Because I'm Terrible at Scrapbooks

The Hustle-y Bustle-y One & Look Ahead


I’m actually pretty pumped to get this week underway, and I hope you are too. Christmas is next week, and I’m taking a few days vacation. YAY!

Plus we have a Christmas party to look forward to, outings with friends and family, and hopefully some good news on another front.

YAY for Monday!

Yes, I just said it, but don’t worry I won’t make it a habit.

This weekend was busy and went fast. Full of lots of Christmas prep.

Where should we even start?

Let’s start with the fact that P is now a homeowner!


So exciting! She signed the papers this week and is getting settled into her new house. I am so excited for her!

In fact, a portion of Saturday was spent with her move, but we will get to that soon enough.

Now that the big news is out of the way, let’s get started with a nice, orderly, chronological recap of the weekend. smile

My Friday afternoon started nicely. I met up with a former coworker for lunch!

She works downtown now, so that’s where we had lunch. I don’t spend much time in the heart of downtown OKC on week days, and it was fun to get down there!

There is a whole underground world beneath the buildings that link to each other with shops and restaurants. I met her at her company, and we went downstairs and underground several blocks and came up only to get to our restaurant. Crazy!

It is too cool. It’s a like a whole fun secret…that everyone knows about. Haha

All the Christmas decorations were up, so that was fun to look at too.


After work Friday, I picked up the babies from the groomer!

just groomed babies

They were so fluffy and soft before, but it was time to de-hair.  They have sweaters on now, but I took this picture before we put them on.

Afterward, Will and I had a hot date at Sam’s Club.

It’s true.

Regardless of what’s on our list, we always end up with like five more things.

We watched a couple shows, and called it an early night!

Saturday morning started before 5am, so Will could get some work done before moving day!

I hit the gym, got around for the day, and then went grocery shopping for the week ahead.

After that, Will came home and we headed over to my parent’s house to help load up P’s stuff.

We filled two trucks with furniture and headed to the house.

Will and my dad did most of the heavy lifting, thankfully.

Professionals at work

You definitely don’t want me mounting your television.

Trust me.

And I love this Christmas tree!

Cindy Lou who tree. Love

I totally want to get one for myself next year. At least that way we’d know at least one tree would go up! Haha

After that, Will and I came home and took a short nap, which was lovely.

Oh- and while I’m telling you all about my exciting Saturday afternoon nap, can we please take a quick break to tell you that I got such a beautiful and thoughtful surprise from my real life blog friend Theresa!?

Look at these beauties.

Thoughtful gift from Theresa

A gorgeous dried fruit box.

Gorgeous and delicious.

I’d like to tell you I’ve been pacing myself on these 17 servings of assorted dried deliciousness.

But I would be lying.

See that top half?

It’s gone.

As is part of the middle.

And Will hasn’t had any.

I disgust myself.

I was touched by the thoughtfulness and just let it happen.

Alright, let’s get back to that nap.

After we got up, we had to do some Christmas gift shopping of our own!

Alongside everyone in OKC.

Merry merry!

We are now officially (almost) done with Christmas shopping with the exception of a few gift cards.

Thankfully. It was a complete zoo everywhere we went, so there’s no way I want to brave anymore stores this week!

By the time we got home, it was well after 7. I was famished! I made dinner and then got started on a super fun homemade craft!


Excuse the mess, I was in the zone.

I made homemade body and foot scrubs for a couple of the gifts I’m giving.

And I’m so excited about them!

In fact, I’m going to make a jar for myself with the leftovers.

Body scrub!

I made a peppermint foot scrub and a vanilla face/body scrub.

I had some extra vanilla scrub in my bowl when I was done, so I used it on my face and oh my stars!

So great.

And tastes pretty good too. smile

I can’t wait to give these away!

We caught up on a few shows, and called it a night.

Sunday should be classified as The Day I Ate Like Utter Crap.


Like only 15% of my diet was protein, the rest was divided amongst fat (and not the healthy kind) and carbs.

I blame these suckers.


They may be empty now, but I filled them with brownies and caramel sauce.


And then this happened with an extra one we aren’t giving away.



Plus I ate a ton more dried fruit…and more brownies…

My stomach felt like junk most of the day.

Is this real life? Am I a five year old in a thirty year old’s body?

Anyway- it happened.

And it was delicious.

Until I felt sick, of course.

Then? Not so much.

Church was a blessing too. It was the grand opening of the Moore, Oklahoma Life Church campus, which is pretty darn exciting, especially considering all that community has been through this year.

I worked my upper body today and did a stint of cardio too, but since I had already eaten like crap, my workout was similar. Bad food fuels bad workouts!

Before I knew it, it was nearly 3 in the afternoon. How does that happen!? I went over to see my sister, who is still staying with my parents a couple more days while she continues to transfer stuff over to the new place, and we tanned!

Oh yes we did.

We haven’t done it in months. Mainly because we are lazy it was getting cooler outside.

It’s crazy how much better we both feel with a good fake spray tan. Why we stopped for months on end, I have no idea.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in the kitchen, prepping, cooking, and cleaning- and I still didn’t finish!

Go figure.

This week is gearing up to be as busy as the last, but I suppose that’s common this time of year.

Here’s a look at the menu this week:

-Burgers on the Foreman (veggie for me, beef for Will) with broccoli
-Chicken Fried Rice
-Dinner Out

Here’s a look at my workouts:

-Monday off
-Tuesday Insanity Plyo
-Wednesday- Back, Biceps, Shoulders,Abs
-Thursday Off
-Friday- Cardio
-Saturday Legs & Abs
-Sunday, Chest, Triceps, Shoulders, Abs

Aaannnd- as for posts this week?

-Homemade Potato Soup (and you can’t tell it’s vegan)
-Quickie Christmas Workout
-December Ipsy Review!
-Waiting on the baby

Check in tomorrow for more fun!

Okay your turn- what did you do this weekend?

Happy Monday!

Thanksgiving Recap & Look Ahead

It’s December.

How did this even happen!?

I can’t prove it, but I’m pretty sure time is moving faster.

So, can you indulge me and take a look way far back into last month… also known as last weekend?


Oh, but before we start- Happy Thanksgiving again! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. 

So you got the gist of my Thanksgiving Day extravaganza. Strapped in tightly with my family all the way on the 9 hour drive to Colorado.

It sounds like I’m complaining (um, I sort of am?), but it wasn’t that bad. It was sort of fun.

Cutie Thanksgiving 2013

Keeping busy  Thanksgiving 2013

Windmill!  Thanksgiving 2013

Just like old times, except now I’m ancient and my legs get all creaky and tired from all that sitting, and my sister as a kid.

And I hate gas station food.

Just like old times… except not. smile

We got in early Thanksgiving afternoon and surprised my grandma.

My mom called earlier that day and told tall tales about our Thanksgiving plans and our meal, and my grandma ate it all up.

She sure was surprised when we got there. It was adorable. I got her on video opening the door and it was a moment I will cherish!

Layla and grandma

Because of the amount of family that would be staying at my grandparent’s, my parents decided to get me, P, and Layla a hotel room. It turned out to be a good thing because Layla can be hard to put to sleep. Plus we had our own space (and bathroom!) so that was nice.

It was Layla’s first time in a hotel, which was sort of funny.

Everything was so new! Couple that with her sporadic sleep schedule because of the travel day, and we ended up going to be around 7 that night and getting up at like midnight for a “party.”

What a night.

Sleepover Party!

Friday’s predictions were a little off.

It should have been moved to Saturday, but hey? It was a prediction, I am wrong sometimes. Haha

Friday started early. I got up to squeeze in a quick workout before the day got started. Toward the end I was greeted by visitors knocking on the gym door.

P and Layla woke up and came to greet me!

We got cleaned up and had a quick breakfast at the hotel .

My grandma was going through a round of chemo this week, so my mom and I drove my grandma to her chemo treatment and sat with her.

Chemo with my grandma. Waiting to go in

Oh friends, it was sad. The reality of her sickness was before me the whole time we were there.

She took the treatment like a champ, and I suppose after months of months of being there she has become a pro. However, I know it never gets easier. It probably only gets harder. At least it does for me.

She does a lot of reading while she’s there, so I bought her a Billy Graham devotional. I hope she reads it and it blesses her.

There was a young guy there getting what he hoped to be his last treatment that day. It was exciting for him, and he was chatty which made the time pass quickly.

It was hard to go, but I’m glad I did. I am glad she had company, and I’m glad I got to spend some extra time with her.

After her appointment, my mom, sister, and I made a trip to the local grocery store to get food for our Thanksgiving meal!

Small town grocery shopping!

As silly as it sounds, I love grocery shopping, especially in cutesy small town stores. I got a veggie tray and green beans, quick and easy. smile We got to my grandma’s and my mom and I spent about an hour in the kitchen prepping food for Saturday. It was fun and we were speedy!

As predicted, it was meltdown city in the house. Poor Layla was stripped down to her diaper and P and I kept going out on the patio.

Can we all please make a pact that we will keep our houses only reasonably heated when we get old, please?


We watched football, had pizza for dinner (um, veggie with totally non vegan cheese haha), and called it a night.

Saturday, like Friday, started with an early morning workout. This one was only 25 minutes so it was speedy but I’m at least glad I got it in.

We got around slowly and headed over a little before lunch.

It was good to see family and all spend time together. I know it made my grandparents happy.

I got a dessert plate.

We should leave it at that.

We chatted, watched football, and had a nice afternoon.

After everyone left, we watched some more football and had Thanksgiving Round 2.

Um and please tell me you watched the Alabama game!? Crazy!

Will and I had fun talking about it afterward.

Face timing with my Will

(Check out Will’s no shave November beard! Crazy!)

I sure did miss that guy. As predicted, he didn’t want to live our lives on Facetime, but he did indulge me a little.

Before long, it was time to call it a night. We said our goodbyes and I was sure to hug my grandparents tightly.

Yesterday was all about rushing to get home… along with everyone else in America. The roads were packed!

It sure felt good to be home. I missed Will and the dogs so much! The dogs have been too cute, by my side all night.

Will and I chatted and watched football together, while I multitasked doing laundry, unpacking a little, and getting this post ready!

And now?

Back to reality.

What about you? What did you do? I love to hear stories and traditions. Share, share! smile

I’m not even going to waste space telling you my meal plan, because it’s weak. I didn’t have time to go to the grocery store, so it will be a lot of cabinet clean out concoctions.

Luckily, the same cannot be said for this week’s posts. I actually planned these bad boys out. So rest assured, you will not be served cabinet clean out pie for posts this week. Haha

Here’s a look at what I have coming up:
-An easy swap for healthy hair
-Should you ask for a pre-workout this Christmas?
-To put up the tree, or not put up the tree: that is the question
-and more!

Check in tomorrow!

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

Happy Thanksgiving friends!

What stage of fullness are you in as you read this?

Is it still early in the morning, while you’re just snacking around as you complete the family dinner, or are you well into round 2 ½ of dessert plate pile up?

Regardless, I hope you have a wonderful day and are surrounded by people you love (even if they sometimes annoy you and take the last dinner roll).

Please, I beg you, indulge me with what you’re doing today, what’s on your table, and what’s your favorite dish?

This year is a different Thanksgiving.

I am actually on the road today headed to Colorado to spend a few days with my grandparents.

I’ve mentioned my grandma has been sick (cancer), so I felt it was important to see her and hug her tightly and tell her how truly thankful I am for her and my grandpa.

She is currently in the middle of a chemo round, so the plan was to travel today and get the family together tomorrow.

I’m currently riding in the backseat of my dad’s pickup with P next to me, and Layla next to her.

And luggage in the back.

It’s been quite a wild ride! Haha A 9 hour car ride with a 16 month old?

Is awesome.

Said no one ever. smile

P was a smarty and went to the Dollar Tree to buy lots of little surprises she could open along the way to keep her engaged and (hopefully!) happy.

I’m not going to lie… I’m terrified.

I have a feeling this 9 hour trip will turn into more like 11 or 12.. I can only hope that’s it.

But you know what?

I am so thankful for that little girl.


It still boggles my mind that just two Thanksgivings ago, the news of P’s pregnancy was still so fresh, and everyone still had such angst and stress about the whole situation and getting her moved back here, finishing the semester, etc.

Funny how just a couple years can allow you to look back and laugh.

In the moment everything seemed so crazy, but thankfully she has been so blessed along the way and I cannot even imagine my life without Layla or P living so close to me!

This is a unique Thanksgiving for me, as it is my first married Thanksgiving spent without Will.

The blove family 2012

The price of boarding all four dogs was going to be astronomical, so Will stayed back to do Thanksgiving with his family, while I went to see my grandma. I honestly felt a little heartbroken as I said goodbye to him this morning, knowing it won’t be until Sunday until I see him again. I realize it’s not that long, but it feels seemingly forever over a holiday weekend.

Not only that, but his work schedule has been horrendous, and I was so looking forward to spending a long weekend together.

Just typing this all out and thinking about it even now just makes my heart really sad.

Nonetheless, here I am, on my way. To grandmother’s house we go.

It’s also my parent’s 32nd anniversary!

How cool is that? I’m thankful for so much, and their marriage is one of those things.

So today is all about driving, driving, driving and just spending time with my grandma and grandpa.

Tomorrow, after my grandma’s chemo treatment, more family is coming over, and we will have a big lunch together.

Although I write this post a little sad, I am also thankful for this time with my grandparents. I look forward to seeing them and really appreciating every moment I’m with them.

God has blessed me beyond I deserve, and I pray the fullness of Christ and all of his blessings be at the forefront of your mind today too.

Happy Thanksgiving <3

More to come…

The Uneventful One & Look Ahead

Hi hello!

Are you off for Veteran’s Day? If so, I hope you are having a wonderful day!

If you’ve served or are serving in the military, thank you so much for your service!

As an army brat, I have such an appreciation for all that you do.

And here’s where I give a shout out to my mom and dad for their amazingness! My dad for hs sacrifice, and my mom for keeping things together during difficult times, like Desert Storm and having two girls under the age of eight all while living in a foreign country away from family!

In fact, here’s a pic way back in the 90s (when you had to use a camera with film haha) the day my dad got back from the war while we lived in Germany.

The day my dad came home from desert storm ❤️

I had cool fluffy bangs, right? haha

So Monday.

For those of you, like me, who had to go to work this morning… blah.

Hopefully you had a good weekend at least?

Mine was incredibly uneventful, and you know what? That’s okay. Sometimes those weekends feel like the last a little longer because I’m not constantly doing something or on the go.

I did my usual “stuff” and that was about it. Will’s work schedule is still the pits, so he worked until noon Saturday while I got lots done. The “good” thing about his Saturday work days is that I get cleaning done, but at the same time it’s a real drag.

The good news is that next week’s game is an early one, so no working!

I barely left the house this weekend, only going to the store, the gym, and the car wash to take care of my poor, dirty 1998 Honda. smile

Will and I spent Saturday evening on the couch, and Boz seemed to be happy with the decision.

Happy boz

Will went paintballing on Sunday for the first time in ages, so I spent a few hours with my sister and Layla, so that was nice too.

AND- P bought a house!

I’m not sure I can adequately express just how I feel like that! I mean- she is my kid sister. It is seriously blowing my mind that she is such a grown up, with a kid- and a house!

I sure am going to miss her when she moves in a few weeks, so I am going to soak up as much time as I can with her living so close.

Thankfully she’s not moving too far, and I have a feeling she and Layla will be over for lots of dinners.

I did cooking and prepping for the week. I made myself one of my fall favorites that I plan to share tomorrow!

I also made Will some delicious (and unhealthy) cocoa banana muffins. He loves them and I like to make them for him this time of year.

Messy kitchen, yummy results

As for meals, this week is going to be a bit busy, so we’re going pretty simple with dinners this week:

Mon: Salads
Tues: Homemade Chicken & Dumplings (Chick’n for me)
Wed: Life Group (we eat on the go)
Thurs: Leftover Chicken & Dumplings
Friday: Salads

It’s going to be cold on Tuesday, so chicken and dumplings seemed appropriate. smile

And then there’s blog posts. What about those?

Here’s a peek at what’s coming up:

-Fall Favorites! Another recipe coming soon.
-Another cold weather workout
-Why God is more than a religion
-And more!
Check in tomorrow! Until then? Let’s tackle Monday…

the one with the bye week and a look ahead

Monday Monday.

Hey, at least we’re another week close to Thanksgiving and some much needed time off, right!?

It’s the small things.

I hope you all had lovely weekends!

Tell me about them!

Did you do something exciting?



Sorry… I ought to pull the throttle back on the questions. I’ve been told I am a bit zealous in real life. I just get so excited and love to talk to my friends. Is that a crime!?


My weekend was wonderful.

OU had a bye, and it was really nice to have a break from football to catch our breath…

Only we didn’t do any of that. We were on the go just as much as we usually are on game days!


Friday started off nicely. I met P for lunch at our usual spot and we were able to chat and eat together.

Except, a bee flew in her car, leaving us squealing like (for lack of a better comparison) total girls.

We’re pathetic.

And yes, I know flailing only makes it worse. We opened every door and window, and I’m still not convinced it’s out of the car.

Let’s hope.

Here’s a pick of the prettiness before attack of the bees:


Friday night was a treat. Usually Will and I have a pretty low key Friday since it’s another work night for him these days, but Will did not go into work Saturday (YAY!), so we were able to go on a date!

We grabbed a cheap dinner at Taco Bueno and then went and saw Last Vegas.

Speaking of bumblebees, check out this pic of a car I spotted after the movie.


We slept in Saturday morning, which is extremely rare for us. I don’t think I got up until 8! The only downer was that I had to share the gym with people.

As usual, I worked legs on Saturday. However, since I had to share the gym, I couldn’t do my usual circuit. Instead I did more conventional leg exercise without cardio bursts in between.

And geez, I didn’t realize how different the workout really was. I didn’t feel wobbly or anything when I left, but yesterday I had a hard time walking and sitting down.

And today is worse!

Will mowed the lawn one last time, while I went to the grocery store.

Here’s what’s on our menu this week:

-Naughty and Nice Vegan Enchilada Casserole

-Nigella’s Jerk Chicken

(and as an aside, I’m so excited about trying this recipe! I love watching her cook but rarely make any of her recipes. I am going to make this marinade for Will’s chicken, and also add it to some chick’n for me. smile)

-Cleaned up nachos topped w/leftover jerk chicken


After the store, I got a few things done around the house, and also prepped lunches.

I really liked the qunioa I made last week, so I’m having it again, only this week with delicata squash instead of sweet potato.



Then, I headed out to dinner with my life group girls! And icing on the cake was that P joined us!

We had dinner at a little Italian place. The waiter holed us up in a little back corner which was smart on his part because we sat there for three hours sharing, laughing, and just enjoying each other’s company. It was such a blessing and much needed.

Yesterday I agreed to go to another Life Church campus with P to try it out to see if she might want to start attending that one. It also happens to be the campus where my life group attends! We sat with one of the girls and heard some seriously convicting preaching on lying. We are all guilty of it, and this one hurt.

After church, Will immersed himself in football while I did stuff around the house.  The afternoon went so quickly, and I did not do nearly half what I would have liked to. Nonetheless it was a good afternoon, and I suppose it’s a good thing. The dishes will get done at some point today or tomorrow, right?

We even made time to walk the Bigs, and also took them by to see Layla!

She loved seeing them. It was so cute, and I wish I had taken pictures!

Thankfully, my dad did!

Layla and The bigs

Afterward, I made dinner and we watched the Colts game, and then it was time to call it a night.

It is going to be hard to go in this morning and tackle another week, but thankfully we have a few fun things to talk about:

-Making fall inspired favorites, this week is a pumpkin pie chocolate green monster

-Hibernation Workout #1

-Surviving the airport: how to undo what you’ve done

-Friday Favorites

-Why God is more than a religion

Check in this week! <3

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

It’s funny how kids make holidays so much better.

I mean, for like two of the five years we’ve been back in Oklahoma, we didn’t even pass out candy.

But then you bring a kid into your family and all of a sudden everything becomes a big deal.

Even the random holidays like St. Patrick’s day (random to me anyway).


It’s true.

Anyway, last year was Layla’s first Halloween. She was only about four months then, and less than thrilled to be dressed as this cute cuddly bunny.


Um, I have no idea why either!

It was cold outside, and I totally could have used a nice, smothering , pink fleece body suit to keep me all toasty.

Kids these days…

Anyway, she stayed in her costume long enough to take a few pictures, but that was about it!

This year, however, she is older and has a better understanding of the fact that she gets to wear cute clothes (yes, she’s all girl).

In fact, I’ve been told she’s been wearing her costume around the house before Halloween.



I’m pretty excited about handing candy out with P this year because Layla will be old enough to know what’s going on, and will see that kids just like her are dressed up!

We’re also taking her up and down our street so P can show her off a bit.

Um, because she’s only going to be the cutest little Minnie Mouse in all of Oklahoma!

We thought about doing the zoo, because they do a whole event. However, the more we learned about it, the more we realized we might want to wait until she’s older for that. The zoo is, well, a zoo on Halloween and considering how “excited” she was about the pumpkin patch a couple weeks ago, we figured it would be more fun for us than her!

Oh, and let’s get back to that whole passing out candy stuff. 

Remember last year’s dilemma about what to get, and how I ended up buying crappy candy to pass out so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat it?


Yeah, I know, I’m terrible.

Anyway, this year I skipped getting candy altogether.

Since we’re taking Layla around and will only be passing out candy for a limited time, plus since Will has to get up so incredibly early and we are not even turning the outside light on at our house, I’m just going to hang out at my parent’s while they pass out candy.

So that’s the plan.

Now here’s to hoping I don’t eat a dozen Kit Kats. smile

What are your plans today? I look forward to hearing about them!

More to come, and my Ipsy review tomorrow!

Weekend Recap: The One With The Pumpkins

Here we go again, another work week ahead of us.

Does it ever get easier?

I’m thinking no.

Such the optimist, here.

I’m on the road this week which made me dread Monday all the more. Up before 4am to catch the first flight out of OKC.

And I know I’ve probably said it a hundred times, but seriously- you can’t get a direct flight anywhere out of OKC.

Which is highly disappointing! I wanted to take a late night flight back home later this week, but unfortunately there is no such thing and I have to stay an extra night.

Anyway, enough complaining. That’s unallowable on Monday.

At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Let’s take a step back to happier times:

The weekend!

It was nice, but passed way too quickly.

(as usual!)

My Friday started so wonderfully.

P and I met for lunch!

She was so thoughtful and brought me a green tea latte.

Best sister ever

How sweet, right!? I was touched by her kindness.

In just 30 short minutes we managed to have such great conversation, covering a spectrum of issues. It was so nice, and I was so thankful for it!

We can talk about everything, and not hold back. I love our honesty and our ability to share and I am so happy I have her here in OKC!

The weekend kicked off with a visit from the in-laws. They were off for Fall Break and wanted to drive to OKC to have dinner with us, which was nice.

I am really blessed to have an amazing extended family.

We had dinner, but unfortunately were not able to chat long because Will had a really early Saturday morning to prepare for. Nonetheless, it was a nice evening.

Saturday was busy!

I got up ridiculously early to see Will off, and then went to the gym to obliterate legs.

It was completely ridiculous, and I am having a hard time walking this morning!

I did a circuit, as usual, incorporating lots of cardio moves in between sets, and was dripping by the time I was done.

Excellent workout!

I wanted to clean my house because it is in major need, but sometimes there are more important things in life.

Like spending time with my favorite mother-daughter duo.

Um yeah- totally beats scouring the house and cleaning my fans. smile

We went downtown to the Myriad Gardens and took Layla to their pumpkin patch.

It was chilly, but ended up being sunny and beautiful. Definitely a good day to visit.

It was really cute, but mostly geared toward kids a little older. Layla much preferred to be held and wasn’t too excited about all the fun that abounded around her. I’m thinking maybe next year is her year instead haha

The pumpkin patch!
The pumpkin patch!
The pumpkin patch!
The pumpkin patch!  Cute scarecrow
The girls at the pumpkin patch!

After going through the pumpkin patch, we walked to Starbucks and chatted while Layla napped.


It was a really nice morning!

Will got home soon thereafter, so I did a little cooking for the game!

It was nice to sit on the couch and watch the game from home for a change. I love game days, but we have been either at Norman or on the road with the Sooners for much of the season, so it was a nice break. We snacked and cheered the Sooners to victory.

Afterward, P and I went to church!

As always, I was blessed by the sermon. I am so excited P went with me, and I pray the Lord leads her to exactly where she is supposed to be.

Afterward, I watched some of the Florida State/Clemson game, and then called it a night!

Will and I slept in yesterday, and it was so nice. He has been working ridiculous hours, and it felt good not to be a slave to the alarm clock. I got up at 8:30, feeling very rested!

I did a ton of work in the kitchen, prepping food for the week for Will since I’ll be gone (with a sweet treat coming tomorrow!), and even did some travel food prep for me, too!

I worked chest, triceps, and shoulders at the gym for a bit, and then came home to start packing.


I REALLY did not want to travel this week. I really don’t like being away from home, so as much as I don’t like to wish days away, I am wishing this week away as fast as possible!

The bright spot, however, is that I will get to see my real life blog friend Theresa!

I spent the rest of the day getting posts ready for the week and hanging out with Will.

Another long week ahead of us, but thankfully I have fun planned.

Here’s a look at what I’ll be sharing this week:

-The easiest dessert you will ever make
-On the road workouts
-Goods and Bads: The DC Edition
-IF: Don’t miss it

Check in tomorrow!

the one where I went to church with P (and didn’t clean the fans) & look ahead

Hello friends!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Has fall weather arrived for you yet?

This was the first weekend that was quintessentially fall.

And it was lovely!

I failed and took hardly any pictures of the weekend festivities.

So when you read this?

Pretend there are tons more visuals. smile

Friday night was low key, as they usually are when Will works Saturday mornings.

We had Subway for dinner and caught up on our shows.


We are so far behind on all of them, so we needed to clear a few off our DVR so they’re ready for more!

Saturday was pretty typical. Will went to work for part of the morning, while I headed to the gym.

I did my usual leg circuit and had the gym all to myself. It was so nice!

After, I cleaned the house.

With all this nice weather, there was no need to run the ceiling fan in the living room, so I turned it off.

Only to realize the thick layer of dust on the blades.

And I had already cleaned.

So the fan went back on.

Hey, it’s going to be in the 80s this week. I’ll clean the fans next time.


I did a couple more things around the house, and then Will got home!

Before we knew it, it was time to get ready and head out to the game.

My boss (I am so blessed to have a great one!) gave me a Chili’s gift card last week, so we ended up using that before the game.

I got a black bean burger (ditched half the bun) with broccoli, and enjoyed Will’s company.

Then, it was time to head to Norman!

The Sooners hosted TCU Saturday night, and it sure proved to be a bit of a nail biter at times!

We stayed the whole time, and were thankful for a victory.

Definitely a fun game.


Yesterday was a good day too, but went way too fast.

Since we got home late, we slept until 8:45. It was so nice!

I got ready quickly, and accompanied P to church!

She is trying to find a church home, and so I am going to visit a few with her until she decides which is best for her and Layla.

It was really nice getting to go to church with her.

We had a good chat as we headed there, so that was nice too.

The service was a blessing, and it is evident the church is growing and seeking God in all they do.  In fact, they began a sister church that is now on its own and supporting itself. P decided she wanted to try that one too, so I will visit there with her soon.

Afterward, we headed home, but not before I got to see this little one.

LuHow cute is she!?!

By the time I got home, it was well after 1:00, and I still had tons to do!

For that reason, I felt rushed and behind all day.

And still didn’t get through my weekend chore list.


I hate starting the week that way!

I managed to get all the laundry done, and food prep for the week, which are the biggest.

So why am I complaining! smile

The rest of Sunday night was spent getting posts ready for the week and watching shows with Will.

And now? It’s Monday.


The good news is that we have fun stuff planned to help get us through!

Here’s what the B-Love Family is having for dinner this week:

-As previously mentioned, I’m totally trying this roasted vegetable penne (minus the gouda for me). I think it is going to be delicious!

-We are also having this salsa chicken (but with black beans instead of chicken for me)

-And Will requested one of his favorite casseroles his mom makes, so I’m making that for him (and I will have leftover penne)!

It’s OU-Texas week, so my workouts will be a little different than usual.

Usually, I prefer to lift at the end of the week, when I have more time at the gym, and I like my cardio sessions earlier in the week when I don’t feel like getting up early!

However, this week will be a little different:

-Monday: Back, biceps, shoulders & 10 minutes high intensity cardio
-Tuesday: Legs
-Thursday: Chest, triceps, shoulders & 10 minutes high intensity cardio

And then? Then I hope to squeeze at least one cardio session in over the weekend.

I’d love two cardio sessions, but I want to be realistic.

Here’s a look at what we’ll be talking about this week:

-An Introduction to Fair Food

-An Outdoor, At-Home Workout

-More Than a Cinderella Story

-OU-Texas Weekend begins

And hopefully more!

Check in this week, friends! Thanks for reading, and I’m sending prayers all of our ways today that we shine bright in all we do.

More to come…

the one where i procrastinated a lot, and a look ahead!

Hello lovelies!

I hope you all had a great weekend full of good memories that will keep you positive on the start to another long work week.

This is the end of the government fiscal year, so it’s crazy in my office right now.

I’m already ready for Friday!

For that reason- let’s reminisce a little. smile

My weekend was really nice.

OU was on a bye this week, which was sort of a nice break for a weekend.

It allowed me to clean the house and do absolutely NONE of the things I had on my list of things to do when the bye week came.

Oops! smile

Friday night was uneventful because Will had to work Saturday morning. Just hung out and watched some TV.

Saturday I got up early and saw Will off.

I went to the gym and did a leg circuit.

I love circuit training! I was soaked by the time I was done.

Afterward, I cleaned my house thoroughly.

Well… except not.

It’s getting cooler and we no longer need the fans on all the time.

When I turned them off, I noticed a layer of dust around the blade edges.

But by then I was already done cleaning.

So I turned the fans back on.

We’ll do that next weekend.

(Maybe I should have saved this secret for one of my confession posts? smile )

Afterward, I did something pretty cool.

But I’m not going to share it today.

Remember how I said I have had something on my heart?
Well, I took the bull by the horns.

More to come on that later, though.

Afterward, Will was home and we took a little nap, and by then it was nearly 4!

The girls in my life group decided to go out to dinner Saturday night. I looked forward to it all week!

So here’s the second confession of this post, ever since we got back from Kuwait… oh you know FIVE years ago, we haven’t really connected with a solid group of friends.

(Because I had my sister, and um, what else do you need? Haha)

Sure we have work friends we like a lot, and friends that do not live nearby we often talk to, but in terms of a solid group that live nearby and share our love of Christ and are there to build us up? We didn’t have that.

And I used to think that was okay. However, our pastor has been preaching on friendship lately, and it’s been blowing me away.

Not only that, but the last couple months of being connected in a life group has totally opened our eyes on all the blessings we were missing!

I am so thankful for this group of ladies.

Life group girls!

God is so good!

We went to Mama Rojas on Lake Hefner. It was so beautiful!

Dinner on the lake

I got the veggie fajitas and enjoyed good company. We laughed a lot!

I got home and watched the last of the Texas-K State game with Will, and then it was bedtime!

Yesterday was church, the gym, and then a fun day out with my sister!

We went to Café do Brasil for a late brunch. We had heard good things about it, plus they have a good vegetarian menu.

The food was yummy! I wish I would have taken a picture of it to share.


But I did get a picture of the creepy mural in the bathroom.

Why do I feel like he’s watching you “go?”

This is a mural in he bathroom. Why do I feel like he's watching people pee?

Afterward, we took a walk around Midtown and ended up at Coffee Slingers. I got a peppermint tea, and P got coffee.

Coffee slingers

We sat and chatted and enjoyed the break.

We walked back, headed home, and wow it was nearly 4!

Where did my day go!? I still had to prep food, do laundry, edit a video…

Yeah, not my best afternoon.

And no, it all didn’t get done.

Eh, it happens… at least that’s what I’m telling myself so I stop being neurotic.

Here’s a look at what we will be chatting about this week:

-We wrap up our protein series high as a kite

-Another at-home football inspired workout drill to wrap up our September series!

-A sweet (and surprising!) treat

-How to travel healthy

-and (hopefully!) insights into why we can’t be perfect

So check in this week. I look forward to our chats!

the one with the sunburn & look ahead

Hi friends!

Another work week to tackle, but I have some fun stuff planned so at least I can look forward to sharing that!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

It’s beginning to feel more and more like fall, right? And it officially begins Sunday!

We had a nice weekend, and (as usual) I was sad to see it end.

We started easing into the weekend with a Thursday night birthday celebration for my dad’s birthday!

Cupcakes for dads birthday

I am so glad I get to have my parents so close, I am very blessed.

Friday was a full workday. Busy from the time I got there, all the way until I left.

I was ready for the weekend to start.

Friday night P, Layla, and I had a wild night at Walmart.

It got crazy, ya’ll!

Only not really. smile

Will had a going away party for work, so the girls and I went grocery shopping.

Here’s what’s for dinner Monday-Thursday:

-Tamale Pies (We were supposed to have these last week, but didn’t. They are so good!)
-Fried Rice (Chicken for Will and Chik’n for me. smile )
-Black Bean Enchiladas

I love that we just do 2-3 dinners throughout the week and do leftovers. It makes life much easier.

Afterward, I spent a little time at their place and then went home to see Will!

We caught up on a couple shows, and then called it a night.

Game Day came early Saturday morning.

It was an 11:00 kickoff, so we were on the road early!

The weather wasn’t too bad, in fact the morning was beautiful! As the game started and we got to halftime, however, it got pretty hot.

And I started to feel myself burning.

It was a mess.

I put on expired sunscreen, but did not but enough on my arms and legs.

And did not bring any to reapply.

Stupid mistake for someone as pale as I am.

I knew it was bad when Will, who wore no sunscreen (genius) had enough and said we needed to go

And with good reason.

We were sporting OU colors!

And not in a good way.

Burned Ou-Tulsa

Yow.  Ou-Tulsa


It was a quiet evening. We just passed aloe back and forth and watched TV.

And tried not to move.

Sunday was a little better.

Will did much of the above, sitting on the couch, applying aloe, and watching football.

I, however, had a good day out with P!

My parents watched Layla while we went downtown and had brunch at Kitchen 324!

It was so nice. The weather was perfect in the morning, so we enjoyed sitting outside while awaiting our table.

Waiting for brunch


I got the fruit salad as well as a side of the quinoa.

Kitchen 234 fruit

P got the green eggs and ham, which looked pretty but are not pictured.

We enjoyed a nice meal and chat, and then headed home to prep for the week ahead.

Sunday girls day!

The girls After brunch!

The rest of the afternoon was spent prepping breakfasts and lunches, laundry, and trying to get ahead for the week. I even watched some football with Will.

I made another batch of poppers for Will, and even tried my hand at a vegan version with nutritional yeast! Mine are at the end.


And that was about it!

So now that we’re here to Monday, let’s take a look at this week’s posts!

-Our protein powder journey continues
-Another at-home football inspired workout
-Thursday Night Football: a sweet treat!
-Bringing my best

And more!

So check in this week. I look forward to our chats!

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