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Work it Out Wednesday: Football Inspired Workout #1


Remember that whole fall Brittny thing I mentioned the other day?

How things are so different around our house in the fall because of football season?

Yeah, so it’s really true.

I tend to ease into this role in August, knowing my alter ego will soon arrive, so as not to be totally shocked when I start actually craving and getting excited for all things football related.

And today’s Work it Out Wednesday?

Is all about football.

Something about being at the OU games before they start gets me pumped.

There’s still an aura. A swagger.

And I love it.

One of my favorite parts of the pre-game is watching the warm-ups.

And no, it’s not because I’m some sick cougar watching college boys bend over.


Get your heads out of the gutters, girls!

It’s actually because I love watching their exercises and stretches. I love how they dance about and get themselves revved up for the game.

It always gives me inspiration for my own workouts!

If you’ve ever watched football boys warm-up, they do a lot of similar moves you may see in the gym, in an Insanity video, or even at a boot camp in some cases.

I’ve decided to devote this month’s Work it Out Wednesday to all things football related.

I will be sharing football inspired workouts you can do at home, outside, or in the gym.

This week is all about shuffles.

Have you ever done a shuffle?

And um, I’m not talking about a dance. smile

I’m talking all out, no kidding shuffles.

Like these-

Filmed courtesy of me last Saturday. smile

They can be tough.

Especially when incorporated into a workout!

Shuffles target your quads and glutes and when done quickly can really get your heart going.

Grab a dumbbell, get in your back yard, garage, hallway, somewhere where you have a little space to move side to side, move quickly through this workout and and

10 Shuffles w/ weight
20 Stance jacks/ w weight
10 Shuffles w/ weight
20 Squat shoulder press
10 Shuffles w/ weight
20 Pushups
10 Shuffle w/weighted shoulder presses (done simultaneously)
20 Jumping jacks

Repeat 5 times.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pumped for football, and when I do this week workout, I’ll be thinking about my Sooners!

A fun football inspired treat courtesy of B&P tomorrow!

Labor Day Weekend Recap & Look Ahead

Hello there sweets!

Can we please take a minute to express our excitement for a long holiday weekend!?


So, so nice.

And needed!

I sure hope you guys are having a great one. What are you doing?

Ours has been nice!

Friday night we went to a BBQ, which was enjoyable and thankfully in the shade. I’m pretty sure I would have sweat to death if not!

I brought a fruit salad, which we all enjoyed very much. We had a good time and good fellowship with others.


I’m pretty sure you guys have a good idea what occupied my Saturday. smile


Ah, seriously, friends- Best.time.of.the.year.ever.

Before the day got started, though, I hit the gym for a ridiculously early (4:15!) workout.

Apparently my body thought it was a week day.

I got a good workout in and started my day off right.

Afterward, I spent most of Saturday morning with my sister and Layla prepping for this week’s video fun! I can’t wait to share it with you guys.

Here’s a sneak peek:


After that, Will and I headed out for our game day fun!

We started off the first game of the season with a late lunch at Ted’s, a game day tradition.

I got the guacamole salad and ended up splurging on one tortilla.

This was the first year in a couple years that we decided to sell our Sooner Tailgate passes. I was so thankful for it!

The Sooner Tailgate is a pregame event where some season ticket owners have access to about 30 restaurant vendors.

You go and basically get all you want a couple hours before the game. It ends up being an all day thing by the time you get there, eat, and wait around for the game to start. Plus we never eat all that much, so we figured we might as well sell them.

Plus it is always SO FREAKING HOT for the first few games.

And I rain from my head.

I’m pretty sure people think I’m going to pass out at any moment.

Yeah, not fun.

I’m sweaty, and grumpy, and it’s just not fun for either of us.

For the sake of my sweatiness (and sanity), we opted out of the tailgate.

It was so nice getting to the game only an hour before kickoff- compared to 3 hours like we had to with the tailgate.

It was a nice, cool 103 when we got there.



The game was lots of fun, and it was nice getting to see Trevor Knight’s debut.


Since it was a night game, we got home way late!

I told Will I was not going to set an alarm for the morning, which is uncommon for me.

Get this- we slept until 10:00!! I never ever sleep that late.

I hated missing out on the morning to get things done, but I was not going to dwell on it, especially since I had Monday to get things done too.

We ended up watching church online because of the late morning. The rest of the day was extremely lazy.

I did laundry, prepped meals, and worked out. I always hate going to the gym late on the weekends- it is so busy!

I’m terrible at sharing equipment.

The inner three year old comes out in me.

I was low on protein, and we were out of vitamins, so Will made a quick trip to Sam’s for me which was nice too!

Only… he game home with unapproved items.

Will hates me

That boy… what am I going to do with him!? I can’t send him anywhere. smile

They are for his lunches, and I am shockingly good at staying out of them, but still- really!? Did we really need the 30 pack of candy bars AND skittles!?


Sunday night was pretty low key, fitting for such a quiet day.

Today has been nice!

I usually take a rest day on Mondays, but since we were off, and I slept a little more than normal, I did the 500 workout I shared last week.

Today we are cooking out at my parent’s house and just having a relaxing day.

Nothing too exciting, but just nice to be off and hanging with my favorites.

Here’s a look at what is ahead this week!

-Whey Cool: An introduction into protein powder, and why you should be taking it

-A football inspired workout

-Thursday Night Football: B&P kick off the season with a treat!

-Plus more!

Check in this week! I look forward to our chats!

OU Obsession: 2003-2013

Today was supposed to be Q&A with P.

Yeah, about that…

Obviously not happening.

Instead, it’s 100% me today.

Which, I realize isn’t as exciting because its always 100% me on this blog each day but hey, humor me.

Plus it’s Friday.

And a three day weekend.

Surely we all feel optimistic and a little more forgiving, right?


So read on anyway.

Well my friends, tomorrow the madness begins- let OU football season commence.

I cannot explain to you the night and day difference of our household from now through December compared to the rest of the year.

There’s a different vibe, a heightened level of excitement and awareness.

Watching carefully for the next big catch or upset,

ready for our boys to pounce and tackle their way to a (hopefully) respectable bowl game.

We can sniff out a bad call, fun tail gate, and all the best stadium bathrooms.

We’re like wolves apparently.

But seriously, it is definitely a different feeling around here, and will be through the rest of the year.

It’s like welcoming back that super cool older middle school friend you adored and looked up to when you were in grade school.

You know- the one whose mom would let her watch Friends and The Simpsons, when yours wouldn’t?

The one who wore her big sisters way cool Z. Cavaricci jeans and Clinique lip gloss.

And always smelled like Calvin Klein perfume.

Yeah- she was the best, right?

You just felt cooler and more confident with her around.

Fall and football season are sort of her equivalent.

Only sportier and sweatier.


This OU season will be an interesting one. Will, the forever Sooner optimist, is hoping for a BCS bowl game and thinks it is within reach because of Trevor knights raw talent (which will become more refined this season).

I, on the other hand, am always more trepidatious about such predictions, mainly because we have been let down so many times before (but let’s not forget, all they have accomplished is still nothing to sneeze at!).

Regardless, I’m looking forward to game day and the revival of our annual traditions.

In honor of tomorrow’s season opener, I thought it might be fun to take a quick look at some of our pictures throughout the years.

We used to buy tickets to a game or two when we were engaged.

Here we are in 2003, in the rain!

2003 OU north Texas in the rain!

In 2004 we got season tickets and I think Will may have actually cried tears of joy. smile
2004 Football!

No games in 2005 because of our move to Kuwait. :(

We made up for it in 2006 by going home on vacation during football season and seeing most of the games! Here we are before OU-Texas

hook em horns...not

Will went home for a game in 2007 while I stayed back and spent a fun extended weekend with P. We did, however make it to the Fiesta Bowl that season (it was played in Jan of 08).

happy sooner couple- pre-loss

We moved back in May of 2008 and have been going ever strong! In January 2009 we went to Miami for the 2008 National Champtionship.
when we still thought we had a chance

Here we are at OU-Texas 09. We also went to Nebraska that year, which was really cool, but I didn’t get any pictures!


OU Texas

Here we are in front of Big Tex for OU-Texas 2010
Behind big Tex

2011 was a trip to Florida State!
Before the game

And here we are freezing our butts off at the OU-OSU game in 2012
Chilly Willy OU-OSU

I look forward to lots more memories and pictures to share as the 2013 season commences. Let the games begin.


Weekend Recap & Look Ahead!

Sunday afternoon. How do we get here so fast!?

I hope you’re having a great weekend.

Mine has been nice, and pretty uneventful, which is fine considering football season starts in just a couple weeks.

Busyness is around the corner!

My Friday started off excellent, as me and P met up for a quick lunch during our work day.


It was so nice to get to chat and spend some time together to break up the day!

Will worked Saturday morning, so I got in a super early workout.

And met my 350 leg press goal!

Dare I aim for 400 by the end of the year??

Afterward, I cleaned the house and went over to hang out at my parents’ and see P and Layla.


Will got home, and we quickly got in the car for a mini road trip to meet his parent’s for lunch.

We went to a BBQ place, which (as you can imagine) has few vegan options.

I opted for the salad bar and a baked potato.

And forgot the soy butter I had meant to bring in the fridge.


Afterward, our tradition is to head over to a local ice cream shop for dessert.

I always order just a plain “fruit” bar. 80 calories and no post purchase regret.

Only, it was a complete zoo, so my MIL and I grabbed a table while the guys stood in line.

Dear Will, God love him, got me an ice cream bar.

To which I ate.

And balked later.


My stomach, however did not balk later.

It was pretty clear how angry it was soon thereafter.


And then we had the drive home.

Even better. smile

Here’s a shot I tried to get of Will driving, only he put his hand up before I could take the picture.


That guy. He hates having his picture taken. You’ll notice the majority of our pictures together are taken on OU game days, because that’s like the only time I can get him to take them with me.

He’s obviously filled with OU glee and forgets how much he hates the camera.


Saturday evening was uneventful.

Will got his bike helmet in, which he was excited about.

Apparently I was too.


And that’s about it!

Today we skipped actual church and are going to watch online (slackers).I got in a quick workout and then we went to breakfast, followed by a trip to Walmart.

Will contemplating car “stuff.”


And now the madness starts. Will is preparing to watch the Colt’s preseason football game, while I go do something fun with P and Layla.

Something fun that hopefully you guys will get to see this week, too!

With that, let’s take a look at the week ahead!

-Mary Kay Monday fun!

-A fun P and B-Love surprise (hopefully on Tuesday, possibly on Thursday)

-A Couch Potato Workout

-My first speeding ticket

-And more!

Check in for more fun tomorrow! <3

Weekly Wrap-up & Look Ahead

Hello hello!

I hope you are having a lovely weekend!

Mine has been nice.

It is one of our last free weekends before football season begins. For that reason, I am trying to soak up as much nothingness (and simultaneously everything-ness!) as I possibly can, because before I know it, Saturdays will be full!

Friday was pretty uneventful. I did myself a favor and went to the store so I wouldn’t have to mess with it Saturday. I also spent a some time with this little one!

Layla Bug<img src=">

Will and I had an easy Friday evening, because he had to work early on Saturday. We just watched some TV and hung around the house.

Saturday morning I killed a leg workout. I even broke my own personal leg press record!

Of course did not take a picture with all the plates loaded.


This is from a set I did last week, so it will have to do.

Just imagine more plates on there. haha


I leg pressed 340 pounds for 5 repetitions. I was so pumped! I am coming for you 350!!

After my heavy lifting, I did a 30 minute all out leg circuit, coupled with cardio moves for a super sweat session.

I came home and started cleaning the house.

Ugh- when is that going to get done during football season?!

My house inevitably goes to pot from September through December.

Okay, it’s probably not as horrible as I think it is, but just not as orderly as I would like.

As I was dusting the blinds I noticed Teddy was sleeping in. Too cute.


After cleaning, I went over to my parents and made something so so good with P!!


I can’t wait to share it with you guys coming up very soon!!

By the time we got done, Will was home!

He got up super early for work that morning, so we ended up taking a short nap, which was very nice.

Then we got around and went to On The Border for a late lunch.

It’s a good option for us because Will can find something he likes, and they have vegetable fajitas I like too.

Afterward, we went to church.

Oh my gosh, guys. I can’t even tell you how blessed I was by this week’s message. It was about Elisha’s faith and trust in God.

I so encourage you to check it out this week. Click on the link above starting Monday, and you can watch too.

God really spoke to me through it, and it was such a good feeling to hear His voice so clear in my heart!

After church, we came home and I made Will vegan friendly no bake cookies. Um, which are the same as regular ones, except with almond milk instead of cow’s milk, and Earth Balance butter (organic soy based) instead of “regular” butter.

I then proceeded to eat the rest of the mixture out of the pan.



We ended the night watching Walk The Line. We’ve seen it a few times before, but have it on DVD and Will was in the mood to watch it again.

This morning we slept in until close to 8 (which is late for me!) and Will mowed the lawn while I worked chest, triceps, and shoulders at the gym.

Now it’s all about laundry, meal prep, and other various chores.

The story of being an adult. smile

Here’s a look at what I’ll be sharing this week:

-The Nice Girl Campaign Wrap-up & New Series Start!
-The Birds and the Bs
-Why You’re Not Losing Weight
-Adventures in Babysitting Layla!
-Being Beautiful

Check in this week, and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Weekend Wrap-Up & Look Ahead

Hello everyone!

I hope you’ve had a nice weekend thus far. Hopefully you’ve found some relief from the summer heat, and managed to do something you enjoy.

Mine has been nice, and pretty uneventful.

Friday was great because I opted to go grocery shopping that evening instead of Saturday. It felt so nice to shift around my schedule and have more time on Saturday instead of having to squeeze in a trip to the store.

Between doing that after work, and the usual “I just got home from work” stuff, it was a little late so I ended up grabbing Subway for dinner, and Will and I ate subs while catching Fever Pitch on TV.

I like that movie, and I’m pretty sure we bought it on DVD and watched it multiple times while we were in Kuwait.

Then we were lucky enough to catch a few Frasier and King of Queens reruns. It was like someone took our whole Kuwait programming favorites and put them on TV last night.

They must know we don’t get out much. smile

Yesterday I crushed a leg workout (and am sore today!) and did some house cleaning, and then I got a package in from Target!

I had a gift card from my birthday I hadn’t used and caught a buy one get one 50% sale I couldn’t pass up!

I ended up getting this rug for our entry way, and I really like it.

New entry rug

I also got this super cute reversible sports bra,


This beautiful purple blazer,

Purple people eater

A pair of black workout pants,

And this super duper cute red skirt!


All for under $150, which is a great deal in my book. Especially considering I got a rug too.

The skirt didn’t fit, which was disappointing! I knew better to order a small, but sometimes their sizes seem hoaky. A medium is definitely in order… unless I want to look like a red hot link. Ha!

After looking over my new stuff, Will and I spent a good hour talking about our priority list of purchases as well as where we want to go on vacation next year.

Did I tell you about that?

So we agreed when we both turned 30, we would take a trip for our birthdays… only for Will it ended up being for his 31st, and the same holds true for me!

We went to Tallahassee, Florida in 2011 for the OU-FSU game.

I’m sure you’re shocked that of all the places Will could have chosen, he devoted his entire trip to the Sooners.

Surprise surprise.

But hey, it was his trip.

Anyway, we talked about what I might want to do.

Because I can’t make a decision to save my life about these sort of things

I’m open to suggestions. Anyone?


Anyway, after our chat I got around and we ended up spending most of the afternoon at my parents’ house.

I always love that!

My mom is visiting my grandma because she is not feeling her best right now, so my dad and P have been left to their own devices the last few days. We cooked out steaks, chicken, and veggie burgers and had a nice time. My sister also sliced up some summer squash and Will put them on the grill and they were delicious!

I meant to take a picture, but um… yeah…

We also had fun playing dress up with Layla.

Check out our cute bows!

Fancy bows and necklaces

You can’t see, but we are sporting fancy jewelry too.

Oh wait… you can probably see it better here:

Honey boo boo

So yeah… I’m 30.


As you can see, P is a big fan of Honey-Boo Boo, so she made me watch the premier (Um… I literally keep my mouth open in shock the entire time).

Fun afternoon.

We went to church- but we will get to that later.

We went home that evening and I did some laundry and cooking to prep for Sunday.

And more TV. Are you seeing a theme?

Never mind.

Today I got up ridiculously early and it was all about chest, triceps, and shoulders! I tossed in some jumping jacks, pop squats, and burpees between sets to add some cardio to the mix.

While every body is different, I am finding mine responds best to these types of workouts.

I went home, got ready super fast, and Will and I headed to an early breakfast at Jimmy’s Egg.

I’m always conflicted between the sweet potato pancakes and oatmeal. I opted for the oatmeal.

Okay, I’m lying.

I got the “heart healthy” sweet potato pancakes. It’s true. Hey- it says it on the menu. That means they’re totally legitimate.

And I’m sure vegan friendly.


Moving on.

Afterward, we went and saw Grown-Ups 2!

We (obviously) loved Kevin James in King of Queens, and saw the first Grown-ups movie, so we wanted to see the sequel too.

Oh, and I found out he will be in OKC this September! The downer is that it’s during an OU home game.


After the movie, we went and exchanged my skirt and now are home enjoying the rest of the day.

Hopefully you are doing the same!

Let’s take a look at what we’ll be talking about this week:

-The Nice Girl Campaign Continues!

-The Queen of Greens

-How to get sexy calves- and I’m not talking cows

-Things I’m loving

-Will turns 33

And more!

And now please let me take a moment to encourage you guys to check out At the Movies this week. Click here and be blessed. All times are CST.

2:30 PM
4:00 PM
5:30 PM
8:00 PM
10:00 PM

7:00 AM
8:30 AM
10:00 AM
12:00 PM
2:00 PM
4:30 PM
6:30 PM
8:00 PM
9:30 PM

7:00 AM
8:30 AM
2:30 PM
4:00 PM
5:30 PM
7:00 PM
8:30 PM
10:00 PM

7:00 AM
8:30 AM
10:00 AM
12:00 PM
2:00 PM
6:30 PM
8:00 PM
9:30 PM

11:00 AM
2:00 PM
6:30 PM
8:00 PM
9:30 PM
11:00 PM

Check in this week for fun. Have a good rest of the weekend!

Monday Morning Quarterbacking

Hello friends!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. At least something happy enough to make you smile during this dreary Monday!

And most times, it doesn’t take much for me on Mondays.

I figured I would take some time this morning to recap some of my weekend highlights because it was a nice one!

Friday night was fairly uneventful, with the exception of a few thunderstorms. Thankfully none of them were severe. We watched some TV, saw my family for a bit, and just hung out.

Anyway, that was pretty much Friday night.

Which generally sums up much of our usual weekends when it’s not football season.

Only this weekend was nothing like that at all. It was packed to the brim with lots of fun.

Saturday was such a great day for me and Will!

I got up ridiculously early (think 4 am) and crushed a leg workout, which ended up hurting me later. From there I went home and made a green monster, and then got ready for the day.

The OU Athletic Office gave OU season ticket members the opportunity to tour the OU football facilities, the Switzer Center, Bob Stoop’s office, and catch an OU Baseball game. How fun, right? We even got to see their training and weight rooms plus a ton of other neat places.

I knew Will would be excited, but I honestly think I might of even had more fun than Will!

We had such a great time! We toured the Switzer Center first and saw all the trophies and trinkets OU won over the years.

Here’s just a few pics of us there:

Will with the National Championship.
The championship!

Me with Sam’s Heisman.

Sam's Heisman

Afterward, we got to see Bob Stoop’s office (and balcony). It is spectacular. His office overlooks the practice field and it is so pretty.

Take a look at the bottom of the desk, too. They had his desk roped off, but I couldn’t help but noticing these bottles on the floor. Haha!

Bob's desk- notice the bottles underneath? Haha!

From there we went to the training facility. I was in heaven! I got to see some of the training equipment, and even the examination rooms.

Here’s me and Dr. Bones.
My buddy

We got to tour their locker room, which was amazing and full of such cool stuff.

Sooner locker room

Blake Bell's locker

We walked around more, and then I got to sit in the Sooner semi. Definitely don’t want me driving that. smile

Driving the sooner semi. Yikes!

Then we got to see the Sooner Vision area, which was so neat. We also got to see the press box as well as where the video crew films the game- way high up.

Take a look at your future Sooner newscasters haha

Future Sooner anchors

Of course Will had to sit in the chair Bob usually sits in when he comes on the show. smile

Just a couple more favorites.
Play like a champion today
From the press box

Seriously, such a fun day. I can’t do it justice here. Will and I were in heaven. We were seriously like little kids roaming around with stupid smiles on our face.

Or maybe that was just me?

Anyway, so much fun.

Afterward, we went to Ted’s for lunch. Not a ton of healthy options, so I got their guacamole salad (which still wasn’t a good option). It was so good! And no chips or tortillas for me.

Oh- and all that?

Only took a few hours.

Talk about jamming a lot in a short time!

That would have been the best afternoon we’ve had in a long time, and we could have called it a day!

Only the day was just beginning.

Then we went home, took a quick nap (because let’s be honest, that’s a big day for us fuddie duddies) and then went to the OKC Arts Fest with P and Layla! 

I’m embarrassed to say, but in all five years that we’ve lived here, Will and I have never been! I am so glad we went, too!

It was so so so crowded. I know I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was a little. I figured we would eat something fun there (they even had a veggie plate at one of the local Indian spots!), but it was just way too crowded and I felt bad for poor Layla. She was such a good sport though!

We ended up going on the other side of the Myriad Gardens and found a less crowded area, got some drinks, and people watched while Layla walked about.

Arts fest

The girls

Perfect afternoon to go along with a perfect morning.

Two “major” events in one day is a pretty big thing to ask for this old B-Love couple, so the night was far less exciting but still lots of fun.

We went over to my parent’s house and watched Thunder win a third game against the Rockets!

Sunday morning I hit the gym early and watched church online since we missed our usual service.

The rest of Sunday was uneventful and consisted of laundry, food prep, dishes, and a ton of other boring crap no one ever wants to do and waits until Sunday to do it.

P and I had tanning session round 2 on Sunday, too.

Everything went fine, but we are still so giggly when we do it. It is cold in the garage and the solution and the air blowing from the machine is cold too, so a lot of whining is involved.

We are wimps.

So the tan sort of fades in weird places and is certainly not without issues. We obviously have some major kinks to work out (hello Oompa Loompa hands and feet!), but hopefully in the next few sessions we push through and it works out well.

So that was my fun-filled weekend. Surprisingly, I think next weekend might be fun too, so stay tuned.

How was your weekend?

B-Love Turns 30

How egotistical have I been recently, right!?

First this post about how I’m turning 30, then another about bidding my 20s goodbye, and now another one?

Who do I think I am!?

Certainly not the birthday girl anymore!

Anyhow, I assure you this is the last of my birthday girl posts.

Truth is, when I was trying to remember some of my 20s, I couldn’t!

And it wasn’t because I spent the weekend like an 18-year-old drunken frat boy.

It’s because I’m old! Haha

Anyway, I realized the importance of occasional recaps from time to time.

Moving on-

My birthday weekend was wonderful and surrounded by the people I love most. I really wanted to spend this weekend with my family, so that’s just what I did!

Friday was a fun night out with my best friend (and sister!), P.

Can I just stop and tell you how happy I am that she is here? I overflow with happiness having her so close right now, and have made an effort to make the most of it since I know one day she will not live a couple doors down (sad!)

We had such a nice time during her birthday outing, that I wanted to recreate the same thing for mine.

Only a tad earlier since I had an early morning the next day.

So we did just that!

Dinner was not vegan friendly. My sister and I went to Sushi Neko, a place I have wanted to try for a while.

We sat outside on the patio and had such a lovely evening!

Sister celebration

We had a nice waiter, and when he found out it was my birthday he brought (nonvegan) ice cream to our table.


And I ate it all.

By myself.

Not as cute.

Birthday ice cream

We got a boatload of sushi.

No-we actually did.

We ordered a variety of different kinds and it came in a cute boat! Fun!

The boatload

We sat outside and enjoy each other’s company, while I fumbled through using chopsticks (I’m terrible with them!) and finally resorted to using my fingers.

Because I’m the birthday girl, that’s why.

After dinner we weren’t ready to go home, but the place was getting busy so we wanted to free up our table. We ended up heading to McNelies, a casual restaurant nearby. We toasted to my birthday, and spent a little time talking and people watching. Then we hopped in the car and headed home. I was in bed before 11:30 which was a nice plus- and I still managed to have a super wonderful evening with my sister!


Friday was about a night out with my favorite girl, and Saturday was about being out with my favorite guy.

I got up at the crack of dawn and headed to the gym to work my legs. I stayed a good hour and a half and hobbled home to get ready for the day.

Every single year the OU Red and White game falls on my birthday weekend.


I used to get bummed out about it, but now it’s sort of tradition and is something fun we do. Plus it gets us fuddie duddies out of the house to do something!

We got there just as it started, and managed to get great seats! This year will be interesting for the sooners, because we have will have a new quarterback. All three looked pretty good, but I have a feeling Blake Bell will get the start. The good news is that the other boys are young and already looked okay, so they only go up from here!

Wow- sorry for that whole football part.

It was a beautiful day, and we had a good time at the game together.

Red and white!

Red and white 2013

After the game I made Will take me to Cool Greens, most definitely one of my favorite places to eat locally. It’s a casual healthy sandwich and salad joint here in the OKC area. I’m a pretty cheap date for my birthday, right?!

Afterward, we headed home and I had to do some less glamorous birthday stuff- like real life stuff. Grocery shopping for the week, laundry, etc.

Because I’m 30, that’s why.

The evening was pretty low key. We caught up on some shows and I called it an early night so I could get up early to hit the gym before breakfast.

Friday was about a night out with my favorite girl, was about being out with my favorite guy, and Sunday was about being with my favorite family!

I woke up and was 30!

It happened while I was sleeping!

Go to bed 29, wake up 30.

I celebrated by working my chest, triceps, and shoulders, and then headed home to celebrate some more.

My family and I had a casual breakfast at a nearby restaurant, and I treated myself to sweet potato pancakes, which is a rarity for me. So good! P dressed Layla in pink for me, which was so sweet- and even painted her toes pink!

We had a lovely breakfast! Afterward, Will and I headed to Walmart to pick up a few things, followed by Lowes to get pots for my plants!

Did I already tell you about those?


A dear friend bought me mint and stevia so I can use them for my monsters!! I am SO excited about them and can’t wait to use them!

Out of curiosity, I tried a stevia leaf and it was so sweet! I don’t know why I seem surprised, but I am. It will definitely add a nice dimension to my morning smoothies.

I found two pots, and then we headed over to my parent’s house.

My family got me the prettiest cards, and spoiled me too much!

Just when I thought I was done opening gifts, Will shared an exciting birthday surprise with me!

And I’m not going to share it with you until later.

Because I’m the birthday girl.

I am so excited about it!

We spent awhile over there, and even got to see Layla take her first steps! Definitely a special birthday memory. <3

My mom made my annual strawberry birthday cake, which was delicious as always. This year the frosting was even more spectacular. Which inevitably got me into trouble.

After cake I was wiped from all the birthday girl fun, so we went home and I took about an hour nap!

I got up and spent the next 5 hours in the kitchen cooking and prepping for the week ahead.

As silly as it sounds, I find it therapeutic, and love having time in the kitchen.

I made myself a yummy soup I will be sharing soon, I made Will a casserole for his lunch this week, and then made chicken and dumplings for dinner! I kept the chicken separate and added it to Will’s at the end, so I was able to enjoy the deliciousness of pure, white, bleached flour. Haha

Definitely not a typical eating weekend!

It was definitely a wonderful birthday weekend and I feel blessed to have my family so close. I’m off today which makes it even better!

Here’s a peek at what’s ahead:

-A pick-me-up smoothie recipe
-Brittny’s Boot Camp Workouts
-A healthy soup

Plus some odds and ends.

Thanks for letting me drone on and on about myself today.

We will resume normal, less “me, me, me” posting tomorrow! smile

see you on the other side

Well friends, it’s been a good decade.

However, it is time to say goodbye.

Before leaving the awesomeness that is the 20s, I wanted to take a moment to soak it all in and really look over some of the milestones of the decade.

Without further ado, here is a quick recap of the last decade.

Got married
Honeymooned in the Poconos
Moved in with Will
Still in school (blah)
Worked in the school’s transcripts department (big money!)

Turned 21!  Not a wild night (I was a pastor’s wife)
Had been married for a month
Still in school
Took a weekend quick trip to the mountains for a surprise getaway
Got a surprise Christmas Tree from Will
Started a blog!
Had major foot surgery

Graduated college with a BA in Communications
Moved to Kuwait the same day
Lived with my parents
Had the summer of unemployment (which turned out to be something I’m thankful for, looking back)
Went to Qatar
Started my job
Went home on vacation

Endured the heat
Went to Dubai, Will got to ski indoors!
Went home on a really long vacation (and got Boz and Lucy while we were there!)
Got a new job, turned out to be a really important move for my future,
Went to the Super Bowl (and sorry there are no pictures where they say there are… when I moved my old blog over I lost all the pics. Bummer)

Started The Blove Life!
Experienced a Kuwait earthquake
Went to Jordan and celebrated Thanksgiving there
me and p being brave and climbing rocks
Went home on vacation and went to the Fiesta Bowl
happy sooner couple- pre-loss

Applied for a job back home and got it!
Left Kuwait
Moved home
Bought a house, started the job, began making sense of life back in America
Got the bigs
Went on the most amazing vacation of my life with P
in front of the library
Went to the OU national championship in Miami (and lost. Boo)
save the sooners

Stopped posting. :(
Got a promotion
Saw my BIL get married
I seriously love this picture- down with the longhorns!
Went to Chicago over Labor Day and visited my sister!
Went again over Halloween and saw Tiesto! Amazing concert
so much fun

Started school
It sucked
Still not posting much during this time
Got serious about eating right
Went to Broken Bow for an amazing glamping weekend away
Went to my Gran’s birthday party in Iowa
The Fam w Gran
Saw my sweet friend Terry get married and got to go to New York!
Celebrated my sister’s 21st in Chicago!
Sister friends

Continued to endure school
Still hardly posted
Went to Florida for the OU-Florida State game
Found out my sister was going to have a baby
Cut my long hair!
A little scary at first!
Went to Green Bay and Minneapolis for vacation for old time’s sake
Go Pack Go
Found out my sister was having a girl, got to be there for the ultrasound

Finished school! AMAZING!
Celebrated by going to a murder mystery weekend
Stone Lion Inn
Started posting again
Saw my sister have a baby girl, cut her umbilical cord
Began following a predominately vegetarian/vegan friendly diet
Got promoted last week

Oviously lots more I wish I could recap, but I had a hard time remembering, and I feel like this is a pretty good consolidation of the last decade. God is so good. I am so thankful for my family and the blessings along the way.

Thanks for following the journey one day at a time.

Here’s to another good ten years.

See you on the other side.

layered hair

Thursday Confessions: The Awesome Edition

1. I have gargantuan zit on the left side of my face.

Is this REALLY a confession though?

Because I’m thinking it is not.

There is absolutely no secret that this thing is sucking the life out of my entire being, throbbing, and growing appendages…

flailing about and trying to strangle anyone within a five foot radius.

So technically, this lovely freaking gigantor little phenomenon is definitely not a confession.

But to you it sort of is since (thankfully) you don’t have to look at me today. Because I’m certain your eyes would go straight to my chin and you wouldn’t be able to look away as my mouth moved, talking to you about very important things such as the weather, or what I had for breakfast, or my favorite pink lip glosses.

And despite all my best efforts in trying to cover it up, let’s face it, it just makes it worse.

Far worse.

Yet I still put forth my best effort to discretely conceal the suburban neighborhood on my chin. The one currently planning its homeowner association meeting so it can plot, and breed, and spread to the rest of my face

Poor me.

And it totally bothers Will to no end that I don’t pop them (Trust me, I’ve even talked about this on my blog before. I will spare you, I promise.). However, doing so totally makes things so much worse and prolongs the whole process for me.

Plus, they seem to come in threes. This is number two. One more huge giant zit to go.


So- wow. Maybe I shouldn’t have led with that.


Was that a little too much for you?

Who am I kidding, of COURSE it was.

Sadly, I refuse to delete all of this incredibly open and honest dermatological discussion. Instead, it remains in stark black and white for all people I seriously don’t want to read, to read.

Awesome again.

This first confession? Totally NOT awesome.

2. I have to travel next week and I am pretty sad about it.

Now that, unlike my zit, is a true confession. The only people who know I’m sad are Will and P. There are so many things going on at work right now, and I just really do not want to travel and deal with them. :(

Not awesome.

Plus meeting new people with a giant zit on my chin?

Double not awesome.

3. I’m going to a George Strait concert this weekend and I am not as annoyed as I thought I would be.

Hmm… I’m thinking this is semi-awesome?

I am not a big country music fan, but Will is. However, I actually like George Strait’s stuff (you know, out of the two whole country music songs I have on my iPod haha) so I don’t have much to complain about, really.

Will loves George Strait, and this is old King George’s last hurrah before retiring, so when we heard he was coming to OKC, we jumped to get tickets.

I sort of thought I would be sort of “blah” about the whole thing, but I am actually pretty pumped! I think one of the main reasons is that Will and I are total boring grannies these days, and I am excited about getting out to do something young(ish) married couples without kids do. So, perhaps this one is mot so much a confession and more of a realization.

In fact, let’s change that semi-awesome to awesome!

4. I have a sick affection for Cheez-Its right now


Not awesome.

Oh, as if you did not already know, they are definitely NOT vegan friendly.

Just putting that out there.

It’s not like I would ever willingly go to the store and buy these things, however Will likes them in his lunch.

Because he hates me.

Actually, the truth is- it’s not really the Cheez-It I have an affection for, it’s really anything that Will decides he wants in his lunch.

Wheat thins?

I’ve had to go to the store mid week to buy an extra box.



Lay’s Potato Chips?

You really CAN’T eat just one. I know this.

Anyhow, I will put in a couple handfuls for Will’s lunch, followed by another couple handfuls for myself.


See this?


It’s pretty much my view the first five minutes I’m home.


Had we not decided to go to Sam’s a few weeks ago to get the cheez-its ever. (brilliant idea), I likely would have had to go to the store to get more.

So please don’t tell Will I secretly eat his disgusting Cheez-its. I feel gross even admitting it.


So there you have it.

I kinda put a lot out there.

Anything you need to get off your chest?

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