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Little Happy Things

Since we’re in the frigid doldrums of January, I thought we ought to find a little joy in the small things that have brought me joy.

I realize it’s only Tuesday, but here are some random highlights from the week (thus far):

Heated seats.

Seriously. I call them my “seater” (seat heater haha)

My good old ‘98 Honda is rough and tough and has a fantastic heater, but let’s face it, you can’t ever beat heated seats.

Homemade frozen yogurt.

It sounds way more complicated than it is. Trust me, it’s nothing fancy, but still quite a nice treat.

Short Weeks
In going to be paying for it all week, but taking off Monday was such a highlight.

Will and I didn’t do much, but it was nice to be together. We watched movies, played with the Bigs, and relaxed.

Extra Workouts

I never make it to the gym during the work week, and never workout Monday.

This week I got to do both!

An extra day for house stuff.

Yes, I realize it sounds awful and boring, but it is true. Knowing I had an extra day to get stuff done sure was nice.

Not having to get ready yesterday

Real life.

It’s the small things, really.

King of Queens reruns on Nick at Nite

That show will forever remind me of binge watching it in Kuwait and will ways have a special place in my heart.


It came in last week and I plan on sharing the goods next week.

Crushing food prep
I always plan ahead.

However, it’s been months since I’ve prepared and prepackaged my food for the entire week.

It has made my work week evenings so.much.better.

One less big thing I have to mess with when I get home at night.

Straight up Truth

Oh friends I am so blessed by some of the Christian podcasts I subscribe to.

Whether I’m cleaning house, doing cardio, or driving home, they minister to me so very much and I’m so blessed.

Alright dearies, let’s end on that.

I’m paying for being off yesterday and loaded down with bunches of work today. Here’s to hoping these highlights keep me perky.

What’s putting a pep in your step this week?

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The Garth Brooks One & Look Ahead

Headed to the Garth Brooks concert


Concert things

Pre concert selfie

Waiting in line with this guy

Sitting next to one of garths biggest fans

Sun bathing

Fantasy football victory

Family time ❤️

Family time ❤️

Movie theatre relaxation

Weekend things

Garth Brooks fantastic-ness, outside fun, house cleaning, fantasy football champions, American Sniper, workouts, football, UFC, sleeping in, and no work today.

It was a super wonderful weekend full of so many good things. I am so very blessed.

I took today off, so Will and I have another day off together!

Off to enjoy the day.

Check in this week for:

-Swole Review
-Thursday Things
-Names of God


The One with Playoff Football, Play Dates & a Look Ahead

Weekend things, jan 15

Weekend things, jan 15

Weekend things, jan 15

Weekend things, jan 15

Weekend things, jan 15

Weekend things, jan 15

Weekend things, jan 15

Weekend things, jan 15

Weekend things, jan 15

Weekend things, jan 15

Weekend things, jan 15

Play date!

Lots of playoff football, a delicious (and unhealthy) cheat meal, workouts, herb growth, quiet times, church, Sunday breakfast at Jimmy’s Egg, family time, and food prep.

A weekend of good things.

Check in this week for

Tuesday Things
Gym Rules for Male Newbies
A post all about Garth Brooks (and Will)
Our Healer

Hope you have a great day! 

Beating the January Blues


Well, I did it in 2013, and again in 2014, and things are no different today.

The dreaded January Blues.

They’re back with a vengeance.

Vacation is over.

Decorations are up.

Fun Christmassy outings are done.

Work is busier than normal, since little gets done the last two weeks of the year.

The gym is busier than normal with resolutioners out to meet goals.

Life is officially back to normal.

I read about a dozen posts last week about the excitement of a new year.

I get it.

I probably kind of feel that way, too.

However, in all honesty, for the first couple weeks of January, I’m always in a bit of a funk.

Trying to ease myself back into normalcy.

The short days, bitter cold, and no holiday until April gets me every time.

As usual, it’s time to give myself a January pep talk and push on through the month.

Here’s my January plan for beating the post-holiday blues.

Clean house

I realize cleaning house seems like the antithesis of “perking up,” but it’s the truth.

I need to give my house a good post-Christmas once over.

I don’t need all this “new year, new you” stuff going around. I need my floors mopped and my surfaces dusted.

I’ll feel a million times better, I know it!

New year, new you?


Clean house, happy me.

Use stuff.

You know the pretty glasses you own but never use?

Or the expensive perfume you have and rarely wear?

I have that too.

And the stuff seriously never gets used because I’m waiting for a “special occasion” that comes around once in a blue moon.

This month I’m going to use stuff.

There’s something enjoyable about luxurious lotion on a dreary Monday morning, or drinking iced tea from fancy glasses.

It just makes the usual, a little more fantastical.

Exactly what I need during the January doldrums.

Enjoy the weekends.

Yes, seemingly a no brainer.

Honestly, though, I feel like Will and I take our weekends for granted sometimes.

I want us to plan our weekends better and really soak up every minute we get.

Now that football season is over, our Saturdays are free, and I want us to seize the weekend during these dreary January days (and always 😊).

Perform a random act of kindness

I love the warm-fuzzy feeling accompanied by random acts of kindness.

It’s hard to be in a funk when doing a good deed!

While I hope I always seek such opportunities, I plan to be more intentional during these cold January days.

Finally, Pray and Praise

I need Jesus each and every day, whether it’s December, full of jubilance and festivities, or the quiet, still moments of January.

These dreary mornings, when I drag myself out of bed after a lengthy vacation, remind me to thank Him I have a bed to be “dragged” from.

Hot showers to enjoy, breakfasts to eat, and a place to work.

There are so many good things in my life that can be overshadowed by post vacation blues if I’m unfocused.

Spending time in prayer and in the word help me fix my eyes on Jesus.

It reaffirms my purpose and sets my mind on things above.

And oh boy do I need it during these post vacation January days.

So there you have it, friends. My recipe for beating the 2015 January Blues.

Here’s to getting into the swing of things and making it an excellent year!

Check in tomorrow! 

Long Weekend Relaxation & Look Ahead

The Aerogarden!

The Aerogarden!

The Aerogarden!

Will made me breakfast

Things we watch on vacation





Fur ball

Just groomed goodness

Just groomed goodness

Weekend food

Weekend food

Next to the heater

Bowl games, 80s movies, starting the herb garden, breakfast by Will, UFC fights, groomed doggies, lunch with my parents, workouts, and church.

Just a few highlights that wrapped up the last few days of vacation.

Back to work, and back to normal today.

It’s going to be a rough week, but we have to start somewhere! I had a wonderful week off and enjoyed every single day.

Check in this week for beating the January blues, music to add to your 2015 playlist, Thursday things, & more!

2014 Year in Review

Happy last day of 2014, dearies!

Instead of the usual Work It Out Wednesday post, I’m doing a quick year in review.

Mostly for selfish reasons, as I enjoy taking a look back on some of the events throughout the year.

Thanks for indulging me.

If you’re bored today, you can check 2012 and 2013.


Went to Eischens


Went bowling

Actually happened

Had a job interview
Before it went down

Bought a new TV

Raked up makeup

Went to a nice dinner with friends.
The mr. & mrs. Getting ready to go

Kissed a valentine
Valentines day kiss

Attended If conference

Will Helping out
Assembled my Rake up the Makeup goodie bags and donated them. Be sure to watch for another opportunity in 2015!


Got a job offer!

Said goodbye to my most favorite boss ever and left a wonderful company after six years

Going away cake

Got a Vitamix as a parting gift

Started a new job!

First day!

Went out with my parents, sister, and Layla

Attended a Bachelorette party

Jess's batchelorette dinner

Went to a wedding

Beautiful day for a wedding!

Went to the Red and White game

WB red and white game

Had breakfast with Layla


Turned 31!


Got a Dyson DustBuster. Game changer.

My new toy

Celebrated Easter with my family

Resurrection Sunday brunch spread. I'm dying over here.

Painted Will’s man cave. Vowed to never paint again.

Got a (temporary) tattoo

Rocking a Princess Ariel tat courtesy of Layla

Made chapstick

Hung stuff in the man cave
Hanging away

Had a lunch date with my girls

And lots of coffee dates
Celebrated Memorial Day with my family.

Did lots of praying for a big family decision.

More lunch
More coffee

Became obsessed with sonic tea

Went to Canada


Rode the private jet

Had dinner with my friend Angela

Great food, better company

Shot paintballs with Will


Cheered on Will and his softball league!



Watched fireworks with my family

Snuggled a baby

Saturday snuggles

Celebrated her 2nd birthday



Had Will’s family visit

Weekend with the fam

Had a library date

Library fun

Celebrated Will’s 34th

Happy birthday Will

Ate peaches. Lots of them.

Just peachy

Bought a car!!!!

The one we rest drove and similar to what we bought!


Celebrated a special 65th anniversary

Celebrating 65 years. ❤️

Cleaned the garage


Got a storm shelter

Bought mint in hopes of having a huge healthy plant… It died.

Took the ice bucket challenge

Ice bucket challenge:After

Went to the fair with my parents and Layla

The county fair!

Will went to Pennsylvania over a single weekend for something big

Kicked off the OU season


Had a sleepover party

Girls night

Made fabric softener

Lots of OU games
Oklahoma striped sky and a sooner striped stadium. God is good

Went to the Guitar Center drum off!

The big changes (to be mentioned soon) became official… Sort of. wink


Did some dirty work

My husband put me to work (and a Teddy photobomb)

Went to Dallas for the TCU game… And loss

Road tripping to the TCU# game

Went to Dallas again for OU-Texas!



Had a family gathering

The birthday girl Watching her birthday movie

Went to another OU game

All smiles before we got completely embarrassed.  OU-Baylor 7 Nov 14

Made pancakes that turned into muffins

The save: delicious pumpkin muffins

Had a nice Thanksgiving with Will’s family and a wonderful one with mine.

Love my mom


Went to Layla’s Christmas show

Went to the Nutcracker

>The nutcracker! I was moved to tears and will was bored to tears. <img src=">

Took Will to the minute clinic


Ate lots of cookies

My mom's out of this world cookies

Was surprised with an Aerogarden by my fantastic husband

It's about to get herby

Celebrated Christmas Eve with my family

Merry Christmas!

Saw something important to the B-Love family

Went to dinner with my parents and looked at Christmas lights across OKC

Christmas light fun

Had Christmas with Will’s family

And started a week-long vacation!

It may not show, but this year has been full of changes. Between my new job and a huge change for the B-Love family, there’s never a dull moment.

Ups and downs, and God’s grace and hand through it all.

Thanks for stopping by throughout 2014. I hope you’ll join me for another year of fun as we embark on 2015. ❤️

Christmas Things

Wrapping party and a rocky photobomb

It's about to get real.

Christmas beauty

Christmas things

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas

Family ❤️

Merry Christmas!

O Christmas tree

Christmas light fun

Something Will instantly regretted.

Please disregard the munchkin box in the background...

I sure hope you had a wonderful Christmas weekend.

We did. It was so very peaceful and full of good memories.

We spent most of the day with my family Christmas Eve, and much of Christmas day with Will’s family.

I’m off this week and am so very excited about it.

Check in this week for fun.

Have a good day! ❤️

A Story About Words

Once upon a time there was a lady named Gretel who worked in fairy dust factory in the land of Pinkville.

This particular fairy dust factory was full of an array of ladies.

Some of the ladies purple, some round, some spotted, some curvy, and some a beautiful mixture of rosy pink and magenta.

For the most part, they all lived in kindness and harmony with one another.

One day, some of the ladies gathered round for office chatter. Soon, the discussion turned to Maude.

The ladies began to laugh about Maude’s clothes and eccentricity. They poked about how they liked to send notes about what she was wearing so the others could walk by her fairy dust station for a good laugh. 

Gretel stood nervously as the others talked. You see, she liked Maude. She appreciated Maude’s bravery to stay true to herself and not worry what others thought.

She liked Maude’s quirkiness and oddities.

It’s what made Maude, Maude.

Gretel thought about speaking up.

She thought of ways she could kindly and casually chime in to defend eclectic Maude, but she stayed silent.

The decision to stay silent upset Gretel. It’s not like she was going to create waves. She was among friendly colleagues.

Yet she stayed quiet.

She reflected on the decision afterward.

She she have spoken up. She should have been braver and unafraid to encourage Maude, who could not defend herself.

Though the office banter was minuscule in the grand scheme of Gretel’s Pinkville life, it still mattered.

You see, Maude had many broken hearts over the years, leaving her fragile. Gretel knew she was called to speak up for Maude.

To defend the fatherless, and plead for the widow, if you will.

Because it matters.

Because our words matter.

Because our lack of words matter.

More than we realize, sometimes.

Gretel knew this, and let’s face it, so do we.


We don’t have to live in some fairytale land to be affected by foolish gossip and seemingly harmless chatter.

(As an aside note- how fun would it be to make fairy dust!? Calorie-free cupcakes anyone?)

Incase you’re wondering, I’m Gretel.

The situation was fairly harmless and never turned malicious, but it does matter.

My heart loves Maude, and I should have used my words to say something positive.

As christians, what we do say and don’t say matters.

People are watching, and dare I say scrutinizing us much more than others.

The Bible says to avoid godless chatter. Proverbs overflows with warnings about gossip, being a busy body, and ungodly words.

Even if we’re not the ones using them, I have to believe our silence makes us complicit.

Conversation such as these and a little gossip here and there seem harmless- but that’s the problem.

We’re weighing sins before a holy God who hates sin.

After the exchange about Maude, I felt convicted and defeated. Why didn’t I say something kind!? It wasn’t that hard.

I turned to my scripture reading for the day, Psalms 11.

Only, inadvertently I ended up unknowingly flipping to chapter 12 instead.

Definitely a God thing.

Do you know what this chapter says?

It talks about our tongue, our sinful mouths.

What I love most is just how beautiful God’s words are, especially compared to ours.

He’s words are pure, purified and refined by the fire as silver.

He uses his words, and they are righteous.


Oh girls I desire to have righteous lips, too. To have words refined by his holy fire

That means using words!

That means not sitting silent, and instead exuding kindness and love in things I say.

To stand up for others who are broken and have no voice.

Christmas is full of people such as these.

People that need us to speak words of life and Jesus.

Not for us to walk by silently and not notice their hurts.

Just as I said last week, people are looking for love, especially this time of year. They’re often more open to hearing the truth of Jesus at Christmas too.

I’ve said it about a million times on this blog, but I must convey my sentiments again.

I implore us to “be ye kind to one another.”

Whether it’s a “Maude” in your life or simply someone who looks like they need our help, I pray we encourage one another in the Lord and not remain silent.

It doesn’t take fairy dust to show God’s love. We need only trust and rely on His power.

Merry Christmas and happy Friday, friends. ❤️


Thursday Things, 18 Dec 14

Hey there sweets!

I can’t believe Christmas is a week away!


I say the same thing every year, but seriously- how is it already here!?!

Moving along…

As a result of our sickness, Will got pink eye this week.

Nothing like spreading germs and the flu Christmas cheer like a night at the CVS minute clinic.

As an aside, CVS is brilliant. They stick those dang things at the very back of the store so you have to pass everything along the way.

Then they make you wait for your appointment and prescription.

And as if that wasn’t enough, they seat you next to the Ghiradelli chocolate stand.


Naturally we came home with a Ped Egg, new shampoo, gummy bears, and vitamins.


Layla has a new thing these days.
Whereby she enjoys FaceTiming me and my parents in the wee hours of the morning.

Real life.

In the morning when my sister gets ready, Layla has learned how to place phone calls based on the picture in P’s phone book.

It makes me laugh every time I get a call at 6:00 in the morning. It actually makes my day that she thinks of me so early. smile

Please tell me you caught the I Love Lucy Christmas special last week?

Man I love that Lucy. I apologize for the annoying reuse of the show’s title, but seriously.

Using a scalding flat iron never felt so right.

Stop what you’re doing and buy this mousse.


I acknowledge the plethora of wonderful hair care products on the market, but I must also confess I’m pretty frugal with many things, especially hair products.

I’ve tried the Chi and Big Sexy heat protectors (more on one of these next week!) and think they’re great. However, I’m kind of super excited about this Treseme mouse because it is not only effective at heat protection, but also provides good volume!


How to annoy me...and my husband.

Soooo I’m still under the weather.

Real life.

In fact, my cough had gotten worse this week. Yay!

That means the last two nights have been spent on the couch.

I love couching it. Except not.

That’s all for today, dears. Any randomness you care to share?

The Nutcracker, the Sickies, & Look Ahead

I wish I had an exciting weekend full of fun events to share today, but I don’t.

Sickness derailed our weekend and all associated plans.

Bah humbug!

Before we get to that, I do have to share a pic of us at the Nutcracker this weekend.

The nutcracker! I was moved to tears and will was bored to tears. <img src=">

Yay for a good Christmassy picture of the two of us!

Will and I were both feeling crummy toward the end of the week, but we already had tickets and plans to go with my parents so we pushed though.

Not only that, but neither of us felt sick. We just felt super congested.

While we didn’t know it or feel like it at the time, turns out we were both sick.


I felt bad for the rows before and behind us.

My mom and dad were also getting over a bout of yuck, so we were a row of sickies.

Coughs, sniffles, throat clearing…

We were sharing cough drops and tissues like treasured candy…

I disgust myself.

Interestingly enough, we were in “good” company. I heard a plethora of sniffles and coughs throughout the place.


Seriously, it’s weird. Virtually everyone Will and I both know are battling or have battled this crud.

Strangest thing ever.

Sooo yeah. We pushed through and went to the show.

If you sat in front of us and were heavily annoyed, please forgive me.


As an aside, the show was wonderful! I joked that I was moved to tears while Will was bored to tears. Haha

He was a great sport but bored out of his mind.

With each passing hour, Will and I both felt worse and worse.

When we left that night there was no doubt in our mind we weren’t just congested.

We were straight up sick!

So yeah. This weekend was entirely spent parked on the couch. 

I managed to go to the gym Saturday, trying to convince myself I wasn’t that bad.


After I was humbled by a poor workout, I acknowledged my need to rest and take it easy.

So that’s what we did. I started Christmas cards, I did some online Christmas shopping, watched church online, and rested.

We set up a nice little sickie “build your own tea station” and surrendered to the sickness.

Sickie station: build your own tea

We surfaced to feed dogs, make tea, and go to the bathroon.

Glamourous, ya’ll.

I had plans of getting some serious stuff done this weekend, and am sad most didn’t get done. However, I’d much rather recover some this weekend than start today feeling awful.

It’s a jam packed week, and I can’t afford to be out for the count.

No exciting weekend to share (do I ever?), but one full of rest and hopefully some recovery.

Here’s a look at what’s coming up this week:

-A simple soup
-My Christmas game plan
-Thursday things
-Reminders for the rough days

Thanks for checking in today. I’m off to make another cup of tea. Check in tomorrow!

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