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Thursday Things, 30 July 2015

Tomorrow I’m going on a short road trip with my parents!

I was trying to think of the last time I went on a long car trip with just my parents.

I can’t even remember.

Before my sister maybe?

If that’s the case, I’m thinking it’s been 25 years.

Surely not!

Regardless, I’ve got my “fun bag” of magazines, books, podcasts, and music to sing aloud to (no barbies or coloring books like in the old days), so I should keep myself occupied in the backseat.

I will also try my best not to repeatedly ask, “Are we there yet?” Or continually tell them I’m hungry.

Considering I still do all those annoying things on road trips with Will, they’re in for quite a treat.

Dogs get hangry too.

And it’s a little scary.

So Teddy, our beloved, happy-go-lucky lab, has grown into quite a chunk.

Labs are often predisposed to weight gain, but our Teddy takes the cake.

Sooo, Teddy is on a doggy weight loss plan and diet food.

Sounds awful, right?

What’s hilarious, though, are the parallels between her diet and anytime I’ve dieted in my life.

Just as I bark and squak around mealtime when I haven’t eaten as much as I normally do, Teddy’s right on target at 5:30 AM and PM.

Just like I ravenously attack my dinner and feel “so totally thrilled” with salad AGAIN, Teddy also dives into her diet friendly food and immediately returns to the door to make sure I didn’t forget her real food.

As if her dinner was just a snack.

I get it, totally. A woman after my own heart.

She’s a dear, but she’s not nearly as active anymore. Just as I (occasionally) loathe intense exercise, Teddy Tutu isn’t so much into increased activity these days ether.

Our Teddy. God help us all.

Two Words: Lime Basil

Did you know that’s a thing?

Like a real life type of basil?

I had no idea.

I bought a lime basil pod for my latest aerogarden and was so surprised to find just how lime-y it is!

Lime-y in the best way possible.

My green monsters taste like fragrant citrus frozen treats.

Brace Face
Thankfully, I was blessed to have perfectly straight teeth.

My parents were very thankful, considering they had to put two sets on poor P.

Every dentist appointment they make note of my nice, straight teeth… Which I’m sure they do to flatter you, right?

Anyway, I had a checkup earlier this week and as the doctor finished his exam he said, “Have you ever thought about braces?”

I honestly looked at him like he had four heads and said, “Are you being serious?!”

Anyway, apparently I have a gap between my upper and lower teeth that could be fixed by braces “if I wanted.”

Considering I’m not entirely keen on wearing braces for a year, oh and the thousands of dollars I just so happen to have lying around for that sort of thing I kindly declined.

But remained a little self-conscious the rest of the day. 

Boomer Sooner Season
Guys, football kicks off in a month.

A month!

How is this even possible!?

I’m debating whether I’ll go to the first game. I always like to, but it is usually so dang hot and I want to die, and Will wants to die because of what a pleasure I am to be around when I want to die.

So yeah. Heat. Football. Bah.

Regardless, I’m excited it’s here!

Lets discuss mini cupcakes

Layla and my mom brought Will over a cupcake for his birthday earlier this week. So sweet! Layla also kindly picked out a teeny vanilla cupcake for her aunt Brittny to accompany Will’s treat.

It was divine.

But it got me thinking.

What are your thoughts on mini cupcakes?

I decided my opinion really depends.

It was a fantastic surprise earlier this week.

It was a tiny bite to enjoy without any guilt. I felt like I got the best of both worlds!

However, today I’m feeling a tad overwhelmed and hangry. I did a hard workout and would probably welcome a big fat cupcake if it nicely wedged itself into today’s macro count.

A mini cupcake would probably just annoy me.

So yeah. I think it probably just depends on the person...and their mood. smile

That’s all for today! Check in tomorrow! πŸ’—

Will’s Relaxing Birthday Weekend & Look Ahead

Ant man.., and holding Will's popcorn

All smiles

Aero garden

Our first baby pepper!

Ann Voskamp

Church with Layla
Church with Layla

Ant Man date with Will, At the Movies door hanging with dad, UFC fights, two big fat birthday cheat meals, workouts, church with Layla, lunch with my parents, food prep, house stuff, and relaxing.

It was a much needed relaxing weekend spent entirely with Will. Between hosting his parents last weekend and preparing to go out of town without him this weekend, I was glad to have some time to spend just with him!

Today Will celebrates 35! I can’t believe how quickly the years have passed. How is he already 35!?! I am so blessed to have been able to watch him grow into such a wise and wonderful man. I can’t believe he picked me to be his wife.

Check in this week for Thursday Things and a Friday devo.

And now? Off to tackle Monday. 

Can We Have a Grown-up Conversation?

That’s what Will asks me right before he tells me something I don’t want to hear or could hurt my feelings.

Basically? It means no pouting, putting on my big girl pants, and listening with an open mind.

Sisters in Christ, can we have a grown-up conversation today?

Before we go any further, I feel like I should clarify that I’m an evangelical Christian (as if you hadn’t gathered that by now πŸ˜‚) and believe in the literal return and rule of Jesus on the earth one day.


I have become increasingly burdened for the Church, particularly in the Western world, and a sense of urgency has awakened in me.

Jesus instructed believers that He would come soon, and from his resurrection 2,000 years ago unto now, the Church has lived expectantly.

The Bible talks about scoffers in the last day mocking faith and living in complete sinfulness, unbelieving His promise to return.


But He is not slow in keeping his promises. 

I thank God for His rich mercy.

That He waited on me, that He waited on you.

But one day, the wait will be over.

He’s coming.

Whether things start to unfold five years from now or 25 years from now, I believe the Church must examine our own depravity instead of so quickly pointing out the depravity of others.

Because, from the days of the early church to us today, it’s what we’ve been commanded to do.

To examine our hearts, to test the spirits, to be about His work.

To love others.

To share the Gospel.

To anticipate the Blessed Hope.

To be crucified with Christ.

Yet, if anything, I feel instead of looking more and more to the Cross of Christ, we’re looking to it less and less.

It’s so easy to rely on ourselves, especially in America.

Self-reliance breeds more attention on ourselves, and less reliance on God.

It focuses on our own merit, and only dabbles in Jesus and the Church.

We rank ourselves as though we’re better or less sinful than others, when in reality we’re all hopeless and in need of Jesus and His saving grace.

So some of us sit on that blessed assurance and never do a single thing to share our hope with others.

Friends, faith without deeds is dead!


We’ve become less with concerned with serving others, and more concerned with how we can serve ourselves.

We’re casual and noncommittal.

We can toy a little with Jesus, and plunge deeply into our own achievements and conveniently live life on the fence.

Never committed.

Never dangerous.


Jesus warns of lukewarm hearts.

It makes Him sick.


I’m speaking to myself too here, friends.

I share these things because it’s time we awaken our hearts to the Truth of His coming.

It’s time we stop playing church. It’s time we stop living halfheartedly and safely.

I believe we’re quickly approaching a time in which safe and half-hearted will no longer be options.

When believing in Jesus will be costly.

He told us these very things Himself.

We need to decide today, now, whether we will stand firm in Christ or shrink back.

We live in a society where there are no longer absolutes and anything goes.

Only, there are absolutes.

And although unpopular, it is imperative the Church rise up in love, and stand firm in the faith regarding Truth.

Jesus is The Way, not a way, and I believe we’ve become increasingly tolerant of false teaching worming its way into our Biblical doctrine.

The Bible warns of the love of many growing cold in the final days.

Is our love already growing cold, friends?


I pray not.

I feel we’re at a crossroads here, where Christians are about to step into a time of increased persecution throughout the world, and I pray our love burns hot for Jesus, and hot for the souls of others.

That we’re resolved and steadfast. Not in ourselves, but in His promises.

I fear we’re so focused on living our best lives now that we’ve taken our eyes off the Hope that awaits us in Christ.

If we know Jesus, our best lives are not now.

The world is fading away and everything in it.


May we refocus our affections on things above, and not on earthly things.

May we recommit our affections to the only One worthy of them.

May we open our eyes to the scriptures and read them with open and expectant hearts.

May we seek Him fully, and may we surrender fully.

May our hearts break for others.

May we choose to stand firm today, and stop living complacently.

No more half hearted commitments.

May we take up our cross and surrender, truly surrender to His call.

Regardless of whether you believe in some of the things I’m sharing, I urge each of us to examine our hearts to ensure we are in the faith and living a life dedicated to the cross of Christ.

I realize today’s a heavy post, but that’s what “grown-up conversations” are at the B-Love house.

They’re not meant to provoke, but instead invoke reflection, consideration, and action.

Let’s examine ourselves and act in love and in Truth.

Let us live expectantly for the coming of our Lord. 

Evolution Nutrition Pre-workout Review

I feel like anytime I review a fitness product for my blog, it’s always a pre-workout.

Are we pre-worked out?

Please say no, ‘cause I’m pushing full steam ahead!

I had a $50 gift card and found a great buy one, get one deal I couldn’t pass up.

I ended up buying Evolution Nutrition’s EVL Pre-workout Engine in watermelon.


After using the product a few weeks, here’s a rundown on what I think!

Lets start with first impressions.

The watermelon flavor smells fantastic. I opened the container and was pretty excited to give it a go. If you’ve used pre-workouts before, you know sometimes they smell and taste simultaneously good and bad.

I was hoping for all good, no bad based on the smell.

Onto the taste

The first sip is fantastic.

Then after a couple more gulps you realize, “Yep… This is a pre-workout.”

It’s not bad by any means, but it definitely has that distinguishable pre-workout taste. Nonetheless it was by far definitely among the better ones I’ve had over the years. Mix up a small glass and stick it in the fridge the night before so it gets super cold, and down it before your workout.

All the Feels

I’ve mentioned before, I like workouts that “tell” me they’re working.

I like the tingles and the increased heat I feel with a good workout.

Some people don’t like that, and still others almost never have that tingly reaction.

I like to know my pre-workout is working, so being on the tingles.

I score EVL high in this area.


Some of my all time favorite pre-workouts are (and always will be) C-4 and Jack3d. I feel they’re superior on all levels (though Jack3d sometimes takes as much as 40 minutes to work which is a big downer).

One reason I like them so much is because I was physically able to measure gains while using them. Increased stamina was fantastic, but my strength was through the roof.

Anyone have a Mini Cooper you need lifted?

EVL definitely provides a high level of stamina. I could go all day, and I like that! However, I haven’t seen much strength increase while using. 

Really, pre-workouts are more for energy and focus, but many also have added creatine to help increase strength and power. This one has creatine included, but I’m not sure the ratios are quite right, at least for me.

I’m going to start a round of creatine later this year, so I’m pretty excited to see the results with that, coupled with, EVL

Watch out! πŸ˜‰

All in all, I feel like I got a great deal on this product. 60 servings for $30 using my coupon, a good taste, and increased energy.


If you give it a try, let me know!

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The Early Birthday Celebration Weekend

Va clinic waiting game
Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!

Weekend things
Leg day
Layla's first movie

Layla's first movie
Dress up with Layla

Dress up with Layla
At the movies!

A long Friday at the VA clinic with Will’s dad, lots of chats with his parents while waiting, a healthy dinner at Jason’s Deli (have you seen their salad bar!?), followed by not so healthy but delicious ice cream cake, Layla’s first movie going experience, playtime with Layla (and my family πŸ˜„), house stuff, super sweaty workouts, food prep, church, and a very restful Sunday.

We had a wonderful weekend full of family and fun and I’m sad to have it behind me!

Check in this week for a pre-workout review and more!

I hope you had a great weekend. What did you do?

Weekend Recap

Friday truth

New crop!


Cookie dough and Oreos

Topped with brownie batter and baked

Finished product

Just when things couldn't get any unhealthier, let's top with ice cream!


Sleeping beauty

Fight night

a data-flickr-embed="true" data-header="true" data-footer="true" href="" title="At the movies!">At the movies!

At the movies!

Lunch with some of my favorite former coworkers (they totally get me), house stuff, workouts, lunch with my parents, ridiculously delicious and unhealthy brownies, UFC fights, and Life Church At the Movies!

It was a pretty quiet weekend, which was a nice treat.

Thankfully, although I have a long work week ahead, it’s my short week and I get to see my sister try on wedding dresses. Yippee!

Off to conquer Monday. How was your weekend?

Part Four

Need a recap? Check out part one, two, and three.

So what now? Where do we go from here?

Good question.

The truth is, I have no idea.

It drives me crazy.

It drives Will crazier.

I began to think this whole unfolding was God’s “gentle” way of bringing Will back to the ministry, but we honestly have no idea.

So we wait on the Lord and take the next step He illuminates.

Despite the unknown, God has given me peace and assurance that my waiting has a purpose

I continue to live and walk in Him day by day.

The unexpected blessings that have arrived in our bank account, the continued reminders to trust and wait on the Lord in my daily readings, and the peace that surpasses all understanding. These things give me rest.

Sometimes you just need to rest.

Rest in the Lord.

We decided Will would take the summer off so we could catch our breath.

It’s been a bumpy start to the year, and we thought it would be good to regroup.

We didn’t just want to jump right into something else without truly seeking God and figuring out the next step.

Because honestly? We still don’t know.

The world tells us we need a five year plan. That we should know exactly what comes next and have a clear cut plan for execution.

While Proverbs certainly offers wisdom regarding preparedness, we also know we walk by faith and not by sight.


We can plan until we’re blue in the face, but sometimes God has a different plan.


God is up to something and wants to work in and through us if we allow Him.

That means surrender.

A word we don’t often like to use.


Sometimes that means our five year plans of grandeur get tossed altogether.

As Christians, we live differently than everyone else because we serve a God like none other.

It’s scary sometimes.

Because we can’t see what’s next.

But we walk by faith, and not by sight.

So, instead of Will just finding any old job immediately, we just decided to wait this summer and pray for direction. 

I would be lying if I told you there were days I wasn’t frustrated, or unsure, or completely exhausted by the waiting.

I feel that way sometimes.

There are no neon signs on the road we’re walking.

No bread crumbs to lead us home.

It’s us, and it’s God.

I often remind myself of the words He spoke to my heart last summer. “Do you trust Me?”

It seems logical to want to say no. It seems logical to flail my arms and scream that we have no idea what to do next.

Yet, we trust.

The spirit in me has yielded to God, and while I don’t know what our five year plan holds, I trust.

We put one foot in front of the other and let Him guide and lead.

We know the next step, that’s it.

I am preparing to launch my women’s Bible study.

Will and I are praying about a location to hold a Bible study for men and women.

It’s the natural next step, and how the Spirit has led our hearts during this time of uncertainty. 

We’ll take the summer off, and we’ll trust Him with Will’s job hunt just like we have every other step of this process.

Despite the craziness, things have actually gotten simpler:

I exist to know Christ.

To know Him deeply. To love Him fiercely. To serve Him wholeheartedly.

This life?

It’s not about me.

Something I knew, but only lived out when it was comfortable to do so.

Five year plans are great, but life really comes down to one question- do you know Christ? Do you really know Him in the core of your whole being? What have you done with this Good News?

While I want to be able to live with some semblance of a plan as we work through this process, this experience has reminded me of my true purpose-

To know the fullness of Christ and the power of His resurrection.

I am left only to respond with my entire heart.

Anything, Lord Jesus.

Anything you want me to do, anywhere you want me to go, anything you want me to say.

Anything Lord.

This year hasn’t gone as planned, but we’re here, and we’re trusting, and we’re finally starting to get it.

We are made for You.

May it be on the forefront of our minds.

So what’s next for our family?

I don’t know.

But I know it’s not about me, and the pressure’s off in finally grasping that reality.

I appreciate your prayers as we start Will’s job hunt, as well as whatever else is in store.

Love you girls! Check in next week. πŸ’—

The 4th of July Weekend & Look Ahead

Road tripping
Treats with friends
Layla turns three!
Celebrating Layla's birthday!
Layla turns three!

Layla turns three!
Birthday play date


After party breakfast of champions.

He loves to cuddle

A jam packed Independence Day weekend! Cleaning all day Thursday (and a broken garbage disposal πŸ˜•), a trip to see Will’s parents and one of my dearest godly girlfriends, a special birthday party for a three year old (how is she three!?!), house stuff, church, workouts, and women’s soccer.


I have a long and busy week ahead and I’m already missing the weekend. Here’s to being our best this week and powering through with grace.

Hope you had a good weekend! What did you do?

Love Wins

He quietly came to this Earth over 2,000 years ago.

Born in a smelly stable to an unwed teen mom and lowly carpenter.

An unlikely Messiah. Not the one His people awaited.

But love had already won.


He grew taller, sturdier, smarter, and favored. He became a man. He turned water to wine and called an unexpected motley crew to become fishers of men.

Not flashy, not verbose. Not what the people awaited.

But love had already won.

He ate dinner with tax collectors, rescued an adulteress from being stoned, allowed a sinful woman to not only be in his presence, but anoint His feet as she wet the floor with her tears.

He spoke to foreigners, healed the blind, fed thousands, cast demons into pigs, raised the dead, literally walked on water, lived perfectly, and challenged religious leaders and their laws.

He was unexpected. He was different. Not what the people anticipated.

But love had already won.

Religious leaders detested Him. They predicted an uprising. It’s better to lose one for the sake of all. They brokered a deal. The problem would be eliminated. Normal life would resume.

But life would never be the same.

Because love had already won.

One of his own betrayed Him. The rest deserted Him. He was arrested, and questioned. A sham of a trial. A grotesque beating. One that tore open His entire back and sides. He was paraded before the people for a possible Passover pardon. They could choose to save Him. They chose Barabbas.

They crucified Him.

They were looking for a King. A warrior like David. They weren’t looking for a carpenter’s son from Nazareth.

And they missed Him.

Love had come.

And their eyes couldn’t see.

But Love wasn’t done.

They buried Him, and He stayed there. Three days, to be exact. But He conquered death, just as He promised. He gathered His core team. He stood before them. Real, visceral. Pierced hands. The God man. He left them with clear instruction- go. Go and tell the world. He promised to be with them, even until the end of the age.

He conquered sin. He conquered death. He conquered the chasm that kept us from His presence.


True Love.

You see, Jesus doesn’t just love. The Bible tells us He is love.

He is perfect love. Untainted by expectations or long lists of requirements.

His love conquered all, and His love always wins.

We live in a very broken world. One with little peace and hope.

Things seem bleak, but I know the end of the story. Love wins.

Jesus is ever present. He stands at the door of our hearts and knocks.

He desires us.

I have no idea why.

Only perfect love could desire such a thing.

He’s returning, friends. May we always keep that at the forefront of our minds and hold true to His promise.

Last time he came humbly as a lamb slain. Next time He comes on a cloud with power and great glory, and He will rule the nations justly.

He is not slack keeping His promises.


If you’re not looking for him, you’ll miss him being blinded by the trappings of this world.

He’s waiting and merciful. Wishing none would perish.

I pray the Lord would give you the power to comprehend how deep, how wide, how long, and how high the perfect love of Christ is for you.

I know the end of the story.

Love wins. ❀️

Don’t know Him? Click here


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The One with Fireworks & a Look Ahead

Waiting for her dad
Weekend treats
Play dates with Layla
Trimming the peppers
Following the girl

My summer is complete.
Slumber party!

Pink n Pups
Big and little

Chickfila breakfast with Will, a lazy Saturday afternoon, a night full fun with Layla and my parents, an early fireworks show, s’mores, workouts, food prep, house stuff, church, and a restful Sunday afternoon.

It was a nice weekend, and I’d normally sad to see it end.

Thankfully it’s Independence Day week!!!

Yay for short weeks.

Check in this week for #lovewins, my newest project, part 4, and more.

Here’s to a good Monday! ❀️

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