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OU Obsession

The Big Update One.

As promised, I’m preparing to write more than anyone will ever care to read- but hey- I promised one huge puke fest of information so that’s what I’m going to deliver!

I posted my pictures early this morning. I went to bed at 2 Friday night and 2 last night because I was saving, naming, and organizing 50,383 pictures. Just looking at them makes me so happy. Guys, it was the best trip I’ve ever taken and I so wish I were enjoying it all over again. Here’s an extremely short recap of the amazing and adventurous 20 days- oh- and like I mentioned in my last post, my pictures match accordingly in the Mediterranean Cruise Collection so follow along. Ha ha I sound like a teacher.

Day 1- Surprisingly enough I found P with no trouble at all. The Rome airport isn’t all I was building it up to be. We met at the baggage claim, got on our bus, and went to the ship! Easy enough- thank goodness.

Day 2- We were in Florence and Pisa this day. It was a 12 hour tour so we were exhausted at the end. Plus it was hot- so yeah, sweaty girls aren’t fun girls. In Florence we say several beautiful churches and made time for some authentic gelato. P and I also wandered to a quaint little tavern for some famous Italian Chianti. It was such a great day. The night on the ship- as every night- was spent in the formal dining room, watching the cheesy show, and people watching (which consisted of nicknames and making up stories about who they were and where they came from)- followed by late night tea and or ice cream and burgers.

We were so healthy. smile

Day 3- We were in Monte Carlo, Monaco. It’s so beautiful there. We saw the palace and the church where the famous Princess Grace lies. We also saw the Monaco race track and the extra famous Monte Carlo Casino. It was really hot that day so P and I ended up sitting on a bench near the casino and chilling out. My parents called while we were lounging, so that was a nice surprise. It was a really nice day.

Day 4- At sea. It was full of lots of laziness, relaxing, and eating. Repeat.

Day 5- Barcelona baby! It was such a great day. Barcelona is full of amazing architecture so that was a treat. We started our trip going to 3 different restaurants trying tapas. Yum! Afterwards, we saw the famous Gaudi church. It makes me sad that it’s taken literally over a hundred years for this masterpiece to be built- and it’s still not even finished! I think that could be a good Sunday school lesson- how God uses our lifetime on Earth to build his masterpiece. P and I visited a Starbucks because we decided that’s something you must do in Barcelona.

Day 6- Mallorca! Mallorca is beautiful. The town of Valldemossa is stunning. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones have a house out there and I can fully understand why. It’s such a quiet little area. I enjoyed our time there. We also spent some time at a beautiful vineyard in the mountains there where we sampled 3 different wines. It was such a nice little afternoon.

Day 7- Remember what we did on day 4? Yeah, it was more of that. But at this point we figured out how to maximize our cheese platter ordering, ice cream trips, and late night pizza.

Day 8- Today we were in Tunisia- and it was HOT (hence why there are no pictures of us in that set). We saw Carthage, which was okay. We agree that part of it looked like they just threw some rocks on the ground and said, “Hey! Let’s call this place Carthage!” but then we saw some more areas that were more legitimate. Afterwards we went to Si Bou Said, which is a souk of sorts. P and I bought these really pretty Eye and Hand of Fatima charms which we’ll put on a necklace. Sort of a modern day BFF necklace if you will. It’s something so ingrained in the culture where we live(d) so it was special to buy them.

Day 9- Palermo, Sicily. Guys- this was the greatest excursion ever! We made our way into the mountains to see the Baroness di Salvo’s house, a very old dwelling that has been passed down. Soon after we arrived the Baroness herself put on a cooking class for us! She didn’t speak any English, so our guide translated as she made really delicious, classic Sicilian dishes. YUM! And then? Then carnage began. We figured we’d sample some small tastes of the things she made, but oh no. Not quite. Instead, they took us to this other room where we proceeded to eat,

and eat,

and eat.

Guys- we LITERALLY ate for THREE HOURS. 17 courses.


Um, hello immense sickness and fatness!

P and I finished around 3 that afternoon and didn’t eat again until a late breakfast the following morning.

Now that’s a Puke Fest.

Wait- I said I would never say that again, didn’t I? Sorry.

Oh- want to hear a funny side story? Although- I’m not sure if it will be funny since you weren’t there- but I’ll try guys! Okay- as we were feasting we were sharing a table with 2 older women. We were making small talk with them. We were talking about their families, and I had asked one of them how old her children were. The lady started rattling off the following, “Well- there’s 60, 65, 66, and 68.”

I slapped my hand on the table and called out a big hearty, “You look AMAZING!”

She looked at me like I was an idiot (and P did the same) and said, “Those are years, not ages.”

Right. Roger That.

Day 10-
Pompeii. I woke up feeling ill that morning and wasn’t thrilled about Pompeii (um- again why there’s no pictures of us that day!) Despite the yuckiness I had a great time. Those Romans were smarties. I enjoyed getting to see a few different places they inhabited while on the cruise. The Ruins of Pompeii was very interesting.

Day 11-
Rome (again). While we were on a 20 days cruise, some were on a 10 day. Today was the day we dropped those people off and got a whole new bunch of 10 dayers for the Eastern Mediterranean Tour. P and I opted to stay on the ship and have a lazy docked day at sea. It was very nice, and if I remember right, we ate too much.

Day 12-
Another day at sea like all the others!

Day 13-
Dubrovnik, Croatia! Dubrovnik is beautiful. We went and saw the city walls where we spent a few hours wandering around, seeing a church, and just enjoying the sights. It was so beautiful. P and I found a place to sit inside and hung around there for about an hour watching the day go by- as well as lots and lots of people. I’ve never seen water more sparkly than in Dubrovnik.

Day 14-
Corfu, Greece.

Day 15-
Today we were in Olympia!! Not only that- but in Olympia during the 2008 Olympics! Pretty cool. P and I actually got to walk the original Olympic track which was 600 Herculean feet (whatever that equivocates to!). P has a video of us walking the entire track that I posted below! We’re not very animated, totally sweaty, have no makeup on, and are walking the whole time with not much to talk about, but hey- you gotta walk the track when you’re at the Olympics! We’re such Gold Medalists. Ha.

Day 16
Santorini, Greece. Simply beautiful. You can see from the pictures. We spent some time in one of the small villages and then made our way to the black sand beach- which was gorgeous. P and I found a little outdoor restaurant and had some delicious authentic Greek food. Yum.

Day 17
Today we were in Ephesus. It was simply brilliant. I really enjoyed our visit there, not to mention we had a really great guide full of lots of information. We saw the Virgin Mary’s house, where she spent the last years of her life. Afterwards it was on to the ancient city of Ephesus. Apparently there is still so very much still covered that needs to be excavated. It was so neat to see, especially with all the Biblical references.

Day 18
At sea.

Day 19
Today we went to Valletta, Malta. It was really humid and miserable so we didn’t spend much time out and about. It was still nice to get out and walk around a little.

Day 20
Messina, Sicily. Today we did a short little excursion and saw some of the highlights- including this crazy huge clock that has this 15 minute “show” everyday at noon. It was very Disneyish.

And then the trip was over, and my heart was really sad.

Really really sad.

In fact- I feel sad now just typing about it knowing it’s over!

Did I mention I have an amazing boss that allowed me to borrow against the vacation I haven’t yet accrued rather than being unpaid? While it’s a huge blessing, it means I won’t have any vacation for literally the next year. How sad, right!?

Anyway, the trip was over and I bid my sister farewell- but there’s more to come on that.


So moving along to the dogs- they’re a lot of work. I won’t say much since I told you about Rocky. I’ll try to post a few pictures in the coming days. It’s nonstop with 4 dogs. It’s been a test of patience- a test I seem to be failing


So as you know- college football season is underway and Will is the happiest guy in the world. The first OU game proved to be not only a blow out- but wet. We got poured on! They ended up having over an hour delay and instead of driving home due to the rain and gigantic lead, my obsessed husband wanted to stay! Sigh. I guess it’s something we’ll remember…

Will is very excited to finally be able to utilize our tickets, and I am too.


It seems like ever since we moved back it’s been nonstop on the go craziness. We lived with Will’s parents for a month, then P came to visit, then I went on vacation for 20 days, and then-

my dad is coming in 2 weeks! I’m so excited. He’s coming to Texas for some big racing thing and Will is going to meet him down there. After the racing weekend, he’s going to come up and stay a couple days with us, which is very exciting. I’ve been missing my family so much and it’s been hard, so it will be nice to have him here.

Not only that, but it gets better!

The following week my mom and sister are coming to stay a few days!! I can’t tell you how excited I am about the next few weeks. It will be really special for me. I’m not sure when I’ll see my family next, so I’m really happy about their visit.

I’m sure there’ll be lots more talk about all that in the coming days.

As for things now, it’s been a busy weekend full of cleaning. Will, his dad, and brother are in Indianapolis this weekend for the first Colt’s game in the new stadium. It was something they had planned before we moved back, so it’s been something Will has been looking forward to for a long time. It also allowed me a weekend of peace to clean, and man did I! Will didn’t do much while I was gone so I had lots of work to do. Plus, I can get a little fanatical so it takes me longer than most when I get in a cleaning mood. I started Saturday morning and finished at 3 today. I stopped in the evenings to get my pictures all sorted and play with the dogs. It’s been a very productive weekend!

Want to hear a funny story?

Yesterday afternoon a locust somehow got into the house and I was freaking out all day but would’t get near it because I was so scared! It ended up on the couch and I sprayed so much lysol on it that it set off my carbon monoxide detector. ha ha.

Then it ended up on the floor and I put a glass bowl over it with my purse on top- where it will stay until Will comes home to get the locust out of its little biodome! ha ha. I’m a nerd.


I think that’s about all for now. It’s taken me a long time to write this and I’m starting to get antsy. Hope you had a nice weekend!

a post from the domain owner herself

Yeah that whole picture update thing little miss P promised earlier this week?

She was off her rocker.

The truth is that I’m back- but not with pictures.

Yes, finally back.

It’s funny to me how I can keep in contact with you guys so much better across an ocean. Here I am in your backyard and can’t even log in to say, “Hey! I’m alive!

This is the first time i’ve been on the computer since the last time.

(ha ha)

Which was the last time I posted… whenever that was. I literally didn’t check my email for like 4 weeks.

It was amazingly liberating

and stressful.

In fact, I even dreamed about it-

not checking my email.

Crazy right?

Things have just been a whilwind lately.

I’m still adjusting to life back home, getting used to some of the things I wasn’t accustomed to for the past 3 years (ahem- cleaning my own house and pumping my own gas- ahem- SPOILED).

I bid my sister farewell this morning and it really hurt. Thankfully i’ll be seeing her soon (remember! We’re taking an extremely long and amazing cruise- YAY!). However, saying goodbye was still hard because it’s a reminder of the fact that i’ll have to say goodbye again soon and that time it will be for a long time.


Let’s not be a downer, right?

Having here was amazing.


We had so much fun. Granted I had to work each day, and granted we didn’t do anything super outrageous or fun, but just having her here was so nice.

So that was my big news.

Oh and by the way- thanks so much for welcoming her to the blog world! I tell her all the time she should blog. She’s such a good writer. Ha ha apparently I am too because some of you thought I was posing as dear old P. ha ha. It was her- it really was. I felt so bad for my slackerness that I told her to guest blog. She needs a regular spot as far as I’m concerned.

Hmm.. Tuesdays with P?

It has a ring to it.

Oh- and she has her license- which TOTALLY deserves a blog post! C’mon P- at least guest blog on mine so you can tell the license story. Pretty please?

I won’t tell you guys anything just in case she decides to share…

Alright moving along (at least until I can convince Miss P to blog anyway)

We’re becoming a petting zoo here at the B-Love house.

We’re buying 2 more dogs.

Yes- come bring your kids, they can feed the animals at the freaking zoo!!

These dogs, unlike boz and lucy, will be exclusively outside doggies.

So I guess it’s not total petting zooish, right?

I’m excited- mostly excited for Will because as long as I’ve known him he’s wanted 2 big dogs and now that we have a house and a yard we can finally do it.

Rocky and Teddy.

Those names don’t mean much unless you’re an OU fan.

We officially have all 3 Butkus Award Winners in our house- Boz (Brian Bosworth), Rocky (Rocky Calmus), and Teddy (Teddy Lehman)

Yeah- my husband is obsessed.

Ya think?

Hey- marriage is a compromise and I figured this one wasn’t worth fighting.

We’re getting a male Rott and a female lab. Will found these amazing red labs, they’re so unique. I guess that’s originally how they looked in England before they came to America. Sadly, I think I’ll be on my trip when it’s time to get both of them. :( I wanted to be there to pick them out, but I guess I’ll have something nice waiting for me.

Hmm- is that all the “big news” I have to share? I think so.

Okay, so now that I’m a little more settled I’ve been thinking.

Can we just start fresh?

I mean, there is absolutely no way I can get out of blog commenting debt- no way at all. I would totally need to take out a blog commenting loan in which I would hire people to pose as me and write nice little comments on your blog- and I don’t want to do that because I like you and don’t want our friendship to be based on blog commenting lies! Right!?!


So here’s what I’m thinking. I’m thinking of starting clean.

A blog salvation if you will (ha ha).

In which my debts are cleared and I can start commenting from X point on (like soon).


Deal (at least… that’s what I envision you guys saying because I envision you guys as niceys and not comment whores. Right? Right??… hmm...).

So here’s the deal- I’m going to turn comments back on in September.

AGH! September- YES! I will be MIA for a little while longer, but still posting more often than before.

See- I’ll be on the cruise.

I told you guys it was long, didn’t I?

I wasn’t lying.

Um.. but I’ll throw in house pictures soon??

Ha- yeah because THAT makes it all better, right?

Hello! My name is Britthy and I’m a super sucky friend.

I totally deserve a t-shirt.

Wait- don’t do that.

But seriously? I’m wearing a big imaginary one right now.

As for things in my life…

They’re going good.


I won’t lie. I miss the way things were, but I think that’s all apart of being a grown up and adjusting to change. Perhaps we’ll talk about that in another post- one that’s not so full of randomness.

Things with the house are slowly coming together and I’m continually wishing the tiny bush out back were instead a money tree in which I could go out and pick big bills off it’s branches to buy all the pretty things for my house.

Oh magic beans.

I’d be fine with those too.

We’re starting to look for churches which is… fun?



Full of blessings?

I guess all of the above applies. I just want to find one already!


Jumping from magic beans to churches. Should I have seperated my post with little stars to warn you of big random topic changes?


Oh well… it’s just good for me to finally get back to doing something I love.

I hope you all had a nice weekend.

Back to work tomorrow.

That’s one thing I’ve noticed about being back in America. The weekends seem to go a lot faster! I guess because they’re full of busyness.

Anyhow, I’m back and hope to be blogging a little more regularly prior to my departure on the big sea!

thanks again for welcoming P, it made me feel really loved.

<3 and another normal week begins…

Eye’m Having Fun in Phoenix

Hello Friends!

Happy New Year Friends! Are you ready to ring in 2008? I can’t believe 2008 is here. Craziness!

I’m typing from Phoenix! We got here bright and early this morning. As I had hoped, we flew in with a few other Sooners, so that was fun. Don’t worry, we didn’t get out of control. There was no Boomer Sooner chanting from across the plane. We all were very well behaved.

Thus far our first day in Phoenix has been quite an adventure.

You know, when I think of vacation I think of fun, relaxation, excitement-

not pink eye.

Yep, Will has pink eye.

Can I first just say- Ew!?

Yes, Ew. Does that make me a terrible wife? Sorry. But seriously- Ew.

Just think of a puss-caked eye glued shut, juicy, and flaming hot pink. Yeah- you’re feeling me now on the “ew” aren’t you?

Poor guy. It’s like he’s constantly winking at me, only instead of it being all cute and flirty, it’s more like a huge gigantic swollen shut cornflake staring right at you in the winking position.

Agh! Now EVERYONE is saying Ew, right? Sorry- I just wanted you guys to share in all my disgusting “fun.”

Yesterday Will felt it coming on, but we were in Texas with Dr. Vet and weren’t able to get to a pharmacy. Plus, this morning at 4:00 when we were trying to get packed and rush to the airport wasn’t exactly the opportune time either. So- poor Will met the TSA airport guys with a big mushy cake eye.


Boomer Sooner.

I guess.

Anyway, so our first few hours were a BLAST! Let me tell you. There’s no better way to learn about the city in which you’re staying like visiting their AM-PM/Emergency Care Clinic.

Loads of fun I tell you- loads of fun.

Those are two hours of our lives we’ll never get back. How sad.

We started off hoping that, as in Kuwait, we’d be able to stop by a pharmacy and get something that would get rid of this crap. We were mistaken. Why? Why would we think America would be about conveniences? There’s only a fast food restaurant on every



in this country,

and everything is “quick and easy” on every commercial you see. Was it too much to ask for a simple infection killing eye drop?


So, our dreams of a quick trip to Walgreens for aid were dashed.

On to the fun: the Emergency Care Clinic.

Thank God I’ve gotten a hepatitis shot.

That’s really all I can say.

Okay, I’m fibbing. There’s more to say. Guys, it was scary!

And smelly…

Unidentified wet stuff on the floor…

And full of deep, throaty, mucous-y coughs.


Seriously, if we were healthy before we came, we left there with something.

“We’re going to have to boil our clothes!” I told Will.

Yeah, yeah, I know- hospitals are full of sick people. I guess it was just quite a shock to sit in the AM-PM clinic my first day in Phoenix. Plus the stuff on the floor put me a bit overt the edge. What was it? No one knows.

What an adventure!

So, we sat, and we sat, and we made friends, and we watched terrible daytime TV. We sat there for 2 hours and Will was finally called. He was with the doctor for less than 5 minutes.

Hmm, wait for 2 hours, done in 5 minutes… something seems odd....

To cure us of the pink eye horror and frightening clinic we opted to celebrate our pink eye prescribed drops with a Cheesy Gordita Crunch!

Those may be the one thing that would bring me home for good. Thank goodness they’re only limited time things.

So, it’s been quite a day. I think with all of this afternoon’s fun, we’re going to let that be our fill of excitement for new year’s eve. We ordered a pizza and are going to stay in.

Read: Old Married Boring Couple.

Oh well, that’s us. We’ve accepted it!

I hope you all have a wonderful new years! I look forward to reading about it.

Update on my previous post to come sometime. For now I’m resolved to try my best not to worry about things I can’t control and just trust God.

Thanks for all your sweet comments lately. For the umptheenth time- when my in-laws go back to normal hours in January I look forward to catching up soon.

Happy New Year! More to come.

Boomer Sooner!

i finally put a few pictures on display

Aside from the fact that I had a crappy week at work,

completey forgot my parent’s 26th wedding anniversary (yes, I suck),

and lost one of the diamond earrings Will got me for Christmas two years ago (yeah- I mentioned I suck, right? That was a sad story, by the way),

I’m feeling better today. Thanks so much for the sweet words. I started to upload the hundreds of pictures I took while in Jordan, but I already reached my monthly uploading limit! How crappy. I uploaded my least favorite pictures first (go figure, what luck), so now I’ve got all my favorites sad and waiting until freaking JANUARY to be displayed on the sidebar.


Poor pictures.

Anyway, I just wanted to post to say thanks for your sweet words. Thank goodness vacation is around the corner, I might go crazy if it weren’t!

Boomer Sooner! Cross your fingers! If we win today Will and I are Arizona bound in January!

Have a good weekend <3

Little Orphan Annie

"You know what? I’d pay $1,000.00 if it guaranteed OU another National Championship.”

“Hmm. I think I’d rather just keep our money and cheer them on, hoping they’d do it on their own without our help.”

“I’d even give Boz away, as long as I knew he was going to a good home.”

“What!? Are you serious? You can’t give our dog away to ensure another title! That’s weird. That’s troublesome. That’s SICK!”


“Good thing I didn’t say the next thing.”

“What’s that?”


“No really, tell me.”

“Nah. Nevermind. It was nothing.”

“Oh c’mon- I won’t get mad. Promise.” (ha)

“Okay. If I knew you were going to a good home, I might give you away too!”

There really needs to be a support group for husbands like this.

Hook ‘Em Horns… Not.

Jacqueline- this is for you:


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


It’s what’s for dinner.

I could now enter into a series of Texas jokes, but because I had had a gracious friend that didn’t rub salt in the wound when OU lost last year, I will do the same. What a nicey I am.

Maybe Will and I should start thinking about some bowl tickets, huh?

Dear Sooners,

You broke my heart.

The only consolation is that Texas lost too.

Worse than us.

Can we please claim a victory against them next week? I’d really like you to be Big 12 Champions and go to a really good bowl where Will and I can come see you play.

Do you think you could swing that?

Besides, if you lose to Texas, I’d never hear the end of it from Longhorn Lane.




Tickets for Will and I to fly to America this December ........ $alotoffreakingmoney.00

Hotel in Minneapolis ........ $125.00/night

Rental Car ........ $190.00/week

One Meal at the Cheesecake Factory ........ $55.00

Adrian Peterson Vikings Gear ........ $100.00

Finding out that the tickets you paid a crapload for- soley to watch your favorite rookie OU player and no other reason at all- normally go for NINE DOLLARS AND FIFTY FREAKING CENTS due to the extra-small fine print stating LIMITED VIEW on the front-

ie: meaning there is a huge freaking pole/concession stand/cruise liner blocking 99.943% of the field- ........


There are some things money can buy. For everything else, there’s Vicodin.

Will’s Ground Rules for Watching Live Football in Kuwait


I understand you love the Sooners and want to support them in every which way.

I’m respectful of that.


Love, Sweetie, Light of my Life, we must have some ground rules if you insist on waking up at all hours of the night to support your team.

1. If the game is not televised and you are forced to listen via internet radio in bed, the head phones must be on.

2. You must cheer quietly. Remember the “inside voice” we talked about and practiced? That voice must be in effect. No loud “Yeah baby!” cries, or “Go, go, go, go!!!” as you cheer on Murray into the endzone. No stomping, yelling, or loud clapping.

Inside Voice Cheers Only.

3. I love you, but I’m not getting up at 1:30 in the morning to watch OU vs. the Sisters of the Poor. It isn’t going to happen my friend.

4. When the game is over, and you’re all alive and exhilarated, and not ready to go back to sleep you are forbidden to wake me just because, “You can’t sleep.”

5. No. For the millionth time-no, I do not want to play Skip-Bo with you. Why don’t you ever want to play when I do!? Must you wait until 12:41 to ask!? Seriously.

6. I’m incapable of true and meaningful conversations after about 9:00 each weeknight. So- that means when it’s 2:13 and you’re telling me you miss life back home and asking me, “How long do you think we’ll live in Kuwait?” I’m just not fully aware of what you’re saying. I’m more asleep than awake. I’m liable to tell you we’ll be here forever and that I think you should wear that ugly plaid shirt to work today.

And we both know that you shouldn’t.

See!? I can’t be trusted during normal sleeping hours.

7. You’re not allowed to keep nudging me and telling me how you’re awake and you can’t get back to sleep.

I’m not awake.

I am asleep.

If you’re not- than at least let one of us get some rest!

8. No. I don’t want to shower with you at 2:45.

What were you doing showering then anyway!?

9. You’re not allowed to flip every freaking light on in the house, slam drawers, and clomp around while getting ready after that 2:45 shower.

I’m sure there are more rules, but that’s all I can come with now.

That’s probably due to the fact that I’m too tired to think of any more.

I’m tired because from 11:00- 3:30 you continually poked and nudged me telling me how awake you were, or asking me to play skip-bo, or asking me deep and meaningful questions about life!

Just wait until tonight, Will. You’re going to be exhaused and I am going to make it my mission to annoy you the same way.

Ha- who am I kidding? I’ll be out like a light too.

Oh well, the thought is nice.

Are you up for Skip-bo?? smile

Miami: Meet Oklahoma

It’s game day in Norman ladies and gentlemen!

Have I mentioned how much I wish I were home today!?! Will is probably just waking up, donning his OU jersey, and smiling from ear to ear.

I’ve looked online to see what the spread is supposed to be, and it looks as though most people are expecting an Oklahoma victory.

So am I.

I mean with a freak like Demarco Murray running the ball into the endzone a million times, and a good line I’m not anticipating any major surprises. Ha, let’s hope not anyway!

I’m wearing an OU blouse to show my support from afar today, and I’m going to try to catch some of the game tonight. That way Will and I are sorta kinda at the same place at the same time.

Alright, I’m off for now. I just felt an urge to post. P and Z are taking me out for dinner tonight. How sweet is that, right!? I have such a good sister and boyfriend-in-law.

Hope you guys enjoy your Saturday game day!

Don’t Tell Sarah L. I said this, but Go TCU! Beat the Longhorns! heh heh.

Boomer Sooner! 

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