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Work it Out Wednesday: Powering thru Transitions



Whether it’s a move, a baby, or a new job, chances are we’ve all experienced our fair share of change.

Change comes with a host of new responsibilities, experiences, and adjustments.

How does working out fit into these transitions?

My new job is a good example, which is what compelled me to share today’s post.

My new job came with a new schedule, as well as a commute.

Both foreign to me.

It took about a month to get used to all the changes of being new at work, let alone trying to adjust to the new schedule and home life.

Work/home balance anyone?

Anyway, keeping a regular workout schedule was a must, and took some trial and error.

Today I want to share a few things that helped me during this transition in hopes it helps you too!

1. Schedule a Recovery Week
I purposely scheduled my recovery week for my first week at the new job.

While some may say consistency is key, I felt strongly about taking a break and simply getting accustomed to my new schedule before adding another ball to keep in the air.

I personally believe taking a week off to let my body rest was absolutely pivotal on my overall ability to quickly adjust to all the overwhelming changes of a new job, schedule, commute, and shortened evening at home.

You’re not selling yourself short by scheduling a recovery week during a transition.

The time to rest allows your body some extra relief from all the new stressors and gives you time to focus on all the new changes and challenges.

Give your body a break and take a week off during your first big week. You’ll thank yourself.

2. Pre-Decide

After your week off, it’s time to get back on the horse.

Already make the decision you’re going to workout.

Predetermine when and where you’re going to do it, and stick to your schedule


Your transition may take some trial and error to determine the right when and where, but commit to finding what works and do it!

3. Change up Your Routine

In terms of working out, the biggest changes with my new job were the duration and location of my sessions.

Suddenly, instead of having a solid hour, I only had about 30 minutes to workout most work days.

This change really bummed me out.

Granted, I could have gotten up before 4:00 to have more time, but that defeats the purpose of maintaining my overall health (and sanity!).

Not only that, but to maximize my time, I had to nix my actual time in the gym and stick to workouts at home.

Another big transition.

I’ve done my fair share of at-home workouts prior to the new job (just checkout the health and fitness category on the blog) but cutting my time and types of workouts altogether was quite an adjustment.

I suddenly had to focus on more bang for my buck.

Hitting it hard and full throttle for that short 30 minute span in order to really maximize my time spent was key.

It’s also forced creativity on my part.

I couldn’t take it as easy on myself. It was all about challenging myself to really make the most of the time I had.

Sometimes that means a workout DVD (on days I’m unmotivated to come up with something on my own).

Many days it’s powering through something I created myself.

I miss the extra time occasionally, especially my isolation weight lifting sessions. However, I’m thankful I’ve created something functional I can stick to that targets my whole body.

Changing it up is not a bad thing, especially if it challenges you!

Those are some of the things that helped as I got used to the changes that came with a new job.

Don’t give up or quit when things are transitioning!

Use it as a time to reassess where you are currently, and what adjustments you need to make to continue to meet goals in the midst of your change.

That’s it for today. Check in tomorrow

Keeping the Main Thing, the Main Thing

I gave my first presentation at the new job last week.

I have undergrad and graduate degrees in communication. I’ve had to speak in front of others lots of times.

I don’t know why, but for some reason all the moments leading up to this one gave me some serious anxiety.

Probably because I’m still the new girl and wanted to do a fantastic job and know everything about a place where I’ve only been a few months.

For that reason, I added extra pressure on myself.

The day of the presentation, my mind was focused on that meeting and nothing else.

I spent some quiet time with God, praying and reading his word but was so distracted.

“Why bother,” I thought to myself.

I became increasingly frustrated trying to get something out of my Bible study while having other things swirling around in my mind.

In total transparency I cried out to God and told him how distracted I felt. I said, “Please just help me through this presentation so I can get my focus back on You.”

I immediately stopped.

That was my problem.

My focus was diverted. I took my eyes off what was truly important and affixed them on something else.

I realize a presentation is minor in today’s example, and unfortunately I can also say I’ve done this very thing with much bigger things in my life.

However big or small the issue, taking our eyes off Jesus, even for a moment, makes us vulnerable.

As I sat there in the reality of what I just said, I started thinking about how I desperately I need Jesus to be Lord of my life, even in the small things like presentations.

This isn’t a new lesson. I know it very well. However, it’s an important one.

One of daily surrender.

One to be continually mindful of.

1 Corinthians 10:31 tells us that in whatever we do, we should do it to honor God and bring Him glory.


Whatever we do.

Whether it’s sitting in church, sipping coffee with friends, or preparing for a presentation, it should glorify God.

Colossians tells us to work wholeheartedly as if to please God and not men.


Even things that seem small like presentations, putting a bandaid on our kid’s skinned knee, or going the extra mile to make someone new feel welcome can all be done as an act of worship to God if we have the right mindset.

The key is to keep our eyes on Him.

I know.

Easier said than done sometimes, right?

As I thought about what I had just prayed, the scriptures I shared with you came to mind.

I felt empowered, and refocused my mind on my first love.

I asked for his grace and mercy to help me keep my eyes on him.

I prayed my presentation, while totally void of anything related to God on the surface, would please Him because of my heart attitude and the fact that whatever I do, it should be an act that glorifies God.

He’s got me here for a reason, and I want to walk in Him. Even when they seem like small things (small things that I’ve made out to be big things!).

What about you?

Where’s your head at?

I ask in love, mainly because most of my life has been distracted by such temporary things.

Set your mind on things above, friend, not on earthly things.

I realize we have plenty of immediate things that require our attention, like families, jobs, and that pesky to do lost that seems to get longer instead of shorter.

However, remember to do all things in an attitude of glory to God.

If you don’t have a relationship with God (real life. You can actually have a relationship with Him), shoot me a note or click here. ❤️

Alright friends. Happy Friday. I have a busy weekend ahead. Hoping yours is full of fun!

Lunches Lately

Let’s talk lunch.

Do you ever get in ruts?

I totally do.

I make the same thing for three months, get sick of it, forget about it, latch onto something else, only to find the previous recipe a year later and realize how much I loved it.

Then the cycle starts all over.

That’s how lunch goes.

Plus if you eat at work, I tend to feel it limits options.

I mean, since I’m still the new girl I’m definitely not down for permeating the entire floor with garlic or steamed cauliflower.


Not yet anyway (heh heh).

For that reason, I find myself in a bit of a lunch rut.

I’ve had the same things for seemingly forever and had to look through my arsenal for some of the things I used to love but haven’t made in a long time.

All of these things?

Totally lunchable.

That means little prep on our part, and things that can be made in advance or bulk to make busy mornings that much easier.

Plus it’s summertime, which means I like to spend less time in a hot kitchen.

So I perused my meal archives.


I’ve kept a running list the last couple years so I can better remember recipes I so often forget. You know, since we usually cycle through the same seven things most of the time. smile

Here are some of my favorite lunches that will soon be making their way into the rotation!

Oh and I love quinoa.

Let’s just get that out of the way. smile



Or should I say, aubergines? I love this stuff.

For lunch I’ll usually eat it cold with tofu or other cold veggies mixed with balsamic vinegar.

Roasted Red Pepper Quinoa

This one takes a few minutes, but if you throw your quinoa in your rice cooker, you’ve made your whole lunch for the week in like 7 minutes.


If you’re craving sodium and GMOs like I occasionally do…


I love to microwave a sweet potato and top it with Morningstar spicy black bean burger (i.e. the aforementioned sodium and GMOs), and a 100 calorie Wholly Guacamole pouch.

P got me on this kick last year.

-Quinoa Tahbouli


One of my favorites.

Again, Toss your quinoa in the rice cooker, make your dressing (and add it separately each day or it gets soggy), chop a couple veggies and you’re set for the week!

Oh, and I keep the veggies, dressing, and quinoa separate and quickly assemble each morning to prevent sogginess.

And PS- instead of the minced garlic, I just use roasted garlic these days.

Peanut Noodle Salad

One of my favorites of all time, constantly abused.

Peanut noodle salad
I also love making salads and adding sun ripened tomatoes to whatever other veggies I have around, and using the dressing from my tahbouli recipe.

Super good.

Then I’ll add some form of plant friendly protein.

Another all-time favorite is what I call my “Mediterranean Quinoa.”

Again, toss your quinoa along with a few cloves of garlic in the rice cooker. Once it’s done, add a can of chickpeas, a heaping half cup of pitted kalamata olives, and sprinkle with salt and cumin.

I love to top it with a big tablespoon of hummus each day before lunch.

Another incredibly processed, gluten-full, GMO lunch I occasionally treat myself to

A Hungry Girl flatbread (I know. Sue me. They’re so darn good though!) with a Morningstar spicy black bean burger and avocado.

Basically just like the sweet potato...but worse. wink

I also love spinach or kale salads with various fruits, seeds, nuts, or crumbly cheeses as well as some form of plant protein

And occasionally shrimp or tuna since I’m eating a little seafood occasionally, but again with the whole smelling up the joint thing…

A favorite mix these days are kale with sliced fresh apricot, toasted almonds, shrimp, and balsamic. I also love this spinach salad. So good, so fruity.

This week’s lunch?

Lentils, once again, quickly made with my rice cooker!

I’m eating then with roasted asparagus and the dressing from my quinoa tabouli (obviously a favorite of mine 😀).

I made it in 15 minutes while my lentils cooked. Easy!

Most of my lunches lately continue to be vegan friendly, however that’s not to say I might not add some fish or boiled eggs to some of these a couple times a week. So long as it’s on hand and can be easily tossed into my bag each morning, I’m game for just about everything!

So there you have it, my dears. If you’re like me and get into lunch ruts, perhaps this has helped.

Now tell me what you eat for lunch so I can veganize it and add it to the rotation! smile

at the heart of it

This week has been insane.

It’s been six years since I was the new girl, and it sure is overwhelming!

From the commute, to finding a parking spot, to finding where I sit, not to mention all the new employee training and work functions to learn...I feel a little exhausted heading into this weekend!

Everything has been a big transition, and so many things with my schedule have had to change. I know I will eventually get into a rhythm, but right now it all seems very hectic. Like trying to sip water from a fire hose!

Even with the madness, it was a great week. I can’t believe how seemingly wonderful everything and everyone is. I realize there’s pros and cons everywhere, but I’m simply enamored by how this company takes care of its employees. I can’t believe its real.

While everything is great thus far, I haven’t had time for anything or anyone this week.

I fear that even after getting into my rhythm, the long work days will still limit my time during the week to pursue things I love.

As I navigate through this change, things like working out, life group, and even my own personal time with God seem like impossible events.

Let’s be real, though. I know I’m going to make time to do these things, but I’m honestly looking at my day trying to figure out how to make it work and can’t see a way.

I say all this, because my time with God this week was incredibly rushed… just trying to squeeze it in amidst the chaos.

I hate that, and I missed Him this week.

I told Him that yesterday, in fact.

I spent my morning getting ready while in prayer. Praying for Will while applying eyeshadow, and talking to God about the new schedule while blow drying my hair. You get the point.

I realize it’s not ideal, trust me.

Being still this week?

Yeah, not happening.

But I refuse to give up.

I need God each and every day.

Just like I need air or water.

I have watched myself skip daily time with Him here and there over the years, and before I knew it, I found myself down a path I never thought possible. I spent the better part of two years entirely out of God’s will, and never in prayer or His word.

I never want to go back to a point where I’m out of fellowship with God.

For that reason, I realize how important It is for me to be in daily surrender, even when life is crazy.

As dramatic as it may sound, my life depends on it.

It really does.

He’s not part of my life, he is my life.

This week’s memory verse is perfect for my recent circumstances and something I will meditate on daily this coming week and for weeks to come.

In fact, even now I feel a peace about this new schedule. I know I will adjust and it will all shake out.

Sadly, many things have sat on the throne of my heart throughout my life.

However, it is only when I’m living in God’s light and will, that I’ve found true peace and purpose.

He has done so much for me and has extended such grace, that it feels so insignificant to offer all I have, because it’s still not enough.

However, because He’s asked for it, I will surrender.

Day after day.

Devoted to His plans and desires, trusting He will keep me in perfect peace because my eyes are fixed on Him.


Thursday Things, 20 Mar 14

It’s that time again. Bracketology.


Like every year I completed a bracket, and like every year I did very little research.

And like every year there’s a high probability Will is going to crush me.

But I keep coming back for more.

I can’t help it.

It’s March Madness bay-be (say that in your best Dick Vitale voice)

Work is freaking amazing.

I realize it’s only my first week and I know absolutely nothing about the intricacies of office politics, but seriously, this company is ridiculous in the best possible way.

Pinch me.

And I totally had a nerd moment Tuesday when they hooked up my phone and I realized it had a camera hooked to it. I can see who I’m talking to, and vice versa. I totally had a CTU moment in my mind whereby I pretended I was Chloe calling Jack Bauer to alert him of a new threat.

Please tell me you know what I’m talking about?

Anyway… So far, so good.

For St. Patrick’s Day they gave out cutely decorated bags of Lucky Charms

Can we please talk about how delicious that stuff is!?

I haven’t had them in years, but totally had some Monday. Um, mind blowing. Next cheat meal, perhaps?

Sooo, we’re having to teach our old dogs new tricks.

And they’re terrible at learning new tricks.

They are old, and crotchety, and spoiled.

I have no idea why.

It’s not like we babied them or anything.

Anyway, they’re not allowed on the new couch, and it’s killing them.


They’ve been allowed to hole up on our couch all their lives, so this is a new concept.

To help with the transition, we bought them a plush, cushy bed.

Dogs life

It’s working...sort of.



Hardly at all.

Here’s to hoping positive reinforcement helps!

I’m still holding out hope Joel and Julia are getting back together.

On Parenthood, that is.

I love that show. Last week seemed to be a step in the right direction, but the preview for this week’s episode left me hanging. I’m not giving up.

You know, because I have a say in the matter. smile

That’s all for now. Anything you care to share?

The One Where I Left my Job, Got a Vitamix, New Couch, &Prepared for a New a Job…And a Look Ahead

Sorry for the long title. I’m sure if I was more thoughtful I could have come up with something shorter, but…

Anyhow, hi! Where do I even start?!

Friday was hard.

I honestly didn’t think I was going to cry, but yeah, I totally did.

When I walked into my office I was greeted with a beautiful pink gift bag from my boss.

Inside was this gorgeous (and huge!) purse:

Beautiful bag Kelli bought me

You may recall my issues with purses over the years, so this was obviously a very thoughtful gift.

The card inside was full of such nice words, which meant I was at work a whole five minutes and started to tear up. Happening.

I have (er had) the best boss ever. Seriously, the very best. That’s what I’m going to miss most.

About an hour into my day, I was called into our break room and greeted by everyone in the office. It’s gotten much smaller over the years, but we are still a tight group.

They got me a beautiful cake with pretty pink frosting, which was so sweet.

Going away cake

Then, they directed me to the biggest gift bag I had ever seen!

I pulled back the tissue paper, and immediately started crying.

They got me a Vitamix, guys.

A Vitamix.

I can't believe they bought me a Vitamix!

Not only is it an incredibly thoughtful gift, given by people who have gotten to know me and my healthy habits over the last six years, but it was also a very expensive gift.

Not only that, but there was leftover money that went to a Whole Foods gift card for me.

I was in total disbelief by their generosity. I really liked where I worked and who I worked with, and I know they felt the same.

So that was kind of hard to get though!

After my out processing, we all went to lunch one last time so I could say goodbye.

After lunch, I said goodbye.

Let’s leave it at that.

I let myself listen to the Jose Gonzalez Pandora station for the afternoon, which seems incredibly appropriate on a morose afternoon. I gave myself the freedom to be sad, so I could start to look ahead to the week ahead.

Oh, and can I please tell you how ecstatic I am to use my Vitamix!?

I spent Friday night at dinner with my family! My mom’s birthday was Saturday, so we had an early dinner out. Will had poker night, so I spent some time at my parent’s house afterward.


Saturday was super busy.

I started the morning with a great workout. I also ran into the girl I met several weeks before- the one who shoulder presses 45s like they’re nothing.

Turns out she’s a bikini competitor and pretty darn amazing! I was so honored when she said she wanted to hang out with me! That looks to be in the works next week.

Afterward I came home and made a shake. Then it was time to get busy. We had lots to do to get ready for a beautiful delivery that afternoon!


Our couch finally came in! I was so excited to finally have it here. We had to move some furniture around to prepare for it, and did some more stuff around the house.

Saturday was full of house stuff. Will woke up with a migraine Sunday, which was a bummer. We skipped church so he could rest, and I hit the gym so he could sleep without me clanking stuff around the house.

It was my last workout before my recovery week, so I tried to make it count.

Will was feeling better by afternoon, which made me happy. We filled out some paperwork for my big day, and I also ironed clothes for the week.

What to wear on your first day at your dream company?!

I have no idea. Let’s hope I chose wisely.

So today, my first day at work. I’m nervous and wish you could come with me to keep me calm!

Moving onto meals and posts for the week!

This week we are having:

-Black bean and potato burritos

-Asian peanut noodle salad (recipe coming soon)

-Carne asana nachos

Will is crazy about those nachos. I usually just make myself a separate bowl with everything but the steak and chips, and add black beans for some oomph.

As for posts, we will be talking about,

- Why I sometimes eat Thin Mints

-Dropping it like it’s hot (an intro into drop sets)

-Thursday things

-A heart that’s full of emptiness

And more! Check in tomorrow, friends, and wish me luck!

Planting Roots

I have some big news to share.

I got a new job!

Yes, it’s really true.

I wasn’t really sure at what point in the process I should post it on the blog- when I put in my resignation at my former company, or actually started at the new one. I decided to split the difference and post on my last day of my current job. smile

It’s weird. Last time I put in my resignation it was a total whirlwind, but nonetheless it was still a happy time. I hated work in Kuwait and was excited about the prospect of coming home.

It felt like such vindication to put in my two weeks’ notice because I just couldn’t take working there another day.

This time was different.

For one, I am older and wiser.

I let some really stupid stuff get to me before. Stuff I should have totally brushed off.

I think that comes with being young and still navigating your way through the professional world. Unless you had a mentor (I didn’t), there was a lot of figuring things out on your own.

I was definitely immature at times. Looking back (and cringing!) at old blog posts is a reminder of just how far I’ve come.

I say all that, but let’s not forget there were some serious issues with where I worked.  I hated the six days a week of work and no time off ever.

This time, I actually like my job, boss, pay, and coworkers. No complaints.

So why would I leave?

With several series of company-wide layoffs, and a dwindling office, I began to wonder about the future for work and growth here in our small OKC location.

I decided it was time to look for something where I could plant roots and grow. A place where I could stay in OKC and still have the opportunity to move ahead.

For that reason, when my dream company, who is headquartered in OKC, posted a job for the exact same thing I do, I knew I had to go after it.

Part of my whole “being still” life anthem also had to do with my job situation. I was waiting on God to give me direction for what to do, and being still as I waited for the right opportunity to come.  I believe God’s hands were all over this, and I still can’t believe it’s real. 

Pinch me!

I leave behind the best boss I’ll ever have, great coworkers, and am taking with me a host of knowledge from my experiences there as I embark on an entirely different opportunity. 

I feel simultaneously sick with nervous and gleeful excitement when I think about starting work at a whole new place Monday. I contemplated taking a few extra days before starting, but things didn’t align that way.

So today I finish work for one of the biggest government contractors in the US, and Monday I start work in a whole new industry.

This change is going to be a transition for me professionally, but also personally too. I’m used to a 12 minute drive to work, and now I will have a commute with traffic and everything. Yikes! Worth it though.

So that’s my news. The Lord is so good to me. I have been praying for wisdom and direction regarding this matter for a long time. I still cannot believe the blessing the Lord poured out on me, He is so good.

So Monday is all about planting roots.

Will and I have decided to make OKC our permanent home, and Monday is a step in furthering our personal plans and goals as well as my own professional ambition.

Similarly, today’s verse is about planting roots too. Being rooted in the Lord and knowing his heart, and growing all the more in thankfulness in all he has done.

It’s time to plant roots, my friends. I hope you join me on this journey.

More to come next week about how my first day goes! <3

Colossians 2:7 NLT

Friday Favorites, 17 Jan 14

Being able to laugh at myself.

Look what I sported at work all day Monday:

Fancy pants


At least I took the time to get them dry cleaned, right?

Oh and hey- don’t be so judge-y. I realize it’s well after Labor Day. This is a winter white. Sheesh.

Smuckers Creamy Natural Peanut Butter

I think we all know peanut butter is not a new favorite for me. I have been pretty vocal about my addiction to love of peanut butter over the years.


I pretty much spent the better part of 2013 buying crunchy natural peanut butter.

Which is weird because, growing up we never had it in the house. It was creamy all the way.

And maybe that’s why I spent all of 2013 eating crunchy peanut butter? Flexing my 30-year-old muscles and independence?

I’m such a total rebel.

Anyway, I have no idea.

On a whim the other day I decided to go home.

Back to my roots.

Back to creamy.


Um, where have you been all my life?

Er, the last year of my life.

Anyway- totally fell in love all over again.

Les Mills GRIT

Um, what!? Have you ever done one of these workouts? I have heard about Les Mills for years now, but have never really looked into any of his programs or workouts.

I’ve always been partial to Shaun T’s at home workouts since Insanity and never stopped to think that maybe, just maybe in this entire world there might be another amazing trainer out there too. smile

Anyway, I gave one of the Les Mills strength classes a try and totally loved it!

I definitely have a better understanding why so many people are loyal to the program. I think I am going to try another one of his classes very soon.

This post about ways to show kindness on the spot

Spontaneity (well, sort of)

We bought a TV!

Tv. And a boz.

Or a TV box. wink

Pup included.

It’s been a purchase we’ve been talking about for awhile now, especially as we start to transition out furniture and finally work on Will’s man cave.

The plan is to use his room as our main hangout spot for watching TV. We will use our living room to house the new couches we plan to buy soon, and current TV, and be more for when guests are over.

Will did his research and found the one he wanted, but unfortunately Panasonic stopped making the model late last year and they were nowhere to be found. After several phone calls we were able to find one in Stillwater, Ok, the home of the OSU Cowboys. So, despite the fact we were headed to OSU territory smile, We made a super quick impromptu trip to their Best Buy on Wednesday night to get the TV.


Now we just need to clean up Will’s room and get it ready. It’s much like the office. As in driving me absolutely crazy. Which is NOT a Friday favorite!

What were some of your favorite things this week?

Beating the January Blues


Well my friends, it’s January 2nd.

The vacation days are done, the gatherings are over, and the decorations are put up (um or about to be).

It’s official, I have a case of the January Blues.

I experience this every year, and perhaps you do a little too? The days are short, the anticipation of Christmas and New Years is a whole year away, it’s cold as crap,no OU football, and no major holiday in sight.


Will and I spent a good portion of yesterday totally relaxing and being lazy, and gearing up for the work day ahead. We also talked about the January Blues and the importance of staying focused and having things to look forward to during the morose winter months.

I think that’s key in getting over the January Blues. Having things to look forward to, even if t’s something as small as having a weekly date with yourself, friends, or significant other.

We took a look at our calendars and planned a few days off- even ones way late in the year. We also talked about a vacation this year, which has me upbeat too! We decided to postpone my 30th birthday trip to this year instead of last year, and I really need to buckle down and decide what the heck we’re going to do!

Definitely something to get excited about.

Another way I get through the January Blues is keeping consistent.

And I don’t mean consistently keeping the blues. smile

I mean, sticking to your usual routine (assuming it’s a healthy one!). These cold winter days can make it hard to get up in the mornings.

Um, warm bed or frigid cold car on the way to the gym?

See what I mean?

Getting up is the entire battle, but once I do, I’m glad I did.

Keeping consistent with my usual workout regimen goes a long way to keeping me focused on my ongoing goals. Consistency is key!

Finally, I keep my mind on what’s important.

Prayer, positive messages, and scripture, are such valuable tools in helping to beat January blues. Psalms offer praise, and are a great place to start. I find in being positive and counting blessings I have more joy during these January days.

I like to keep short one page devotional and inspirational message books in my desk to keep me grounded throughout the day. Taking 15 seconds to read verses can go a long way in making the next 8 hours easier.

So that’s my plan of action. What do you do to beat the January Blues?

The One Where I Got “Snowed In” & A Look Ahead


Hi friends! Do you see that!?

It’s snow!

I realize some of you may see it all winter, but it’s a rarity here and I relish taking tons and tons of pictures when it finally surprises us here in Oklahoma.

We typically get ice and not a lot of snow.


Is snow.

Love it.

I ended up leaving work early Thursday afternoon and set up shop at the house because of it. I woke up to snow Friday morning and news of closings everywhere because of the dangerous roads.

That meant I got a work from home day!

It was so so SO nice to be able to work from the house. I see why so many companies allow their employees to flex their time between the office and home.Such a morale booster.

I nested the entire weekend. It was ridiculous!

I made a pie, cookies, soup, jalepeno poppers, queso, and tamale pies.

Pretty crowned cookies. Snow storm nesting.

Oh, and can I please back up a moment to tell you about the Wednesday that led me to an enjoy this snowy weekend and all that cooking?


So anytime there’s a threat for icy or snowy conditions here, the entire state flips out…me included.

Since I was in Colorado the weekend before for Thanksgiving, I hadn’t made it to the store for about 10 days. Our cupboards were getting pretty bare and I knew if the weather it and we were stuck inside for a few days we’d be in trouble.

Soooo, I braved Walmart Wednesday night alongside heaps of crazy suburban women fighting for the last loaf of bread and bag of Oreos.

Hey, I don’t judge. I’m pretty sure Oreos would be great when you’re snowed in.

Only I wouldn’t know since that wench ahead of me violently ripped them out of my hands!

Okay, only kidding, but seriously. The place was a ZOO.

Carts everywhere. Bread nowhere.

Yep, gonna snow a couple inches in Oklahoma

And I spent a fortune. Between a bare fridge and planning to be stuck inside for a few days, no doubt Walmart had even more stellar sales than usual.

Anyway, I was prepared. Bring on the snow!

And the snow did not disappoint.

And I thanked the good Lord by staying inside my house all weekend.

No really- all weekend.

Okay wait, I did get out.

To go a couple doors down to see my family.

To do very important things.

Snow day: when important stuff happens

Such as touching up Layla’s masterpieces.

Moving along to Saturday.

Poor Will had to work both Friday and Saturday. I was pretty annoyed about the whole thing, I mean- hello! It’s bad out there. He works in oil and gas, and if it freaking dropped three feet of snow, they would probably still make everyone come in.

Will only worked part of the morning, so that gave me some time to get stuff done.

Since it was still icy and snowy, I kept my workout at home.

I did the Insanity Max Interval Circuit. It was a good workout, but I missed really hitting my legs like I normally do on Saturday. It has now been two weeks since I’ve worked legs in the gym! I’m sort of going through withdrawals.

Afterward, I cleaned the house. It felt so good! It had been a few weeks between Thanksgiving and the last OU game. I felt very accomplished. Haha

Then Will was home just in time for Bedlam!

Oh man, please tell me some of you guys caught the Bedlam game!?

It was crazy!!

OSU was favored to win my double digits, so I was already psyching myself up for a loss.

But seriously guys- please tell me you at least know how it finished? It was close the whole entire game, and then in the last two minutes, OU took it all the way down to score a touchdown in the last minute, and not only that, but when OSU took over possession we intercepted their pass and took it down for another one!


Will? Totally flipped out.

I had a hard time watching most of the second half.

I have no idea why.

Focused on channeling the sooners

When we won we were both standing in that position and totally jumped up and down like complete fanatics.

And I suppose we are.


Anyway, excellent game!

The rest of Saturday was full of watching lots of good football as well as food prep.

It’s amazing now nice it is to “have” to stay indoors sometimes. I got so much accomplished.

Yesterday was much of the same. The main roads were fine, but hey, the residential ones weren’t.

I fit in another workout, and the rest of the day was spent on the couch getting posts ready for the week, watching football with Will, and doing a little more food prep for the week ahead.

In fact, here’s a look at what we will be having for dinner this week:

-Tamale Pies (recipe this week!)

-Vegan Potato Soup (recipe soon!)

-BLTs for Will, Broiled Eggplant for Me

For workouts this week, I plan on getting back on track at the gym since Thanksgiving and the weather kept me away.

-Monday off

-Tuesday at home plyo

-Wednesday- Back, biceps, shoulders (plus abs & calves)

-Thursday- off

-Friday at home cardio/plyo

-Saturday- Leg/cardio circuit (plus abs & calves)

-Sunday- Chest, triceps, shoulders (plus abs)

Here’s a look at what I’ll be posting about this week too!

- Tamale Pies for cold winter days

- Should you add new workout wear to your last minute list this year?

-Thursday Things

-Friday Favorites

Back to normal today. It’s the first time I’ve worn makeup since Wednesday!


Ready to tackle this week. I doubt next weekend will be as incredibly relaxing as this weekend (read: I’ve put off my Christmas shopping, as usual), but I’m just ready to get there.

Oh and the tree! The tree! The masses have spoken (haha). It’s going up! Stay tuned.

Alright, your turn. What did you do this weekend?

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