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OU Obsession

Sooner Saturday!

It’s football time in Oklahoma!!

Last year, Notre Dame came to our house and beat us.

And it sucked.

Seriously- it’s like being schooled in Monopoly by your 2nd cousin.

Who’s in first grade.

It’s humbling.

And embarrassing.

Today? We are in South Bend, hoping to bring a reckoning to the Irish after last year’s ego crusher.

I can only hope we follow through.

Oh, and did I tell you we are there?

Yeah- we are in South Bend today. smile

Very sneaky.

Check in soon for a fun update of all that we’ve been up to!

Until then?

Fingers crossed, and Boomer Sooner!

Work it Out Wednesday: Football Inspired Workout #3


Another round of football drill inspired workouts today.

Last week touched our tootsies. smile

The week before, we shuffled.

This week?

This week is all about those high knees.

High knees are a great, heart raising way to target your legs and lower abs.

And today we’re going to high knee the heck out of this workout.

Yes, I said it.

I don’t care if it doesn’t make sense.

I’ve found over the years, most people get lazy with high knees, just barely raising their legs above a normal jog.

That’s disgraceful- don’t do that.

We can do better than that, and we know it!

Look at these boys on the left side of the screen.

Like that.

So when you do this workout?

Don’t let me down.

Make me proud.

Get your knees way high up in line with your hip and work your butt and lower abs.

Go all out for each of these drills, take a break and go again.

This isn’t a cake walk, ladies, this is a workout.

-30 seconds High Knees
-30 seconds Pop Squats
-30 seconds Pushups
-30 seconds High Knees
-30 seconds Mountain Climbers
-30 seconds Triceps Dips
-30 seconds High Knees
-1 minute Plank
-1 minute Rest

Repeat 5 times.


More to come, lovelies!

A sweet treat tomorrow!

the one with the sunburn & look ahead

Hi friends!

Another work week to tackle, but I have some fun stuff planned so at least I can look forward to sharing that!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

It’s beginning to feel more and more like fall, right? And it officially begins Sunday!

We had a nice weekend, and (as usual) I was sad to see it end.

We started easing into the weekend with a Thursday night birthday celebration for my dad’s birthday!

Cupcakes for dads birthday

I am so glad I get to have my parents so close, I am very blessed.

Friday was a full workday. Busy from the time I got there, all the way until I left.

I was ready for the weekend to start.

Friday night P, Layla, and I had a wild night at Walmart.

It got crazy, ya’ll!

Only not really. smile

Will had a going away party for work, so the girls and I went grocery shopping.

Here’s what’s for dinner Monday-Thursday:

-Tamale Pies (We were supposed to have these last week, but didn’t. They are so good!)
-Fried Rice (Chicken for Will and Chik’n for me. smile )
-Black Bean Enchiladas

I love that we just do 2-3 dinners throughout the week and do leftovers. It makes life much easier.

Afterward, I spent a little time at their place and then went home to see Will!

We caught up on a couple shows, and then called it a night.

Game Day came early Saturday morning.

It was an 11:00 kickoff, so we were on the road early!

The weather wasn’t too bad, in fact the morning was beautiful! As the game started and we got to halftime, however, it got pretty hot.

And I started to feel myself burning.

It was a mess.

I put on expired sunscreen, but did not but enough on my arms and legs.

And did not bring any to reapply.

Stupid mistake for someone as pale as I am.

I knew it was bad when Will, who wore no sunscreen (genius) had enough and said we needed to go

And with good reason.

We were sporting OU colors!

And not in a good way.

Burned Ou-Tulsa

Yow.  Ou-Tulsa


It was a quiet evening. We just passed aloe back and forth and watched TV.

And tried not to move.

Sunday was a little better.

Will did much of the above, sitting on the couch, applying aloe, and watching football.

I, however, had a good day out with P!

My parents watched Layla while we went downtown and had brunch at Kitchen 324!

It was so nice. The weather was perfect in the morning, so we enjoyed sitting outside while awaiting our table.

Waiting for brunch


I got the fruit salad as well as a side of the quinoa.

Kitchen 234 fruit

P got the green eggs and ham, which looked pretty but are not pictured.

We enjoyed a nice meal and chat, and then headed home to prep for the week ahead.

Sunday girls day!

The girls After brunch!

The rest of the afternoon was spent prepping breakfasts and lunches, laundry, and trying to get ahead for the week. I even watched some football with Will.

I made another batch of poppers for Will, and even tried my hand at a vegan version with nutritional yeast! Mine are at the end.


And that was about it!

So now that we’re here to Monday, let’s take a look at this week’s posts!

-Our protein powder journey continues
-Another at-home football inspired workout
-Thursday Night Football: a sweet treat!
-Bringing my best

And more!

So check in this week. I look forward to our chats!

Saturday Fun Day Randomness

1. The Fleet.

Doesn’t it seem like just as you are close to getting to where you want to be, something comes up that sets you back?

We have a few financial goals set for the next 12 months that we have been working toward, one of which centers around the purchase of a new (or newer) car. As Will says, “We need to update our fleet.”


He’s funny.

But he’s right. So here’s a fun fact- the newest vehicle we own is a 2001.

Yes, it’s true.

Okay, I guess if you throw in the motorcycle that’s not true, but I don’t really count that.


But the nice thing is that God has really blessed us by holding our vehicles together.

Plus it’s nice that they are paid for. We are all about the Dave Ramsey plan, so we are working our way through those baby steps!

Anyway, on the way to the first OU game, when it was 100 degrees, Will’s AC unit went out. Oh the joys of owning an older vehicle. $1,200 setback for the B-Love family. Wee!!  So anyway, the fleet is aging fast and we need to carefully coast these next 12 months as we reach our goals and plan for the future.

I’m sure Will would totally be on board with me getting me a fully loaded Mercedes, right?

The Group

So I’ve mentioned over the course of the last couple weeks that Will and I have been looking to join a Life Group, and we finally decided on one last week which was pretty exciting!

We’ve been going there for a few weeks now, but we visited another too, and knew we couldn’t commit to both because of our schedules. I am so happy with the one we chose and am so blessed by these people.  Meeting with them is such a bright spot in my week.

If you don’t have a church home, seriously check out LifeChuch. They even have Life Groups that meet online, if you can believe it.

Thievery Corporation Pandora Station

Sometimes you just need something calm and relaxing.

For example, in the midst of a crazy work day.

You know, the ones where the program guy oversteps his bounds and asks you to go above and beyond your job duties all in the name of helping “the team,” or when your lovely customer has no clue what they’re doing and you’re standing by spending time and money trying to play mind reader?-

Sometimes, on days like that, you just need to chill the heck out.

For those days, I put on my headphones and tune into this station.

Or when you get home after said work day and are cooking dinner and unwinding , sometimes all you need is a glass of white wine and this station in the background. Very lounge-y.

The Fall Line-up

Is anyone excited about the Fall lineup coming back like I am?

I feel like Will and I watch too many shows these days, but when you take into account many of them sit on our DVR for ages, it makes me feel better (ie: Although we watch a lot of TV shows, we aren’t constantly sitting in front of the television comatose… usually).

There are a few shows that I’m kind of over watching, but since I’ve invested multiple seasons in them, I feel the need to see them through.

Don’t you hate that?

These include Bones, The Mentalist, and Once Upon a Time (how we happened upon this show I still have no idea).  Yeah, they’re fine… but I’m just done watching…

Only I’m not.

Because I’m emotionally involved now, even though I’m mostly uninvolved…

Please tell me you do this too?

Anyway- Fall Lineup. Excited. Mostly.

Yummy Treats

So, I made you guys a treat, and plan on sharing it soon.

When I first thought about making it, it totally grossed me out.

I want to put this in that!?!

Trust me, when you find out the mystery ingredient, you too will gag for a second.

But promise to hear me out.

Because I did a ton of research (ie: searching around some of my favorite cookbooks, blogs, and websites), and this mystery ingredient?

It’s a real thing.

And people, “normal” people, and even self-proclaimed “unhealthy people” use it.

So yeah… it’s legit.


Anyway, the idea freaked me out, but I wanted to give it a try.

So I did.

And I’m happy.

Because guess what?

The recipe was good!

So stay tuned in the next couple weeks for that fun surprise. smile

That’s it for now!

This week is an 11:00 kickoff, so much earlier than the last two weeks. The downer about those, though, is that your whole day is totally gone which means there’s a lot of laundry, dishes, and food prep in my future. Blah!

Let’s not worry about that today though, right? Boomer!

Work it Out Wednesday: Football Inspired Workout #2


If you tried last week’s football shuffle workout, I’ve gotta know- were your legs on fire the entire time like mine were!?


What was I thinking putting so many darn shuffles in that workout!? Even our football boys would have cursed my name.

I had fun sharing a football inspired workout, and decided I am going to share a few more workouts this month straight up inspired by my boys on the field.

This week’s is a little less…shuffle-y.

And hopefully your legs will not want to fall off afterward (or during for that matter! I thought I might die!).

However, it’s not easy! So get that out of your mind!

Today? We’re talking toe touches.

And not the cheerleader kind.

Dear Lord help us.

The thought of me doing that kind of toe touch?


I’m talking football walking toe touches. Like these:

Hey- don’t knock the video job, okay? It was hot, and I was sweaty, and not my best.

Anyway, sometimes I will remain stationary and do these holding a barbell, like a straight leg deadlift, because guess what?

They’re a very effective way to target glutes and hamstrings. Not only that, but they also work your core and balance.

Even if you’re not in the gym or have barbells handy, this exercise is an excellent way to strengthen your core, balance, and legs.

So let’s get a move on! These legs aren’t going to sculpt themselves.

-10 Walking Toe Touches (5 each leg)
-20 Stance jacks
-10 Wide arm Pushups
-10 Walking Toe Touches (5 each leg)
-20 Cross jacks-10 Narrow Arm Pushups
-10 Walking Toe Touches (5 each leg)
- 20 Straight Arm Jumping Jacks
- 10 Staggered Arm Pushups
-10 Walking Toe Touches (5 each leg)

Repeat 5 times

Give it a try! I will be tomorrow. smile

Another Hot Weekend & Look Ahead

Hello pretty princesses!

I hope you had a lovely weekend! What did you do?

Mine was nice, hot temperatures and all.

My Friday work lunch was so great because I got to meet up with an old friend/coworker!

I love this girl so much, and although we talk pretty frequently, I have not seen her in real life since last November.

Pathetic, right!?

She has 3 kiddos ranging from early elementary to college, so she is busy, plus we live so far away from each other, so emails and texts seem to work best. However, another coworker and I agreed we just need to make time to do things like this, so we did and I am so glad!

We went to Kaiser’s Bistro. I had the black bean burger and green beans (thankfully they don’t serve with bacon anymore).

Selfie before lunch with the girls.


After work, I went to the store and picked up groceries for the week.

-Here’s what the B-Love family is having for dinner this week:

-Veggie Burgers & Brats w/grilled squash

-Penne Pasta w/homemade red sauce and Meatless Balls

The meatless balls come courtesy of Gardein. Incase you are wondering, Will does not eat them, but since I do I make them for myself! So so good.

-Tamale Pies

So good. I will have to share the recipe with you! Perfect football fare.

Some of the above will make leftovers, hence why there are only three days of meals.

Friday was a pretty quiet evening. I got up super early that morning to work out, so I called it a night equally early.

Saturday morning Will worked for a few hours, so I hit the gym and did a leg circuit.

My workout was pretty amazing, but for different reasons than you may think. I plan to share what made it so special later this week, so stay tuned.

I also changed up what I did and am paying for it today. I am sore!

I got home and did a little light cleaning, which made me very happy. It gets hard to keep up with housework during football season, so I was thankful for the opportunity to get some done. Then Will was home! We took a quick nap since we got up so early, got ready, and then it was time for game day activities to commence!

We were pretty unadventurous this week and just did On The Border for lunch. It’s a good compromise for us, and I like it better than Will’s favored Ted’s because they have vegetable fajitas.

I get the veggie fajitas and ditch the tortillas, and enjoy them very much.

It was hot again yesterday. Really hot.

We got there about an hour early, and thankfully we were in the shade so it wasn’t unbearable.

It’s always the getting to the stadium part that’s the worst.

The walking to the stadium, walking to our seats, going to the bathroom where there’s no moving air.

Once we get to our spot, I’m good. It’s just getting to our spot!

The striped the stadium, which always looks cool.

Stripe the stadium  OU-West VA

Stripe the stadium  OU-West VA

The game was brutal.

Even though we won, I feel like we sort of lost. The defense played so strong, but our offense was very disappointing. The boys have lots to figure out before next week, and even more before the Notre Dame game later this month!

The game got over late, so after showering I went straight to bed!

Yesterday morning we slept in a little and opted to do church online since we got in so late. I really hate doing that, but it is frequent affair when OU has night games.

Will mowed the lawn, and I went to the gym to work chest, triceps, and shoulders. I also did a quick stint on the elliptical, which is a rare occurrence for me.

Given the choice, I will always pass on the ellipitcal or treadmill when I can do something quick and dirty (and more fun) like this, this, or this.

Yesterday also started Will’s Sundays of life in front of the television.

Fantasy football and NFL Sunday Ticket.

A lethal combination.

Lucky for me, I have a plan in place!

I showered and started getting around and my blow dryer died on me.


This has not been our best month. Between a $1200 truck AC replacement, vet bills, and a few other unexpected expenses, I’m pretty much ready to put this string of bad surprises behind us. The blow dryer was just another thing to add on that darn list! Thankfully they are far cheaper than new truck ACs!

So I’m sporting wavy hair bunched up in a clip.

Blow dryer broken :(


That did not stop me from getting out and about!

P and I made a quick trip to Starbucks. I got a smoothie and she got tea. Afterward, we headed to Petsmart to get dog food.

I live a glamorous life. smile

Here’s Layla watching the fish.


Then, it was on to Target to get some things for the week.

We love Target!

We love Target!

Before I knew it, it was 5 and time to start preparing for the long week ahead. Where did the day go!?

And back to work again. Luckily I have fun stuff planned. Take a look!

-Our protein knowledge continues to grow
-Another football inspired at-home workout
-Thursday Night Football Fare: B&P make another treat
-Welcoming you to my sanctuary
-Random Ramblings

And more.

Stay tuned and “happy Monday!”

Reintroducing Autumn Brittny

Enough of this nonsense!

The whole week I’ve been talking about “Summer Brittny” versus “fall Brittny” but have not really delved deep into the real differences.

We are putting an end to that today.

After all, I feel like I should reintroduce myself to the blog world.

This is Fall Brittny talking, not Summer Brittny.

(um, and how much do I love the idea of saying Autumn but never do? Maybe we should call me Autumn Brittny?)

There are a few things you should know about me, aside from the fact that I’m the way cooler, nicer, and more lenient version of myself

Although, I’m sure Summer Brittny would contest she’s the better version, but we both know that’s a lie.

For example, Summer Brittny completely forgets how to bake.

It’s like she’s never seen an oven. When I look back on recipes I’ve made just last year (and even made on a recurring basis) I have zero recollection of performing the act. It’s like a full blow case of cooking amnesia- even with the usual healthy stuff I make.

“What? Homemade chia muffins?”

“You mean, you can bake sweet potatoes?!”

“You can make healthy jalepeno poppers? And they go in that big hole you’re calling an oven?”

It’s like she’s a cavewoman.

Fall (er) Autumn Brittny, however, is all about baking. I love creating healthy and delicious remakes of my favorite not so healthy recipes. Um, you DID see yesterday’s post, right?

And who doesn’t love that!?

Autumn Brittny loves the outdoors.

Which is polar opposite form Summer Brittny, who rains from her head and sweats with the force of 10,000 warriors.

And must be in AC at.all.times.

It’s true.

Autumn Brittny eases up a little about Will having unhealthy food in the house.

“Oh! It’s football season, duh. Of COURSE we need to have chips in the house so you can gorge on them, Will!

Summer Brittny would NEVER allow such heresy,

Speaking of- The thought of going a week without cleaning her house makes Summer Brittny break out in hives.

Although equally happy with a spotless house, Autumn Brittny realizes life happens and sometimes? Well sometimes there are just a week or two where your baseboards don’t get dusted. It happens.

Autumn Brittny is all about t-shirts and tennis shoes.

Hey, I’m sure it’s nice to be all cute and done up on game day, complete with your uncomfortable cowgirl boots and awesomely tall and curled hair, but I just can’t do it.

My husband makes us park and walk too far to get to the stadium. It’s all about comfort for this girl.

Summer Brittny? The thought of tennis shoes outside the gym is flat wrong. She’s all about flowy dresses and pretty summer skirts.

Autumn Brittny gets emotionally invested in the away games.

Like, if she could get into the TV she would. She spouts off when bad calls are made, throws her hands up in the air, and is even known to give the occasional fist bump after a good play.

Summer Brittny? Not so much. I just can’t get into the summer lineup the same way I do with football.

I mean, I’m sure there are some Bachelorette fans who would disagree, but I digress. smile

So Autumn Brittny could probably find a dozen more differences between her alter ego, but she also recognizes the need to stop when she’s ahead and maximize her time. After all, I have lots to get done between now and tomorrow’s game!

So there you have it.

Tomorrow’s game day plans include lunch out, and then heading to the game for another sweaty kickoff. I sure do hope this is the last of the miserably hot game days, though I can recall a few OU-Texas kickoffs that were pretty darn hot too. Ugh…

Nonetheless, I’m sure the super cool, laidback and carefree Autumn Brittny will find a way to make the best of it. wink

More fun to come!

Work it Out Wednesday: Football Inspired Workout #1


Remember that whole fall Brittny thing I mentioned the other day?

How things are so different around our house in the fall because of football season?

Yeah, so it’s really true.

I tend to ease into this role in August, knowing my alter ego will soon arrive, so as not to be totally shocked when I start actually craving and getting excited for all things football related.

And today’s Work it Out Wednesday?

Is all about football.

Something about being at the OU games before they start gets me pumped.

There’s still an aura. A swagger.

And I love it.

One of my favorite parts of the pre-game is watching the warm-ups.

And no, it’s not because I’m some sick cougar watching college boys bend over.


Get your heads out of the gutters, girls!

It’s actually because I love watching their exercises and stretches. I love how they dance about and get themselves revved up for the game.

It always gives me inspiration for my own workouts!

If you’ve ever watched football boys warm-up, they do a lot of similar moves you may see in the gym, in an Insanity video, or even at a boot camp in some cases.

I’ve decided to devote this month’s Work it Out Wednesday to all things football related.

I will be sharing football inspired workouts you can do at home, outside, or in the gym.

This week is all about shuffles.

Have you ever done a shuffle?

And um, I’m not talking about a dance. smile

I’m talking all out, no kidding shuffles.

Like these-

Filmed courtesy of me last Saturday. smile

They can be tough.

Especially when incorporated into a workout!

Shuffles target your quads and glutes and when done quickly can really get your heart going.

Grab a dumbbell, get in your back yard, garage, hallway, somewhere where you have a little space to move side to side, move quickly through this workout and and

10 Shuffles w/ weight
20 Stance jacks/ w weight
10 Shuffles w/ weight
20 Squat shoulder press
10 Shuffles w/ weight
20 Pushups
10 Shuffle w/weighted shoulder presses (done simultaneously)
20 Jumping jacks

Repeat 5 times.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pumped for football, and when I do this week workout, I’ll be thinking about my Sooners!

A fun football inspired treat courtesy of B&P tomorrow!

Labor Day Weekend Recap & Look Ahead

Hello there sweets!

Can we please take a minute to express our excitement for a long holiday weekend!?


So, so nice.

And needed!

I sure hope you guys are having a great one. What are you doing?

Ours has been nice!

Friday night we went to a BBQ, which was enjoyable and thankfully in the shade. I’m pretty sure I would have sweat to death if not!

I brought a fruit salad, which we all enjoyed very much. We had a good time and good fellowship with others.


I’m pretty sure you guys have a good idea what occupied my Saturday. smile


Ah, seriously, friends- Best.time.of.the.year.ever.

Before the day got started, though, I hit the gym for a ridiculously early (4:15!) workout.

Apparently my body thought it was a week day.

I got a good workout in and started my day off right.

Afterward, I spent most of Saturday morning with my sister and Layla prepping for this week’s video fun! I can’t wait to share it with you guys.

Here’s a sneak peek:


After that, Will and I headed out for our game day fun!

We started off the first game of the season with a late lunch at Ted’s, a game day tradition.

I got the guacamole salad and ended up splurging on one tortilla.

This was the first year in a couple years that we decided to sell our Sooner Tailgate passes. I was so thankful for it!

The Sooner Tailgate is a pregame event where some season ticket owners have access to about 30 restaurant vendors.

You go and basically get all you want a couple hours before the game. It ends up being an all day thing by the time you get there, eat, and wait around for the game to start. Plus we never eat all that much, so we figured we might as well sell them.

Plus it is always SO FREAKING HOT for the first few games.

And I rain from my head.

I’m pretty sure people think I’m going to pass out at any moment.

Yeah, not fun.

I’m sweaty, and grumpy, and it’s just not fun for either of us.

For the sake of my sweatiness (and sanity), we opted out of the tailgate.

It was so nice getting to the game only an hour before kickoff- compared to 3 hours like we had to with the tailgate.

It was a nice, cool 103 when we got there.



The game was lots of fun, and it was nice getting to see Trevor Knight’s debut.


Since it was a night game, we got home way late!

I told Will I was not going to set an alarm for the morning, which is uncommon for me.

Get this- we slept until 10:00!! I never ever sleep that late.

I hated missing out on the morning to get things done, but I was not going to dwell on it, especially since I had Monday to get things done too.

We ended up watching church online because of the late morning. The rest of the day was extremely lazy.

I did laundry, prepped meals, and worked out. I always hate going to the gym late on the weekends- it is so busy!

I’m terrible at sharing equipment.

The inner three year old comes out in me.

I was low on protein, and we were out of vitamins, so Will made a quick trip to Sam’s for me which was nice too!

Only… he game home with unapproved items.

Will hates me

That boy… what am I going to do with him!? I can’t send him anywhere. smile

They are for his lunches, and I am shockingly good at staying out of them, but still- really!? Did we really need the 30 pack of candy bars AND skittles!?


Sunday night was pretty low key, fitting for such a quiet day.

Today has been nice!

I usually take a rest day on Mondays, but since we were off, and I slept a little more than normal, I did the 500 workout I shared last week.

Today we are cooking out at my parent’s house and just having a relaxing day.

Nothing too exciting, but just nice to be off and hanging with my favorites.

Here’s a look at what is ahead this week!

-Whey Cool: An introduction into protein powder, and why you should be taking it

-A football inspired workout

-Thursday Night Football: B&P kick off the season with a treat!

-Plus more!

Check in this week! I look forward to our chats!

OU Obsession: 2003-2013

Today was supposed to be Q&A with P.

Yeah, about that…

Obviously not happening.

Instead, it’s 100% me today.

Which, I realize isn’t as exciting because its always 100% me on this blog each day but hey, humor me.

Plus it’s Friday.

And a three day weekend.

Surely we all feel optimistic and a little more forgiving, right?


So read on anyway.

Well my friends, tomorrow the madness begins- let OU football season commence.

I cannot explain to you the night and day difference of our household from now through December compared to the rest of the year.

There’s a different vibe, a heightened level of excitement and awareness.

Watching carefully for the next big catch or upset,

ready for our boys to pounce and tackle their way to a (hopefully) respectable bowl game.

We can sniff out a bad call, fun tail gate, and all the best stadium bathrooms.

We’re like wolves apparently.

But seriously, it is definitely a different feeling around here, and will be through the rest of the year.

It’s like welcoming back that super cool older middle school friend you adored and looked up to when you were in grade school.

You know- the one whose mom would let her watch Friends and The Simpsons, when yours wouldn’t?

The one who wore her big sisters way cool Z. Cavaricci jeans and Clinique lip gloss.

And always smelled like Calvin Klein perfume.

Yeah- she was the best, right?

You just felt cooler and more confident with her around.

Fall and football season are sort of her equivalent.

Only sportier and sweatier.


This OU season will be an interesting one. Will, the forever Sooner optimist, is hoping for a BCS bowl game and thinks it is within reach because of Trevor knights raw talent (which will become more refined this season).

I, on the other hand, am always more trepidatious about such predictions, mainly because we have been let down so many times before (but let’s not forget, all they have accomplished is still nothing to sneeze at!).

Regardless, I’m looking forward to game day and the revival of our annual traditions.

In honor of tomorrow’s season opener, I thought it might be fun to take a quick look at some of our pictures throughout the years.

We used to buy tickets to a game or two when we were engaged.

Here we are in 2003, in the rain!

2003 OU north Texas in the rain!

In 2004 we got season tickets and I think Will may have actually cried tears of joy. smile
2004 Football!

No games in 2005 because of our move to Kuwait. :(

We made up for it in 2006 by going home on vacation during football season and seeing most of the games! Here we are before OU-Texas

hook em horns...not

Will went home for a game in 2007 while I stayed back and spent a fun extended weekend with P. We did, however make it to the Fiesta Bowl that season (it was played in Jan of 08).

happy sooner couple- pre-loss

We moved back in May of 2008 and have been going ever strong! In January 2009 we went to Miami for the 2008 National Champtionship.
when we still thought we had a chance

Here we are at OU-Texas 09. We also went to Nebraska that year, which was really cool, but I didn’t get any pictures!


OU Texas

Here we are in front of Big Tex for OU-Texas 2010
Behind big Tex

2011 was a trip to Florida State!
Before the game

And here we are freezing our butts off at the OU-OSU game in 2012
Chilly Willy OU-OSU

I look forward to lots more memories and pictures to share as the 2013 season commences. Let the games begin.


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brittny I'm B-Love. Lover of God, my husband Will, my doggies, OU football, weight training, plyometrics healthy eating (mostly!), peanut butter, and all things health related. Buckle up and get ready for my constant embarrassing moments, health and fitness tips,and my effort to rely on Christ while living life in the real world. Follow me on Feedly! Sign up for monthly emails at!

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