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Things I’m Loving Thursday, 11 Sept 14

This shirt

Things I'm loving Thursday


These healthy bowl recipes

The weekend forecast

Things I'm loving Thursday
Hello beautiful fall weather! The temperature for the OU game will be fantastic!

Surprise calls
Layla had been savvy with the iPhone since she was a baby. Now, however, she also knows how to get into P’s contacts and make calls based on the pictures stored next to the name.

I was quite surprised when Layla called me Monday. We had a deep conversation about blankies and stuffed ducks.

Real life.

Messengers by Lecrae featuring For King & Country

Things I'm loving Thursday

This throwback pic

I wish I could say this was the only time I had my eyes closed right when they took the pic

I wish I could tell you the days of getting the shot with my eyes accidentally closed were over, but, yeah…

Suave Moroccan Oil Conditioner

Things I'm loving Thursday

Im a fan of most Suave products, and this stuff is no different. I was shocked with just how soft this conditioner left my hair. A little dab will do ya, so keep that in mind!

Alrighty lovelies, that’s it for me! Anything you’re loving this week?

The Sleepover One & Look Ahead

Hey sweets!

How is it already Monday?!


This weekend flew by, and I’m beginning today wondering just where the heck it went!

Before we get to Friday night, can we please laugh at how many beverages I have handy on any given Friday!?

Drinking problem


I think there’s literally about 100 ounces of liquid between all these cups.

Moving on…

Friday night Will’s dad came to stay with us! He and Will went to the OU-Tulsa game Saturday, so he stayed with us so they could leave out together early the next morning.

We ate dinner and talked about his days growing up in Tulsa. He has lots of good stories.

Saturday morning started early. I hit the gym while Will and his dad headed to Tulsa.

Later that morning I went to Life Church to gather together with hundreds of other women for SISTERS! It’s a yearly event where women gather together for a time of worship and teaching.

This year Amy Groeschel spoke, and I was so blessed. She had such a gentle demeanor, yet is still able to command a crowd. I love her and I love her heart!

She spoke about standing firm in this day and time. To yield to God daily, and resist the devil.

Afterward I came home and got some stuff done and then headed to P’s for a sleepover party! Woo hoo!

We had such a fun time. We didn’t so anything exciting but it was just fun hanging out and not having anywhere to be afterward.

We are pizza, watched The Wiggles, contemplated the YouTuber “Disney Collector” (who is this chick and is anyone else creeped out?), and explored bizarre beauty rituals. Real life.

Girls night

Far different than our Chicago sleepovers, but still so fun in their own right.

Oh- and we had the most delicious pie EVER for breakfast. It was like a team of grandmas got together and created the most heavenly version of every berry pie imaginable, combined it, and tripled the butter and sugar.



Thankfully (?) we shared the piece so I didn’t feel as terribly afterward.

I am so glad we hung out and I can’t wait until we can again!

I came home to a house full of men. Will’s dad stayed Saturday night too, and wasn’t feeling the greatest so he ended up sleeping a little longer and having breakfast with us.

He got on the road late morning and Will and I kicked off the afternoon watching football and prepping for the week ahead.

I also managed to do Insanity. I will say pie isn’t the best pre-workout fuel. smile

Another long week ahead, but thankfully I have some fun stuff coming up!

Let’s take a look at what’s coming up this week:

-Tuesday Things
-Everything Works, Nothing Works Forever
-Things I’m Loving Thursday
-An intro to Ezra

That’s all my friends! Check in tomorrow! 

The Batchelorette One & Look Ahead


We have a holiday weekend looming.

Forget that it’s only Monday, let’s get excited!


Okay, I realize it still feels forever away, but indulge me.

How was your weekend?!

Mine was different than most, but still good in its own right.

I was a batchelorette this weekend!

Will made a trip to Pennsylvania and back in one weekend.

20 hours one way.

Just typing that makes me exhausted.

Future disclosure to come fairly soon on why exactly Will was gone, but until then we can agree he had a whirlwind of a weekend!

And I pretty much worried the whole time. Driving that long and far is very taxing on a person. He had a friend with him, so they slept in shifts, but if was still not exactly ideal.

Anyway, with Will gone I was on my own this weekend.

If I didn’t make a game plan, I had a terrible feeling I would wake up Sunday morning in a carb stupor and find myself covered in cereal boxes, magazines, and canned frosting.

So I made a game plan. smile

Will went in early Friday, so I skipped my morning workout to help him get out the door and see him off.

The good news was that even though I skipped my usual workout, I was able to hit the gym Friday night to work back, biceps, and shoulders!

I’m not a fan of working out at night. For me, if I don’t do it in the morning, I probably won’t do that all.

However, with Will gone it gave me something to do and allowed me to “make good” on my usual Friday scheduled workout.

I got home, did some laundry, showered, and ate homemade fried rice.

Then I got to babysit!

Woo hoo.

Layla and I had a great time.

Hanging with my best gal

We played kitchen, did our hair, watched a show… I don’t know how you mamas do it.

I taught her how to hop and then march with high knees and everything in hopes it would tire her out.

Turns out I tired much faster than she. Ha!

Well played, Layla.

After she tuckered me out, I headed home with the pups.

PS- I totally hate when Will is gone, especially at night.

Saturday came early by choice.

I hit the gym and worked legs crazy hard. I’ve been going heavier lately and was pumped to bang out 5 reps of 360 on the leg press for the first time in months.

360lbs. I'm coming for you 400!

I focused on light weights and high reps for so long, and it felt good to change it up again.

As bodybuilder Dr. Jim Stoppani says, “Everything works, nothing works forever.”

I love this quote. Future blog post!

After my workout?

Well, let’s just say nothing starts your morning like a post workout slap in the face with ice cold water.

I did the ice bucket challenge. I wish I could share something witty, but all I can muster is- holy cow that water is cold!

Here’s a link to part of the video. 
Here’s my after, sopping wet.

Ice bucket challenge:After

And yes, I’m wearing the same thing as I did when I babysat Layla haha. It was well into the evening when I babysat and if I’m going to get up early the next day to workout, I sleep in my gym clothes for one less thing to do and one more reason to get up! smile

Anyway, Saturday morning we visited the Canadian County Fair in El Reno, Oklahoma!

Hanging with my best gal

We went early, before it got hot, and saw lots of animals.

The county fair!

The county fair!

I loved seeing them all. Plus seeing how friendly and playful most of them were reminds me why I enjoy animals so much and choose to follow a vegetarian friendly diet.

Layla like most of them, but was afraid of the poultry and ponies! I thought for sure she would like the horses but she was scared. Maybe next year?

The rest of the day was all about food prep and laundry. I even read part of a book, which I rarely do on weekends.

Saturday night I went back to my parent’s for pizza and hanging out.

I am so thankful for my family. I love them so much! I was bored out of my mind Saturday and am so thankful I have them so close and can spend time with them.

With Will gone, I didn’t go to service on Sunday and instead watched online. I don’t know why I’m weird about not physically going since I was on my own, and I guess I should pray about it!

I hit the gym and got a few things done, and by late morning my dear, exhausted husband was home!

He looked like a complete train wreck. From Oklahoma to Pennsylvania and back in two days. Yeah, that will do it to you.

I was so glad to have him home! I missed him so much. He slept most of the day, so we didn’t really hang out, but I was just glad to have him home.

So now we start another week. A short week with a holiday on the horizon. Woo hoo!

Let’s take a look at what’s ahead this week:

-Tuesday Things
-A gym friendly circuit
-August Ipsy Review
-A gold ring in a swine’s snout

Check in tomorrow! 

The One with the Cat Rescue & Look Ahead

Okay, not a real cat rescue, but it felt Iike it!

As I’m sure all of you smart and responsible ladies know, you’re supposed to clean under your fridge once a year.

Yeah, let’s just say it’s been forever awhile for the B-Love family.

This weekend, we noticed our freezer wasn’t keeping things as cold as normal.

Before dropping $100 on a service call plus whatever other associated costs, one of the first recommended actions is to clean below your fridge.


So at 9:00 Saturday night Will and I embarked on the great cat rescue.

I call it a cat rescue because, girls, there were no dust bunnies under there.

There were full-blown lions!

I am a little crazy about a clean house, so yeah- was kind of freaking out about the hidden animal sanctuary right under my nose.


We decided not to conquer the lion’s den that night, and instead reserved the fun for yesterday.

Want to know how to push me over the edge?

Use a leaf blower inside the house I spent cleaning on Friday to clean the dust from the back of the fridge.

I was not a happy camper, and Will knew it.

I quickly de-dusted some of the surfaces, but by the time we finished yesterday it was nearly 5 and I was spent.

In fact, most of yesterday was spent doing painfully responsible things. Like getting new tires, putting a new doorbell on the house, ironing, and prepping for the week ahead. Boo!

Oh, and as an aside, what is it about doorbells that make dogs go berserk?

I suppose I didn’t even really give you a weekend recap so much as confessing my lack of under-the-fridge-cleaning and frustration for my husband’s indoor leaf blowing action.

The rest of the weekend was good and fairly uneventful. We did our usual weekend things and also tried to rest a little. I even got to spend some quality time with mom and Layla.

Oh, and on Saturday night Will also proposed. On one knee and everything.

That’s right, girls, it’s official. I’m currently the co-owner of one of Will’s fantasy football leagues.

How did I get so lucky!? wink

So part of Saturday night was also spent doing research and discussing strategy. Exciting things, my friends.

Here I am researching...sort of.

Fantasy footballing

This past weekend was also the second to last weekend before the craziness of football season!

I know I say this all the time, but seriously, how is it already football season again!?

So let’s take a look at what’s coming up this week:

-Food lately
-Evening TV busters
-Thursday Things
-Are we good enough?

Alright my dears, that’s it for now. Here’s to a good Monday full of fresh starts and clean refrigerators. 

The Long One Where We Celebrated 65 Years & Look Ahead

Hey there sweets!

Here we go again.

How was your weekend? Tell me, tell me!

Mine was wonderful. I am blessed in so many ways.

And you are too!

Sometimes we have our head down plowing through life so quickly, that we never take time to look up and realize just how good we have it.

Let’s talk weekend stuff.

It was my Friday to be off, so I enjoyed that! I took advantage of a longer workout, and got ready.

I had plans to meet a former coworker for lunch. Before I knew it, not only did she show up, but she brought three more people with her that I used to work with!

It was such a wonderful surprise. Never mind the fact I was totally in workout wear and sort of bumming. Ha!

Regardless, I enjoyed catching up very much.

Afterward it was off to the store for groceries and laundry soap ingredients!

I was able to whip up a batch of my very own homemade laundry soap in mere minutes. I was pretty darn proud!

Laundry soap art (premixing)

Later that afternoon I also got to catch Layla’s swim lesson.

Pre swim.

Swim lessons!

Post swim.

Swim lessons!

Her adorableness is killing me. Watch this video of her wishing Will a happy birthday.


Oh, and sorry for my terrible grammar. What horrific things will she pick up from me!? Haha (just watch the video)

Definitely a fun-filled day.

Saturday was busy and forever long. In fact, because of the way the day was broken up, it felt like two distinct days. Haha

Will worked for a few hours in the morning, so I hit the gym and crushed a leg workout.

For several months now, I’ve been going pretty light with higher reps. However, on Saturday I was ready to change it up and see what I had in me.

Afterward, I had a tea/coffee date with P and Layla, and my mom even showed up for a few minutes! 

On a side note, our coffee shop has like two dozen different types of flavored teas and I have been working my way through them. Saturday was an iced apple vanilla. Yum.

I enjoyed our morning chat.

I did some housework, and then Will got home.

A few hours later, we were off to see Will’s grandparents!

They are celebrating their 65th anniversary, so the family gathered to share in their day.

Celebrating 65 years. ❤️

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I’ve been blessed beyond I deserve with the family I married into. They are such good and uplifting people.

I even got to visit with the wife of one of Will’s cousins who recently came back from Falls Creek, a Christian summer camp in Oklahoma.

I have countless wonderful memories of my summers there, and it was so exciting to hear about her recent experience going as an adult and helping students.

We ended up talking for a good half hour, caught up in all the wondrous and beautiful work The Lord is doing around us and even around the world. It was such an empowering discussion!

The party started late in the day, so we got home well past our bedtime!

I had big plans to go to the gym at 6 and workout before the day got started, but yeah, totally didn’t happen.

Instead, I slept in past 7 and Will and I met my family for breakfast! I always enjoy mornings like that.

Afterward, Will and I had close to an hour to kill before Petsmart opened. Which (obviously) meant a trip to Target was in order.

We meandered and contemplated exciting things like vacuums.

Contemplating vacuums

Will snagged a “steal” on a blue Ray DVD of a childhood favorite- The Man From Snowy River.


Actually, I think I only saw it once and was really young, so maybe I’ll like it now?

We finished our errands and then it was time for church, food prep, and relaxing.

Here we are, another weekend down and another long week ahead.

So let’s take a look at what’s coming up this week:

-a single serving, 1-minute, 100 calorie, sweet snack
-a quick at-home workout
-Things I’m loving
-Using words

Now? Let’s conquer the long day ahead. Check in tomorrow! 

The Hostess with the Mostess

A few years ago, when my heart was incredibly hardened, I would come unglued at the thought of people coming over to our house.

Absolutely unglued.

I was in graduate school, working full time, stressed out of my mind. Seemingly any little deviation from normalcy would derail me.

I would have such an ugly attitude.

Since I was in school at the time, our house was a disaster not as tidy as I hoped, so I would take off Friday and spend the whole day cleaning.

Cussing, and cleaning.

Angry and ugly.

I was mad my plans and schedule were interrupted, and I was always relieved when our guests left.

Oh friends, when I look back I was seemingly forever in a state of total pissed-off ness. Sorry for the term, but it is so very true.

You’d never know on the outside, but I did. I know Will saw plenty of glimpses of my ugly heart, too.

That’s the funny thing about the heart. You might be able to fool a lot of people, but you can’t fool God.

As you have hopefully seen over the last couple years, The Lord has been doing a work in my heart and in drawing me back to him.

He restored me, cleansed my filth, and made me new.

I look back over the course of the last several months and see His guiding hand over so many changes in my life.

Hosting family last weekend was yet another confirmation of His grace. 

He is so good to me.

I never would have looked forward to hosting four people overnight before, and yet this time I did.

The Bible says to be hospitable without grumbling, and with his spirit and help, I was able to actually do that!


I enjoyed preparing for our guests last weekend. I got excited thinking about ways to serve them.

I made little gift bags.

While I cleaned, I didn’t stress about the details.

I simply thought about having our family with us and enjoying their company, and less about my selfishness and being “put out.” I didn’t feel that way at all! I was blessed to host them.

Who the heck is this lady!?!

Girls, The Lord has blessed us richly, and we should enjoy opening up our homes to others and sharing his blessings and love.

I realize I sound all fluffy, and that I’m making this transformation seem so easy.

Trust me, I’m not.

However, Jesus is able to transform even the hardest of hearts.

So how are ways we can begin that transformation and be the hostess with the mostess?

1. Be thankful

I find when I’m worrying less about what others have and what I don’t have, I’m much more conscious of what I do have.

Practicing gratitude is a must if you’re going to be a good host.

I decided to worry less about dirty outside windows and more on ways I could show my guests I loved them.

I decided not to worry about my house not being fully decorated in some places, and more about the many blessings God has given me and our house.

2. Be generous


Everything good and perfect thing comes from God.

It’s His, and it’s important to keep that in mind.

He’s given me a beautiful house he’s allowed me to live in, and I can’t help but feel compelled to share these blessings and God’s goodness with others.

Proverbs tells us that when we are generous we will prosper, and when we refresh others, we are in turn refreshed.

Instead of feeling like the life is sucked out of me, I want to feel like I’m willingly giving myself to others.

For example, I got totally giddy at the thought of making them little goody bags!

Just a simple mindset change actually blessed and refreshed me just as I prayed I would refresh my guests.

3. Be a servant

You don’t hear that much these days, do you?


I would often scoff at all the cooking, cleaning, and laundry associated with overnight visitors.

However, the more I prayed for God to soften my heart and make me more like him, the more I desired and actually looked forward to serving my guests.

I took joy in cooking something yummy for them, or laying out freshly scented towels.

I wanted them to see God’s love in me, and the best way I felt like I could do that was to serve them with an undivided heart.

4. Ask for a heart change


Sometimes, just like my story, we need a heart readjustment. No amount of trying to serve or be grateful can change us if it doesn’t first start with our heart.

Oh friends I’ve so been there!

The good news is that He makes water flow in even the driest deserts. 

He can change your heart towards being the hostess with the mostess and a whole lot more if you let him.

But it’s our choice. We have to choose to turn away from or junk and let Him be Lord.

So what’s it going to be?

Here’s to hoping you show some hospitality to your family this weekend!

It’s Will’s birthday weekend, so I intend to do just that! Our weekend involves a peanut butter ice cream cake. HELP!!

Check in Monday! ❤️

The One Hosting Company & Look Ahead

Whew. How is it Monday again!?

My weekend was a complete whirlwind.

In fact, as I type I’m pretty certain I have a load of wet laundry I forgot about that will be sitting in the washer all day (yay!).


My goal today is to try not to do in one evening what usually takes me half the weekend.

This is me giving myself a public self talk. Sorry for hijacking today’s post.

Let’s get back on track.

Friday was all about creating the semi-fake house.

Getting ready for company

I hit the gym and worked legs hard, and then did a 30 minute cardio session knowing I probably wouldn’t get to workout Saturday.

Afterward, all sweaty and disgusting, I went grocery shopping.

It’s true, please don’t judge.

Anyway, I cleaned, prepped, and made some goodies for our guests.

I even took time to see my mom and favorite niece. I’m always glad when I get to do that.

Taking a break to play with little miss

Our visitors arrived Friday night. We are dinner and then came home and “visited” over cake and iced tea in true Oklahoma fashion.

Since our third bedroom is officially transforming into “the man cave,” we gave Will’s parents the spare bedroom and his grandparents our room while we used the air mattress in the living room.

I slept like a baby.


Saturday came early with a 6:30 trip to Starbucks to get our 96oz coffee traveler.

by brittny_lynne, on Flickr">96 ounces of deliciousness (and heart palpitations)And a Will photo bomb <img src=">

Real life.

What is it about the elderly that make them wake so early? Will’s grandpa is an early riser.

Anyway, while Will and his dad got coffee, I made breakfast.

We enjoyed breakfast and more chatting. And coffee.

Oh friends.

I am a tea drinker and probably only have coffee 1-2 times a month maybe. However, it tasted so good and I drank so much that I unknowing made myself a complete jittering, palpitating mess!

Smooth move.

Anyway- breakfast was nice. smile

Will and his dad had to run a quick errand, so the rest of us chatted in the living room.

I love Will’s grandparents so darn much, and our talk Saturday morning made me love his grandpa all the more. They are such good, honest, godly people.

He shared a bit of his testimony and talked about how important it was for him to share God’s love with others and tell the truth even when it’s hard. He was on a roll and I was loving it! Next to his dad, Will’s grandpa is one of his heroes and I wish he would have been there to here him.

Will and his dad got back, we enjoyed another round of cake (because cake at 10am is entirely acceptable), and then they were on their way.

It was nice to have the rest of the morning and afternoon to recover a little and get ready for the evening ahead.

I washed sheets, made tahbouli, and even snuck in a quick workout.

We had a BBQ with one of Will’s friends from work. I had never met his wife and kiddos, so it was nice to spend an evening with them.

They were so super thoughtful with their menu, too and had tons of veggie friendly options. We all had a good laugh when they brought out the hummus, something neither of them had ever tried.

“That’s the first thing that comes up when you google vegan,” they said. smile

We had a good evening, but didn’t stay too long. We watched an episode of Andy Griffith and called it a night.

I had the hardest time getting to sleep (maybe all the caffeine?), but sweet Lucy kept me company.

She’s rarely in a snuggly mood at her old age these days, but she crawled up on me and laid on my stomach and let me pet her. She was so sweet and it was a special moment for me. I love that old bird, and am glad for those moments.

I think she missed us

Yesterday was lazy and all about relaxation. We decided to watch church online since we missed our usual Saturday service, and spent the rest of the day doing very little.

I managed to prep food for the week and do some laundry, but that was about it!

Today we have softball games and will be on the go! Let’s take a look at what’s coming up on the blog:

-Recipe roundup
-An indoor friendly cardio workout
-July Ipsy review!
-And all about hospitality

Check in tomorrow, and have a good day!

Thursday Things : 17 July 2014

Okay, nerd alert.

During the dog days of summer, when all our usual shows are off until fall, Will and I fill our evenings with a variety of things.

Sometimes it’s house related stuff, other times we’ll go for a walk, and a lot of the time we will catch up on some of the box sets we own but haven’t watched.

If you don’t remember, box sets were pretty much our major mode of television while we were in Kuwait, so we have lots.

Will is a big fan of the Andy Griffith Show and bought the series soon before leaving Kuwait. 

Can we please just camp out for a second and laugh that Will loves that show?

I think it’s adorable, and I never quite understood why.

Because I’m a millennial, maybe?

Anyway, between the move home, the overwhelming options of cable TV, and life, we never watched it.

Sooo, guess what we’ve been ending our nights with lately?

Yep. An episode of The Andy Griffith Show.

You know what? I find it incredibly endearing and totally get why Will loves it.

I also think Andy is so darn charming, and I can’t get over how young Ron Howard was in the first season.

Will’s parents and grandparents are staying with us tomorrow and part of Saturday.

I think it’s safe to say you know what I’ll be doing on my day off tomorrow.

Creating the fake house.

Oddly enough, I’m way more relaxed about it this year than in times past.

Maybe because I’m over 30?

Because we’ve been married over 10 years now?

I have no idea.

Last time they both came I went total commando on the house.

Washing outside windows, cleaning stuff with toothbrushes, making Will clean crown molding.


This year I’m like, “Eh. The outside windows are fine.”

I’m still cleaning away tomorrow, but I think I’m making progress with my obsessive cleaning?

I’m making tiny goodie bags with bottled water, a few snacks, candy, Chapstick (yes, my homemade batch), and a thanks for staying note, too.

A little over the top?

Don’t answer that.

I find I’ve become a little crazier more hospitable at my old age. I used to stress so much about making everything perfect that I forgot to actually enjoy myself.

Now I’ve lightened up a smidge (but don’t ask Will or he will probably tell you it’s less than a smidge), I want to enjoy my time with company.

Who the heck am I!?

Alright, that’s all for now.

Any randomness you care to share?

the long 4th of july weekend & look ahead

Hey sweets!

It’s Monday, but thankfully my extended weekend continues.

I won’t give a super detailed four day recap, I’ll just hit some highlights.

Since I was off, I got to go to the gym Thursday instead of my usual at-home workout. That was a treat.

I worked my back, shoulders, & biceps, and my arms were so sore the day after!

The rest of the day was all about cleaning.

Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.

Okay… And a little relaxing too.

Fun socks...-and a Boz photobomb

Friday was much more fun.

I got another gym session in that morning, this time legs.

We spent the afternoon at my parent’s house, and barbecued some delicious veggies!

4th of July fun

4th of July fun

It was good to see everyone, and the vegetables were just as good as I anticipated.

4th of July fun

Afterward, we had an afternoon siesta.

Since he never wants to take pictures...

Mine was a whopping 15 minutes. I’m just not good at relaxing and taking naps most of the time.

I caught up on some laundry, and then later that night we watched the fireworks on the tailgate!

The Bigs were terrified, so we moved them into their kennels and put them in the garage. Poor babies!

With the late night, I slept in until after 7:00 Saturday morning. I hit the gym and worked chest & triceps, and even hopped on the elliptical for some (boring) cardio.

A jewelry store right outside OKC is going out of business and was having a crazy 50% off sale. I had a $30 gift card and was able to get four necklace and earring sets for $1.15.


Afterward, Will and I ran a couple errands and headed back home to get ready for the rest of the day.

At the Movies is here, pretties!

Will and I went to church Saturday night for Week One. The famous was decked out and entirely transformed. The place was packed, and it was good to see so many new faces.

Afterward we had a big event to celebrate.

Layla’s second birthday!

Lots ‘o fun. It was good to spend time with my favorite people.



Then she turned two.

Then she turned two.

My sister made her such a beautiful crepe cake!


Then we came home and watched the UFC fights.

I even stayed up past midnight.

Who the heck is this girl!?


The late night meant a late morning, which I hate. I slept until 8 and hit the gym.

I cannot even tell you how nice it’s been to be able to workout at the gym four days in a row, plus a fifth tomorrow! I love my at-home workouts, but I just can’t beat lifting hard and heavy in an actual gym.

We washed Will’s truck and took it easy, and it was son nice not to have anything to do or go.

Today is full of responsible adult things like oil changed and washing my car. Bor-ing.

Will’s first official softball game is tonight, so that should be fun. He actually had two, but one doesn’t start until 9:30, which we know is my bedtime, so I’m only staying for the first.

Will’s parents are also heading here to stay with us tonight, as they have an early morning flight out of OKC. Lots of happenings today.

So let’s talk the rest of this week, starting with food.

This week we’re having:

-Baked potatoes, BBQ chicken on Will’s, and a sweet potato for me instead of a regular one.

-This ropa viela, minus chicken for my portion.

-Black bean enchiladas

As for posts, here’s a peek at what’s coming up:

-A mocha green monster
-My favorite piece of gym equipment (and why you might like it too)
-Things I’m loving
-Gathering water

Off to enjoy the last of my long weekend! 

The One With Fireworks & Look Ahead

Happy Monday, sweets!

I don’t know about you, but I woke up with a little more pep in my step this morning.

It’s Monday, and it’s a short week.

I have to put in three days to get five days off. Pretty fair trade if you ask me!

But first, a little weekend recap!

This weekend went especially fast, and for no good reason, really. It wasn’t full of lots of activities, but the activities we did all took lots of time.

Before I knew it, it was 7:00 last night and I was getting ready for the week ahead.

Friday night… I can’t even remember, so that tells you how memorable it was. Ha! I’m pretty certain it involved watching The Blacklist and calling it a night before 10:00.

You know how exciting we are by now. Why try to hide it?

Saturday started before 5:30, if you can believe it. I hit the gym early to workout before the busy day ahead.

I totally shredded my leg workout. I don’t know if you can tell in this picture, but my hair is soaked.

Super sweaty workout

Gross, yet great, all at the same time. smile

Afterward, I got cleaned up and spent the entire morning over at P’s!

The original plan was to do a dry run on Layla’s birthday cake. Only, yeah.... that didn’t end up happening.

Let’s hope this fancy crepe cake we’ve planned turns out okay this week!

Instead we played with Layla and just had fun.

Saturday snuggles

Saturday fun

I am so blessed to have them so close!

After my morning with the girls, Will and I saw the new Transformers movie.

Girls, movies have gotten so darn long these days! It’s like a half day event. smile

After the movie, it was time to head straight to church.

At the Movies is coming up at LifeChurch, friends! If you remember last year, every week I posted times so you could check out the sermons live. Definitely make time to do it this year.

All the campuses were transformed to various movies. Ours was beautiful! P and Layla are coming next week and I can’t wait for them to see.

Saturday night was tons of fun. A town outside of OKC does their fireworks the week before the 4th, so I went with my mom, dad, and Layla to see.



Layla was scared at first, but ended up really liking them at the end.

Staying up to see the fireworks was no easy task for a granny like me. I made it to bed a little before midnight.

The late night meant I didn’t get up as early as I hoped.

Aaand I had to go to the store.

I ran a couple errands and made it to the gym around noon. I even ran I to my parents finishing up their workouts!

I did an upper body circuit, and focused on lots ‘o push-ups.

The rest of the day was devoted to laundry and food prep.

Not too glamorous.

Thankfully, though, I only have three days to buckle down and hit work hard before I’m able to enjoy a long weekend of fun!

Not only is it the 4th, but it’s also Layla’s birthday weekend!

So let’s take a quick peek at what’s coming up this week:

-A quick & easy dinner
-Do I need to foam roll?
-Thursday things
-Being free

Check in tomorrow! 

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