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the one with the sunburn & look ahead

Hi friends!

Another work week to tackle, but I have some fun stuff planned so at least I can look forward to sharing that!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

It’s beginning to feel more and more like fall, right? And it officially begins Sunday!

We had a nice weekend, and (as usual) I was sad to see it end.

We started easing into the weekend with a Thursday night birthday celebration for my dad’s birthday!

Cupcakes for dads birthday

I am so glad I get to have my parents so close, I am very blessed.

Friday was a full workday. Busy from the time I got there, all the way until I left.

I was ready for the weekend to start.

Friday night P, Layla, and I had a wild night at Walmart.

It got crazy, ya’ll!

Only not really. smile

Will had a going away party for work, so the girls and I went grocery shopping.

Here’s what’s for dinner Monday-Thursday:

-Tamale Pies (We were supposed to have these last week, but didn’t. They are so good!)
-Fried Rice (Chicken for Will and Chik’n for me. smile )
-Black Bean Enchiladas

I love that we just do 2-3 dinners throughout the week and do leftovers. It makes life much easier.

Afterward, I spent a little time at their place and then went home to see Will!

We caught up on a couple shows, and then called it a night.

Game Day came early Saturday morning.

It was an 11:00 kickoff, so we were on the road early!

The weather wasn’t too bad, in fact the morning was beautiful! As the game started and we got to halftime, however, it got pretty hot.

And I started to feel myself burning.

It was a mess.

I put on expired sunscreen, but did not but enough on my arms and legs.

And did not bring any to reapply.

Stupid mistake for someone as pale as I am.

I knew it was bad when Will, who wore no sunscreen (genius) had enough and said we needed to go

And with good reason.

We were sporting OU colors!

And not in a good way.

Burned Ou-Tulsa

Yow.  Ou-Tulsa


It was a quiet evening. We just passed aloe back and forth and watched TV.

And tried not to move.

Sunday was a little better.

Will did much of the above, sitting on the couch, applying aloe, and watching football.

I, however, had a good day out with P!

My parents watched Layla while we went downtown and had brunch at Kitchen 324!

It was so nice. The weather was perfect in the morning, so we enjoyed sitting outside while awaiting our table.

Waiting for brunch


I got the fruit salad as well as a side of the quinoa.

Kitchen 234 fruit

P got the green eggs and ham, which looked pretty but are not pictured.

We enjoyed a nice meal and chat, and then headed home to prep for the week ahead.

Sunday girls day!

The girls After brunch!

The rest of the afternoon was spent prepping breakfasts and lunches, laundry, and trying to get ahead for the week. I even watched some football with Will.

I made another batch of poppers for Will, and even tried my hand at a vegan version with nutritional yeast! Mine are at the end.


And that was about it!

So now that we’re here to Monday, let’s take a look at this week’s posts!

-Our protein powder journey continues
-Another at-home football inspired workout
-Thursday Night Football: a sweet treat!
-Bringing my best

And more!

So check in this week. I look forward to our chats!

Thursday Night Football: Greek Inspired Pizza

So vegan confession fun fact!

There are a few non-vegan things I still crave from time to time.

Actually, scratch that.

I won’t even categorize it as a vegan craving.

Even if I wasn’t a vegan, there are a lot of plain old regular junk food items I would crave from time to time. I’m human after all.

Pizza is one of them.

Because, um, it’s freaking out of this world.


I treated myself to completely non-vegan pizza a few months ago (it was veggie, but still covered in cheese), and I’d love to tell you it was terrible and it made me never want to eat pizza again.

Except, that’s not true at all.

Remember the above?

Pizza is out of this world.


Of course I’m going to like it.

Anyway, “traditional” pizza is an indulgence I don’t treat myself to very often, and thoroughly enjoy when I do.

And tonight is Thursday night football.

So yeah, I’m thinking pizza is in order.

Only tonight? I want to share with you what my typical Thursday Night Football pizza indulgence looks like.

Because it’s definitely still a treat, but way WAY healthier than the gobby oily “goodness” of regular pizza.

I like to buy the full of gluten (haha) duo pack whole wheat crusts. Not exactly the picture of health, but let’s be honest. It’s a work night, and there’s no way I’m making pizza dough. 

Wheat crusts it is.

This allows Will and I to make our own pizzas that last Thursday night and beyond. Win for everyone, especially me since I don’t have to cook the next night!

So ready to see what all goes on my crust?

Check it out here!

August Birchbox & Ipsy Review!

Hello friends!

I am so excited to share this month’s Ipsy with you.

I’m also excited, because I have a special guest with me!

P is going to share her August Birchbox review with us today, too!

No more dilly dallying (yes, I said it. I know you just had a flashback of your grandparents saying it. What can I say, I’m old.), let’s get started!

So here’s a quick recap of what I got, as well as the cost:

Mini Pixi Beauty Lash Booster Mascara in Blackest Black - $7 ($17 for fullsize)

Full size Noya Lip Balm in Cherry - $3.99

Mica Beauty Bronze Powder- $14.95

Michael Todd Pumpkin Rich Facial Mask sample- $10 (full size is 3.4 oz and $34)

Pacifica BB Cream- $6 (full size is 1 oz and $16)

You can also take a look at my April, May, June, and July reviews.

Hoped you liked seeing a take at both subscription boxes. Especially if you are on the fence about joining one.

Check out our September Birchbox-Ipsy review next month!

Until then, more to come…

Weekend Recap & Look Ahead

Hello friends!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Mine has been great, and has me even more excited for the weekends ahead.

But I suppose I should not get ahead of myself!

Friday afternoon started with such a treat.

P and I met for lunch!

We were able to find the perfect spot that’s close to halfway from both our offices, and not only that, but the spot is beautiful!
The park!

The park!

Lunch at The park!

The park!

We brown bagged it and sat on a park bench and chatted. I can’t wait to go again soon, especially as the leaves start to change.

Girls lunch

The rest of the afternoon went quick after having such a nice pick-me-up.

We tried another life group last night, so that was fun. I liked this group and was blessed by the Bible study and fellowship. It was definitely a good night.

As soon as Will and I got in the car we decided to talk about the two we visited so we could determine which way we were leaning.

So as not to influence the other person, we counted to three and said the group we were leaning toward.

And as luck would have it (ha), they were not the same.

Of course!

So prayers God leads us to the right one.

Saturday was such a nice day.

Will worked in the morning, so I hit the gym early and got five pounds closer to my leg press goal, so that was exciting!

I did a circuit and was totally soaked by the time I was finished.


I will share it soon so you can be soaked too! Ha

Afterward, I did a little light cleaning around the house, got ready, and went to see my two favorite girls!

The three of us had breakfast at The Red Cup, a fun little hipster spot in OKC. Not only that, but they’re very vegetarian friendly!

We found a little corner to set up shop, and P sipped coffee while I had one of their green teas.

She and Layla shared granola (which looked so good!), and I had cinnamon oatmeal with soy milk.


We sat, ate, chatted, and had a nice time. We also decided we need to make breakfast a more frequent affair, especially as Will’s fantasy football fun starts up again and I become a football widow (I can’t believe it’s already that time!).


My favorite tiny one

Afterward, we hung out a little longer. Here’s a short clip from our fun at the house. Um, how freaking adorable is my niece?

After that, Will was home!

He mowed the lawn while I did some stuff around the house, and then holed up in the living room and had a relaxing evening. We watched the MMA fight on TV and didn’t do a whole lot!

Today was church, and I have to tell you how hugely blessed I have been from this series on Elijah.

If you have a few hours throughout the week, be it in your car, getting ready in the morning, or at the gym- check this series out.
You can even download a podcast too.

There are three series out of four on there now. Definitely check it out, you won’t be sorry.

Chest, triceps, and shoulder work is done, food prep is underway, and now it’s on to the pile of laundry waiting for me. smile

Here’s a peek at what I’ll be sharing this week:

-Mary Kay Monday continues! This week is all about softer, smoother skin
-Why those sit-ups aren’t working
-Ipsy-Birchbox Review

and more.

Check in tomorrow. I look forward to our chats!

Thursday Amaze(balls)ment

It’s been a crazy week, and I feel as though I’ve been going full speed ahead without a moment to catch my breath.

Which is funny, especially when you read tomorrow’s post.

(Spoiler alert: It is about me getting a speeding ticket!)

Um, I’ve been trying to slow down yet it seems like this week has been against me and is all about going full bore, full steam ahead!

Here are a few random bits of fun I want to share with you today!

Mainly because Thursdays are usually my “free posting” day, where I don’t really structure it and just do whatever I want.

And usually don’t write until the day of, either.



Hey, perhaps I do my best work under pressure?

Probably not.


1. The last few weeks Will and I have been trying to connect with a Life Group

A Life Group is basically like a Sunday school but much more relaxed. They meet at various times and usually at people’s houses.

We’ve been going to Life Church for a long time now but haven’t really taken that next step, though we’ve needed to.

We tried our first one last week, and can I tell you something funny?

It sort of felt like a blind date.

I put on better perfume than normal, and Will wore cologne.

I wore my favorite makeup colors, and we both freshened up before we left…

Wasn’t I just talking about inner beauty last week?

But seriously- it was like we were trying out a new couple friend to see if we would be compatible.

Perhaps you’ve done something similar?

Probably not.

Because that’s just crazy talk.

But it’s true. We totally put on the ritz.

Anyway, the group was so nice and welcoming.

We are trying another one tomorrow, and can I be honest? I’m not thrilled about going to a group that meets on Fridays. However, I’m going in with an open mind!

But seriously. The Fridays thing.

Does that mean they’re older and don’t care about a nice Friday night out anymore?

Closer to our age, which means perhaps we should not care about a nice Friday out anymore?

Or maybe they’re like way younger?

Kids are invited so maybe these are the young 20 something’s that have kids and find Friday nights work great so they can get out of the house for an hour without having to frantically search for a legitimate babysitter.

And not the 53 year old that smelled like kitty litter and wore that creepy cat sweater like the one they had last week.

Hmm, it’s a toss up. All I know is- I’m way too old to try to be young and cool again.

I’m an old soul.


I’m just old.

Case in point: It’s 90 degrees out and I’m huddled up in my office wearing a sweater.

And 2. I just can’t get on this whole “amazeballs” wagon.

Is this a real thing now? Like the new awesome? Why can’t I grasp this expression in all its “cool” glory?

I just can’t…

Gosh I’m old.

2. Enough about that. Let’s talk about this week’s big accomplishment instead.

Dealing with Ritz crackers.

I typically can’t keep them in my house.

Um, I’ve known this since the beginning of time.

But lately, I’ve been totally mature around them- for Will’s sake (he’s the one that eats them). He went through an entire box without me mauling a single roll.

And then I bought another box two weeks ago.

And this time?

Not as lucky.

I can’t be sure, but I’m pretty sure I’ve eaten an entire roll throughout the last 2 weeks- which, by the way, should be praised and applauded.

Take a look- two full rows remain, and most of the third.



Two weeks later!

Thank you very much!

Now that?

That is amazeballs, assuming I was into that word, or course.

Because everyone knows the second you open up a roll they’re inevitably going to be eaten in a single setting.

Oh- and speaking of- did you know Ritz sells mini boxes now!?


They’re the same amount of crackers as in a normal size box, but they break up the rolls into 8 instead of 4.

Much better if you’re going to indulge a bit.

3. Boot camps have sort of stalled out this week because of rain.

I typically take 2 days off a week, so I took Monday and Tuesday since it was a downpour, and worked out at the house Wednesday and Thursday.

My dad hit the gym, and Will?

Sweet Will slept.

God love him.

I have a new workout for you guys that I hope to post soon! It was rough and definitely worth sharing!

4.I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to get super pumped for fall.

Can you believe we’re already halfway through August!?

Just typing that sends glee throughout my entire being. I am so excited for football season and all my favorite things. I am so so excited about this fall and winter.

Plus Layla will be so much more fun this year. She was still fairly young and boring last Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. This year should be so much more fun.

Hmm… I wonder if I can talk P into dressing her up as Dorothy and making Boz Toto?

Again- perfect example of something that would be considered “amazeballs...”

But I just can’t get there.

5. Speaking of fall, can I also tell you how excited I am to have Fall Primetime TV back in my life?

I like to think Will and I aren’t huge TV watchers, but we definitely do have several shows we like to DVR. However during the summer we sort of sputter out and fall into a TV watching rut.

I cannot even tell you how many reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond we’ve watched on TV land.

Oh my, we’re old.

That? Is not amaze… Well- you know.

Let’s not tell our new couple friends Life Group we’re this boring, yes?

More to come!

We Made You a Treat

I have a treat for you guys today!

An adventure of homemade goodness courtesy of me and P!

Now that P’s a big working girl, she’s finding the importance of snacking during the day to stay alert. She bought some Lara Bars last week and thought she could probably make her own cheaper.

Which proved to be true!

They turned out pretty darn good and so I wanted to share our recipe and our fun!

This video cracks me up.

Did you notice how sleepy Layla was in the first half? P had to put her down for a nap while I food processed. I hope she will make an appearance in our next video and will be more awake!

So here’s a recap!

We made two batches, one with peanuts and one with cashews.

Here’s what we used for the B&P Peanut Bars smile:
-1 Cup, Dates
-1 1/2 Cups, Peanuts
-1 tsp, Vanilla

And Here’s what we used for the B&P Cashew Bars:
-1 Cups, Dates
-1 1/2 Cups, Cashews
-1 tsp, Coconut Extract

That’s it!

Here’s what we did:

It’s really hard, guys- so pay attention.

1.  Dump everything in your food processor and mix together until everything forms a sticky “paste.”
2. Press into a small pan (we used an 8x8) and freeze or refrigerate to firm before slicing.
3. Wrap the bars in foil! Yay!

Each batch made between 8-10 bars (depending on the pan we used).

You may want to double the recipe.

Because they do not last very long.

So I have a fun idea, and hopefully you will think it is too.

Some of you have watched P grow up on this blog. Heck- she was in middle school when I started this thing, and now she’s through high school, a move to Dubai, a move to Chicago, finishing her undergrad, and with a one year old!


I’m thinking it would be fun to do a Q&A session with me and P in a week or two on the blog. What do you think?

Post any questions you have for her, me, or us in the comments below, or email me at blove at, and we will answer them this month!

The Nice Girl Campaign: Week Four


Hello friends! Another week of the nice girl campaign underway.

How did last week go?

Did you manage to give away some good finds?

I don’t know about you, but I struggled a bit at the beginning.

I stood in my closet for what felt like hours, negotiating with myself about things I “might” wear.

Which is silliness.

I also had a couple of breakdowns in which I tried on a couple skirts and pants (not before greasing myself up of course), lying on the floor, praying to the pants gods to please, just please allow these to get over my hips.

They didn’t.

So I cried a little.

And tried to convince myself that I could totally be a size 4 again one day.


All I need is to keep it simple:

Absolutely no food and three-a-day workouts.

Easy peasy, size 4 in no time. And totally healthy and responsible too.wink

And then I tried to be realistic.

And cried a little more.

I ended up getting rid of all of the “mights” and ended up with 4 bags of clothes to give away.

Now that I’m 30 and banished to chinos, flats, and “mom shirts” (haha), I got rid of a lot of clothes from my 20s that will definitely look cute on someone else.

So that’s my recap. Hopefully you did not have any closet breakdowns like I did! smile

Now this week.

This week is about more thoughtfulness.

It’s about going old school and writing a handwritten letter.

Handwritten letters seem to be a dying art. However, I remember “way” back in the 90s how common they were.

In fact, when I lived in Germany growing up, I had multiple pen pals I wrote to on a regular basis. I loved using pretty colored pens to write letters to my friends back home, sharing friendship bracelets and whatever else we could stuff into the envelopes we sent.

It was such a fun tradition!

However, nowadays letters are few and far between.

All I get in the mail these days? Is junk or bills.

And where is the fun in that?


Lucky for me, Will’s grandma is still into letter writing. In fact, every few months or so, we will get a surprise letter in the mail.

It is such a nice gesture, and shows she sat down to think about us. She took time to write down her thoughts on pretty paper and send something in the mail. It is a very thoughtful process, that lasts much longer than emails.

I enjoy deciphering her cursive sentences, and reading them out loud as Will listens along. It is a nice treat.

My mom is also big on providing handwritten thank yous, so throughout my whole entire life she would always be on my case to take time to do that for birthdays, Christmas, etc.

And now that I’m older, I’m glad she ingrained that darned sentiment in my mind, because I value its importance!

However, that’s about the extent of my handwritten letter writing.

For that reason, I want us to resurrect this old art. This week’s challenge is very simple:

Send a handwritten letter to someone, letting them know you are thinking about them.

It can be sent to anyone, a family member, friend, someone you have not seen in a long time, whoever!

Simply take a few minutes to share what’s going on these days, a funny story- whatever!

I realize this week’s act seems miniscule, but it probably won’t to the person on the receiving end.

Besides, being a nice girl doesn’t have to mean doing over the top things all the time. It’s the day to day thoughtfulness and kindness shown from the heart.

So send a sweet letter on some pretty paper to someone important to you. I bet it puts a smile on their face and send some sunshine amidst all the bills and junk mail.

More to come.

The Nice Girl Campaign: Week Three

Hello lovelies!

Another Nice Girl Campaign Challenge underway this week.

I can’t help but feel happier starting out these dreadful Mondays knowing I am on a mission to make someone else’s day (as well as mine) brighter!

Oh, and can we just stop for a moment to talk about something?

I don’t want Mondays to be about me (or anyone else) raising themselves up on a pedestal. I realize talking about doing something nice sort of minimizes the “random act of kindness” of the matter. And quite frankly, I should be doing more and more all the time unprompted by “challenges” and “campaigns.”

And I thought about that this week.

However, with that said, I want to continue this series because it is important to me and has made my days so much brighter. Sometimes I am timid around others I don’t know, and this “challenge” has been good to stretch me and get me out of my box. So, when I recap my stories for you, please do not think I am praising myself. I really just want to share the blessing the act was and hope it will inspire you to do the same.

Okay- so now that’s out of the way!

Last week I challenged myself to perform a random act of kindness by paying for someone’s food or drink at a drive-thru.

I went to a coffee shop for an iced tea last Friday and did just that. I got there during the usual before work “busy time” and was pleased to see three cars ahead of me.

I was certain there would be someone behind me!

I ordered and continued to wait in line, and waited, and waited a little longer.

And no one showed up! I was so bummed.

I paid for my own tea, and as I waited for them to bring it to me, someone ordered behind me!

I was so excited (yes, ).

I was able to pay for the person’s drink, and simply told the lady to tell whoever was behind me to have a blessed day. And hopefully they were blessed. I know I sure was by doing it.

I probably felt a bigger rush than the person that got the coffee behind me. I totally get why Dave Ramsey loves telling his stories about doing things like this (on a much bigger level). It just feels so darn good to bless others.

Two challenges down, two to go!

This week is all about minimization.

I don’t know about you, but I have a ton of unused stuff sitting places.

Namely clothes.

Sure, I’ve had moments where I look at my closet and feel like I “have nothing to wear,” but in all actuality, I have a closet full of clothes I never wear that would look great on someone else.

Yet they stay jammed on the racks, taking up space, never being worn.


This week is about getting rid of excess and giving to those who are in need.

Take a look in your closet. If you haven’t worn it in two years, chances are you never will.

Get rid of it.

Give it to someone who will enjoy it.

And don’t pick out junk.

Please don’t do that.

That means not pulling out my old 2003 Camp Arifjan, Kuwait tees (um, first of all- I would never give those away because I love them. HELP ME) to donate.

Don’t do that.

That means not pulling out clothes that are overly worn and a little tattered.

Don’t do that.

Give clothes that someone would feel confident wearing.

Who doesn’t want to feel confident in the way they look? I think we all do.

I bet we will all surprise ourselves in the amount of clothes we end up donating when we do a true, no kidding inventory of what’s in our closet. I bet there’s a ton of stuff we like, but never wear.

Give it away.

Allow someone else to rock that skirt, or look beautiful in that colorful shirt you never wear.

Give it away.

Feel good about it.

Feel nice about it.

But most importantly, allow someone else to feel nice, too.

Don’t use this as an excuse to go buy ourselves new clothes either.

Just give.

Freely, willingly, and wholeheartedly. Asking absolutely nothing in return

So here’s a recap of this week’s challenge:

Perform an inventory of your closet, and donate clothes you have not worn in more than two years as well as clothes you will no longer wear so long as they are not tattered, too worn, or too dated.

So that’s it.

We can all do that, right? Plus, if you’re like me, I’ve wanted to for ages.

Wishing you a week full of blessings, and the wherewithal to be a little nicer. We can’t change everything in the world, but we can change some things, so let’s do what we can with what we’ve got.

Twinkie recipe to come tomorrow. <3

50 Shades of Brittny

So the tanning thing.

Let’s discuss.

You may remember I got an airbrush tanning machine for my birthday this year.

Because I am so tired of being pale all the time!!

When I got it, I was elated, and knew it would be the cure to all my pale problems.

And it was.

Sort of.

Turns out I developed a love/hate relationship with the thing. It just depends on the point of the week in which I’m lavishing its praises or ready to throw it off a cliff.

The tanning machine.

The sort of cure to my paleness.

The first few weeks were a lot of trial and error.

After all, P and I were by no means skilled at this system (I know you’re shocked). We simply watched a couple YouTube videos and we ready to make ourselves orange glowy.

Those first few weeks?

That was fun!

We had streaky ankles, freakishly orange hands, and random white spots.

Thankfully, however, through (a lot of) trial and error, we were able to (sort of) become pros with our technique, which resulted in, (for the most part), a nice even tan.

For the most part.

Which also resulted in, for the most part, happy, glowy girls.

For the most part.

The first few days after receiving a spray tan are pretty well amazing. You feel like you can do anything, wear anything, or be anything.

Yes, it is true.

In fact, I might run for president.

Only… at some point, halfway into the week, things begin to rapidly deteriorate.

The tan on our faces and hands begins to fade (since it gets the most washings).

When I workout and sweat like a pig, it begins to come off in those areas.

Also, a phenomenon we have deemed as “giraffe-ing” occurs, in which our skin sort of starts to take on a multi colored pattern similar to that of a giraffe.

And it’s awesome.

If you like looking like a complete freak, that is.

So we pretty much spend the last part of the week cursing the tan, trying to cover up and wash it off.

Not exactly ideal.

For some reason, my tan never fades as crappily as P’s- but make no mistake, mine definitely does fade crappily.

We exfoliated more on the day of our tans.

Didn’t work.

We switched to more DHA friendly body washes.

Didn’t work.

We changed solution brands.

Didn’t work.

We stopped showering altogether!

Okay, I’m lying- but I still bet that wouldn’t work. Although… maybe that WOULD work!


Again, not exactly ideal.

So we opted just to take our lumps, and instead of trying to figure out how to fix the funky fading giraffe-ness, we are going to simply switch up the days we tan, in hopes we can at least enjoy the beauty of brozneness over the weekend and start giraffe-ing at the start of the week when everyone is “blah” anyway.

So the price of being tan?

Apparently is worth it, splotchiness 50% of the time and all.

Maybe one day I will actually take a class to learn the right way.

Until then, I’ll take feeling like a star 3 ½ days out of the week.

Pass the touch up cream.

The Nice Girl Campaign: Week Two

Week 2 of the Nice Girl Campaign Challenge starts today!

Before we dive into this week’s challenge, I wanted to share with you how my first week went.

It went great.

Super, even!

Genuine niceness flows through my veins (Hmm- someone just tooted their own horn, yes? Please forgive the lack of humility), but at the same time I am sort of timid, so I don’t always make a point to compliment others I do not know well, even if I may be thinking it in my head.

For that reason, it was a little freeing to actually “make” myself get out of my comfort zone and say what I already want to say.

After the first few, the rest came easy.

I started with a lady who works out at my gym.

I see her all the time, and over the last year she’s lost a ton of weight. She never really seems like she wants to be bothered, so I never approached her to tell her how great she looks.

Until this week.

After her workout I made a point to tell her how great she looks, and how I could tell she’s lost weight over the last few months and chatted with her a bit.

The wall instantly came down.

Turns out, she was very appreciative and I could tell it made her feel good to have someone validate all her hard work. And it made me feel good too!

I complimented how polite a lady’s kid was, and how well she taught him to display such nice manners. What parent doesn’t want to hear how well-behaved their kid is?

I complimented total stranger in line behind me at Walmart on how beautiful she looked.



She was an older woman totally dressed to the nines.

In Walmart.

Which made it all the more striking.

You get the point, and I won’t bore you with all seven of the rest.

It felt good.

I felt good.

They felt good.

It was one big, gooey nice campaign frenzy.

I’m immersed.

I would love to hear if you made a point to do this challenge as well.

So now that last week was a success, let’s look ahead to this week.

By now you know I try to minimize eating junk, and pretty much never go through a drive through. However, this week I am going to!

During the summer I find myself drawn to Starbucks iced green teas. They are just so darn good and refreshing and seem like a nice treat for myself on Fridays or over the weekend.

This week I am going to treat myself to an iced green tea.

I am also going to treat the person behind me to whatever they ordered.

At this moment in time, I cannot think of something more perfect for me to do this week than to perform a random act of kindness by a stranger such as this one. It’s cheap (um, assuming I’m not in front of a school bus… in which case I would have to give it another try later) and such a simple way to make someone’s day brighter.

So here’s a recap of the challenge:

Perform a random act of kindness for a stranger. I am going to pay for someone’s coffee this week, perhaps you are able to think up something simple yet thoughtful to do

I hope whatever random act of kindness your choose leaves you feeling blessed, as I’m sure the recipient will.

Let me know your thoughts, and check in tomorrow. More to come! 

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