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8 Days of Ugly

Today, like the rest of my post op days, has been uneventful. I actually started some home work so that was good.

And… they’re “letting me out” tomorrow! smile I actually get to get out of the house! But I’m not too excited, it’s another doctor’s apt. I’m kind of nervous! They’re taking my stitches out and… (this is gross) they are taking two screws they put in last week in each foot… without any pain killers! Agh! The doctor says I will just feel pressur because bone has no feeling- but I’m thinking,” HELLO! My skin has feeling and will feel that screw come out!”

I just pray they don’t have to make an incision to get it out. This sucks so bad, and I will be so glad when my life can go back to normal!

My title is 8 days of ugly- and boy has it ever been. I don’t think I have ever consecutively looked so bad in my entire life. I mean, I’ve had a few days here and there, but never 8 days in a row of looking flat out scary. I have been in nothing but sweats this past week because that is all these freaking shoe cast things will fit over! Then I haven’t shaved- I mean I know it’s winter and we are allowed to cheat, but it’s getting bad. And I haven’t worn a drop of makeup in 8 days or fixed my hair besides blowdrying and straightening. Its a scary sight. My eyebrows need a wax. Bad. I’m a scary sight to see. My self esteem will skyrocket after this whole stupid ordeal is over and I can simply put on real clothes.

Anyway, wish me luck on the scary appointment tomorrow!

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