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2006 Race for my Sanity

Yet another Will Loves Sports posts.

I’m sure you are tired of the many times I talk about this topic- welcome to my world. smile The guy is obsessed.

Yesterday “it” came in the mail. The all new NCAA 2006 Race for the Heisman football game for playstation2. Happy Birthday to Will. He got a super nice football card- one that required a second mortgage to get (just kidding) to add to his collection and then he got “the” game in the mail- and his birthday is still a few days away!

Anyway, Will looks forward to this day (and also August when Madden ‘06 comes out) every year. He has it marked down and know exactly when it goes on sale, preorders it, and watches the mail each day to see if its come. It’d almost be cute if it didn’t consume his every waking hour. smile I have to admit, this game is the coolest by far though. That’s the hard part for me. I do get excited for him because I know he loves it so much and this is the closest thing to football he’ll get over here (unless you see soccer as the “real football,” and believe me, Will doesn’t). I get all excited to see the new features he’s found and I want to see everything all at once. Then once I’ve seen everything new I’m sick of it within a week because I know everything there is to know! I know its his hobby and so I just need to let him be, but he really likes when I sit and watch him and cheer him on- yes my grown husband can revert to childlike tendencies when it comes to his video games. Its like he thinks I’m actually in the stands watching “him” play out there. With this new game you can create your own player, which he did and it looks exactly like him, so now I guess I really AM watching him play. What a strange thing. And guys think we’re weird. Hmm.

So Will is the newest middle linebacker for the Oklahoma Sooners. He has his own freshman dorm room, gets fan mail, has a meter to show him how close he is to winning the Heisman… and yet I continue to wonder about the strange attatchment he has for the game. I guess its obivious- they gave him his own living quarters and a fan base for crying out loud!

EA Sports has really done it this time. (full of sarcasm) Way to go guys

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