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Rake Up the Make Up

I’ve mentioned a time or two (or a thousand times), I’m a bit of a makeup hoarder.

I’m not really sure I realized just how bad it was until I went through my lipstick bags (yes bags plural) and found numerous never before used lipsticks.

It’s true.

So, in my defense, my MIL gives me tons of Lancome lipsticks anytime one of their free bonus gifts comes around and the color doesn’t work for her.

She’s as pale as I am, so if they don’t work for her, they’re not going to work for me either.

Hence the stack of lipsticks.

But they’re nice.

And unused.

And Lancome.

So- in addition to the lipstick, there’s eye shadow, lip liner, nail polish, Ipsy stuff gone awry…


(that’s not even half of it)

There’s cosmetics, ya’ll.

Lots of cosmetics.

What’s a girl to do?

(Read the last few sentences with the most southern accent you can imagine haha)

Aha, but I have a plan!


One of my Life Group girlfriends supports and volunteers at a nonprofit called No Boundaries International.

It provides a plethora of services around the globe. One of their focuses centers around ending human trafficking. Do you know just how prevalent trafficking is right here in the US?

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimates 600,000 to 800,000 victims are trafficked annually across international borders worldwide and about half of these victims are younger than 18 (U.S. Department of State, 2005, 2006, 2007). Additionally, the U.S. State Department estimats that 80 percent of internationally trafficked victims are female and 70 percent are trafficked into the sex industry (U.S. Department of State, 2005).


Here in Oklahoma, No Boundaries plays a major role in working to end trafficking right here in my backyard.

While I’m still learning more about the organization’s intricacies, I love the cause.

There’s lots of ways to get involved, but if you take a look here, there’s a need for help that’s right up so many women’s alleys.

I want to get involved and do something nice for these girls, so during the entire month of February I am going to take collections up for all new and barely used (and barely as in you bought it and realized it didn’t work) makeup & goodies from all my girlfriends.

I’m going to then put together gift bags together complete with a few healthy snacks, warm gloves, Bible tracts, pocket hand sanitizer and maybe a couple other small treats.

Then I’m going to deliver it to them so they can help make these girls’ days just a tiny bit brighter. 

Most of these ladies have so little self-esteem after the things they have seen and experienced. No one buys them anything or does anything nice for them, and I pray they begin to see their value, and their value in God’s eyes too.

I realize collecting all the makeup you’ll never use will require a trip to the post office and will cost you some money to send, but I can promise you it will be well worth it. I also have a feeling you’ll end up being blessed in return.

So, please take a moment to really think about doing this for these girls.

If you’re like me, you’re pretty darn blessed. You also probably have a drawer filled of never used stuff you “might want to try” one day (and never will).

I’m going to be posting multiple reminders back to this post throughout the month.

I urge you to really think about sending stuff my way. it will only take 30 minutes and probably less than $10, and I cannot convey you the difference it will make in this organization’s ability to use these resources, not to mention the difference it will make in the girl’s life who receives them.

I love you guys so much, and am so thankful for each of you who reads, lurks, comments, whatever! I’m thankful

Let’s do something nice. I know it’s small, but it’s not- I assure you.

Grab your friends, sisters, mom’s, church ladies. They all have lots of this stuff too, right?

Let’s do this.

More to come…


Casting My Pearls Before Swine (Rethinking My Pie)


Do you feel like you just get busier?

I sure do.

Where does all the time go!?

Ooh, I have an answer for that!

Let’s do elementary school math.

Because that’s sort of the only math I can do.

(um, except the really hard elementary school math, of course).

Oh, and I’m sort of using “math” loosely.

Very loosely…

Visual aid time!

Here’s a pie.



A calorie-free, vegan one I’m sure.

Let’s pretend it’s our day.

A chunk of it goes to getting ready and out the door every morning, the biggest piece goes to my job, then there’s the running errands, driving home, cooking, extra activities, church, family, friends, and sleep, let’s not forget that.

We all have one pie and limited ways to cut it.

(um, and with all this talk about pie, all I want to do is skip the slicing part and take a fork right to the middle. Good thing this is a virtual pie! smile )

It seems like most of it is gone before we really even have time to think about better ways of slicing.


How are you going to divide up the slices in your pie this year?

I’m changing the way I am, that’s for sure.

Are you going to make time for those resolutions?

I hope so.

Time is precious. Let’s not forget.


I mentioned wanting to focus on living a life that honors God each and every day, and I am committed to it (not in my own power, but through Christ’s, thank goodness)

That means my pie is going to look different than in year’s past.

It means more time with people I love, and less time with toxic people.

It means more bang for my buck in the gym, and less time wasting time on ineffective workouts.

It means more time eating healthy meals, and less time feeling sick from over indulging.

For me, it means less time doing things that have little value and investing more time in things that do.

It means less judging and more loving.

Less pride, and more humility.

More time listening, less time chattering.

This life is short, and I have limited slices in my pie.

I don’t want to spend it doing things devoted to selfish ambition and vain conceit. I want to spend it loving others and showing grace. I want to spend it doing things that matter.

We don’t have time for negativity, poisonous people, or faith-killers.

Don’t let people bring you down in meeting your goals this year. Be an encouragement and inspiration to them.

Stay the course, stay focused, and make time in that pie for what’s important.

I doubt you’ll look back years from now and wish you hadn’t.

How are you going to manage your pie this year?

Pearls to

Beating the January Blues


Well my friends, it’s January 2nd.

The vacation days are done, the gatherings are over, and the decorations are put up (um or about to be).

It’s official, I have a case of the January Blues.

I experience this every year, and perhaps you do a little too? The days are short, the anticipation of Christmas and New Years is a whole year away, it’s cold as crap,no OU football, and no major holiday in sight.


Will and I spent a good portion of yesterday totally relaxing and being lazy, and gearing up for the work day ahead. We also talked about the January Blues and the importance of staying focused and having things to look forward to during the morose winter months.

I think that’s key in getting over the January Blues. Having things to look forward to, even if t’s something as small as having a weekly date with yourself, friends, or significant other.

We took a look at our calendars and planned a few days off- even ones way late in the year. We also talked about a vacation this year, which has me upbeat too! We decided to postpone my 30th birthday trip to this year instead of last year, and I really need to buckle down and decide what the heck we’re going to do!

Definitely something to get excited about.

Another way I get through the January Blues is keeping consistent.

And I don’t mean consistently keeping the blues. smile

I mean, sticking to your usual routine (assuming it’s a healthy one!). These cold winter days can make it hard to get up in the mornings.

Um, warm bed or frigid cold car on the way to the gym?

See what I mean?

Getting up is the entire battle, but once I do, I’m glad I did.

Keeping consistent with my usual workout regimen goes a long way to keeping me focused on my ongoing goals. Consistency is key!

Finally, I keep my mind on what’s important.

Prayer, positive messages, and scripture, are such valuable tools in helping to beat January blues. Psalms offer praise, and are a great place to start. I find in being positive and counting blessings I have more joy during these January days.

I like to keep short one page devotional and inspirational message books in my desk to keep me grounded throughout the day. Taking 15 seconds to read verses can go a long way in making the next 8 hours easier.

So that’s my plan of action. What do you do to beat the January Blues?

2013 Year in Review

I did this last year, and thought it would be good to do it again this year.

If anything, because I’m 30 now and old and can barely remember which fibrous cereal I had for breakfast let alone 12 months ago. smile

Without further ado, my 2013 year in review!

Saw the cowboy ride away (George Strait’s last concert tour)

The Cowboy Rides Away Tour

Went to Boston for work

Surprised Will with a small V-Day basket

My valentine

Celebrated P’s 23rd at Bolero

Ps bday

Fed my phone to Rocky

Broken phone

Celebrated 9 years of marriage

>Ear protection! <img src=">

Took P and Layla to Zam Zams to enjoy some of our favorite Middle Eastern cuisine

Zam zams!

Got a promotion at work!

Traveled to Boston for work
Beautiful blooms!

Turned 30 (and didn’t cry or die like I thought I would smile)!!

One of my fun cards

Had sushi with P

Had so much fun touring the OU football facilities

The Bell Dozer

From the press box

Play like a champion today

Went to the Arts Festival

The girls

Went to the Red & White game over my birthday weekend.
Red and white 2013

Started Ipsy subscriptions!

Got a spray tanner for my birthday, and (sort of...) mastered it.


Went to Boston for work…again


Was rocked by the Moore tornado. Thankfully safe , but knew so many affected. It still hurts when I think about it.


We bought a motorcycle.

The bike!

Spent a weekend in a beautiful remote cabin with my family (part of May too… over Memorial Day!)



Playing with pups

Learned how to roast garlic.

Celebrated Layla’s 1st birthday!
Layla turns one!

Went to the Toby Keith Moore Tornado Relief Concert (and sweat like pigs!)

Toby Keith Moore relief concert

Visited Will’s family & shot some paint balls.

Shooting paintballs

Celebrated Will’s 33rd
Will's Birthday!

Started looking for a life group

Babysat Layla

Layla Bug<img src=">

Got my first ever speeding ticket

Bought a dining room table

My new dining set

Kicked off another OU football season


Lots and lots of OU football

Stripe the stadium  OU-West VA

Went to dinner with my LG girls
Life group girls!

Went to breakfast with P

Coffee slingers

Traveled to south bend for the OU-ND game!

BnW OU-Notre Dame

Touchdown Jesus!  And a Will <img src=">

And made a pit stop in Indy!

Watching the colts game

Got all dressed up and went to a wedding.

Who are these dressed up kids!?

Went to OU-Texas

OU-Texas 2013

Took Layla to a pumpkin patch

The pumpkin patch!  In front of the creepy scarecrow dude

Went to DC for work, got to see Theresa!

A great evening at home with Terry.


Went home to cheer on Will’s high school football team
High school football

Shot paint balls

Went to our last OU game for the season

OU-IA state  Windy Saturday

Celebrated Thanksgiving in Colorado

The girls

Face timing with my Will

Paid off our credit card!!!

Put up the tree!


Battled bad weather

Helped P move into her house

Professionals at work

Had our LG Christmas party, danced the night away!

Celebrated Christmas Eve with my parents

& Christmas Day with Will’s family

Christmas 2013!

It was a wonderful year, full of so many blessings.

I never really set resolutions, but I had a few things I wanted to focus on during 2013.

I wanted to know God more. That’s an ongoing desire, but this year I made such strides in drawing near to God. His grace is so real, and I am so excited about knowing him more in 2014.

I also wanted to be a better wife, family member, and friend. Same thing for 2014. As silly as it sounds, when I turned 30 it was like a switch went off (um, did this switch go off for any of you guys?). I want to focus on loving my husband, family, and friends even more, and blessing them like they bless me.

Just like last year, I want to be healthy. I also want to evaluate whether or not I might need to make some changes to help with my iron and B-12 levels.

I also wanted to give myself more credit in my job. I’m not that mousy 22 year old girl anymore. My second promotion at this company was a great re-validation. I want to continue to evaluate my career this year. There’s tons of changes looming all around me, and I want to really do a gut check and pray about what 2014 holds.

So what about you? Give me your 2013 year in review. Do you make resolutions? If so, share!

A Special Christmas Work it Out Wednesday

Merry Christmas, friends!

I am overjoyed today.

I am more excited to celebrate this Christmas than so many others in the past because of the attitude from my heart, or “heartitude,” of you will.

I grew up in church my whole life and knew all the stories. Of course Jesus’ birth was hammered down time and time again this time of year, and I knew it well.

Even as a believer back then, I knew the story and loved this time of year, but my heart truly didn’t grasp it until much later.

I don’t think I really understood the true magnitude of the Christmas story until recently.

Thirty years in the making, but I suppose better late than never, right?

For so long in my life I really glazed over the fact that Jesus walked this earth. I mean, of course I know he did. Like I said, I grew up in church and heard the stories my whole life.

But friends, Jesus, God in the flesh, walked this earth for decades.

He was a human, and he felt the same things we do.

I lost track of that along the way.

He wasn’t immune to sickness. He probably had a cold a time or two in his life.

His stomach growled when he got hungry.

Maybe kids made fun of him growing up.

He had a favorite meal his mother probably made on his birthday.

People made him angry, sad, and happy.

He felt things.

He was moved my things.

He was tempted by things.

He shook things up and questioned religious rituals.

He came to free and to save, and he did so by living an entire life here on earth.

Being born as a baby, the one I celebrate today.

I never want to lose sight of that.

I never want to lose sight of God’s patience with us. How prophets foretold Jesus’s coming for hundreds of years. How when he finally came, it wasn’t really in pomp and majesty but rather humble and quiet.

As a baby.

And how he allowed his son to live for over 30 years.

And how over 2,000 years since his death and resurrection, life has continued onward.

Such patience and goodness so that all have a chance to know Him.

I’m excited about Christmas this year not because I’m good or worthy, it’s because I’m not.

I am a sinner in need of a Savior and I am in need of that baby to save me, and despite the years growing up in church, this year I finally get it.

And for that, Merry Christmas.

If you’re give working out a go today, let’s make it quick. Here’s what I will be doing this morning:


Waiting on the Savior

Um, or we should just title this post, a follow up to the one right here!

It’s amazing how I can be on cloud nine at the start of the week and let a few things totally derail everything.

I am sitting here deflated and pathetic. Wallowing in hurt feelings, self-pity, worry, and doubt about things I can’t entirely control.

And yet I continue to mull these thoughts over and over again in my mind.

For some reason, it seems much easier to fill myself with bad instead of the good today.

I like to think I’ll be able to vent a little frustration in today’s post and walk away feeling clarity and better about everything, but chances are, I am not.

Not because I am choosing not to…although I suppose that could be part of it, but also because I will not have resolution by the end of this post.

And resolution, my friends, is what I’m after!

The story of our lives, right?

We just can’t let go until we have resolution.

Although, I have a feeling you probably deal with these matters far more gracefully than I do.

I have two separate things going on right now, but they both weigh heavily. I don’t know about you, but I tend to combine the issues and worry about them together twofold…or tenfold!

And now? Now I’m dragging you in.

That’s definitely the worst.

But hey, there’s no stopping me now.

I find it especially hard to seek God and really listen when all of these things cloud my mind.

I need to hear from Him. However, when I try to listen thoughts begin to pop into my mind, and once again I find myself distracted and unfocused.

I also find it especially frustrating to be still, yet I think that’s my only option until I have a clear answer.

I also find it hard to SHUT UP.

Instead of me talking all the time, I really need to listen, but as we know that’s not the easiest thing for me to do (see above).

Despite it all, I am going to keep at it. Praying, seeking, and being as still as I can.

As contradictory as it may sound, perhaps in staying put, I’m actually moving forward.

I have a lot to learn, and waiting on the Lord is (obviously) one of them.

I know these issues will work themselves out. Maybe not this very second as I would like, but they will. I know it.

So just remind me to keep on, keeping on.

To wait on him and to need Him.

To seek him and to sit quietly.


Thanksgiving Recap & Look Ahead

It’s December.

How did this even happen!?

I can’t prove it, but I’m pretty sure time is moving faster.

So, can you indulge me and take a look way far back into last month… also known as last weekend?


Oh, but before we start- Happy Thanksgiving again! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. 

So you got the gist of my Thanksgiving Day extravaganza. Strapped in tightly with my family all the way on the 9 hour drive to Colorado.

It sounds like I’m complaining (um, I sort of am?), but it wasn’t that bad. It was sort of fun.

Cutie Thanksgiving 2013

Keeping busy  Thanksgiving 2013

Windmill!  Thanksgiving 2013

Just like old times, except now I’m ancient and my legs get all creaky and tired from all that sitting, and my sister as a kid.

And I hate gas station food.

Just like old times… except not. smile

We got in early Thanksgiving afternoon and surprised my grandma.

My mom called earlier that day and told tall tales about our Thanksgiving plans and our meal, and my grandma ate it all up.

She sure was surprised when we got there. It was adorable. I got her on video opening the door and it was a moment I will cherish!

Layla and grandma

Because of the amount of family that would be staying at my grandparent’s, my parents decided to get me, P, and Layla a hotel room. It turned out to be a good thing because Layla can be hard to put to sleep. Plus we had our own space (and bathroom!) so that was nice.

It was Layla’s first time in a hotel, which was sort of funny.

Everything was so new! Couple that with her sporadic sleep schedule because of the travel day, and we ended up going to be around 7 that night and getting up at like midnight for a “party.”

What a night.

Sleepover Party!

Friday’s predictions were a little off.

It should have been moved to Saturday, but hey? It was a prediction, I am wrong sometimes. Haha

Friday started early. I got up to squeeze in a quick workout before the day got started. Toward the end I was greeted by visitors knocking on the gym door.

P and Layla woke up and came to greet me!

We got cleaned up and had a quick breakfast at the hotel .

My grandma was going through a round of chemo this week, so my mom and I drove my grandma to her chemo treatment and sat with her.

Chemo with my grandma. Waiting to go in

Oh friends, it was sad. The reality of her sickness was before me the whole time we were there.

She took the treatment like a champ, and I suppose after months of months of being there she has become a pro. However, I know it never gets easier. It probably only gets harder. At least it does for me.

She does a lot of reading while she’s there, so I bought her a Billy Graham devotional. I hope she reads it and it blesses her.

There was a young guy there getting what he hoped to be his last treatment that day. It was exciting for him, and he was chatty which made the time pass quickly.

It was hard to go, but I’m glad I did. I am glad she had company, and I’m glad I got to spend some extra time with her.

After her appointment, my mom, sister, and I made a trip to the local grocery store to get food for our Thanksgiving meal!

Small town grocery shopping!

As silly as it sounds, I love grocery shopping, especially in cutesy small town stores. I got a veggie tray and green beans, quick and easy. smile We got to my grandma’s and my mom and I spent about an hour in the kitchen prepping food for Saturday. It was fun and we were speedy!

As predicted, it was meltdown city in the house. Poor Layla was stripped down to her diaper and P and I kept going out on the patio.

Can we all please make a pact that we will keep our houses only reasonably heated when we get old, please?


We watched football, had pizza for dinner (um, veggie with totally non vegan cheese haha), and called it a night.

Saturday, like Friday, started with an early morning workout. This one was only 25 minutes so it was speedy but I’m at least glad I got it in.

We got around slowly and headed over a little before lunch.

It was good to see family and all spend time together. I know it made my grandparents happy.

I got a dessert plate.

We should leave it at that.

We chatted, watched football, and had a nice afternoon.

After everyone left, we watched some more football and had Thanksgiving Round 2.

Um and please tell me you watched the Alabama game!? Crazy!

Will and I had fun talking about it afterward.

Face timing with my Will

(Check out Will’s no shave November beard! Crazy!)

I sure did miss that guy. As predicted, he didn’t want to live our lives on Facetime, but he did indulge me a little.

Before long, it was time to call it a night. We said our goodbyes and I was sure to hug my grandparents tightly.

Yesterday was all about rushing to get home… along with everyone else in America. The roads were packed!

It sure felt good to be home. I missed Will and the dogs so much! The dogs have been too cute, by my side all night.

Will and I chatted and watched football together, while I multitasked doing laundry, unpacking a little, and getting this post ready!

And now?

Back to reality.

What about you? What did you do? I love to hear stories and traditions. Share, share! smile

I’m not even going to waste space telling you my meal plan, because it’s weak. I didn’t have time to go to the grocery store, so it will be a lot of cabinet clean out concoctions.

Luckily, the same cannot be said for this week’s posts. I actually planned these bad boys out. So rest assured, you will not be served cabinet clean out pie for posts this week. Haha

Here’s a look at what I have coming up:
-An easy swap for healthy hair
-Should you ask for a pre-workout this Christmas?
-To put up the tree, or not put up the tree: that is the question
-and more!

Check in tomorrow!

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

Happy Thanksgiving friends!

What stage of fullness are you in as you read this?

Is it still early in the morning, while you’re just snacking around as you complete the family dinner, or are you well into round 2 ½ of dessert plate pile up?

Regardless, I hope you have a wonderful day and are surrounded by people you love (even if they sometimes annoy you and take the last dinner roll).

Please, I beg you, indulge me with what you’re doing today, what’s on your table, and what’s your favorite dish?

This year is a different Thanksgiving.

I am actually on the road today headed to Colorado to spend a few days with my grandparents.

I’ve mentioned my grandma has been sick (cancer), so I felt it was important to see her and hug her tightly and tell her how truly thankful I am for her and my grandpa.

She is currently in the middle of a chemo round, so the plan was to travel today and get the family together tomorrow.

I’m currently riding in the backseat of my dad’s pickup with P next to me, and Layla next to her.

And luggage in the back.

It’s been quite a wild ride! Haha A 9 hour car ride with a 16 month old?

Is awesome.

Said no one ever. smile

P was a smarty and went to the Dollar Tree to buy lots of little surprises she could open along the way to keep her engaged and (hopefully!) happy.

I’m not going to lie… I’m terrified.

I have a feeling this 9 hour trip will turn into more like 11 or 12.. I can only hope that’s it.

But you know what?

I am so thankful for that little girl.


It still boggles my mind that just two Thanksgivings ago, the news of P’s pregnancy was still so fresh, and everyone still had such angst and stress about the whole situation and getting her moved back here, finishing the semester, etc.

Funny how just a couple years can allow you to look back and laugh.

In the moment everything seemed so crazy, but thankfully she has been so blessed along the way and I cannot even imagine my life without Layla or P living so close to me!

This is a unique Thanksgiving for me, as it is my first married Thanksgiving spent without Will.

The blove family 2012

The price of boarding all four dogs was going to be astronomical, so Will stayed back to do Thanksgiving with his family, while I went to see my grandma. I honestly felt a little heartbroken as I said goodbye to him this morning, knowing it won’t be until Sunday until I see him again. I realize it’s not that long, but it feels seemingly forever over a holiday weekend.

Not only that, but his work schedule has been horrendous, and I was so looking forward to spending a long weekend together.

Just typing this all out and thinking about it even now just makes my heart really sad.

Nonetheless, here I am, on my way. To grandmother’s house we go.

It’s also my parent’s 32nd anniversary!

How cool is that? I’m thankful for so much, and their marriage is one of those things.

So today is all about driving, driving, driving and just spending time with my grandma and grandpa.

Tomorrow, after my grandma’s chemo treatment, more family is coming over, and we will have a big lunch together.

Although I write this post a little sad, I am also thankful for this time with my grandparents. I look forward to seeing them and really appreciating every moment I’m with them.

God has blessed me beyond I deserve, and I pray the fullness of Christ and all of his blessings be at the forefront of your mind today too.

Happy Thanksgiving <3

More to come…

i need only to be still


Over the last year, I’ve experienced an issue in my life that has left me feeling hopeless and confused.

I feel as though I am doing and have done darn near everything I can, yet despite my greatest efforts nothing has changed.

At all.

Not even a little.

In fact, in some ways, the issue is becoming humorous.

I will perform an action, think for sure this is the action that will take away the confusion, and then guess what?


Despite the fact that I knocked it out of the park.

Time and time again I have seen God close doors right before my very eyes.

And all the more, I am standing there, scratching my head, wondering what the heck to do.

“Really!? Really God?” I would think to myself, while all the more, my efforts continued to fail.

Clearly He has a plan for me, clearly he has something for me to learn, and clearly I have not yet learned it.

Which makes this situation all the more painful.

I am already near my wit’s end, yet simultaneously having some sort of sense that this is all for a purpose.

This week, I had it.

I was done with this situation.

I was done scratching my eyes out trying to make good and exhaust myself to no end when every single time the proverbial door continued to slam in my face.

Only… I wasn’t really “done.”

Because, despite the fact that I say I’m “done”, I desperately want to see an end in sight, and I seemingly can’t.

I feel as though I’m drowning in this sea of uncertainty, wanting so badly to seek God and do something that matters to Him.

Only I can’t.


The million dollar question these days.

As I stood at my breakfast bar one afternoon, telling all this to God, I heard him tell me, “Be still.”

Be still.

Um.. haven’t I heard this before??

Be still.

I don’t like that answer.

It means continued frustration.

It means continued dread.

But clear as day, that is what I heard.

Could it also mean having a peace?

So as I stood there I wondered, “What does that even mean?”

I mean, yeah I realize what it means, “Be still and know that I am God.”

Plain as day in the Bible. The Good Lord said it himself!

But what does that mean for me?

So I did a little searching to see other verses where this phrase was pertinent, and the first one I could find came from Exodus and the verse reads,

“The Lord will fight for you; You need only to be still.”

My God.

This verse hit my heart like a ton of bricks.

Brittny, just shut up and be still! God is fighting for me. He’s not going to let me fail, he is going to bring himself glory.

If I would only be still.

I read the entire passage, and it became all the more meaningful.

This verse stems from when the Lord protected the Israelites from the Pharaoh. He parted the Red Sea so that they could walk to safety, while catching their enemy among the waves.

He took care of them. They didn’t have to exert all this energy trying to do something… He did it, not them.

I felt better reading that. I felt better knowing what I already know- there is a very clear reason God is saying “no” right now.

Believe me, he’s saying it loud and clear.

But there is a reason.

He has something in store for me. It doesn’t mean this current situation will go away, in fact, perhaps it is part of His plan that I continue to endure. Or maybe it does mean there will be some major change… I don’t know.

What I do know is this: God cares for his children, and he fights for us. I simply need to be still, be still, and trust in his plan. Because He will fight for me.

More to come.

Bringing My Best


Today I want to share something that spoke to me a few months ago, and something I read from time to time as a reminder.

Check it out here, and start at verse six.

(And like that You Version site? Totally cool, right? My church gives it away free and you can get it on any mobile device- so download it now!)

Today is all about bringing my best.

If you didn’t read, that’s okay. Here’s the recap-

Basically, the religious leaders were bringing junky sacrifices to the Lord- animals that were diseased or blind and expecting it to be good enough.

Um, ew?

But the truth is?

Yeah- I totally do that all the time.

Maybe not in diseased animals (haha), but in my time, decisions, speech, and actions.

When I read these verses I feel so complacent. This passage was directed to the priests, the people that were expected to exemplify holiness.

And yet they were just going through motions.

They weren’t bringing their best.

It was just about doing “enough.”

When I see this passage, I think of myself.

Both today, and yesterday.

Which is pretty darn disappointing! You’d think at some point I would have figured this whole “best” thing out by now! Ha

Over the years, my relationship with God has ebbed and flowed much like my relationships with friends. I would be extremely close to them for a period of time, then go periods never speaking due to the craziness of life, touch and go from time to time just to say hello…

I think you get my drift.

I decided I didn’t want that for myself anymore. I wasn’t bringing my best, and for absolutely no good reason.

Make no mistake, God wants us as we are, wherever we are in our lives. Even if we feel we’re not “ready” or “good enough” for Him, and need to be better before we ever think about engaging in a relationship with Him.

He takes us as we are.

Um, thank goodness right?

However, at the same time, I want to offer him my best, albeit a mess in certain parts, areas I would like to change, some highs some lows- I want Him to have it all and to make me His best.

Because let’s face it, my best is pretty lacking.

But with Him at the helm, I can be so much better.

So here’s to bringing myself as I am wherever I am in my life, giving my all, and praying He will do the rest and make me my best version for Himself and for myself and for His glory. Amen!

Bye week this week! So happy about it. I have some fun things planned this weekend and can’t wait to share! Check in soon.

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