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The One with Hungry Hippos & a Look Ahead

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Aerogarden round 2!!!
The basil did so well we replanted it

Iced coffee: how to Charm me.

The dogs love the theatre chairs as much as we do

Truth truth truth
Playing with Lu

Sometimes things get crazy. Hungry hungry hippos for life.

Cozy on the couch
Jurassic Park (which was way better than I thought it was going to be!) date Friday night, women’s World Cup soccer, workouts, quiet Saturday mornings, food prep, a night with my family, hungry hungry hippos, movie night on the couch with Will, church, lunch to discuss life groups, and a quiet Sunday evening.

Check in this week for WIOW, Thursday Things, an ipsy review (if I manage to try and form an opinion on everything!), and more.

Monday Monday and lots to do. Lucky for me I have a short week ahead! Here’s to a great day! 

Part One

I’ve mentioned “changes” for about a year, and have never divulged what they were.

It’s annoying, right?

What’s funny, though, is how different the changes were between when I first started talking about them, and what they are today.

I’ve wanted to share this story with you guys for awhile now, but the truth is-

We haven’t reached a good breaking point.

We’re only halfway though.

I wanted to share this story with a clear beginning and end, along with some concrete explanation for how God moved and what’s next.

I don’t have those answers.

But then I realized something.

Even though we still don’t know what’s next, God still moved, and continues to move even though we haven’t reached the conclusion of this story.

So instead of holding out, I decided to share and bring you along this journey.

Today is part one.

About this time last year, we had a fantastic opportunity to start a business.

Will’s brain for business is ridiculous. He would completely be in his element, having helped his dad with his for many years.

We’d thought about it before, but the right opportunity ever presented itself. This particular opportunity was exciting because it involved a partner with a very rare and technical specialization. He admittedly lacked the business know how, and Will lacked the certifications this other guy had.

Both felt the pull to go out on their own, and it seemed to work great. The other guy would run the operations side, while Will would handle the day to day business. A match made in heaven.

Best of all, he is a Christian too and held many of the same beliefs as us.

Before moving forward, Will and I bathed the matter in prayer and sought God in scripture.

We did not want to move forward with such a huge decision without clear confirmation from the Lord.

During my usual Bible study several days later, I found such rich, confirming scriptures in Deuteronomy that gave me such peace about our decision.


The caveat was this- He must absolutely be kept first. No matter what.

With clear peace and confirmation, we agreed and moved forward, expectant and in anticipation for His work in our work.


I knew this decision put us in the center of His will, and that’s exactly where I wanted to be.

I grew more excited with each passing day of business preparation.

From them purchasing equipment, to finding a building (pictured below with our big eyes and shiny smiles), I began to hang my hat on what could be.
Merry Christmas!

I began to think this was God’s way of bringing the prayer I prayed in 2013 to fruition. The prayer when I asked Him for the opportunity to serve Him full time in ministry again.

You see, that was the tug on my heart when I was just 15 years old.

It was very real and very anointed.

Yet, in my “great” young knowledge and desire to rule myself, I ran far away from this calling after Will and I served at our first church.

So far away, in fact, we ended up in a Muslim country with no church family at all!

My will, but part of God’s story.

I’ve shared pieces of that story before, so I won’t dwell there today.

However, it’s that story and God’s persistent faithfulness that brought me to my knees in repentance and back into His will.

That sunny day in my car, I acknowledged that I ran from my calling, while He remained the same. I asked Him to allow me the opportunity once more to carry it out, knowing in my core it’s what He wanted for me all along before I ran.

I saw this blossoming business as an eventual way to make my heart’s desire a reality.

Everything was coming together so effortlessly, and we received multiple confirmations He was in our decisions. Such peace, such closeness with God with each passing step.

Oh friends, things were on the up all around.

Will quit his job in January and everything was in full swing.

I couldn’t wait to see how God was going to use this business as a way to accomplish His will.

Only… I had no idea what He quite had in mind.

I think we’ve reached a good stopping point for Part One today.

I think the spiritual nugget we can take away from this story is: seek Him in your decisions and trust.


If I knew today what I didn’t know then, I would never have trusted God and moved forward with this decision.

However, it’s because I didn’t know, and because of our obedience through this decision I’ve been able to see the realest, most blatant hand of God during this time.

We only have a small piece of the puzzle, but He has the whole box top picture and sees how the pieces weave together.

If you’re in a season of decision-making or uncertainty today, seek the Lord in scripture and prayer. He desires that we seek Him, and will reveal Himself when we seek Him with all our hearts.

If there’s a decision you’re struggling with, I would love to pray for you this week. Feel free to leave a comment in the “share the love” section or send me an email, and I promise to hold you in prayer.

There you have it. A partial explanation of all the “changes” I’ve been talking about.

Check in next Friday for part two. Until then, have a fantastic weekend, and I’ll see you Monday!

Thursday Things, 11 June 2015

The World Cup

Let’s talk women’s soccer.

And how the mere suggestion of attending any type of soccer game makes Will want to drive a stake through his left eye.

OKC got a semi-pro (I guess that’s what they are? I have no idea.) men’s soccer team last year. I mentioned we ought to go to a game, and Will looked at me as if I were purple and had four eyes.

Real life. 

Anyway, something about the World Cup is different. I have no idea what the technicalities are for impassioned cheering versus complete lack of interest, but from what I can see, the World Cup appears to be the dividing line.

You’d think Will followed women’s soccer year round the way he knows the players and talks to the TV.

We watched them win Monday night and will watch tomorrow, too. So yeah. Will: the biggest non-fan, fan that exists

Is anyone going to see Jurassic Park besides kids who grew up in the ‘90s?

Remember how huge those movies were for our generation? HUGE!

Only, I’m not gonna lie, I’m not as excited about this new one. Yet, I feel completely obligated to see it because of how big they were when I was younger.

I wonder if it will be a whole bunch of us 30-somethings in the theatre along with our kids we dragged along with us? Or maybe it will be completely different. Like a whole new movie for a whole new generation?

Since we’re talking movies...
Will and I are currently on a Star Wars bender in preparation for the new one coming out this year.

After re-watching Episodes 1-3, and then the originals, I have this awful fear they’re going to Hollywood everything up and ruin the new ones.

Let’s hope not.

Today’s TBT comes courtesy of the Kuwait Towers

Will & Britt by Kuwait towers-May 2005
This was taken way back in 2005 during one of our first weekends in Kuwait. Its crazy how long ago that was!

For a fun and crazy blast from the past, take a gander at my blog archives then. What a doozy!

The Summer of Sipping

I’m all about cold summery drinks this time of year.

I’m a sucker for Sonic’s unsweetened teas (especially blackberry), just about any random iced tea flavor I make on my own, lime infused water, lemon infused water, basil infused water, lemon-lime-basil infused water, all the water, chickfila iced coffee (always), and fruity green monsters.

You get the point. It’s sort of a thing right now.

These raw and brave series of posts about one beautiful woman’s decision to have her implants extracted.

Start at Part One and keep going. I’ve teared up multiple times.

More camping
Oh my stars, guys. Remember my breaking camp post? It’s been a big theme in my life right now.

I often grow restless and anxious with the process. I love that God knows us better than we know ourselves and always gives us reassurance when we start to grow weary.

Without missing a beat this week, the Lord revealed more “camping” verses to me in Jeremiah 29 as I continue to wait on Him, do His will in the things currently on my plate, and trust Him for the next steps. It’s crazy how blatant He spoke, guys! Such truth I needed to hear.

I hope to share it very soon, but not this week. Tomorrow I have something else up my sleeve. It’s been a long time coming.

That’s it for today, dears! Any randomness you care to share?

WIOW: For the One Not as Zealous

As much as I’d hoped Will was going to get on fire for working out, turns out the guy hates exercise.

I get it.

I do.

Sometimes I forget a large percentage of people don’t find exercising “fun” at all!

It’s a workout, after all.

I tend to get overzealous about fitness and need a gentle reminder that, “Hey! Not everyone gets batty over burpees and shoulder presses!”

Thank you, Will.

So what do we do when we’re close to people that don’t love fitness as much as we do?

I thought of heaps, but here are just a few thoughts based on my own experience.

1. Don’t cram it down their throat
They get it, we LOVE fitness, but that doesn’t mean they do.

I usually do a good job of never annoying or bombarding Will with stats on health, but when he expressed interest in working out, I kind of sort of forgot rule number one.

Here’s the deal.

Most non-fitness enthusiasts don’t need to hear about heart disease, diabetes, or how sitting is the new smoking.

I’ve found most people already have a good idea they’re not healthy, and our gentle reminders often hurt more than help.

If I want to get Will to the gym, I’ve found I’ve got to obey #1. It’s got to be his decision, not mine.

2. Invite, but don’t beg

Again, same as number one. It’s gotta be their decision.

I just about always extend an invite to Will, and he always passes. However, a few weeks ago he actually said yes!

He said the fact that I didn’t pester or beg him to go was helpful. Asking is one thing, but begging? Let’s not be over-the-top, here!

3. Don’t have them do the same workout you’re doing


Non-fitness enthusiasts need to ease into working out just like we did when we first started.

Having them do an advanced workout risks injury! Get them in the gym, and get them started on something manageable.

You wouldn’t give an infant steak, so size up workouts accordingly!

You can check out my resistance workouts for Will here and here.

4. Celebrate the small stuff

It’s a good idea not to go full commando on them.

Yes it’s a lifestyle, but their version of lifestyle it looks way different than ours.

Will would never start out with a goal to do a marathon next month. Little victories like actually making it to the gym three times a week for a month is a huge deal for my guy, and it should be acknowledged and celebrated.

5. When all else fails, remember Rome wasn’t built in a day
I’ve seen lots of ups and downs over the years. Full bore commitment, with many (many, many) droughts in between.

It sometimes hurts my heart when I reflect on a loved one’s bad eating and exercise decisions. They know I care, but make the same decisions anyway. It’s hard sometimes!

Much like the above points, I really try to be a positive, healthy influence instead of a condemning one.

For example, Will knows we’re always going to have healthy dinners. I don’t have much “control” over what he eats for breakfast and lunch most days, but I always know he’ll get a healthy dinner.

Would he love cheese fries for dinner? Of course ( would I!).

He acknowledges its important to eat healthy and is thankful I care enough to make sure at least one meal is!

Baby steps can be huge in this arena, and we have to claim each one, every step of the way.


So yeah, a lot of people aren’t as enthusiastic as we are about being healthy. Let’s try to remember that. smile I’ve personally found the above points (as well as many more!) have been helpful in my own life and wanted to share.

Thanks for checking in! See you tomorrow!

Simply Delicious Summer Salad

Welcome to my lunch this week.

Simply perfect summer salad
I know.

We’ve seen a million “perfectly summer salads” bombarding our Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest boards to the point where we may just scream if we see another vegetable picture.

But indulge me.

This is the easiest and simplest.


I won’t say fastest.

I wish it were, but anytime you’re chopping a million veggies, it takes a little time.

Nonetheless, it’s basic and fantastic. No frou-frou dressing, no cooking, no waiting.

Adapted from Savor author Shauna Niequist’s recipe

Toss a pint of sliced cherry tomatoes in a large bowl

Simply perfect summer salad

Add a yellow pepper,
Simply perfect summer salad

And an orange pepper,

Simply perfect summer salad

A green pepper,

Simply perfect summer salad

Heck, let’s add in a red pepper too. All the peppers!

Next, toss in three chopped cucumbers

Simply perfect summer salad

Then? The best part. Shave the corn off three corn cobs. Completely raw and fresh- no steaming or cooking! It is so delicious and fresh.

Simply perfect summer salad

Finally, add in a container of crumbled or chopped feta, salt, pepper, fresh basil, drizzle with two tablespoons each of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, toss and eat!

Simply perfect summer salad

I love summer.

The One with the Corporate Challenge & Look Ahead


Basil flower!

Post op belly rubs

The largest coffee ever

Corporate challenge

Corporate challenge fun

Corporate challenge fun

Corporate challenge fun

Corporate challenge fun

My dad ran in the corporate challenge, so we naturally all celebrated with cheesecake for sitting, moving we little as possible, and watching. Perfect sense.

Panera (and a giant coffee!) with Marisa, taking care of Lucy post surgery, a special call with a friend, cheering on my dad at the OKC Corporate Challenge, celebrating with cheesecake (you know, because cheering is hard) chats with my parents, workouts, house stuff, church, and good talks with Will.

We had a wonderful weekend! It was a three day for me, but went so quickly. Why do these longer days seem to leave me with less time!? wink

We’ve got a long week ahead, so check in for

-a super easy, super delicious summer salad
-Thursday Things
And more! 

A Tale of Two Prophets

Let’s talk Jeremiah today.

And what an unpopular message God ordained him to share.

Because of the sinfulness of the people, Jeremiah was sent to warn the Israelites of their coming destruction.

I’m not sure we can wrap our heads around just how scathing a message Jeremiah proclaimed.

You know what made it even worse?

There were heaps, heaps, of other false prophets completely turning around his words and declaring complete lies.

Things that felt warm and fuzzy. Things that made the Israelites feel good, powerful, and safe. Things the people wanted to hear.

Jeremiah was unpopular, hated, and an anomaly among a culture of “prophets” that spoke encouraging, feel good words.

Jeremiah was sent to tell the unpopular truth, and it was a lonely road.

Interestingly, I was in Jeremiah 26 this week and noticed he wasn’t completely alone in sharing his message.

Enter Uriah.


I’ve read Jeremiah before, but this story never stood out to me like it does today. I feel compelled to share because I pray it mobilizes us to be a beacon of Jesus’s light even when it’s tough.

Like Jeremiah, Uriah was sent to announce the destruction of Israel.

Only, their stories take a fork in the road when we get to chapter 26.

We know very little of Uriah, but can learn a valuable lesson from the snippet we learn in this chapter.

They shared the same message, but responded a different way.

When the king and religious leaders learned of the “heresy” these men spoke, they sought to kill them.

Jeremiah stayed put and stood firm, but Uriah ran away to Egypt.


Have you ever done that?

I sure have.

I’ve run away from a hard situation or sharing truth when things got scary or uncomfortable.

I’ve run to the nearest safest Egypt I could find. Just to hide out until things seemed safe again.

Only, I find it interesting Uriah fled to Egypt for safety.

Let’s not forget the oppression and slavery his ancestors suffered there not all that long before.

I find that sometimes the thing that seems the safest can also cause the most bondage, and eventually our demise.

Sure enough, the king sent men to pursue Uriah. Eventually they found and killed him.


Interestingly, Jeremiah defended his case before the people, a very angry people, and was released unharmed.

Which is pretty miraculous, if you ask me.

In a world with a lot of noise, we are called to stand firm in the faith, just as Jeremiah demonstrated.

The Bible tells us many people’s love for Jesus will grow cold in the last days. People will pursue messages that “tickle their ears” but are void of truth.

I am absolutely convinced we Christians in America are soon facing a day when our already unpopular truth will reach a point when will have to decide if we are going to be a Jeremiah and stand firm or Uriah and shrink back in fear.

Don’t be afraid to stand up for Jesus as the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

It’s a message clouded by lots of “ways” these days, but friends we must resolve ourselves to take a stand even when it’s not popular.

If you’re a believer, God has equipped you with spiritual gifts and has called you to use them to further His kingdom.

Are you using them? What’s holding you back from yielding to God in obedience?

May we knock down the strongholds of human reasoning, and everything inside us that will tell us, “run!” May we capture those thoughts and obey Christ standing firm through the power of His Holy Spirit (1 Cor 10:3-5).

Guys, we must open our eyes to the truth of God’s word and stand firm in it!

May we exude the love of Jesus in every single moment of every single day.

So many of our brothers and sisters around the world are standing firm and serving as living examples of this truth, and I pray we hold them up in prayer and are always prepared to give an account for the hope we have in Christ Jesus.

Another lesson we can learn?

Running away may seem logical, but hinders our effectiveness.

We don’t know know many details, but we know Uriah “escaped in fear.”

Oh man, fear is a faith killer!

It holds us back time and time again.

I know you know what I’m saying, because we’ve all let fears keep us in bondage.

Let’s be honest, playing it safe out of fear seems good at the time. But eventually it leaves us feeling worse because we know we’re not doing what we’re made to do.

What’s that thing holding you back? What’s made you run to Egypt? Is it as safe and wonderful as you’d hoped it would be? I’m betting it’s not.

God has wired and equipped us for kingdom work. When He stirs in us a work we’re wired to do, I pray we press forward in obedience, even when the pressure is on.

He tells us not to be afraid.


Even when fear and shrinking back seems to make sense, may we remember our call and trust Him to take care of the rest.

I pray the stories of these two men encouraged you today like they encouraged me.  I pray even when everything inside us wants to run, we cling to Truth and trust Him.

Thursday Things, 4 June 2015

Fiesta de Fiber
Let’s discuss Mission’s Carb Watch tortillas.

And how they might make some of you want to die.



Is this even legal?

Some of us may welcome 104% of our daily fiber requirement coming from a single source.

Others probably won’t.

You’ve been warned.

Since we’re talking about food...

Ask me how many Perkins muffins remain in my freezer.

Actually don’t.

I don’t want to tell you.

Let’s just say they started out in a giant ziploc bag, and quickly downgraded to a baggie.

In my defense, three of them were Will’s.

Just saying.

Wherein I’m sucked into a cosmetic gimmick
Only, I’m pretty positive this thing isn’t a gimmick and is the real deal.

Eyelash primer.


I get it.

You’re completely judging me.

It seems like a frivolous unneeded extra, and I totally agree. I’ve never purchased one.


I got a mini sample this week and holy moly! It actually works!

My lashes were fabulouso the whole day. I used my same mascara but the primer made everything fuller, thicker, and, well, just plain better.

Kandee Johnson calls it a “bra for your eyelashes.” I guess I totally get it now. You can certainly go without, but things just look better when you don’t Ha! smile

Lucy Goes Under
Poor buggy is going under the knife today for a deep dental cleaning and extractions.

I feel bad for our old lady bird and hope she manages ok.

The pups aren’t pups these days, so hopefully she manages ok and bounces back to her normal self quickly.

The good news is, hopefully her wretched breath will be better soon, too. smile

Download this song right now

Lecrae- Power Trip


My new favorite workout song right now.

It’s a few years old and I have no idea how I never found it!

My Weekend Mini-Me
Will and I spent a large portion of last weekend with Layla and it was fantastic.

Swoon 😍❤️
Swoon IG

I’m pretty sure we’re even better buddies than before, which is kind of hard to imagine!

She absolutely kills me these days. How come you guys didn’t tell me what a ham little 2 1/2 year olds become!? I hate to be cliche, but seriously, she really does day the darnedest things.

The return of Mr. Hyde

I’ve mentioned about a thousand times here, but I’ll remind you again.

I hate heat. I completely melt away into a giant puddle anytime the temperature rises.


God love him.

Signed us up for “Smart Hours” with our energy company again.

That means from 2-7 each day of the week (peak hours), we try to save energy, thereby lowering our bill.

In theory, it’s great!

Except, when you’re trying to make dinner and have the oven and two stove burners going. Heck, if you’re trying to do anything at all, you’re liable to pass out in a puddle-y mess!

So yeah, early evenings are just swell in the B-Love house.

Wanna come over? 

WIOW: Will’s Lower Body Workout

Last week I shared Will’s current upper body program. Today I’m sharing his lower body workout!

This is what he’ll be doing for the next couple months.

When crafting his workouts, Will was very specific- no squats (he hurt his back badly from doing them when he was younger and has to watch it ever since), and heavy on machines. He also gave me a few things he wanted incorporated.

Whenever I craft workouts for friends (completely with their understanding I’m not a “certified” trainer, mind you), I like to stretch them a little past their comfort zone.

However, with Will, the goal is to just get him inside the doors of a gym.

You want to do the leg press machine and nothing else? Fine by me, dear. I just want you here!

So yeah, the workout lacks some creativity, but it’s basic and works (and Will was gassed by the end).

Plus it’s short.

Just like the upper workout, this one focuses on multiple sets performed back to back without stopping. Once you complete a set, rest for 30 seconds to a minute and repeat two more times. Then move onto the next set.

Just like last week, Will did 3 sets of 10 reps.

Make this a workout! Push yourself a little. Even though this is an easy-ish workout in terms of complexity, it can be easily modified and made more difficult but adjusting resistance and

Here we go!

Set one
Sled machine (leg press)
Calve raises on sled machine
Ball crunches

Set two
Leg extension machine
Standing calve raises (one set regular, one set toes pointed inward, one set toes pointed outward)
Russian twists

Set three
Hamstring curl machine
Seated calve raise machine
Ball crunches

Set Four
Russian twists
Standing calve raises

Done and done!

Check in next week for another workout!

Food this Week

Let’s talk food this week.

And how I’m up to my elbows in Perkins mammoth muffins.

I hate to love those things.

Actually, that’s a lie.

I wish I hated to love those things.

I simply love them.

In terms of loving anything inanimate, of course.

I had a strawberry cream one Saturday that kind of blew my mind. Gah!

The remaining ones (which are much fewer than I originally anticipated) are tucked away in the freezer for this weekend and (hopefully) next weekend. Now I’m back to normal eating.

I figured I’d use today to share what we’re doing this week.

I always always always start my morning with a green monster. Protein, greens powder, chia, a little avocado, a dab of coconut oil, spinach, almond milk, and ice.

For my “second” breakfast this week I’m having two boiled eggs. Bor-ing. Last week I had a piece of toast with a dab of coconut oil and scrambled egg whites which I would have preferred, but this was faster.

Lunch this week is Greek salad with homemade dressing. So so good! I always enjoy Greek salad but rarely make it myself. P made some over Memorial Day, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

Instead of adding some sort of green salad base, I ditched that and doubled the cucumber and tomatoes. I also used fresh basil from my aerogarden!

Snacks are chopped carrots and celery with natural peanut butter and honey.

Dinner is where things have the potential to fall apart. Not because of eating unhealthy usually, but because of too much snacking before!

Snacking often involves a spoon and a heaping tablespoon of natural peanut butter. Real life.

This week we’re having breakfast for dinner- scrambled egg whites with one whole egg, and veggies for me (and probably a biscuit with a little white gravy because I’m weak and can’t resist when I make it for Will).

We’re also having spicy black bean and potato burritos.

Finally, we’re making brown rice bowls the last part of week. I cook some meat with salsa in the crockpot for Will. We top our rice with corn, black beans, tomatoes, jalapeños, and Greek yogurt. Will also adds in his salsa chicken and cheese.

I end every night with plain Greek yogurt, stevia, and PB2. If I’ve had a particularly good day of eating, I’ll have my yogurt with a little honey and brown sugar instead.

And there you have it! A week of eating with the B-Love family.

Check in tomorrow! 

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