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This Isn't CTU

Random Fun Facts

So for my 30th birthday, my work dad got me a mint plant.

A hearty, full one.

And that whole day people came into my office commented on how they had mint in their yard and “how easily it took off and grew.”

Um yeah, about that.

I took the mint home and

proceeded to kill it in a matter of weeks.

I’m hopeless.

So he pulled some out of his wife’s garden and got me a small sprig started again so I could get it to root and then plant.

Only it was dead by the weekend.

I’m striking out guys.

Here’s my last attempt:


Look how healthy this looks, right!?

I am going to keep it here at work for awhile in hopes this is a perfect spot and will allow it to get even fuller.

It’s totally got to be the location killing my mint and not me…


Sometimes? I’m a terrible dishwasher loader.

And it really makes me question my overall organizational skills.

I mean, sometimes there are days when the bowls and cups are perfectly aligned and fit nicely.

The silverware is all facing the same direction and allocated correctly, and the bottom rack? Is not an afterthought.

Dishes are carefully placed in each section.

And it makes sense.

I find my days go splendidly when this happens.


Most of the time that never happens.

And the bottom rack?

ALWAYS an afterthought.

It’s like I play a game of “how many dishes can I cram into the bottom so absolutely everything in the sink fits into the washer?”

And, as I’m sure you guessed, I always win this game because it’s not about order.

It’s about


My hair stylist’s husband plays NFL football
Um, how cool is that, right?

She comes home every few weeks to keep with her clients, and I have an appointment this week!

I always love our appointments because she always has such fun stories about all their adventures, and the Christmas presents some of the big players get for their fellow teammates, and their unique outings and get togethers.

It always inspires me to want to do something fun myself.

Sure, I may not have a movie debut watch party with all sorts of glitz and glam, but I can totally have a movie night with all sorts of sweat pants and healthy snacks.

It’s totally the same…right?

And if you’re lucky? I’ll even wear my good sweatpants.

Yes, there is such a thing.

So remember earlier this week when P was totally down on a purple smoky eye?

I was out to prove her wrong.

Check this out.

Totally doable, and not too shabby if I do say so myself!

Not even a hint of go-go dancer-ness.

Um, please say you agree.

So here’s a fun fact you wish you never knew-

If you walk into my office to talk to me? Chances are I’m not wearing any shoes


Pretty much from the moment I get in, until the moment I leave, if I’m behind my desk? I’m not wearing shoes.

Obviously when I have to get up to do my usual rounds or go to the break room, meetings, etc. I’m donning my heels, but for the rest of the day?

Forget about it.

PS- Like my tennis shoes, too? I wear those when I go walking around the building.

Any randomness you care to share?

Work it Out Wednesday: Exercises for Couch Potatoes


I sit

I have such a sedentary job, which can definitely come with its fair share of health issues.

If you remember this post, I do my best to stay active during the day when I can by increasing my NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis), but for the most part?

I’m still sitting close to 8 hours or longer each day.


Maybe that’s you, too?

After the madness of getting home from a stressful day at work,

getting dinner started,

prepping food for the day ahead,

and trying to clean up the mystery goo on the kitchen floor-

All I want to do is watch a couple of my favorite shows and unwind.

Am I right?

That’s pretty much our evening routine.

You see these guys?


They’re total lazy bones.

I used to look very similar in the evening.

Only, ever since I finished school last year, I’ve really tried to make that TV time more efficient.

The thought of sitting down and doing nothing sort of stresses me out.

Instead, I try to keep moving during our TV shows to make sure I can increase my NEAT and get in a little extra calorie burn amidst all the desk job sitting!

I don’t do a full blown workout, just some isolation exercises to keep me moving and target areas.

I don’t do this in place of my workouts, either. I do them in addition to my usual workouts. Just a small and easy extra I work in most evenings.

Here are a few examples of exercises I do during our evening TV time. I would definitely encourage you to do the same during:

-all the commercials of an hour long show, OR

-for an entire 30 minute show OR

-if you’re feeling really energetic, during an entire hour long show (with breaks during commercials)

Did you know if you add in a few of the below workouts during an hour long show, taking breaks during commercials, you’re moving for about 40 minutes!?

Not only that, but performing crunches/sit-ups at a moderate pace for 40 minutes can burn about 120 calories according to some of the calorie calculators I checked!

And you don’t even realize it since you are preoccupied with your show!

Mix it up to create your own little mini workout. If you really want to break a sweat, throw in jump squats or jumping jacks too and make it a “real” workout!

-Regular crunches

-Oblique crunches

-Bicycle crunches

-Lying leg raises

-Calf raises

-Glute Bridges

-Hip rotations

-I also love this leg routine and highly recommend it during TV time

Bottom line, make this workout your own, and adjust to your own needs- just don’t sit on your bum after an entire day of sitting!

Focus on enjoying your favorite shows, de-stressing, and also getting a little extra body work in.

You’ll be glad you did! 

Work it Out Wednesday: How to Survive a Desk Job

Do any of you sit at a desk, staring at a computer screen

I do.


Many of us endure office life for a living, when the only time you get up is to go to the bathroom or get something off the printer.

Or if you’re really spoiled, you have a printer at your desk.

And then you only get up to go to the bathroom.

How lazy are we, right!?

Um, maybe walking 100 steps a day!?

It would be frightening to wear a pedometer and see just how infrequently we walk during the day.

Before we dive further, did you know some of the risks of having a desk job?

Yeah- I know you’re thinking risky jobs are reserved for air traffic controllers or skyscraper window washers, but I assure you even desk jobs come with some too.

A Women’s Health article notes research shows sitting for long periods contributes to a slower metabolism, increased heart attack and stroke risk, higher risk for diabetes, lower life expectancies, and most alarming (haha) larger bottoms!

So that’s what I want to talk about today.

No- not larger bottoms, silly!

How to minimize some of those risks.

If you have a very sedentary desk job like me, I am here to share there’s definitely opportunities to stay active during the work day.

I have incorporated these tips in my own work day to help breakup the monotony and keep my blood moving when possible.

Women’s Health suggest you rev up your “non-exercise activity thermogenesis” (NEAT). That’s the energy (i.e., calories) you burn doing everything but exercise.

What’s great about it, is that it helps contribute to overall increase calorie burn. The article put it into a great analogy:

” Think of your body as a computer: As long as you’re moving the mouse and tapping the keys, all systems are go. But let it idle for a few minutes, and the machine goes into power-conservation mode. Your body is meant to be active, so when you sit and do nothing for too long, it shuts down and burns less energy. Getting consistent activity throughout the day keeps your metabolism humming along in high gear.”

Sounds easy enough, right!? I thought so. It didn’t take me long to think up efficiencies I can be doing in my own workplace to help me stay a little more active when possible.

About a year ago I started incorporating these tips into my own work day to help breakup the monotony and keep my blood moving when possible.

Definitely incorporate a few of these (or more!) into each work day to make sure you increase that that NEAT and keep a little more active than going into conservation mode!

-Set a kitchen timer to 60 minutes, and when it dings, get up and do a quick lap around the inside of your office.

-Stand during teleconferences.

I am on a lot of calls each day, and most of them only require me to talk for a small portion of the overall meeting. I just shut my office door, put the phone on speaker, and pace while the call is in session. If I have an email come in, I check it while standing.

-Take a quick walk outside during a break. I have a pair of tennis shoes under my desk, and my coworker and I try to walk for 15 minutes about three times a week. We mapped our path, and three times around our building area is a mile. It doesn’t take long, the fresh air is good, stretching my legs is better, and the company is nice too!

-Trade your chair for a stability ball. I’ve never done this, but I do know people that have.  It is excellent core work, as it forces you to engage your muscles all the time!

-Don’t you dare take the elevator! Use those stairs!

-Instead of emailing or calling coworkers from your desk, stop by their cube or office for a face to face chat.

-Park farther away.

-Believe it or not- fidget when you’re alone at your desk. I know our moms said it was bad, but in terms of NEAT, it’s actually a good thing.

-Take your bathroom breaks at the restroom farthest away from your desk.

-Print to the printer farthest away from your desk. Pick up your docs as you make a stop to visit your coworker or head to a meeting.

-Take time to stretch at some point during the day. I extend my legs out from under my desk all the time, as my hamstrings always get tight from sitting all the time!

-Obviously if you’re feeling a little stir crazy and have an extra minute or two do some quick squats to keep blood flowing to your lifeless legs that sit in a chair all day. Or heck, get crazy and do lunges up and down the hall.Actually, don’t do that.


Anyway, those are just a few ideas to help keep you moving during the day. I really wish I had the chance to do more than sit so much, but hey I’m thankful to have a job and will try to do the best I can with the situation I am in! Hopefully you are able to use some of these to improve your own desk job lifestyle too.

So get moving and be busy worker bees!

Deep Thought Thursday

1. On Tuesday night I actually had a dream about arguing with Will.

And on Wednesday? We totally did!

Um, you would think my premonition would have prevented it, but rather it seemed to fuel it.

Of course it did.

2. We’ve been battling storms all week.

Which is understandably making many of us a little jumpier than normal.

Ugh. I hate living here during these stormy months!

3. Things have continued to deteriorate at work.

Morale is in the dumps-and I have pretty much altogether stopped ironing my clothes.

I don’t know what exactly that means, but it can’t be good.

Cleanliness Ironing is next to Godliness

4. I am doing a She Reads Truth devotional on my YouVersion app.

I would recommend their studies if you are short on time but still want something that leaves you thinking afterward. It has definitely blessed me.

5. Me and P are becoming pretty darn great with our tanning machine.

We had absolutely no orangey-ness this week or darkness in weird spots. We’ve got a technique down.

Want to come over and let me tan you!?

No Bones About It: Brittny (sort of) Meets a Celebrity

You’d think as I got older I would outgrow things.

I mean, sure I’ve (mostly) given up my love of Barbie (totally lying),

All things sparkly (again, lying),

And flavored lip gloss, love of Ryan Gosling, and anything bright pink (lying, lying, lying).

Yet there are a few habits that just die hard.

Like my ability to recognize people’s celebrity lookalike.

Yes, it is true.

For example, some days my celebrity lookalike is this:


While others it is this.



Anyway, the ability to recognize a lookalike tends to be a bit of a distraction.

I’m sure you can imagine.

And probably confirms Will and I watch way too much TV.

So I’m sitting in my meeting this week (a three day meeting, mind you), and immediately freak out because Dr. Temperance Brennan from Bones is freaking sitting right across the table from me.



No seriously.

This is actually happening before my eyes.

And she’s right across from me so I cant.look.away!!

There’s lookalike resemblance, and then there’s downright uncanny,

do a double take,

“Do I look okay and would it be awkward to ask for a picture I can post on Instagram?” lookalikes.

This lady?

Was the latter.

Sure she wasn’t wearing any makeup, and her hair was curlier-


She was even wearing a white shirt, which I kept referring to as her “doctor’s jacket” in my mind all afternoon.

(Probably because I’m crazy)

I’m sitting here, listening to her speak, and automatically taking her more seriously.

Should could have the IQ of a rock, and actually have a hard time walking and chewing gum simultaneously, yet in my mind she’s totally legit.

That’s how I roll. (apparently)

I kept waiting for Booth and Sweets to burst through the door, telling Bones there was some super highly sensitive covert operation going down and they needed her expertise immediately!

Only that never happened.


And then, after I thought about that,

I thought about how Booth is pretty cute,

And then my mind then wandered back to reality.

Sort of....

I began to think, “Maybe the Jeffersonian gave her a sabbatical to pursue other interests?”

Interests like the painful reality of project schedules, and contracts, and sequestration.


But who am I kidding? It’s Bones? She’s a genius and loves a challenge.

Of course she’d pick something ridiculous like this.

As I continue to sit in the meeting,

day one,

day two,

and day three

everything progressively gets more and more technical- which means I begin to zone out because it doesn’t really pertain to me.

Which gives me time to multitask.

And contemplate whether it would be awkward if I asked her if she ever gets mistaken for Bones.

Or worse- ask if she really is Bones.

Every time she uses a big word, I secretly giggle in my mind. Of course she would use a word like “parsimonious,” she’s Bones!

When she corrects someone I can’t help but want to say, “That’s exactly what Bones would do!”

Or when she talks about her kid, I’m obviously thinking “Christine,” the cute blonde that in no way resembles Booth or Bones.

And I suppose it’s because it’s a TV show.

Only it is not.

It is freaking REAL LIFE because Bones is here, in my conference room, in the flesh!

I’m so confused!

Deep breaths.

So yeah, obviously I learned a lot during my trip this week.

I did mention some habits die hard, right? wink


So I’m going to let you in on a not so secret, secret- most of the time when I travel for work, I go to Boston.

Before all the funding cuts, when travel was less scrutinized, my coworker got to go to amazing places like Greenland and Italy.


I get to go to Boston.

I’m not complaining, I actually find the area so charming, but hey- how come the work I do doesn’t require me to travel somewhere a little more exotic?


Pity party over.

I was in Boston a few weeks ago (remember my hotel after party?), but this time when I go, I can’t help feeling a little different.

I know when I get off the plane and drive to my hotel, everything will look the same. I know the places I frequent will be no different, and I will see the same faces.

However, I can’t help but feel differently about this trip because of the recent bombings.

Think back long and hard to when you were a kid. My parents used to let my go play outside for hours with my friends. We would ride bikes between our houses, play at a nearby playground, and simply “check in.” Granted, that was a long time ago, but can you even imagine letting your kids do something like that nowadays?

I think about all the fun events we have been to over the years, events full of crowds, and full of chaos- never once thinking we were in danger.

Yet, in recent years it is one thing that always crosses my mind. Whether I’m in a theatre, minding my own business watching a movie, or I’m at a Thunder game with thousands of others cheering on KD.

I know it seems so simplistic to ask, yet I still find myself doing so-

Where did we go so wrong? How did we lose our way?

I know the answer is convoluted, and republicans and democrats want to pontificate the whys and they hows.

And I’m not wanting to do that today, so much, but rather just to take another moment to take a step back and simply allow myself to wonder how we got here.

Today’s post is not about answering this question, because I believe there are tons of contributors. It’s not about figuring out how to make things better, because I believe there are tons of solutions, too.

Rather, as I head to Boston today I find myself mindful of the changing times, and simultaneously hopeful and fearful for what the future holds for our world as we continued down our paths, both globally as well as within our own small egocentric circles of life.

I could obviously devote paragraph upon paragraph about all this “stuff.”

But let’s not do that.

It’s exhausting.

I’m exhausted.

I can’t change someone.

I want to change people, but I can’t change them. I can only change me. I can only change me and hope that it inspires others around me to want to change themselves, too.

I want to be a light, and sometimes I am, but most times I’m not. Most times I’m just neutral, just coasting through the motions.

But days like today remind me of my value and the importance of really living the life I have to the fullest.

So hug your babies and love yourselves and thank God for today.

Because it’s all we have to be our best.

So let’s be our best.

More to come…


see you on the other side

Well friends, it’s been a good decade.

However, it is time to say goodbye.

Before leaving the awesomeness that is the 20s, I wanted to take a moment to soak it all in and really look over some of the milestones of the decade.

Without further ado, here is a quick recap of the last decade.

Got married
Honeymooned in the Poconos
Moved in with Will
Still in school (blah)
Worked in the school’s transcripts department (big money!)

Turned 21!  Not a wild night (I was a pastor’s wife)
Had been married for a month
Still in school
Took a weekend quick trip to the mountains for a surprise getaway
Got a surprise Christmas Tree from Will
Started a blog!
Had major foot surgery

Graduated college with a BA in Communications
Moved to Kuwait the same day
Lived with my parents
Had the summer of unemployment (which turned out to be something I’m thankful for, looking back)
Went to Qatar
Started my job
Went home on vacation

Endured the heat
Went to Dubai, Will got to ski indoors!
Went home on a really long vacation (and got Boz and Lucy while we were there!)
Got a new job, turned out to be a really important move for my future,
Went to the Super Bowl (and sorry there are no pictures where they say there are… when I moved my old blog over I lost all the pics. Bummer)

Started The Blove Life!
Experienced a Kuwait earthquake
Went to Jordan and celebrated Thanksgiving there
me and p being brave and climbing rocks
Went home on vacation and went to the Fiesta Bowl
happy sooner couple- pre-loss

Applied for a job back home and got it!
Left Kuwait
Moved home
Bought a house, started the job, began making sense of life back in America
Got the bigs
Went on the most amazing vacation of my life with P
in front of the library
Went to the OU national championship in Miami (and lost. Boo)
save the sooners

Stopped posting. :(
Got a promotion
Saw my BIL get married
I seriously love this picture- down with the longhorns!
Went to Chicago over Labor Day and visited my sister!
Went again over Halloween and saw Tiesto! Amazing concert
so much fun

Started school
It sucked
Still not posting much during this time
Got serious about eating right
Went to Broken Bow for an amazing glamping weekend away
Went to my Gran’s birthday party in Iowa
The Fam w Gran
Saw my sweet friend Terry get married and got to go to New York!
Celebrated my sister’s 21st in Chicago!
Sister friends

Continued to endure school
Still hardly posted
Went to Florida for the OU-Florida State game
Found out my sister was going to have a baby
Cut my long hair!
A little scary at first!
Went to Green Bay and Minneapolis for vacation for old time’s sake
Go Pack Go
Found out my sister was having a girl, got to be there for the ultrasound

Finished school! AMAZING!
Celebrated by going to a murder mystery weekend
Stone Lion Inn
Started posting again
Saw my sister have a baby girl, cut her umbilical cord
Began following a predominately vegetarian/vegan friendly diet
Got promoted last week

Oviously lots more I wish I could recap, but I had a hard time remembering, and I feel like this is a pretty good consolidation of the last decade. God is so good. I am so thankful for my family and the blessings along the way.

Thanks for following the journey one day at a time.

Here’s to another good ten years.

See you on the other side.

layered hair

30: The Self Talk

I turn 30 Sunday.


No really, like 3-0.

This number?

It’s happening.

Despite the fact that, for some reason, I still don’t think it’s a reality.

I never really thought I would struggle with denial.

But I totally am!

I am most certainly having, “I’m not 30, I’m 20-10” syndrome.


It just seems impossible that I am exiting my 20s, a decade that has been pretty great to me.

When I used to think about 30, it seemed so far away.

So different.

So not even in my zip code.

But now not only is it in my zip code, but it’s freaking walking up the driveway with a dozen black roses preparing to beat down my door like the annoying pudgy boy scouts selling their delicious popcorn.

“For the 50th time! I don’t want your stupid popcorn!! Stop knocking on my door!”



Sort of veering off…

But that’s, sort of where me and 30 are at right now.

Last week I sat at my desk, and it all finally started to sort of sink in.

I am no longer going to be in my 20s. All those cute girls in their early 20s having so much fun and being young, and beautiful, and carefree?

Not me.

Instead I am 30 and forever banished to mom haircuts, comfy shoes, practicality, and never telling anyone my age.

I sat there, taking it all in, and thinking about what 30 meant in my silly mind.

It meant being totally grown up and at a point where you can’t make excuses about not knowing what you want to do with your life or needing to “find yourself.”

To me, 30 means being a freaking adult, owning it, and having stuff figured out.

And I sat there and thought, “Holy crap, I’m 30 and I don’t feel any of those things!”

The truth is that I am not ready to be 30 yet.

I have too much to do before I’m ready!

Alright, I realize I’m being dramatic, but I just don’t feel like I’m “there” yet.

Like I’ve arrived.

Like I’m old enough to actually be a qualified 30 year old.

For those of you already on the other side of 30 (and for the rest of you that simply think I’m being ridiculous), I realize my life isn’t going to end on Sunday when I wake up.

I know I’m being a little flamboyant.

However, I’m just not ready to be done with my 20s! I want to be in my 20s for the next 20 years. And not fake 20s like the girls who lie about their age. I want to actually and legitimately be in my 20s.

As in creating a time machine to Benjamin Button me.

Now that I’m almost 30 I finally realize how freaking awesome my 20s were. Sure, I knew that during some of the time- but now I would have enjoyed that all of the time!

That wisdom you get as you age?

Yeah, me and P decided they should really give that to you at the beginning of your life so you can fully enjoy everything life brings and avoid some of the stupid dumb things you tend to regret.

Alright- I’m talking butterflies and unicorns right now (yeah- this all sounds like I’m really ready to be 30 with all this make believe talk!). I sound absurd.

I know.

Don’t tell me.

I don’t necessarily know what I was expecting, or where I thought I would be, and maybe that’s part of the problem?

I have a few goals I want to work toward, but really I just sort of see my tomorrows like I do my todays, but hopefully a little better and more enriched. I guess, if I think about it and look back, that’s really what I have accomplished along the way. From getting married, moving, getting work experience, being blessed with a good job, having my family nearby…. I’m very blessed.

Maybe I had some giant alternate plans along the way, and most of us probably do. However, overall my life has turned out great. So maybe I’m not a world famous blogger (haha) or doing my dream job for a living. The truth is, I really don’t know what my “dream job” is anymore. Somehow between a mortgage, and hitting my mid 20s I settled into this life because it was known and comfortable, and the thought of doing anything different, felt, well uncomfortable. Like if I were to “think outside the box” or consider possible alternatives and make them possibilities in my life they would be real and I would have to do them.

And it scared me.

And so I’ve pushed them to the back burner and have used the excuse that- I know I want to be doing something else, but I don’t really know what that “something else” is as my safety net.

The truth is, although I don’t know exactly what I want to do, I have a pretty darn good idea. I want to help people. I want people to feel good about themselves. I want to help people be better. However, I’ve been hiding behind the unknown as a way for me not to deal with it, in hopes one day I would just wake up and it would all hit me at once.

Um, even for someone in their 20s, that is stupid.

The truth is, I know I need to be making things happen and pursuing those unknowns. I don’t want to approach the next big birthday milestone with wonder or regret. There’s no need to.

Brittny- there is no need to.

I get so hung up on these thoughts that bad things will happen if I pursue some of these “unknowns.”

Mainly because I’m ridiculous.

It’s like I feel like if I try other things it will mean I will have to make giant adjustments in my life, and the truth is that I don’t have to.

I’m trying things. Not taking them on full bore. Not making them my fulltime job.

Sheesh! 30 year old Brittny needs to tell 29 year old Brittny to freaking calm down already.

With that in mind, I want to memorialize some of the things I would like to pursue in the next year. Nothing too lofty. Just clear, attainable goals.

1. Run a 5k (who am I kidding?! Run/walk a 5k)
2. Volunteer somewhere
3. Train someone
4. Do something nice for the people I love most (the “something” to be determined at a later date)

So here’s to no regrets.

Raise a glass with me, friends.


I’m turning 30.

Get a glass for your other hand and raise that too.

Cheers to a life that honors God and makes a difference.

Here’s to 30.

Friday: The Good Edition

The good: My recovery week ends Sunday!
The bad: Insanity is going to kick my butt next week! (or maybe that’s a good thing?)

The good: Getting my masters degree and hard work at the office paid off and I got a promotion this week!
The bad: I have to travel for work next week. :(

The good: I am travelling on my own, which I prefer most of the time.
The bad: I have to drive on my own, which I hate most of the time

The good: Since I’m on my own, I can eat what I want and can load up on healthy things
The bad: No green monsters for me OR Will this week.

The good: The weather is going to be decent where I’m headed… but still cold.
The bad: Long walks to and from various buildings… in the cold.

The good: I arrive with plenty of daylight, incase for when I get lost.
The bad: I get back to OKC at 5:45… which inevitably means 8 because, really, do flights ever get to where they’re going on time? Hopefully I just jinxed myself for the good?

The good: Will is playing paintball with the guys this weekend which gives me some time to myself.
The bad: My sister has a weekend class which means no sister time!

The good: It’s Friday! And a good week for me. Let’s end on a good and not a bad! Happy weekend, friends. More to come.

Pizza in Trunks (and a whole lot more)

Hi friends!

It’s Thursday- and it’s my Friday!

I am incredibly jubilant about the opportunity for a vacation day and am looking forward to the time off.

My company instituted a new vacation policy this year whereby if you accrue 2.5 times your yearly vacation allowance, you stop accruing vacation altogether until you get your time down.


Things are always busy around my office (coupled with being understaffed), so I don’t take many days, so I have been battling “use or lose” time constantly since the rule went into effect.

The good thing about that, though, is that it has allowed me to take a much needed break from work.

I have a fun filled Friday planned too, which makes me happy.

But first, I feel I ought to recap last weekend (yeah, yeah I know…. “old news”).

That way when I’m old and in my 30s next month (wah!) I can fondly remember the good old days of being in my 20s.

My mom’s birthday was on Friday, so we went over to celebrate. My sweet sister made me my own vegan coconut crème pies! How thoughtful, right!? I was so touched by her sweetness!
Vegan coconut creme pies!

Sadly, my mom wasn’t feeling very well so we did not stay all that long so she could rest. She and my dad were leaving for Vegas the next morning, so we were all hoping she would feel better before they left.

And remember how I mentioned having Layla to myself on Saturday? Well, it didn’t end up turning out that way but it was still a good day!

I went to the gym early that morning and then got ready and went to the grocery store. The weather was supposed to be beautiful so the plan was for me, P, and Layla go to Target and look for some cute spring clothes and then take Layla to the park. And then enjoy a crisp glass of white wine. Perfecto!

Only, we didn’t end up doing any of that.!

I ended up going over to see them around 11 and we hung around for a little while.

We started feeling lazy and got into our usual rut of being comfortable and not wanting to leave the house. Plus, since Layla is teething, my sister is always a little nervous that she is taking a ticking time bomb to a public place that could detonate into a mess of tears and screams at any time. Yet, at the same time, we didn’t want to waste the day.

We contemplated a few things and then I mentioned it would be fun if we could still go do something that was sort of low key, but still allowed us to get out.

So we ended up going to Zam Zams for lunch! It is a middle eastern restaurant in the city that is very casual and perfect for our needs. It was like old times in Kuwait, sharing grape leaves and hummus with my sister and talking about a million different things. And Layla was so good too!

We ate outside to enjoy the day, and it was just such a good quick trip out! Afterward, we went back to the house and hung around so Layla could nap (which never ended up happening).
Zam zams!

Will and I needed to go to Sams, so we all ended up going and enjoying the fun excitement that is Sam’s Club. Ha!

Is that place ever empty?!

We got the things we needed… and then got their incredibly non-vegan Sam’s cheese pizza to go.

Yep, it happened.

On the way home, Layla passed out in the back of P’s car. She was exhausted from her busy day out, and hadn’t taken a proper nap all day. 

The last thing my sister wanted to do was get her out of the car and wake her.

So- the two of us ended up eating our pizza in the back of her car with the trunk door open while she slept.

What a sight!

Hey, you do what you gotta do with a teething, sleeping baby.

Afterward we watched some TV and went to sleep around 9.

Wild night.

P and Layla ended up staying with us that night, and around 3 that morning Layla was up crying.

I got up and went in to check on them and she was up for a good 45 minutes, and I feared she wasn’t going to go back to sleep for a while.

I have to admit, I wasn’t much help. I suppose I was there for moral support mostly? She finally drifted to sleep and slept several more hours.

Sunday seems like a big blur to me. We didn’t get out except to get a fancy new pooper scooper for the back yard.


That way Will and I will both have one and can divide and conquer.

Good plan!

We had P and Layla over for dinner, and that was about it! I’m sure there is more to that day, but it seems like ages ago.

My allergies were giving me trouble Sunday and could hardly sleep that night. I ended up taking my second sick day with my company and allowed myself some time to rest.

I spent the day with P and Layla which was so nice!

I rested and monitored work from the couch, and we watched TV and movies all day. Definitely a lazy Monday, but it was definitely helpful because I am feeling better today.

And can finally breathe through my nose again.

Awesome! Haha

We also signed up something fun, and I can’t wait to share it with you guys once it happens!

And now it’s Thursday and I get another weekend all over again!

We have plans to take Layla to see the Easter bunny, but I’m not quite sure if that will still happen.

Remember how I said my mom got sick last Friday?


So it ended up being worse than we all thought.

My mom is such a freaking trooper.

So she woke still feeling sick Saturday morning, but she and my dad still continued forward with their travel plans. They ended up doing a million things during their weekend, from seeing a couple shows, to touring the town, riding in some fancy race cars, and who knows what else! All the while, my mom hadn’t had food or water since that Friday before she got sick.

How terrible, right?!

She is so stubborn and would not let my dad take her to an AM-PM clinic while they were there, so she pressed on.


They got in Tuesday night, and my dad took her to the hospital. They admitted her and immediately got her on an IV because of her severe dehydration. And when they finished that one, they started another. They ran an X-Ray and CT scan and determined there was some sort of blockage in her esophagus that needs to be removed.

Thankfully they were able to start fluids immediately.

Unfortunately she is still at the hospital and is still waiting to be hydrated enough before they can perform the procedure. :(

What a way to finish the week, right? Geez…

I am so thankfully she is doing better, and cannot believe how hard headed that woman is! We were all worried about her! but I know she wanted my dad to have a good time in Vegas since they had never been before.

So tomorrow might be a little relaxed and might just entail us hanging close to the house to spend time with our mom.

Plus I still haven’t seen their pictures!

So that’s my big weekend update and weekend preview.

Not sure what else is on the docket, but I’m sure you will hear all about it. smile

Lots of love. ❤

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