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No Boys Allowed!

That’s right, girls, no boys allowed. Well- at least for a couple weeks.

I gave Will quite possibly the best Christmas present I could have ever come up with-

A trip home to see the Oklahoma Sooners play their season opener as well as the highly anticipated OU-Miami game.

The OU-Miami game is HUGE. I don’t know if they’ve ever come to Norman, and if they have- it’s been a long time since their last visit.

The idea of Will going home in September first came up a few months ago when he was talking about how bad he wanted to go to the OU-Miami game.

We were lying in bed and I sort of jokingly said, “Well- you could make that your Christmas present from me.”

I wasn’t exactly expecting him to jump out of bed and make travel arrangements- but, I should have known better. Will is not a fan. He’s a fan-ATIC. Or maybe a fan ADDICT. Yes, Will is an OU Addict.

So, here we are a few months later. Will is smiley and bright and shiny and I’m blah and dull and drab.

Alright, so I’m lying a little.

Will has been looking forward to not only the games, but also spending some time with his dad. He’s really excited about that too. I know how much this trip means to him, so I’m trying to be just as cheerful. It’s hard! Not only is he going to the states to have SO MUCH FUN, but we’re totally “breaking our streak” of not being apart for more than a few days.

Yeah- I’m a major loser. “Aw, poor Brittny won’t get to see her husband for a couple weeks.”

Yeah, yeah. Ann, you can’t scoff okay? I don’t know how you military wives do it!

So, no boy for a couple weeks.

Boz doesn’t count.

Thank God for sisters!

Although I’m feeling a little sad that I’m staying behind, my sister and I are going to “bach” it while Will is gone. It should be fun. This will be the last time me and P will be able to spend this much time alone before she goes off to college next year. I’m really looking forward to sharing the apartment with her for a while. Not only that, but it means I get to try new restaurants Will hates and go shopping for “I missed you and needed some comfort” clothes. Mrs. M- I’m taking my que from you.

I feel bad for saying this, but I’m sort of looking forward to this weekend with P. Does that make me a terrible wife!? I hope not. Heck, if that’s the case Will is a terrible husband because the guy is so excited about getting on that plane.

I don’t think that makes us bad spouses.


Anyway- I’m going to enjoy these next few days with Will, but also look forward to living with P for a little while.

I’ll keep you posted. I’m sure I’ll have lots of fun stuff to talk about! smile

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The New Face of PETA

Why Being an Adult Dog Owner is So Fun:


We figured if Boz was really going to be the “real” Boz, he had to have the mohawk like his idol:

So, yesterday when we went to the groomer we simply gave him what he wanted.

He’s so happy.

Will? I won’t even tell you how excited he was I agreed to this.

My parents are going to freak.

Does this classify us as extremely obsessive OU fans?

Call me crazy, but I think he’s pretty cute. Or maybe it’s just a face only a mother could love??


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Wise Lessons From the Goofy Girl

I’ve learned a lot of very valuable lessons during my short stay on this Earth. For example- typewriters do not have spell check, you still look the exact same way even if you turn a mirror upside down, and you should never ever wear two different pairs of shoes to school (<- that last one is another story for another time).

As you can see, I've acquired a lot of wisdom throughout my years (ha). Today, my friends, I'd like to pass along a morsel of knowledge that I hope you embrace:

Be careful what you complain about. Your husband may end up being thoughtful.

Let me explain.

Two nights ago Will got home and went straight to the computer. I barely got a hello out of the guy. I quickly realized what was quickly approaching. The Fantasy Football Draft. I'll spare you the details. Rest assure I'll cover it many times in the near future. I've tried to be proactive throughout the years of our marriage, so I thought it would be fun if we did a league together. That means last year Will had three leagues- two of his own and one that was "ours."

Guys, I quickly realized how much I hated this "ours" business. Being a fantasy owner sucks. If you take it seriously like Will (ha- I don't have to tell you how fanatical he is with this stuff), you spend hours doing mach drafts, reading fantasy football magazines, and logging onto KFFL to see how your players are doing.

It's insane I tell you! It's like having another freaking job!

So, all last season I "played" fantasy football with Will. He would suggest something and I'd say, "Yeah! I've been researching that too, and I agree!" Of course he knew I was lying. Research football stuff for a fantasy football league? Pft. Please.

By the end of the season I was just a cheerleader telling him I hope he had a successful week. The days of being actively involved were long gone- and I was relieved.

So, let's get back to what happened 2 nights ago when Will came home.

Will was immersed in this mach draft. His eyes were glued to the screen, his fingers were flipping through his fantasy magazines, his entire focus was football. There was no amount of nakedness or fake news that was going to break his concentration.

That's when the pouting began.

"Why aren't we doing this together anymore? This used to be our thing, remember?”

We then got into a discussion about our old league and how it was good bonding time for us, etc. I didn’t think much of our talk after that night. In my mind I came to grips with the fact that fantasy football was Will’s thing, and while it was nice that I tried to be supportive and play along, it just didn’t work.

Until last night.

Will came home all cheery and proud. “I did something nice for you!” he said.

“You did!? What did you do?”

“I’ll have to show you. It’s on the computer! I was thinking about you today.”

My first thought was that he was going to surprise me and book one of these places during our Minneapolis trip. Of course, that would be the logical thing.

Rule #1- there is no such thing as logical when dealing with a football fan.

We get on the computer and he tells me to close my eyes. When he announces “open them!” I do and…


It’s our very own fantasy football league!

(cheers and applause...not)

He was so proud, and all I could say was, “Aw! Thanks, you shouldn’t have!”


He then went into how this used to be something we shared and after my comment the night before he wanted us to have one together again- one I would actually participate in.

So- to motivate me to actually research and try to do well do you know what he did?

He bought us a $250 league!

I was so annoyed. I won’t even tell you how much that means he’s spending on fantasy football this year. The thought makes me feel sick to my stomach.


WHY would he spend that much on a league when he knows I don’t care!? Why couldn’t we do a $50 league like his others, or heck- a free Yahoo one!

Uh- probably because I whined about it the night before.

He wanted to do something really sweet and shelling out $250 was nicer than saying, “Hey babe- I signed you up for a Yahoo League. You can use my screename and password to log yourself in!” Plus, he knew I wouldn’t bother. He’s a smartie. He’s locked me into fantasy football for a season now.

I’m sure that was his evil plan all along- Muuuahahahahahaha.

Rule #2- Fantasy Owners are not logical. Wait… I already said that…

So, I’m now the proud owner of OUObsessionIV (uh- no, I didn’t pick the name. You can thank Will for that one.).

You’d think I would have learned by now, but I just keep coming back for more.

So, the moral of the story is: It’s perfectly fine to tell your husband his hobby makes you want to kill over and die. It simply protects you from having to be apart of it.

Sigh, at least we’ll have lots of quality time together. It was really cute that he did it. I guess I should focus on that.

I’m off to enjoy the weekend. Let’s hope I have fun on this double date of ours!


Stupid Sooner Sanctions

Just a warning- most of you will care less about today’s post. I just need to vent.

I’m an irrational sports fan about to talk crazy- so just buckle down and beware.

What the NCAA did yesterday was both ridiculous and an outrage. I have to believe any person in America that is a real sports fan and has a true appreciation for collegiate sports, regardless of the team, would agree that the NCAA stepped over the line yesterday.

If you care, you can read the story here. The cliffs notes version is that all 2005 OU football season wins will be erased from the record books and all the teams that played OU will have a win credited to their record.

Okay, so I’m a little biased. I’m an OU sports fan. I have season tickets. My husband would give his first born to the person willing to give us OU-Texas tickets for the next 50 years… yeah- I’m biased.

I didn’t say this post was going to be fair, did I!?

The fact of the matter , biased or not, is that the NCAA made a bad call yesterday.

You can’t stop people that deliberately want to break the law, and these boys (Bomar and Quinn) were out to do just that. From a PR standpoint, the University of Oklahoma, President Boren, and Coach Stoops handled the whole matter with class. Upon first hearing about their player’s involvement with the car dealership, both were released from the team. Immediately. Stoops made it clear that he would not tolerate behavior of any kind on his team. Not only that, but they imposed their own sanctions. What more can you do!?

Rhett Bomar was our golden boy- our freaking star. I think the fact that Stoops immediately kicked him off the team sent a clear message that regardless of a player’s performance on the field, he won’t tolerate foul play off the field. He easily could have just suspended him for the season and had him come back. That’s probably what most would have done. Stoops made a statement, and I think that should have spoken volumes to the freaking NCAA.

Failure to monitor? NCAA that’s bull and you know it. In the words of President Boren, “any mistakes made by the athletic department compliance staff while monitoring would not have prevented the intentional wrongdoing by the student athletes and the employer involved.”

I think it’s a slap in the face to the rest of the 2005 great players that committed themselves to excellence and now have to have their entire season wiped off the record books. How can you punish these greats for their effort? Okay, fine- take away our scholarships, keep us on probation for another 238475.34 years- but don’t take away the wins.

And yes, the thought of Reggie Bush and USC has come to my mind. I simply want to puke all over myself when I consider this matter. Isn’t that a comparable situation? Reggie Bush freaking paid his guy off. I don’t know about you, but that seems like an admission of guilt to me. Why not take away their amazing season too?

Yeah, yeah- shut up. Like I said, I’m just firing off this post in anger. Don’t judge.

I just think it’s ridiculous to take away wins from an entire team due to the OU Athletic Office’s “failure to monitor.”

This isn’t the Switzer era when guys pranced around in fur coats and accepted God knows what from God knows who. This isn’t Miami. This is a disciplined group of men committed to winning in all areas of life. I think Coach Stoops made that clear with the measures he took to ensure no shame fell on the University of Oklahoma due to these two players’ lack of discretion. I think that shows character. Like I said earlier, I don’t think many other people would have done the same.

Yeah, yeah, some of you probably think I’m off the deep end and totally ridiculous. “It’s just a game.” Yeah, I know, but it’s simply the principle of the punishment. You wouldn’t put a whole family in jail because the son committed a crime, you know?

I just think the whole thing is so ridiculous, and as I said earlier- I think most true sports fans would have to agree. Even crazy Longhorn fans.

Okay, I’ve run my mouth enough today. Thankfully I feel a lot better! I guess I just needed to yell a little.

I’ll simply sum this post up with a picture of our beloved Brian Bosworth AKA “Boz.”


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What I Get For Marrying a Fanatic

Will- I love OU football so much.

B-Love- I know sweetie.

Will- No, I really don’t think you realize how much I love it. I can’t imagine it not being in my life. I love it that much.

B-Love- I know sweetie.

Will- No- I really love OU football.

B-Love- (a little annoyed) What are you trying to say, Will?

Will- I’m just trying to convey to you how much I love OU football.

B-Love- You don’t have to convey anything. I already know.

Will- Do you?

B-Love- I do.

Will- Oh.

(quiet pause)

How much do I love it?

B-Love- (irritated) If you had to choose between never having sex again or never having anything to do with OU football- I’m pretty sure I know what you’d pick.

(long pause)

Will- But… you’d never make me choose, right?

if only life were as easy as playstation

I think you stateside girls jinx my weekend.

I really do! smile

You are all so ready for your weekend that you join together and pray that Thursday and Friday will fly! Well, you are successful. Another weekend begins for you and one ends for me. I just can’t believe it’s almost over. It feels like it just began! I guess that’s how it always is, but today it especially feels that way.

Next week, take it easy on the whole praying for the weekend thing would ya? smile

I just got done playing a highly competitive game (ha) of NCAA basketball.

Will was OU (what a shock) and I got to be Duke- mostly because they are number one and I figured that was my only shot of losing by less than 30 points.

Final score?

OU- 108

Duke: 48

Well, I tried.

I really did!

What is it with guys and video games? I think their brains are wired and programed to pick up any controller to any game and just play and win.

It wasn’t even enjoyable for me. Will, of course, was having a blast schooling me. I turn into “the enemy” when it comes to playstation. I am no longer just “Britt, Will’s wife...” I am “Basketball Brittny,” whose goal is to conquer and defeat his Sooners, and his sole purpose for the next 2 halves of the game is to make sure I lose.

Not just lose, lose badly. Very badly. As you can tell by the above score.

That has been the highlight of the afternoon. smile

We went to Bible study this morning. It was so good to go. We had sort of all dissolved last fall because of work schedules but it started up again this week. It was refreshing to go.

After that we went to eat with my parents and then went to the grocery store- Will’s favorite place. If you’ve read for very long you know that I like grocery shopping. I think there is some calming fun (of course unless it is payday weekend and you’re at Walmart!) in walking up and down the aisles.

This is not Will’s idea of fun.  It’s more of a Playstation game to him. Sort of like a Mario Cart of sorts. The goal is to see how fast Mario can fill up his cart and make it to the checkout without knocking over old robed ladies or displays of paper towels. We take quite a different apporach to shopping, as you can see. Sometimes I think Will’s whole approach to life is like a big playstation game- from Grocery Store Mario Cart to Should We Go Home Wheel of Fortune.

The whole time we were in the car-from Bible study to the grocery store and to the apartment- Will made sure to blast his newest George Strait cd, and in particular, all the songs that talk about Texas. Now, we’re not really sure where we’ll end up when we come home, but we kind of agree on Texas or Oklahoma. This is due to the fact that we are huge Sooner fans and want to be able to get to Norman on game days (yes, it is a pathetic obsession that dictates our lives, we already know, you don’t have to tell us).

We talked a lot about things “when we get home.” We didn’t really specify a time, but it was sort of fun. We talked about getting a dog and what kind it would be. We talked about what we thought we wanted to do when we got home, which is sort of a scary thought because we’re not exactly sure. Will wants to “be Bob Stoops (OU’s head football coach),” and I would love to do PR or some sort of consulting, or maybe go back to school… but we just don’t really have a plan of what we really and realistically want to do yet. I guess that’s okay because we still have time. It was just sort of fun to talk about it.  Today, that is, ask me tomorrow and I may have a different answer regarding the above converstaion.

Maybe one day soon, as we approach the big decision day, I will lay out my many pros and cons, but for now I won’t bore you with the details of our “private life” because honestly girls- it’s great, but boring. smile

Speaking of our life…

Our 2nd anniversary is Monday!! How crazy is that!?!! I figure I’ll post about all that later this week, but it just blows my mind to think that in just a few short days Will and I will have been married for 2 years. We’re oldies on the nest now! smile ha ha. I guess we won’t technically be newlyweds anymore. Tear*!

We decided to celebrate this next weekend instead of Monday. I made a hair appointment for Thursday morning so I’ll be all freshly highlighted for our night on the town. Such fun. smile

I have our wedding video all ready to go and I got our wedding proofs from my parent’s house so we could look at them. I left my album in Oklahoma but brought our proof book so we could still take a walk down memory lane. smile Okay, more so that I could.  Will loves me and all, but his big thing is that he LIVED the wedding, why watch the whole thing again on DVD? Boys…

Maybe if I play it in the playstation I could call it Tiger Wood’s Wedding Challenge… and he would think it was some exciting new game…

Okay. I’m not fooling anyone here.

It was worth a shot! smile

Sweet Sarah,
I hope your surgery goes well today. I said a prayer for you today. You’ll be back to running miles in no time and we’ll hold hands and frolic in the forest of Green Gables and make fun of that dreadful Gilbert Blythe. Ha ha. Get well soon! You’re so gosh darn fun and we’ll miss you!

2006 Race for my Sanity

Yet another Will Loves Sports posts.

I’m sure you are tired of the many times I talk about this topic- welcome to my world. smile The guy is obsessed.

Yesterday “it” came in the mail. The all new NCAA 2006 Race for the Heisman football game for playstation2. Happy Birthday to Will. He got a super nice football card- one that required a second mortgage to get (just kidding) to add to his collection and then he got “the” game in the mail- and his birthday is still a few days away!

Anyway, Will looks forward to this day (and also August when Madden ‘06 comes out) every year. He has it marked down and know exactly when it goes on sale, preorders it, and watches the mail each day to see if its come. It’d almost be cute if it didn’t consume his every waking hour. smile I have to admit, this game is the coolest by far though. That’s the hard part for me. I do get excited for him because I know he loves it so much and this is the closest thing to football he’ll get over here (unless you see soccer as the “real football,” and believe me, Will doesn’t). I get all excited to see the new features he’s found and I want to see everything all at once. Then once I’ve seen everything new I’m sick of it within a week because I know everything there is to know! I know its his hobby and so I just need to let him be, but he really likes when I sit and watch him and cheer him on- yes my grown husband can revert to childlike tendencies when it comes to his video games. Its like he thinks I’m actually in the stands watching “him” play out there. With this new game you can create your own player, which he did and it looks exactly like him, so now I guess I really AM watching him play. What a strange thing. And guys think we’re weird. Hmm.

So Will is the newest middle linebacker for the Oklahoma Sooners. He has his own freshman dorm room, gets fan mail, has a meter to show him how close he is to winning the Heisman… and yet I continue to wonder about the strange attatchment he has for the game. I guess its obivious- they gave him his own living quarters and a fan base for crying out loud!

EA Sports has really done it this time. (full of sarcasm) Way to go guys

the storming soonerettes

Ladies, I think I’ve officially got myself in over my head with Will.

Will loves sports. I’ve said it a million times in this blog. He loves every kind and has a million sites he must visit everyday to keep up on what is going on. Its more of an addiction than a hobby. Well, here comes August again, the month I have started to dread. Fantasy Draft. Here we go. I’m “single“ until the Super Bowl- but then basketball starts so its kind of a year round thing. smile

The movie Fever Pitch is a good way to equivilate Will’s love for OU and NFL football. He loves these two things like Jimmy Fallon loves the Red Sox.  I enjoy watching games with him, but his fantasy stuff is a whole different world with strange words and points and the longest draft of your life.

Will is in a keeper league, which means he can stay in the same league with the same guys as long as he wants. This is his second year in this one. He also joined another keeper league with higher stakes and better prizes. That’s TWO. And because he is in two leagues, the site gave him one free… that’s right girls. Three leagues for sure, and hes considering a fourth.

What’s a wife to do? I decided I didn’t want to become a sports widow again so I mentioned that it might be fun for us to do one of his leagues together, as a team. At first he was leery and not too excited because he figured I wouldn’t take it seriously. I told him I would and now I’m in trouble.

I’ll fess up. Here’s my confession. I really didn’t plan on getting overly serious about being in this league with him. I just thought it would be fun to pick names that sounded familiar and root for the guys when they played each week. Ha. Today Will brought me my very own $10 fantasy draft magazine so I could do- and I quote- “research.” There you have it.

I really figured I would just look over his shoulder with a supportive smile and say, “Will, that was a great pick!” or, “Our team is really great, huh?” as he set up the rosters for the week. I was looking more for an encouraging, show up for game day role. He is not.

He was actually pretty excited that I wanted to do this with him, which got me excited because I know how much this stuff means to him. I have absolutely no idea what to do with this magazine and I have no idea how to break down and compare stats, but by golly I’m going to try! smile

I even tried to get Will to change our team’s name to the Storming Soonerettes (goofy, I know), but he didn’t want to go that far- afterall he is playing with the guys . We wouldn’t want them to know that a GIRL is helping her husband in a league, right?

So, this is quite a challenge I’m taking under and i’m not sure how I’m going to hang, but what a trip it will be.

a nice weekend

Will and I had a really nice weekend. It was the first weekend I had “gone out” besides to school and work, so it felt good.

My husband is a OU fanatic. I know other women think their husbands are major sports fans, but Will is one of the biggest OU fans I have seen. The team’s first scrimmage was this weekend, and he has been looking forward to it for months. He has the practice schedule up on the fridge with the public practices highlighted. smile Well, we decided to go to the scrimmage. We had a great time!

We left early and got up there areound 9:45. We got excellent seats- 50 yard line… that is the ONLY time we will ever be in the OU stadium and have such great seats! smile Our season tickets are in the endzone behind the goal post- but at least we are in the stadium and not on the waiting list…

Anyway, Will gets so funny when it comes to anything OU- especially football. He acts like a little kid- all smiley and giggly. He kept hugging on me anytime something good would happen- and then he has this annoying tendency to slap me on the butt anytime one of his favorite players do something great… how lovely for me. smile It just cracks me up. So, needless to say- my rear was sore by the time everything was over. I’m sure you all wanted to know that, but it just cracks me up how he totally turns into this hyperactive child with silly ways of outletting his energy!

After the scrimmage, we went to Teds! It is a really good mexican restaurant in Oklahona City. It was sooo good! It was just such a fun and special day. Its funny, but I really think that over this past month, with my surgery, Will and I have gotten closer than I ever thought possible. I guess having to fully rely on a person to totally take care of you really brought us closer together. So, in that way, my surgery was actually a blessing!

Not too much else going on! Everything has really picked up as I prepare for graduation… AGH! What a scary thought. I guess I save that stuff for a later post!

More to come in our full of love life! HAve a great day

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My Good Weekend

It doesn’t seem like it should be Monday already. Me weekend was great, I would have liked another day! smile Our trip was fun. It was nice for Will and I to get out of town and do something together. Lately, our dates have consisted of a dollar movie or some terrible movie on TNT or TBS. smile It was refreshing to spend time talking on the way up there, and being goofy and flirting with eachother. We both agree how important it is for us to “date” eachother, but sometimes we get lazy about it.

Anyway, the game was fun. We had pretty good seats too! I’ve read sooo many blogs about babies lately, so I have to add this side note onto mine. A cute family with their parents and new baby sat in front of us at the game Saturday. The whole time I watched the game, I was also watching that family and laughing to myself. I want a baby’s life! smile I mean, the kid sneezed and the whole family laughed and thought it was the greatest thing ever. It got uncomfortable and it was pampered in the most tender way. It was so funny to watch that family in amazement- they were talking about “their future doctor” when they referred to the baby! Okay, I can’t make too much fun, because I’m sure I’ll be the same way one day (a long time from now ), but it cracked me up during the entire game.

Anyway, after the game we went to Johnny Carinos. We had never been there, and we thought we would try something different. It was really good! <3 Then… we did a bad thing… and went to the Marble Slab for dessert. I got cinammon icecream with pecans and Will got Reece’s cups with chocolate ice cream. yum! It’s okay to splurge every now and then!

Sunday was pretty normal and busy as usual. At our Sunday evening service we watched the Passion. It was my 3rd time to see it, but the impact and power was the same as the first time. I still get teary eyed at the love Jesus has for us.

So, to sum it up (I could go on with boring details, but for your sainity, I wont )my weekend was good.

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