating gets WORSE when you get married because now there’s four people involved. Will the husbands mesh? Will the wives? Can the husbands tolerate the other man’s wife and vice versa?

Blind couple dating...sigh… I’ve heard everything now. What a way to enter into the couple dating realm after a two year hiatus, huh?

Wish us luck. Maybe I should have a contingency plan in place in case all goes south- like if I send my mom a text message that says “deliverance,” she’ll call 20 minutes later saying she needs me right away.

Okay, now I’m being ridiculous.

Did I mention I have a Gigantor zit on my chin? What a way to make a first impression.

Wish us luck. Who knows- maybe we’ll have a good time. 

odds and ends? it just depends!

I gotta level with you, life has been pretty dull lately.  I almost feel guilty taking up space in the blogosphere with mindless chatter, but that’s never stopped me before- so why now?

Let’s see…

We’ve been letting Boz (AKA Booger- that’s for you Annie) n Lucy sleep in our room each night because it simply wasn’t working out in their other room. We get up at about 3:00 each morning (I know! It’s freaking crazy!), so come the weekend, they would be barking ready to be let out at the same time. You can imagine my mood. So, the pups upgraded and sleep in our room- and no, not with us. A few days ago Will came to bed after I did, so he was in charge of getting the puppies situated.

Let’s just say my poor husband failed.





Puppy Pad?


Close the bathroom door so the dogs don’t massacre our 32 pack of toilet paper?

Crickets chirping in the background…

Yep, Will dropped the ball. When I got up the next morning I realized- hell really did freeze over. The snow storm that enveloped Colorado made it’s way all the way to Kuwait, namely our bedroom (hmm- did anyone else notice my font change!? What’s up with that?).

What a freaking mess.

I don’t know why, but for some reason Will and I go through a lot of toilet paper. You’d think we were a family of 7 or something. We don’t buy the pansy 12 roll pack. That’s for kids. We buy the 32 pack- and boy did that bite us in the butt this week.

I was very annoyed that morning, but later in the day Will came to my camp for lunch and we had a good laugh about it. I bet the dogs sure did have fun! I think they even thought they had created a giant puppy pad because there were 3 pee spots among the snowy damage. Pretty funny.

Have I told you guys about our notebook?

Will and I have decided to keep a financial notebook this year. Our goal is to try our hardest to live off just our living allowance and not salary, so we keep seperate notebooks of everything we spend each day. At the end of the day we total the amount and at the end of the week we subtract our total from our monthly allowance.

You know what? It’s amazing to know what I waste money on! I don’t spend money much, but about 3 times a week I’ll get Starbucks. I never realized how much money I was drinking each day. The notebook has really been eye opening for us and in some weird way it’s made us closer. It’s sort of been fun sharing our spendings each day and totaling the amount and figuring out how we’re going to make it the rest of the month without dipping into our checking account.Like a team challenge (ha ha, I’m such a dork. I’m sure Will doesn’t see it that way). We’ve eaten at home a little more too. When you’re spending KD instead of dollars you don’t realize the damage you’re doing (1KD=$3.46!!!). All in all it’s been a good experience and made me a better spender.

What else can I bore you with?…

I’m still taking belly dancing, and I still look like an idiot. It’s fun though and that’s all that matters. They do this freestyle thing at the end of class where the instructor put on music and each person is supposed to listen to the beat and sort of see if they can incorporate the moves into the song, well let’s just say I hate hate hate freestyle time. I just stand there and the instructor is always like, “please dance!"Ugh, the longest 5 minutes of my life I tell you.

Did I tell you she doesn’t speak a lick of English either? The whole class is in Arabic- it’s so funny. I just stand there and have absolutely no idea what’s going on, so I just sort of wiggle around like she does, hoping I’m already doing whatever she’s saying. I’m having a lot of fun though and getting a good workout. I think I’m going to ask my mom and sister to go with me to one of the souks to pick out a pretty jingly skirt for my birthday. Those jingles really help keep the time.

Okay, okay, enough of this boring update crap. I have a secret confession: I’ve been lying about having nothing to talk about.

The truth is, I wanted to see how long I could type about nothing before people got bored and clicked without getting the news that lies below (ie: the boring odds and ends). Who knows why I’m such a dork, but I am. So- enough with the boring odds and ends crap. If you’ve made it this far you deserve better. Here’s the good stuff:

It’s official, I have to paint my toes and buy some sandals.

(and pack, and finish work stuff, and do stuff for my class, and, and, and)

We’re Sunny Miami Beach Bound Baby!

It’s been a whirlwind week, and a prelude to a whirlwind trip. I still can’t believe we’re doing it!
When I left the house Monday morning (Sunday night your time), the Colts were down. I left the house with the feeling that we might not be going. I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t sad, I was just sort of neutral.

As I got to work, Will called with the big news- we were, in fact going to the Super Bowl. He was beyond excited, I wish I could have been there to see his reaction. It was really cute. He took the day off to make all the arrangments (which means I can’t complain if we’re staying in the ghetto or driving a beater rental car because I had no part in helping). I knew it wouldn’t matter if I helped when I got on to look for hotels and saw that a Days Inn was going for $350 a night during Super Bowl weekend. I told Will that if he didn’t find something outside of Miami we were going to have to sell Boz and Lucy to the state or maybe even a Chinese Hello Kitty store- seriously. So, we’re staying in the burbs and driving a little ways, but hey- we have to maintain our notebook integrity, right!? smile

We leave next Thursday and I’m so very excited. It will be a very quick trip, but I know it will be so much fun. Everything is good to go, so now we simply wait for Thursday! Okay, I’ll get off this manly, sweaty football talk (just typing about the Super Bowl makes me want to put some pads on and act like a savage- and we just can’t have that!), but I had to tell you our big news.

Before I sign off I want to share something Will wrote to our familes. He knew his parents (mainly his mom) weren’t thrilled with the fact that we were going, so he wrote our familes a short letter to sort of explain some things. I talk a lot about Will on my blog, but I thought it would be sort of neat to share something from him so you could know him a little better (Shh! Don’t tell him I shared this with you, though!). It’s nothing spectacular, but I thought it was good because as Will has said as long as I’ve known him, “Life is too short.”

To our Families:

Let me start this email by stating something that I hope you all realize about me already; “I am not a man who believes that either circumstances or events should shape or direct an individual’s life.  Instead, I believe an individual should rise above and even shape circumstances and events in their own life.” However, I do believe that events can act like mile markers in our lives, helping us to remember exactly where we were when something significant occurred, i.e.. the assassination of JFK, September 11th, and so on.
With that being said, Brittny and I have decided to create a mile marker in our lives.  On February 4, 2007, we will be in Miami, FL at Dolphin Stadium when the Colts take the field in Super Bowl XLI. 
I know exactly what your thinking, “Why spend a significant amount of money, just to sit in the end zone, when you could have saved your money and watched the game from the convenience of your own home(from what many would call a better seat)?” While I admit I see the logic in the previous question, I don’t consider sitting at home and watching the Colts participate in their first Super Bowl in 36 years memory making! 
When I considered the timeframe of 36 years, several thoughts came to mind.  The first was the fact that 36 years is 10 years longer than I have been on this earth.  The second was the thought of “the man in black hightops,” Johnny U, who lead the Colts to a victory in Super Bowl V, and the fact that his life has come and gone.  The third was the fact that 36 years ago the Colts were the Baltimore Colts, not Indianapolis.The Colts didn’t move to Indianapolis until Mayflower trucks transported the franchise from Baltimore in the middle of the night on March 28, 1984.  As you already realize, 36 years is a long time, and I know I would regret the decision not to go if the Colts took another 36 years to return.  There are no guarantees in this earthly life other than death, and Brittny and I are choosing to take a once in a lifetime trip that I will remember long after I am old and gray- gray meaning grayer than I already am smile

____ (from there on there’s travel info and other boring stuff that you don’t care about)_____

Love to all,

Will, Brittny, & the Colts...All Super Bowl Bound...Miami or BUST

P.S.  Don’t worry about my well-being if the Colts lose, I fully understand that the Super Bowl is still a game and anything can happen. I simply consider it joy to be able to watch them participate in the greatest single event in all of sports, however that doesn’t mean that I won’t be doing everything in my power to will them to their second Super Bowl Title smile

So there you have it. If you were wondering if we were going- we’re going. We’ll be there alright- clad in Colt blue and big smiles, ready to cheer them to victory. Our seats are horrible and in the endzone, so I doubt you’ll be seeing us on TV- unless of course we meet up with some rich executive that wants to lend us his box seats!

Since I’ve written a book anyway, want to know a cool side story?

My dad is a huge NHRA fan. This past summer he was in Indianapolis for their big racing thing (ha ha, love the technical jargon, right). Well, he was wearing a Kuwait T-shirt about one of the camps we work at and he got talking to someone about living there- turns out he was talking to the NHRA President! He let my dad and his brother sit in their suite to watch the races! Isn’t that the coolest thing ever!? He got to eat their food, use a real bathroom, and mingle with the “big wigs.” Too cool. I guess you could say that trip for him was sort of like this trip for us- something special he’ll never forget. Anyway, I doubt we’ll be as lucky as my dad, but hey- we can wish, right?

So that’s my update. Next time I post it will be from the beach with my freshly painted toes in the sand. Look out Miami!

Go Colts! Beat the Bears!!


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