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I started a new weight routine last week and because I have nothing else to talk about thought I would share it with you guys!

I was so sore all over the day afterwards. I must also mention I’ve been a HUGE gym loser (yes HUGE in all caps) and have only been lifting twice a weak… I mean week.

That’s a whole topic I could ramble ramble on about for quite some time, but I realize how excited you are to read about weight lifting and I don’t want to keep you waiting any longer! Just FYI I don’t have the program in front of me, so please excuse my terrible attempt to remember all this stuff.

Elevated Lunges w/ Dumbbells- these are so horrible! My whole leg was sore the day afterwards.
Leg Press Machine
Inward Thigh Raises (using a cable machine)
Outer Thigh Machine
Crap! There’s one more! I don’t remember the stupid name! Aside from the lunges, it’s the other leg exercise I love to hate. It’s that machine where you lay on your stomach and have a bar behind your calves and bring it up towards your butt… free cake to whoever tells me the right name! ha ha
I should do calf raises too- but between you and me- I don’t.

Inclined Bench Press
Inclined Bench Flies
Chest Pullover

One Arm Pull Down (using a cable machine)
Bent Over Row- ha ha, okay- I have no idea if that’s the technical name, but that’s what my trainer calls it. It’s on a cable machine
Lower Back Extension Machine

Bicep Curls w/ cable machine. For some reason these seem a little tougher than regular bicep curls with dumbbells, although, it could also be because they’re new.
Preacher Curls

Shoulder Press w/dumbbells
Deltoid machine

Bench Dips w/ weights
Crap! Once again I forgot the technical name. I’m a weight lifting wimp! They’re triceps raises w/ a dumbbell. You hold the dumbbell behind your head and slowly raise it. More free cake to whoever knows the technical name! ha ha

Cable Crunches
Declined sit-ups w/ weights
And finally, what I call “The Chair.” The most hated exercise of all. Do you guys know this one? It’s that terrible raised “chair” back with no seat. I hate that thing.
I should do a few more different types of crunches but I never do.

So there you have it. Are you invigorated and thrilled by all this exciting weight chatter? I know I am! You know I’m skimming when this stuff gets posted.

PS- my sweet sister P is a genius. Like the new header title? She recommended I rip a lyric off of Brit’s new song. I loved it. I opted to get rid of the Jay-Z lyric that has been the title for quite some time and go with Britney. P- I love you! You’re such a smartie!

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Party Pooper

There’s something so strange about living in an apartment.

My apartment is no exception.

For some reason, sound bounces off our walls like you wouldn’t believe. I can often hear my neighbors- and cringe to wonder what all they know about me and Will.

The other day I was tinkling (yeah yeah, too much info I know- I figure “tinkling” is cuter than peeing. Can the word tinkling be constituted as cute? Eh- probably not. Oh well, we’ll go with it.) and could hear my neighbor plain as day playing his guitar and singing an Elvis song.

It was loud. It’s almost as if he was in my shower holding a small concert and we were sharing some super awkward and uncomfortable moment (okay Tuesday confession- I actually checked my shower. Yeah, yeah, I knew the guy wasn’t there, but it was one of those stupid things you do “just incase.”).

Yes, I had a live concert.

In my bathroom.

Performed by “The King” himself.

It was like a little party- only no huge mob dancing around, and no bras hitting the stage.

I felt a little bad when I had to flush.

I hope he doesn’t think that’s an indication of his performance.

I’m really ready to own a house.

Monday Confessions

Remember The Talker? Well, between you and me I’ve been keeping my headphones on at all times in hopes that this person won’t talk to me.

Sometimes music isn’t even playing- but I keep the headphones on just to keep the appearance that I’m listening to music and





It hasn’t worked.

I can’t parallel park. I think I’ve maybe parallel parked three times since I’ve gotten my license. I’d rather park in the boonies and walk in a 5 below snow storm with gusting winds than parallel park right outside a store.

Boz peed on his random “floor spot” (you can read all about that a few posts down) this morning and I pretended not to see it so Will would clean it up. Yeah- I know. I’m sick and wrong. Shhh.

I had a venti skim latte today.

With 6 Sweet and Lows.

Last night we got a little Valentine’s Day care package from Will’s parents. A bag of Hershey’s Hugs was included. Will ate 3. I ate 3.

And then I took the bag in the kitchen and had 4 more. Don’t tell Will.

Alright, that’s enough secret sharing today. Anything you need to get off your chest?

Cheaters Never Win.

They simply go undefeated all season long and lose to a wild card team in the Super Bowl.

Congratulations, NY Giants. 

My World

The other day I was thinking that I don’t really share much of my life here with you guys. I also thought I would want to remember this time better, and I haven’t really chronicled much of it in this blog. Most of it is about the same things I would write if I were home- except the parts about how much I miss home, that is!

Anyhow, I wanted to share just a few things from my world today…

For the most part, there are no street signs or addresses in Kuwait. You could literally be told that the address is, “The green building next to The Avenues Mall,” and that would be the actual address. Seriously.

No kissing/love scenes in public theatres.

Every single business in Kuwait must have 51% Kuwaiti ownership. That includes houses. So- we could never really own our own house here (darn… not).

Kuwaitis, for the most part, don’t work. They’ve recently passed a law that now requires companies to hire a certain percentage of Kuwaitis, but you will never (and I mean NEVER) see a Kuwaiti work what we would consider a minimum wage job. It’s so weird, guys. The workforce here is primarily Indian and Filipino. They work at all the stores and restaurants.

Public Display of Affection is not allowed. I make Will hold my hand sometimes, though. I don’t think that’s considered “bad.”

No taxes in Kuwait (yay!)

No utilities to pay in Kuwait (double yay!)

I can fill up my gas tank for about $12. I know- you hate me now, right?

The water here will make you sick. The whole country drinks bottled water, and if you don’t, we’ll, you’re a freak of nature able to turn people into stone with just one glance.

Driving is INSANE here. This topic deserves its own post.

You can get just about anything you want over the counter.

Anything your heart desires delivers. This is a bad thing. A very bad thing.

Alcohol is illegal.

Kuwaitis are rich beyond our imagination. The government gives them money for getting married, having kids, and going to college.

Speaking of college- if you are Kuwaiti, the country will pay for your entire school PLUS give you a living allowance if you come back and work in Kuwait for a few years. I don’t remember all the details. I’d have to ask Z.

In the past, the Kuwaiti government has paid off all the debt of all Kuwaitis, “just because.”

It’s hot. Really, really hot.

Most people (probably not you guys anymore because you hear me talk about Kuwait all the time) think we live in a crap-hole and eat strange meats cooked over an open fire. However, we have Chilis, Applebees, Krispe Crème, and some of the most beautiful malls I’ve been to. We’re not exactly roughing it.

Just about everyone speaks English here.

The Arab culture is nocturnal. Eating dinner at 10:00 at night is totally normal.

Okay, for the sake of time I have to stop, but those are just some random things I felt like sharing today.

That’s just a little look into some fun facts of my life here. 

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Lucy and Boz: The Great Floor Saboteurs

I swear, my dogs’ mission in life is to turn our house upside down on the exact day our cleaning lady comes. I’m hesitant to say that dogs are geniuses, but guys-my dogs are.


Yep. I’m not lying. Okay maybe a little. Boz is, quite honestly, mentally challenged (seriously- I’m not kidding. The guy’s play mechanism is kaput. We’ll throw a ball his way and he just stands there, cocks his head and looks at me as if I’m a complete moron- as if to say, “Why in the crap are you throwing stuff at me, you idiot?” We try to play with stuffed animals and he runs away as if a rabid hyena is the hand behind the stuffed animal and is surely reeling him in to EAT LITTLE BOZZY’S TAIL- OH MY! See what I’m saying?) Poor Boz, he’s broken but we love him anyway. Boz is kind of like Spongebob’s sidekick Patrick, or any other not-so-smart sidekick in history. Lucy is the brains of the operation, and he’s the one that follows behind and does whatever she says.

However, when it comes to tearing up the house- he’s a genius. Just like Lucy-Goosey.

It’s as if they conspire all day long, and each hour passes that I’m not home is another hour they stew and scheme and make fun of what I wore that day.

“Ahahaha, Boz, can you believe she went out of the house donning ( yes, Lucy even says fancy words like donning) those dangle-y earrings with that shirt? Uh- it’s a bit much if you ask me. I feel sorry for those pants too! I think she exaggerated a bit with the weight she gained on vacation WHILE WE WERE STUCK IN Q-8 YOU SORRY PIECE OF CRAP EXCUSE FOR A MOTHER!”

Boz is all, “Duuuhh yeah!” and then erupts into that terrible Patrick-like laugh.

After they make fun of my attire, they continue to pace and growl and be the vicious dogs maltese are known to be:


“How could she leave us locked up in this spare bathroom all day, Boz?”

“Duuh- we’re in a bathroom?”

“She must pay! She must suffer! Boz we have to revolt! Revolt I say! Do you have the number to the NAACP?”


“Do I have to do everything myself!? Geez!”

“Crap, Boz. I’m too small to reach the phonebook. We’ve gotta do something- we just gotta! This is a human rights violation, Boz, and I won’t stand for it!”

“Guuh- I thought we were dogs.”

“Oh nevermind! Think Boz, Think.”


“Okay- I guess this is on me,” Lucy says.

“I know! We’ll drive her crazy with our stinkiness!”

“Duuh. I like being stinky. Stinky is fun!”

“Yeah- stinky IS fun, Boz!

We’ll make her go crazy by peeing and pooping on the









“Duuuh. That’s smart, Lucy. I like poop. Poop is fun. Especially to eat. Yum.”

I’m positive this is how their conversation goes. They’re slowly killing me, guys. They’re wearing me down one piece of crap at a time.

For some really strange reason they have decided that the open space in our dining room is where their new bathroom will be. Multiple times each day I find an array of feces and urine,

And it’s driving me crazy.

I can’t catch them in the act to scold them, but when I do… it could be bad guys.

I was seriously at my wit’s end the other day. I get so excited when my cleaning fairy comes to my house. It’s the highlight of my work week. However, because Boz and Lucy are conspiring against me, they know this and want to make sure my happiness disappears like a 50% off pair of black Limited trousers.

Lately it seems as soon as I get home and let them out of their room, the revolt begins. Guys- they are so naughty. I’m pretty sure I cuss 32 times and vow never to have children each day this revolt occurs.

To make matters worse, they are so cute on the nights they totally piss me off. It’s like they try to counter the attack with their cuteness. It’s painful guys.

(That’s all apart of their plan, you know.)

I would clean up one mess, and then another would follow, and then another, and another until I really started to wonder what in the world they were eating to produce so much crap! I was so grouchy and poor Will had to deal with my constant, “No! No! That’s naughty!” yells on top of a bad headache.

My house was perfect- it was the “fake house” that no one ever has in real life. However, it was quickly destroyed by Boz and Lucy’s evil plan. Why!? Why must they hate me so much? They know I love cleaning day.

So, I finally calmed down and their bodily fluids finally dried up, and all was well in the WB house once again. They continue to combat me with their crap, but this time I’m better prepared and ready to take them on.

I just wish I could be a fly on the wall. I have this really funny feeling that Lucy has sketches drawn out all over their room marking “X” where Boz needs to pee, and as soon as they hear the key hit the door they quickly transform the room back into its normal state- rotating walls, tearing down maps, and erasing tasteless caricatures of me that were drawn on the floor.

Sneaky geniuses, I tell you.

I’m watching you pups- be careful. Very careful.

(I want to let you guys know I’m just kidding about Boz- sort of. He’s not the brightest bulb in the box, but he sure is the sweetest. I’ve never seen a more loving dog. He wants nothing more than to be held and loved. He’s such a sweet boy and is a great lap dog. Don’t think I don’t love him, you crazies, I certainly do.)

the nanny cam

Last night I had the nightmare of all nightmares.

The kind of nightmare that is so horrifying that you wake in the middle of your sleep, disoriented about reality and fantasy.

The kind of nightmare that leaves you shaking and in a cold sweat. I tossed and turned the rest of the night after I woke from this terrible dream, afraid that it would happen again. I kept asking my self over ane over, “Was this really a dream, or did this happen?” I was freaking out all last night.

It wasn’t a dream about Michael Myers, the psycho killer from the Hallowwen movies.

No, it was worse than that.

It wasn’t about going to The Limited and buying everything my heart desired only to have my credit card cut at the register.

Though that is about as horrifying as any dream can get, ladies, it was even worse than that!

Now, picture the scariest thing you can think of.

Got it?

THAT was what my dream was about!

My mother-in-law.

I was seriously in and out of sleep all last night after my dream. My eyes were wide open, staring at the white ceiling, just reeling about whether or not the series of events were real or fake. It felt so real, I kept thinking.

Okay, before I go any farther I should clarify that my MIL is not the scariest thing on earth, in fact she might be the closest comparison to Jesus I have ever in my whole life seen. Move over Billy Graham! Jennys comin’! I guess, in a way, she DOES scare me because her heart is so good and pure and, well, “good!” That’s the only word I can think of right now. I’m afraid to joke or do anything! I’m like a Barbie doll with a plastic smile glued to my face because I’m afraid to do anything stupid, so I just smile away! smile haha. She is great, she really is. I won’t say anymore about her, I’ll just get on with the dream!

Now that you know how wholesome Will’s mom is, you can better understand my dream. I had a dream she caught us in the act… not working on some play scene… YOU KNOW what “act” I’m talking about.

It was such a real dream! We were in the middle of everything when all of a sudden she comes up with a pile of laundry and just opens the door and stands there, crying, and says,

“Here is your dirty laundry, but it looks like you already have some!”

and then she drops the pile and runs off. I was just on top of Will dumbfounded.

I seriously woke up right after that and had to look around the room to make sure it was just a dream. I patted myself down to make sure I had clothes on, and then I was paranoid the whole rest of the night. I kept thinking there was no way I would ever be comfortable enough to have sex with Will in this house because we used to laugh about how his mom probably had secret cameras everywhere- which then sent my mind on a whole new tangent.

“Does she have a secret camera!? Did she watch me pick my nose this afternoon?! Oh Lord, please somehow disable the cameras. Burn the film with your eyes or something.”

I asked Will if we made love that evening and he just grunted, so then I told Will about my dream and he just rolled his eyes and told me to go back to sleep. Ha- that may be easy for you, but I have Donna Reed downstairs, watching me on a NannyCam this very second! I can’t just go back to sleep! Those are the kind of dreams you just don’t ever want to have. It’s like she got in my mind or something. We were like sharing a brain through some strange unexplainable phenomenon. IT was like she “Sent“ that dream to me to say, “Do not ever touch my baby boy in a sexual way in this house.“ I feel like I have to tell her the only time I will ever touch her son is to conceive. Like I should say, “Scouts honor!” of something afterwards. She is so great and I feel so clumsy and goofy around her, and that dream didn’t help! It will be a major feat if we do the deed more than a couple of times on this trip.

To make matters worse, Will’s brother is coming home from college this weekend and will be staying next door. Ha, yeah, THAT doesn’t add to the awkwardness!

“Excuse me bro-in-law, me and your older brother are about to engage in some marital wrestling. Seriously. We’re working on our black belts. don’t mind the noise, okay?”

Do you think that excuse will work? I love Will’s family, but I finally am beginning to understand how he felt when he had to live with mine for 4 months, and I’ve only been here a few days!

Okay, I gotta shake it off! I can’t dwell on a silly dream, but I am fully convinced anytime Will’s mom looks art me it will be with “warning“ eyes. I have chills just thinking about it! smile

I have about two more things I want to post about regarding this subject, but I will have to do it another day because I have a dentist appointment (fun!..ha). I think I’ve given you enough. I’m sure you think I’m totally crazy, freaking out about a little dream, but trust me, you would so be the same way.

I guess I’ll go for now! I’m about to change the time on my blog to Central Time ZonE!! YAY! So exciting! I’ll finally be on normal time with you guys! smile

thanks for listening to my strangeness. this is the only place I have as an outlet!

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