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Thursday Things, 6 March 14

I like putting things in my jacket pockets at the end of each season so I can find them the following winter.

Yes, it sounds totally weird, but it’s true! From a few dollars, to movie stubs, it’s always like a fun trip down memory lane or a gift to myself I had forgotten about. Now that I think about it, I ought to put notes in Will’s jacket so he finds them next season too! haha

I hate peeling potatoes, but find peeling carrots a little therapeutic.

I have no idea why.

I ate an entire row of Tagalongs last week.

I bought a box for Will, but did my own fair share of damage.

The Girl Scouts are killing me.

I seriously need to learn how to throw a punch.

I look pathetic.

I did a little kickboxing over the weekend while Will was on the computer, but sadly I think I became more entertaining than the iMac. HELP.

I didn’t watch the Oscars last weekend. I never do, I never will. Another confirmation I’m old and boring?

Apparently a recent study found women take on average 55 minutes to get ready each morning.

On days I wash and dry my hair, I take almost 30 more minutes than average. I also get around slowly each morning.

This study was eye opening. Perhaps I need to find more efficiencies in my routine?

I have a secret I want to share with you guys, but I’m struggling to decide the right time.

The cat is out of the bag in my “real” life, yet I feel like I still need to wait a little longer until everything comes to be. I promise to share very soon. smile

That’s it for now!

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The One with Sushi & Look Ahead

Hi friends!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend full of relaxation so we’re ready to tackle the week ahead.

Mine was great, and I’ll hit the highlights!

I have to backtrack to Thursday because we were able to get a sneak peek to see the Son of God movie!


The movie was beautiful, and I definitely encourage anyone to see it. Will and I go to bed super early, so it was a late night for us! smile

Friday morning came early. I was up at 4 that morning worrying about things, which left me feeling exhausted. More to come on all that that soon, though. (Teaser haha)

The rest of the day, however was wonderful. I had a belated birthday celebration for my sister on Friday night! Here’s a pic before we headed out.

Sushi Outing!

(Aside from the fact that I look exhausted from no sleep!) I look like I’m towering over my sister in this picture. haha I’m a few inches taller than her, but I was also wearing boots so I guess it added some more height. I look like a giant! haha

We enjoyed a boatload of sushi.


Like, it comes in a boat and everything. It was absolutely delicious. It was so nice to get to spend time together. I love that we can talk about anything and everything and not be afraid of how the other person will take it. It was a great time.

Afterward, I spent a few minutes playing with Layla. Check out my fancy hair headband. haha

Layla's hair headbands. Very fancy

Friday night confirmed I am an old woman because after a big dinner and a little wine, I was exhausted. In bed before 10.


Saturday was full of busyness. I got up early and hit the gym. Because of my schedule this week, I did at home workouts all week. Saturday was the first time I went to the gym all week, so I did a full body weight lifting workout. I kept it short and sweaty and was done in about an hour.

Afterward, Will and I got out and about and ran lots of errands. It was a busy day, full of crowds. Blah.

Thankfully, though, the evening was much low key. I even got some fun work done!


I can’t wait to tell you about it soon.

Yesterday I woke up to this!


Snow and sleet. It made for a quiet day in, which was a nice break after yesterday. I prepped food, did laundry, blogged, and spent some time with Will which was nice.

It was frigid out, so the bigs got to spend the day in their kennels and inside. We bought fluffy beds for them and, um, they were in doggie heaven. Look how happy Teddy is!

Happy Teddy

Pretty cute.

Let’s move on to meals and workouts for this week.

This week we’re having:

-Vegetable lasagna
-Stuffed sweet potatoes
-Fried rice

As for workouts this week:

Mon-Full body weight circuit
W- Cardio
F-Back, Biceps, & Shoulders
Sa- Legs
Su-Chest, Triceps, Shoulders

Now onto posts!

-Mastering the 3 Minute Breakfast


-Thursday Confessions

-Something you might want to try

I’d love for you to check in this week! Now off to conquer Monday! 

Happy Birthday B-Love Blog



My blog turned nine in February.


Did they even have the internet nine years ago!? wink

I am so thankful for each any every one of you that reads and lurks on my blog.

I really am.

In fact, I even said a prayer for you guys today. I am just overjoyed by your presence here, whether I know you personally, you occasionally comment, or just read in passing.

I so wish we could all meet up for an afternoon over protein shakes (or coffee haha) and just talk and get to know one another.

I realize that’s a lofty endeavor, so instead I just want to take today’s post to tell you I’m grateful for this little blog and my own space.

When I first started this blog over on The Nest waaay back in 2005, I interacted with such a diverse and beautiful group of ladies from all over! It was nice back then, because I had a lot of time available and could read and comment on lots and lots of blogs.  Those early years on the nest bring good memories of women, who would under any other circumstances be total strangers, encouraging and building one another up.

We were all newlyweds and this whole marriage stuff was something we were all navigating together. We shared in lots of laughs, tears, and the gamut of emotions in between. As we got older, had kids, some had breakups, and some moved, our tight knit circle sort of softened as they do sometimes. However, I have so enjoyed reading blogs from those of you who still post, and always will!

I suppose that’s one of the reasons I still like posting so much. It captures so much life that can get easily forgotten over the years.

This blog saw my first anniversary, and will be here for my tenth.

It’s survived a trip overseas for three years, and another one home.

It’s been through dogs, houses, babies, jobs, growing pains, master’s degrees, and even a long blog hiatus, but it’s always been here.

So I offer you all virtual birthday cupcakes (strawberry ones with pretty pink vanilla frosting, of course) and celebrate this one with you. Thanks for being there. Here’s to another nine.

More to come. <3

The IF Conference is Here!


Remember a few months ago when I shared the IF event with you guys?

Well, it’s here.

The actual IF event was held a couple weeks ago.

I’ve had a few friends that participated that weekend and had the most exciting and inspiring things to share.

Through a series of venue challenges, the OKC event had to be pushed a couple weeks. I was bummed, because it seemed like it would be so much more meaningful to be live streaming and in the moment at the same time with thousands and thousands of people across the world united for the same cause. And when it got pushed, the air in my balloon sort of deflated.

However, I started to pray about my attitude and mindset, and the good Lord has done a work.

Is He not big enough to move regardless of when we unite together?

So the event starts this afternoon, goes well into the night, and is all day tomorrow.

I was sort of cryptic on Monday and shared Will and I have been trying to be reflective and open and sensitive to the Lord’s guidance right now.  Instead of being able to do just that, I’ve been pelted with angst, stress, and worry. It seems to always happen that way!

My prayer is that the Lord’s hand is on me and Will over the weekend and that he gives us peace, guidance, and unity. Even though it’s conference for women, I hope I am able to share my heart with Will in a way that allows him to hear the same message I get to this weekend.

IF couldn’t have come at a better time.

I need the Lord each day, but friends I need him so much more right now. I need Him to breathe a word into my life and manifest himself.  I come to IF expectant and in need, and I know He won’t let me down.

So keep your OKC girls in your thoughts and prayers this weekend. I look forward to sharing the experience with you, so be on the lookout next week!

Love you guys, and am so thankful for my little space on the internet.

More to come…

Thursday Things, 20 Feb 14

Will and I DVR a lot of shows.

Since we get up so early, we go to bed early. That means we rarely have time in the evenings to watch the shows we record.

For that reason, we’re currently working through a couple series during their Christmas episodes.  It’s been sort of a treat. With the holidays so far away, I feel like I’ve gotten a little Christmas in February. smile

Oh, and with all this Christmas stuff, I suddenly have the urge to put up the Christmas tree we never put up.

I should probably jump on this feeling, considering you never or know whether the tree is going up in the B-Love house.

Hey, February isn’t too early, right?

Christmas gift

My Ipsy came in!

I look forward to sharing it with you guys next week. 

Spoiler: I got extra-long false eyelashes (AGAIN).

I went back and checked the questionnaire they had me fill out and yep, I said I liked classical and professional looks.

Do they think I burlesque on the weekends? Sheesh.

Speaking of makeup, I’m rounding up makeup to include in my goody bags for the girls over at No Boundaries.

It was fun finalizing the makeup I want to give them. As I started to go through all my makeup, it reminded me of how blessed I am. I decided I wouldn’t make any more makeup purchases until the stuff I have is empty. I already have more than I need, so why go spend money on more stuff?

Anyway, this process is going to take FOREVER.

Seriously, like probably a year.

Here’s what I’m currently alternating between.


And there’s a ton more where that came from (but I figure I should pace myself haha).

If you’re interested in sending over any of your unused makeup or any goodies to contrinue to the No Boundaries gift bag, there’s still time! Send me an email at

The IF conference starts tomorrow, and in celebration I decided to take the entire day off!


Pretty nice treat to myself.

Plus since all of Saturday will be eaten up with the conference, it won’t leave me much time to get stuff done over the weekend. I figured having the day off would allow me to get in a workout instead of having to do something super early on Saturday morning, go to the grocery store, and do some laundry. Yay me!

That’s about it for me. Anything random you care to share? <3

In the Way He Walks (Happy Valentine’s Day)

Happy Valentine’s Day, Lovelies!

Are you up to your ears in flowers and chocolate?

Or perhaps today is a little more low key, as is such in the B-Love house.

We’ve never been huge Valentine’s Day celebrators. Not to say I don’t enjoy the trinkets the holiday brings, but at the same time, you won’t find us out at dinner tonight with the masses either.

Nonetheless, today is a good reminder of our loved ones. No time like the present to tell them how much they mean to you!

With that in mind, today I want to share a total twist on Valentine’s Day. But hang with me, because I promise (or at least I hope!) we will come back full circle.

Today I want to talk about the green eyed monster, and how it got hold of me recently.

Yes, it’s true.

I even debated sharing today’s post since it’s so raw. And at the mere thought of questioning whether I should share such a soul-baring post, it propelled me all the more to hit “submit.” It’s no use for me to have this blog if I can’t be transparent, yes?

Anyhow, let’s get back that green eyed monster stuff.

The other day I had the opportunity to be around someone (and I apologize in advance for the cliché)on fire for God.

Just being around her was so exciting.

Talk about major girl crush.

Her positivity was electric, her love for others and God even moreso. 

And? And she was humble. 

Her heart is simply beautiful. And let’s not even talk about how super perfect her outfit, hair, and makeup was. No amount of foundation could make a face as flawless as hers.

Does she ever have a bad day?

Insert green eyed monster.

Not that you can really ever justify jealousy (though I’m about to. Ha), but I wasn’t “maliciously jealous” toward her (you know, because now I’m also compartmentalizing types of jealousy).

Rather, I just was more in awe. I totally wanted her heart, her amazing fashion sense, her love for others, her passion, her inner beauty.

As I left my encounter with her, you’d think I’d be feeling all excited and inspired, but the truth was that it left me feeling sort of lousy.

Why can’t my life be perfect like that? Why can’t my relationship with God be that amazing?

Why, why why!?

Sheesh. Talk about attack of the green monster and pity party fairy.

(what’s up with all these silly names to describe negative emotions?… eh, I’m just going to go with it.)

I just felt sort of blah.

I felt like a mess.

All the more I began to stare at the ever deepening lines under my eyes, and the bags to go along with them. My frizzy hair, and ridiculously pale skin.  Ugh, then my messy house. Don’t get me started on that! Then I began to contemplate my heart condition and how I wished to be so bubbly and enthusiastic much like her.


Days passed, when I began to think about the whole thing again.

As I contemplated, I realized instead of looking outward, I really needed to be looking upward.

So much of what I admired about this woman wasn’t necessarily all just her, it was God totally working in her.

You know what’s amazing about that?

He can use all of us.

The people we admire often have characteristics we’re entirely capable of possessing ourselves.

Not only that, but the traits I admired in her were simply extensions of the very traits God himself possess and gives freely to those who seek him.

When I watch others able to give so freely, I realize- I can be a giver too. When I see others show mercy, I realize God can give me a merciful heart too.

These are all things God can mold and make us into for his own glory.

With that said, it’s also important to remember our own uniqueness!

I know we’ve heard it our entire lives, but seriously- we’re unique.

And we’ve been placed on this earth for this very moment in time to fulfill opportunities the Lord placed in advance for us to do.  Okay, I know some of you are probably like, “Hmm… is she drinking the Kool-Aid?” If I’m wrong, I’m wrong (but I’m not smile ), but I’m a firm believer of this truth based on scriptures.

What I’m trying to say is, we’re not all going to be the Donna Reeds or Mrs. Billy Grahams.

I’m me.

I have my own unique story and past and present that can be used as inspiration to point others upward just like this girl did for me.

To put a bow on today’s topic, and come full circle to today’s special day, it’s in remembering our first love that we’re able to show love to others.

To be that light and inspiration others are drawn to. It’s simply a matter of walking in the way HE walks, and not looking at others.

Looking upward, my friends.

Happy Valentine’s Day to the man who held my heart before I even knew his name. <3

He walks

Thursday Things, 13 Feb 14

Watching the Olympics has definitely confirmed I’m old.

I have complete admiration for the hard work and dedication these people put into mastering their sport. However, I also can’t help but wince every time I watch them crash onto their knees during many of the sports.


Can you believe the impact and abuse our poor knees, and especially theirs, take in a lifetime?

Yes, I’m old.

I’m watching the Olympics and simultaneously thinking about these athletes and their knees. (HELP!)

So the mint plant I got last year for my birthday is still alive (yay!).

However, it was recently pelted with avids.

And it totally ticked me off.

“Oh no you don’t!” I thought to myself.

Will helped me concoct a natural deterrent, which helped but also really dried up my leaves. So, I’ve had to do lots of pruning and give lots of extra care to my poor mint plant, but I think (I hope!) we’re through the worst.

Maybe I should start singing to it?

Then again, it’s doing so well…

As you saw Monday, I got into a little trouble with peanut butter over the weekend.


I knew better than to buy that darn White Chocolate peanut butter.


But I thought, or secretly hoped rather, I would be able to be mature around it.

Turns out I can’t be.

I’m like a blood hound let loose in a meat market.

I literally opened the container the second I got home from the store and unloaded groceries.

What is wrong with me!?

Although, I did unload the groceries first.

That shows some type of restraint right?

Keep telling yourself that, Brittny…

Too late

Do any of you guys watch the Sonic commercials on TV these days?

Thanks to the DVR we don’t watch many commercials at all, however we watched a lot of the Olympics “live” over the weekend and had to endure commercials.

Those Sonic commercials?

I’m on the fence.

Will hates them.

I do too… but also secretly maybe sort of kind of like them… a little.

Although I will say, I totally don’t understand the dynamic between the two guys. The dark haired guy seems so normal, and the other guy seems so…annoying. I guess that’s the point.

Any randomness you care to share? smile

The One With Taxes & Look Ahead

Hi, hello!

Here we go again.

This weekend was incredibly boring and painful and can be summed up with the following: taxes, financial planning, and the like.


Oh, on an exciting note (haha), Will bought some outlet covers that have lights on them. He’s pretty excited about them.

Will's covers

Aaaand, in the dark:

Will's covers

Me? Not so much.

Pick and choose your battles I say.

Oh, and we watched a lot of Olympics.

While sitting on the couch.

Eating peanut butter.


Obviously, I’m not going to bore you with a recap.

Instead, I’ll share a few pics (with commentary haha) from the last few days.

The pups… and hideous slippers.

I hate that I love them.

But gosh darn it, they’re so warm.

Pups… And hideous slippers

Crazy hair
I love this crazy girl so much!



Too late.

Too late

I knew better, but I did it anyway.


Will helped some too.

I disgust myself.

Getting ready for Valentine’s Day.

Pretty v-day nails

It’s Mexican food week at the B-Love house.

I have no idea why, but for some reason everything we’re eating this week is tied to good old Tex Mex inspired food. It all just sounded good. smile

-Meatless Monday (and Tuesday) is Oh She Glows Black Bean and Potato Burritos

-Wednesday & Thursday are shredded beef tacos for Will (and black bean for me)

-And Friday are How Sweet’s Carne Asada Nachos

Will absolutely loves those nachos, and even agrees to have them with baked scoops to help somewhat clean them up a little.

As for workouts, they sort of depend on the weather. We’re supposed to get snow tonight and part of tomorrow, so I think I’m going to keep my workouts at home the first part of the week, with weights at the end of the week.

Let’s talk posts!

This week we’ll be talking about:

-a healthy snack gone wrong

-when you might want to skip eating before the gym

-Thursday Things

-Valentine’s Day!

-and a weekend post

Check in tomorrow! Until then? Let’s conquer this Monday. Prayers you guys have a blessed day. <3

what we can learn from the goldbergs

I love the Goldbergs


Please tell me you’ve watched the show?

If you were born in the 80s, you ought to give the show a try.

It will probably strike a chord.

And you will probably want to live inside their lives.


As some background, the show is about an east coast family in the 80s.

You’ve got the lovable and feisty, grandpa, the tough-love dad, the overbearing and hilarious mom, and their totally radical kids (Radical. Haha Can we please use that word on a regular basis from here on out?).

They’re probably a lot like the neighbors we all had back in the 1980s.

At least, I like to think that is how my neighbors were. smile

The show covers real life shenanigans experienced by Adam Goldberg, the show’s creator.

You know how our grandparents loved The Andy Griffith Show, and how our parents loved Happy Days?

I sort of love the Goldbergs like that.

I think our parents and grandparents liked such shows because it reminded them of a simpler time.

Oh man, here we go.

(Insert the part where I tell you I had to walk uphill both ways to school. Oh, but unlike my parents, it was the 80s, so I had shoes by then.)

It’s true.

I’m old.

And watching The Goldbergs totally validates it.

And I don’t even care.

Because seriously?

Looking back with rose colored glasses, the 80s were freaking great.

Still enough technology to have fun, (Mario Brothers anyone?),

but not enough to let it totally control your life (raise your hands if you’ve ever occasionally fallen asleep in bed with your phone still in your hand).

The show totally takes me back to a much simpler time.

When I actually had to call friends from a phone attached to a cord in my house. A phone I had to share with other people that lived there (crazy, right?).

Oh man, and when we got call waiting and caller id?


The show takes me back to a time when I got to go to Blockbuster and spend a good half hour hoping, just hoping the videotape I wanted to watch that weekend was hiding behind the store’s display model.

The show takes me back to a time when I got to wear puffy pants, neon pink, crimpy hair, and listen to totally radical (haha) bands like NKOTB, on things called cassette tapes, on a device called the Walkman.


Remember that huge set of encyclopedias out parents had? Do they even sell hard copy encyclopedias anymore? Haha

Ooh! And remember when we had a tiny diary with the smallest.lock.ever and would handwrite our whole lives in it? What!?

A time when our parents actually knew our neighbors and let us play outside all day long without worry.

A time when there was a lot less noise.

A time when life actually happened before our very eyes, and not on a phone screen with people we call “friends” that we met like two years earlier at dinner one time, had fun, but never saw again.

I realize virtually every generation experiences this nostalgia to some degree. However, I can’t help but wonder if we are among those that have experienced it with a little more heightened awareness.

I mean after all, everything is at our fingertips these days.

Like the touch of a button.


I mean, I freaking tried to get Will a diet coke the other day at Qdoba and nearly had a meltdown with the simplicity yet complexity associated with the new giant soda machines.


Why is this so hard!?

I just want some soda!

(I’m such a technological granny)

But seriously… what the heck happened to these things?


Anyway, watching the Goldbergs is a good reminder to and just live life in the moment. Just because it’s not 1988 doesn’t mean I can’t occasionally turn my phone off and (gasp!) avoid Facebook for a few days. It’s reminders like these that make that whole being still lesson a lot easier to implement in my life.

And for that Goldberg Family, I say thank you.

<3 Happy Friday and more fun to come.

(and maybe even a post over the weekend)

The One With the Super Bowl & Look Ahead

Much like this morning’s Super Bowl reel, we’re going to keep today’s post to just the highlights.



Friday night grocery shopping.

And Lucy snuggles.

Sometimes a pup belongs in your jacket

Will went to work I squeezed in a Saturday morning workout- back, biceps, & abs.

Afterward I scoured the house. Much needed.

I also managed some food prep.


Will got home later than anticipated (boo) and was pretty wiped out.

The original plan was to go to the Winter Jam concert later that night, but just about everyone bailed. They don’t sell tickets in advance, so we were also going to have to stand outside for a few hours before the door opened to ensure we could get in- and it was frigid!

Sooo, we decided to skip. Sort of disappointing, but we managed to have a fun night.

We ended up getting the UFC fights, and I enjoyed a cheat meal. Veggie pizza, extra easy on the cheese.

Cheat meal, easy cheese

I also made some sugar scrubs! I cannot tell you how great they’ve been during this dry winter weather.

Sugar scrub

Finished product

We woke up to snow yesterday morning!


The roads and bridges were a bit of a mess in the morning, so I decided to skip the gym and do the Insanity Max Interval Circuit at home. We also did church online.

Will also used part of the day to get some of his paintball gear ready to sell. Here’s me taking a picture of him taking a picture. haha


Things cleared out by before noon, thankfully, and as people got out and about the roads got better.

One of the guys in our Life Group opened up his house for the Super Bowl, so we all ended up going over there to watch.

Will and I were rooting for the Broncos, since we’re a big Peyton Manning fan.

Not a lot of healthy options at all, and since I had pizza (cough: and a Reece’s cup) the night before, I snacked before and brought some food along. I did get a little sampler plate of some of the goodies I thought I couldn’t live without.

We got home late, and the day started early (don’t they always?).

For that reason, let’s just cut to the chase and take a look at this week’s lineup!

-How we can both make a small difference in a woman’s life this week

-What to eat before a workout

-So what’s this Nature Box thing about?

-Why I miss the Goldbergs

Check in tomorrow for fun! And happy Monday! smile

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