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The Birthday Weekend & Look Ahead


Friday selfie

It's got spinach, so it's healthy, right?

Time for a birthday party

Time for a birthday party

Weekend things

Weekend things

Snuggle bug

Backseat driver

Weekly blood pressure checks for Heart Month (yeah, yeah, it’s high. What do they expect when you take it at work!?), Birthday party fun, lunch out with my sweetie, workouts, house stuff, food prep, an excellent message at church, dinner with my parents, movie marathon with Will (The Karate Kid 1 and 2 😊), and a little indulging.

A wonderful weekend of fun.

Check in this week for

-Tuesday Things
-The Workout Pants Debate
-February Ipsy
And more!

We’re getting snow today in the metro, but nothing to write home about. So much for my snow day! smile

Here’s to a good week and blessings. Check in tomorrow!

The God of When

I kind of feel like my Friday posts have been a bit of a downer lately.

Are you sensing this, too?

I certainly don’t mean for them to be. I want them to offer hope and encouragement. 

Yet, I kind of wonder if my current storm is inadvertently raining on your guys’ sunshine-y parade.

Nobody wants a Debbie Downer at their party, am I right!?

I’m going to be honest, Will and I are in the midst of a storm.

No, not Will and I as a couple.

Praise God, by His grace we are more in love than ever.

Other things.

Things I want to share and simultaneously don’t want to share.

Do you have these challenges too?

I’m sure we all have at one time or another.

I’m reading in Isaiah, and have found such deep and intimate hope over the last few weeks.

God knew I’d need it.

The passages are geared toward the nation of Israel, but they’re still so very applicable to all of us.

Not only that, but God’s new covenant in the New Testament confirms time and time again the tender love and mercies I’ve been reading in Isaiah.

Last week it was Isaiah 40:31, a verse I’ve read a million times. Only, last week I saw it with fresh eyes.

This week it was Isaiah 43:2-4.

I find this passage comforting.

Notice verse two doesn’t say “If” your go through deep waters, or if you go through rivers of difficulty, or if you walk through the fire of opposition.


It says, “When”.

When these things happen-

When you’re in over your head and don’t know which way is up,

When nothing makes sense,

When your heart feels awful and you’re suffocating on the inside,

When things don’t go the way you anticipated…


Not if.

When these things happen, He is with us.

When these things happen, we will not drown.

When these things happen, the flames will not consume us.

Because these things will happen.

We must remember, however, that God works for the good of those who love Him.

He looks to strengthen those whose hearts are loyal to Him.

He is with us in the midst of adversity and will never leave nor forsake us.

He is not the God of “if,” because he is the God that knows and holds all in his hands, and holds us so very tightly, too.

He is the God of when. Ever there and able to see us through every single step of the way.

Do you trust Him to see you through?

I am learning a new lesson on trust and faith, and I pray when the storms of adversity rise against you, the Lord works in your heart and guides you along the way.

Thanks for checking in and letting me be open today. I hope to share more in the coming weeks, but until then, we will pray, wait, and trust. ❤️

Thursday Things, 19 Feb 15

Soo last weekend Will and I thought we’d watch a movie, and gave Silver Linings Playbook a try.

Will thought it was about football.

I thought it was about ballet.

Clearly we were wrong.

We rarely give up on movies a third of the way in, but we did with this one.

Did we miss out? Please say no.

Since we are talking movies...

Did any of you see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty?

It was better than I thought it was going to be. We saw it twice, actually. Once when it came out, and again recently on TV.

I’m not going to lie, I’m not entirely sure why, but I got a little misty eyed in a couple parts. Real life.

On a side note, if you like Jose Gonzalez or Junip, the soundtrack is good, too.

Functional Workouts

Last weekend Will and I enjoyed some quality time with Layla.

We made the mistake of playing London Bridges with her.

Only, instead of making bridges with our arms and having Layla go through them, we made Layla the bridge.

I took her legs, and Will held her underneath her arms, and we swung her to the song.

Anytime we’d say London Bridges were falling down, Will and I would dip her down a little.

The kid loved it.

Will got quite the workout! He woke up sore the next morning.

Toddlers= great resistance equipment. Haha

Forgive me for saying this, but...

I could have really used a snow day this year.

Just one.

Or two.

(Yes, I realize some of you are facing snow drifts 26 times your height and want to punch me right now.)

We had a mild winter. Monday was our first real bout of “bad” weather this year, and it wasn’t even that bad comparatively.

I got to go in two hours later, and it was wonderful.

Let’s be real, not much beats being a kid and getting a whole snow day.

Quarter Century Mark

P turns 25 next week.

How is that even possible!?

I pretty remember her whole life, and her being 25 makes me feel old.

Where does the time go? I was 25 when we went on our most fantabulous three week vacation across the Mediterranean, and here we are, seven years later, and she’s the one that’s 25.

once again showing how we feel after a late night burger order
santorini girls

That makes me feel old.



There’s this giant television void now that Parenthood is off the air.

You’ve got your cop shows, your medical dramas, the mystery/fantasy thrillers, and CSI everything, but no shows about real life, day-to-day stuff.

Why does NBC hate us!?

Today’s TBT is brought to you by Cologne, Germany

Brittny Flint-2 years old at Cologne, Germany

Look at me posing. I crack myself up. 

That’s it for today. Anything you care to share?

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WIOW: My Go-To At-Home Friendly YouTube Channels

On days I just don’t feel like reinventing the wheel or doing one of my own at-home workouts, I rely on YouTube.

If you’ve never looked there, prepared to be overwhelmed by the amount of workout videos available.

I’ve been using YouTube as a helpful tool over a year now, and won’t go back!

I mentioned it being overwhelming, and I’m not kidding. There are HEAPS AND HEAPS of great resources.

The channels I’m sharing today are only a tiny handful of some of my usual fallbacks. Definitely check them out, as well as the many, many others out there for great at-home friendly workouts.

I’m also not a doctor, so obviously don’t run out and do all these without consulting one. smile

In no particular order, here are five great options. Here we go!


This channel is terrific!

It offers new workouts every single weekday from trainers like Jillian Michaels and Denise Austin.

They’ve got a little of everything depending on your mood.

Say you want to dance, they’ve got that. Feeling like HIIT? You’re covered. They even have Pilates.
This is a great and comprehensive spot for whatever you’re feeling.

Millionaire Hoy
If you’re looking for high intensity sweat sessions, this is your guy.

He’s got great workouts that can be done with a little space at home.

Sometimes I need something a little shorter, but on days I have time, these are great.

Fitness blender

Fitness Blender is a comprehensive workout channel led by a husband a wife team that offer literally hundreds of different routines.

They’ve got something for everyone and lots of different time and intensity options.

GRIT Certification Classes
Before an instructor can teach the super sweaty, high intensity and resistance GRIT class, they have to practice and get certified.

There are lots of great instructors that post their practice video on YouTube, and you can take the class right alongside them.

I’ve found so many great ones- but I’ve found not so great ones too, so be warned.
This is a new channel I just stumbled upon.

This channel is great if you need a super quick workout and don’t feel like coming up with one on your own. They’re all about 12-15 minutes and easily repeated if you want a longer workout.

Yes, there are lots more, but these are just a handful of my current go-to channels.

Thanks for checking in, and be sure to check these out and let me know what you think! 

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Things I’m Loving Lately

Bethel Music You Make Me Brave Live Album


When I listen to worship music on my phone, it always has to be the live album.

I typically don’t like live albums.  I think they’re awful.

Except for worship music.

They’re my exception.

I don’t like to caught up in the experience of worship so much that I forget to experience the one we are made to worship, and listening to live albums in the moment, when the leaders get off lyrics and cry out to God, or change parts of a song, or sing parts of a song in worship to God that are far longer versions of the original, are so intimate and beautiful.


I haven’t listened to this album enough to know all the words (yet), but I have enjoyed it so far.

Hillsong UNITED The I Heart Revolution Live Album


Unlike Bethel Music, I do know the lyrics to most of the songs on this album. I’ve had it for over a year now and love to listen in the car.

That way I can sing annoyingly loud, but not bother anyone. Haha

Definitely a great album.

The Goldbergs


When I need a midweek pick me up, The Goldbergs are my go to funny.

Life before cell phones, Facebook, and DVRs. It reminds me lots of good childhood memories.

Metal, glass, ceramic, or silicone- when to use what

So helpful!

I pretty much just did whatever and never gave it much thought. Real life.

Vanilla Greek Yogurt

I prefer to get unflavored and sweeten it myself, but the other day Will went to the store for me and brought home vanilla.

And ruined me.

This post on prayer.

I have I told you lately how much I love this lady?

Longer Days
While I don’t love the 100 degree summers, I do love the longer days of sunlight.

I’ve already noticed the later sunsets and slightly earlier sunrises.


Purex Laundry Crystals
These crystals are far cheaper than the Downy version (which also smell fantastic), but work and smell equally great.

Definitely a great money saver.

That’s it for today. Anything you’re loving I need to know about?

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Valentine’s Day Weekend & Look Ahead


Valentine's cake from my parents

Cool greens for lunch!

Cool greens for lunch!

A walk in the park

A walk in the park


Weekend things

Early birthday present

This weekend didn’t exactly go as planned, which was disappointing, however it was still a wonderful weekend. I continue to see God’s hands over Will and I, and am so thankful for the blessings in our lives.

While a few plans were supposed to go differently, the weekend was lovely in its own unanticipated right. Long talks, a trip to the park, an unexpected trip to Norman, time with my family, London Bridges with Layla, an early birthday present, church, and rest.

We are blessed.

Check in this week for:

-Things I’m loving
- My go-to YouTube workout channels
-Thursday Things
and more!

Off to tackle a busy Monday and a grueling week ahead. Thanks for checking in!

You May Not Want To Hear This…

You’re probably going to be mad after reaching this, but....

Contrary to popular belief, and the messages I seem to see everywhere, God never promised his children would always be happy.

I knew this statement to be true, but it’s hitting home for Will and I right now.

In a sermon series called, “God Never Said That,” our pastor shared a message last week that tackled this topic, and I needed the reminder.

Please take 30 minutes and watch it, if anything just to watch him dance to “Happy.” Hilarious!

Anyway, I can grasp the fact that as Christians, life isn’t always going to be rosy. 

I mean, it’s not just the book of Job that uncovers this truth.

Just take a look through the New Testament to find countless references to overcoming, persecution, hardship, and suffering.

That doesn’t sound like Disney World all day, every day, does it?

God takes pleasure in us, delights in us, and wants to bless us. He also wants our entire hearts as we pursue Him in this earthly life.

We must not forget those things.

However, there are times when it may look differently than we expect it to.

Recently, happy and holiness have collided in my life.

I think the two can coexist nicely, and often uninterruptedly.

However, Will and I have recently reached this crossroads in our life where perhaps our personal happiness may mean something entirely different than what we initially thought.


There’s this super old hymn we used to sing in church that offers some interesting perspective.

The chorus says,

“Trust and obey, for there’s no other way, to be happy on Jesus, but to trust and obey.”

I’ve found myself humming this tune from time to time lately.

However, for me, happiness may not even be the right word. Perhaps joyfulness or contentment are more accurate.

If I’m truly going to press into Christ and pursue His desires for me and my family, I have to trust.

I have to obey.

I have to rest in Him and find peace and fulfillment in going after His desires.


Sometimes it’s hard to be eternally minded when we have out feet planted firmly on this earth.



It’s important for me to remember that in order to pursue the fullness of Christ, I need to be seeking Him first for holiness, not happiness.

Happiness isn’t bad.

It’s good.

In fact, the Bible says every good and perfect gift is from above.

It’s when I put my happiness and what I think is best for my life above God’s holiness and desires for me that things get skewed.

May we rest in Him and happily enjoy the blessings He gives us. Above all, may we pursue holiness and the desires of his heart.

I sure would appreciate prayers for Will and I, too. We are seeking the Lord and trusting Him in some upcoming decisions. That we obey and follow after Him and both have wisdom and peace. Thanks, dolls. ❤️

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

Thursday Things, 12 Feb 15

The Aerogarden is doing fantastically.

Mint is a late bloomer

Except the blasted mint.

To say it’s a late bloomer would be an understatement.

It’s pretty much the herb I wanted most, too.

Figures as much.

Last weekend I thought I might just up and die right there at the gym for all the patrons to see.

I completed a good resistance workout, and then decided to quickly hit the elliptical.

I usually like to gradually increase the crossramp and really work to keep my heart rate up.

About 20 minutes in, I was dripping in sweat, and I was working double time.

Turns out I was increasing the resistance instead of the crossramp. Ha

Speaking of workouts, last weekend Will and I went to the park to enjoy the warmer weather.

Long talks at the park (and a secret selfie I took of the mister 😊)

We sat and talked and watched the kids playing.

Will looked over at me and asked, “Remember when we were kids and running was actually something we did for fun?”


Totally killed me.

I remember the days when I was a kid and would run just because it was something fun.

While I have my moments, I can pretty much say I no longer consider running “something fun to do.”

Soo what are you doing for Valentine’s Day?

Do you love it? Hate it? Do tell.

Will and I aren’t huge celebrators, but we do acknowledge the day.

We don’t get crazy with gifts, either. Although, my sneaky husband did decide to buy me the rest of our bedding accessories for the new bedspread we bought last year. It wasn’t cheap and I was very touched by his thoughtfulness!

He also surprised me with the first season of The Americans. Anyone watch this?

My parents love it, and since it’s set in the 80s, I kind of figured I would too.

So yeah.

We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, but apparently Will forgot.

As for going out on Valentine’s Day, don’t enjoy crowds or waiting forever at places in our old age, so we will cozy up on the couch Saturday night and let you guys have a night on the town without old fogeys cramping your style. smile

It only seemed right that today’s TBT pic be Valentine’s Day related.

Brittny-Valentines day OU cake-2005

This was our first married Valentine’s Day in 2005.

Look at that baby face!

I bought Will a cute Valentine cake as well as some red OU oakleys.

Which, surprisingly, he didn’t like because they fit weird (according to him).

Yes, I still remember.

And yes, it’s really me in that picture.

Remember that one time we all got crazy and dyed our hair RED!?!


In this week’s “Food Lately” post, I failed to mention the amount of peanut butter and jelly toast I’ve been eating.

It’s out of control, y’all.

That’s it for now.  I sure hope you’ll check in tomorrow.

Anything you care to share?

WIOW: February At-Home Resistance Work

Another Wednesday, another workout.

Last week I shared some of my favorite at-home cardio workouts.

Today is all about my February at-home resistance workouts.

I’m going to be honest, they vary.

A lot.

However, what I’m sharing today is pretty standard in terms of what I often do.

I try to hit all major muscle groups and work to exhaustion when I can.

I haven’t invested in much at-home resistance equipment yet, so I have to create my own.

How do I do that?

Lots of tempo mapping. I make the weight much heavier than it feels by slowing the reps down and squeezing every single muscle I’m working throughout the entire movement.

It works better than you might realize.

My point here is- you may not have all the dumbbells you need or want to have a great at-home gym, but you can still do plenty of exercises to create a functional workout.

You can also increase the resistance by creating it with your own body and how you control the weight.

Remember that!

Just shoving a weight up and down quickly is all momentum. When you squeeze your muscles and really move more mindfully, you can help increase difficulty.

Oh aaaand I also like workouts that incorporate cardio and resistance together. Today’s workout is resistance training only, but if you’d like to see a combination I do at home, I’d love to share it!

Now it’s time to share what I’m doing with my dumbbells on the days I workout at home. smile

Like I said, I don’t have heavy weights, so my reps are usually pretty high for at-home workouts.

Depending on time, I complete 2-3 sets of this entire list back to back.

20-30 reps for legs
15-20 reps for everything else




February Food Lately

Let’s talk about food.

And how I love it.

Like lots of people, I get in cycles of eating the same thing over and over for periods of time.

Then for some strange reason, as if I suffer a brief moment of amnesia, I completely forget about the food and go months, and sometimes even years without eating it.


Anyway, today seemed like a good day to capture some of my recent favorites.

Who knows, maybe I won’t forget them for months on end now. smile

I have been absolutely killing my water intake. I can thank the dry winter weather.

I love tea, and always have a Celestial Seasonings multi pack in the house. 

On a whim the other day, I decided to ice their peppermint tea and add a packet of stevia.

There’s no going back.

I’ve been icing everything in their variety pack. I hung out with Layla last week, and she agrees, iced peppermint tea is delicious and refreshing.

She wanted to keep my mug!

I’m also absolutely thrilled about using my fresh herbs from the Aerogarden too!

They’re great in my big old mug.

The latest has been lime-basil.

Basil- lime deliciousness

It makes me feel fancy, like I should be in a big fluffy robe listening to ambient music and awaiting a massage.

Except I’m behind a desk and in uncomfortable heels.

At least the water is tranquil.

Lunches have been pretty cyclical, too.

I’ve been eating my favorite peanut noodle salad, sans noodles and double the slaw.

It’s great with tofu or shrimp, too.

The dressing kills me. It’s me second favorite homemade dressing.

Speaking of dressing, the other lunch I’ve been eating is centered around my most favorite homemade dressing ever.

-1 head, roasted garlic, mashed
-1/4 cup olive oil
-1/4 cup vinegar (I like apple cider or rice)
-1 Tbsp grainy mustard
-Juice of half a lemon

Mix it all up and thank me later.

I keep it in my fridge and it lasts all week and sometimes longer.

Aaaand desserts.

They’ve been happening, and it’s time to confess they haven’t been vegan friendly.

I’ve been enjoying an evening treat of Greek yogurt lately.

I like adding some stevia or honey to plain Greek yogurt, and then I stick it in the freezer for an hour.

It keeps me out of Will’s ice cream, and keeps me sane.

So yeah. Just a few food favorites lately.

Tell me what you’re loving so I can add it to my food cycle. smile

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