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dinner with the fam

Just jumping on real quick because (as if you didn’t already know) I have obsession issues with this place.

I’m posting from my parent’s house. How fun is that!?

My poor sister was having boy problems so I thought (after yesterday’s post!) I would be a good friend to her and come right over. It took me an hour to get there but I made it. We talked boys and I told her how dumb they were and we laughed and had a good time.

Then I called Willy and told him to come over after work. He got here about half an hour ago. We watched a Seinfeld. My sister is doing her own thing (something she has done a lot lately since becoming a true 16-year-old!) and my parents are being totally goofy. I can’t way what they are doing but they are cracking me up.

Get this!

We are such a lazy nation in Kuwait.

We actually ordered food online we went to and typed in where we live and it automatically comes up with all the places that deliver to your area. How fun is that! We ordered pizza… yes… I’m eating pizza tonight. SOOOO unsouth beach. At least I’m being honest. I COULD say I ordered a side salad…

It’s too crazy. You order online and then 30 seconds later they call you on your phone to confirm. It is totally scary! It trips me out.

Hmmm, and yet I am left to wonder why Kuwait has a seriously high rate of diabetes…

Could it be that all restaurants- even freaking fast food can be personally delivered to your house at any time of the day??


I’m looking forward to hanging out tonight. I just dont know how much time I’ll be around my fam and I want to soak up as much time as I can.

I think we’re about to watch dr. Phil too. A girl we know was on the show!!! how crazy is that!? It was a few on in the states a few weeks ago. Both Lyna and my grandma taped the show for us. My grandma’s came in last week so I’m anxious to watch it! I was so shocked to see she was going to be on the show!

Okay, the food is here. I love you guys. I just wanted to say hi and let you know that as you’re eating breakfast I’m eating dinner!

Have a super day and I’ll talk to you guys soon!


my gift quark, yes I’m a dork

Not much going on today.

That’s never a good way to begin a post because people know you’re about to ramble about nothing right from the get go.

Oh well, at least I’m being honest. smile

My sweet “Ethel” bought me the SB pull-away calendar for no reason today. How sweet was that!? She might be the nicest person I’ve ever met.

The day before she spent $6 and brought me lunch from the Chinese place on base because I was going to work through the lunch hour.

This weekend she invited me over to her house for homemade pancakes, “Just because I think you’re great, Britt!” What a freaking nicey!

Her calendar put a smile on my face.

Today’s page is a recipe for edamame salad.  Hmmm, Will won’t even try any food with more than 3 syllables, but I would be open to it.

I think the real reason is that she’s trying to woo me because I’ve been cheating on her for lunch and going with my dad. wink I promised to be a faithful friend and have lunch with her everyday next week and on top of that eat “really bad” one day.

Now that, girls, is true friendship (in some sick way I guess)- risking your diet to eat greasy processed foods that make your butt congeal into a squishy jiggly fat before they even reach your mouth. Nothing screams “I like you as a friend!“ more than eating straight crap. Mmmm. I can’t wait for that day (sarcasm). Yeah. I think that wins the most devoted friend award. Ha ha, just kidding.

I have to be totally honest, I have a complex about this sort of warm fuzzy thing. Please don’t think I need help or make fun of me, but I seriously do!

I feel bad when people do such thoughtful things for me! Yes, I have serious issues. I think there’s even a Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm (or some similar show, I can’t remember) episode totally devoted to this subject.

I can relate!

I feel all warm and gushy and then right after I feel those two emotions I feel totally bad because I am such a sloppy loser friend! I go about my business, walking through life just being my sloppy loser friend self and then BAM! all of a sudden I get a random act of kindness.

I start to breathe rapidly and my palms get all sweaty. Blood drains from my head and I turn a sexy shade of ash. The room starts spinning and I let out a groany, “Oh noooo..” Then I feel a little faint.

Why!? Why is that!?




Because honestly, I love my friends’ thoughtfulness! I really do! I feel like the most important person ever. So why do I feel a little guilty!?

I guess I feel like IIII should be the one giving the gift. I have a great network of friends and sooo do not let them know how great they are as often as I should.

“Quit being such a great friend!” I wanted to tell “Ethel” today.

I totally ditched her on her birthday (see last Wednesday’s post) when all this “moving and Will’s dad stuff” went down, and she totally responds in love. She’s like my freaking awesome, sweet, golden retriever that gets back up and licks my face and rolls over after I am like, “No doggie! Screw your birthday!”

Now, I had a good reason for missing her special day, but gosh, I still felt bad.

I so need to make Ethel feel as special as she makes me. She is my only “real friend” over here and dang it I need to make it known, take the bull by the horns and mark my territory! Ha ha, yes, that’s right, I will pee on “Ethel.” smile

I am a serious dork.

First I admit I have issues with random act of kindness from my friends, and then I tell you all I’m going to pee on poor “Ethel“… wow… at what point did this post start to take a plunging nosedive???

No one can be sure…

Another example is inspiring Kelli. She totally from the goodness of her heart has been checking on me to make sure all is well in Kuwaitville and then asked me if she could send me something. I told her I felt like this maniacal mad woman, reaching and grabbing and having a huge case of the “gimmeeees.”

She must have thought, “woah. Calm down lady. You seriously have acceptance issues. I just wanted to send you my latest and greatest and most awesome craft ever! Now I have to reconsider because, well… you’re a strange one...” (just kidding, Kelli, thanks for being so great)

Maybe I am, though! Feeling bad when you’re supposed to feel good is not normal under any circumstance! smile I think the root of it comes down to the fact that I feel my friends are way better friends to me than I am to then (hopefully they would argue that and say I’m a good friend, though!), and I feel that if anyone should be giving a freaking random sweet thoughtful gift it should be me!

Me, me me!

And so then I feel bad when they beat me to the punch line because I truly want to appreciate them the way they make me feel appreciated. My friends- including all of you FREAKING AMAZING (that’s right, I said freaking- you know I mean business when Is ay that) women on the nest- have made me feel so good, especially in my time of need.

I know that is what friends are for, but as I’ve gotten older I have truly come to really and genuinely appreciate the whole concept of friendship. I mean, I have all my life, but it is right now, at this point in my life, I really thank God for my friends and pray I can be the kind of friend Jonathan was to David before David became king. That has been my prayer over the last year and I know that when God has made me into a Jonathan, he will give me a David, and that will be the most awesome thing ever. Plus, if I’m really lucky, maybe my “David’s” husband will get along with Will which is even a bigger bonus! smile

Gosh, who knew a freaking 5 buck SB calendar could bring such restlessness!

Anyway, that is another strange facet of me that will make you scratch your head and think, “Who IS this girl!?” I guess that’s okay because sometimes I even surprise myself.

So, before all my awesome bloggy friends I hereby say I am going to beat my awesome friends to the punch and truly take time to tell them how much they mean to me. I only wish it wouldn’t take some goofy calendar to get me motivated.

Thanks for listening to me ramble, ramble, ramble.

I promise we will all catch up soon. Whether it is during my weekend or (prayerfully!!) when I get my system back up at work.

Have a wonderful day and be a nicey to all your friends. smile

Angstgiving Part One

I jump the gun on everything.

If something big is a couple months away, I like to try and have things squared away well before they come. I was near spastic stage when Will told me in August we needed to wait to book a hotel for our Packers game (I do have to say I was right in this case- everything was booked!).

I was the kid that came home from school and went straight to homework so I could get it out of the way.

I feel like a child that lost their mom in the grocery store without my planner (AKA the second Bible).

I am a planner, so don’t let this post throw you off.

Here we go again. Yet another holiday season to tackle. Yes, most of you are like, “Holiday season? Halloween isn’t even here!” Yeah I know, I love the holidays though, so from Halloween on that begins my holiday planning cheer and everything in between.

Last year was our holiday trial run. Will and I were just married and had the experience of our first married Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Sharing time,

making food to bring to the entire family for the next day only to mess it up terribly and then having to go to Walmart the night before to buy something pretty and plate it like, “Yes, MIL, I really DID make this. Are you accusing me of buying these HOMEMADE treats!?”,

getting up before God to drive to Will’s grandparents,

blending traditions,

killing traditions,

and starting traditions.

By most people’s second year they are beginning to get a system down.

“We went to your parent’s last year, so that means we’re at mine this year.”

“No, Sweetie, We can’t afford to give your second cousin’s girlfriend a gift.”

“Does your family really like playing Dirty Santa or is it a way to avoid a yearly garage sale and cycle their crap to other family members?”

Whatever the system may be, the kinks are usually beginning to work out. Last Christmas I was thinking how nice it would be to have a calm 2005 season, with things figured out and a little more stable. Ha. Little did I know that our world would totally change and we would be oceans away from the previous year’s plan.

This year will be like a trial run again, but a little more unique. (and I thought I was done with all that stuff!)Christmas… ......well, as “pee in my pants, If I were a dog my tail would wag all day long” excited I am about going home and being able to really celebrate Christmas (as Muslims, Kuwaitis don’t celebrate the holiday), things just won’t be “normal” because our time is so limited and will be spent going back and forth visiting family.

It will be fun, but at the thought I feel exhausted. So, I don’t even know WHAT that will be considered. How about, “MTV Boiling Points Christmas Addition: How Many 5th Cousins Will Brittny and Will Have to Meet and How Many Potlucks Will They Have to Attend Before Going Insanely Crazy? If they are able to last 2 weeks, they will be handsomely rewarded with a crisp $100 bill.”

Okay, I’m kidding. I have been looking forward to this trip forever, but I don’t know how relaxing it will be. What I do know is that that I’m sure there will be many “parts” to this post as the holiday season approaches.

Thanksgiving will be yet another trial run because we will be spending it in Kuwait. Girls, I’m freaking out about this holiday. I know there are lots of families here that cook huge meals and invite families over. In fact, I think my parents might be hooking on with another family. That’s fine and all, but that’s not really how we want to spend Thanksgiving.

I thought it would be really special to do something totally different than what we normally would have. So, I decided to tackle my biggest project yet.

I thought planning a wedding was stressful? Ha. Welcome to my thanksgiving freakshow.

This will be so humerous you may want to pull up a chair, get some snacks and watch. Think Martha Stewart meets Amityville Horror.  This is the most accurate picture I can come up with. Look! Even Michelle freaking thinks I’m in over my head.

I told Will I would cook us a “lovely thanksgiving dinner(<- my exact words)”, and I know that made him happy. As the words so genuinely full of excitement and cooking goddess ideas left my mouth I began to think, “Oh brittny. What in the crap have you gotten yourself into!?”

The concept itself thrills me. I feel like such a grown up- cooking a huge holiday meal for just the two of us in a foreign country, but then reality sets in and I think, “I don’t even know how to use my gas stove, and I’m really going to plan an elaborate meal that is cenered around it.... Huh.... That makes perfect sense.

I’m not a terrible cook, I just don’t cook “real food (ie: things that don’t come from a box, freezer, or can)” much. I can read and follow easy/medium recipes, but theres this unspoken added pressure of a major holiday being on the day you are cooking this meal. Then, there’s that added pressure I put on myself as I think, “ Will’s grandma did it this way, or I don’t think this is going to taste as good as my mom’s.”

I really don’t want to let all that stuff get in the way (ha- with my worried mind, that will be more of a challenge than figuring out what leaves the bird’s butt cavity and what stays). I get so giddy when I think about making a major holiday meal for the two of us. I don’t know why it excites me so much, but it does. I think the Brittny’s Thanksgiving Cooking Extravaganza excitement is the emotional side of me. Ther terrifed, “How in the world and I going to pull it off” side is the realistic side. So torn!

I know I have a while to figure everything out and maybe even practice a thing or two, but I still think I will be a little bit of a mess as the days to Thanksgiving near. Will and I have talked in passing about most of the details, but if I am really going to give this a go, I’m going to have to sit him down and come up with a plan!

droopy eyes

Short post today. My eyes are starting to droop, and I can see my self any minuted hitting the keyboard comatose and leaving you all nothing but asldfjklsdjflksdjflksajdflkajsdklfj until I wake up at 3:30 tomorrow to get ready for the day.

This schedule is the worst.

I can’t write long, and my post will be pretty boring today, but I feel like a stranger and will probably continue to feel that way for the next week and a half or so. Things at work are just....


I guess I don’t know yet.

Today I almost flatlined.

My boss was gone so I literally (I’m not making this up) sat on an uncomfotable chair at this lady’s desk for 11 hours. No lie. 11 hours and then had an hour lunch. I got up 3 times to make copies for her. In the 11 hour span I read 3 newspapers which took all of an hour.

It was mindnumbing.

The daily work day is 10 hours and a lunch. We car share, so I am at the mercy of those who take me. The lady that did worked 11 hours today, which added to the long and boring day.

There is lots in the middle. It wasn’t a bad day or anything, but I don’t have a computer, a desk, and my boss doesn’t even have his own computer or desk. They have him at a table. I just didn’t really have a place today.

The day was long, and like I said I was at the mercy of someone else to get me home. I am a vERY time-oriented person, so I felt like today was a waste, and then having to wait an extra hour got me all worked up.

I was so ready to go home, I was literally bored to tears. My eyes watered as I was sitting in the car thinking how much I wanted to go home and how much further we still had to go.

Like I said, lots in the middle, but you probably get the big drift. As soon as I walked in the door I saw Will. I feel right into his arms and lost it. I don’t really know why. I guess for some reason I felt overwhelmed on my first full day, and having to stare at a wall for 12 hours. I don’t really know what it was. I hate that he isn’t just a drive away, he is literally across country. I just cried. Tears have seemed to be a theme the last few days.

I’m sorry this post is boring, but I juts needed to post for myself tonight. I don’t know when I will get to do this again, so I just need to do it know and take advantage of the time I have.

We get our keys for the apartment tomorrow! That means that I won’t have the computer anymore… the only bad thing about moving out. Anyway, I don’t know when I’ll be getting a computer either. things are crazy right now because Doha is closing and they are trying to move everyone out of that camp and to other places, so that is their first priority. So, I’m getting paid to sit, which is okay, but depressing.

Anyway, I hope you are all having a fantastic week! I will try not to be a stranger for the next week, but I don’t really know when I’ll be able to post.

I should have an interesting story about our newcomers briefing. My dad has part in it and was telling me all about some of the weird stuff they brief us on.

I wanted to laugh.

Maybe that will brighten my day. It’s on Tuesday, so we’ll see, though I hope I have something to cheer me up work wise before then.

Thanks for listening to me vent. It probably made no sense because I am exhausted and I just want Will to hold me.

Hopefully I’ll be on in the next couple of days.

Have a great weekend. smile

Boomer Sooner (last I heard they were up… I guess we’ll see)

Foot in Mouth Disease

If you haven’t already realized, I say tend to say some pretty dumb things sometimes. I regularly say something that leaves Will simply looking at me in disbelief and saying, “Are you being serious?“ It goes back to the whole book smart and blonde dumb I think.

I stuck my foot in my mouth BIG TIME yesterday. As if my first few days weren’t nightmarish enough, I just went ahead and went all out.  If Will would have been there, I know for a fact his jaw would have dropped to the ground and he would have told people I was his derranged sister that wants to hug on him because and call him husband because I have emotional problems, if anyone asked if we were married.

After the big meeting I didn’t have anywhere to go, so I hung out in my mom’s office. I know the people she works with, one of them being a friend my mom has gotten to know fairly well since she’s been here.

This lady is so nice. She has a different ethnic background than I, and she is very proud of her heritage. I truly enjoy learning about her culture and the customs and practices. She has a lot of stories about her family and their life. She talks about her culture a lot, so there are times you are talking about one thing and somehow we get on the subject and I don’t even realize it.

So yesterday she was teaching me a few things about their food and stuff. The conversation ended and I went back to typing an email. A few minutes later, my mom tells her something and starts to give her a hard time. The lady (can’t say her name or it will give it away) starts teasing around and says, “What do I know, I’m just a _____________ (can’t way the term, pretty derogatory)!“ She starts laughing.

My mom laughs too (because they have that sort of friendship).

I don’t say anything.

“Do you know what that stands for Britt?“ she asks.


“It stands for: _____________ (still can’t say, but whatever you thinking you are probably right) .“

“Oh! How cute! That is too funny that you guys came up with that!“

She just gives me a strange look. Not really a mad look, just a weird one.

A few seconds later she says, “ Do you know what other names there are for us?“

She then proceeds to give me a few, all which I totally knew.

“Yeah, I know all those. People called me cracker. I guess that is one of those terrible stereotypes our society has. I think it’s great that you guys have a name you use that shows them who’s the boss!“

She just looks at me and says nothing. She then says, “______ is not a name we came up with, it is a name others gave to us. It’s a terrible insult.“

Insert foot in mouth.

I had no freakin’ idea what _____ was. I’m sure I’ve heard it in passing but never thought much of it, but boy will I remember forever now! I can’t believe I said it was freakin’ CUTE!!

I was so embarrassed. Talk about insulting a culture! “That ______ word is so cute! You show those people who’s boss!“

What an idiot.

So last night we all went to dinner and I asked Will and my sister if they knew what ______ meant. They first told me to quick talking so loud because I’d get us all shot, and then they looked at me like I was a cave woman that had been frozen in 1000 B.C.

Apparently EVERYONE knows what that term means… everyone but me!!

Thanks guys, I really could have used some street knowledge on cultural sensitivity before I had that conversation.

bad to worse to good

Finally Friday.

I honestly don’t think I could have made it another day at work. It’s been quite a first few days- which is the biggest lie and understatement ever.

The yesterday was the worst day ever. I cried all the way home. I probably shouldn’t go into lots of detail because I’m enrolled in the “WPP“ for a while, but I’ll give you the jist.

I told you guys Monday that my boss wanted me to go to his house and stay by ourselves a few hours before this photo shoot thing, when I had never met him. That made me feel totally uncomfortable and leery, and then yesterday I got lots of bombs dropped on me.

I am working in a very small office consisting of 6 people. I was hired as an admin assistant. I am positive you all know what that means, so I won’t tell you. I’m sure you’ll figure out that admin duties do not consist of the below requirements.

Yesterday I was told I would be required to know how to drive a huge duely truck with a 20 foot trailor with seadoos and boats attached. Okay. I think you all know me well enough by know to know that I am way too blonde to be driving a semi truck in Kuwait- one of the most dangerous places to drive in the world. It would also require me to get a new license. That is a laugh in itself. Can you imagine me trying to fight my way through traffic in that thing?

Then he told me I would have to learn how to drive a 20 foot boat and be able to drive passengers around. I wanted to say, “Okay. If I was a pilot and had a secretary to make sure my office was running, I would NEVER give her the keys to my plane and say, ‘Hey, I have a group needing to fly to Tulsa, do you mind giving it a go?’“

There’s other stuff, but that is where I’ll leave it.

It got ugly from there.

I didn’t really know where to go to talk about my job duties because my boss- who I had never met- was gone for the afternoon. So, I went to the only person I knew I could talk to- Will.

He called his boss, and then a million other phone calls were made and it just went from bad to worse.I didn’t mean to turn the whole thing into a big deal, it truly went from a ant hill to Mount Everest. I felt so embarrassed because I knew people were upset, and I had no intention of making a big deal about thing, I just felt I needed to make someone aware of my situation.

Not the impression I wanted to make on my first real day of work.

I cried and cried all the way home. I felt bad for dragging Will into everything, and I went on and on. So, I worried all night.

Today we had a meeting scheduled. It was me, my boss, Will, my mom, Will’s boss, and our big boss. Like I said, it turned into a mountain!

I’m such a “trouble maker!” Getting called into the office on the 2nd freaking day of work!

I was so nervous all morning about the meeting, but it went great. The big boss said where I was obviously wasn’t a good fit for me, and with my marketing background it would be a better fit and be a better opportunity for me to get my foot in the door serving as an admin asst. in the market department, which was music to my ears!! Hopefully I’ll learn the ropes and be able to slide into a marketing position after my first 90 days.

I was thrilled. She was so nice about everything. I went in ready for the worst and it turned out fine.

We ended up getting even better news too!

“Willis“ got a huge promotion!!!!! Yay!

He is really excited. It will be a very very busy job and is still out in the remote desert camp, but with the raise we will be able to meet our goal a year early! What a praise!

I know this post is pretty boring today, but these last few days have been terrible, and I am welcoming some “boring“ right now. I’m sure Saturday when I start my new position it will be far from that!

We will finally be moving out on our own sometime next week, which honestly is starting to feel weird! I mean, we are ALL ready for a change, but it will be strange not having my family so accessible.

I’m sure I’ll manage. wink

I have a million things going through my mind, but I don’t want to bore you with all that.

I got to eat at the good old DFAC for lunch yeterday. That was an experience. They closed down the soldiers huge cafeteria at Doha and moved it into this long trailor. It’s like summer camp but more crowded and narrow. smile

What other interesting things?

None. Ah! Where I am moving will be across the road from a Taco Bell! They don’t have those in Kuwait, so I’m sure I’ll be making trips there for lunch. It is way expensive here. it’s like $2 for a bean burrito. In OK I think its like .89- yes, that’s bad. I KNOW how much fast food costs!

The Indians Will and my parents work with invited them to this huge thing they have at their camp every year. They make traditional food, and do traditional dancing, wear their clothes, and all sorts of stuff. It’s in a few weeks. I think it will be really interesting to go and support them and learn about their life in India. So many of the TCNs in Kuwait are viewed as “invisible,“ so I thought it was really cool that they invited my family.

That’s about it for today! smile What a first week of work.

Thanks for listening me give you the huge “every detail that is going in my life“ story. Have a great day. <3

Labor Day (no- it really IS my Labor Day!)

Ahhh, my first day on the job… well not really.

Coming in today was honestly a huge waste, but I’m here so I’m going to make the most of it. I don’t get to in-process until tomorrow, so I can’t get anything done. Oh well, I’m getting paid on my first literal Labor Day. smile

I got to “sleep in” until 4:45 this morning. I literally threw a tantrum when the alarm went off. I wish you could have been there. I was kicking my legs all over the bed and fighting with the covers. “I don’t want a stupid job!!”

I was really glad that Will is able to be here on my first day! Things are still up in the air with where I will be going, but we know for sure Will is going to be transfered next week. It’s really terrible because it is the most remote (but also busiest) desert camp and is an hour and a half away from the city. :( Anyway, I’m glad that he will be here this week with me while I get adjusted to everything.

We got to the camp and I had to get my badge. The system was messed up, so we had to wait almost an hour. I looked like I was in the wrong place. I was the only woman and was all dressed up for my first day. The office was full of men, plus the TCNs kept filing in (TCNs are third country nationals. They do a lot of the menial jobs everywhere in Kuwait. I know that sounds bad, but that is the way things are in Kuwait) They have to hand their passport over to the office in exchange for a badge, that way they can’t run off, or if something happens they will know who it was. It literally is sort of like an indentured servant sort of thing. Crazy.

Anyway, I got finger printed and badged. Then Will dropped me off at my mom’s office because he needed to get to work. My mom is the only westerner in her office, so it gets sort of boring, so it was good for me to liven things up. ha ha.

I got there and about 30 seconds later I met my first company employee other than my mom and Will. That was fun, and I got a lot of “real world” insight. Maybe I’ll tell you about that later. It was a pretty funny conversation.

I got my badge, but I don’t have a lainyard (or however you spell it) so I can’t wear it, so I have to carry it around everywhere… and you all know by know that is a major liability for me. I often forget to wear deoderant because I am always running so late and want it to be one of the last things I do… how am I supposed to carry a badge around!!! AGH! Okay, now you all TOTALLY know I’m crazy. I will skip the times I’ve forgotten to brush my teeth (that has to always be the ABSOLUTE thing I do every morning… and I guess I am running so late and rushing around so fast that I totally forget. How in the WORLD do you forget something so foundationally elementary!? Only me), or the few times I forgot to wear a bra in college because of how late I tend to run in the mornings. Yes, yet another confirmation of how totally out there and goofy I am.

My mom, knowing this would be a problem for me, took me to HR to get a cord. However, the badge police said “No lainyards until tomorrow! We can’t give them a day early!” I guess getting a “necklace“ to wear is a BIG DEAL here. Oh goody! I get a necklace tomorrow!! heh.

After that my mom took me to Green Beans Coffee to get a chocolate frappe’. <3. Since this camp is closing in a few months everything is BARE! They have a Subway in a tiny trailor and you have to order outside in the miserable heat. They have a PX ( like a small walmart type place) that got moved into a small double wide. Their mess hall is even in a long trailor! It’s kindof sad to see this place closing. It has been here since Desert Storm and was “the“ place to be if you had to come to this hellhole. An end of an era I guess. Arafjan and Buehring (I forget how to spell it) are kind of taking Doha’s place now. Okay- I’m sure you all wanted to know that! Sorry for my rambling!

My boss (I can’t WAIT to tell you all about him, but I won’t be able to do that justice because I think we’ve all learned a valuable lesson from Dooce, as well as many others, that you are a crazed maniac if you are going to post about work stuff) is gone this morning, so I won’t meet him until this afternoon. You’ll never guess what he wanted me to do today! He asked my mom yesterday if she could DROP ME OFF AT HIS HOUSE on the way to work today (around 4:15 in the morning) so I could hang out and then he would drive us to this port where the people in the office I’ll going to be working at are having a photoshoot type thing. WOW! Talk about creepy. “Hey, Brittny, I don’t know you, but come over to my house and I’ll make you french toast while we wait for the photo shoot.“ Is that even allowed!? Hmm…

I’m nervous about meeting him today.

Anyway, I’m not really sure what this afternoon will entail. Maybe I’ll get to see my office or something once I meet my boss. I also have to sign for a computer which is very exciting because despite the terrible time difference and the fact that I will never get to read any of your blogs until the day after you write them, I will have access to the nest! The company blocks a lot of stuff, so I was glad to find out I’m good to go.

I may have to do the gas mask drill today too, but I pray not. I am so not looking foward to that! They give you the same mask thousands of others before you have worn: sweaty faces, greasy faces, excessively dry faces… on and on… and you have to have it strapped to your face for 6 minutes. AGH! I don’t know if I’m going to have to do it, because they are moving the gas masks to another camp. Thanks guys! I feel real safe now! What about me!!?

That is about all the excitement I’ve had as a grown-up today. I have to go to the bathroom extremely bad, but I don’t know if I can do it. I have a thing with bathrooms )I’m a huge germaphob), and since the base is closing they took out the bathroom trailors and put in port-a-pottys. AGH! Imagine the last port-a-potty you’ve been in plus a thousand degrees and 80% humidity. You can’t blame me for holding it now.

Will is taking me on a date to lunch, so I am totally excited about that. I wish so much that we could work at the same place. Oh well, at least we have the next couple of days.

I’m hoping to have more time to post this week, but I’m not really sure how things are going to go. I know we aren’t going to be moving until next week, so until then I’ll have my parent’s computer to use at the apartment. Hopefully once we move I’ll have more of a work rhythm and I’ll be able to sneak a post during work everyday.

Wow, What a busy and stressful first day! I’ll glad they have me to hold the fort down! ha ha

Have a good Labor Day… one much better than laboring like me!


PS: Here’s a pretty interesting link. It feels good to know the Kuwaitis have offered a large amount of hurricane relief

from me to you

To the unemployed, unkempt, “immature“ Britter-Bob girl to the left:

We had a great run, didn’t we? Good times, good laughs. However, it is time for me to bid you farewell. You’ve been a faithful friend for almost 4 months, but as they saying goes, all good things must come to an end. I can’t imagine my life without you, but it is time for me to let go, hoping that distance truly does make the heart grow fonder.

I wish I could take you along for this new journey in my life, but you and I both know that would be impossible. Not only would my job be on the line, but I honestly think you break about 57 unspoken corporate rules before even walking out the door to your apartment. Hey, I don’t mean to down you- you’re great- but you know I’m right. I can’t really say you’ve eqiupped me for the next stage of my life, but I can say I’ve had lot of fun. We’ve had lots of good time trapped on floor 10 huh? You are a great friend and I am sad to say goodbye, but my love, it is time. So… here I go with my many farewells.

I first say goodybye to your Outfit of the Week. For those reading this I must clarify. My dear friend would wake up in her “jammies” and hang out in them for a few hours… or most of the day… (yes, I am exposing my embarrassing summer laziness- but hey! We were stuck in an apartment all day) then she’d go to the gym, which require an outfit change. She would then get in the shower around 4:15 (literally 30 minutes before Will got home… as long as I look a little more put together he can think I looked that way all day if he wants… I know the truth!) and put on her “nice outfit” consisting of soffe shorts and a tee. So fancy. You really do have great fashion sense (ha ha). She would then wear it for like 3 days straight. So pathetic… but when you sit around and do nothing, that is what you get. I am sure your husband will be so sad to see the Outfit of the Week put to rest, but I’m sure he will manage.

Goodbye Outfit of the Week.

I must also say farewell to your great taste in television and the hours of thoughtless starting at the screen. That will be hard to let go.

Daytime TV is so great. sigh. Where to start?

Home and Away. Who knew how great Australia primetime was!? I love you all (see, I even talk like I “know” them. that is how you know it is time to let go). To Tasha, Scott, Beth, Irene, Sally, Robbie, and all the others: I hope things go well in Summer Bay. Scott, be careful! I read ahead and Danni is about to cut the cord! I always thought you were too good for her anyway. Anyway all, be on your guard. It seems like the tense situations get the greatest ratings- which I personally would be fine without for the most part, but you know… anyway, thanks for the great story lines and excitement. You will be missed the most (did I mention I was obsessed?).

Ah, Roseanne. You are the best. My mom would never let me watch you when I was younger because he thought you were trashy. What a hoot. I managed to keep up with you and Dan back then, but I sure did stick it to my mom this summer, as an adult that could watch whatever good, quality “trashy” bad influence stuff I want.Roseanne? Trashy? What was she thinking? I have to laugh when I think about that. There were far worse thing I could have been watching than Roseanne. Anyway Rosie, thanks for being “real” (once again, talking like they are not just characters, but hey, I need “closure“ wink, so bear with me) There is something that makes me want to live in a simple “Lanford” one day. How comforting and easy.

Other daily shows I must farewell are: Drew Carey reruns, Trading Spouses reruns, and most of all Maury Povich (now THAT, mom, is sheer Trash.). I will also say goodbye to watching mindnumbing episodes of Spongebob Squarepants every day at 4:00 on MTV Europe. Those Europeans are strange people.

Goodbye washed up, cancelled terrible TV shows (minus Home and Away!).

Enough with the TV talk- You are one louse! I guess that is your job, and for that reason I am sad to say goodbye. See!? You HAVE a job! It’s to keep my busy. If Will only agreed.

I must also bid goodbye the terrible but oh so wonderful things you shoved down my throat. I have to get away from you. If I don’t I will balloon.


But, I sure did have fun with you. I will miss having Pizza Hut thin crust cheese at least once a week. I will miss cherry frosted poptarts and soft batch cookies. I will miss eating an entire box of cereal for three meals and kiling it in less than 2 days. I will miss all the creations you concoted with a chocolate frosting base. Wow. I never knew saltines were so good slathered in Betty Crocker. That (eating “crap”) was my most terrible vice, and for that you must go. That was best (and worst!). See, I DID have a good 4 months! Why in the world did I complain about wanting a job when I have you?!

Maybe I should keep you around. Jobs are overrated. Okay, so I can’t do that, but how fun would that be? I complained about lugging you around all summer and now that I have to let you go, I’m not so sure you are worth kicking to the curb. You are priceless. Do you think if I told that to Will he’d let me be a SAHW? I am seriously doubting it. Therfore, I must continue on with my goodbyes.

I must also say goodbye to the stressfree schedule you allowed me: Get up with Will. After he leaves: “Go back to bed… for however long you darn well please. As long as you get the house stuff done know one has to know! You deserve it. You wash and iron his clothes for crying out loud. That’s at least 2 hours you can cash into sleep.”

I like the way you think. So many schedule loopholes you designed. You are a genius! I never knew humans could revert to “cat” behavior and sleep more than they are awake, but you have proven me wrong. They should hire you instead of me, though I’m not sure how the “classy” clothes, no makeup, and messy hair look would go over, or the chocolate smear on the left side of your cheek.

Maybe I better take this one.

Just know I will miss your laid back approach to everything. I am certain I am the most worrisome, uptight person I know, so you really helped me let my hair down this summer. I owe my open, “I’m tired of putting up with crap and being too nice to say anything” attitude all to you. I’m not sure others will appreciate that, but always know that I do.

There are so many praises you are worthy of, but I must close this letter before I tear my offer letter to shreds and cling to you like hairspray on an 80s supermodel. You are a lot better than I gave you credit for, if only I would have appreciated all the time I had with you before I the day before work (boo!). You might be worth the SAHW career, but I can’t find out- plus I would get huge and lazy and that’s lose-lose.

So, heres to the great times we had this summer. I owe them all to you. I know I ‘m becoming the “reponsible grown-up now,” but always know that I’m hiding you away from the rest of the world, so that one day you can shine before them too. Thank you, Thank you, Thankyou. <3


The employed, put together, “responsible (heh heh)”


The Fruit Debate, Crazy Rides, Holy Police, and Vacation Momentum

Today is long! I went on entirely too long, and I even cut some stuff out!This is pretty much a minute by minute recap of my whole trip, just so I can look back and tell myself I didn’t totally hate my first few months here, so I’m sorry it if is mind numbing today!

August 27, 2005

I’m beyond angry right now. Will and I “splurged” and got the internet in our room, but it won’t let me post. How irritating.

I’m fully convinced that the first few hours of a vacation are crucial in a relationship. The first few hours set the tone for the first day, and maybe even the whole trip!

Okay, like- how did you wake up? Was it super early and you both stayed up too late cramming the shirt that you HAD to have but will probably never wear into you over-packed suitcase?

Are you running late and rushed? This could create attitude conflicts.It could also leave Will very annoyed, and if we’re both late, it just puts everyone in a bad mood!

Is it hot (this is my issue)? Are you waiting outside with the luggage (after being rushed) with the sun pounding on your head while your husband goes out back to get the car!? Being hot puts me in a terrible mood. It is crucial that I do not let it get to me during the “mood setting” hours.

What about the drive there? This can be just as important as climate for setting the vacation aura. Is your spouse driving like the plane leaves in 20 minutes, leaving your body to be pressed against the seat because of all the G Forces? “We have to make good time!” We have to make what!? We are leaving 2 hours early. I would say that can be considered “good time.”

What about missing your exit?


“Sorry. I can’t believe I did that… again.” (but I’ll make up for it by driving my Camry like it’s a Vet).

Also, how far away are you parking? The closer the better… but this rule was thrown out today. “I LOVE lugging my bag 4.5 miles to the entrance.” These are all crucial factors.

Will: “Do you know where to check in?”

Brittny: “Yeah, I think it’s over there.”

Will: walking a different way than “there.“

“I thought you said you knew where we were going.”

“I DID! You went a different way!”

All of these factors, occurring in the beginning hours of a trip have the potiential to set the vacation momentum. These were the many factors Will and I faced this morning, and although there was opportunity to get snippy, we did very well.

I did, however get the “talk” about being more responsible and not so careless. I then got defensive and went on and on about how responsible I was… only to unknowingly have my ticket fall out of my lap and onto the floor as I “carefully” headed to the bathroom none the wiser. Thank goodness for Will! So much for being responsible.

I think “early vacation momentum stress” is a universal thing, and after watching other couples while we waited for our plane, I quickly learned that vacation tension knows all regions. I couldn’t understand a single word these couples were saying, but I didn’t need to. The nonverbals said it all. My best bet was that she was running late this morning, making him mad. He said something stupid about it, and she unleashed on him- probably about all his annoying habits, like leaving his full of stains dish dash (their long white robe- not positive on the spelling) on the floor, and never putting the lid down when he used the bathroom. I was glad that Will and I had made it through vacation round one unscathed.

***You go through a million metal detectors in the Kuwait airport, but I’m totally convinced that you could load your pockets with coins and your carry on with Swiss army knives and they’d never say a thing. I watched at 3 different spots how the x-ray watcher guy payed little attention, and how at one he was busy talking to someone as bags slid on through.

“Kuwait Air: Keeping you Safe One Metal Detector at a Time.“

So today Will and I flew on the best airline either of us had been on- remember it was one of the three 5 star airlines. ha ha. Anyway, Qatar air was very enjoyable , and I can see why it ranked so high. They didn’t play scary music, like Kuwait Air which was an instant plus. They had flat screens on every other seat, so that was nice. I do have to say, the snack was a let down. I guess they were too fancy for the simple Oklahomns. smile

After our short flight, I was once again greeted by the friendly lady that said “Welcome to Qatar where it is humid as a rainforest and hot as hell.” She wasn’t kidding. We got our stuff and got a taxi. So far, I have to say Qatar beats Kuwait. They have lush green grass everywhere. It is so beautiful. Doha, Qatar is truly an oasis in the desert. They are gearing up for the Asian Games next fall, so stuff is going up everywhere.

*** Well, as I had said earlier, our hotel was more expenxisive than we would have liked (little sidenote: this is a trip I have to take, so it wasn’t a planned vacation or anything and it wasn’t something we were financially planning for. So while this is a trip for us, it is actually something I had to do and learned about a week ago. The trip away with Will is just the bonus). There were limos and BMW 700 series pulling up to let off guests, and here comes me and Will, rollin’ up in our tiny Honda taxi.

We clearly stand out as we walk in. There are lots of older Westerns, and Arabs, but then here comes the young and Casper white Will and Brittny! I wanted to stay, “Yes, we are in the right place! Stop staring!” We get our stuff and ask a few questions and head to our room.

We get there and I have to go to the bathroom-bad (the fact that I have a bladder the size of an 80 year old doesn’te help the matter). I try to turn on the lights but nothing happens. Will and I try over and over, flipping the switch real fast, then real slow, and a million other techniques (yeah, because it’s all in the tecnhique… if a light doens’t turn on, you just flip the switch differently and it will work) to no avail.

“Surely they aren’t all burned out!”

This goes on for like 5 minutes and finally we, the young Clampett Americans call for help. Apparently you have to insert your card key in this slot fot the lights to work.

What you you doing! Are you just making up stupid stuff to look fancy!? Well, you look fancy and we look stupid! What a dumb idea- stick you card there and the lights work. They obvisouly don’t know I’m the most scatterbrained person in the world and there is no way I will remember to take my key with me unless its in my purse, and not in some “make the lights work in the bathroom” slot.

Enough about that! Our room is very nice.

I totally had a food crisis the first 10 minutes here. There is a yummy basket of fruit, calling to me on the table. I say, “I think it’s free.” Will says, “I think it’s not.” Go figure we would say different things.

Did I say we looked too young to be here? Maybe it’s too unrefined, though I think we know our etiquette and manners.

I text P and all she writes back is: LMAO! Call the front desk! Right. So they can hang up and say, “You’ll never guess what the Americans in 111 just said!” So, the fruit thing is up in the air, but I think I’m toing to have an apple anyway. I’ll show them!

Today was mostly spent getting here and figuring out the internet in out room. It’s from our tv, so it can’t do everything a a computer can- like post! The main reason we got it was for Will’s fantasy draft (talk about timing- in all the weeks out of the year our random trip and fantasy draft fall together). Will spent a chunk of the afternoon on our draft, which kind of put me in a bad mood. I felt bad because our “first hours momentum” kept getting better, and then it came to a stop. I really did need to shut my mouth, but it was too late. Like I said, I needed to realize our $ situatuion for this trip, plus the fact that this draft is so important to Will- maybe even more important since we are so far away from football this year. Anyway, that was a litlle hiccup.

After Will did fantasy stuff the plan was to go to Arbys and a grocery store to pick up water. We went down to ask about a taxi, and all the hotel provides were limos, which is not really how we wanted to spend out money. Talking taxis was a mess. “No thank you. We don’t want a limo. We just want a taxi,” we said a million times.

What we should have been saying was, “Look. We don’t want your freakin’ limo! We are on a budget and want a piece of crap to drive us around. Do you think you can find a piece of crap!?”

We ended up going with this rental service in the hotel and had the guy drop us off at the City Center, where we could do everything we needed. The City Center is the largest mall in the Middle East, and the 7th largest in the world. It was great. We mostly just went to say we have been there. There is an ice rink on the bottom floor, which is funny to think that in the middle of the desert there is ice. I guess you all need to own up to your, “when hell freezes over” bets, because it has happened! Kuwait has one too, but I’ve never seen it. 

We walked around a little. We went to the third floor there where was a movie theatre and little amusement park and got dinner, and then desert at TCBY. We walked around and slowly made our way to the grocery store. That was semi-stressful!

First off, I find one or two grocery stores I line and that is where I always go. because I know where eveyrthing is. Going here was all new! Plus it was super busy, which didn’t help as I bumped into everyone and their five children. “I just want some granola bars and some water!!!! That’s it! Is that to much to ask! Why don’t you label your aisles!!“ That is what I wanted to scream after about 10 minutes.

We got our stuff and grabbed a taxi and went back to the hotel. I got around for bed and put on their fluffy, cushy robe and decided that no matter what the real purpose of this trip- business or pleasure, I am going to have a good time.

August 28, 2005

This morning I woke up to a major surprise! A huge head of curly hair! Ugh. I tried so hard to make sure it would stay straight- to no avail. It is so humid everywhere. Our sunglasses are constantly fogging from walking inside to outside. Will and I got around and ordered room service for lunch. It was really good and I’m glad we did. I was starving and totally attacked my sandwich. Poor thing.

After that , Will got online to check his draft while I sat around. We have a tour of the city scheduled for 3, so hopefully it will be fun.

** Back again! Our tour was pretty cool. It was supposed to be 4 hours, but we cut it down to 2- thankfully! I think Will would have died! The emir of Qatar is trying to give his country lots of good PR. I mean, how many people can point to a blank map and find Qatar? His goal is to make Qatar a country people know, hence the good airline and hosting the Asain games.

750,000 people live in Qatar, and only 250,000 of them are Qataris! How crazy! The rest are TCNs, like in Kuwait. They are also rich because of oil. One liter of gas costs you 25 cents! Doesn’t that make you sick!?

Unlike Kuwait, drinking is allowed here- only in the desert and hotels. How they moniter this… I have no idea. The driving is just as bad- just imagine Kuwait, with a few drinks knocked back.

Horse and camel racing are a big deal here, and another propular pastime is falcon hunting. They take the falcons in the desert to hunt for game. They are very expensive and can cost up to $20,000! The guide took us to a falcon souq. It was so incredible! There were about 25 falcons, and they all had eyecovers on so they weren’t disctracted. They were hooked on perches, but totally out in the open. I asked for a picture, and this old man, clad in his dish dash and red headcover (meaning he had been to Mecca) went up on the platfrom where the falcons were and told me and Will to get up there and take our picture! It was so crazy! I was less than a foot form these powerful birds and it was amazing.

After that they took us to the camel market. The are popular for racing, but they are also eaten, especially during Rammadan. We saw a million other things, but I am getting tired of writing!

Tonight we decided to be lazy and get comfy. We ordered room service and watched You’ve Got Mail for the millionth time. The fruit thing is still up in the air, but tomorrow I think I’m going to make it my breakfast. smile Its not like its caviar or something! Its a Lebanese banana!

August 29, 2005

I had a good day today! I wish vacation lasted forever. I wish everyday was vacation. People may say, “Well then is it really vacation?” I’m willing to find out.

Will and I woke up about the same time and left the lights off. He checked his league, while I lay in bed wishing I could go back to sleep.

We ate a late breakfast.. and I ended up being a “rebel” and having a banana out of “the” frust basket. ha ha. what a goof.

We watched some TV and finally decided to get around. We called a “normal people” taxi to take us to the city center just to get out and about.

They have about a thousand athletic clothing/shoe stores, and about a million baby clothing/furniture/everything else your kid needs stores. I guess that’s because all women do here is reproduce 5 kids and then spend the rest of their lives chasing their little ones around, hence the demand for atheletic shoes. smile

I saw the funniest thing and am kicking myself that I didn’t get a picture! They have an abbaya Barbie! I love Barbie, and collected them up until my 2nd year of college (totally dork, I know). Maybe I should clairfy- I didn’t play with them, I just collected some of them… am I making sense? I probably sound totally weird. I hope you know what I mean! Anyway… back to the matter at hand...She had her long, black outfit, but she also came with a “regular” outfit- with a head scarf to go with it of course! Pretty crazy. I always wanted the teacher or singer or model Barbie. These girls want the Barbie with the stroller included (totally joking). I guess that is a cultural thing, and the way different groups are taught.

We ended up watching Bewitched in their theatre. The “new” movies in Qatar are just as behind as in Kuwait. I think Will may have fallen asleep through it. It was pretty cheesy, but cute. I love Nicole Kidman. After the movieI drove Will crazy for the next half hour twitching my nose and tugging my ear, and making the sound effects whenever Samantha moved her nose. After the move we had dinner… and TCBY. As I was walking ot the table I got a text telling me my visa was in. I was excited, but my elation quickly turned to reality. “It’s here.” I am officially required to be a responsible adult. My puppy dog days are over. :(

We walked around some more and decided to get a taxi and head to the hotel. As we waited Will looked at me in utter disgust and said, “You have a booger hanging out of your nose.”

Great. Thanks sweetie for the sickly look.

“It’s one of those that you can’t fix until you get alone.” Even better.

I got my mirror out and he was totally right. Something about living in the desert makes the whole nose situation very bad. I won’t gross you all out.

I tried sniffing really hard… nothing. I did this for 3 or 4 minutes as Will aimlessly tried to get us a taxi.

“It’s because I have a booger huh!!!?”

We waited and waited (good thing it wasn’t humid or hot or anything! <--- sarcasm!!)

Finally 2 pull up. A nice one, and one that looks like 30 drunk Qataris piled in and decided to take this tiny 1980 toyota camel tipping.

It, of course, stops for us.

It was because of my snot. I’m totally convinced.

Do we have an aura that screams we are hicks from Oklahoma or something!? Did our hotel send you as a joke!?

We hop in and I begin praying. As we are listening to Britney Spear’s “Toxic“, the only think I keep thinking about was that she must have written this song after riding in this orange taxi and breathing the stench. I will now forever associate this song with tonight’s ride.

As I tried to buckle up I realized Safety is about as important as writing your favorite detergent company to tell them how great they make your clothes smell… it’s that big a deal here.

I pull and pull and get nothing but a small strap. The buckle is trapped somwehere. I am panicking! I don’t want to die in a toxic orange taxi!

I thought I’d say something, but he was driving like a bat out of hell and the strange crackling and ricketing sounds from the bottom of the car- probably very important parts- were deafening and I’m sure if I would have said something he wouldn’t have cared anyway. I stick my arm in the strap- because that was going to hold me in if something happened!

What a ride.

I do have to say it was our cheapest ride yet.

I wonder why…

So, tomorrow ends our trip. Sigh.

I start my new life Sunday. Sigh.

At least I’ll have a few days to get myself together.

August 30,2005

Last night I could hardly breathe before finally drifting to sleep. I kept waiting for the front desk to call saying there was a disturbance.

I lay there, flat on my back, my eyes wide open, staring at the blank ceiling.

You would have thought I robbed a bank or something and I drove to the nearest warehouse to wait out the search.

Will and I are typically not extremely unruly or overly loud love makers. I guess you could put it this way: we wouldn’t be the ones you’d whisper about at the neighborhood association meetings. I don’t know if it was the fact that for the last 3 1/2 months we have had to play “beat the clock my parents are in the kitchen and can probably hear,” or the fact that it was the last day of vacation andwe were going to have to go back to living with my parents and being sneaky,(I think it was the first factor), but we morphed into different people or something. We weren’t “yelly” or anything, but around midnight the wall against our bed took a beating, leaving our neighbors to pound back on the wall- I’m sure that is a universal “shut up” signal.

I was freaked out that the “Holy Muslim Police” were going to storm our room last night and make Will and I stay in different places. Today it sounds funny and silly, last night I was freaking out!

* * *

So, our trip is over. So sad. I am totally resolved to believe end of vacation attitudes are just as crucial as the start of vacation momentum. We woke up fine and called in b-fast- and I ate way too much. We casually got around and did our room check- 4 times.

“Are you sure you have everything, Britt? We won’t be able to come back if you forget something. Did you check the bathroom?

The table?

The… the.. the..”

He does this a million times because he is convinced I will realize something I forgot- me being the scatterbrained one. The joke was on him today though.

We left the hotel and caught a taxi- much better than last night’s.

I totally cracked up on the way to the airport. They were playing filthy music- with the “F” work as the main noun, verb, adjective and everything in between. Amazing. They won’t show a kissing scene in the public movie theatre, and you can’t wear shorts, but you can say the F bomb all day long. Only in the Middle East. The FCC would have had a heart atatck had that been said in America. How funny.

We got to the airport-the super tiny Doha airport, and grapped a seat to wait to check in.

I thought I was at a college frat party after about 5 minutes. There were 3 older men, clad in togas!! How crazy! Were they being serious? I think they might have been. I didn’t know people still wore togas!

I was waiting any second for 30 fat guys with huge beer bellies to roll in a keg and a funnel, and start taking body shots off the women- all vieled and in their black abbayas. ha ha. What a strange thought.

We had been sitting for a few minutes when my daily birth control alarm went off on my phone (did I way I was scatterbrained? These last 3 months of being “scheduleless” have left me so forgetful that I have to remind myself to breathe). Anyway, all of a sudden Will asks, “Where’s my phone?”


Mr. Responsible forgot something. Who knows what I’ve left behind. We begin searching. Here is a good rule to live by: if you search for something for longer than 15 minutes- there is a good chance it is not in the spot you are searching.

Then, the “male” in Will comes out and he tries to put it all on the bonde. Ha- I don’t think so!

“I really thought I handed it to you.”

“No, Will. You didn’t.”

“Check your purse again.”

My purse can barely hold tic-tacs- your phone is not there!

We search more and finally Will says “I have to go back.”

I don’t like “I.”

“I” is bad. It refers to one person- not “we.” He is basically telling me, “sit here with the toga guy and make sure our bags are okay while I go back to the hotel to find my phone.”

I was so nervous to be left alone with the ancient frat boys. I thought I was going to have to purchase a bag of Depends. I did just fine, though I did sit next to a pair of 5 year old twins that made me reconsider my entire opinion of children all together.

Will came back , phoneless, so that was a disappointment. I know he was sort of bummed about it because not only was he going to have to hear about it, but he was also going to have to pay for it. I decided not to give him the responsible talk.

We sat around the airport for a while and ate at A&W… and then TCBY… again (we don’t have on herein Kuwait). After that we went to our gate- but I first had to go through a metal detector. I had went through the first one just fine- actually, I set it off and no one said a word! That makes you feel good! I wasn’t joking about no one paying attention!

Anyway, I walked through this time and it went off and the army guy- who didn’t speak english, angrily said, “go.”

Go? Where?

He motioned towards this cold steel door.


Holy crap. What is behind that door!? Are they going to strip search me? I really don’t want to go behind the door . God help us all.

I went in and this old lady frisked me and used a hand held detector- it was my belt. I could have told her that, but she was the “behind the steel door” metal nazi, so I just shut up and let her do her job. I’m glad that is over.

We got to our gate and hung around. We finally were able to board. It is so amazing here. They don’t have terminals since the airport is so small, so they bus everyone out to the plane. You would have thought the people flying with us were told there was an all you can eat buffet on the plane because they were pushing and shoving like not only was there a buffet, but it was also free. It was frustrating but sort of humerous.

After we fought our way to our seats- we breathed a sign of relief. Sort of. We were in the very back of the place and were the only westerners in a 20 seat radius. The plane was hot and it smelled terrible. I had flashbacks to “toxic” and my night in the taxi. It was pretty gross. All Will kept saying was, “This is so ghetto.” He was pretty accurate. thankfully it is a short flight. I wished we would have flew Kuwait Air to Doha and Qatar air on the way back… wishful thinking.

We got in and I got my visa stamped and everything else I had to do. The Gauntlet wasn’t too bad tonight. It was a nice change. I am always expexcting pandemonium so was surprised last night.

We got in to find out a million morsels of crappy news, but I won’t get into everything because it will take way to long and I’ve talked way to much about stupid things that don’t really matter that much! smile So, that was our trip. you probably feel like you went along you know so much. I guess I overdid it a bit. smile That shouldn’t be a surprise though.

Thanks for sticking through! Have a great day. <3

eye have issues

Well, I was in the middle of the deepest and most thought provoking post I’ve ever created only to have it wiped away, leaving nothing but one paragraph.

Frustration was the first thought to came to mind, followed by many others.

“Do I want to try to recreate the pouring out of my soul before the entire Nest Community?” I thought about it, and the answer is no. I couldn’t do it justice and it can’t be done twice. How irritating.

So, today you are stuck with low quality crap.

After the thought I had put into the previous post, that is all I have left to share. A huge paragraph of me talking of nothing but crap. wink

What a trade-off. My sister went to a Kuwaiti optometrist today. I am wondering how it went, because- as much as I dread the idea- I think I’m going to have to pay him a vist. What a goof. Millions of people are terrified of the dentist, or a “real” doctor. Me? I’m scared ot the optometrist. I am so weird.

I hate going to the optometrist because it is so far from an exact science and I, BRITTNY, have the huge burden and pressure of diagnosing myself. That could be compared to Helen Keller becoming a hair stylist. You should all know by now that this is dangerous for any person, especially a doctor, to give me this amount of power. Really, you are doing his (or her) job for him. No pressure Britty- it’s just your eye sight!

I am such a freaking over achiever. I don’t mean to, and don’t realize it, but I TRY to do well when I have an eye exam. I was the annoying kid you always hated in school because I always went the extra mile. Yes, I am a strange. Who does that (trying to succeed on a eye test)!!!?? Seriously. Like I said, I don’t mean to, but I just try to answer the guy’s questions. It’s like the eye SATS or something and I want a good score. What a weirdo.

I’ve probably needed contacts for years and will never know until I am using Lysol for hairspray one day.

Want to hear something even MORE terrible (as if THAT wasn’t weird enough)? Lyna- you’ll love this. I have had no-line bifocals for two years and I still can’t work them the right way. How complicated can they be!!!? It probably doesn’t help that I insisted on the narrowest frame simply because I like the way the looked and they were barely able to fit a no line bifocal on them. I refused to have the old lady line on my glasses, I had to have a no-line, making even more difficult to distinguish the small change in prescription (it’s not a real strong number, so that adds to it). Yeah, because it’s not important to be able to see, it’s all about looking good when you are staring at a computer screen.

I’ve started wearing my glasses a lot more. I don’t know if its because all I do is stare either at a computer screen or a TV all day or simply because of the fact that my eyes are getting weaker, but I don’t want to find out. I really don’t want to have to go to the optometrist. Its really a waste of time for me because the guy will tell me I have eyes like an eagle and I’m good to go. Maybe I should have saved my “Call me Monica Gellar-Bing” post for today- she was a massive perfectionist. She probably had eye doctor issues too.Do you want to know the funniest an most ironic thing about my eye complex? My mom worked for an optometrist for 4 years. How funny.

As for other things… that was in my failed post. So sad. I’m sorry to go on and on about that. I’ll stop. Just a lazy day. Will and I are saving money for our trip, so we just hung around today. I am getting so very excited about our trip and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

I did some deep soul sharing in the erased post, and here I just did some embarrassing sharing. Oh the things we settle for.

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