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The Weekend of Layla, a Quick Road Trip & a Look Ahead

Fun at lowes
Date night with Layla

Froyo date
Froyo date
My froyo date

Sometimes we drive two hours to eat at Perkins. Real life.
Sometimes we drive two hours to eat at Perkins. Real life.
Sometimes we drive two hours to eat at Perkins. Real life.

No time lost

Pup pups

Man oh man! I had such a wonderful weekend. Quite honestly, we didn’t have any real plans, but things quickly changed and turned into one of the better weekends we’ve had in a long time.

This was the Weekend of Layla! My sister was out of town, so Layla stayed with my parents. We took a trip to Lowes with my dad Thursday night, and it’s way more fun when a Jimmy Johnson cart is involved. Haha

Will and I took her out for a frozen yogurt date Friday night and spent the rest of the evening playing and also had some time with my parents.

Saturday was a whirlwind! On a whim we got in the car and drove two hours to Ponca City to eat brunch at Perkins! It was such a good Saturday. Will and I chatted the whole way up and back about life, Kuwait, family, and our future.

And then there was the pie and mammoth muffins. Let’s not forget about that. Dead. Dead. Dead.

We brought back a dozen muffins, so yeah, my life is pretty much over. I froze a few for a rainy day but…

We spent the evening with Layla and my parents followed by a Star Wars movie in the man cave (Will insists we have to watch all of them so they’re fresh when the new one comes out this winter. Ha!).

Sunday was the usual, but even better because Layla came to church with us! She was so brave and went into her class and wasn’t nearly as scared as I thought she might be.

Such good weekend. I have a pile of laundry on the couch and dishes in the sink, but I don’t even care.

Check in this week for Wills lower body workout, Thursday Things, and more. 💗

Breaking Camp (or Staying Put)

I never tire of God showing up in a very big, real, and personal way.

I had one of those moments this week.

About a year ago, I was reading in Numbers. I earmarked chapter nine and wrote, “Revisit this passage. I think there is something for me to glean here.

At the time, I knew there was deep substance there, but I couldn’t put my finger on how the passage personally spoke to me.

Instead I made a note...and completely forgot about it.

Obviously I had no idea how hugely impactful it would be when I “stumbled upon” that year-old note yesterday in search of another passage. 

We’re in Numbers here, so this scripture has to do with the Israelites’ journey out of Egypt. 

This chapter talks about the cloud of God’s presence, and how it hovered over the Tabernacle.


When the cloud moved, the people moved, be it day or night.


Without getting too deep (this is only a blog post after all! smile), it’s really as simple as that- when the cloud moved, the people moved.

Sometimes they’d make their camp for a single day, and other times it was much longer.

No matter what, and what we need to see in this passage is, whether they stayed or went, it was based on what the Lord commanded.

Similarly, our “cloud” is the gift of the Holy Spirit, making this story so very relatable.

Have you ever felt like you’re in a complete holding pattern?

Completely stuck even though you want nothing more than to GO!?

Hello. My name is Brittny. Welcome to my current world. 

Here’s why I think I “accidentally” found this year old note to myself, and why this passage is so valuable to those of us camping out despite feeling ready to move-

For so long I’ve seen this current “campout” phase as a waste. Like a big pause from where I was and what the Lord has next.

However, that’s not at all how we need to see these times.

We have to remember we’re “camping” because that’s where God has us.

We haven’t broken camp because He hasn’t led us there yet.

That doesn’t mean we’re in nothing more than a holding cell until we finally get to break camp and move on.

Oh no, not at all!

In fact, may you and I both need to wipe that thought from our brains right now!

We must not forget when His cloud settled over the tabernacle, He was there.

Why would we ever want to go somewhere He’s not?

Note verse 19.


It doesn’t say the cloud remained over the Tabernacle and the Israelites filed their nails and grumbled until they could move on.

It says the Israelites stayed and performed their duty to the Lord.

There was (and is!) work still to be done.

We’re not just sitting here collecting dust, friends, we’re still active in performing our duty to the Lord!

Before we rush ourselves and try to break camp before we’re ready, we must remember we want to be where His Spirit is.

If He has us parked for a season (or two or three!) let us not grow weary. Instead, let us bask in His presence and the fact that He’s there with us. Preparing and readying us for when He does stir in our hearts to break camp.

Most of all, may we continue to be faithful in our service to the Lord. He will move us in His time and in His will. May we faithfully wait, becoming more like Him day by day.


Thursday Things, 28 May 2015

Short weeks are the best
It’s Thursday even though it feels like Wednesday! I’m all about that feeling. Give me a Thursday on a “Wednesday” any day.

Let’s (obviously) start with the biggest thing.

P’s getting hitched!

Real life.

Oh friends, I’m not one to tell people’s stories for them, but if I did, I’d tell you what a happy beginning this is for my sister.

She’s been through a lot the last few years as a single mom and I’m thankful she found a good old Oklahoma boy to sweep her off her feet.

Um, I’m technically not sure if I’m allowed to share this (so I’m asking for forgiveness instead of permission), but check out her gorgeous rock!


So unique.

Since I’m a big sister and a hopeless romantic, naturally I’m over the moon about her engagement because, WEDDING PLANNING!

And now we must also consider the most important question about this engagement news-

Is she going to make me wear as ugly a bridesmaid dress as I made her wear?

Carissa Flint-13 March 2004
Oh man I hope not. I still have no idea what I was thinking.

And yes, the church I grew up in and got married in really DID have ugly orange carpet.

One more thing about the wedding

Well, one more thing today, that is.

Can I please tell you how relieved I am that Pinterest didn’t exist and that Facebook was for school kids when I got married?!

I would have been completely overwhelmed by the ideas. Sometimes less is more. Especially when you’re a crazy stressed out bride-to-be slash full time college student.

This post on Satan going to church

Fit for a queen

The Queen of Couch Potatoes!

Oh man, friends. These chairs.
Finished product. Watching games will never feel the same again.

They’re lazy lady makers!

So cushy and cozy.

So inviting and relaxing.

They’re pretty much killing me.

Since we’re taking about the chairs...

Let’s talk about how anal meticulous Will is about our usage.

He’s making us rotate the chairs we sit in each night to make sure they all get “even wear.”

Real life.

In his defense, he’s waited years for these, so I kindly oblige without too much ribbing.

The only complaint is that sometimes in the rotation we sit on opposite ends (😂 ), and I’m
not a fan of that.

At all.

Friends in Low Places
I am so thankful for the beautiful godly people in my life. One of my dear sister friends completely shared in my heartache last week (see Friday’s post) as if she were going through it herself.

We sat on the phone and prayed together and cried together (actually, I didn’t cry. I ugly cried. I was glad we were on the phone so she couldn’t see the mascara everywhere and running nose. Ha!). God is so good to me, and giving me godly friends who love me and hurt with me when I’m sad, and are excited for me when things go well, is such icing on the cake.

When slight really means huge and probable

The weathermen in Oklahoma are killing me this storm season.

They have this new, improved, ever-so-helpful updated severe weather guide that’s supposed to depict a better understanding of the types/probability of storm risk in various areas.


When you see the words slight, what comes to mind?

I’m thinking like 25% chance or less, maybe?

Definitely not that you’re darn near guaranteed to have a storm (one with hail and occasional tornadoes). Which has pretty much happened every single time that stupid yellow “slight” risk is tagged for the metro.

I’m not sure if they’re tired of getting slack for claims they overreact too much or what, but basically when I see slight, I really see moderate these days.

You didn’t know I was such a weather “expert,” did you? Haha

Today’s TBT is courtesy of returning from church camp completely exhausted
Nap time for Britt & Carissa

Look at that little girl! Now she’s getting married!

That’s all today, sweets! Check in tomorrow for more fun! 

Will’s Upper Body Workout

Guess what!?

My sweet husband made the decision to start working out!

If you’ve read a long time, you know this is huge.

I’m trying not to act too excited around him, in fear I just might scare him off.

Instead, I’ll let out a big scream of glee here on the blog where he can’t see.


Ok, moving on!

Will is a natural athlete, and it kills me. He can go ages without physical exertion and pick up like he never even stopped. Last year’s softball season is a perfect example.

He asked me to put together an upper-lower body split and I was thrilled to oblige.

I’m put together a basic upper body workout that hits all the major groups without going overboard.

Will specifically asked for 3 sets of 10 of whatever exercises he did, so I configured three giant sets done back to back without stopping. After one set, he rests and repeats two more times before moving onto the next giant set.

I wanted to share his upper body program this week (and lower next!) because I believe it’s a great program for people that want to do more in the weight room without it occupying your entire life.

This workout can be done in about 35 minutes and will punish your muscles in the best way possible. smile

You’re doing 3 giant sets. Each giant set consists of the exercises you repeat three times.

Confused yet? smile

Each rep consists of sets 10 reps each, so make them count. The last two reps should be hard, but should be in good form.


Let’s get to work!

Set One
Lat pull down
Bench press (set one: regular incline, set two: decline, set three: incline)
Biceps curls

Set Two
Row machine
Bench flies (set one: regular incline, set two: decline, set three: incline)
Shoulder flies

Set Three
Close grip lat pull down
Bench press OR fly machine
Triceps push down

Yay for hitting all the major muscles without going too crazy and spending a year in the gym.

And most of all yay for my Will working out!!

Check in next week for his lower body workout! 

The Long Holiday Weekend!

Happy hour dates
General Tommy Franks's Museum.
General Tommy Franks's Museum.
General Tommy Franks's Museum.
General Tommy Franks's Museum.
The quilt show!
The quilt show!
The quilt show!
The quilt show!
Cool kicks.
Hard at work
Finished product. Watching games will never feel the same again.
Enjoying the new chairs.
Freshly groomed goodness
Freshly groomed goodness

We had a fantasticly long holiday weekend. I am so blessed to have such wonderful people around me.

Thursday was spent cleaning and doing house stuff. We also made time for a sonic break and a quick snack.

On Friday we travelled to southwest Oklahoma and spent the day with Will’s grandparents. We went to Hobart, Oklahoma and visited General Tommy Franks’s museum, ate lunch at a local shop, and checked out a quilt show. We even made time to visit with my parents and pick up our freshly groomed pups.

Saturday was supposed to be cleaning the closet day, but we ended up getting our theatre seats delivered! We ordered them a few months ago and we were excited to get them! Will spent the better portion of the day putting them together, and I had to drive up to the furniture show to get some missing parts. So yeah, there went most of Saturday! We enjoyed the chairs with my parents and ordered the MMA fights.

Sunday was spent at church and meeting new friends, which was nice. We also cooked out with my family and celebrated my sister’s big engagement!!!! More to come on that this Thursday.

Yesterday was much more low key. I basically spent all day doing everything I hadn’t done over the weekend! Food prep, dishes, laundry, fun times. smile

It was such a wonderful weekend and I’m sad it’s over. Lucky for us, we’ve embarked on a short week and are already a day down!

Check in tomorrow for more fun!

Hey it’s Monday!

It’s Memorial Day and I’m not posting.

Actually technically I am posting, but I’m sure you get my point.

I hope you had a lovely weekend full of good things, I sure have.

Check in this week for

-a weekend recap
-Will’s upper body workout (yes, my Will!)
-Thursday Things and more!

I close saying a prayer of peace over those who have lost brave soldiers in service to our country.

As a military brat, I have the utmost respect for our servicemen and women. Today we remember and honor those we’ve lost and pray protection over for those who serve today.

Check in tomorrow sweets! 

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for those of us in the valley

Tears welled in my eyes as I drove home from the doctor’s office, but I was determined not to let them fall down my face.

I failed.

If someone were to have told me last year how 2015 would have started, I wouldn’t have believed them.

Things were on the up for the B-Love family. A fantastic opportunity came into our lives that offered promising dreams for our future and goals. This year was supposed to be “our year.”

Only, this year didn’t start out so promising. In fact, thus far this year laid a big fat egg!

So many things we felt so good about, received godly direction and peace about, crumbled all around us.

He continued to provide peace in the midst of the crumbling. We received assurance it is part of the plan, but it all felt (and feels!) so confusing.

“And now this on top of it all,” I thought to myself as I arrived home.

I walked in the door, and Will was there to meet me with a hug. As he held me tight, the tears continued to fall and I whispered, “This wasn’t how this year was supposed to be.”

“Trust me, I know,” he whispered back. “God had a different plan.”

A different plan.

Will was putting it nicely.

Our plans were picked up, turned upside down, and I’m still not sure we’ve even fallen to the ground yet.

Yes, indeed He had a different plan.

“You know what my memory verse this week is?” I asked him.

“A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps, Proverbs 16:9. It feels pretty personal right now!”

He agreed.


I wish I could put a nice little bow around today’s post and give you heartfelt advice about our pain and suffering on this earth, but today I simply can’t.

The truth is, I was a mess earlier this week.

Sometimes, as much as we wish it to be, we can’t tie things up in a nice bow.

Just as Proverbs says, (as well as the New Testament) we can make plans for tomorrow and talk about doing this or that, but we don’t know what the next day may hold. Our hearts plan our way, but ultimately God is Lord over all, and our best laid plans may not turn out as we so meticulously intended.

So what do we do?

Do we wallow in our anguish and give up?

I might of told you yes earlier this week out of complete self pity, but you and I know that’s not what we should do.

Here’s what we do.

We stop worrying.

We stop googling.

We stop stressing and running every scenario though our heads.

It feels impossible to type those things, but it’s true.

We rest in Him. He directs our steps.

We have to purposefully decide to surrender these worries to him.

The Bible tells me not to worry.


We pray this verse and claim it.

The Bible tells me not to be anxious. That he provides peace that doesn’t even make sense to our human minds.


We pray this verse and claim it.

The Bible tells me He works for good in ALL things.

Even this terrible thing.

Not some things.

All things.


We pray this verse and claim it.

I’m not saying it’s easy. Trust me. It’s not.

I still find myself sick with worry and having to consciously stop and surrender it to Him.

Ultimately we have to remember He is our loving Savior and does not intend to do us harm but refine us.

There will be trials and troubles, He told us so, but we overcome through Him.

Praise Jesus we overcome through Him. We’d be in a world of hurt if we had to rely on our fretful selves.

I close with one more story.

Last July, when things were going fantastically in my life, clear as day a rush came all over my body and the Holy Spirit whispered into my heart, “Do you trust Me?”

I found the question odd, and easy to answer. Of course I did. However, it did get me wondering if perhaps He was preparing me for something in the future.

About a week later the exact same thing happened. “Do you trust Me?”

I decided to contemplate the question.

It’s easy for me to trust when things are going swimmingly. But what about when things got hard? Could I trust the same way then?

I believe with all my heart the Lord asked me that question in preparation for this season of life.

When I feel worried, stressed, or doubtful I think about His question- “Do you trust Me?”

Sometimes I say yes, sometimes I say no.

When I say no, I ask for help and grace for it to be yes.

I’ve done that a lot this week.

If you too are in the midst of a valley, I certainly don’t have any helpful advice or wisdom. It’s awful right? And if someone tries to put one more positive spin on everything I might scream! Ever been there, too?

These times hurt.  I have no encouraging personal words to offer.

However, I know He’s bottling our tears and binding our wounds. I know He cares and will accomplish a work to completion. A work we only see such a small a sliver of right now.


In the midst of this valley we have His word, His truth, and His promises. We have the Blessed Hope.

Even when sometimes we don’t think it’s enough- trust Him. He is.

Thursday Things, 21 May 2015

The death of me.
I opened a Pinterest account last week.

I’d been fighting it for years, but at the (persistent) nudging of my sister, I opened an account.

I’m still fighting it (I only have a couple pins- sent by my sister), but I’m sure I’ll be a pinning pro before long.


If you are a pinning pro, feel free to add me. I’m found at TheBloveLife.

Saturday’s Treat Meal

Will and I got Freddy’s to go Saturday night before the bad weather hit.

I ate their veggie burger sans “Freddy’s sauce” and thought it was delicious!

I got fries too.

I pretty sure I was stress eating (bad weather= burger & fries), nonetheless it was pretty darn good.

The “Dad Bod”

Let’s discuss the latest discussion to sweep the Internet-:

The Dad Bod

I know there are tons of opinions out there, and I have to know- what do you think?

This sermon on loving the Church

It kind of ties into what I was saying Friday. It’s number three- Unity

The Fog

I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ll say it again. I’m a huge perfume hoarder.

It’s a problem, really.

I don’t always like to use my “nice” (read: expensive) stuff for everyday at work. I’d rather save it for dates with Will.

We both needed new “everyday” type perfume/cologne, so I did some quick looking and turns out Walgreens is currently having a half price sale on their knockoff brands!

The idea of two for the price of one was too good to pass up, so we spent about 15 minutes in their fragrance aisle spraying and testing a variety of fragrances. Some good, some not so good.

We both completely fogged the joint and had headaches from all the various smell combining. Haha

We each bought two, and spent less than $25. Real life. I find mine smells just as good, but the staying power is weaker. Other than that, I consider the outing a success!

The itsy bitsy huge, numerous spiders

We’ve gotten about two feet of rain over the last 10 days.

Real life.

Apparently large quantities of rain flush spiders from their dwellings and often indoors for shelter.

That means they’re freaking EVERYWHERE.

Guys. I’m not kidding. In the span of five minutes last Sunday we found three in various locations.

The bad news is, we have about a million chances for rain this week.

The good news is, I’m having Will barricade us in with lots of bug spray.

The super long one
Today I started a five day vacation! Woo hoo! Memorial Day weekend fell on my usual Friday off, so I added Thursday to the mix and created a lovely recipe for relaxation!

The days quickly filled with various events and outings, but I’m thankful for the time off and hope to enjoy myself, and even clean out our closet.

Party Time, Excellent!

Guys. I had the weirdest dream ever a couple nights ago.

I was in a vehicle with a lady I barely know from work (seriously- hardly know this woman), and we were chatting it up like we had been longtime pals.

Will strolled up and stood outside the window and talked about how happy he was we were talking (I can’t remember what it was about).



He started talking all crazy. Saying stuff like “Party time! Ex-cell-ent!” In a total Cali voice.

Not kidding.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, we kept talking and at some point in the conversation he says something weird and then says some odd word I’d never heard him say before and made a weird gesture.

What the heck!?

I remember being totally confused in the dream.

Thankfully, my alarm clock woke me so I didn’t have to endure the uncharacteristic oddities of my husband.

As I tried to dissect what just occurred, it hit me.

I was dreaming my husband was part of Wayne’s World and mimicking their words and actions.


Weirdest part about it?

Im pretty sure I only saw the movie once… Over twenty years ago.

Psychedelic dreams.

Should I get a pregnancy test?

In an instant
On Memorial Day 2008, Will and I flew into Oklahoma City to make our lives here after three years of life in Kuwait.

It feels just like yesterday, and sometimes it makes my heart a little sad.

That’s it for today, friends. Check in tomorrow. For now, I’m going to enjoy my day off! 

WIOW: The 400 Workout

Last Wednesday I shared a lower body workout that kicked my butt.

I planned on doing it again last Saturday, but I got up later than I wanted and the gym was too busy to dominate all the various equipment needed.

I did some quick thinking and decided to stick to a small space off on my own where all I needed was a barbell.

Yep, all you’ll need for this lower body burner workout is a barbell and low-medium weight plates.

I love the simplicity.

Today is a high rep workout that should completely exhaust your legs and have them begging for mercy! It will help lean out legs and burn serious fat.

The goal is to complete 100 reps of each exercise listed below.

I broke mine up into 20-25 rep sets, however toward the end my legs were seriously fatigued, so I did 15-20 some of the time.

The tricky thing is finding the right weight.

Too heavy and you’ll tire too quickly (and risk injury). Too light and it’s not a workout.

Assuming you’re cleared by a doctor to workout, give this one a try.

After a proper warmup and stretch, complete 100 reps of the following exercises, breaking them up into manageable sets (5 sets of 20, for example).

Insert your favorite ab and calve exercises between each set.

Complete all 100 reps before moving to the next exercise.

Ready? Go!

Stiff legged deadlift
Regular deadlift
Split leg deadlift
Squats with weight plate

I realize it’s very basic, but trust me, my legs were still sore even yesterday.

I love it.

I’m going to definitely make time to incorporate last week’s and this week’s leg work into my summer workout plan.

Give it a go and let me know what you think! 

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May Ipsy!

Another month, another Ipsy, another winner.

Let’s get right to it.

This month was themed “jet setter” for all that summer travel.

Summer travel people who aren’t working full time during the summer, that is.

For the rest of us, we’ll just enjoy what’s inside. Ha!

Here’s the bag.

Check out this Nuxe face cleanser and makeup remover sample.

Ipsy I am a giant fan of this stuff.

I got something similar a couple Ipsy bags ago and really liked using it. Especially on nights I didn’t feel like my usual evening ritual.

It’s huge to be able to remove makeup and cleanse in one step. This stuff is fantastic! Plus it smells so very luxurious. Huge huge winner.

I also got this Bare Republic SPF sample.


It looks like Coola now has a lower priced option they sell at Target, which is exciting! I got some of the Coola sunscreen products last year, and it’s nice to know there’s a cheaper alternative available now.

These puppies are great for football season. I stick them in my purse and can easily reapply.

I also got this full size blending brush.


I’ve gotten a few brushes over the years. I suppose I ought to swap out my old ones for my new ones…

This Chella light brown brow pencil is so so great!


You may remember what a big fan I am of filling in wiry brows. I’ve never liked using pencils, but this is a great alternative since it doesn’t require sharpening. I am going to use this fast!

Finally, I got this Urban Decay sample pack of a lip primer and two glosses.


I opened the bittersweet, which is pictured below.

The color itself is beautiful, but as a lip gloss… I just can’t get behind it. It’s way too purple-y for my paleness.

I am, however, excited about trying the failbait. I think it’s very pretty!


Another bag down!

Hopefully you’re a little more inspired to give something new a try. Check in tomorrow!

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