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Ladies Sweat

Does any woman actually like to sweat?

I haven’t found one yet. The old addage, “Horses sweat, men perspire, and ladies glow” crap is such a farce. I don’t glow. I certainly don’t “perspire.” I am a “sweater,” and believe me, although its not a great thing to be- I could be worse!

My sister makes me ill. We go to the gym and her pretty face gets all flushed and red, but very rarely does she sweat. My dad had the same problem when he was younger- it just wouldn’t happen! Meanwhile, I am wiping the huge drips off of my face and I just walk to the car! I wouldn’t be surprised if a doctor ever approached me as I’m sweating everywhere and said, “Ma’am, I think you may be suffering from hyperhydrosis.” That sure wouldn’t be the shock of the year. Thank God for Certain Dri.

Anyway, it is miserable here and I hear it is only going to get worse. Will’s car temp reader thing has consistenly said 50 degrees celsius for the last week For those of you who are like me and celsius means absolutely nothing, that means it is 122 F! Even the nationals call this place the oven.

The last few days have been by far the worst and I’m told it will continue until September. The humidity has been rampant! I walked outside yesterday and I felt like I had gone swimming!

There was like this muggy haze outside and out windows were full of condensation and Will’s sungalsses were fogging up. It was gross. I had to go to the bakery and was totally embarrassed because I was sweating profusely as soon as I walked outside! I felt like I had just jumped in a pool with all of my clothes on and ran around for an hour and decided now that I was all hot and gross that I would go buy bread! It was terrible. My hair was matted to my face… 5minutes ladies! And I had that disgusting upper lip sweat that really makes me want to throw up when I see it on other people. It was terrible.

For fun I just opened the window and stuck my glasses outside and at 8:00 at night they still got foggy and the windows got all wet. It geels like this huge earth sized dog is just breathing all over your face. I will take my dry heat any day over this misery. At least you have a good 5 minutes before you start sweating when theres 0 humidity! It just smells humid out. Mmmm

This will make you chuckle a little- or at least I found it a little humerous. Kuwaiti law states that if the temperature reaches 50 all outside work must cease. Well, these people realize that time is money so they will never ever report when the temperature reaches 50 or above. It could be 55 and it will still be 49 “officially.” Why don’t they just change their rules??

This heat plus humidity is terrible and is really dangerous for the people that do work outside everyday!

So today, we went to the gym and as usual I’m raining all over myself and my sister is simply “glowing.” They are really cheap at our complex and they don’t turn the air down on the ground level so it was almost 90 in the gym- plus the humidity! I was working out next to this older lady and she was riding the crap out of this elliptical trainer. Hery eyes were closed and she looked very determined. I have no sense of balance, so how in the world this lady was able to run like an Olympian with her eyes closed is beyond me. She was going so fast and so hard that I thought she was going to take it off of its spinners and fly away. I wanted to laugh so bad, but obviously I refrained. She got faster and faster and faster I thought she was really about to break the thing and then all of a sudden she just gets off. No cool down or walking around afterwards or anything. The lady was near death and she just hops right down, takes a swig of water and skips on out of there. I was waiting for to collapse, leaving me to try and remember everything from my college blow off first aid class. Seriously, as she was going to town on that elliptical I was thinking, “Okay- she really does not look well. If she falls, doo I elevate the legs and call for help? Cold compress?...” All I could remember were the 3 Cs of an emergency: check ,call, care (can you believe this is a college class!!?). What a failure. It was less than a year ago and that was all that came to me. smile

My shirt was soaked afterwards. Working out in the “swimming pool” was not the plan for today.

jumping feet first

The last few days of my life can best be compared to the following story.

When I was in junior high my parents took me, my sister, and one of her friends to Frontier City (our state’s version of Six Flags). It was a fun day, we were all having a good time and didn’t have to wait in a million lines because it was late Spring. We were having a fun morning and around noon decided to sit and eat an overpriced amusement park meal that costs as much as a steak at Chilis but is about as big as a McDonald’s kids meal. Anyway, we load up on chicken strips and fries and chocolate shakes and are feeling good and ready to hit the park for the rest of the day. We do some walking around and come to the ride that changed my life- the Tilt-A-Whirl.

One of the greatest rides, yet the cause of my demise. My sister begs us to go with her, so along with her friend I decide to ride. We prepare to get in, and my sister begs to be in the middle, even though her friend is already sitting there. I ignore her and tell her to sit across from me. Of course she grumbles but does it anyway. The ride starts and we start spinning mildly. Well, if you have ever been on one of these you know that each seat controls their own little wheel that lets you spin really fast and out of control, so I get that thing going. We are having a great time and we are spinning so fast I’m surprised we didn’t take off. About that time my sister starts telling me to stop because she isn’t having fun anymore, which of course being a big obnoxious sister these words are interpreted as, “More! I want more spinning!” So, I give the girl what she wants. She continues to tell me to stop and that her stomach hurts, yet I continue to ignore her and keep turning that stupid wheel. All of a sudden her face changes and this tiny 2nd grader barfs everywhere. Things came out of this little girl that were unfathomable. It was a mess and was everywhere. My stupid spinning didn’t all… trust me…

That is the best way to explain what is happening here. Everything is a huge Tilt-A-Whirl mess. I don’t even know where to begin.

Yesterday I found out some really bad news. Supposedly I won’t be able to get a working visa until I am 23. That not only means that I won’t be able to work for the company that I really want to, but there is a good chance I won’t be able to work anywhere! The absolute earliest I could apply for a visa would be in Janurary of the year I turn 23. Do you know what this news means? If this really is true, Will and I may have to live with my parents that long.

Will told me over the phone yesterday when he found out, and I was really strong for him because I knew he was really busy. I was doing really well. I just sat at the desk with the phone in my hands. Breathing. Trying to tell myself I was going to be okay, but then I lost it. I sat on the bed and just cried. I feel so much frustration right now. Will and I have planned our financial future on BOTH of us working here for three years and going home and not staying here a minute longer. Things sure are shaken up now. We can’t live with my parents that long. I just sat there and cried and wondered what my purpose was and what God’s plan was for me, because as of now it makes no sense… I just have to trust. That can be hard when I actually have to DO it and not just SAY it. ...It was a totally emotional day. One of the worst in a very long time. I was a mess.

I am trying to stay positive because there is one last glimmer of hope, which I am going to cling to until I hear otherwise. I was contacted by another place for a job last week. I contacted that person and he was really busy, but he took down my number and was going to contact me about scheduling a meeting. I just hope he remembers. I hate placing my future in the hands of someone else, especially when they are busy and jotting my number down on a napkin. I don’t care though, as long as I can get a job SOMEWHERE and start working towards a goal.

So, that is my last hope. That is all I have job wise really until Janurary and maybe as late as my birthday. If I get the job I was talking about I will continue to be on my visitor visa and just leave the country every few months for a few days and get a new one, which is a pain but will SO be worth it if I can get a job and get our own place. PLEASE call me, guy, so I can start working!!!

I will keep you updated, I pray it is good news this week.

In a weird way, tonight was a little symbolic of my life right now. We went to Applebees for dinner and then came home. My dad decided to go across the street and get a hair cut while we went upstairs. We got in the elevator and as we got to our floor we all realized we didnt’ have a key, so we had to go back downstairs and wait for my dad. We went outside by the pool and just hung out. My sister jokingly made the comment that we should jump in because it was so hot. You guys have to know me- that is NOT like me. I have too many inhibitions to just do something “crazy” like that (especially in a place like this!), but for some reason I agreed. We held hands, ran, and dived in, clothes and all. (Will got a picture, I’ll have to post it when it is developed) It was the greatest feeling I’ve had in a long time. I just let go and went in. I felt this crazy freedom. It just felt good to do something different. How true for me. I guess I just need to dive in and trust God that the water is going to be perfect and all of this is going to workout- somehow and in a way that only He can do it.

It was freezing when we got out, and going into the air conditioned building was miserable. I took a warm shower and put cozy sweats on. I never thought I would say I was COLD here.

Anyway, that is the story of me right now. I am hoping I’ll get news tomorrow, but it may take a few days. I’ll keep you posted on this crazy Tilt-A-Whirl of a ride that is my life.

the trouble with friends

I’ve had lots of time to think lately. I’ve thought about 5 million different things since I’ve been here. How my life is totally different, what I REALLY want to do with the rest of my life… lots of things. One thing I’ve thought about lately is how my life will be totally different after this is all over.

Do you ever feel like you are just starting from scratch? That is how I feel right now. I feel like my score has been cleared to zero and I am starting all over again in so many things. One big thing I feel like I’m starting over in is life in Oklahoma. When Will and I get back, so many things will have changed. I feel like I am totally starting over there when I haven’t even really begun.

Friends are such a funny thing sometimes. I have thought about them a lot too, and I totally feel like I am starting on zero on that department. I remember right after I graduated high school I “just knew” I would keep in contact with my close friends. Now, I only keep in contact with one on a fairly continual basis- a 4 or 5 times a year. That seems so strange to me. I guess it is our own fault, but its also because we changed and became different. We grew up and missed things in each other’s lives. I mean, when we get together we just seem to pick up where we left off, which seems like how a true friendship should be, but we have missed out on so many little day to day things that affect a person that it is difficult to stay close when so much time elapses.  That is kind of where I feel like I am right now. I feel like I am starting all over again.

It is so strange. Since I have moved, I have heard from my best friend only 2 times. We talked everyday before I left and it just seems so weird to be reduced to one time every few weeks or something. I know she is busy with things, but I guess I have learned a lot about friendship and how sometimes something like a move can make someone totally move on leave another behind. I’m not naive, I knew things would change eventually and there was a good chance we would not be near as close after all this was over, I guess I was just surprised it happened so fast. I sort of feel like I have lost my friends to a certain degree. Obviously I have lost them in the sense I can’t call them up and say, “Hey! Meet me at the mall in 30 minutes,“ but I feel like all of this time that is going to pass by in our lives is going to make things totally different when I come back to the point where I will have to “start over“ meeting friends. Do I sound crazy? Maybe. But maybe someone that has moved to a different city can relate to starting over too. I don’t think my thoughts are too far fetched, but then again I think about and overanalyze just about anything I am faced with, so maybe I’m not a good judge.

Thinking of all of these things has made me want a “Lori.“ Lori is my mom’s best friend in the whole world. They shared an apartment together when they were going to college. They have the funniest stories about their few years together. I can still cry from laughing when my mom tells her stories. She was my mom’s MOH and was there the day I was born… she was just always there when she and my mom were younger. Time and and many states have separted them for a long time now, but they are still so very close. They are kindred spirits. My mom knows she can always always always count on Lori because they have this intense and incredible friendship. I thought I had found my “Lori,“ but now I’m not so sure. Okay, I’m positive.

This move has truly been a growth period for me. Whether I have enjoyed it or not, I have grown a lot and pondered many things. I never realized the importance of a good friend until I have been stripped of having any, not knowing a soul besides my family in a huge new world. Maybe all of this time has really helped me realized how I need to work on being a good Lori before I am able to have a Lori of my own. Making sense? Who knows, but I hope so.

I just needed to sort my thought out in my blog today, so thanks for listening

the chain gang

Being an unwilling “SAHW” has brought out the inner Martha in me that I never knew was there. I am doing things I thought only awesome super soccer moms with big SUVs were able to do.

For some very strange reason I think theres a ban on tortillas or something in this country. We can not find them to save our lives. They have these thicker pita type things but no simple flour and water thin as paper tortillas for cryin’ out loud! So, I’ve been wanting to make enchiladas for a while and didn’t want to use those imitation tortillas. I got online printed a recipe and off P and I went to master the art of tortillas making… or something like that.

For something so basic, they were complex. We have everything from football shaped tortillas to something that looked like the state of Flordia. Quite interesting. I hope they taste good. We’ll soon see. smile

Another Martha incident that turned out somewhat successful but has me contemplating taking as ice bath occurred last night. Will has been wanting fresh salsa, and he got a recipe he wanted me to try (I never thought in my life Will would ASK me to make somethinggrin !  ) So, I begin making it and am cutting a million jalepenos. Okay, so I’m sure we all know the “don’t touch anything” rule when working with an offspring of fire. I didn’t touch anything last night, but I couldn’t shake this terrible burning sensation in my fingers the whole evening. I woke up this morning to the same burn- rubbed my eyes (what a dork) and boy that had me up on the wrong side of the bed today. I don’t know what the deal is, but my fingers were stinging all this afternoon even. So I guess you could say this event was a Martha Moment gone sour.

One final Martha moment was own little “craft“ session today. I think it would have went a lot better if I would have invited Jenny’s (MIL) 1st grade class along to show us step by step what to do! Without going into details, there is this guy that has been giving a lot of people trouble at work. Will works under him, so he gets the brunt of things a lot. He has been kind of down because he gets things pawned off on him and the other guy gets credit. Anyway, today P and I decided it would be cute to make him one of those paper chain loops- the ones that are made of construction paper- to signify the days left of this guys contract. This was quite a process. There were over 150 chains. WE wrote a little funny or encouraging note on each and started trying to make the chain of a lifetime. P took half and I took the other half. We ended up getting the numbers out of order and the tape wouldn’t stick… anyone have a five-year-old to lend for an afternoon? We finally finished and taped it up to the wall so he will see it when he comes in. It is a looong chain so it will either depress him when he sees how much longer he has with this guy, or it will encourage him and give him something to work towards and laugh at each time he reads one of our little notes and gets to rip one off. I hope his response is the latter!

Anyway, as much as I want a job I am just trying to make the best of the situation at hand and better myself. Hope you had a good weekend!

~When life gives you lemons cut them up, put them in your iced tea, and thank God you are a southern girl...“


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ready for clean brows and a clean start

I never thought these words would come out of my mouth, but the highlight of my day will be getting my stray eyebrows ripped out… Ahh the excitements of being a unwilling stay at home wife. smile

It is funny to think about the things I look forward to now that I am locked in the apartment all day. Things I used to hate I embrace at the drop of a hat. Bring on the threads(that is their way of waxing)! I’m ready for clean brows. Grocery shopping on pay day during the busiest hour? Count me in! Sitting in 3 hours of traffic- where can I sign up?

Will and I bought the movie Duplex the other day- it is hilarious. I have seen it a few times before yet I still manage to laugh so hard I cry. I think it totally bombed at the box office, and everyone I know thats seen it besides me and Will think its dumb- but seriously, it’s great.  I think it is even funnier now that Will and I are living with my parents. Our current situtaion made me laugh even harder this time around. I can totally relate to the character’s need for alone time without their neighbor being there. C’est la vie… at least for the moment anyway.


Well I did get some pretty discouraging news about my job situation a little bit ago. I guess the HR lady found out about the whole law thing and wrote my dad a letter basically saying she wouldn’t hire me because it’s “hard enough trying to get women under 26 hired, let alone someone thats 22.“ I guess her letter was a little tacky, but whats done is done and I don’t want to see it. So that was a pretty big blow to me. She and my dad have had some issues over the past year (which didn’t help me out), so I was disappointed to find out about this email. I know I can’t take what she said personal but it is hard not to. Its REALLY hard not to.

How frustrating. I feel like I’m back to square one. My dad emailed me about another place to apply thats pretty good opportunity too and even pays most of their employees better than where Will works. I just don’t know though. I know Will would probably want me to apply just because that is our goal- to pay things off and save money- but I don’t know what to do.

I am too sensitive about this whole thing I guess. People go through this every day. I guess since its my first time to be in the “real world,“ I’m getting first hand experience about the things I’ve heard about but never felt or dealt with.

So that threw a curve ball in my day and bummed me out. I wish I could do what Will tells me and “be a duck.“ Just let it all roll off my back, but that is just not in my personality. I feel upset because I know I would do a great job there and I feel like I’m being rejected. I guess I am, but so have many other young pups just like me who entered the work force with bright eyes just knowing everything would go their way only to be shot down a time or two.

I just have to give everything over to God right now- not having our own place, not having a job… just everything and trust that His plan is so much better than Brittny’s

So, not that I’ve vented I feel a little better and am just goingto have to remind myself constantly to take one day at a time… bring on the eyebrow lady.


poor people need sunglasses too!

I hate jeans shopping. I really do. Its like I spend 5 hours looking, I get all hot and start sweating because I am trying on pair after pair without luck, which in turn makes me frustrated and in a bad mood for the rest of the day. I hate going to the mall for jeans. Its a big wardrobe committment. They are a major part of the “collection“! I hate it so much. I don’t know why, but I really do…

Yesterday and today I felt like I had been on a neverending, quest for jeans, but instead it was just for a normal, inexpensive, cute pair of sunglasses. Easy right? Hah.

I desperately need a good pair of sunglasses because of the blaring sun and risk of damage to my eyes, so the search began…

Last night we went to 2 malls. P and I found tons that we liked- but they were on average about 90 KD, which is almost 300 US dollars! I honestly believe that Kuwaitis have never heard of The Limited or the Loft, or even Old Navy or Target for cryin’ out loud! Nothing is for “normal“ people here! We couldn’t find normal people sunglasses at all. They were all Gucci and Prada, and blah blah blah.

First off, if I am going to be spending that much money- I’m not going to be wearing it on my eyes! P and I went home in shock that we couldn’t find a single stupid regular store.

So this morning my dad remembered that the airport has a few decently priced sunglass shops, so we headed off! When we got there, Will had to exchange money so we could go shopping.  This is SO depressing. He traded $100 US dollars and got a little less than 30 KD back. It’ll make you sick how much their currency is worth. You have to donate a kidney just to buy a few things at the grocery store. Anyway, back to glasses shopping…

We went to two places that had awesome glasses like we had seen last night, but they were still pretty pricey. So, we went upstairs and found another store that had some nice ones that were a lot cheaper than the ones downstairs, but they were still too much for me. So when I was about to give up and my family was starving and lagging behind P and I because of how long we had taken, I found “the“ store…

It actually had super cute sunglasses for really cheap (for Kuwait anyway). I found an awesome pair for only 6 KD and they are totally UV protected and everything. They are hideous (I know I am using awesome and hideous in the same sentence to talk about how much I like my sunglasses, but those are the two words that come to mind)! They are huge and glamorous. Will has been calling me “Nemo“ all day because he felt like he was staring at a fishbowl. What a goof. I’m hoping to get some pictures up in the next week or so so you can see where we live and make fun of my sunglasses too. smile

So that was our “adventurous“ day of sunglasses shopping. I don’t even want to think about how much I am going to hate jean shopping after this extravaganza…

Thank God for online ordering.

I think I was Robbed!

We think I got robbed. Now, I know you’re probably saying, “How do you think you’ve been robbed- either you know or you don’t.” Good point, but seriously, I think I was robbed.

Now, I have to fess up- I am a very scatterbrained person (I worry about things I can’t change, but forget things I can, go figure). I am constantly forgetting to do things or where I put things. I even forgot to pick up my pay check a few months ago. So, Will was convinced I just misplaced what I claimed was stolen, but after some sleuth work I convinced him I had been robbed.

For about $110 a month, you can hire a maid to clean your house 3 times a week- not bad (I think if it was that way in the states, I would have had to get one). So, my parents decided that because of their schedule they would get one to clean up the house. All of the reports they had heard about maids have been excellent- afterall, you can literally lose a hand for stealing in this country.

So, my parents didn’t hire their own private maid, they hired the maid service in our apartment complex. That means you never know who is coming to clean your house. Well, each time a lady comes, I am always there- so you wouldn’t think anything would happen. Apparently not. I just kick myself at how nice I was to her!

Okay- so heres some background information. Will gave me 10 KD- which is about $35 US dollars (our currency is worthless here) and I put it safely in my wallet and hid my wallet away. Okay- I didn’t really hide it all that great, but it wasn’t like it was super visible! Well, the other day P and I went to one of the bakeries they have at the bottom of our apartment and bought a couple of things. I spent 1 KD. I didn’t have pockets so I kept the money in my hand and as soon as I got upstairs I put the bag on the counter and put my money back in my wallet (at this point I was retracing my steps for Will and he inturrupts me and is like, “So, are you SURE you put the money back in your wallet? Could you have set it down somewhere and forgotten about it?” That does sound exactly like something I would do, but I KNOW that I didn’t this time)

Anyway, so I didn’t think anything about my money until Will asked me if he could have some of it last night. I went into my wallet and nothing was there. I started freaking out, trying to think of where it could be… but I KNEW I had put it in there.

My mom had said someone had went through our medicine cabinet too because everything was rearranged differently. I started looking around and I am not a detective, but I really think I solved this mystery.

Will and I are still living out of our suitcases, so the other day she moved them out of the way so she could clean. I didn’t move them an inch that next day and left them where they were. Well yesterday, after she had done the laundry she spent a long time in our roon cleaning. She would iron some and then go away. I thought maybe she was putting away clothes. Well, I found this wet cloth almost hidden in a basket on our dresser- which is right next to the bag that had my wallet in it. Its almost like she was cleaning the dresser, saw my wallet, took the money out and I don’t know maybe she got flustered or something and walked out and forgot her rag.

I don’t know, I am totally speculating, but I was pretty mad to lose 35 bucks. With the move and leaving our job back home, we haven’t gotten a paycheck since the beginning of May, so we needed what we had.

So, my dad cancelled the service and got our key back fron downstairs.

Pretty crappy…

Rapunzel, Rapunzel! Let Down Your Golden Hair!

Welcome to our Fairy Tale Blog Episode of Rapunzel!

Today the role of Rapunzel, the fair-haired maiden trapped on the 10th floor of a Kuwaiti apartment complex, will be played by Mrs. Brittny. The story line will take place here until Saturday, when the maiden moves to her new apartment which lacks the internet and all other communication with the outside world!

Director’s comments: “Okay Brittny, the look you are going for is bored out of your mind, restless, cabin feverish… kind of like Jack Torrence in The Shining.“

Now, lets set the scene. Rapunzel will remain confined to the apartment until: her knight and shining armor arrives to rescue her. The knight will be played by the valiant Will… or Orlando Bloom (whichever is available for casting) The only other way the maiden may be rescued is if she receives word that she the employment she seeks is gained.

Now, the typical movie lasts about an hour and a half these days… so why don’t we really give the public a show and make it last… I don’t know… 3 weeks!? That’s a great idea! Let’s see just how miserable you can get when you are unable to go anywhere at all for 3 weeks (minus weekends). This is going to be great!


Welcome to my current existence. smile Things have been pretty boring here. I have been unable to go anywhere and have literally been confined to the apartment the last 3 days. It’s likely that it could be like this for at least 3 more weeks. If I were to get hired tomorrow, it would take at least 2 1/2 weeks to get the paperwork in, so it’s been hard to stay positive. smile The worst will be Thursday when we move to our own place because I won’t have the internet or TV. Okay, I lied we have TV, if you want to call it that, but we have no network provider. Our TV consists of almost 250 channels of nothingness… I seriously felt stupider after flipping through them all. Plus, the majority of them are arabic news networks which I can’t understand anyway… so I’m trying to take one day at a time and at least enjoy the few days I have with the internet before we move. smile I thought my confinement days were over after my surgery this spring… boy was I wrong! smile

I guess I better go! Thanks for listening! Have a good day.

Greetings From Kuwait!

We made it! We had a CRAZY week leading up to getting here, but we made it with few problems.

Where do I start? I’ve been here 1 day and I have volumes I could write already about my new life. I have heard so much from my family before I came I felt like I had already lived there, but actually getting here and seeing everything for myself was a different experience!

Hmmm, so much to say so little time (it’s almost 1 in the morning here and being up this late isn’t going to help my jet lag)!

I’m experiencing a little bit of culture shock… Okay a LOT of culture shock. I’ve lived and visited overseas before, but no place I’ve been is like here. It’s totally different but at the same time similar to America. We got into Kuwait around 11 last night. It was so awesome to see the city at night. Everything is alive then. The Kuwaitis don’t get out much in the day because of the heat, so atlike 9:00 the city awakes and would be similar to our early evening in America. That is when people grocery shop and do their errands and stuff.

After we got our visas and had some help with our bags we went into the main airport area and it was like everyone stopped what they were doing and just started as my American family came up and hugged and greeted us. There are a lot of western employees that live here, but I still think blondes are a rarity, so it was awkward and I’ll have to get used to that (tonight we went to Applebees and this cute little girl and her brother followed us in and just looked at me and smiled and waved and then went back out. Not used to that…

We got our things last night and headed to my parent’s apartment. Guys, the driving is horrific. I’m not even joking. I thought California and Mexico was bad… this is like no other. You will be on a single lane ramp getting ready to merge onto the highway and three cars will be beside you in a SINGLE LANE merging ramp, and they cut you off and get antsy if you aren’t going fast enough and flash their lights and honk. It is very scary! I have issues driving in Oklahoma City, so driving here really terrifies me. Anyway, so that was an eye opener! My parent’s apartment is AWESOME! It has a beach view from their balcony. It is so pretty. We talked a little and found out more about what would happen in the next few days as Will gets ready to start work. Thursday and Friday is the weekend over here, so I keep thinking it’s Saturday night since my parent’s are off, but its not. Will’s first day is Saturday. I’m nervous for him, but also excited because I thinkw e will get to meet some nice people.

Today was an overwhelming day (I have a feeling I will feel like this for a while). We went down Gulf Road, which is like the “main“ and most popular strip in the city. We got to see all the beautiful houses and architecture, so that was nice. We ate breakfast at Ruby Tuesdays, which was really good. The “day Kuwait“ is much different from the “night Kuwait“ I quickly am learning from what my parents are telling me. The “caste“ system seems very prevalent here. There are divisions of people here and each get treated differently.

Kuwait Nationals: These people are rich. Really rich. A national has no reason to be poor if they are smart. They make a large monthly stipend just for being Kuwaiti. Even the kids do! My sister goes to school with kids who drive Bentley Continentals and Land Rovers like its no big deal. A lot of them don’t work because of the stipend, and if they do they own a business or work in government. You wouldn’t believe all of the Mercedes and Land Rovers and Porches I have seen on Gulf Road. They are like Neons or Cavaliers in America. smile

Western Employees (WEs): This is what my family (hopefully I will be soon too!). We are probably considered 2nd on the “food chain“ here. Most Kuwaitis are favorable towards us, especially those about 25 and older who remember the war. Some of the younger generation isn’t as friendly. There are a lot of WEs that live in Kuwait and do business like embassy stuff and military stuff. We (or at least the company my family works for) live in apartments spread throughout the entire city for free. They are already furnished which is nice too. Workers share a car with a few people they work with and don’t have to pay gas or maintenance or anything. We receive money each day on top of our wage as a living allowance, so a lot of people just try to live off of that and bank the rest. I really look forward to getting a job so we can save money. They only down part to working here is that they are 48 hour work weeks and a lot of the car pooling begins at 5 in the morning to get the long day started and to beat traffic.

Third Country Nationals (TCNs): This group breaks my heart. I have heard story after story from my parents about this group and I have teared up a few times for these people. There are several “sub-levels“ of this group, but I won’t get into all that. These people are mostly from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh., and a few more places I can’t remember. They literally work as indentured servants. They work the “working class“ type jobs that Kuwaitis won’t work themselves. So, almost everywhere you do, it is not the nationals who help you, but the TCNs. A lot of these people have degrees but can’t get a good job in their own country so they will work here at McDonalds or some other restaurant and send money home to their families. One guy that works for my mom has a masters degree in computer science and is living this poor lifestyle just to have a job. They are bused in each morning and work 6 days a week. They get paid daily and in exchange for their wages they have to give the companies their passports and will get it back in the morning- so as you can see it’s like an indentured servant kind of system. They have little to eat and are housed in tiny apartments they share with lots of people.  They are really treated bad by a lot of people. My mom made brownies for her TCNs and they were so grateful. I am really going to strive to show them Jesus when I start working.

Kuwait is strange. I think they need a city planner. Its a pretty dirty country. The Kuwaitis throw large sums of trash everywhere because they know that eventually a TCN will pick it up. There are houses that take your breath away, and others you wince at.

Also, everything is under construction here, but you don’t know if it really is or not because they will start a project and just stop in the middle of it with a lot more to go and it will just sit there forever. There are still messes from the Gulf War. Crazy huh?!

So as for my first impression, it is very mixed. Theres some bad, but theres also some good. I guess that is everywhere you move. It is really strange being the minority here. You get a lot of strange looks, so that isn’t the greatest, but I am just going to have to learn to live with it.

Will and I got to see our aparment today. The outside of the building is really pretty and the foyer was really pretty too. Our place is REALLY small, but cute. We have all tile floors that get dirty again 5 seconds after you clean them. Our kitchen is really small. I MAYBE have 5 cabinets. And lucky me, I’M the dishwasher! smile A lot of WEs hire maids because they are really really cheap, but I don’t know what Will thinks about that. I guess we’ll see how busy we are when we are both working. Also, there are no outlets in our bathrooms! How strange. Who wants to have all of their appliances strung out all over their bedroom!? On the other hand, our decorations are pretty and I really like our drapes and living room set. smile

Did I tell you the “best part?“ Our apt. is right across the street from a mosque so every morning around 3:30 their prayer call begins for the day and they do it over a loud speaker so everyone can hear it. It is really loud and kind of scary sounding. It will take me time to get use to that, talk about a wake up call! smile We are staying with my parents until Saturday because we have no groceries or car or any concept of where we are going. I sure am ready to know my way around! smile

So many more things I want to tell you all but it is almost 2 here andI need to get on some sort of schedule for the 4:00 mornings when Will starts work. By the way, I took a shower last night and the water was turned to cold and it was still hot! That is the kind of weather I’m living in- not so great for staying dry. smile

I guess I need to get off for now. Will and I don’t have a computer yet, but hopefully I will be able to use my parents a couple times a week to share my culture shocking experiences with you!

Thanks for listening, have a nice evening

Broken Silence

I can now freely talk about our “big secret,” and I am so ready to. It’s been killing me for months now…

Will and I are moving to Kuwait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know if all of the exlamation marks are necessary since I’ve never been there and it is in an area of unrest, but nontheless I am excited about this new chapter.

We applied for jobs a few months ago-once my family decided to move over there- but had heard nothing and couldn’t say anything for risk of Will losing his job- our situation is not the greatest where we are now. The church where we serve is famous in our town for divisions and “running off staff,” so we totally had to keep our mouth shut until Will could officially resign. We are going to tell the youth tonight, which will be sad because they planned a “surprise” birthday party for me. :( It is time to leave for now. We will continue to serve God, just not in a full time ministry position. That is a whole other blog day though- I don’t want to talk about all of those hurts.

Will and I got notice that we will have to be in Kuwait in 3 weeks. I will probably have to take my finals early and not get to go to graduation, which will be sad, but at the same time I will be glad to be in the same place as my family.

I have yet to get a job, but Will will be starting in a few weeks. As of now we will be living in the same building as my parents, so that will be nice so they can help us find our way around and get adjusted to life there. It sounds really different than what we Okies are used to. smile

There is just so much I want to say and blog about this new venture in our lives, but I don’t even know where to begin! My thoughts have been going a million miles a minute with the thoughts of moving and packing and school and finals and...and...and… smile Talk about a curve ball thrown into the mix. smile

I wanted so badly to tell the ladies I work with today, but I couldn’t. :( They told me to go get the mail and when I came back, they had cake and ice cream and sang happy birthday to me today since we all work different times on Thursday. I didn’t want to ruin everything. Carly made me a good cake, and Sheri got frozen yogurt to save on fat. wink Kaci- my bridesmaid- wrote me the most heart wrentching card and got me the incubus cd… how could I drop Big Bertha on them today?

So you are thinking- the longer you wait, the harder it is, and I know… I am just sad and for some reason scared to tell them. Not that they will be mad, but I had kept this whole thing from them for so long and now I’m all of a sudden like, “yeah, we’ve been planning on this forever now, and by the way… I have to be there in three weeks...“ That’s probably not the best way to have to tell someone somthing that big. I don’t know…

My mind is going everywhere! I tend to consider every single detail of every single thing, so I am driving myself crazy writing dozens of lists of things we need to remember to do. Poor Will, I am just going to have to try and not worry about everything so much. This is an exciting time for us. There will probably never be another time in our lives when this is the “perfect opportunity“ for us. We have no kids, nothing of serious importance… we can just get up and go. It is really exciting.

I could go on and on and on… and in the coming weeks, you’ll get to learn of all of the crazy stress moments in preparing to leave, but I am going to leave now and get other things done- like homework! That has seemed to take a backseat lately. smile

On a positive note, I found out I will be graduating cum laude. I was a little dissapointed because I thought I would be Magna (how dumb for me to be dissapointed, I know...), but that’s still pretty good.

Tomorrow is my birthday! What a fun thing! smile

God has totally blessed us, we have a lot to celebrate…

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