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I Think I’m Ready for 140 Degrees… I like to Sweat… Really…

Today- just like the last 2 1/2 weeks- my life has been mindnumbingly boring.

However, I did get to look at my mom and sister’s pictures from their trip to see my dad in Kuwait (I also added a new picture of me and P in the gallery).

I want to go! I really do. I think everyone thinks of this desolate place where everyone rides on camels when they think of Kuwait. My mom has had so many people-adults- ask her about how they plan on getting around with the sand everywhere and if people drive real cars. They’ve gotten the funniest questions, but I can understand because I thought that too before my dad moved there.

Kuwait is awesome. It is a very modern and trendy country. The pictures my mom brought back look picturesque. I would love to get a job over there… okay so now you think I’m crazy… maybe I am, but the benefits are out of this world.

The one HUGE thing I don’t think I would be able to handle is the extreme heat. Like- you could open up a samurai grill and cook your supper on the pavement heat. It is sweltering like 9 months out of the year there- like 100s hot. During the summer it is common for it to hit the 130 mark. That- would pose a problem for me.

I turn into a grouch when Iget hot- I get all snippy just when I am running late and have to blowdry my hair and get all hot. Will knows that if I turn the fan on in the bedroom and am just laying underneath it just to let me be because I probably have started getting hot and my naturally curly hair will start to get this wave thing going on no matter how long I spent blowdrying it straight and flat ironing it. I have to have a fan blowing on me in the bathroom when I blowdry during all seasons just stay content. I think my problem would be getting all ready and fixing my hair and makeup only to walk outside and just melt away. I hate sweating.  It puts me in a bad mood-did I say that already?

So, that wouldbe a hurdle- or as Will would probably say, a canyon- to overcome, and hes probably right. I am just clinging to the SAID (Specific Adaptations of Imposed Demands) principle I learned in one of my classes. It states that the body will gradually adapt to the demands that are placed on it. So, maybe I have a glimmer of hope afterall right?

I went to the doc today… I think I would have rather given birth to triplets than have to go through all this post op stuff. I am lying about the triplets, but this is going to be such a long process. I was totally in denial. I just KNEW I would be in tennis shoes next week walking normally and driving on my own. Okay, or not. I can start walking a little. I have to start these very painful exercises twice a day so my foot doen’t get all stiff- my toe feels like petrified wood now, so it should loosen it up (i KNOW you all wanted to read that!) I can go back to school Monday- but why would I want to!? As my “friend” Napleon Dynamite said, “I look like a freakin’ idiot!” This has been a very humbling experience- and Monday back to school will top it all! smile I can’t even walk in a straight line, I look like a drunk because I’m leaning back and forth and supporting myself on the wall. I know you are all very tired of hearing about this, but they say we talk about what we know… so right now, this is what I know! This too shall pass… deep breath…

Well, I am getting my husband back yay!! We are once again housesitting my parent’s house this weekend while they go see family before they move, so we are no longer on the couch! hurray! And, the best news of all is that Sunday, when they get back, I am finally moving out of my mom’s house and going HOME! This is really crazy, but I haven’t been in my house in 16 days! Wow. How weird!

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL day! Thanks for listening.

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Great Balls of Fire

If you’ve been reading my posts, you know that my mom is “driving me crazy” as she prepares to move. Well, I have yet another story to add to the book.

Wednesday afternoon, the day after my surgery, my mom- who had stayed up until like 3 in the morning “punishing” P and I with her clanging and the screech of pulling packing tape, and moving furniture- was up early- with her same antics. Well, about 4 in the afternoon, she and my sister were in the garage when a man came to the house in a frenzy telling her that our back yard was in fire! My mom starting FREAKING out- I mean, she was frantic. She ran to the back yard and was yelling for help and told my sister to call 911. Meantime- I’m stuck on the couch and have no idea what is going on because I can’t get up to see how bad it is- like- do I need to get out of the house? My mom is screaming because the water hose is stuck on their lawnchair- some random man (bless you) climbed our 8 foot fence somehow and helped my mom before the fire dept got there. I could hear my mom spazzing from the living room. Wow. The firefighters put everything out. The fire burned most of our neighbors yard and started to come into ours. What an afternoon. So the rest of the evening, my mom kept going outside to make sure that everything was still fine. (she had heard sometimes fires can restart when its really dry outside) I woke up like at 3 in the morning as she was coming in from her hourly check. Talk about crazy. Praise God for the man who came to our house! Who knows how long it would have burned. I can’t handle that much excitement with my feet all screwed up

My Mom Might Drive Me Crazy

My mom and I are alike in some ways and polar opposites in others. Unfortunately for me, we are alike in the way that we stress about details and make lists and think of EVERY possibility of ANYTHING and probably drive everyone around us crazy with our attention to detail. This is a weakness I am working on, especially after watching my mom lately.

The woman is going to wear me out with this moving stuff! I called yesterday to have a 2 minute conversation with her and I ended up on the phone 30 minutes just listening to her ramble about all she needs to do to get to Kuwait- not to mention the other 4 phone calls I got within the hour about moving questions and tidbits… wow.

I love her, but this next week when she is taking care of me after my surgery is going to wear me out! smile Now she is trying to get Will and I to apply and move to be with them. She is going a thousand miles a minute and my head is spinning. Yet another reason I have to make this weakness a strength in my own life!

We are going to dinner with my mom and P tonight… usually something I look forward to… now I’m just getting my listening skills tuned so I’ll be ready.

She is meeting me this afternoon to go to my pre-op appointment so she’ll know all of the precautions and everything and I think I’m going to go back to her house to help her take pictures and stuff down, which is kind of sad because that is the only house that I could call mine. Before my dad retired from the military we moved around so much that I never really had a place to call home, but when we moved here, this place became home, so it will be a bittersweet afternoon. Just hope I can make it though with my sainity!

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By the Way- We’re Moving

Have you ever gotten one of those phone calls at work that so should have been answered while you were home? I got one of those yesterday.

My dad does contract work for a company in Kuwait. My mom and sister still live here, but they planned on moving over there the middle of May, after my sister finished school. Well I get this call yesterday at work from my mom all excited and energetic calling to say she got offered a job and they want her as soon as possible. They will only hold the job open for six weeks. I was shocked. I mean, I knew they were going to move, but it hadn’t really hit me until yesterday. I think what surprised me the most was that in a month my family would be gone. I was also upset because she kept saying, “We’ll you know I don’t want to miss your graduation, so I don’t know what I should do.” It was almost like she was asking for permission to not come or something. So I was just like, “That’s find,mom.” I mean, I was upset about it, but I didn’t want to say anything, especially at work. I got off the phone and lost it. I started tearing up and just unleashed everything to the lady I work with. She just listened and offered some good advice. I can’t even imagine the stress level of my family this next week. I mean my mom is going to have to pull my sister out of school and start her in a whole new school- a whole new culture!, the will have to pack- not to mention sell their house, all in 6 weeks. I just don’t handle drastic change well when it is thrust upon me, so while I was preparing to say goodbye to them in a few months, this news was a huge shock.

I’m trying to stay positive and keep it off my mind until tomorrow, when I’m going to see my mom. I have a “pre-op” appointment for my surgery tomorrow and she is going with me, so I’ll have some time to talk to her after that.

My surgery- that’s a whole other thing! smile My mom is going to take care of me next week while Will is still working, and then Willl is going to be off the week after next while my mom and sister go to Kuwait to visit my dad. I think I’m going to stay at my mom’s because the ease of getting around without stairs and everything. So I have a thousand things between now and Tuesday I need to do- like teach Will how to do delicates and remind him to do a thousand things smile, and thoroughly clean the house so it doesn’t look terrible when I come home… oh my! smile

We got our electric bill for the past two months- it skyrocketed- in a massive way! I don’t think we realized how nice and warm our house had been this winter. So, we had to turn the heater down a bit to compensate. I woke up this morning and thought I was in Alaska. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could see my breath. I think we’re going to have to turn it up a bit! smile

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It Wasn’t a Dying Cat, it Was Just Me

I’m battling some kind of yuck.I don’t feel sick, I just have some scratchy, yucky something in my throat. So, for this reason I suffered an anonymous embarassing moment today!

Today is my sister’s 15th birthday (which is crazy to me that she is that old)! I told my mom I would get up early to call her favorite radio station so they would announce her birthday on the air. Well, bad news for me, they had already aired them- BUT they would air hers if I sang her happy birthday!


Just a sidenote- Singing in public is my BIGGEST fear, no lie! I would rather walk a tight rope on a 10 story building than sing in front of an audience, so that wasn’t much of an option!

Okay, so I was like, “I can’t sing! I’m sick!” And they said, “We’ll sing with you.” So, because I love my only sister dearly, I sang her happy birthday for thousands to hear- with a terribly scratchy throat. My sister called after they had played it to tell me how sweet I was and how special I made her feel… and then she said, “ You didn’t tell them who you were, did you?” I was feeling the love at that moment.  Thanks sis. Now I have to join the Witness Protection Program or something for my terrible attempt at Happy Birthday.

Tonight Will and I are going over to my mom’s house to celebrate my sister’s birthday. I’m most looking foward to the turtle cheesecake she picked out… and watching the Apprentice after she opens her presents! smile We got her a cd case, the girl has a thousand and they are everywhere!  I think my mom got her a digital camera, and her biggest present is their trip to Kuwait in 2 weeks to visit my dad. I suspect my dad will call sometime tonight, which will be nice because my main communication with him is email. It will be like 2 in the morning there, but at least we’ll all get to pass the phone around!

Have a great evening!

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