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The One Where I Went to Canada & a Look Ahead

Greetings from beautiful Canada!

Yes, you heard me.

I’m visiting our friends from the north this week and look forward to sharing some of the fun!

But before we get to all that, let’s rewind a little and take a look at my short weekend.

Friday lunches with P are quickly becoming a tradition, and I love that! This week we ventured to downtown OKC and enjoyed Mexican food.

My weekend kicked off with a lunch date.

I love her company and just being able to fully be myself. There’s something so nice about having your best friend be the person that’s been around you your whole life and knows everything about you already.

Friday night wasn’t too exciting. I had Panera for dinner, and we made a separate stop for Will. We spent the evening catching up on a few shows...and laundry.

This was a recovery week for me, so it killed me not to hit the gym Saturday morning and lift. I initially planned to go and do some cardio, but decided to rest and just enjoy coffee with P and Layla instead.

(Normal workouts resumed this morning.  smile )

I love our little coffee dates, and these are becoming a bit of a tradition too!

Coffee with my best ladies

Be still my heart

Afterward, I braved the store to get some things for Will as well as for my trip. We worked some more on the house purge, and before long it was time to get ready for the day.

We did some stuff around the house, bought Will new sunglasses, and then went to church. This weeks message was moving. If you’re going through a struggle, definitely check out week two of our series puzzled.

Buying sunglasses

Then we had a nice dinner together! I tried to soak up as much time as I could with Will.

I woke up with a saddened heart on Sunday. While I enjoy traveling, I don’t like doing it without Will.

Instead of enjoying the morning with him, I kind of moped around all pathetic-like. I should have at least appreciated the time I did have.


Both our dads were out of town, so our Father’s Day celebrations had to be postponed.

Anyway, I flew our yesterday afternoon and got in last night. While I already miss Will, I’m in good spirits because I get to meet my blogging buddy Angela today! In real life! It definitely puts a pep in my step and has me upbeat today.

I can’t wait to tell you more about my trip!

But first, let’s talk about this week.

Since I’m eating on the road, meals are sporadic and I have less control about what exactly is in whatever I order. I plan on sticking to my routine as much as possible, and brought plenty of snacks.

As for workouts, I’m coming off a recovery week, so I’m raring to get moving! I brought Insanity to do in my hotel room, and I also plan on knocking out a couple workouts I plan to share tomorrow.

Now posts!

Here’s a look at what I plan on sharing this week:

-June Ipsy!
-Hotel friendly workouts
-My Canada recap & dinner with Angela
- and more!

So check in this week while I enjoy Canadian life, and be on the lookout for more fun! ❤️

Thursday Things

This salsa.


If you’re a fruity salsa kind of gal, this stuff is pretty darn delicious (and cheap).  I love it with black beans and warm cherry tomatoes.

Do any of you watch The Blacklist?

Will and I DVR-ed the whole series and just started it last week.

I really like it! I mean, is the guy her dad? Linked to her parents? And what about her husband? A CIA spy, perhaps?

We are only about five episodes in, so perhaps it will unfold soon!

Layla started school this week.

It’s preschool, but hey it’s still school.

I felt a little misty eyed hearing P tell me all about Layla’s big first day. How is she old enough to be taking a lunch and nap mat to a public place, away from home, and interacting with total toddler strangers!?

Before I know it she’ll be driving, heading off to college, getting hitched and having great nieces and nephews.

What is happening!?! 😩

Okay… Perhaps I’m overreacting a little. But seriously. I feel like I just cut her umbilical cord.

I got a steal on this super beautiful flowy Target skirt.


It doesn’t look all that great in this picture. In fact, there’s no way I ever would have purchased it if it wasn’t for seeing P in it.

It’s so light, summery, and romantic. Perfect for everyday and can be dressed up or down. In hindsight I should have bought two!

Will is joining a softball league.

Yes, it’s true.

Some of the people in our old life group are forming a team and asked Will to hook on and play. Maybe this will also be an opportunity to get him to workout with me?

I think it’s a consensus that it’s for fun and not to sweep the league in victories (which kills Will since he is so competitive), but it should hopefully be fun nonetheless.

So, once a week I will be spending evenings cheering on the team from the stands, because let’s be real, no one wants me out there trying to hit a ball or catch one in midair.

We can’t be great at everything. smile

I thought Will was going to kill Boz.

One of the main drivers for working on Will’s “man cave” is to create a cozy space for us to watch TV, since our living room is quickly becoming more formal.

We bought a beautiful new leather couch earlier this year, and have a second longer version ordered and on its way.

Our new furniture isn’t very dog friendly, so we’ve been training the pups to hang out in the man cave with us, and reserve the living room for company.

These couches are like the annoying pristine china your mom would never let you play tea party with.

You look, but don’t touch. Haha

So you can imagine the horror we expressed when Will and I were messing with our home phone and Boz tried to get our attention by leaping onto the cushions and then on top of the couch.

It was totally a moment of giant eyeballs of terror and a slow motion and scream of, “Noooooooo!” while we grabbed Boz off the couch.

Sure enough, he created a giant deep scratch in the leather.

Then scratched couch

I thought Will was going to stroke out.

Some leather conditioner helped, but it’s still very much there.

Boz was in the dog house big time. smile

That’s all for now! Any randomness you care to share?

WIOW: A Weighty Pep Talk


Today we are talking something most women loathe:


I had to laugh a little, because I posted about this very topic last year nearly at the exact same time. Ha!

You know, it never gets easier seeing that number! Here I am again a whole year later seeing that number and having the exact same reaction!

So let’s work it out today.

Working it out in our minds, that is.

I’m probably in good company when I say I’m among a multitude of women that feel they have to be a certain number on the scale.

Why is it such a big deal!?

Obviously, I should be completely fine about what the scale says.


The truth is, sometimes I’m not fine and need a reminder that it’s “just a number.”

Because sometimes?

Sometimes it doesn’t feel like just a number.

It feels like an anchor weighing me down!

Pun intended.

It’s not the weight pulling me down, overall I’m pretty happy with how I look.

It’s just that pesky number.

So if you’re out there and have ever felt the same way, hopefully today’s public self talk session will help you, too!

1. It’s just a number.

It really is...mostly.

The number on the scale cannot accurately depict what makes up that number, so it’s important to realize you (you meaning me smile ) may need to do some more investigating to really understand your body composition.

As shown in past posts, fat looks very different and takes up quite a bit more space than muscle!


2. What’s really bothering me?

This one is sort of tied to number one. Is it the number, or is it the composition behind the number?

Am I bothered by how much I weigh, or by what makes up that weight?

Honestly, as shallow as it may sound, it’s the number.

And that? Goes against everything I say I believe about being strong, healthy, and proud of our fearfully and wonderfully made bodies!


Do I feel healthy?


Do my clothes fit the way I want then to?


Is my diet and exercise routine consistent with my goals?


So what does that mean?

3. What if I don’t want to

Then we need to realign our goals to be more in line with reducing that number.

That means taking a look at current exercise and nutrition and modifying accordingly.

Add 10 extra minutes to your cardio workouts each day, and/or take it easy on the peanut butter each night (preaching to myself here).


4. What else?

Girls, we need some self-loving talk! We need to be telling ourselves we were made beautifully in God’s image, and believing it.

I’ve posted about this topic a trillion times, but we are way too hard on ourselves!

Pick the features you like, play them up.

Features you’re not so crazy about? Acknowledge them.

I started “making” myself look at my least favorite spots. In the past, I would immediately cover areas I disliked.


Looking at these flaws makes me more comfortable with them. I’ve still got cellulite, by golly, but most of the female population does.

Instead of pretending it’s not there, I’ve begun coming to terms with the fact that, as much as I’d like to live in denial, just because I don’t look at it doesn’t mean it’s not there! smile

Why am I holding myself up to a completely unattainable standard?

I have no aspirations of competing, and no goals of 12% body fat, so why would I expect not to have the cellulite I’ve had all my life magically disappear without a major reevaluation of my diet and exercise?


I need to ease up on myself and be kinder. Chances are, you need to do the same with your beautiful self, too!

Hopefully next time we have to step on the scale, we will be mindful of these things and go easy on ourselves, especially if we are living a healthy lifestyle.

You are beautiful and made unique by the Creator, so less head trash talk and more uplifting empowering talk!

More to come! ❤️

The Watermelon-y One & Look Ahead

Watermelon metamorphosis

Monday again?

Seriously, we gotta figure out a way to make our weekends go a little slower. smile

How was yours?

Our weekend was full of work but also enjoyable.

We continued work on the house and decluttering and organizing Will’s room and our spare bedroom.

Very exciting stuff, you see. smile

Not thrilling, but necessary.

Thankfully I was off Friday which made a weekend of work bearable. I hit the gym early and big chest, shoulders, and triceps, and got my morning off to a good start.

Watermelon metamorphosis

I did my grocery shopping Friday morning too, which is a dream. Compared to the three million people Walmart shopping on Saturdays, there’s Only half that on Fridays. smile

I even met P for lunch, too! We went to Go-Go Sushi in midtown. We’ve been curious about it for a year now and finally made plans to give it a try. We split the sushi boat (34 pieces!), and it was tasty.

Watermelon metamorphosis

I even got to spend some time with my parents and Layla which always makes me happy.

I Love Layla

We spent Friday night in watching The Fighter in Will’s man cave, while I attacked a giant slab of watermelon.

Watermelon metamorphosis

Saturday starred early with a trip to the gym. Like last week, I kept my reps high, doing 20 for each set. It was challenging and sweaty and a good way to start the day.

The rest of Saturday was spent doing the aforementioned spring cleaning!

Watermelon metamorphosis

We wrapped up late in the day and headed to church. If you’re puzzled about something going on in your life that doesn’t make sense, this series is for you.

After church we made a quick trip to the mall and got The Cheesecake Factory to go. I got the fresh vegetable salad (less than 300 calories!), and Will got the Reece’s cheesecake.

I laughed when I placed the order. Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum. Haha

We wrapped up the night watching another movie in the man cave.

Yes, it’s still in the works, but you can already see it’s getting good use.

Yesterday was relaxing. I hit the gym prepped food for the week, and spent the day hanging out with Will.

Sunday went quickly, and now we start again.

Meals this week are pretty boring and all over the place.

Yesterday, I made Will a ham breakfast casserole he loves, so he will eat leftovers tonight.

Tomorrow & Wednesday we are having dirty rice (with brown rice) and sausage for Will, tofu for me.

Thursday and Friday we are having chicken tacos. (Black bean tacos for me!)

Let’s talk posts for the week.

This week we are talking about

-A summer pesto(ish) salad
-A weighty issue
-Thursday things
-And a deep cleaning

I hope you check in for more fun.

Now off to conquer the day! <3

Watermelon metamorphosis

The one with cheap mangoes & look ahead

Yes, cheap mangoes.

It’s the small things, sometimes. smile

What were you up to this weekend?

Mine was uneventful, relaxing, and enjoyed!

Friday started with another lunch date with my family. I always enjoy getting to see them, and it was a nice treat!

Layla is killing me with all her adorableness.


Friday also included a date with Will.

Sometimes you need a huge Unsweet blackberry tea

Very fancy, yes? With the warmer weather, I’ve been all about cold drinks. Sonic’s unsweet blackberry tea is such a treat.

I woke up early on Saturday and worked legs.

20 was my number, and man am I sore because of it!

I usually stick in there 12-15 rep range, but decided to change it up a bit. I was sore as early as Saturday night. Yesterday was rough, and today?

I don’t want to talk about it.

After my workout, I got around and met P and Layla at Aldi to do a little shopping! I had been hearing how much cheaper some of their produce is, and they weren’t joking! I usually pay $1.25 for an avocado, and I only paid 50 cents there! And mangoes.

Oh my mangoes.

My most favorite fruit ever. I usually only buy them when they’re in season because otherwise they are pretty pricey. They were only 22 cents at Aldi this week!!!

I’m dead.

Is this real life!?! Yes it is. ❤️

I did some more things around the house, and then Will and I went to a couple furniture stores to look for seating for his room.

Lots of sitting in recliners, as you could probably guess.

Afterward, it was on to church!

It was baptism weekend at Life Church, and it’s a pretty exciting time.

It’s not every day you see a swimming pool in a church sanctuary, right?

You know, because a swimming pool in the sanctuary is totally normal

Love it.

After service, we had dinner at Ted’s and ate our fair share of...everything. smile

The night ended watching both our Thunder and Sooner girl softball teams lose.


Yesterday morning was a much later start because of the late night before.

I only had time for a 20 minute (terrible) workout, and then it was off for my date with P and Layla!

Which made the bad workout more worth it.

Best coffee dates ever

The rest of yesterday was spent doing laundry, house stuff, and helping Will paint the closet in his man cave.

Which was very painful, by the way.

Here we are again. Another Monday.

Let’s talk about food.

This week we’re eating:

-Baked potatoes
-Black bean tacos
-Red beans & rice

As for workouts:

Mon- Off
Fri- Back, biceps, & shoulders
Sat- Legs
Sun- Triceps, chest, & shoulders

Now let’s talk posts!

This week we will be talking about

-lunches lately
-why not all trainers are created equally
-things I’m loving
-and what a worthless person does

I’m so excited for you to join me! Thanks for stopping by, and check in tomorrow!

The Uneventful Memorial Day and Look Ahead

Happy Memorial Day dears!

I am so thankful for this day and what it means to is in America. Hopefully wherever you are, you see spending it with friends or family and in remembrance of those before us.

I hope you had an excellent weekend full of good things!

What did you do?

My weekend was incredibly uneventful, and in the best way.

I had major plans of scouring the house (because it needs it!) and working on Will’s man cave.

Neither of which was accomplished.

Usually that would send me into a fit of itchy hives.


That’s not to say tomorrow it won’t.

I could very well wake up tomorrow and realize all the time we “wasted.” However, let’s hope not.

The weekend was void of work and full of relaxation and nothingness, and I was shockingly okay with it.

I think....

Anyway, enough about that, here are some highlights!

I was off Friday and planned to do lots of cleaning. Instead, however, I ended up working out, spending a good three hours editing a video for tomorrow, and having lunch with my parents, sister, and Layla!

Such a good way to spend lunch!

Lunch date! ❤️

Friday night Will and I made a quick trip to surprise his mom! After over 30 years of teaching, she retired. It’s sad for her school district because they need more teachers like her.

Will’s grandparents were in on the surprise, too. My MIL was quite surprised to arrive at dinner Friday and see all of us there!

We had a good dinner celebrating.

Saturday started with a leg workout! After doing some stuff around the house, Will and I got ready and went to see Blended. I have a mini girl crush on Drew Barrymore.

Is it me, or has time stood still for her? She always looks the same to me!

After the movie, we went to church! I can’t tell you how much I love going to Saturday service.

After church we came home and caught up on a couple shows.

Like Saturday, I intended to start Sunday with a workout, but I didn’t budge. My alarm went off over and over and I kept kitting snooze until after 8!

We got up, got around, and headed back to the movies. This time to see the new X-Men movie. As usual, I enjoyed it.

After the movie, we ran a few errands and enjoyed a late lunch at BJ’s. I did something I haven’t done in a long time- split a greasy, fries appetizer with Will.

I figured I would be sick after, but thankfully I was not! I definitely indulged Sunday, that’s for sure. I even had ice cream and junk after dinner.

However, I did manage a short workout last night, which made me a little happier. It wasn’t a great one since it was fueled by junk food!

See what I mean about an uneventful weekend?

Today is more of the same, only I’ll be spending some time with my parents, sister, and P too! I look forward to spending some time with them and putting some stuff on the grill.

I got a variety of veggies to grill and can’t wait to eat them!

So yeah, my unproductive weekend in a nutshell. smile

Oh and as a total random aside, can we all please laugh at this amazing balancing act of Boz and Lucy the great circus acrobats? Haha
The amazing boz and Lucy.

Will doesn’t find this picture (that I rotated 90 degrees) as hilarious as I do.

I can’t help but cackle every time I see it. smile

So now we look to the week ahead. I realize we still have the whole day in front of us, but since this is my only check-in, we might as well cover upcoming posts now!

This week I’ll be sharing:

-My homemade Chapstick recipe!
-An at home workout
-My May Ipsy review
-And being a soothing aroma (yes, aroma… As in smell)

Definitely check in this week. I have lots of good things up my sleeve and can’t wait to share them with you!

❤️ Happy short week!❤️

The one where we didn’t kill each other, and look ahead

Hi lovelies!

It’s Monday, but we can make it.

Five work days to get three days off (Or in my case, four work days days to get four days off! 😃).

I’ll take it.

But before I get ahead of myself, I think it’s a good idea to celebrate this past weekend and hit a few highlights.

Friday started with a beautiful and freeing view.

good morning OKC

As well as a not so healthy breakfast treat.

P and I had lunch together, which made the work day so very bright! We had sushi and enjoyed good company. It totally made my day!

Friday night was less exciting. Will and I had a date at Lowe’s to get stuff to hang pictures in his room.

It got crazy ya’ll. 

Hanging away

Saturday was a little more eventful.

I got up an an ungodly hour to workout.

A total glutton for punishment.

I love how making small changes to my usual routine can make such a big difference. I upped my reps from 12 to 15 and am paying for it today.

I ended up finishing my workout outside with a series of burpees, shuffle squats, and crunches, and got to see the sun peek from the horizon. Very beautiful.

Then it was time to wrangle up the dogs for a trip to the vet for shots.

I’ve mentioned a time or two what an ordeal it is to take everyone at the vet at the same time. Saturday was no different.

And Boz has another infection in his anal glands. Wee!

Aaand Teddy is shedding her summer coat, so she molted all over me.

Molting Teddy

Thank goodness she’s an outside dog. I think I could have made a blanket with all her fur!

After the fun, we napped, got around, and saw Moms’ Night Out!

Such a good movie. I loved it, while Will wasn’t as impressed.

After the movie we went to church and grabbed some dinner.

Around 11:00 we were wakened by our sweet Lucy puking.

And then again after midnight.

Middle of the night vomit cleaning. It’s exciting stuff.

Between the late night surprise, and the early Saturday start, I was completely exhausted, so Sunday didn’t start until 8:45!

I hate when I start the day so late, but man I needed the rest.

I made a quick trip to the store for the week, and the next few hours were devoted to hanging pictures in Will’s room!

Remember how this endeavor usually causes immense pain, arguing, and agony between us?

Well, I don’t know if we’ve grown less feisty in our old age, or if maybe hitting the ten year mark made us realize, “Welp, this is it. Let’s just settle down and be a little more tolerant of each other’s annoyances.”

Whatever the case, we successfully hanged six pictures without a single argument.

Cue the hallelujah choir.

Seriously. It’s kind of a divine miracle.

Hanging away

After that fun, we spent a little time with my family, I did some chores, and we watched some shows.

And, here we are again.

Monday morning.

But we can do it, guys!

Three. Day. Weekend.


In fact, let’s get to the good stuff. Posts.

Here’s a look at what we will be talking about this week: 

-Green Monster Protein Pancakes
-Pushing yourself to try some push-up variations
-Things I’m loving Thursday
-And why sometimes you’ll find me smelting gold (it’s true)

So check in this week for more fun and adventures. Until tomorrow, be a light! ❤️

Thursday Things


Let’s discuss.

It’s getting hot outside and once again it’s time to don sandals, shorts, tanks, and dresses.

Except, I have to call ahead and give advance notice anywhere I go so the public can wear proper eye protection.

Glaring white.

It’s what I am.

Yes, I still have the tanning machine.

However, I’ve pretty much decided if I use it I can’t work out the the entire time I’m tan. I sweat glow so much that it starts to kind of melt off.

It pools in some places and fades in others. It even wipes off, too.

What a mess.

I end up looking like a spotty giraffe and it’s just all bad from there.

It’s not just the tanning machine either. It’s pretty much all fake tanners.

So which is worse, glaring ghastliness or spotty giraffeness?

No Seriously.

Which one is worse?

*Is anyone else already counting down to Memorial Day weekend?

Please say you are.

Last year we spent the weekend in a super remote cabin away from the world.


It was heavenly.

We have no plans this year, but I’m just looking forward to a long and relaxing weekend. I’m spoiled this year because it happens to fall on my Friday off, so that means I get a four day weekend. Seriously, I can’t even contain my glee.

*Speaking of glee, I made Chapstick over the weekend!


I’m pretty excited gleeful about it.

It was so easy, and I have Chapstick to last a year now.

I can’t wait to share it with you guys soon, and give some away!

*Please tell me you watched 24 the last two weeks!?

I was afraid I was going to hate it, but it totally sucked me right back in. 

This is the first time we’ve had to
wait a week between episodes, and I hate it! I would much prefer to watch it all in one weekend.

I’m awful.

*As for other things, I decided to WebMD a minor ailment the other day.

Don’t do that.


Seriously, it’s awful. I probably just had low blood sugar for a minute, but spent all day Monday convinced I had fibromyalgia.

True story.

Basically, don’t go searching random symptoms unless you’re mature enough to handle the reality that you just might, probably, most definitely have fibromyalgia.

*Over the weekend, Will and I pulled out some of his sports pictures in preparation of hanging each other them this weekend (we seriously hate hanging stuff and get so grouchy. Okay. Mostly me.) Most of them were boxed with bubble wrap.

Layla enjoyed stomping on the bubbles.

Bubble wrap


Okay, let’s end on that.

Any randomness you care to share?

The one with Mother’s Day and look ahead

Here we go again.

I hope you all had lovely weekends full of homemade macaroni Mother’s Day necklaces and breakfast in bed.

I had a nice weekend and look forward to hitting a few highlights!

I was off Friday, which allowed me to get laundry done as well as a few other chores.

I even got adventurous and made some super great homemade Chapstick! I can’t believe how easy it was and how great it turned out.


I plan to share everything on the blog very soon, so be sure to stay tuned!

I also spent some time with my mom and this gal.

Layla at the table

Her pig tails are adorable.

Friday night we met Will’s parents for an early Mother’s Day dinner.

It was nice to see them and celebrate Will’s mom.

I slept in until 7:30 Saturday, which was both wonderful and annoying.

I hate sharing the gym with others, but I also needed the rest.

Sleeping late ended up being a good thing, because it created a necessity for innovation at the gym.

I couldn’t just do my usual routine. Instead, since I couldn’t monopolize ( tongue rolleye ), I had to change my game.

I hit legs hard and focused more on basic bodybuilding moves without incorporating my usual cardio circuit.

I’m still sore this morning.

Saturday afternoon was all about window work.

Lots of window work.


We tinted the windows in Will’s “man cave” which took a few hours.


The dogs were very helpful in this endeavor.

Sleepy pup

We cleaned up and went to church. The service was so, so good. If you have kids in your life, I hope it blesses you too. You can check out week three here.

Afterward we made multiple stops for dinner. I chose Panera Bread, while Will got wings.


They hate me.

They’ve pretty much gotten rid of every salad I love there.


I ended up getting their veggie sandwich and Greek salad.

Because sometimes you need bread and a side of salad

Then we finally watched the 24 premier!,

I slept in again Sunday, and hit the gym to work chest and triceps.

Afterward I got around and went to the store, along with half of Oklahoma.

Who goes shopping on Mother’s Day?!

Apparently everyone.

Afterward Will and I went over to my parent’s house to spend some time with my wonderful mom. I am so lucky to have them so close!

Then we cheered on the Thunder.

And now it’s Monday.


Let’s talk food, workouts, and posts.

This week dinners include:
-Baked potatoes
-Carne asada nachos (I eat my portion without chips or meat)
-Stir fry

As for workouts:

-Monday, off
-Tuesday, HIIT
-Wednesday, off
-Thursday- body pump
-Friday, HIIT
-Saturday, legs & back
-Sunday, upper body

Now posts!

-Recipe roundup
-Why you should love push-ups
-Thursday things
-The best.outfit.ever

So check in this week for more fun!

More to come.

Thursday Confessions: The House Edition

1. Now that you have refrigerator rights, I feel I can be totally real and lead off with a huge home confession:

I have a complete internal meltdown when people wear shoes inside my house.


You can probably see the color start to drain from my face, and the smile fade from my mouth.

I hold it together on the outside, but guys?

I’m dying inside.

2.Sooo chances are if you were ever to pop in unannounced, you would find we use Walmart sacks as trash bags.

Very Classy.

This has been a “thing” at our house, oh for about five years now.

Yep. True story.

I used to throw a total fit about it, but after while got tired of arguing with Will about the trashiness of it all (no pun intended haha). The truth is, we have a freakishly large amount of Walmart sacks and I guess we are putting them to good use?

I disgust myself.

3. Favorite chore: Dust busting with my new Dyson handheld. smile

My new toy

Least favorite chore: Dusting & cleaning the shower

4. Speaking of dusting, how often do you guys dust your blinds and baseboards? 

I’m not really sure what constitutes “normal dusting.” I usually do basic surfaces every week, but do in depth dusting, to include baseboards and blinds, twice a month.

Too much?

Not enough?


5. Will and I have a heightened sensitivity to the way our house smells.

Like for real.

Do you guys do that too?

We kind of sort of have a mini breakdown in the Sam’s aisle during the spring-summer months when we religiously check to see the scents they have only to realize they never ever carry what we need EVER during the warmer months.

Did the Sams people ever consider that vanilla and apple cinnamon are always in style!?



So yeah, we pretty much hoard those two scents on the fall and winter when we can get them in bulk at Sams. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

That’s enough for me. Any household confessions to get off your chest?

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