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An Incredibly Long Series of Short Posts (in which you listen to me meander about nothing)

Random Thoughts Today.

Hmm, might we classify this as a Series of Short Posts kind of thing only condensed into one big post?


We don’t want to get too wild though. Maybe we’ll just classify it as “a lot of stupid things on my mind that probably ought to be posted one at a time but because the blogger is lazy (and feeling slightly chubby today) it’s lumped into one big bowl of mush.”

Don’t they call that “The kitchen floor dish” at restaurants? You know- putting everything into one bowl or on one pizza, etc?

Yuck. No kitchen floor for me, please!

Okay, let’s see. Here are some random things I’ve been thinking about today. Subject changes are identified in bold.

The cruise.

I’ve wanted to post about this topic for a while, but I’m such a goody too shoes that I’ve been afraid to. See, growing up my whole life I was told that drinking of any kind was a total sin and you would be judged and might even turn into a shriveled grape! However, as I’ve gotten older my mind has slightly changed. No, I’m no wine-o at all, don’t worry about that. It’s something I ought to pray more on before I make a final decision, but anyway that’s another post for another day.

Crap… I’m getting really sidetracked.

Anyway, I didn’t want to post about it because I know there are lot of my fellow sisters in Christ that probably have their own view on the subject- some of which know me in “real life” and would go back and report to my pastor that I’ve fallen away and that the deacons need to come lay hands and pray over me.

Jacqueline, Lyna, Megan? Yeah- that would be you guys. Do you guys think I’m a heathen now?

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. I didn’t want to post about it all because it’s such a controversial topic. Plus, as an ordained minister’s wife it’s even touchier. I didn’t feel like having to defend my views or having to worry if I were “causing a sister to stumble” so I haven’t posted on it. However, what the hey- let’s truck on. Don’t judge me.

There is this excursion that sounds amazing! It’s at one of our Italy stops. You can cook dinner with a chef from the area and then visit the vineyards, which also includes a complimentary wine tasting. Do you see where I’m going with this? Anyway, I’m trying to see if P will be able to go since she’ll be 18 and legal in Italy. I’ve sent two emails and have heard nothing. I want us to book a few excursions in the coming weeks just to take care of them, but not knowing if she’ll be legal is cumbersome to the process.

Sheesh. You see that paragraph above? Yeah that was the whole point of what I wanted to say. Unfortunately it took me about 2,000 words of tiptoeing to get there. My goodness. I’m a nerd sometimes. I really am.

Anyway, do any of you guys have a cruise experience with someone under 21? Apparently the cruise line is too busy sewing show dresses out of my down payment to answer.

Alright, now that you guys think I’m an alcoholic let’s move on.


I have the Big Girl You Are Beautiful song stuck in my head. Which is making me feel even chubbier today. Hmm, perhaps that is why I’m feeling that way. It’s also making me hungry. Explain how THAT makes sense- feeling chubby but hungry at the same time?

We need to find another song to hum this afternoon. Let’s think on that.

Today I got to have lunch with my mom and a lady she works with, so that was nice. This lady is so beautiful. Even in the middle of summer not a hair is out of place and she never sweats (maybe she’s got magical powers! I could have used her yesterday).

Anyway, I brought my lunch from home and I was going to go with them to get something. we went to a coffee place to sit and I was like, “Aren’t you going to get something?” and she was like, “Coffee IS lunch.” Ha ha, then she drank a coffee and smoked a cigarette and was done with it. I guess she’s on the smoking diet because she’s super small. I don’t know why I told you that, but I thought it was funny. She was so matter of fact about how “duh, Brittny! Coffee IS a meal!” silly me. Perhaps that’s what I need to be doing to lose weight. Eating healthy is so not in anymore. ha ha

Ooh! Speaking of eating healthy, you ladies (and gents… if any of you are our there) need to join me and my other beautiful blogging friends! We’re in a Blogging Sparkpeople Group! What a fun idea, right? I did mention that I was feeling lazy (and chubby) today, right? Yeah. About right _________ there is where I would have given you the link. Only, yeah, not today. If you want some information let me know and I’ll send the link.

I figured this cruise to be the perfect motivation to lose those last few pounds I’ve wanted to get rid of.

Fun fact!

I haven’t been in a swimsuit since 2005.


You read right.




I did once this past August when Will was home and I stayed with my family. They used to be members at a resort and I wore one for about 45 minutes. It just that public beaches don’t really like women prancing around in swimsuits. There are plenty of private beaches, but Will isn’t a beach person at all, so we never go. It’s not that I hate being in a suit (okay, yeah, it’s probably a little of that too.), it’s just that Will doesn’t we don’t do water.

So, I figured I’d be spending some time in a suit on the cruise. I also figured that since my sister is freaking hot (am I allowed to say that? I used to date a guy that joked about himself saying, “My sister is hot… and I look just like her.” Ha ha. I always thought that was totally vain, and I would never say that because, quite honestly, I don’t think my sister and I look anything alike!”) I ought to at least try to look acceptable when I stand next to her! Ha ha. My pasty whiteness isn’t going to do me any favors either. So, I’m going to really buckle so come this summer I feel more confident in a swimsuit.

Although, aside from about 6 women worldwide, does anyone really get excited about parading around in a bikini? Oh- and living in Kuwait has TOTALLY screwed me up.

That’s the real root of the whole problem.

I mean, I see a woman in shorts and a halter and I seriously think to myself, “Uh- trampy!” ha ha, which in actuality that is totally acceptable clothing in the states. I haven’t worn shorts in public in years either! I’m telling you- this place has made me weird. The thought of wearing a swimsuit makes me feel totally sleazy. Ha ha! I’m telling you Kuwait is jacking me up!

My sister got back from New York yesterday. I think we’re going out for sushi tomorrow to celebrate her birthday. Will (and the rest of my family) was THRILLED with her restaurant choice. Lucky for them, the also offer food off their grill, so my family will not starve. My mom is getting some fancy cake she requested too, so that will be nice. I can’t wait to hear about her trip.

Tomorrow Bozzy Wozzy goes under the knife. Let’s just hope this time its the real deal. I expect him to come out barking in soprano, dang it!

I’m not sure if you guys remember or not, but when I first got here I was really lonely. I desperately wanted a good friend. Well, that never happened! I used to pray for it all the time, but I never got that friend I wanted so badly. For some reason I stopped praying for that over the years, however, as I continue to do my PDL I realize that it would be nice to have a good Christian friend here. Finding that here is certainly something only God could do. I decided to start praying for a friend here. I’ll keep you posted.

What else?…

Wow, has it really happened? I’ve finally run out of things to yammer about today? Apparently so. I really should have kept each topic in my pockets so I would have had a week’s worth of information to post about.... bummer. Oh well, we’ve come this far. Might as well make it some giant post.

Because nothing is greater than being incredibly bored and reading 34 paragraphs about someone else’s boring life too, right? ha ha

If you’ve reached the end, you’re a warrior. Go do something incredibly barbaric and uh, warriorish and visit tomorrow.


reflections on a slow day

Today has been a long day.

Isn’t it funny how you can moan

and cry

and pray

and hope for a slow day full of absolutely nothing but solitaire and blog reading, but when two days hit like that in a row you’re moaning,

and crying,

and praying,

and hoping for the day to get busy so it goes faster?

I don’t think I’m at that point just yet. I’ve needed a few slow days, but I must admit- I’m not nearly as good at being bored as I once was. I used to be able to fill an entire day with fun things to occupy my time, but now- now that the day has finally arrived and it’s actually here- I’m blowing it, guys. Big time.

In fact, I’m sucking at this slow day stuff so much that I’ve resorted to going through my ancient posts from the old blog and am assigning them categories in addition to “the old blog” category that two whole years of my posts have been filed under.

Yep, I’m pretty much a loser at this slow day thing. I must say, though, it’s been slightly entertaining to look waaay back (ha ha, yes- waaay back) to 2005 and see what I was doing.

Newly married, enjoying OU games, watching my mom and sister join my dad Kuwait- and then following them!

Then there was Scotty, our vacations, and who could forget the Emperor? I’ve chronicled quite a bit of my adult life on this thing, it’s been fun looking back.

But- it hasn’t been that fun. I’m pretty sure this category thing is one project I’ll never get around to completing.

Guuys- I feel like I need to be running amok! You know- like the little kid that is getting to stay home alone for the very first time! I should be jumping on the bed, eating nothing but junk, and watching crappy TV.

I think this whole blogger’s block thing isn’t helping me either.


You say you didn’t notice my blogger’s block?

Oh- how kind of you, but trust me- it’s there.

Isn’t it funny how committed we can be to such a thing as a blog?

I mean, it’s almost as if we truly expect each other to update on a daily basis. It’s become such an engrained part of our day- like eating, or putting on deodorant (which is totally a daily thing for everyone- including me- except for the few times a month I seem to forget. What a weirdo…). I reflect on these ideas a lot when I go back and look through old posts. It’s as if this is another “job” that we don’t get paid for. I don’t say that in a bad way, but it’s pretty amazing how we show up for duty about 5 times a week to write about God knows what to God knows who “just because.”

God knows who-

That’s another thing.

When I was looking back to 2005 I was thinking about how crazy it is that I’ve known some of you guys for 3 years!

Granted, that’s not an eternity, but-and this sounds incredibly loserish- some of you guys are now closer to me than real life friends I had back home. Moving over here definitely didn’t do wonders for life in the friendship department, so I truly did find my support group of friends through the nest, and it’s so neat to see how much we’ve all been through together.

I’ve seen the majority of you get pregnant,

have babies,

some get pregnant again (!),

some have moved… and the list goes on and on-

and through it all we are (amazingly enough!) in constant contact. Granted, it’s not exactly the same as a telephone call each day, but in a way, it’s just as good!

Oooh! Speaking of friends- I had a Bestest Friend Ever sighting a couple weekends ago! Guys- our best friends were cheating on us! Yes- you heard me- cheating! I was sad, I was angry, I was devastated. How could they?

As P and I were driving around the parking lot the night we went out for sushi, I spotted them get into a cab with their dates- another cute couple. I was half tempted to lay on the horn and be all, ‘Heyyyyy! You’re OUR friends! I know we haven’t technically met yet, but I have big plans for you guys!” Thankfully, for all involved, I refrained.

Why do we keep missing each other? I’ve thought about how God is just going to have to take control, dang it, because once we move we won’t be in the same area of town and chances are we’ll never see this couple. So- I just have to trust that if we’re to meet, we shall meet.

(and I really hope we do!)

Okay, guys, so this post took me a few hours to complete because I totally jinxed myself. I started writing about how slow things were and guess what? Things remarkably picked up this afternoon. Bummer. Just when I thought I could get good at being bored.

Things always seem to happen that way, though.

I was really getting ready to let loose and write what might have been the most entertaining post of the year.

I guess we’ll never get to see it. What a shame.

The world will never know…


Valentine’s Day Then and Now

Valentine’s Day Year One of Marriage Compared to Valentine’s Day Year (almost) Four of Marriage:

Valentine’s Day Then
Shave your legs and go over them with a magnifying glass to ensure no stubble remains

Valentine’s Day Now
Shave a few days before and feel very accomplished that you’ll only have a little stubble come V-Day

Valentine’s Day Then
Starve yourself the whole week before your fancy dinner out so you can fit into the hot dress you bought last week.

Valentine’s Day Now
Eat the entire box of chocolates you got for your husband and ask if you can stop by a Walgreens on the way to dinner so you can replace the box without him knowing.

Valentine’s Day Then
Ensure you wear the sexiest red stain bra and panty set ever created by Victoria

Valentine’s Day Now
Ensure you don’t wear those oversized gray sweatpants from junior year of college.

Valentine’s Day Then
Buy an assortment of chocolate sauces, whipped cream, and various other goodies to have fun with that night.

Valentine’s Day Now
Buy an assortment of chocolate sauces, whipped cream, and various other goodies to have fun with that night…
But then decide hot fudge sundaes sound better.

Valentine’s Day Then
Have a deep meaningful conversation about your love for one another.

Valentine’s Day Now
Have a deep meaningful conversation about your love for one another…
During SportsCenter commercial breaks.

Okay, I’m freaking cracking myself up. You guys have to leave some then and now stuff in the comments section. C’mon! It’s V-Day! You have to share the love!

Oh- speaking of-

Happy Valentine’s Day my loves!

Do you guys remember when Valentine’s Day was the biggest deal EVER? I mean, I would spend two weeks before thinking about how maybe I’d have a secret admirer, or how somebody might send me flowers!

Who could forget Valentine’s Day back in grade school? That was almost worse! I’d always get the cutesy Barbie Valentines and pick the prettiest one to give to the boy I liked, because, well, “duh”- giving him the prettiest one OBVIOUSLY meant that I liked him!

Then, after the valentine party at school, my friends and I would obsess over the cards we got from the boys, trying to decipher some sort of code from the sloppy way they wrote their name. “Look he signed mine in a red pen! That means me must like me!”

“He signed mine in red too- he must like me too!”

“No he doesn’t- The B and the R letters are bigger than yours so he likes ME!”

The madness I say! The wondering, the day dreaming, the hoping, the crying, the laughing… Valentine’s Day was exhausting!

I have to admit, there are times when I miss the “old” days of V-day. The days when you wondered if all of a sudden at 3:28 pm the hottest guy ever would walk right into your office with a dozen red roses, a gigantic box of Godiva, and a huge Valentine card with tickets to Italy inside. He’d sweep you off your feet in front of all your coworkers and announce his love to the whole world.

He’d also mention how incredibly rich he was and how you would no longer be an employee of Company XYZ because he was going to take care of your every need.

Sigh, yeah, the old days of V-day were fun.

However, there’s something so comforting about having an incredibly wonderful built-in Valentine. The suspense and sweep-you-off-your-feet romance isn’t exactly the same as that of the old days, but it’s better. It’s “home.” It’s the constant daily “everyday love” that makes my world go round. Now I look forward to Valentine’s Day in a different way because I have a built-in date. Whether it’s Papa Johns on the couch watching a movie or being dressed to the nines at The Terrace Grill, it’s nice not having to be all stressed about being on my best behavior, or if I have food in my teeth, or if what I just said was totally stupid (it probably was). It’s just 100% me in all my goofy glory. I like Valentine’s Day in a different way now!

I got Will a funny ha ha card this year that says, “Happy Valentine’s Day to the perfect husband!” on the outside, and then on the inside it says, “Don’t get too cocky! I worked my butt off making you that way!” I thought that was too funny. He told me he got me a funny one too, so I’m anxious to see what his says. I have a feeling we’ll go out to dinner tomorrow instead of tonight. Last year we went out on Valentine’s Day and it was in-freaking-sane. Those Kuwaitis love love!

Alright, that’s all for now! I hope you all have a wonderful day full of love and happy surprises!


A Series of Short Posts: 13 Feb 2008: Gummy in My Tummy

I accidentally swallowed gum this afternoon, and my stomach feels sick now. I haven’t done that in years. Is it true that the gum stays in your system for a zillion years after you swallow it? I heard that was a farce. I bet it is.

Rocking the Boat

I must premise this post with a big: Hang With Me, Friends.

This post is going to be here, and there, and up, and down, and- well- you get the point.

Just hang with me. You’ll be happy you did (well, maybe you won’t, but I will be happy you did, and that counts for something, right?).

After work Friday I went to a baby shower for my friend “Ethel.” Do you guys remember her? It’s been a while since I’ve posted about her. Anyway, I had a lovely time and it was good to see her.

After the baby shower I headed over to P’s. Remember? We were going to have a big date night and I was going to try sushi for the first time! We went to The Avenues Mall and ate dinner at Maki. Guys- Maki is where I broke my sushi virginity. P was so cool about the whole thing. She didn’t laugh when I looked like a complete moron with chopsticks, and she was really discreet about teaching me the correct way to hold them-again, and again, and again. By the way- those things are painfully impossible to master on the first try. I looked like such a weirdo. P was so patient and really helped me figure it out. Unfortunately, everything went into short term memory and I have since forgotten, but darnit- for those 30 minutes I was Master Brittny.

We had the best time- once I got over the moronic chopstick issue, of course. We had an array of sushi and guys- I did great! I was really proud of my braveness. We had this amazing sushi with sweet potatoes and rice… it was so good. Obviously much safer than the salmon I had. It was good too, and I’m glad I did it. I promised P another night of sushi in which I would be even more adventurous than I was that night. She’s convinced I need to try eel. We’ll see. It was actually good and I felt healthy afterwards, not disgusting like I do when we go to must restaurants. Well- I should backtrack- I felt healthy until we went to go for dessert. Yeah, it was all over after that.

You couldn’t end a girl’s night of fun just on sushi- right? Of course not! So- we had to end the night with chocolate, and there’s no better place for chocolate in Kuwait than The Chocolate Bar. See? I told you guys we have real food here. You seriously need to click on this link. For some reason some of the best desserts aren’t on the site… oh well. You’ll just have to take my word!

That place is simply amazing. There are no words to describe the edification brought from a huge chocolate-y dessert.

After our gluttonous night, I took P home. On the way to my house I started to feel sad. Really sad- and it wasn’t just because I was feeling fat! P and I have been together for almost 18 years. We’ve rarely been apart. I began to think about how hard it will be to let go, and to be separated by an ocean and it really began to make my heart hurt.

As I drove home I also thought about Will and how he must feel that way about his family back home. I began to feel bad for all the little daily things we’ve missed in their lives that are generally quite trivial, but things that seem to add up after a whole year of missing such things.

And so, the wheels of my mind began to turn…

If you’re around me for very long it won’t take long before you hear about my beloved “dream vacation.” It seems to be to be a topic that has consumed my mind as of late. After taking Will’s dream trip to the Super Bowl, it was only fitting that I begin to think about when it would be my turn. It’s been a thought that has occupied a lot of my thoughts for months now, and I’ve been raring to finally take this trip already!

So- as I drove home I began to think, “Brittny? What would make you and Will happy?” I mulled that idea around in my head and gave it some thought as each mile passed.

As I waited at a stoplight it hit me:

Will needs to go home and spend some alone time with his family, especially his dad. He doesn’t need his wife in the way of that quality father-son time.

I need to cherish this time with P. Before I know it she’ll be off to the states, living such a grown-up life and time together will be incredibly sparse.

SO- I came up with a plan.

After a few conversations and a little convincing it was decided that Will would go home for a few weeks this fall to catch some OU games and spend time with his dad



I honestly don’t think I’ve been this excited since my wedding day.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking- “Shouldn’t you make Will go with you on this dream trip?? After all, he dragged you to the Super Bowl.”

I thought about it, but the truth is, I really think I’d have more fun with P. We would have a freaking BLAST. I have no doubt about that. Will would go with me and be just fine, but he’s not nearly as excited about this trip as I am. To be quite honest- I really want to go with P. I just think it would be nice to spend this time with my sister doing something I know we would love before life changes. Plus, I figure it would be nice for Will to see his dad sometime in September or October without me tagging along. I guess I always thought it was weird when people would take separate vacations. I was sure that meant that they were having trouble, but in this case, I really think it’s a great idea and it’s something that would make us both really happy. We’re both excited for each other, and we’re both excited about our prospective trips.

Only- I think I’m more excited.

I wish you could see my right now- I’m beaming! Yes- beaming. Beaming as in everything within a 10 mile radius is radiating because of my excitement.

Just imagine the wealth of blogging material that will come from this trip!

The hardest part has been convincing my mother choosing the right cruise. We have to make sure P has enough time to pack up her stuff here and get to the states for college. Plus, everything is booked. I think we’ve about narrowed it down to 3. The one we REALLY want to go on is 20 days, and, well, it’s a little (okay a LOT) out of the questions. Surprisingly, it’s cheaper than some of the shorter ones! I’m hoping to book by next week. AAAH! I’m so excited!

More fun to come… you can bet on that.


Flo’s Kuntry Kitchen

First and foremost, thank you for “sharing the love” yesterday. I needed it.

Do you ever wish you could just rally all of us together onto Wisteria Lane- minus all the constant backstabbing and drama of course- and just live in a cute little community all in a row? Maybe I’m a bit over the edge on that one, but hey- I think it could be fun. I heart you guys, I really do.

Alright, enough with the mushy crap- let’s get started.

I’m sitting here at work today waiting.

I’ve officially realized what my REAL job title is!

I’m a Waitress!

I’m responsible for being incredibly nice, cordial, and submissive to my menopausal always changing never constant customer.

“Good morning sir, what can I get for you?”

“What can you get for me? I’ll tell you what you can get for me! How about a new face!”

“Yes, sir, right away sir.”

“You can also bring me a side of beef- not too done, but not too rare- but NOT medium, an iced tea with crushed ice, two baked potatoes with the skin removed, and a side of truffles- the mushroom kind!!”

“Uh, we don’t carry truffles. They’re rare and expensive.”

“Well then GET THEM!”

“Um, I think pigs crawl around in the heart of France sniffing them out.”

“Well you better get on a plane and get to sniffing! Oh- and I need to eat this in less than an hour.”

OR it goes like this:

“Hello sir, what can I get for you today?”

“Give me a few minutes to get back to you.”

“No problem.”

Repeat 5 minutes later.

Repeat again 5 minutes later.





Sometimes it goes like this:

“Hello sir, what can I get for you?”

“How about the special?”

“Coming right up!”

…waiting for the cook to prepare…

“Dinner is served, sir!”

“Hmm, well… now that I think about it- I don’t want the special anymore. Can you make me the lamb?”

“Coming right up!”

…waiting for the cook to prepare…

“Dinner is served, sir!”

“Hmm, this looks great, but you know… the beef sounds better. How about the beef?”

This goes on and on- preparing everything to the customer’s EXACT requests only to be asked for something else again

And again

And again


I also have to clean up a lot of crappy messes- think a table full of rowdy junior high boys that just lost their season’s softball championship and are out to destroy everything in sight- while eating a huge plate of spaghetti on white linen tablecloths.

Cleaning. Lots of cleaning. Maybe I’m also a janitor…

Hey, I don’t even have to mention the waitress pay do I?

Alright I could go on and on about this (I’m actually having a lot of fun drawing comparisons!), but it’s time for me to leave (yay!). I should have saved this post for a day when I had time to think of all the other similarities! Oh well.

It’s your turn! What’s your “real” job??

the good, the bad, and the ugly (you’ve been warned)

The Good

P and I are going out tomorrow night. We’re going to have sushi- something I’ve never tried and have had no desire to try. I’m taking one for the team tomorrow. Hopefully I won’t spend the evening hurled over the toilet with projectile vomiting. I’m looking forward to this time with P. There won’t be many more opportunities like this and I really need to make the most of them while she’s 20 minutes away instead of 8,000 miles away.

The Bad

I have to work the weekend- again. I’m truly getting disgusted with work. It makes me feel sick to my stomach and I spend most of the day totally pissed off at the world. I hate that. That’s not who I am. Today has been a bad day. Long story short: I have to come in tomorrow to wait God knows how long on someone else to complete their part of a project when I already did mine. Then I have to assemble the thing and submit it. What a stupid waste of time. Can I tell you how tired I am of feeling this way? It’s not so much having to work all these hours (okay- a lot of it is), but it’s also so much more I just don’t feel right sharing on my blog. There’s so much stupid crap going on and I hate it all. I wish I could just call you guys up and tell you the whole story, but since I can’t I have to focus on the only bad part I feel I can share- the stupid piece of crap hours.

The Ugly

Here’s the kicker (this day gets better and better)- Will called and told me we have to move!

I seriously about lost it right there on the phone.

I’m already feeling fragile today, and this news just about pushed me over the edge. To make matters worse, I was totally ugly to Will because of my already bad mood and I was snippy with him on the phone. I hate that! Why was I such a grump to my poor Will today? There was no need for that. I totally let my frustration with today carry over into our conversation and I feel lousy for it.

Anyway- Will got a call from the housing manager today saying they’re refurbishing our apartment complex (good!), but that they aren’t going to allow dogs anymore (bad… very bad and ugly and terrible and no good- just awful). So- they’re booting all of us dog lovers out.

I’m totally bummed. I really love our apartment. I love it so much. Granted, it’s not home, but it’s our little refuge from the chaos of life here. It’s our secret hideout and they’re taking it away. This is the place we’ve lived the longest since we’ve been married. It’s going to be sad to move and go somewhere else.

Not to mention we’ve acquired a TON of crap during our three years here. Moving is going to be





Moving is going to be a major pain in the butt. Especially into an apartment complex where everything has to be transported via a tiny elevator in a thousand trips. The sheer thought really stresses me. We’re going to talk about it this weekend and see what we think the best move is to make. We will have about a month, but I told Will we might as well see what’s available now and maybe move in the next few weeks.

What a serious bummer.

Another major downer is that I live close to my gym, and it’s incredibly convenient. I already paid through September because it’s cheaper to pay for a year than to pay by the month. For all of you that live in congested cities you know what a pain it is to get out at night and fight traffic to go anywhere. When we get home, we stay home. I’m definitely going to be losing money on my gym membership, even if I’m able to make it once or twice a week. FRUSTRATION guys! Frustration.

I’ll probably look back tomorrow and see what a drama queen I’m being about everything and be annoyed with myself. Today, however, I’m giving myself a free pass to whine and vent. So, please feel free to roll your eye over my crises. If I were you, I would too. I sound like Chicken Little today don’t I? “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” I realize these issues are so minor in the grand scheme of life, but I truly felt the need just to let everything out- and this is my choice venue.

I’m so ready to skip over tomorrow (minus dinner with P-dub). Heck- I’m ready to skip over the moving part and just be moved in. Okay, I’m getting all Adam Sandler and Click on you guys. I don’t really mean that. I just feel as though I am not myself at this place (work). I’m some quiet person with a terrible attitude. Granted, I rarely show that side, but it’s how I feel on the inside which is just as bad. Yesterday I prayed that God would simply just do what is best for me- whatever that is. That may not mean it’s what I think is best. I just have to continue to pray that God would do what’s best for me and take care of everything.

I just feel emotional (and fat) today- as you probably gathered. The house thing, the whole gym issue, work… I just want to go home and have a weekend to hide away and I won’t even get that. I feel totally blah today, which I believe is allowed from time to time, right? It’s got to be in some woman book of laws somewhere. I’m certain.

Thanks for listening to me vent. I know how much people LOVE reading about other people’s problems when they’ve got their own to deal with (ha).


Monday Confessions

Remember The Talker? Well, between you and me I’ve been keeping my headphones on at all times in hopes that this person won’t talk to me.

Sometimes music isn’t even playing- but I keep the headphones on just to keep the appearance that I’m listening to music and





It hasn’t worked.

I can’t parallel park. I think I’ve maybe parallel parked three times since I’ve gotten my license. I’d rather park in the boonies and walk in a 5 below snow storm with gusting winds than parallel park right outside a store.

Boz peed on his random “floor spot” (you can read all about that a few posts down) this morning and I pretended not to see it so Will would clean it up. Yeah- I know. I’m sick and wrong. Shhh.

I had a venti skim latte today.

With 6 Sweet and Lows.

Last night we got a little Valentine’s Day care package from Will’s parents. A bag of Hershey’s Hugs was included. Will ate 3. I ate 3.

And then I took the bag in the kitchen and had 4 more. Don’t tell Will.

Alright, that’s enough secret sharing today. Anything you need to get off your chest?

My World

The other day I was thinking that I don’t really share much of my life here with you guys. I also thought I would want to remember this time better, and I haven’t really chronicled much of it in this blog. Most of it is about the same things I would write if I were home- except the parts about how much I miss home, that is!

Anyhow, I wanted to share just a few things from my world today…

For the most part, there are no street signs or addresses in Kuwait. You could literally be told that the address is, “The green building next to The Avenues Mall,” and that would be the actual address. Seriously.

No kissing/love scenes in public theatres.

Every single business in Kuwait must have 51% Kuwaiti ownership. That includes houses. So- we could never really own our own house here (darn… not).

Kuwaitis, for the most part, don’t work. They’ve recently passed a law that now requires companies to hire a certain percentage of Kuwaitis, but you will never (and I mean NEVER) see a Kuwaiti work what we would consider a minimum wage job. It’s so weird, guys. The workforce here is primarily Indian and Filipino. They work at all the stores and restaurants.

Public Display of Affection is not allowed. I make Will hold my hand sometimes, though. I don’t think that’s considered “bad.”

No taxes in Kuwait (yay!)

No utilities to pay in Kuwait (double yay!)

I can fill up my gas tank for about $12. I know- you hate me now, right?

The water here will make you sick. The whole country drinks bottled water, and if you don’t, we’ll, you’re a freak of nature able to turn people into stone with just one glance.

Driving is INSANE here. This topic deserves its own post.

You can get just about anything you want over the counter.

Anything your heart desires delivers. This is a bad thing. A very bad thing.

Alcohol is illegal.

Kuwaitis are rich beyond our imagination. The government gives them money for getting married, having kids, and going to college.

Speaking of college- if you are Kuwaiti, the country will pay for your entire school PLUS give you a living allowance if you come back and work in Kuwait for a few years. I don’t remember all the details. I’d have to ask Z.

In the past, the Kuwaiti government has paid off all the debt of all Kuwaitis, “just because.”

It’s hot. Really, really hot.

Most people (probably not you guys anymore because you hear me talk about Kuwait all the time) think we live in a crap-hole and eat strange meats cooked over an open fire. However, we have Chilis, Applebees, Krispe Crème, and some of the most beautiful malls I’ve been to. We’re not exactly roughing it.

Just about everyone speaks English here.

The Arab culture is nocturnal. Eating dinner at 10:00 at night is totally normal.

Okay, for the sake of time I have to stop, but those are just some random things I felt like sharing today.

That’s just a little look into some fun facts of my life here. 

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