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Back to the Grindstone

Back to the grindstone. Thats what Will and his dad always say when they have to back to work after the weekend or a break. Well, I certainly am back to the “grindstone” - or at least to the daily gruel of life.

My mom and Will have had to trade off taking me everywhere, what a pain. I got out of my mom’s minivan (yeah- not even a “cool mom SUV“ or anything- she has the “loser cruiser“ as my sister and I have dubbed it) and just cringed. She yelled out, “I can walk you to class if you need me to.“ I just expected that any second she would jump out of the car, give me a sack lunch and kiss me on the head or something. AHHH! smile What a nighmare. smile It wasn’t that bad though, I just said no thanks and wobbled on.

Minus the tons of snide comments about my walking and shoes by my coworkers and classmates, it hasn’t been too bad. smile I walk like I don’t have to be anywhere until tommorw, and I take baby steps. But I get there, and that is what counts! smile I am ready to move on, get better, and most of all- STOP HAVING TO BLOG about this! smile Anyone who reads my blog regularly is probably shouting an exultation of “amen!“ So, unless I have a funny story to tell you about my situation (which is an everyday thing in my life anyway), or I got a good report (like, “hey hopalong, you can finally drive“), no more feet talk! Hurray! smile

The Easter Bunny visited me Sunday! Last year Will surprised me with an Easter basket, carrying on the tradition of my family always getting me one. Will has taken on so much to help me these last few weeks, so his help has been the best gift of all. Well, Sunday morning Will opened the front door to get the paper and there was the cutest pink basket outside filled with all sorts of goodies. How thoughtful. smile

My birthday is in a couple of weeks! how fun! I told Will that I just wanted his gift to me to be money towards our season tickets. I partially changed my mind. I have a gift card to Ann Taylor and found the cutest dress ever and am just going to have him pay for the rest of the dress. Here is the dress:

Thought it was cute and wanted to share. No matter what- I am fighting through pain and am going to wear that dress with cute shoes- such a rebel. smile

Enough for today! I better go. Have a great day! As always, more to come in my crazy life…

I Think I’m Ready for 140 Degrees… I like to Sweat… Really…

Today- just like the last 2 1/2 weeks- my life has been mindnumbingly boring.

However, I did get to look at my mom and sister’s pictures from their trip to see my dad in Kuwait (I also added a new picture of me and P in the gallery).

I want to go! I really do. I think everyone thinks of this desolate place where everyone rides on camels when they think of Kuwait. My mom has had so many people-adults- ask her about how they plan on getting around with the sand everywhere and if people drive real cars. They’ve gotten the funniest questions, but I can understand because I thought that too before my dad moved there.

Kuwait is awesome. It is a very modern and trendy country. The pictures my mom brought back look picturesque. I would love to get a job over there… okay so now you think I’m crazy… maybe I am, but the benefits are out of this world.

The one HUGE thing I don’t think I would be able to handle is the extreme heat. Like- you could open up a samurai grill and cook your supper on the pavement heat. It is sweltering like 9 months out of the year there- like 100s hot. During the summer it is common for it to hit the 130 mark. That- would pose a problem for me.

I turn into a grouch when Iget hot- I get all snippy just when I am running late and have to blowdry my hair and get all hot. Will knows that if I turn the fan on in the bedroom and am just laying underneath it just to let me be because I probably have started getting hot and my naturally curly hair will start to get this wave thing going on no matter how long I spent blowdrying it straight and flat ironing it. I have to have a fan blowing on me in the bathroom when I blowdry during all seasons just stay content. I think my problem would be getting all ready and fixing my hair and makeup only to walk outside and just melt away. I hate sweating.  It puts me in a bad mood-did I say that already?

So, that wouldbe a hurdle- or as Will would probably say, a canyon- to overcome, and hes probably right. I am just clinging to the SAID (Specific Adaptations of Imposed Demands) principle I learned in one of my classes. It states that the body will gradually adapt to the demands that are placed on it. So, maybe I have a glimmer of hope afterall right?

I went to the doc today… I think I would have rather given birth to triplets than have to go through all this post op stuff. I am lying about the triplets, but this is going to be such a long process. I was totally in denial. I just KNEW I would be in tennis shoes next week walking normally and driving on my own. Okay, or not. I can start walking a little. I have to start these very painful exercises twice a day so my foot doen’t get all stiff- my toe feels like petrified wood now, so it should loosen it up (i KNOW you all wanted to read that!) I can go back to school Monday- but why would I want to!? As my “friend” Napleon Dynamite said, “I look like a freakin’ idiot!” This has been a very humbling experience- and Monday back to school will top it all! smile I can’t even walk in a straight line, I look like a drunk because I’m leaning back and forth and supporting myself on the wall. I know you are all very tired of hearing about this, but they say we talk about what we know… so right now, this is what I know! This too shall pass… deep breath…

Well, I am getting my husband back yay!! We are once again housesitting my parent’s house this weekend while they go see family before they move, so we are no longer on the couch! hurray! And, the best news of all is that Sunday, when they get back, I am finally moving out of my mom’s house and going HOME! This is really crazy, but I haven’t been in my house in 16 days! Wow. How weird!

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL day! Thanks for listening.

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Back to the Couch

Back to the couch days… the days of being interrupted, hogging the TV from my family, having to say goodbye to Will each night…

When Will and I were engaged we had a weeknight routine. He would get off work at 4:30, check the house we would be living in when we got married, and then come over to my (actually my parent’s) house and stay until who knows when. We saved the weekends for fun stuff, but our weeknights were reserved on the couch- time to spend together without money.

Well, we are officially back to the couch days for now. My mom and sister came home from their trip last night, but I decided to stay with them until the doctor says I can start walking. Its just easier without the stairs.

It was weird. Will is like by boyfriend again or something! smile Back to the days where my dad would come out to the living room when we were kissing(yeah- that’s not awkward), or we didn’t want to eat what my mom was cooking so we got our own stuff- we would love to have a free meal now! (What were we thinking?) smile I had flashbacks and just couldn’t get comfortable.

I miss Will. I know that sounds stupid because I am going to see him for a few hours tonight, but I forgot how right it feels not to say goodnight. It’s strange not sleeping with him.  I also forgot how much I like the freedom to do whatever I please in my own house. I will be ready to go home. I don’t miss the couch days anymore

Do These 2 Come With the House??

Talk about embarrassing! We are housesitting my parent’s house while my mom is gone. The house is for sale, so we’ve been bugged with realtors calling wanting to show the house- we just told them to call back Tuesday since I’m in a crappy disposition and the house could be cleaned before strangers view it. Anyway, I’m butt scooting to the bathroom talking about how I need to shower and get the chair set up in there so I can take one and all of a sudden the front door opens and there is a realtor and a family! HELLO!? come on in!! (NOT!) Will is in his pjs still and has my bras and panties in his hand to do a load of laundry. He comes out, explains the situation and they leave- I can’t believe this chick didn’t call and make an appointment. Pretty embarrassing. Hopefully the house will still sell smile- the couple is not included.

I’m a Sports Widow

I would now like to take this time to honor the wonderful man Will. He was a good man, and no one could love me better. I always knew there was a risk of losing him to this illness if we married, but love was too strong.

This past fall, the illness grew worse than ever before. Before we were married, it was bad, and I was always there to support him- even during the painful hours of the NFL draft and the embarassing OU vs LSU national championship game, but during the fall- it got worse.

Soon, we received season tickets and were taking weekly trips to Norman for treatment. Oh the agony I felt every Saturday there was an away game! Preparing frozen pizzas and ordering boneless wings… for fear this may be his last meal…

And then, to my dismay college football was over and with the horrible loss to USC he grew weaker… but then the NFL season began, and I thought for sure this would be it.

Fantasy leagues with his friends continued to spread the epidemic. Now, we had to put him on life support ( ie: buy NFL Sunday ticket on DirecTV) in order for him to get through the week. He was up to a 10 or 12 games a week. Now, his fantasy friends were coming over, spreading the germs and making him worse. There had to be an end in sight, but sadly- as I had known for a long time but didn’t want to accept- there is a sport for every season. It was finished.

Sadly, the day has come and he has gone away from us- to the the couch… where he anxiously awaits the NCAA basketball championship, with hopes of beating me in our bracket challenge. I can not cry, because I knew this day was coming. Oh the agony of having a lifeless husband during the NCAA tournament! Will it ever end?

Britt’s Bracket: 13-4

Will’s Bracket: 12-5

At least I can beat him in our brackets- that may carry me through!

8 Days of Ugly

Today, like the rest of my post op days, has been uneventful. I actually started some home work so that was good.

And… they’re “letting me out” tomorrow! smile I actually get to get out of the house! But I’m not too excited, it’s another doctor’s apt. I’m kind of nervous! They’re taking my stitches out and… (this is gross) they are taking two screws they put in last week in each foot… without any pain killers! Agh! The doctor says I will just feel pressur because bone has no feeling- but I’m thinking,” HELLO! My skin has feeling and will feel that screw come out!”

I just pray they don’t have to make an incision to get it out. This sucks so bad, and I will be so glad when my life can go back to normal!

My title is 8 days of ugly- and boy has it ever been. I don’t think I have ever consecutively looked so bad in my entire life. I mean, I’ve had a few days here and there, but never 8 days in a row of looking flat out scary. I have been in nothing but sweats this past week because that is all these freaking shoe cast things will fit over! Then I haven’t shaved- I mean I know it’s winter and we are allowed to cheat, but it’s getting bad. And I haven’t worn a drop of makeup in 8 days or fixed my hair besides blowdrying and straightening. Its a scary sight. My eyebrows need a wax. Bad. I’m a scary sight to see. My self esteem will skyrocket after this whole stupid ordeal is over and I can simply put on real clothes.

Anyway, wish me luck on the scary appointment tomorrow!

Our One Year Anniversary- the day, the memories, and LOTS of reflection

Our One Year Anniversary- the day, the memories, and LOTS of reflection
So much “excitement” these last few days. (sadly,not really) I’m still recovering from my surgery and have not been outside since Thursday! Can you believe that!? I’m going crazy in here. I feel like Jack and Wendy in The Shining or something- minus the whole psycho part. smile

Sunday was our anniversary. It was a “real life” anniversary, that was for sure. I was sad that I was literally homebound and unable to do anything at all- really… anything… but it was still special.

I woke up to clanging pots and pans that morning. Will took this week off, including Sunday, so he didn’t have to go to the church (he is a youth/education pastor), so it was a lazy day. He brought me breakfast in bed to reminisce about our Honeymoon in the Poconos, where they brought breakfast in bed everyday. smile We had eggs, bacon, and toast- a huge feat for Will who has no idea how to cook (unless he is a REALLY good faker)! We lay in bed for a while just talking and reminiscing about our wedding day.

We just lounged around most of the day. Will napped, and I was able to finally check my email.

After a lazy few hours, Will’s parent’s stopped by with a few things for us to eat over the next few days since I am unable to do anything- and as we have already established Will in the kitchen may lead to a Great Balls of Fire Part II (see one of Sunday’s entries).

They gave us a card and a WalMart gift card- which we have totally come to love over the past year- and then they left. Then Will ordered Applebees to go. We sat on the couch, with my feet propped up, and ate dinner together and talked about some things over this past year. Then we watched the Contender. Will is really into that show. smile

I was mad because I remembered that our cake top was in my parent’s freezer and I totally forgot all about it- and we’re living there this week while they are gone- and I still forgot it! How crazy. I guess we can still have it- like a belated “good luck” memory! smile The sad thing is, that will be the most cake I had from our wedding. I only got a few bites- and it was sooo good. :( Hopefully it won’t be all freezerburnt! smile

Then, I also forgot our wedding video at our house, which was a major bummer to me- even though I’ve seen it a million times. Nonetheless just being together and him taking care of me during this crappy time, and just being able to laugh together and love eachother, and realize that everyday is just as special as our anniversary helped me feel better about our great indoor anniversary. I guess it is one I will never forget that’s for sure! smile

and now, some reflections… smile

Being alive is a very expensive thing! smile I never realized that under my parent’s roof- but wow did I learn quick after our first few months of marriage. smile I never knew how “fancy“ a dinner at Taco Bueno would seem after having to buy a new air conditioner in August. smile

I never thought it was possible to cook a cookbook- but (and I’m totally serious) I found a way! I managed to accidentally cook our george foreman cookbook that was left in the grill. What a blonde. smile But it did make a funny story.

Having OU season tickets were awesome (and sadly, very expensive smile ) for Will and I. I think it was great for us to get out and enjoy something outside of town together.

I never knew how happy I would be to get cash for a holiday instead of a gift- cash is way better now. smile

I learned that usually when I say “I’m fine,“ I’m probably not. but when Will says “I’m fine,“ he really is. smile

I learned that no matter how many times Will has watched the ‘85 or ‘00 OU national championship game on ESPN classic- he will STILL watch it in its entirety and get upset at lousy calls. Such a guy thing. smile

I have learned that ESPNnews is on loop at night and basically it is the same thing over and over from like 10 at night until the early morning, but we could sit there and flip back on its rotation to watch the exact same thing and Will is like a kid in a candy store. smile

Boys smellsmile

The top 3 sweetest things from Will this past year:

1. Right after we got married it was Easter, and as a kid (okay okay- even in college) I always got a special easter basket from my fam. Easter morning there was a candy trail down the stairs to our spare bedroom where my surprise easter basket was hiding. How sweet. smile

2. This past summer I was told to pack a suitcase because there would be a surprise for me when I got home from work. Will booked a room at the Quartz Mountain Lodge and surprised me. It was so romantic and beautiful. It was so beautiful out there that weekend.

3. We were kind of tight this Christmas with extra bills and having to buy gifts for our fam, so we thought the best thing would be to forego buying this glorious, fake Christmas tree in order to save money. I came home after school to a bright, sparkling tree- full of hundreds and hundreds of white lights, Christmas music in the back ground, and Will hiding upstairs to surprise me. Talk about a major surprise.

Okay, enough about all that, I could go on and on about our memories, but I better quit- this blog is soooo long, and I’m still not done. smile

I can’t believe I’ve been married for a year! How crazy! Time goes by faster as we get older. I guess because we get busier with things we feel are SOO important- but they usually aren’t. This year was awesome.  I am sooo glad we had premarital counseling Will’s pastor he grew up with before we got the job at Central. He is such a godly man with so much insight, and he really helped us be aware of soooo many things a lot of couples don’t think about before they get married. Like, I never thought that we would have to buy 2 separate tootpastes because he squeezes from the middle and I squeeze from the bottom. Or, that men and women communicate TOTALLY on two different levels- totally! smile I’m a communication major, and I always had the “head knowledge” of it, but wow- my professor weren’t lying.

I would recommend to everyone to read The 5 Love Languages.  The author is such an awesome man, and I really believe that everyday can be like “the first day“ when your “love tank“ is constantly being filled. That was such a good book for us to read before we got married. I know that Will feels loved through words of affirmation and gifts. My “love tank“ is full by quality time mostly, then probably touch. It made the transition of never living with someone before, or being used to real married life so much easier. This year was totally a year of learning so much about eachother, and adjustments and growth together, and it was such a blessing from God.

Hurray for an awesome year!

Today is my mom’s birthday! Happy Bday!  she and my sister are in Kuwait seeing my dad. They called on our anniversary, and it sounds like they are having an awesome time. Okay I’m a little jealous because I’m stuck here with my feet propped up, and they are over there, but hopefully Will and I will get to visit soon after they move.

Not too much planned for today- I know you are shocked!  Thanks for all who read this entire thing- you are a brave soul! smile

More to come…

This Sucks. It really Does.

So here is my last post (finally) before I put away and return tomorrow. This is going to be my venting and not so happy one- so if you are in good spirits, read tomorrow when I talk about my anniversary… but if you are not having the greatest of days- pull up a seat because I’m having a pity party and you are invited. smile

Why in the world would I choose to have surgery on both of my feet at the same time?? What a blonde. I mean, it is the practical thing to do- get it out of the way so I’m only down 6 weeks instead of 12- but it definetly isn’t the smartest. This is day 5 after my surgery and boy does this suck.

A normal 10 second trip to the bathroom now takes literally almost 5 minutes. Then I have to do this stupid butt scoot to the sink and pull myself up to the stool so I can brush my teeth and wash my face. That’s another thing (which I guess isn’t too bad) I haven’t “gotten ready” in 5 days. At first it was kind of nice, not having to really do my hair and makeup or get dressed- but now it sucks. I’m ready to get pretty. I’m ready for real shoes.

Baths suck. I really hate them. I’m sorry for anyone who likes them, but why?? Its like your sitting in your yuckiness! I have to take baths because I don’t get soft casts for a while- which I will need for a shower. Boy that is the worst. I will be sooo happy to take a shower. I will have to put a chair in their with me because I won’t be able to stand for a long time, but at least its still a shower.

Sitting sucks. My butt is sooo sore from sitting and scooting to get to places. The doctor didn’t think I would need a wheelchair- Dr.: you are WRONG! I’m supposed to keep them elevated until Thursday. That is sooo uncomfortable. There are only so many ways to stay propped up and comfortable. And then once you find the right spot you only have like a good 30 minutes because then your feet start to fall asleep! That is the ultimate worst- wearing these hideous shoes for 6 weeks will be pretty bad too.

What else? Oh yeah. Spring Break starts tomorrow. This is my last spring break. All of my friends are enjoying their last one, going places and enjoying the week… I am on strict orders not to walk at all unless I have to go to the bathroom… for 2 weeks at least. Wow, what a break. smile My mom and sister are flying into Kuwait to see my dad as I write and will get to see the Persian Gulf, and go to the dozens of malls, and see all of the sheik’s awesome yachts. Ugh! I guess I’m a little jealous.

I know you will be surprised to hear this- but I am REALLY trying to be optimistic. I just needed SOMEPLACE to vent all my feelings out. Just some of them. I could go on, but I won’t. I know in like 6 weeks I will be so happy that I got it done, but right now the light at the end of the tunnel seems soooo far away! I just have to trust that God will carry me through with the strength that I don’t have and everything will work out.

Today is my anniversary! That, at least, is very special. It isn’t exactly how I would have planned it, but I guess this is “real life” and things don’t always go as planned. Will is napping right now. His vacation started today, so he didn’t have to go to the church today. He is taking this week off too, so at least I’ll have some good company! smile I’ll let you know how our special day went! So far it’s been great, I’m sure it will finish the same way too!

Under The Knife

So its been a long time since I’ve posted. I have a lot of venting and catching up to do. I think I’ll divide everything into a few different posts because they will all be long! smile

The big surgery day. Ahh, I wish I never would have done it (But we’ll get to that later)! Will and I got there at 8:00 and my mom met us there. I went in the back and got to change into a WAY SEXY outfit.  A huge hospital gown, blue footie sock things, and the best of all- a blue hair cap thing like the surgeons wear. So that was glamorous. After I changed I sat in this warm recliner with a heated blanket, which was nice but it wasn’t relaxing as I’m sure is their intent of having them there.  Then came the IV. I have never had one before- they suck. I’m pretty wimpy, but I really hated watching the plasting thing get pushed up my vein. I sat in the recliner a little longer and then it was time to go. I said goodbye to my mom and Will and made my way over to the table. It was a TINY table! I was thinking it was made for like a kid or something! I felt something cold go into my hand and they told me it was the anesthesia. Then the last thing I remember was telling the nurse that the ceiling was moving and she said something like, “Yeah, we can’t ever get it to stay in the same place.” Then I was out. I woke up and was wheeled out to the car and got to my mom’s and slept. Thankfully my feet were numb for most of that day, so I could carefully walk to the bathroom and everything- but boy was I in for a crappy next day!  So that was my big day- more to come on how much I hate this!

Great Balls of Fire

If you’ve been reading my posts, you know that my mom is “driving me crazy” as she prepares to move. Well, I have yet another story to add to the book.

Wednesday afternoon, the day after my surgery, my mom- who had stayed up until like 3 in the morning “punishing” P and I with her clanging and the screech of pulling packing tape, and moving furniture- was up early- with her same antics. Well, about 4 in the afternoon, she and my sister were in the garage when a man came to the house in a frenzy telling her that our back yard was in fire! My mom starting FREAKING out- I mean, she was frantic. She ran to the back yard and was yelling for help and told my sister to call 911. Meantime- I’m stuck on the couch and have no idea what is going on because I can’t get up to see how bad it is- like- do I need to get out of the house? My mom is screaming because the water hose is stuck on their lawnchair- some random man (bless you) climbed our 8 foot fence somehow and helped my mom before the fire dept got there. I could hear my mom spazzing from the living room. Wow. The firefighters put everything out. The fire burned most of our neighbors yard and started to come into ours. What an afternoon. So the rest of the evening, my mom kept going outside to make sure that everything was still fine. (she had heard sometimes fires can restart when its really dry outside) I woke up like at 3 in the morning as she was coming in from her hourly check. Talk about crazy. Praise God for the man who came to our house! Who knows how long it would have burned. I can’t handle that much excitement with my feet all screwed up

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