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2015 March Ipsy

Let’s talk the Ipsy March floral fantasy bag.

As usual, another winner.

No duds, plus two full-sized products.

Here’s the springy bag.


Check out this pretty, shimmery Pixi Beauty Mesmerizing Mineral eyeshadow duo.


The color is nice and neutral, and I’m going to enjoy using it.

I also got this mini Coolway Glow Oil hair treatment.


It has s nice orange creamsicle smell, and definitely smooths.

It was s tiny sample, so I only got about four uses out of it, but I definitely noticed a difference.

Check out this NYX butter lipstick in Pops.


I really didn’t want to open this up and start using it.

But lip products are my kryptonite.

This is a beautiful neutral color with lots of moisture.

Guysssss, I’m absolutely in love with this pur-LISSE cleanser and makeup remover.


I wash my face every night, but sometimes it’s a battle.

Why does such a minor task feel so hard sometimes!?

I’m going absolutely crazy over this stuff because it’s the perfect answer on nights when I’ve waited too long to wash my face and I’m at a crossroads between going straight to bed and taking 30 seconds and washing my face.

This stuff is ridiculous in the best way possible. It gently washes away makeup and mascara with ease and leaves nothing behind.

This stuff is a huge winner.

And it’s almost gone.

Sad face.

Finally, I got this Mimi Boo Boo cover up concealer.


This is another major win.

It goes on so softly and is incredibly creamy. It emulsifies nicely and provides good coverage. Not only that, but it includes ingredients like chamomile and green tea to help promote healing.

Hello perfect concealer for blemishes!

Though I’ve loved so very many Ipsy products, I haven’t been a repeat buyer on much. This might be one of those products I end up purchasing.

That’s my bag! Such a total winner. All the samples are well used, and some are even empty. Definitely a good bag.

Tune in next month for another review, and tomorrow for another post!

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