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The One With the Bachelorette Party & Look Ahead

Here we go again.

Is it really April tomorrow!?

Instead of lamenting about time passing, let’s talk about how I spent some of it this past weekend.

One of the perks of my new job is getting every other Friday off. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have this time.

I hit the gym after Will went to work, and then gave the house a much needed cleaning that took most of the day. By the time I finally got showered and cleaned up, Will was home!

Will decided we should have an impromptu date night, which was a nice surprise. Our Friday nights are usually spent eating dinner at home and catching up on shows and going to bed before 9:30.

We’re so exciting.

We grabbed dinner and then went to see God’s Not Dead. I was surprised just how good it was. I kind of feared it would be similar to some of the cheesy Christian movies I had grown up watching in church, but it was far from it. Definitely a good movie, so go check it out.

Saturday was spent working on Will’s “man cave.” We made progress, but have a way to go. We also managed to sneak in some relaxing too.

Deep talks

I spent Saturday night celebrating the upcoming nuptials of one of the couples in our life group! They’re tying the knot Friday, so the girls had a fun night out out enjoying dinner and an improv show.

Jess's batchelorette dinner

Improv club

We finished the night eating ice cream sundaes and chatting it up. I got home at midnight and turned into a pumpkin. smile

Yesterday was church, grocery shopping, food prep, working out, and blogging. Nothing picture worthy.

Now onto this week.

Meals last week were a little weird, so we ended up not cooking everything originally planned, so we are pretty much eating last week’s planned meals this week instead.

This week we’re eating:
-Beans and cornbread
-Beef and broccoli (tofu for me) over brown rice
-Stuffed baked sweet potatoes

As for workouts-

-Monday- Kickboxing
-Tuesday- Off
-Wednesday- Full body weights
-Friday- Chest, triceps, shoulders
Sat- Legs & cardio
Sunday- Back, biceps, shoulders, & cardio

Now posts! Here’s a look at upcoming posts:

-Softer skin now
-Arms Month begins!
-Things I’m Loving Thursday
-How to have a radiant face

Check in tomorrow, friends. Have a great day!

Using Our Gifts to Please Him

Do you ever feel like the small stuff doesn’t matter?

You’d think at 30, I would have all this stuff answered, but yeah… I don’t.

I mean, there are definitely things I know for sure.

Like where I’m supposed to work right now (definitely a God thing), or that Will and I are in Oklahoma for a reason, but I wonder if the stuff I pursue in between really matters.

(Aside from being still, which we know is my new mantra)

I’m a firm believer God has given us each special gifts and abilities for a reason.

That those interests and hobbies...the passions we squeeze in amidst the big stuff in our life, count.

I mean, we’re all unique beings. If He wanted us all to be the same, He would have made us that way.

But where’s the fun in that?

Anyhow, I’ve really been trying to be more mindful of my gifts and abilities and try to narrow in on possible areas God might have for me to serve him.

I know what I like, I know what I’m good at, and I know what interests me.

I kind of feel like that’s half the battle.

So hey, maybe I’m better off than I thought! Haha

But what does that mean for me now?

While I’m standing around trying to figure out my niche?


Must I make everything complicated?

The truth is, though, I sort of wonder if I’m kind of running from one of the biggest possibilities.


Leave it to me to be anxious for direction, but run from it as soon as I get it.

Working out.

For so long working out was “my” thing. It was sort of my god, to be quite honest.

Throughout the last year or so, that’s become entirely different. Yet, I continue to keep it as my” thing, all the while, everyone that knows me for five minutes knows me as the girl that loves exercise and nutrition.

If people I know have a question about working out, they ask me. And I love it. It brings me such joy to help others. I love encouraging people and spurring them on in health and in The Lord.  Encouragement is most certainly my spiritual gift.

And so, I sometimes feel like there’s this glaring, flashing billboard flashing right before my eyes, and everyone can see it but me.

Ever felt that way about your “small stuff” passions too?

One of the reasons I’ve ignored it so long is because I’ve been convinced it’s something I’ve cooked up in my own brain (and who knows, maybe it is!?). It’s something I would want to do, and something I feel wouldn’t be of God because it seems more like a “self-glorifying” activity.

However, I realize how wrong that statement can be when really putting our gifts and abilities in God’s hands. It’s not about us at that point, it’s about Him.

Not only that, but I would rather allow Him to be at work in me than try to rely on my haphazard use of these things. I mean, for crying out loud- I’m telling you I have no idea what to do with my abilities! I sound like a total wreck.

Yet, even in such a state, the Master Creator is able to piece together a work of art that glorifies Him. I’m just a patch in a giant quilt full of other people with their own uniqueness, working together for a common purpose.

These interests and desires hardwired into me?

I know they are from above. He has placed these things in my life because that’s the race I’m made to run.

Now I pray that I will not shy away from these things, but embrace them and put them to work for crying out loud. It’s been long enough!

I pray the same for you, friend.

This week’s verse is one I love and can’t wait to memorize. It really cuts to the heart of what I’ve shared today.

Let’s pursue those gifts and abilities He has given us,and those things we’re passionate about. Unafraid and trusting God to give us the power, “to do what pleases Him.” <3

More to come…


The Weekend After My New Job & Look Ahead

Hello friends!

Week two at the new job. While I know I will only get busier while at work, I hope this week will bring a little more calm in terms of my overall schedule and commute.

Here’s to hoping!

The weekend was pretty uneventful, with the exception of a fancy Friday night shopping trip at Sam’s (haha) and s Saturday trip to see the in-laws.

It’s always fun making a trip down there and seeing everything that’s changed around our old stomping grounds.

Just a few fun pics from over the week and weekend.

My first day of work. I struggled with what to wear, but decided this pink fit my personality perfectly. So I went with it.

First day!

On Fridays my coworkers have breakfast together. I couldn’t resist a good breakfast pic.

Fruity Friday

And no, no one saw me snap it. smile

Simply made me laugh. I too would think twice before eating one of those!


I’m glad I started eating a couple eggs throughout the week. I’m sad to report this sandwich was eaten around 9:30 PM.

And then I immediately went to bed thereafter. Good plan!  hmmm

(Non vegan) Midnight Snacking

Let’s talk food, exercise, and posts this week.

This week we’re eating:

-Beans and cornbread
-Beef and broccoli (tofu for me) over brown rice
-Quinoa salad w/ chickpeas, kalamata olives, and hummus

As for workouts....oh glorious workouts.

Last week was a complete recovery week for me. Normally I’ll incorporate some light cardio, but because of my new schedule and all the new change I decided I wouldn’t do a single thing.

It proved to be a good decision. I needed the rest, and I needed the recovery. I took a full seven days completely off and am itching to get some weights in my hands!

This will be my first workout on the new schedule, so I’m trying to be realistic. The good news is that my new company does an (amazing) alternate work schedule, so I’m off every other Friday! I’m off this week, so that will allow me to sleep a little later and get a longer workout I’m this week. Yay!

Monday- Full body weights
Tuesday- Off
Wednesday- HIIT
Thursday- Off
Friday- Back, biceps, shoulders
Sat- Legs & cardio
Sunday- Chest, triceps, shoulders & cardio

Now posts.

Here’s this week’s lineup:

-Peanut noodle salad (one of my favorites)
-A DVD workout review
-March Ipsy
-Power to please Him

Check in tomorrow! Here’s to a great Monday!

at the heart of it

This week has been insane.

It’s been six years since I was the new girl, and it sure is overwhelming!

From the commute, to finding a parking spot, to finding where I sit, not to mention all the new employee training and work functions to learn...I feel a little exhausted heading into this weekend!

Everything has been a big transition, and so many things with my schedule have had to change. I know I will eventually get into a rhythm, but right now it all seems very hectic. Like trying to sip water from a fire hose!

Even with the madness, it was a great week. I can’t believe how seemingly wonderful everything and everyone is. I realize there’s pros and cons everywhere, but I’m simply enamored by how this company takes care of its employees. I can’t believe its real.

While everything is great thus far, I haven’t had time for anything or anyone this week.

I fear that even after getting into my rhythm, the long work days will still limit my time during the week to pursue things I love.

As I navigate through this change, things like working out, life group, and even my own personal time with God seem like impossible events.

Let’s be real, though. I know I’m going to make time to do these things, but I’m honestly looking at my day trying to figure out how to make it work and can’t see a way.

I say all this, because my time with God this week was incredibly rushed… just trying to squeeze it in amidst the chaos.

I hate that, and I missed Him this week.

I told Him that yesterday, in fact.

I spent my morning getting ready while in prayer. Praying for Will while applying eyeshadow, and talking to God about the new schedule while blow drying my hair. You get the point.

I realize it’s not ideal, trust me.

Being still this week?

Yeah, not happening.

But I refuse to give up.

I need God each and every day.

Just like I need air or water.

I have watched myself skip daily time with Him here and there over the years, and before I knew it, I found myself down a path I never thought possible. I spent the better part of two years entirely out of God’s will, and never in prayer or His word.

I never want to go back to a point where I’m out of fellowship with God.

For that reason, I realize how important It is for me to be in daily surrender, even when life is crazy.

As dramatic as it may sound, my life depends on it.

It really does.

He’s not part of my life, he is my life.

This week’s memory verse is perfect for my recent circumstances and something I will meditate on daily this coming week and for weeks to come.

In fact, even now I feel a peace about this new schedule. I know I will adjust and it will all shake out.

Sadly, many things have sat on the throne of my heart throughout my life.

However, it is only when I’m living in God’s light and will, that I’ve found true peace and purpose.

He has done so much for me and has extended such grace, that it feels so insignificant to offer all I have, because it’s still not enough.

However, because He’s asked for it, I will surrender.

Day after day.

Devoted to His plans and desires, trusting He will keep me in perfect peace because my eyes are fixed on Him.


Why Sometimes I Eat Thin Mints

Sooo, I wanted today’s post to be all about my first day.

However, when I stopped to think about how overwhelming Monday probably would be, plus the fact it would be my first day battling life as a commuter (which means getting home late), I thought I better play it safe and write this post on Sunday.

So that’s what happened.

I figure I will share some highlights about my first week on Friday!

With that in mind, I didn’t really have anything else planned for this post.

Which means we are both in trouble.

We could talk about how Will is sabotaging me.


Yes, there’s two in that pic.

Regular people eat one, and save the other one for later.

I’m not regular.

I eat both pretty much back to back.

I disgust myself.

Or we could talk about my own self-sabotage.

For Will… Minus the row if thin mints I ate

Will loves Girl Scout cookies (who doesn’t!?), so I surprised him with four whole boxes last week.

He was very appreciative.

Only… Will is regular (see Reece’s story above). He can open a row of thin mints, eat a few, and stick them back in the freezer.

(Because everyone knows that’s where they belong)

Surprisingly, even though I love all things sweet, the Girl Scout cookies don’t get to me that much.

In fact, we even have a Sam’s size box of Grandma’s Cookies that don’t tempt me much these days either.


Last Friday Will was out late at a friend’s for poker night. Which meant I was left to my own devices.

Around 10:30, you know, the perfect time to eat 600 calories in one sitting, I decided I would sneak a few of his thin mints.

He had half a row left in the freezer.

Who does that!?

Regular people.

I ate three, and called it good. After all, I had cake for my going away party and also splurged at my mom’s birthday dinner.

Five minutes later I decided, “Oh what the heck, let’s call this a cheat ‘day’,” and ate the rest.

Not regular.



Anyway, as I reflected on the day, I was surprisingly okay with it.

What’s crazy is that a couple of years ago, I would have felt like a total failure.

Like I had to punish myself the following day by eating less and exercising more.

I finally have such a healthy relationship with food and my body, that I’m okay having a “bad” eating day like that every now and then. Mainly because I eat so healthily all the time.

It’s living my life and enjoying the going away parties, birthdays, and even occasional late night snacks that keep me from eating an entire loaf of bread over a weekend (Real life).

Setting my mind on things above instead of earthly things or my past food fixation has helped me immeasurably.

No, I don’t recommend eating two giant Reece’s a day or eating a row of thin mints before bed every night. I’m just saying finding your own balance can go a long way to enjoying your life and still reaching personal goals.

I received two super thoughtful compliments while at the gym this weekend, and it’s not because I spend hours doing cardio or not eating carbs. It’s because I’ve found my healthy balance and no longer obsess over food and exercise. Definitely felt good to realize that this weekend.

Here’s to a healthy recovery week for me, and a healthy week for you! <3

The One Where I Left my Job, Got a Vitamix, New Couch, &Prepared for a New a Job…And a Look Ahead

Sorry for the long title. I’m sure if I was more thoughtful I could have come up with something shorter, but…

Anyhow, hi! Where do I even start?!

Friday was hard.

I honestly didn’t think I was going to cry, but yeah, I totally did.

When I walked into my office I was greeted with a beautiful pink gift bag from my boss.

Inside was this gorgeous (and huge!) purse:

Beautiful bag Kelli bought me

You may recall my issues with purses over the years, so this was obviously a very thoughtful gift.

The card inside was full of such nice words, which meant I was at work a whole five minutes and started to tear up. Happening.

I have (er had) the best boss ever. Seriously, the very best. That’s what I’m going to miss most.

About an hour into my day, I was called into our break room and greeted by everyone in the office. It’s gotten much smaller over the years, but we are still a tight group.

They got me a beautiful cake with pretty pink frosting, which was so sweet.

Going away cake

Then, they directed me to the biggest gift bag I had ever seen!

I pulled back the tissue paper, and immediately started crying.

They got me a Vitamix, guys.

A Vitamix.

I can't believe they bought me a Vitamix!

Not only is it an incredibly thoughtful gift, given by people who have gotten to know me and my healthy habits over the last six years, but it was also a very expensive gift.

Not only that, but there was leftover money that went to a Whole Foods gift card for me.

I was in total disbelief by their generosity. I really liked where I worked and who I worked with, and I know they felt the same.

So that was kind of hard to get though!

After my out processing, we all went to lunch one last time so I could say goodbye.

After lunch, I said goodbye.

Let’s leave it at that.

I let myself listen to the Jose Gonzalez Pandora station for the afternoon, which seems incredibly appropriate on a morose afternoon. I gave myself the freedom to be sad, so I could start to look ahead to the week ahead.

Oh, and can I please tell you how ecstatic I am to use my Vitamix!?

I spent Friday night at dinner with my family! My mom’s birthday was Saturday, so we had an early dinner out. Will had poker night, so I spent some time at my parent’s house afterward.


Saturday was super busy.

I started the morning with a great workout. I also ran into the girl I met several weeks before- the one who shoulder presses 45s like they’re nothing.

Turns out she’s a bikini competitor and pretty darn amazing! I was so honored when she said she wanted to hang out with me! That looks to be in the works next week.

Afterward I came home and made a shake. Then it was time to get busy. We had lots to do to get ready for a beautiful delivery that afternoon!


Our couch finally came in! I was so excited to finally have it here. We had to move some furniture around to prepare for it, and did some more stuff around the house.

Saturday was full of house stuff. Will woke up with a migraine Sunday, which was a bummer. We skipped church so he could rest, and I hit the gym so he could sleep without me clanking stuff around the house.

It was my last workout before my recovery week, so I tried to make it count.

Will was feeling better by afternoon, which made me happy. We filled out some paperwork for my big day, and I also ironed clothes for the week.

What to wear on your first day at your dream company?!

I have no idea. Let’s hope I chose wisely.

So today, my first day at work. I’m nervous and wish you could come with me to keep me calm!

Moving onto meals and posts for the week!

This week we are having:

-Black bean and potato burritos

-Asian peanut noodle salad (recipe coming soon)

-Carne asana nachos

Will is crazy about those nachos. I usually just make myself a separate bowl with everything but the steak and chips, and add black beans for some oomph.

As for posts, we will be talking about,

- Why I sometimes eat Thin Mints

-Dropping it like it’s hot (an intro into drop sets)

-Thursday things

-A heart that’s full of emptiness

And more! Check in tomorrow, friends, and wish me luck!

Planting Roots

I have some big news to share.

I got a new job!

Yes, it’s really true.

I wasn’t really sure at what point in the process I should post it on the blog- when I put in my resignation at my former company, or actually started at the new one. I decided to split the difference and post on my last day of my current job. smile

It’s weird. Last time I put in my resignation it was a total whirlwind, but nonetheless it was still a happy time. I hated work in Kuwait and was excited about the prospect of coming home.

It felt like such vindication to put in my two weeks’ notice because I just couldn’t take working there another day.

This time was different.

For one, I am older and wiser.

I let some really stupid stuff get to me before. Stuff I should have totally brushed off.

I think that comes with being young and still navigating your way through the professional world. Unless you had a mentor (I didn’t), there was a lot of figuring things out on your own.

I was definitely immature at times. Looking back (and cringing!) at old blog posts is a reminder of just how far I’ve come.

I say all that, but let’s not forget there were some serious issues with where I worked.  I hated the six days a week of work and no time off ever.

This time, I actually like my job, boss, pay, and coworkers. No complaints.

So why would I leave?

With several series of company-wide layoffs, and a dwindling office, I began to wonder about the future for work and growth here in our small OKC location.

I decided it was time to look for something where I could plant roots and grow. A place where I could stay in OKC and still have the opportunity to move ahead.

For that reason, when my dream company, who is headquartered in OKC, posted a job for the exact same thing I do, I knew I had to go after it.

Part of my whole “being still” life anthem also had to do with my job situation. I was waiting on God to give me direction for what to do, and being still as I waited for the right opportunity to come.  I believe God’s hands were all over this, and I still can’t believe it’s real. 

Pinch me!

I leave behind the best boss I’ll ever have, great coworkers, and am taking with me a host of knowledge from my experiences there as I embark on an entirely different opportunity. 

I feel simultaneously sick with nervous and gleeful excitement when I think about starting work at a whole new place Monday. I contemplated taking a few extra days before starting, but things didn’t align that way.

So today I finish work for one of the biggest government contractors in the US, and Monday I start work in a whole new industry.

This change is going to be a transition for me professionally, but also personally too. I’m used to a 12 minute drive to work, and now I will have a commute with traffic and everything. Yikes! Worth it though.

So that’s my news. The Lord is so good to me. I have been praying for wisdom and direction regarding this matter for a long time. I still cannot believe the blessing the Lord poured out on me, He is so good.

So Monday is all about planting roots.

Will and I have decided to make OKC our permanent home, and Monday is a step in furthering our personal plans and goals as well as my own professional ambition.

Similarly, today’s verse is about planting roots too. Being rooted in the Lord and knowing his heart, and growing all the more in thankfulness in all he has done.

It’s time to plant roots, my friends. I hope you join me on this journey.

More to come next week about how my first day goes! <3

Colossians 2:7 NLT

13 March 2014

Today is my tenth anniversary.

Will & Brittny saying their vows

Will & Brittny in the reception line

Will & Brittny showing Billy her ring

Mr. & Mrs. Loveless to the reception

Will & Brittny running for their car

The brevity of that statement hasn’t quite hit me.

When I look over the last decade of our life together, so many words come to mind.

Love, fun, blessings, regret, laughter, thanksgiving, tears, worry, peace… so many words. Yet, when I try to epitomize ten years of marriage, I have a hard time putting it all into words.

Brittny's 20th birthday with Will-2003

Will & Brittny-Feb 2003

Will & Brittny on her 22nd birthday

aw vday

me and will in front of the treasury

Britt's Pics 016


Chilly Willy OU-OSU
The mr. & mrs. Getting ready to go

B&W at notre dame

Walking in the rain after the colts game

Who are these dressed up kids!?

It’s amazing how many emotions and experiences can fill up ten years.

Reflecting on a decade together is sort of hard to do.

There are so many days, weeks, and months that make up ten years with someone.

So many moments I’ve tucked away in my heart to cherish forever.

I still can’t believe that I get to be married to Will.

That he picked me out of everyone else.

Is this real life?

Yes, it is.

Will & Brittny laughing at the alter


Ups, Downs, All Arounds: Reflecting on 10 Years of Marriage

This week will mark mine and Will’s tenth anniversary.


I seems so long, yet simultaneously I can’t believe it’s already here.

Today I wanted to take a few minutes, just for my own selfish benefit, to shotgun out thoughts, memories, and things I wanted to remember about our life.

Beware, this post is going to be completely scattered.

-Will and I got married the spring of my junior year in college. We were such a babies!

We naturally picked March 13th because it was during spring break, which meant we could get hitched and go on our honeymoon all in time to get back home for the rest of my semester. It was either that or wait until summer, which wasn’t going to happen.

Such romantics. haha

Will kissing Brittny on the cheek with Carissa watching

-The morning of our wedding I distinctly remember starting the day with two packets of instant blueberry oatmeal. Flash forward from 2004 processed instant oatmeal to 2014, and I’m still eating oatmeal. Only steel cut these days. Pass the Benefiber and old lady jeans, please.

-I totally regret my poor bridesmaid’s dresses.

They were hideous.

And I wasn’t even picking out hideous ones to be a total Bridezilla. I’m pretty sure at the time I actually liked them.  Dear Lord, thank goodness my tastes changed. And if you’re reading this and had to wear one of those dresses (Cough:: P), I sincerely apologize. What was I thinking!?

Brittny,Carissa & Kaci Michael-13 March 2004

-Although my tastes in bridesmaid’s dresses might have been appalling, thankfully my house wear selections were not. I went with a very (very, very) simple and classic dish set which I still use to this day and plan on using for a looong time to come.


-My wedding cake was layered with both strawberry and lemon tiers.

Will & Brittny getting ready to cut the cake

I still love both flavors and have strawberry cake for my birthday every year.


-Will and I woke up late the day after we got married and barely made it to the airport in time. In fact, we even got into our first married argument at the airport trying to figure out where to go and where to park.

Not much has changed with my directional issues. smile

Oh- and they lost our luggage.

Will & Britt at the airport on their honeymoon with lost luggage

We went to the Poconos. It was a blast.



-I absolutely loved our first year of married life. Whoever said the first year was the hardest was crazy. For me, it got harder later.

The first year was full of so much fun and wonder. Neither of us had ever been out on our own, so we had a total blast. We were like kids left home alone to play house. Only it was for real. haha

Look at these crazy kids! Such babies.

Will & Brittny-Falls Creek 2003

-We had a condo, and our bedroom was on the second floor.

There was a skylight in the living room that you could see from our bedroom, and turns out, when you went to bed each night, the street light from across the street shone right on your face. Awesome.

Will & Britt in front of their 1st home in Lawton,Ok-May 2005

-The very first meal I cooked for Will as his wife was shake and bake chicken (fancy haha), green beans, and instant mashed potatoes and gravy.

Very gourmet. 

Hey, I was 20. Will didn’t marry me for my amazing cooking.

-In fact, one time? I cooked a cookbook.

No guys- I’m serious. I actually freaking cooked the darn thing, in my complete right mind.

In my defense, we got a George Foreman Grill and I heated it up only to realize, “Hey, for some stupid reason they put the cooking guides and stuff, inside the grill part.” WHAT!? Yeah- I think that’s more their fault than mine.

For the record, we did not eat the cookbook.

-It’s no surprise things were tight financially. I was a full-time college student working a student worker job that pulled in a whole $500 a month (cha ching!) while Will was a fulltime youth minister. It was tight, but it was still wonderful.

When we wanted to indulge in a treat, we knew all the super great deals. For example, Back then (haha, waaaay back then), Little Caesar’s pizzas weren’t always $5. It was only on Mondays. So we totally did that pretty much every single Monday. Whataburger had a buy one, get one on Wednesdays, so we would hit that up from time to time. Oh, and let’s not forget Sonic’s brown bag special which we occasionally did too. I remember sometimes even “splurging” on Taco Bueno and walking around our college campus reminiscing.

Cheap meals, good times. Ten years later and the thought of eating greasy fast food almost always makes me feel sick. How times have changed!

Even through being tight and out on our own for the first time, Will still managed to buy me a beautiful Christmas tree that December and surprised me with a weekend getaway that following summer.



-Getting OU season tickets was definitely one of our first year highlights.

Will & Brittny at last game of the season-2004

Although things were tight, we found a way to swing tickets. I’m pretty sure Will’s entire birthday present from both sides of the family was money for season tickets.

He was so proud to see our tiny names in the football programs that first year. We had so much fun getting up Saturday mornings and driving to Norman for the game. It was a pretty huge deal.

-In February of 2005, I started a blog on The Nest. I had no idea that a community of newlyweds would get me through some serious growing pains while living overseas in Kuwait. I was even one of their featured bloggers for a year. I am so thankful for that place and the fact I have years of memories and posts to read..

-Our first anniversary was totally un-glamorous. I had surgery on both my feet (crazy!), and laid up for two weeks straight.


My mom and sister had gone to Kuwait to visit my dad, so they let us house sit for them, which was really nice. I managed a short bath that day and changed into nicer sweats (haha).

Very fancy, I tell you.

We had Applebees to go and ate it in my parent’s living room. Me sprawled on the couch, with Will on the floor next to me. Definitely not the first anniversary I had imagined. haha

-When I look back on our ten years, the first one is most definitely among my favorite.

Then, we packed up everything, put it in storage, and spent three years in Kuwait!

Will & Britt at Al Kout mall in Kuwait-May 2005


Camels in Kuwait

Now that I’m nearly six years removed from my time in Kuwait (seriously- has it really been that long!?!), I now look back fondly, with rose colored glasses and realize just how great so much of that adventure was. There were definitely bad parts- like my job, which was a huge part of my life there, but there were also a lot of good parts.

Will and I got to travel and see so much and experience so many different things. Going to Qatar, Dubai, and Jordan was so special and I will treasure those trips forever.  During the first year or so, when we both didn’t have to work weekends, I really loved that time too. It was fun to spend time in Kuwait together, even if it was doing totally American things like seeing a movie, going to the mall, or eating at Hard Rock. It still felt so different. We were a tight unit because we really had to hold on to each other.



Britt's Pics 098

air conditioned taxi

-Coming back to the States was a hard thing for us.

It was a blessing in a lot of ways, I mean we were home! But it was such a whirlwind. From moving our entire lives back to America and into Will’s parent’s house, to driving two hours a day to work while we searched for a house and waited to close. It was a bit stressful to say the least.

-Eventually things started to settle down, but things just didn’t seem to go as we had hoped and planned. Will struggled to find something he wanted to do which made things difficult for both of us. It wasn’t easy like it had been before. It got hard. We pulled away, I stopped blogging. I became a total grump and didn’t feel like myself anymore. Love, fun , and happiness abounded always, so this hard marriage stuff was something new for me.

Red and White Game 09

Things weren’t “bad,” they were just distant. Which, I suppose is “bad.” We were always at each other. My heart was in a terrible condition and far from God. Of course, there were many good times too, but anyone who has been married for a long time probably can relate to some degree that marriage is not always easy.

-I did the stupidest thing ever during that time and decided to get a master’s degree. Genius!

It occupied a lot of my time, and most nights were spent on the couch together watching TV while I slaved away at what felt like meaningless research, all for a piece of paper. In the middle of my program, things began to turn around for us, thanks be to God. Will found something he really enjoyed and that seemed to change his whole disposition. It also helped change my disposition, too. It’s amazing how much a job can leave you downtrodden and affect your whole being.

-For that reason, I interrupt today’s post to say- stop being miserable! If you hate your job, you’re not only making yourself miserable, you’re probably contributing to other people’s misery too. I realize our own personal feelings shouldn’t be predicated upon another, but let’s face it, when you live with someone, it happens.

It was like the bitter winter had passed and spring arrived, with fresh renewal, and I was so thankful for it. 

More flower pics. Geez

-I finished my degree in the summer of 2010 and never want to go back to school again. Haha

School is over!

Finishing school took a huge weight off both our shoulders, and for the first time in a long time, we were ready to be carefree and have fun again. To enjoy life and move forward with new goals and dreams.

-The last two years, have probably been the best of our entire 10 years of marriage.

Christmas 2013!

Sure the first year was bliss, but this is blissful in a different way.

It’s blissful because the “beer googles” are off this time.

The first year I was 20 and completely blinded by love.

This time I am nearly 31, and have had lots of life experiences.

Lots of ups and downs and goods and bads, and through them all love my Will all the more.

So much more.

Cheesecake Factory!

The One Where We Served & I Looked at Old Pics (And a Look Ahead)

It’s Monday, but for me it sorta kinda feels like Friday.

It’s about to be crazy around here, ya’ll.

This week is going to be over before I know it!

But I’ll share more about all that later this week.

For now, let’s just share a few pictures and weekend highlights.

Saturday was busy. We spent the morning with our life group doing work for a member of the church. We all pooled our resources and were able to make a big dent in what needed to be done, which was pretty neat.

Here I am in work clothes. Actually, Will’s, work clothes. This is his Camp Virginia, Kuwait jacket.


Oh hey- and there’s my memory verse at the bottom of the pic! smile

I had to leave early because I had a hair appointment. Yay for fresh hair and brows!


We were both wiped out after the morning and treated ourselves to a nap!

And baked sweet potatoes.


I also uploaded nearly one hundred old pictures this weekend too!

Who are these kids!? wink


Will & Brittny at lunch after church-2003

It was a blast looking at all of them Saturday night.

Yesterday we got to go to breakfast with my parents and this cute baby. It was nice to see my parents, and I always love seeing Layla.

Breakfast with Lulu

Amidst everything else, we also made time to watch the Thunder lose. Bummer.

Luckily, Lucy was there to console Will. smile

Snuggles with Lucy

This is our anniversary week!

Will & Brittny Loveless(2)-13 March 2004

So between a busy and emotional work week, I’m also on the heels of a major marriage milestone.

With that in mind, this week’s posts are devoted to just that!

Before we talk posts, though, let’s talk food and workouts.

This week we’re having:

-Leftover baked potatoes w/ BBQ brisket for Will and tuna for me
-Salsa chicken (black beans for me)
-Citrus pork/tofu tacos

As for workouts, last week was crazy. I didn’t make it to the gym once!

I’m convulsing a little.

I did, however, still managed to get in some pretty darn good workouts despite only having two, 5 pound dumbbells and one ten pounder. I plan to share more about how to manage a great without with what you’ve got soon, too.

Because there are some changes looming for the B-Love family, I decided to make next week a recovery week. The timing couldn’t be more perfect.

With that on the horizon, I’m going to try to make this week a little bit more intense, hopefully only taking one rest day instead of my usual two days.

Here’s a look at what I plan on doing:

Monday- Kickboxing

Tuesday- Full body at home resistance workout

Wednesday-HIIT Cardio


Friday-Back, Biceps, Shoulders, Cardio

Saturday- Legs

Sunday- Chest, Triceps, Shoulders

As for posts, we’re going to have fun this week! Fun looking behind, and fun looking ahead too.

-Reflections on 10 years of marriage

-A rest-pause workout

-Will & Brittny celebrate a decade of marriage

-B-Love news revealed

So there you have it! Check in this week for lots of fun, and lots of old pictures. smile

More to come!

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