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The One with Fireworks & a Look Ahead

Waiting for her dad
Weekend treats
Play dates with Layla
Trimming the peppers
Following the girl

My summer is complete.
Slumber party!

Pink n Pups
Big and little

Chickfila breakfast with Will, a lazy Saturday afternoon, a night full fun with Layla and my parents, an early fireworks show, s’mores, workouts, food prep, house stuff, church, and a restful Sunday afternoon.

It was a nice weekend, and I’d normally sad to see it end.

Thankfully it’s Independence Day week!!!

Yay for short weeks.

Check in this week for #lovewins, my newest project, part 4, and more.

Here’s to a good Monday! ❀️

Part Three

Before we get going, you can check out part one here and part two here.

I realize I’ve been dragging this story out for-ev-er, but this is my life right now. I wanted to stop and take a minute to really get everything on “paper” while it was still fresh.

Let’s get going.


I was full of bitterness and anger for days after making the decision to sell our portion of the business. I didn’t really feel like we had much choice and were bullied into it.

Will was quiet after the first couple of weeks and internalized everything. I feel like he knew in his heart he made the best decision for our family and had peace from God amidst the pain.

I, on the other hand, had peace but would let my big fat mouth flap about how mad I was whenever we were alone.

Sounds real peaceful, right? Ha!

I felt so wronged. How could someone we trusted do something this hurtful?

The anger consumed me for days.

And then telling people.

It was like reopening the wound over and over.

Will was so proud of this opportunity and had joyfully shared it with many of our family members and friends.

It was like reliving the pain anytime they asked how the business was going.

We knew, absolutely knew, this was a God thing. Yet, in our own prideful perspective, we didn’t really approach it that way at first.

It felt embarrassing, angering, and painful.

Not only that, but it wasn’t as easy as just selling the business. It required a process of paperwork and phone calls. Opening the hurt over and over.

I knew in my heart it wasn’t healthy to let it grow and fester, but honestly? In my own sick justification, it felt good to feel angry.

Have you ever been there?

The holy spirit began working on my heart. I knew He wasn’t going to let me wallow for very long.

I (reluctantly) added the guy’s name to my prayer list.

Actually… I couldn’t even bear to write or pray his name. It hurt too much.

I simply added his initials to the list. I would just say “him” in my prayers. It felt like a monumental step.

For the first several days I prayed that my heart would forgive him. I knew The Lord wanted me to, but I struggled with wanting to.

He began to soften my hardened heart and restore me. He continually reminded me that He was in this..

Day by day I constantly thought about the question he asked me “Do you trust Me?”

Oh the stories I will share next week of His hand on us time and time again. 

To the Lord’s credit alone, I eventually even began praying God would bless the guy.

Nothing inside of me wanted that, and yet the Lord began to move me to pray for it. It was all God at work in my heart. Praise be to Him alone.

We finished up the sale earlier his year and finally felt a sense of closure. 

It was behind us.

But what was in front of us?

That was (and is) the big question. We’ll talk more about that next week.

So why am I sharing all this baggage and hurt with you?

Believe me, I’d much rather keep it to myself.

However, I truly believe there’s power in our stories. What satan or people mean for harm, God can use for good.

Perhaps you’ve been wronged and are deeply hurt by someone. I get that.

Perhaps like me, you enjoyed feeling anger toward that person and felt justified because of their painful actions. I get that too.

As trite as it sounds, it’s true- we are really only hurting ourselves when we don’t relinquish those awful feelings.

It really screws us up more than the other person.

It’s necessary to allow God to perform surgery on our hearts.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to be angry. That’s different. It’s what we do with the anger. It’s the bitterness and hatred that came with anger that got me.

The good news is, we don’t have to live with it.

He can take that big weight off our shoulders and transform it into forgiveness and restoration.

It seems lofty and impossible, but with God all things are possible.

When we give ourselves over to Jesus, He softens our hearts and helps us heal.

It feels so much better to remove any blockages from His presence. I never want to hinder my relationship with Him. I want to approach His throne with confidence, and that means drawing near with a pure heart, trusting in Him.

If you’ve been wronged by someone, I urge you to free yourself from any unforgiveness, and seek Him to overcome.

I can tell you firsthand- you will feel complete freedom and relief in doing so.

So what now for the B-Love family?

Check in next week for what’s been going on since this all unfolded. 

Until then, have a great weekend!

June Ipsy Review

Another month, another ipsy review.

June’s Ipsy was good, as usual, but there was one miss that made its way to the Rake Up the Makeup bin.

Disappointments like that rarely happen. When factoring in the value for what I paid, a miss every now and then is ok, especially since I know they’re going to a good cause.

Let’s get started!

Here’s the bag everything came in.


I like this bag. It’s got sort of a plush, spongey back that seems like it will hold up well.

Let’s start with the Smashbox Photo Ready primer I received.

I cannot tell you how badly I’ve been wanting to try this stuff!

Seemingly forever.

I’d heard good things and wanted to compare it to the Mary Kay primer I know and love to see how it stacked.

The good news is that this stuff is fantastic!

It goes on so incredibly smooth and feels so velvety. It provides all day lasting coverage and really does make your foundation pop.

If you’re on the edge about primer- do it. Just jump!

There’s even better news.

I’m pleased to say I feel my beloved Mary Kay primer works just as well as the Smashbox brand- and is cheaper!

I also got this Formula X mini nail polish.


Cute, mini, summery, and a beautiful glossy pink. No complaints!

Check out this tre’StiQue eyeshadow crayon in kona coffee.

I wasn’t sure I was going to like this because of how dark it was and how “sticky” it felt to sweep on, but after my first full day of use I became a fan.

It held up all day and blended great. It is a little tacky feeling to the skin, but I just used my fingers and it smoothed out nicely. This is a keeper.

I also got this sample Lavanilla lotion


I’m absolutely over the moon for all things vanilla, so I went batty over this luxurious hand creme sample in their Pure Vanilla scent.

My only complaint is that the sample wasn’t bigger! smile

Finally, I got this OFRA Cosmetics turquoise pencil eyeliner.


It’s a beautiful color, and I’m sure it looks lovely on others. However, I’ve shared (over and over again) how unadventurous I am with colorful makeup, and this is another perfect example.

Very pretty, just not for a boring granny like me. smile

There you have it! June’s Ipsy bag.

Check in tomorrow!

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WIOW: Summer Playlist

Hey I forgot to add my playlist earlier!

So yeah. Here’s an update with it actually
Summer is in full swing, and it was time to refresh my workout playlist.

I am always partial to hip hop and trance, and this playlist stays very true to my roots.

It’s heavy on the remixes and will definitely keep your blood pumping during fast paced workouts.

The last song on the list is my favorite but impossible to find. I stumbled upon it searching for a new Capital Kings song I heard on the radio (which apparently is not yet released).

So yeah- if you find it on iTunes or any streaming app let me know!


Here’s to staying power and energy during our workouts. smile

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Father’s Day Weekend & Look Ahead


Early Christmas

Selfies with Lucy
Lazy couch dates
OU football greats


Baby pepper!

Dad ❀️
Fancy 3d glasses

A trip to see Will’s parents for Father’s Day, chores, workouts, Beckett card show and former OU football players, lunch with my parents for Father’s Day, church, 3-D movies, and food prep.

Check in this week for my summer workout playlist, my June ipsy review, and part three!

Here’s to a good week ahead!

Part Two

A few weeks ago I briefly shared how the Lord spoke to me last July, but I wanted to share it again because it is such a big part of this story.

It’s what keeps propelling me though each day of uncertainty!

Last July, when things were going fantastically in my life, clear as day a rush came all over my body and the Holy Spirit whispered into my heart, β€œDo you trust Me?”

I found the question odd, and easy to answer. Of course I did. However, it did get me wondering if perhaps He was preparing me for something in the future.
About a week later the exact same thing happened. β€œDo you trust Me?”

It’s easy for me to trust when things are going swimmingly. But what about when things got hard? Could I trust the same way then?
I believe with all my heart the Lord asked me that question in preparation for this season of life.

As I mentioned in Part One, things with the business were moving full speed ahead toward the middle to end of last year.

Will quit his job in January to run the day to day needs of the business.  He was a busy bee and loved every minute of it.

I had never seen Will so happy to wake up and go to work each morning. It blessed me so much.

I suppose I should back up a little and tell you that although things were progressing nicely with the business, things had taken a bit of a turn with Will’s business partner.

Not awful, but not good either.

You know how you have friends who found that perfect guy or gal to marry but things weren’t as they seemed? Everything was like a dream...until right after the wedding when your friend woke up next to someone different than the person they thought they were marrying.

That’s really the best way I can describe what began to unfold.

Will did his best to manage the situation, putting out fires with patience, wisdom, and grace only God could provide.

Things continued to deteriorate despite our continued prayer and efforts. 

Without getting into the details, out of the blue one day Will’s partner lost his temper and gave him an ultimatum.  Either we would buy him out of the business, or he would buy us out.

Obviously there’s lots of background regarding the way things unfolded.

My human side wants to tell you the way we were hurt and how things happened, but the spirit inside of me keeps telling me I can’t.

I truly desire to share this story with a pure heart. I’m not sure I’m doing a good job conveying everything. I’m praying in spite of myself, the Lord will do a work anyway. I ask for your grace.

Moving on…

Will told him we would pray about it and let him know.

Will came home and told me everything that happened.

We felt confused and defeated. Completely blindsided. We knew we were in the center of God’s will in starting this business. How could this be happening?

Will is my lion. My knight in shining armor. He fights for our family and is my leader.

I, on the other hand, am a timid Minnie Mouse. I am meek and fragile.

Oddly enough, during the first few days after everything unfolded, I was ready to go to the mattresses. Fight to the end! Prove a moral and spiritual point!

Will was much more reserved. Quiet and yielding. Peaceful, and relentlessly seeking to be amiable despite how things happened.

Who was this guy!?

We had such a godly peace about starting the business, so we felt lost about what happened next.

This business was supposed to be the vehicle to all the things we desired. Not just physically, either. I honestly felt in my core this business was going to be the thing that allowed us the opportunity to pursue God and honor Him with our gifts and abilities in a whole new way (captured in Part One).

So why was this happening?

We sought God in scripture and prayer, earnestly desiring His will be done.

Will almost immediately knew in his heart what he believed we were called to do, but refrained from making a final decision until I sought the Lord and we came together to discuss. In his mind, the other guy had the technical expertise and Will had the business expertise. Without the technical piece there really was no business.

Nonetheless, we agreed to take the weekend to pray about it and not really talk about it until Sunday night.

As I sought the Lord in my regular Bible study, He blew me away with a gigantic confirmation to walk away from the business.

It was very clear, and I had a deep peace in my heart.

I can’t even begin to describe it, but Will sensed it too.


The walls were closing in around us, yet we both felt this crazy out of place unshakable peace. We both knew our decision. 


We started this business with peace and confirmation from the Lord and just as quickly walked away from it with His peace and confirmation.

It was the strangest thing ever, but we knew He was in it and was up to something.

My mind flashed back to God’s question- do you trust Me?

Oh boy it felt like that question was coming full circle!

Despite the peace to walk away, we still had raw and hurt hearts.

Next week I want to talk about forgiveness and learning to trust God through this process, and the week after, I’ll share where we are now.

Thanks for listening. Although this is all still very fresh, when I step back and see everything on “paper,” I really see God’s hand guiding us along the way. ❀️

Thursday Things, 18 June 15

Kids at heart
The whole family played with Layla last weekend, and it was a hoot.

Seriously. If you ever want to get serious, mild-mannered adults to act like complete idiots, just throw their favorite kid in the room.

All bets are off and manners are thrown out the window.

We played our fair share of Hungry Hungry Hippos. She lost interest after while and we moved onto something else. Only, turns out Will and my dad were totally trying to perfect the game. They were playing on their own, discussing strategy and best practices. Haha

I found it pretty cute.

Layla wasn’t as enamored as I was. You can check out her “lights out” response in the video below. Haha

Play dates get crazy round here.

I’m going nuts over the perfect summer salad I shared last week.

I had it for lunch last week and am having it again this week.

And probably next week.

It’s a thing.


A Meathead’s Dream

Saturday was a good day! I entered to win a $50 gift card to as well as two $25 cards for some friends. I actually won!

I realize it’s just a $50 gift card, but it was such a fantastic surprise.  I really “needed” a couple things that are almost empty.

I planned on saving the card until 4th of July weekend. I figured there’d be tons of tempting sales I could snag.

Only, Monday they emailed a deal too good to pass up, so I had to strike while the iron was hot. They were having a one day sale with a few buy one get one free deals. Not only was I able to score two containers of a 30 serving pre-workout, but I also got two 30-serving containers of BCAAs!

Four products, and I only paid $10.94 with shipping.

As you can tell, I’m a little excited about my loot. Understandably. Who doesn’t want a $50 gift card?

Don’t answer that.

That moment you get to work in your sleeveless shirt and realize not only did you forget to shave your pits today, but you forgot yesterday too.

Risky business.

New herb babies!
We decided it was time to say goodbye to our herb garden and start fresh.

Aerogarden round 2!!!

They held on forever! Most places say you’ll get a good 4 months out of them, but we got 6. I was very pleased.

The basil did so well we decided to replant them, so hopefully they stay healthy.

I did a slightly different mix this time around- oregano, dill, cilantro, basil, lime basil, mint, and savory.

Some are already peeking out little green leaves!

Why I need to continue to avoid my Pinterest account
My sister almost killed me last weekend with homemade Andes mint brownies. She found the recipe on Pinterest, which further confirms why I DONT need to use my newly formed account. I’d have all the brownies pinned and baked by this Friday, eaten by Saturday, and I’d spend all day Sunday complaining and lamenting about my poor choices.

I’m avoiding Pinterest for humanity’s sake.

He provides

Can I please just end telling you how good and faithful God is to me when I don’t deserve it? He totally surprised us with a buyer paying full price for our extra OU season tickets. To be honest, I never thought we’d get a buyer so early, and I definitely didn’t think we’d get the full amount. Such a huge blessing.

Finally, today’s TBT is provided courtesy of Mitlenburg, Germany. 

My parents bought a painting of this place while we lived in Germany, so one day they decided we should go visit the place in the painting. And we did!

Brittny Flint-9 yrs old in Mitlenburg,Germany

That’s all today!

WIOW: June Workouts

June workouts have been intense, and I’m loving it!

I have something up my sleeve I’m completely ticked pink about (more on that soon), and it’s making me work harder than usual.

That means high rep, full body blasts that kind of make me want to die at times.

It’s been quite a few months since I’ve focused heavily on high intensity challenges, so it’s alarming
what a swift kick in the rear it’s been!


I used to have quite an affinity for push-ups. However, after doing more isolated work in the weight room over the last 4-5 months, I was shocked how quickly I digressed.

Real life.

The push-ups, oh the push-ups!

Dead. Dead. Dead.

Same with burpees.

I almost want to punch myself in the face for making me do them.

So yeah, let me walk you through a couple things I’ve been doing to prep for that previously mentioned “thing” that’s tickling me pink. πŸ’—

My own workouts
There’s plenty of “boot camp-esque” workouts on the blog here, and I’ve been channeling them like a champ.



Necessity workout
Necessity workout

Millionaire Hoy’s YouTube workouts
This guy.

Remember earlier where I mentioned nearly dying at times? Think gasping for air and sweating swimming pools.

It’s because of Millionaire Hoy’s at-home friendly killer workouts.

He’s got something for everyone- super long intense workouts, short workouts, body weight only, low impact, isolation workouts, kettle bell workouts… Like seriously hundreds of workouts.

If you’re in a workout rut, check out his YouTube channel for inspiration.

And perspiration. Lots of that too.

Huge reps in the weight room
To go the distance, I’ve recently switched to light-medium weight, higher rep- based workouts.

For example, I did a 500 rep workout Saturday. I typically like to be in the 3 sets of 10-12 rep range. However lately I’ve been shooting for 20 reps per set, which feels quite different than my usual! 😳

I love the changes, and feel my endurance strengthening again.

It’s funny how easy it is to get into ruts, right?

I hope today’s post inspired you to bust out of yours! 

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Tuesday Things

Heyyyy, how about we do a Tuesday and Thursday things this week?

Only, we’ll make this one a little less structured.

You know, since Thursday is completely organized and full of useful knowledge.

Let’s talk about the ridiculous amount of movies Will and I have been watching in the man cave these days.

Finished product. Watching games will never feel the same again.

I find I often don’t have the attention span for movies, especially multiple ones each week.


He does. He totally does.

Even during the work week.

I just can’t.

I don’t know why, but a movie during the work week feels a little like entertainment suffocation.

Not only that, but the man cave feels a bit like a furnace.

You get the playstation going, the cable box, and then the big TV all generating heat and hot air (even more than me. Ha!) Yikes.

Then the pups. They love to snuggle on these chairs.

The dogs love the theatre chairs as much as we do

It’s easily a thousand degrees.

Couple that with the aforementioned entertainment suffocation, and a random Tuesday night can quickly turn into a scratchy wool sweater.

Thankfully Will is very accommodating, always being sure we end our nights with a 30 minute comedy or two to change things up.

When all else fails, though? Not only are his chairs great for comfortably watching movies. They’re even better for naps!

You know by now we’re old and boring, so why not take it step further and be cozy while boring, yes?

So yeah. That’s life at the B-Love house these days. If you’re free this week we’ll be having a showing of The Empire Strikes Back followed by some sports inspired motivational feel good feature film. Come on by. Popcorn not included. 

The One with Hungry Hippos & a Look Ahead

He's for us.

Aerogarden round 2!!!
The basil did so well we replanted it

Iced coffee: how to Charm me.

The dogs love the theatre chairs as much as we do

Truth truth truth
Playing with Lu

Sometimes things get crazy. Hungry hungry hippos for life.

Cozy on the couch
Jurassic Park (which was way better than I thought it was going to be!) date Friday night, women’s World Cup soccer, workouts, quiet Saturday mornings, food prep, a night with my family, hungry hungry hippos, movie night on the couch with Will, church, lunch to discuss life groups, and a quiet Sunday evening.

Check in this week for WIOW, Thursday Things, an ipsy review (if I manage to try and form an opinion on everything!), and more.

Monday Monday and lots to do. Lucky for me I have a short week ahead! Here’s to a great day! 

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