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one million, five hundered thousand, three hundred and thirty four things to do

Is anyone with me? I can’t even imagine you awesome women with babies right now! How do you get things done!? smile Its like we have 24 hours, but really we need 30. 30 would be so nice a few months out of the year. smile I was looking at my planner (I call it my 2nd Bible) today thinking there is no way some of the things that need to get done can get finished on schedule unless I morph into superwoman over the weekend. Will is so good for me in times like these. I am the “worrier” of the pair, so he is always good at making me realize that what I need to get done will get done if I just breathe and stay on task, and the things I can’t change I can’t worry about… because they can’t be changed! smile It sounds so practical coming from him...getting my mind to actually do it is a totally different thing! There is something about thinking about 20 different things at the same time that motivates me. smile I guess that’s why I want to do PR- always having a thousand things coming at you at the same time and just having to get it done, it is a challenge that I hope I can master with more practice! smile

Ready for the weekend! Have a good one!

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The Forgotten Paycheck and Lysol in my Hand

The Forgotten Paycheck and Lysol in my Hand
Can you believe it? I actually forgot to get paid yesterday. I had to laugh to myself for being so scatterbrained. Will , however, did not find it as amusing. So if the lights go out tonight, I guess it’s my fault! smile ha ha

Today in one of my health classes we had an extensive presentation about household germs. The study followed 10 “neat freak“ families and how they cleaned their kitchens. They then tested for some of the major bacterias like ecoli and staph. In every single kitchen there were traces of them, and in 8 of the 10 the levels were dangerous! I’m thinking, “okay, these are neat freaks’ houses?! What about ‘normal’ houses??“ It truly got me thinking about spraying the house down with Lysol! smile

Tonight is Will’s “Friday.” Since he works on Sunday, he gets tomorrow off. He is so sweet. He “gave” that day to me about a year ago, so every Friday we get to hang out when I get done with school and we do whatever I have planned. Tomorrow, however, he is going to be helping his dad with some landscape stuff (his dad is a landscape contractor), so I get the day to myself. I think I’ll use to to get much needed homework and other odds and ends done… like sanitizing the house! smile

PS-Will and Britt pics to come

Biography Fiasco

I think everything I wrote yesterday was setting me up for a huge “jinx” today. smile I was just asking for a crazy day yesterday… well I’m getting what I deserve. smile I’m intering at the hospital this semester so I’ll be able to see what it’s like to have a “real job” in PR as opposed to what I’m told in class. Well, this whole semester I’ve been tasked with writing 15 biographies for the hospital’s foundation cookbook.The bios are due next week. I was rolling through them thinking, “This is great! I will be done early!” Well I was over halfway done when I got an updated list of the names the foundation had decided they wanted for the cookbook. I only had 5 of the ones listed. So today it’s back to the drawing board of researching people and making phone calls to interview local Oklahomans. Such a mess. I have had little success with some of the people. The creator of Strawberry Shortcake apparently lives here in southwest Oklahoma- did you know there is absolutely nothing on the internet about the show’s creator?? smile With the multitude of information on the internet I thought I’d have some success… but no. I guess I am truly learning about deadlines and sucking it up and getting it done no matter what roadblocks I run into.

Today is our long day. We have our Wednesday night youth service at 6:30. Almost all of her kids come from very underprivileged homes, so we have to pick them all up and take them all home.That job in itself can be tiresome.Luckily we have two vans now, so we can split up the route. 15 teenagers in one small van… I have a lot of stories I could tell. This job has truly been a challenge for us. It is a labor of love, one that requires a lot of giving with little getting. This job has truly made us so thankful for the parents we have and the love and support we have gotten from them over the years. The majority of our kids come from broken homes that are full of such terrible things, and the fact that they choose on their own to come to church-without their parents making them has been such an encouragement. It makes for a long evening, but if one student catches what Will says, it is worth it. I am really looking forward to Will’s message tonight. He is such a gifted speaker. He is so good with relating to students and coming up with stories and examples and analogies off the cuff. I just look at him in amazement. I learn so much from the way he relates to our students.

Better get back to my research!

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Just Another Day

Not an overly exciting day today. I have come to realize that is not a bad thing. There are times when the “busyness” and stress of some days have me looking forward to days like these, so I won’t complain. Thankfully, I don’t think there are any major sporting events that Will will want to watch- OU lost at basketball yesterday and we won’t get the Mavs game if they’re playing, so it will be a nice and relaxing evening of watching Seinfeld and Everyone Loves Raymond reruns! smile I tried to put some pics up today, but I had saved all of them as photoshop documents, so I wouldn’t load! Such a dissapointment. smile I am so proud of our pictures and I can’t wait to get them up. Oh well, more to come in the “overly exciting life of Will and I!”

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My First Post

Okay. I have heard about these bloggers for a long time now and have been interested in them for a while, but today I finally broke down and started one for the two of us. I am hoping this new guilty pleasure does not become an addiction for me! smile Will and I have been married for 11 months now, our anniversary is on March 13. It’s been an incredible first year and I can’t wait for the next. Hopefully in the coming weeks I will be able to get some pictures up and really “spruce” my site up some! smile

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