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Giving Pigskin a Whole New Meaning

I can’t be sure of the final count, but I think I just ate 20 or so Chick-fil-a nuggets covered in Polynesian sauce.

and I pretty much feel like throwing up all over my multi-colored carpet (afterall, now that the puke-free streak has ended, does it really matter?).

Oh- and I also had a Chick-fil-a brownie too.

Because apparently I enjoy gorging myself to the point of vomiting on game day.

Game day.

What is it about game day that will make people do stupid things like break open a keg at 9:00 in the morning, go shirtless in sub-zero weather, or eat 34,000 calories!?

Oh- and I probably also failed to mention the sausage velveeta queso dip I made (Yuck! That just sounds white trash, right?). In my defense I used “lite” sausage.

ha- you know, because 10 grams of fat per 2oz. serving is SO HEALTHY! You’re really doing a bang up job keeping your family clear of heart attacks with that “lite” sausage, Brittny!

But because it’s “game day” all rules of health and sanity go out the window.


boomer sooner

A Short Manly Post

I think you all know by now that it would be almost sacrilege to start this post without saying Boomer Sooner.

We had the funnest time last night. It is by far the best home game I’ve ever gone to. It was thundering the entire time and I think the only time anyone sat down was for halftime- and maybe an occasional TV timeout. It was so great I wish you could have been there. I still can’t get over how loud and crazy it was the entire time! I didn’t really care to go to the Bedlam game- but now I really want to! Megan, are you going? It should be really good!

Anyway, we had an amazing time last night. It was so much fun.

Tonight will almost be that good because our favorite hero Jack Bauer is back in action! Will loves Jack so much that he’s going to tape the Colts game to watch it afterward.

I know that may not mean much to most of you- but trust me, my husband is an obsessive football fan and in love with the Colts. Trust me, it’s a big deal.

Off to feed the zoo now. Hope you had a great weekend!

Hodging Podging

Let me be upfront today- I’m going to ramble.

I’m at the computer and watching the OU-A&M game because I’m an incredible multi-tasker.

“Ross” and Will are watching the game and reminiscing about old times. Did I spell reminiscing right?I don’t think so, but I just did my spell check and guess what? It says it’s right- or it’s so wrong that the spell check didn’t even register it. Who knows. Do you care? I don’t. I bet you don’t. So why are we still talking about the correct spelling of reminiscing?

So we’re inheriting another puppy for a few days.


(lie. a big fat huge lie)

I can’t wait to clean dog pee stained carpet!

Oh the joys of puppy-dom.

The truth is that I love this puppy. It’s so tiny and soft and cute.

The other nice thing is that they’ll return the favor whenever we go out of town, so that’s the best part of the deal.

So Thursday night I went to the gym and I’m pretty sure everyone there was secretly on standby to perform mouth to mouth upon my passing out.

Guys, I don’t know why, but when God created me I think it might have been at the end of a very long tiring day full of earthquakes and miraculous healings and revivals, because somehow I ended up with waaay too many sweat glands. I ran six miles and was sweating like a pig by mile one. Dripping sweat. Panting dog sweat. I pretty much felt embarrassed just existing at the gym. I’m pretty sure people were doing secret sign language codes about how they would take turns watching out for me just in-case I began to drop to the floor in a sweaty, slippery stupor.

Good times.

I love the gym.


Why!? Why am I such a sweater?! I had to text my sister during my run just to prove to on-lookers I still had enough coordination to phrase coherent sentences- although, I think my sister may have been confused by the text that read the following:

“ So I finally got myself to the and amsoaked! Im sure everyone on standby to bring me tolife. so embarrassing!”


So today instead of doing the cardio I desperately needed to do, I only did weights because it was busy and I thought I shouldn’t fling sweat on poor innocent by-standers.

Oh-and you know what makes things even more horrifying? I’ve heard people at the gym give other people nicknames. Heck- even Rachel and I are guilty of it. We have nicknames for the weird guy that makes loud moans when he lifts (we call him The Grunter), there’s this weird guy that won’t stop inviting me to his church (we call him The Weird Guy- but I also secretly call him The Missionary) and the list goes on.

SO- I know that karma is biting me in the butt and that surely I am Sweaty Drippy Man Girl or Pool Boy or The Girl That Sweats A Lot.

Yeah. I’m pretty sure I’ve got a name.

Okay. I’m bummed now. Can we please stop talking about the gym and my sweatiness?


So remember how we bought a new chair to go with our new desk? Well the new desk had a crack in it so it has to be returned and will not be available for like another 2 months! What’s up with that!? I practically get felt up by the salesman and had to deal with all their crap and they can’t produce another desk in a timely manner? Sigh… So I’ll continue to live on the dining room table- along with all our bills and mail and everything else. Yum. There’s nothing like eating a home cooked meal right next to mail touched by half of America.

What else??…

I’m starting to really miss my family. This summer was such a whirlwind with the move and the trip and everything in between, but now that we’re a little more settled I’m starting to realize how much I miss our little circle that was my family. P is doing well in school and is very busy. I miss our daily dialogues. I talked to my parents today which was nice. They’re coming to the states to see my grandparents in a couple weeks and I’m seriously debating something incredibly stupid just to see them- leaving here around 4 Friday afternoon, driving all the way to Colorado, spending Saturday there with my family and then driving home Sunday. I feel ridiculous for even entertaining the thought, but I guess I realize it may be a while until I see them again so I feel like I ought to go see them. So- we’ll see.

There’s really not much going on. My weekends are full of football and my weekdays are full of work. We’re still looking for a church. I think we’re going to try the one we went to last week again, so we’ll see. I feel as though I’ve allowed my relationship with God to lapse a bit since the move, which I hate. Finding a place to consistently go will help that I’m sure. We’ve only visited three since we’ve back, but we’ve been to each a few times. I want to try another one or two so hopefully after we do that we’ll be able to make a final decision. Sorry for the long ramble, but as this is Saturday night it’s on my mind right now!

What else could I possibly share with you guys?


The “kids” are doing well. We had a grooming massacre last week with Boz and Lucy so that was sort of crappy. They look absolutely ridiculous.

Rocky and Teddy are doing well. I’m so, so, so happy we held on to Rocky. He’s turned out to be the best little pup. I love him so much. We’re going to get him fixed this month in hopes of keeping his aggression to a minimum. We’re also going to begin taking him to obedience classes. He’s so great with people so that’s the best part. I think part of the problem was that we kept him in a tiny kennel all day long so when we finally let him loose for an hour each day he’d have so much energy built up that he would play rough. Now that he’s outside full time he is so full of love and he loves meeting people which makes me so happy. I can’t believe we ever thought we’d get rid of him. So- that’s the Rocky update.

There’s not much more I could possibly bore you guys with. I hope you’re having a lovely weekend. I’m now going to go cheer on the Red Raiders to victory- we really, really need them to win.

If you actually read all of this- you’re a very good friend of mine. I’m sorry for the rambles. It’s Saturday and allowed, right?

More to come…

I Bet He’s Still an Undecided Major.

I’ll never understand what makes college kids think it’s totally legitimate, acceptable, and normal to roll out a kegger at 9:00 am just because it’s game day.

Isn’t there a rule or law that says prior to 10:00 you must drink coffee or juice only?

Shouldn’t the general public be allowed a cup of caffeine and a few hours to prepare for such moronic behavior?

Shouldn’t regular people like me and my husband be able to enjoy our juice-filled game day mornings idiot-free?

Doesn’t it seem a little early to find yourself without a shirt on, spray painted red hair, and hugging a trashcan puking all over your bare feet- and the sidewalk where we were walking?

Maybe I’m old, or maybe I just like wearing shirts when I hug a trashcan and puke all over my bare feet for everyone to see (ha ha), but it seems to me that kid should have stuck to the juice rule.

And I Wonder Why We Don’t Have More Friends By Now

I felt it necessary to post about something.


Nothing for God’s sake.

I felt it necessary to put something above the thong post. Something about it seems so tacky and inappropriate.

Funny- I felt much more liberty to speak freely while in Kuwait- a ultra-consertaive country- than I do here. I guess it’s becaure I’m home now. Home where I know people people think they know me, the young Brittny they knew a whole three years ago before I moved away for three years and became a lot different.The truth is that they don’t, but seriously- do you really think I’m going to say that to them during a short 5 minute conversation of catching up.

“Oh hi Brittny! It’s so nice to see you! How have you been?”

“Great- oh and by the way you have no idea who I am anymore and it irritates me the way you judge what I do!


How are the kids??”

Ha ha, yeah- not so much.

Anyhow, the thought of running into these people- these “friends” of mine at Walmart (because that’s where EVERYONE hangs when you’re really not wanting to run into someone, right?) makes me cringe.

how silly.

We have lots to discus my friends! Lots and lots. Like- how my sister leaves for college this weekend, how I’m in a weight loss competition with our friends (yes- I still have them! I haven’t scared them yet!), and much much more. Unfortunately I’m running late for a very important date (ha ha, I always wanted to say that) and can’t get into everything now. More to come, I promise.

Off to enjoy the day.

Let’s hope the Sooners pull through today. Oh- and go Mizzou.

Oh- and cross your fingers I don’t run into anyone I know.

A Loss is Nothing to Snicker About

Well lovies- it’s here.

You’ll have to go to a sports blog to get the play-by-play pre-game stuff (because I know how my female audience LOVES to talk all about sweaty 200 pound college boys colliding into one another), but you’ll get everything else right here.

I’m preparing to jump in the car with Will and 2 of our friends (Friends! Friends! Did I tell you guys I have Friends now? I have people, people! you can see I’m still very new to this concept and often find myself smiling and singing for no reason. Food tastes better, the sun shines brighter… you get the picture… ) to head to the Big D!

Wow- this post is really choppy.

Do you realize I just inserted a whole freaking paragraph right in the middle of the above sentence?


How do you guys read this crap?

Very carefully, I suppose.


I’m siked about Texas-OU OU-Texas.

I figure if all goes to hell I’ll find myself in a trans-fat-fair-food-comforting stupor.

“Where’s Brittny?”

“She’s over by the basketball throw rubbing fried snickers all over herself. I think she’s gone off the deep end.”

Yeah- I figure this weekend won’t be all lost if we lose.

There’s always fried snickers.

Some may say I sound like such a pathetic fan.

These people have never indulged in a fried snickers.


boomer sooner

A Series of Short Posts: OU-Texas Weekend.

Two days and counting until game day and I’m already nervous.

You’d think I was the one suiting up and sweating all over myself.

Wait- while I’m not going to be suiting up on Saturday, I can totally guarantee I’ll be sweating all over myself- so being nervous is totally legitimate- right?

The Weekend Edition (to include a partial list of words I hate)

I’m back from Waco.

Back very victorious, highly sunburned, and slightly fatter.

I think the highlight of my day occurred when a grandma turned to her little granddaughter and said, “I’m pretty sure grammi is not going to be able to find anything she likes to drink here. She’s going to have to wait until after the game.”

I’m pretty sure grammi wasn’t referring to coffee either.


It’s the little things that make me laugh, really.

Anyhow, the trip was fun.

Fun in that- drive 30 hours to get there, have a quick dinner with Dr. Vet (ie:Will’s brother) sleep for 4 hours, drive 2 more hours to get to Waco, watch the game, and turn straight around and drive 32 hours to get home and clean poop off four dogs’ butts- kind of way.

Yeah, fun in that sort of way.

Okay, I’m exaggerating a little lot. I had a good time, it just went very fast! A win is always fun.

I will now stop talking about OU football. I will NOT- I repeat will not- go on and on for 4 hours about how I’m totally nervous about OU-Texas next week,

and how I’m so stoked about eating a fried snickers and complaining about being fat,

or meeting up with my ex-blogger friend Sarah for a corn dog at halftime,

or stressing out over each punt the Sooners have to kick, or any point Texas puts on the board.

I refuse.


I said “stoked.”

Pretty sure that’s on a list of Things to NEVER EVER Say Again.


Sorry about that.


What was I thinking?

There are many, many times throughout the day when I think I really need to begin a list of words I hate. P and I talk about starting this list ALL THE FREAKING TIME, but never do and then I end up forgetting some of the words that I hate until I hear someone use them in a sentence- which in most cases causes me to break out into a disgusting upper lip sweat.

Words I hate.

There are so many. So very many…

Just a few basic ones include:









Ew. That’s so freaking disgusting. Those aren’t even my good ones. There are so many more.

I kind of froze when I realized I was blogging about something so stupid, so my best words are tucked away in the educated part of my brain-

because everyone knows I do not use that part of my brain when I compose these lovely little morsels of fantastic-ness I call “posts.”


Okay guys, so you all have to leave a word you hate in the comments block so I can add them to my list and begin my petition to outlaw these words from every day vocabulary.

Yeah- freedom of speech proponent, that’s me.

Okay, enough about all that crap…

I added pictures not once but twice to my flickr account this week- impressive right?

I go over a week without blogging, but darnit, those pictures are going to get posted!

Oh, speaking of the lapse- followed by my last post of nothingness- yeah, you’re not going to have to suffer through one of my saddy-whiney posts (ha- not right now, anyway) as I mentioned before. I think I had built everything up, and composed the post in my head so many times, that there wasn’t really a need to actually follow through and type it out because it had been mulled around for days and days to the point where sitting down to right something really wouldn’t do my feelings justice.

Hello run-on sentence!

Anyway, no boo-hoo post (for now). You’ve been spared.

As for other things, I really need to clean my house.

I have this awful fault of feeling the need to stress out loud (and yes, I harbor feelings of stress about the state of my house, even though most would consider it clean).

Not only do I feel the need to stress out loud, but I also feel the need to do so over and over and over.

Oh- and that goes for everything.

P and I have this same weird quark. We find ourselves repeating things to others all the time and driving them crazy. For instance- if I’m eating a piece of cake and love it, I’ll rave on and on until someone wants to smear it all over my bangs. Or if we ate something really bad, P and I will go on for hours about how sick and large we feel.

We’re seriously weirdos.

Anyway- now that you have yet another confirmation of my strange ways- the house.

Needs cleaning.

Slightly stressing.

I don’t plan on doing anything tonight because frankly, it’s been a very long 30 hours and I’m ready to sleep. Tomorrow we’re going to to ANOTHER church, and perhaps after that (and after I go to the gym to run my chick-fil-a, ice cream, candy bar, etc, etc,etc off from this weekend) I will take care of the house.

Ranjii! I miss thee!


Why can’t we find cheap labor around here?

Ha- laws.

And rights.

That’s why.

Yay for the freedom to say awful words like “raunchy” and “bean” and also get paid decent wages.

I still sometimes forget I’m living somewhere so great.

But seriously, Ranjii?

Call me.

What else??…


New one.

Will and I have sucked with church lately (sucked with church… hmm, that’s a new phrase). This summer has been a freaking whirlwind.


What’s worse than that?


I can’t think of anything right now.

Whatever the case, this summer was- whatever’s worse than a whirlwind.

We arrived in America on memorial day and had to immediately start house hunting so we would have a place when I started work.

I started work on 9 June and lived with the inlaws until the 30th, which was the day we closed on our house.

3 days later, on the 3rd, my sister arrived and stayed 2 weeks.

2 weeks after that, I went on my cruise!

I got back on the 26th and the following weekend (I think!) Will was off to Indianapolis for his game.

Followed by a week off (I think...)

And then my dad visited,

followed by my mom & sister’s visit.

WOW! I’m tired just typing.

Anyway, it’s been a busy summer full of travelling, visitors, and oh yeah- a huge move across the world!

We’ve tried 2 churches, but I still want to try one or two more, so we’re going to do just that tomorrow. I just really want to get plugged in somewhere, so hopefully we like this place. We’re just going to service tomorrow and based on that we’ll decide about Sunday School.

Ha Sunday School. I think most people have transitioned to calling it Bible Study nowadays. Sunday School sounds so… hard.

Anyway, That’s that.

I already mentioned feeling chubby this weekend, right?


See? Told you I obsessively repeat myself.


I think I’ve reached the end of my ramblings.

What else can I possibly say to make you beat your head in the wall any harder?

(this is getting really long, right?)

Okay, I’ll wrap it up- but only if you tell me some of the words you hate too!

Ready? Set? Go!

Posting Something.

It’s been over a week since my last post so I feel the giant need to post something- anything- so that a 9 day old post isn’t sadly hanging on to dear life any longer.

Sorry I’ve been MIA the last week, my mom and sister were in town. It was so wonderful, guys. It was the best.

It’s been hard having them gone- I miss them already! I hope to post pictures in the coming days, as well as post a really annoying bleeding heart type post.

Because I KNOW how my bloggy friends LOVE when I whine and cry.



Will and I are off to Waco tomorrow.

I have absolutely no idea why.


Why would we drive all the way down there to see a game we’re sure to win?

(knock on wood)

(knocking on wood more...)

(one more time for good measure...)

Anyway, I’ll be out and about in the big town of the Baylor Bears this weekend, but I hope to post soon.

Like I said- I simply had to post something.

Aw, what a committed blogger right? (ha)

The Home Team

My weekend was full of lots of normal American things like football, sub sandwiches, cool fall weather, and more football.

All day Saturday was college football.

And after that there was more football-

Followed by even more football.

And still more football to come tonight.

You get my point.

The last 3 years have been spent in Kuwait, where football games were limited and broadcast at all hours of the night. Don’t get me wrong, Will still got up to watch all that were broadcast, but we were so disconnected that it just didn’t seem to be the same.

You see my friends, this is the first football season since 2004 that Will and I have been in America to endure enjoy a football season in real time. During our stay in Kuwait we saw games here and there, but nothing continual. Nothing

This year, however, we have NFL Sunday Ticket-


NFL Sunday Ticket.

The phrase alone causes women all over the world to shudder.

The phrase that screams, “I’m going to invite all my smelly buddies over to our and we’re going to be barbaric, sweaty men- roaring incredibly loud each time our team does something good or bad- spilling bright orange velveeta queso and Dr. Pepper all over your new carpet each time we jump up in jubulation or frustration. We’re men- hear us roar.”

NFL Sunday Ticket.

The fall of all women and clean carpets.

At this point in our little American stay Will has yet to meet lots of “buddies,” so therefore my house is still clean. We have one set of friends we hang with- a set that is very respectful of things and would never spill bright orange velveeta queso and Dr. Pepper all over our new carpet.

However, I know as the season progresses and we find a church home and will gets a job- the buddies? Yeah, they’re coming. I feel it.

It’s almost as though the yet-to-be-met buddies are breathing down my neck as I type-

I can smell the sausage pizza on their breath and can hear the belches even now.

Oh please save me.

I assure you- more to come on this subject…

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