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The one with more painting & a Look Ahead

Okay guys, can I please tell you how excited I am that it’s Monday and Jack is back?!

You may remember that Will and I were seriously obsessed with 24 while living in Kuwait. We were able to buy the series box sets and binge watch to no end.

Today’s post could be devoted to all things 24, but I’m going to stop here and hit a few weekend highlights.

Friday started with a delicious breakfast treat.


I also got to have a lunch with some special people! P was off Friday so she and Layla came up to my office and we had lunch together! It was very special. I also got to meet a special someone, but we will leave it at that for now. smile A very good lunch.

Friday night Will and I went to see the new Spider-Man movie.

Movie date

I won’t spoil it for you, but I will say there’s quite a surprise ending! Through some research Will and I learned it was true to the actual comic book, so i suppose it makes more sense now.

Saturday started early with a workout. I worked legs,back, and biceps and hit them all hard. I hate combining that many body parts into one session, but I made it as functional as I could and knocked it out!

Saturday was full of usual chores and house stuff, as well as a trip to the store and Sam’s. We met my family for a late lunch at Ted’s Saturday afternoon. After lunch we were super full and walked it off a bit at Academy sports. I had to pick up one more dumbbell to complete my tiny set. I’m looking forward to having them so I can have more effective home workouts when I can’t make it to the gym.

After Academy, Will and I went to church. Guys, seriously check out this sermon if you have any kids in your life, be it your own children, nieces, whatever… Check it out. Dave Ramsey offers some great advice for teaching kids about money.

After church we cheered the Thunder onto victory!! Yay boys!

Yesterday was a little painful. Aside from my morning trip to the gym, it was entirely devoted to work.

Lots of work.

We hate painting and will never do it ourselves again. Ever.

We finally finished painting Will’s room. We only had the ceiling left, but it has a weird angle and a wooden rafter down the middle so it wasn’t easy!

Four hours later and everything in the room was completely painted.

And we shall never paint again. smile ever. I see why people hire painters now.

I treated myself to a nice dinner and an evening on the couch with Will.


Let’s talk about posts this week. This week we’re talking about:

-A delicious summery salad
-When hardcore becomes harmful
-Thursday confessions
-My struggle with Elmyra syndrome

So check in tomorrow for more fun, friends!

Until then? Let’s watch 24 tonight and talk about it tomorrow. smile

Things I’m Loving Thursday, 1 May 2014

Elizabeth Mott’s It’s SO BIG Mascara

Things in loving

Now, I should preface this “loved” item.

I’m not sure if it’s the two terrible back-to-back mascaras I’ve had prior to this one, or if this mascara really is stupendous, but I’m hoping it’s the latter.

This mascara sample came from a past Ipsy, and I’m just now getting around to trying it. It provides great coverage and really does leave my lashes full, thick and “SO BIG.”

I’m pretty sold on drugstore mascaras because I think many of them are just as good as more expensive brands I’ve tried, but nonetheless I’ve enjoyed using this stuff and therefore am adding it to this week’s love list.

Dial Skin Therapy Body Wash

Things in loving

I don’t even remember the last time I purchased a Dial product before this one.

It’s just not my “go-to” body wash brand.

However, there was a good coupon for it the other day, and I was in need of body wash, so I thought, “What the heck? Let’s get crazy.”

I picked this one because I’m a sucker for anything that says Himalayan sea salt or
84 minerals. Haha Hey, at least I know it, right?

This stuff smells lovely. It exfoliates nicely, too. Win.

Equate’s Firming Gradual Tanner

(FYI it’s the Jergen’s generic version)

I forgot to take a picture of the bottle. Sorry!

Yeah, yeah, we know I’m ghastly. However, this stuff is a great help in bringing me into the land of the living. It’s not as great as our tanning machine, however it also doesn’t pool up or “Giraffe,” so I feel like it’s a good middle ground when I’m not air brushing myself like the side of a car.

This quinoa, chickpea, and avocado salad

Pretty much all my favorite foods thrown together in a salad. Brilliant.

As if the five I already have in my cabinet weren’t enough, I found another peanut butter to love.

Things in loving

Peanut butter and honey is most certainly not a new beloved combination. However, I’ve never purchased a jar with the two already combined.

Why do the hard work, when they already did it for me?

Thanks Smuckers, now I can eat the entire jar in six days.

Thanks, Smuckers. Thanks for nothing. Gah.

Along those lines...


Definitely made me laugh.

This Song

Things I'm loving

I like Shawn McDonald’s music, and this is a fun and different sound than his usual stuff. And I love it! Very fun and upbeat.

Alright, your turn! What are you loving?

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Cleaning Out My Closet

My in-laws are coming into town this weekend.

Which naturally means today will be spent creating the fake house.

You know, because I never ever have dishes in the sink or delicates drying all over the bathroom.

Only… Houston, we have a problem.

See, the house is still in disarray.

Remember how I told you we’ve been doing some work? Yeah, we’re still doing it. The plan was to have it completely done by this weekend, which is straight laughable because I don’t see us being completely done for a while longer.

As much as I would like to try, I can’t hide the clutter. The stuff is everywhere, it can’t be hidden.

Their trip has been on our calendar for weeks now, so as much as I would love to postpone, it’s not an option. So, I’m just going to have to face the clutter, try and somewhat de-clutter the clutter, and have my in-laws at the house amidst the clutter I’m trying to de-clutter.


I find today’s situation very pertinent to my spiritual life.

Because I have my own internal clutter to deal with, too.

Have you ever been there?

Much like my house, things can get a little crazy and uncontainable.

The closer I draw to God, the messier things seem to get.

There’s no backroom closet that He can’t see, and even if I try to hide stuff, He continues to find it and place it before me.

“What are you going to do with this?” I feel like he asks.

My first thought is to put it back in the closet where it belongs, and deal with it later.


Only I can’t.

I have to deal with it now.

Jesus tells us that he is the vine, and we are fruitful when we live in him.

How do we bear fruit and live in him?

-We read his word. We read it again and again and soak up the words on each page. We don’t just read and walk away, we read to understand and apply the principles to our life.

-We talk to God every day.
We ask him to make us fruitful, to change and shape our hearts and to make us look more like Him.

Reading the Bible and openly talking to God has helped me deal with my clutter.

In fact, today’s verse is in 2nd Timothy and speaks to this truth.

It says, “ All scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right. God uses it to prepare and equip his people to do every good work” (2 Tim 3:16-17).

The Bible illuminates the junk and clutter in our lives and helps us to see it.

Figuratively, it helps us identify and deal with that big pile of papers you’ve been meaning to shred for two years and haven’t, or that closet full of clothes you never wear and mean to comb through one day.

Not that any of those things apply to me...(insert nervous laughter)

It’s much easier to talk figuratively, but the truth is, the God is able to deal with the messiest of messes, and so much healing can be found in Him and his Word.

He helps us forgive others,

He helps us forgive ourselves,

He reassures us of the promises we don’t deserve,

He helps us to love others,

He convicts us when we’re wrong,

He helps us overcome addictions,

He breaks the chains of spiritual bondage, and grants new life.

The Bible helps us deal with the clutter that for so long we were comfortable having around. In illuminating this junk in our lives, God can help us deal with it. He can “prepare and equip his people to do every good work.”

It’s hard to have a wholehearted devotion to good work when you’re dealing with a heart full of junk. The beautiful thing is that Jesus takes us as we are, junk and all, and helps us sort through everything. He has given me love, patience, grace, and forgiveness for so many things I never thought possible.

That is one of the biggest ways I know I am His child. I could have never done those things on my own. Only through Him were they made possible.

In allowing Him to correct me when I’m wrong, and in teaching me to do what is right, I certainly feel more empowered and equipped to do “every good work” he has set before me.

And I guess now is the time I should clarify, I still have junk I’m sorting through.

Girls, I have some serious junk that I have to daily surrender. Some of it is giant, some of it is small. Nonetheless, it’s junk. Junk is junk, and has to be surrendered to be our best.

We all have it.

Just last night I felt convicted about a series I watch on TV and “can’t miss.” It’s on the dark side, and quite honestly sometimes the show creeps me out!

Anyway, while covering my eyes in fear, like the child I apparently am, I asked myself why I was even watching it. I couldn’t help but hear God whispering the same thing. “Yeah- why are you watching it?” Not only that, but sometimes I feel like sacrificing an hour for things like mindless TV watching is so much easier than “sacrificing” an hour at church.


Illuminated by God’s precious word and communication with Him.

It would be easier to keep these things on the closet shelf and not deal with them, but that’s what makes me ineffective. That’s exactly how the enemy wants it. Only in dealing with this junk am I able to be made whole.

Thankfully now instead of hiding it, I desire to bring these things to Jesus so he can deal with them and change me. So he can make me fruitful.

It’s in the hidden corners of our heart where things fester. Remember last week? If we look to the Lord we are radiant, and our faces are never covered in shame.

Let Him clean out your closet, friends. It’s not always fun, but it is fruitful. I want to have eyes to see the works and opportunities He’s placed before me, and that can be hard when I’m paralyzed in my own internal mess.

All scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right. God uses it to prepare and equip his people to do every good work. 2 Tim 3:16-17

Give it to him, and allow the Word to speak to you. Correct, guide, and prepare, His word will do it.


More to come. ❤️

The Easter One & Look Ahead

I don’t know about you, but getting up this Monday felt harder than other Mondays.

I know why, too. Our entire weekend was nonstop and full of work!

The fun of being an adult.

Let’s hit the highlights!

Will and I were both off Good Friday, so we arranged to have the cable and internet guys come out and do some work at the house.

Nothing makes you realize what a dust pool your seemingly clean house is like having to get behind giant furniture you haven’t moved or vacuumed behind in six years.

Seriously. Like almost six years.

We did some cleaning behind the giant furniture and disconnecting cords and such. Thankfully they arrived early.

It ended up being a good thing because one of the workers was there almost four hours!

While Friday was a work day, I did manage to sneak away for some fun with this gal.

Petting Rocky

We had to kennel the Bigs since they were doing stuff in the backyard with our internet and cable, so it gave me an excuse to take them out front and see Layla and my mom.

The rest of what was left of our day was devoted to house stuff.

Exciting, I tell you.

The fun didn’t end there! Saturday was much of the same!

I got up before 6:30 to hit the gym and get the day started. I had the weights all to myself, just the way I like it. Will and my dad had to make a trip to the bike shop to pick up our motorcycle, so after I got home and got cleaned up, I went to the store.

I came home to Will doing some serious research on… Dustbusters.

God love him.

Our DustBuster has been dead for about a year now, and I’ve just made do without one, though I do like the convenience, especially with the dogs.

We ended up with this bad boy.

My new toy

It looks like some sort of alien sucker gun of something, right?

My new toy
It’s wonderful.

Hey, I’m old.

These things excite me.

Saturday afternoon was more chores and home project stuff and a sermon. Lord knows I needed it after a long day of home projects. Haha

Yesterday was Resurrection Sunday!

I got up and worked out and practically had the place to myself.

We went to my parent’s house for brunch, and it was so nice to see everyone.

The food was delicious. Look at this beautiful spread!
Resurrection Sunday brunch spread. I'm dying over here.

Resurrection Sunday brunch spread. I'm dying over here.

Resurrection Sunday brunch spread. I'm dying over here.

I ate my fair share of the “bad stuff” and enjoyed myself.

I also let Lu tat me up. The things we do for beautiful nieces. smile

Rocking a Princess Ariel tat courtesy of Layla

By the time we got done it was nearly noon, and I could have used a nap!

But alas, no rest for the B-Love family. Will went back to painting the spare bedroom, and I prepped food for this week. Unfortunately we ran out of paint and decided to call it a day, so more painting in his future this week.


Said no one ever. smile

It was definitely a working weekend, but it was a good one nonetheless. It was nice to spend time with my family and celebrate Jesus’s resurrection.

Let’s talk food.

I’m only making a couple things because Will and my dad are going to the Thunder playoff game tonight! That means I’m on my own for dinner.

For the rest of the week you’d thing it was the dead of winter. We are having vegan potato soup, and beans and cornbread.

I have no idea why. They both just sounded good to us.

As for posts, here’s a look at what’s coming up:

-A peek in my pantry
-Amazing Arms Month wrap up
-April Ipsy
-Why scripture matters

So that’s it for now. I hope you had a great Easter weekend!!

Thursday Confessions: The Birthday Weekend Edition

1. My birthday was Monday, but the lingering birthday cake is killing me. Help.


2. Speaking of, over my birthday weekend, I treated myself to a couple spoonfuls of peanut butter.

But then?

Things just got crazy.

This just went from bad to worse

3. Will went down to get a snack during the Red and White game and came back with peanut M&Ms to share with me.

I told him I wouldn’t eat any, but yeah… I totally did.

I’m a sucker for those things. They’re pretty much my favorite.  Seriously, why are they so good?!

4.Teeny glass-like sprinkles make everything prettier and more delicious. Seriously, it’s a thing.


5.My glaring paleness is straight offensive. This isn’t so much a confession, rather a declaration.


6. My birthday present is getting a second couch for our living room to match the one we just bought.


Um, the weird thing is, the couch seems way too fancy to make it our everyday couch. Am I weird for saying that?


7. When I blew out my candles, I wished for something most 31 year olds would have. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing, or a bad thing. Haha

Okay, that’s enough for today. Feel free to get something off your chest in the Share the Love section below. smile

31, Reflections, & A Look Ahead

Hello lovelies!

I realize it’s Monday, and we have a week ahead of us, however it doesn’t feel too bad this week because:

1. It’s my birthday, and
2. Will and I both get Good Friday off!

Not too shabby.

Before we get into all that, though, let me hit some of my weekend highlights!

Friday Will and I were both off and had a very productive day.

I made it to the gym before 7, so it wasn’t too busy. I enjoy not having to share equipment. smile

Then, got ready and was able to shop at the grocery store in peace, get a fancy (read: cheap) watch at a local jewelry shop, as well as run a couple more errands all while Will painted our spare bedroom!


Afterward, we went downtown to a glass shop to get a piece cut for our entertainment center. Then we went and saw Draft Day!

I’m sure you’re shocked we went to see a football related movie. Ha

Friday was a busy and productive day.

Saturday was full of fun and just as packed.

I got an early leg workout in at the gym, followed by a little time with my sister and Layla.

Afterward, I got ready and Will and I made a trip to Lowe’s, and then headed to Norman for the red and white game!

It was a big crowd Saturday, making it all the more exciting. After that decisive and epic victory over Alabama last season, I think we are all pumped and ready for football.

Red & white game

WB red and white game

After the game, I had Will take me to Cool Greens for my “birthday lunch.”

I’m a super cheap date. smile

We just bought another matching couch to accompany the one we just got in a few weeks ago, so I didn’t want to do anything over the top. Plus, honestly? It’s one of my favorite local places.

I got their skinny plaza salad. So, so good.

Afterward, we came home and had a relaxing and uneventful evening!

Yesterday I got to spend the morning with my family! I love them very much. We had a birthday breakfast, and Layla even sat by me which was a nice treat. smile

My sister got an action shot of us admiring artwork. haha

It's a Bird, it's a plane, it's a huge pic of food at Jimmy's Egg!

We missed church because breakfast was followed by a trip to Best Buy and a two hour nap (!!), so we will have to watch online this week.

The rest of the afternoon was far less exciting than the rest of the weekend, but it was really nice to relax and not do much!

I did, however, spend a couple hours in the kitchen prepping food for the week. More on that soon.

That afternoon I went over to my parent’s house and had birthday cake! I love my mom so very much. She made me the prettiest, springiest, most beautifully colored cake. smile


It was delicious.

So that was my weekend!

And here we are again.

And here I am, 31.

How did that even happen!?

Last year felt like a huge milestone, and I suppose it was. I felt old, but I also felt “official,” like I had finally come into my own.

I’ll leave you with a few random thoughts at the end of this post on life in the 30s this far, and would welcome your own comments, too!

But for now, let’s talk food this week.

This week we’re having:

-Vegetable lasagna (with zucchini as the noodles smile h
-Caprese salad
-Philly cheesesteak sandwiches (I’m having leftover lasagna)


Now let’s talk posts.

This week we are talking about:

-How you just gained refrigerator rights
-Arms month continues! Sculpting sharp shoulders
-Thursday confessions
-How the Bible helps

So check in this week and don’t miss out!

I close with just a few random thoughts on the 30s (or lack thereof at times smile)

Share some of your own thoughts below! <3

1. I finally feel like I’ve arrived and have more of a seat at the table.

Unless it’s Thanksgiving with Will’s side of the family.

I’m pretty sure we will forever be at the kid’s table there. 

2. I’m still terrible with directions.

And feel like I might always be.

3. I’m more comfortable with who I am, who I’m not, and who I want to be.

4. Oddly enough, I feel way more comfortable and less self conscious about my flaws. While I looked better in a bathing suit 10 years ago, I’d probably rock it with more confidence now.

5. I’m a better wife.

6. I understand the importance of rest and a day off work sometimes.

7. I finally understand God’s grace.

8. I’m (slightly) better at putting on fitted sheets.

9. If I want a giant spoonful of peanut butter, I’m going to eat a giant spoonful of peanut butter. I trust myself way more and no longer fear self-sabotage. It comes with understanding moderation.

10. I realize birthdays are far better than the alternative and therefore appreciate each passing year.

So there you go! Now let’s enjoy our Monday!

More to come…

Things I’m Loving Thursday: 10 April 2014

Boca Original Chick’n Patties

I know they’re full of sodium and GMOs, and I know they’re ridiculously over-processed.

However, this week I treated myself to a sandwich, with them as the main star.

Go ahead judge me.

This helpful reminder about muscle growth!


Mary Kay Timewise Luminous Wear Foundation


I have used their mineral powder for so long, that I forgot how much I love their liquid foundation. It creates a nice, light, glow. Very pretty, and hydrating.

Long Weekends!
This is my short week, and my birthday weekend!

Not only that, but we get Good Friday off next weekend too, so I’m doubly lucky.

Actually, the following Friday is my usual short week so I’m triply lucky?

Is this real life!? smile

While we’re at it, birthday weekends!
I have a few thoughts I hope to share next week, but let’s go ahead and toss the whole “birthday” category into things I’m loving today.

My birthday weekend always falls during the OU red and white game, so it’s sort of a tradition we incorporate. I used to despite the fact that every Saturday of my birthday weekend was devoted to a trip to Norman for the spring game, but now I kind of like it.

Herb gardens!


Um, sort of. smile

Did you know if you take fresh herbs and place them in water they will grow roots?

Fancy schmancy, huh?

I had some extra parsley this week and hope it takes root and I can plant soon. Fingers crossed.

That’s all today.

Anything you’re loving this week?

Cooking Up a Home Project

It’s Tuesday, and someone didn’t plan very well.

Which is untypical, because that someone is a good planner.

Kind of.



I had hoped to share a super delicious recipe I had made over the weekend and plaster pictures all over today’s post, telling you how it’s the perfect thing to bring to your Easter brunch.

Except, I didn’t make the aforementioned super delicious recipe as anticipated.

Instead of plastering food pics all over this blog, I plastered tape all over our spare bedroom.

I’m terrible at that, by the way.

Will, God love him, knows this fact, and relieved me of my “helper” duties early in the process.

I’m pretty sure I was hurting more than helping.

Perhaps it was the blue little smiley face I made for him?

Such a child.

I’m also positive he will not ask me to help him paint this coming weekend.

I will not protest this decision. I’m pretty sure I would be a terrible painter. Obviously not on purpose, but I could see how my clumsiness could cause us trouble.

(Taupe footprints on the floor, anyone?)

So could Will.

Because we both practically stroke out anytime we have to do a house project with one another
, we’ve decided to take a different approach over the last couple of years.

Hey, know your limitations, right? I’ll clean the house, help move everything back into the room once the paint dries, and make him brownies. And we’ll call it good.

In case you hadn’t guessed, we started a home project recently that is driving me bananas.

I think Will knew if we didn’t at least tape the room this past weekend, I might actually go crazy.

Right now we have everything from that room piled high in the other room, and the clutter is nearly breaking me into hives.

I already have clutter in the office, and one room is enough.

I call it clutter, Will calls it progress.

He’s cute.

Anyway, the good news is that we have a little bit of a timetable because Will’s parents are coming to stay with us at the end of the month, which means everything in the spare bedrooms has to be in its rightful place. Or at least close.

Does any one enjoy doing these types of projects?

I sure don’t, and neither does Will.

Obviously we want the end result, but the work it takes to get there flat sucks.

The truth of a lot of things, I suppose. The reason why we drag ourselves to the gym some days and pass on that donut in the office break room.


I’m just ready to have everything back in its rightful place.

Except… after this project we have another, and another, and one more.

Being an adult is so much fun sometimes! Ha.

I was going to take a picture and share for you guys, but Will said “no” (because everything is a mess).

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, he wasn’t humored by my blue tape-y smiley face either.

What a curmudgeon. smile

So yeah, delicious recipe. Like this one here, here, or here.

Until then?

Let’s talk paint and all things that make you want to pull your hair out.

Are any of you doing home projects this spring?

The One Where We Attended a Wedding & Look Ahead

Good morning!!

Hopefully you had a wonderful weekend and are ready to tackle the week ahead.

I know I am. It’s my short week!

Let’s hit the high points today.

Friday started with my group’s weekly breakfast ritual.

Crap food

Real healthy, as you can see.

It was obviously a splurge meal for me.

Nonetheless, I still scraped off some of the warm peanut butter goodness to help save some calories.


Heaps came off! I’m pretty sure it would have been a 700 calorie bagel. Haha

After work, Will and I had a wedding to attend!

Beautiful day for a wedding!

A couple in our life group tied the knot Friday night, and we were blessed to witness it.

It was an outdoor wedding, and you couldn’t have asked for a more terrific day. It was unreal.

IBeautiful day for a wedding!

Oklahoma has very few perfect days. It’s either hot, windy, icy, or hot. Or windy.

Hmm, didn’t I already say that? smile

Anyway, the wedding was downtown OKC at the Myriad Gardens. It was a crisp day with zero wind. The flowers were blooming, and the smell of honeysuckle was intoxicating.

Perfection. What a blessing to have such a wonderful day for a wedding!

It was really special to see this couple get married.

I guess I ought to tell you guys that after prayer and discussion, a couple weeks ago we made the decision to stop going to our current life group.

Will and I both feel to start something of our own. We are not sure what exactly that means yet, so we are praying and waiting. It was hard to leave our group! I have so much love for each of them and am so incredibly thankful for our time with them.

So, Friday was special!

Saturday was a blur. I managed to sleep in until 7, and then hit the gym.

">Green morning, and a selfie of sorts. <img src=">

We ran errands, I made some green sludge between trips, and caught the new Captain America movie. It was good! Will even accompanied me to the grocery store.

And a few non-approved items made their way into the cart.

Do you see this!?!

Is this real life!?

I also got to spend some time with my mom and Layla. I missed them this week!

Yesterday was all about stuff around the house. Which wasn’t fun, but it was necessary.

The story of being an adult. smile

Let’s talk food, workouts, and posts for the week!

This week the B-Love house will be having:
-Quinoa Tahbouli (with grilled chicken for Will)
-Grilled Chicken/Chick’n sandwiches on wheat rolls w/seasoned broccoli
-Beans and cornbread (Again, leftover from the huge pot I made)

Now onto workouts!

Since this is my short week, my workouts will be better. I like these weeks for so any reasons, including the quality of workouts. smile

T-Full body resistance
F-Back, biceps, shoulders & cardio
Sun-Chest, triceps, shoulders & cardio

Now posts! This week we are talking about,

-Home projects
-Amazing arms month continues!
-Things I’m loving
-How to have a radiant glow

So check in tomorrow! In the meantime lets conquer today!

Things I’m Loving Thursday: 3 April 2014

Pandora Hymns Channel
Like straight up, old school church music.

I love old hymns, and sometimes only this channel will do.

Royal Tailor- Ready Set Go


This song is so fun! Add it to your workout playlist and let loose.

Brown Sugar and Fig Body Butter


This stuff?

Is old.

Not old as in expired (um, at least I don’t think so?), but old as in I received it as a gift a really long time ago and only recently realized I had it.

I don’t use a lot of “fancy” body butters (ready Tuesday’s post), so it takes me forever to use the ones I have. I like to keep a couple in my desk at work.

Anyway, long story short, I found this tub of delightfulness last week and brought it to work and love it!

Peanut Noodle Salad

Peanut noodle salad

Seriously. I can’t get enough.

Hot Pink Nails


And hot pink skirts. smile
This article about being the pursuer in friendships.
I love this perspective, and it’s so true. Everyone likes to be pursued every now and then, whether it’s a dating relationship or even a friendship. It promoted me to write a thank you note this week!

Anything you’re loving this week?

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