Because I'm Terrible at Scrapbooks

Welcoming Will

Okay girls-

We’ve acquired a male reader.

(Ewww! Cooties!)

Yes, my one male reader in the whole world.

I say that with confidence because I highly doubt many men would be enthralled by my constant fatness whining, dessert obsession, and unstoppable work hour complaints.

Hmm, then again… is anyone really enthralled by such topics?


Is anyone out there?


Are you there?


Huh. Okay…

It appears that not only do I have one male reader- but that I have one total reader.

Wow. What has the world come to?



Two readers!

Me and the male reader.

Hmm- P sometimes stops by too.


Three official B-Love Readers that can’t get enough of my blog (HA).

Anyhow… back to the matter at hand.

Our official male reader.

Ladies- meet Will!

Yes- Will as in my Will.

The Will. (<3 heart!)

I’m not exactly sure when he started reading, but over the last couple of months, he’s been reading from time to time. Considering that I’m fully immersed in his hobby (uh- read Super Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, freezing outside at Lambeau Field…) I guess he decided to read up on me and see just what I do on here-

Which we all know is blabber on about just about anything under the sun.

So, not only does my sweet Will get to here me muse in person but now he occasionally gets to read about all the odd quarks and oddities he sees in person each day.

Sigh… what a lucky guy (ha ha).

I didn’t really know how often he read, but I’m pretty sure he’s a regular reader (Hi Sweetie! I’m thirsty. Can you make me a cherry limeade? Thanks!)

Like yesterday, for example, we were in the car I proceeded to tell him about my crazy lip liner fiasco, and in the middle he was all, “Yeah- I know. I read about it.”

Ha ha. So not only did he get the written version, but the poor guy had to sit through the verbal version as well (which I’m pretty sure was probably way more exaggerated and overdramatic than the written one).

Yeah… he won’t admit it, but he totally loves blogs. I bet he is known as “Obsessed Sooner” and has his own little blog with a big OU following.

Okay, so I’m lying… but I think it’s cool that he’s reading mine - aside from the fact that now I can’t talk bad about his mom

Ha ha, just kidding Sweetie.

Sort of.

So now that my husband has read this post and thought to himself, “Why is she posting about me?” I will go.

Hope you’re having a good week! I’m stuck at work right now but thankfully I don’t have to come into work tomorrow. Oh, and by the way, I seriously need some prayers today and tomorrow. I’m faced with a big decision and I feel so unsure of what to do. I hate feeling that way when I’m under the gun to make a choice. I just need to trust that God will show me the way between now and Sunday…

Have a good weekend!

reflections on a slow day

Today has been a long day.

Isn’t it funny how you can moan

and cry

and pray

and hope for a slow day full of absolutely nothing but solitaire and blog reading, but when two days hit like that in a row you’re moaning,

and crying,

and praying,

and hoping for the day to get busy so it goes faster?

I don’t think I’m at that point just yet. I’ve needed a few slow days, but I must admit- I’m not nearly as good at being bored as I once was. I used to be able to fill an entire day with fun things to occupy my time, but now- now that the day has finally arrived and it’s actually here- I’m blowing it, guys. Big time.

In fact, I’m sucking at this slow day stuff so much that I’ve resorted to going through my ancient posts from the old blog and am assigning them categories in addition to “the old blog” category that two whole years of my posts have been filed under.

Yep, I’m pretty much a loser at this slow day thing. I must say, though, it’s been slightly entertaining to look waaay back (ha ha, yes- waaay back) to 2005 and see what I was doing.

Newly married, enjoying OU games, watching my mom and sister join my dad Kuwait- and then following them!

Then there was Scotty, our vacations, and who could forget the Emperor? I’ve chronicled quite a bit of my adult life on this thing, it’s been fun looking back.

But- it hasn’t been that fun. I’m pretty sure this category thing is one project I’ll never get around to completing.

Guuys- I feel like I need to be running amok! You know- like the little kid that is getting to stay home alone for the very first time! I should be jumping on the bed, eating nothing but junk, and watching crappy TV.

I think this whole blogger’s block thing isn’t helping me either.


You say you didn’t notice my blogger’s block?

Oh- how kind of you, but trust me- it’s there.

Isn’t it funny how committed we can be to such a thing as a blog?

I mean, it’s almost as if we truly expect each other to update on a daily basis. It’s become such an engrained part of our day- like eating, or putting on deodorant (which is totally a daily thing for everyone- including me- except for the few times a month I seem to forget. What a weirdo…). I reflect on these ideas a lot when I go back and look through old posts. It’s as if this is another “job” that we don’t get paid for. I don’t say that in a bad way, but it’s pretty amazing how we show up for duty about 5 times a week to write about God knows what to God knows who “just because.”

God knows who-

That’s another thing.

When I was looking back to 2005 I was thinking about how crazy it is that I’ve known some of you guys for 3 years!

Granted, that’s not an eternity, but-and this sounds incredibly loserish- some of you guys are now closer to me than real life friends I had back home. Moving over here definitely didn’t do wonders for life in the friendship department, so I truly did find my support group of friends through the nest, and it’s so neat to see how much we’ve all been through together.

I’ve seen the majority of you get pregnant,

have babies,

some get pregnant again (!),

some have moved… and the list goes on and on-

and through it all we are (amazingly enough!) in constant contact. Granted, it’s not exactly the same as a telephone call each day, but in a way, it’s just as good!

Oooh! Speaking of friends- I had a Bestest Friend Ever sighting a couple weekends ago! Guys- our best friends were cheating on us! Yes- you heard me- cheating! I was sad, I was angry, I was devastated. How could they?

As P and I were driving around the parking lot the night we went out for sushi, I spotted them get into a cab with their dates- another cute couple. I was half tempted to lay on the horn and be all, ‘Heyyyyy! You’re OUR friends! I know we haven’t technically met yet, but I have big plans for you guys!” Thankfully, for all involved, I refrained.

Why do we keep missing each other? I’ve thought about how God is just going to have to take control, dang it, because once we move we won’t be in the same area of town and chances are we’ll never see this couple. So- I just have to trust that if we’re to meet, we shall meet.

(and I really hope we do!)

Okay, guys, so this post took me a few hours to complete because I totally jinxed myself. I started writing about how slow things were and guess what? Things remarkably picked up this afternoon. Bummer. Just when I thought I could get good at being bored.

Things always seem to happen that way, though.

I was really getting ready to let loose and write what might have been the most entertaining post of the year.

I guess we’ll never get to see it. What a shame.

The world will never know…


A Weekend With My (Non-Psycho) Internet Friends!

Hello from Kuwait (again)!

Just FYI (because you care), a posted a ton of new pictures of Jordan, my big girl’s weekend (thanks to Theresa), and other random shots from our trip home. So if you’re bored (I mean-really, really bored), there’s lots to keep you occupied.

I suppose I should get started with a recap of my wonderful nestie girl’s weekend!

I had met retired blogger Sarah last fall while on vacation, so not only did I know she wasn’t a crazy psycho killer, but I also knew she was so incredibly wonderful. I had not, however, met Theresa until just this past weekend! Oh- and BTW, all of the photos provided are courtesy of Theresa’s camera. As it turns out- Theresa is not a psycho killer either. In fact, she’s just as great as Sarah!

BTS has been in contact since the old days of the nest- about 2 years or so. In fact, Theresa and Sarah are the big day brightener in my life each afternoon as my day comes to an end and their’s just begins. I always know I have an email to look forward to from my two internet friends. We’ve done a lot of group emailing over the last couple of years, so it was only fitting that we’d finally meet.

It was a great time. Here are just a few pics of all the fun (the rest are posted on Flickr):

We went to the Ft. Worth rodeo our first full day together. Aside from the bronco riding, the wild cow milking (yes- wild cow milking) was my favorite event.


Sarah’s poor husband was a good sport about letting her have two strange internet friends invade their house. His only stipulation was that we didn’t drool on his pillow. Oops!


Alright- we were faking. I mean, afterall, the three of us look wonderful (think Jessica Simpson) when we sleep- our mouths don’t hang open all gross like that.


Sporting our team pride:


Our first lunch together:


Theresa discovered everything really is bigger in Texas:


She also discovered steak fingers! Retired blogger Sarah and I almost died when she asked what they were! Here she is with her new favorite food (ha ha):


The weather was perfect for Theresa, a New Yorker, but for a transplanted Sooner in Kuwait, it was a bit cold.


Sarah, her hubby, and two dogs Evie and Rascal:


Theresa and Rascal:


BTS, Friends Forever <3


It was a great weekend. I’ve been talking for a Nestie Reunion for ages now, so it was nice to finally get together with some of the friends I’ve gotten to know through the nest. Now we just need to plan and carry out a big mass reunion so we can ALL finally meet! What do you guys say? Spring/Summer of 2009? excaim

As for other, much less exciting things in my life, jet lag has finally hit. Will and I are feeling its full effects. Work sure will be fun when I’m as awake as a newborn puppy. Oh well, there’s nothing a Starbucks latte can’t cure, right?

Alright, I’m off to relish the last few hours I have of vacation with Will and the dogs. More to come soon and very soon.


i guess that’s why they call it the blues

Who sounds like a broken record?

I sound like a broken record!

For the four thousandth time- I’m sorry for not keeping up with you guys. You were so sweet and encouraging over the whole family awkwardness situation and here I am not thanking you personally on your blogs!

I thought for sure I’d be a great blog friend and go back and make up for the last month, but you know what? I can’t. Because I suck. I’m pretty sure that’s why. Anyway- I figure I’ll just start fresh with blogging and reading blogs next week. Oh- and this time (unlike the last two times I’ve said similar crap) I actually mean it.

You know what’s the funniest part of all? I’m probably the only person that is annoyed with myself about not being a good psycho internet friend. The rest of you are probably like, “What? You haven’t been reading? Huh- I didn’t even notice… Who are you again??” ha ha.

For my own personal sainity, I’m turing off comments today. smile

Anyway, I had a great weekend in Texas! I don’t want to share too much yet because I don’t have any pictures on my computer yet, not to mention Theresa was the only one of us that consistently took pictures! So, I’ll have to write more on my girl’s weekend in my next post when I’m able to link to Theresa’s pictures (BTW- Theresa, I forgot to take a picture of retired blogger Sarah’s holy toliet! Bummer...)

Now, however, it’s time to pack up.

This trip has been insane. I went from Kuwait

to Minneapolis, from Minneapolis
To Dallas. From Dallas
home. From home to
Tulsa. From Tulsa back home
l l
l l
l l

From home
to Will’s grandparent’s, and then back home.
l l
l l

and then back to his grandparent’s house
and then back home- (and I’m tired of trying to make a circle). And then to Dallas
and then to Phoenix
and then back to Dallas
and then back home.
and then to Dallas A-FREAKING-GAIN. Well- actually Ft. Worth, but you get my picture.
and then back home.

Okay- I’m getting a little out of control here, but you see my crazy trip brought to the internet. It’s been craziness, and although I’m dreading the thought of going back to work (I’ve been getting emails from a coworker and just when I thought things couldn’t get worse- ha!- they did), I’m ready to go back and see our doggies and have our own space.

I am really dreading this return. Granted, I always lament returning, but this time it will be so much harder because of work. I still have to fill you all in on all that’s going on soon. It’s bad guys. I’ve had a few weeks to take it all in and sort of mull it all around and I say I’m over it all, but the real test will be once I sit down at my desk my first day back. I have troubles with letting things roll off my back, but if I’m to survive that’s what I truly need to do- be a stinkin’ duck.


So I think I’ve covered all the restaurants I’ve been missing, I’ve been to Walmart a few times, I’ve mindlessly watched TV… I think I did pretty much everything I wanted to do while on vacation- in addition to all our running around to different states, that is! However, it doesn’t make it any easier. I know you guys watch me pour all over myself each time my vacation ends, but in a way, it’s a bit of a draining experience. It’s so easy to get accustomed to a “normal” life back home and all the wonderful things that go along with living in the States, and it’s easy to get those vacation blues knowing it will be a long time before I’m back enjoying these things.

It makes my heart feel bad. I hate the vacation blues.

So please don’t mind me- I’m just sulking. I’ll probably sulk for an entire week and be all pouty and unbearable to be around- but you’ve been warned. Luckily, most of my sulking will occur when I have no computer access and am on a plane, so let’s cross our fingers that you get me once I’ve achieved the acceptance phase of my grief.

Just wanted to pop in and let you know that I’m still here. More interesting information to come! I just felt the need to blow the dust off my poor blog. That terrible post about my inlaws was still up and it was growing cob webs. I look forward to catching up soon.

Beating the blues,

Brittny <3

Checking In.  (A Crappy “Teaser” Post)

Again with the stink bomb timing me (and all that other crap I droned on for 22 minutes about in my last post). I can’t talk long but just felt the need to check in and say hello to all you guys who have been so sweet and reading even though I’ve been a bad friend as of late.

Lots to talk about soon. I got some bad news about things at work and unfortunately I don’t have time to elaborate right now. It’s left me wondering what God’s plan is for me, and what He wants me to do. Remember the verse about “light and momentary troubles?” That’s sort of how I’m feeling. In fact- that might be the title of the forthcoming post. Hopefully I’ll be able to share all of that very soon. Please just say a prayer if the Lord brings me to your mind.

I hope you guys had a great Christmas. Ours was nice, and I’m sad that it’s over. Now we look forward to new years. We will be celebrating in Phoenix this year! Will is very excited about the OU game, and I am too!

I’ve truly been thinking of you often. Is it weird to say that I miss you? Well if it is, I guess I’m weird, because I do. I genuinely feel as though I’ve got this really special secret set of friends that I get to know through each day’s posts. I miss you guys. Funny how being closer in proximity to you guys has made me farther away. Once my in-laws go back to a regular schedule in January, I should have more time to keep up with you guys.

Lots to write soon, but I have to go for now. Have a wonderful weekend! <3

The Neighborhood Block Party- A Series of Short Posts 17 October 2007

Hmm… do I feel a multiple posting session in my future today?

I’m thinking yes.

Want to know something funny? The Stillwater, Oklahoma person is someone I know, but it’s someone other than who I was thinking (thank God!). What a small world. Megan, I had no idea you guys were in Stillwater. How great. I’m sure you love to be so close to OSU for game days (I’m throwing up a little as I type that).

I also want to say hi to some new friends! Hello to:

Mel (I hope your work day went okay),

Lydia (We <3 Texas and will probably end up there one day. I hope you and the little one have a good day!),

Amanda (Yay! Another football fan’s wife! Mizzou is a great football team and I bet they end up representing the North for the Big 12 game. If you ever start that blog let me know!),

Anna (Boomer Sooner! We’re hopefully going to follow the Sooners to their bowl game this year. Maybe we’ll see you there!), and

Jill (Jill! I wondered what had happened to you! You’ll definitely have to start blogging again now that you have a little one on the way! Congrats to you and Donnie!!)

That was fun. So we have new friends now guys.

Okay. I need to start working (I have a post all about that later today)!

More to come today…

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National “No One Told Me 3 October Was Delurk Day So I’m Having it on 16 October” Day!


Yeah, so what’s up with that!?

Did you guys know The Great Delurk Day was October 3rd?


Granted, there’s probably like 10 of these days throughout the year, because really, who regulates a “national day” devoted to delurking?

Anyhow, I didn’t participate in last year’s great “delurk” post and vowed to myself I wouldn’t miss the next Delurk day.

(yes, I really vowed. I stood tall and proud and proclaimed that surely I would not miss out on 2007 National Delurk Day.

Then I saluted my computer.)

So I don’t freaking CARE that I’m 13 days late. It’s delurk day, darnit! I said so!

So, you guys know what to do. Leave a comment (click on “share the love") and come out of your lurking state. Let’s be friends!

That’s all you have to do! So easy!

Just say hi! (<- see! We even talked about how easy saying "hi" is in yesterday's post! I was just getting you guys warmed up to the idea to do the same and I didn't even know it!) Where are you from? What do you do? Any weird habits? Any embarrassing moments?

Piece of cake!

I'm particularly interested in all my Okie friends that visit. Stillwater, Oklahoma who are you? I'm having terrible nightmares that you're someone I know. Please, please I urge you- prove me wrong! ha ha

I'm also curious about the Kuwait readers. I know my sister P is one, but who are all you other people? Delurk!

I look forward to your responses. I've really been wondering who some of you are and I finally look forward to finding out-

So don’t let me down!

To be fair- afterall, I’m “forcing” you to delurk- you can ask me questions too since I’m asking you some. I’ll answer them tomorrow


PS-To all you you guys that didn’t celebrate Delurk Day on 3 October either, we can make this our day. smile

What are you doing still reading? DELURK ALREADY!


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Total Heresy











You Can’t Rush Quality

Do you ever wonder why you post?

Take today, for example. I spent my entire work day writing.

Writing, writing, writing.

Why in the world would I want to sit down and write something else?

Why do we post? Why do we write stuff when writing is what we do all day? Therapy? Obligation? Fun?

Who do we do this for? We sit at work all day long pushing paper for “the man” and then sit down all over again to post. Do we do this for ourselves? For our blog friends?

I guess it’s all of the above depending on the day and circumstance. I guess today I feel like I’m writing out of sheer obligation. I have absolutely nothing to talk about, yet sometimes I feel this is yet another “task” in my daily duties.  I love posting and would consider it a hobby, but do you ever wonder why you feel the need to post sometimes? I do.

Then again, I’m probably the only one who thinks about all this stuff because I worry about everything. E-VER-Y thing.

Today I had a bit of a revelation: You (generally) can’t rush quality. Unfortunately the majority of people I’m surrounded by don’t agree. I joked with someone about this very point todoay. Just think- if Da Vinci was rushed to complete the Mona Lisa she might have been smiling with big crusty yellow teeth- and while I’m sure people would stand in front of the portrait and stare for hours on end, I’m pretty positive it wouldn’t be for the same reasons they do now. Or Britney Spears. Do you think “Gimme More” would be the sheer genius it is because she rattled off the lyrics in about two minutes flat? I think not!

Okay- kidding about the Britney Spears thing. How dare I use her name and Da Vinci in the same paragraph right!?

Anyway, I was trying to think of a nice way to write that to someone… I couldn’t think of one. I should just use that, huh? Especially the Britney Spears thing. They would LOVE that.


Sort of.

The girl I work with is on vacation. You know what? I think she planned her trip on purpose. I think she had a secret meeting with the Powers That Be and paid them to tell her when things would be busy. Do you guys have coworkers that do that too? Man, I gotta get the number for those guys. I would have planned a vacation too! I feel a little jipped. If you guys have that number, share the love.

The fact that my family will be vacationing in Oman for Eid this weekend doesn’t help either. Did you know Oman is supposed to be one of the most beautiful places in the world? Um, little jealous. I think they must have called those Powers That Be guys too. Darn it! I’m telling you- I gotta get that number! Oh- and we get Molly. Boz and Lucy were excited to hear that. You say the word “Molly” and their ears perk and they start jumping around and getting all silly. It’s freaking ADORABLE. It’s like when I hear the word, “Will” only I don’t slobber as much as the pups do.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got. I need to go home and get out of writing mode. What a quality-filled post!


<3 More to come…

Honestly? This is Most Boring Post I’ve EVER (yes, EVER) Written. Ever. Period.

I feel completely uninspired today.

What a WONDERFUL way to begin a post, if I do say so myself.

Uninspired. Yet, for some silly reason, I feel completely obligated to this blog and the fact that





It’s as if last night I got all dolled up and met my blog at the altar to exhange vows. I think I said something about, “I will update you from now until all eternity.”

Then we danced to “Keeper of the Stars” while everyone watched and ate bad buffet food.

Crazy aunt Margie totally got down to Super Freak too. Oh my gosh, it was freaking hilarious.

My blog looks pretty darn good in a tux, by the way. Although, blog, I wouldn’t have gone with the bowtie.

Mrs. M, can I use my blog marriage pictures for the album you’re putting together?

Okay, okay, enough stupidity for one day.

If you dare:

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