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March Madness & Look Ahead

Weekend things
Weekend things
Weekend things
Weekend things
Weekend things
March madness brownies (and subsequent carb coma)
March madness brownies (and subsequent carb coma)
March madness brownies (and subsequent carb coma)
Weekend things
Happy Boz
Happy Boz

Pink is bad, yellow is good. I'm very pink.

This weekend was all about March Madness. Indulgent brownies, basketball, brackets, a break for church and the movies, workouts, chats with my parents, house stuff, time with the pups, and rest.

Unfortunately, as anticipated, my bracket is dead.

I’m still having fun, though. smile

Check in this week for:

-March food things
-March Ipsy
and more!

This week is going to be nuts, but I’m ready to get to it because I have a four day weekend ahead! Here’s to making it through the week, and enjoying some March Madness along the way.

i’d like to introduce you to some friends

With our lives lived out online, it’s easy to feel like we know someone we’ve never met.

In fact, I feel that way about several of you!

Do you realize we’ve read each other’s blogs for nearly a decade now?

I feel like we’re far away friends.

Today I want to introduce you to some more far away friends of mine.

We’ve never met, and they don’t even know I exist.

However, through the course of time, and following their story online, I feel a connection with this family.

It’s like the connection I feel with you.

I’d like to introduce the Abedini family.

In some ways, they were probably a lot like you and me.

Just a couple in their 30s, enjoying life.

They had family outings and traditions. Funny family jokes, and favorite family restaurants.

To give you a little background, after converting to Christianity in Iran (total heresy), Saeed met his beautiful wife Naghmeh and they started a life as citizens in America

Although living in America, Saeed’s extended family continues to reside in Iran, a place obviously near to his heart.

He began plans to open a government approved orphanage back in Iran to create a safe place for children without parents.  Things progressed beautifully. He and his family travelled freely between countries as they moved forward.

However, in 2012, life completely changed for this young family.

While preparing to leave Iran and return home, Saeed was unallowed to leave and detained by the Iranian Revolutionary army.

Soon after he was thrown in prison, where he remains today.

I’ve watched this family’s story go up and down, up and down, over the years, often included amongst much bigger US-Iran discussions.

I’ve read the many incredibly beautiful and intimate letters between these families that are posted on numerous websites.

Most recently, it was this one that compelled me to write today’s post.

His son, Jacob, turned 7 this week. He sent his father a personal invitation to his birthday party, hoping he might me able to make it home from prison.

Can you imagine the anguish Saeed felt knowing he wouldn’t be there this week?

Not eating cake or assembling some over-complicated toy for his son.

Instead of being bitter, and instead of writing a letter full of frustration over the situation, this modern day Paul wrote a beautiful, empowering letter of encouragement to his son, and the world.

Please take two minutes and read the two letters I linked to. They are very intimate and precious, and are certainly worth the time.

I pray daily for his protection and release. However, while he is in prison, I also pray he is a light in such a dark place.

God is using his story in such a mighty way. When you read the letters you’ll see firsthand how spirit filled they are. They’re truly the words of a man trusting God in the blackest of nights.

May we all seek and trust Him in our own situations, being a light in whatever circumstance we face. I know it is God and God alone giving Saeed the strength to face each day and live as a testimony.

I don’t know why he hasn’t been released.

I don’t know why Jacob spent another birthday without his dad.

But I know, just like the Abedinis, I’m trusting God and his perfect will to be accomplished as we wait for their reunion.

I cannot adequately express the anguish I feel over this separated family.

I can’t begin to convey the hurt I feel for the beatings and mistreatment of Saeed as he sits in prison.

I just can’t.

There’s so much more to this story, and such visceral feelings involved. It’s because I feel like I know them, just like I know some of you.

Because it’s personal. They are my family in Christ.

I can’t sum it up in a pretty blog post.

Today, I ask you please take a moment to pray for the Abedini family.

Pray for Naghmeh as she wears so many hats right now, being mommy and also championing for her husband’s release. Pray she is a light and testimony, and pray for peace, rest, wisdom, and strength.

Pray for their precious children. For their protection. For softened hearts. That they seek the I AM, Saeed wrote about.

Pray for Saeed. Pray for his physical body and health. Pray he senses the peace of the Holy Spirit and is strengthened and encouraged. Pray for opportunities for him to be a light and show love, despite the circumstances- even in prison. Pray Jesus moves in the walls of this prison.

So yeah. Now you’ve met them. I’m forever encouraged and changed by their story. I can’t do it justice here, but perhaps you’ll dig into it and be forever changed too.

If you’re so inclined, you can sign the petition for his release here. 

Thanks for checking in today. I’m thankful for the weekend and the fact we have no real plans. I’m looking forward to it. What about you?

Thursday Things, 19 March 2015

Getting Fresh
I cannot even express to you how much I enjoy the Aerogarden.

Plant progress
As geeky as it sounds, I think I’m going to devote an entire post to it soon.

Oddly enough, Will likes it as much as I do.

He doesn’t enjoy the fresh herbs as much, but he really enjoys watching it grow and harvesting it.

My little herb farmer, adorable.

Anyway, we love it so much we bought a second one this weekend so Will can grow his own jalepenos.

Real life.

So basically we will never need to use lights in the kitchen or living room area ever again. Ha!


It’s that time again.

Did you do your bracket?

Mine is all done and ready for another thrashing.

I wish I could tell you I was the one killing it, but let’s be real here, I think we both know who’s actually killing it.

I have no idea why I keep coming back year after year, but I do.

Hopefully I chose wisely this year!

Another Anniversary

Tuesday marked my one year work anniversary.

In some ways it feels like yesterday, but in others it feels like and eternity.

I’m thankful to work for such a wonderful company. It is a fantastic place, and I’m blessed.

On to year two!


Guys, I’m craving cake batter pancakes like crazy!

Like Crazy!

Have you ever made them?

Please tell me you have.

If you haven’t, it means I will be obligated to make them and post them on my blog so you can share in this deliciousness.

What a conflict.

Anyway, this craving has lingered for months, but I haven’t scratched the itch.

Scratched the itch.

Let’s not say that again.

Especially in reference to food.

For some silly reason, if I’m going to do a big fat “cheat meal,” cake batter pancakes doesnt seem awful enough.

Trust me, I realize that’s ridiculous, but for some reason pizza, nachos, or multiple donut holes seem more indulgent.

I make no sense.

Anyway, I’m afraid I’m going to have to scratch that itch (sorry) very soon.

City Color Lip Stain

I got this glossy stain in last month’s Ipsy and am kind of going crazy over it.

It goes on like a creamy gloss and eventually dries into a nice, matte stain. The color is beautiful and lasts
for hours.

For my Bible History/End Times Buffs

Prepare to have your mind blown. 
It’s an hour long, but an easy listen during your commute or on a walk.

(Oh- and you don’t have to watch it as a video. You can press play, put your phone in “sleep mode” and turn it on and it will play like a podcast)

You may not agree with everything, and he’s certainly not dogmatic about his position (merely offering deep food for thought based on his studies), but I found it very interesting.

The RV Show

As Will’s parents inch closer to retirement, they’re interested in buying an RV and exploring the good old U S of A!

They’ve been looking for awhile now, and came up to visit and go to the OKC show last weekend.

Some of those things can be very impressive and cost as much as a house!


Will and I had lots of fun looking and exploring all the different options.

Maybe one day when Will and I are older, we’ll explore the nation like that too! πŸ‘΄πŸ‘΅

I think a part of Will died yesterday.

My sweet Will.

I’ve told you a million times but I’ll tell you again- he’s kountry through and through. 
So when texted yesterday morning and told him Lecrae is coming to town this spring, he never responded back.

I think he’s politely saying no, but we both know I’ll be dragging him along with me unless I can find someone else who will graciously step in. smile

That’s all for today! Check in tomorrow. 

WIOW: Life with the Fitbit


The Fitbit.

Let’s discuss.

It’s mildly depressing, ya’ll!

The good news is that it has also given me the ability to turn my frown upside down.

I’ll explain.

I sit behind a desk all day.

I didn’t need a device on my arm to tell me I don’t walk much during the work week.

I already know.


The Fitbit has been a great tool to show me exactly how little I walk during the work week.

Thinking I know how little I walk and actually being able to see it on an app are two different things.

Thinking I don’t walk much doesn’t really put me to action.

Knowing I don’t walk much does.

The first day I kept waiting and waiting to meet my goal, knowing it was more than lofty on a non workout day.


I was able to see what I do on a typical day and assess what I could do to change.

Thankfully, having the app helps me see how close or far I am from my goal.

I am most competitive against myself, so there was no way I would miss hitting my goal.

That means intentionality.

Isn’t that how we should be living life anyway?

Here’s my plan to conquer my daily step goal, currently out of reach without one (a plan, that is!).

1. Park farther away.

No brainer here. I already do this, but now I’m going farther.

2. Take long ways

If I have to print, I print to the printer farthest away.

If I need some tea, I take an extra couple hallways to get to the break room.

If I have a meeting, I take a longer route if I’m able.

I’m not wracking up huge steps here, but I’m definitely doing more than usual.

3. Take the stairs.

Another no brainer. I now take my bathroom breaks upstairs. I’m pretty sure they think I’m the new girl. Ha!

4. Go the extra mile.

Or at least the extra 100 yards.

A group we sometimes work with sits elsewhere. So whenever I need to drop something off, I got extra steps.

Lately I’ve been volunteering to make runs to pick stuff up to get some extra walking logged.

5. Take a break for Pete’s sake!

Sometimes I get so bogged down with work I forget it’s healthy to take a couple minutes throughout the day to take a breather.

I’m bad about walking away from work, even for a couple minutes, but I need to realize- it’s okay.

Taking a few minutes to myself to do a quick lap and clear my mind would do some good!

6. If all else fails, walk in place.

Real life.

Sometimes I’m busy and I just don’t meet my goal during the work day.

That means, I have to get creative.

Lately it’s been nice enough to do a couple laps around the neighborhood. However, once last week and once this week I had to get creative to meet my goal, ya’ll.

That meant a little walking in place action.

I’m sure Will thought I was a complete weirdo.

Hey, I made my goal, even if I had to do a little Jane Fonda walk it out at home action.

So yeah, life with the Fitbit. It’s definitely helping me move more!

Check in tomorrow!

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Food Lately

Sooo, posting my food is not fun.

What was I thinking!?

You’re seeing everything.

The good, the bad, the ugly.

I suppose that’s the point.

This wasn’t a stellar week.

My protein intake wasn’t all that great, and we ate out a little more than usual.

I forgot to take pictures a few times, but this week is definitely more comprehensive than last.

I pretty much eat the exact same thing for breakfast, lunches, and snacks during the work week, so I took a picture once and left it at that (hence limited pictures).

Enough chatter! Let’s eat.

Okay. So there are no pictures.

I got on this morning to make sure my post loaded and no food was there!


Trust me, that didn’t mean I never ate. Ha!

I’m not sure what happened. When I loaded my post everything was there, even down to the adorable onsie baby shower cookie I ate.

Now it’s not.

I’ll try to get this loaded up today, but no promises.

If not, next week will be a super long two week post.

I’m sorry guys! I’m annoyed all my copying, pasting, and commentary didn’t make it in. Bummer.

At least it’s not Monday.

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The One With the In-Laws, RV Show, Mom’s Birthday & a Look Ahead

Saint Anthony's OKC

Snuggle bug
Weekend things

Dad's little helper. That face! πŸ˜‚
Moving dirt
The fair y'all!

The Winnie!


A spin around the block

Rocking with lulu

Breakfast games

Breakfast games

Birthday girl and layla



It was a full weekend! A visit to the hospital to see our friend (he’s home, praise God!), lots of hard work Friday, in-laws in that night, the OKC RV show Saturday (you should see some of those things!) time with the family, UFC fights, my beautiful mom’s birthday Sunday, breakfast with the family, resting from a full weekend and prepping for the week ahead.

Check in this week for:

-My spring eats
-What the Fitbit has taught me
-Thursday Things
& more!

Now off to tackle Monday!

Fighting Like God’s Girls

Girls, it’s time to fight.

It’s time to fight, and fight hard.

I’m blonde and I often struggle with paying proper attention to things.

For many years, Satan had free reign to defeat me over and over without me even realizing what was going on.

I was so oblivious to the tiny, minuscule ways he quietly weaved his way into my life.

At first, it was so benign and practically undetectable.

Before long sin grows and festers and becomes a big, huge barrier.

Then, as is that weren’t bad enough, I allowed Satan to make me fearful of drawing near to God.

Funny how certain sins seemed perfectly fine earlier. It was only when my heart longed for fellowship with God, Satan reminded me they were “unforgivable.”

The devil is very deceitful.

Whether he’s telling you you’ll never be good enough, God could never forgive you, rattling your cage with a certain situation, or helping you justify a festering grudge toward a family member- it’s not true and it’s time we open our eyes to his cunning schemes and fight back just as we are instructed to do.

The Bible is incredibly clear that Christians have a very clear enemy and that he’s ready to devour us.

To ruin us!

I learned a lot about the idea of spiritual warfare growing up, but never all that much about the importance of actually getting involved in the battle.

We are not passive bystanders, my friends. We are active participants.

That’s what we are called to do!

We are called to fight against evil.

I don’t know about you, but I get tired of being defeated. Why do we allow ourselves to continue being beat down in this specific area, when we’re so quick to defend ourselves in others?

It’s time to brawl, ya’ll!

To be unyielding and hold firm.

It’s time to pick up some serious weapons and whack the dickens out of the things that stand before us.

In fact, 2 Corinthians 6 talks about using “weapons of righteousness.” I love this verse, and it’s what I’m memorizing this week. We take the weapons of righteousness in the right hand for attack, and the left for defense.

It’s for real, sweets.



These are words we hear in battle (or a good football game 😊).

I have a feeling the enemy loves those who are oblivious to the reality of the battle. Unengaged and easy prey.

We have to recognize what’s happening and the fact there is a real spiritual battle going on every day for our affections, salvation of others, and many other things.

It’s time to get mad and fight back.

The Bible tells us to

Suit up and stand firm

Destroy false arguments ("God will never forgive you!") & proud obstacles


Humble ourselves before God and resist the devil


Pay attention to the schemes

Put on the armor of God


Me MUST remember we cannot fight this battle on our own. It is only by God’s authority that we can have victory. It is his power and protection that helps us overcome. We would crumble into a million pieces without him in such a battle.

When I feel like I’m being attacked or tempted to say or do something I know I’ll regret, I meditate on scripture or pray.

I am weak, but He is strong. Through Jesus we have victory in the battles we face.

Let’s get serious, my friends. Let’s pray for and encourage one another along the way and fight the battle before us with the power of the Lord working in us. ❀️
Thanks for checking in today! I’m off work and cleaning the house in preparations for guests tonight. It’s a busy day and here’s to making it productive!

Nonetheless it’s Friday and we made it! Have a good weekend and check in Monday. 

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Thursday Things: The 11th Anniversary Edition

Tomorrow is my 11th anniversary.

Which simultaneously feels wonderful and weird.

How did 11 years pass us by so quickly, and where the heck did they go?!

In honor of the event, we’re doing 11 Thursday Things today.

1. Favorite things about the road to 11 include the new job, the alternate work schedule and having more time together, and buying our car.

2. Will and I have our best discussions: on long drives, at parks on sunny days, and on weekend afternoons as we become sad for the week ahead.

It’s pretty much always been this way, and now that we’re 11 years in, I figure it always will.

3. Looking back I realize I was (and probably still am) more selfish than Will.

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but looking back on all the petty things I fussed about, he was (and is) far more mature and selfless.

I’m thankful God is working in me to identify my “self stuff,” as our beloved Beth calls it, so that I can be better and more selfless, too.

4. Unless it’s less than 10 minutes away, there will never be a time when Will tosses the keys and asks me to drive.

It’s been 11 years, and I’m still waiting. (Just between us, I like it better when he drives anyway!)

5. I’ve all but given up on Will being healthy.

Notice I didn’t say I HAVE given up, but I’ve pretty much all but done so!

I realize people change, but after 11 years, I doubt we’ll ever have his and her bikes or have a deadlift contest. Haha

6. In fairness, I have to say something about myself now.

Will has all but given up on me being tough.

By golly he’s tried, but I’m softer than a Jet Puff Marshmallow left out on an Oklahoma July afternoon.

7. I can’t pick a favorite married year.

I absolutely loved our first year because we had never been out on our own, and everything was so new and exciting.

Our time in Kuwait was fun (minus the work woes) and allowed us the opportunity for lots of adventures.

Our first few years back were hard, and I don’t like thinking about my ugly heart and distance from God. However, they also remind me of the fact that marriage isn’t always easy and things don’t always go to plan. It also reminds me of God’s love.

This year was a really good one and different than all the others.

Will and I have grown up so much over these 11 years. I feel like we have so much more love and respect for one another, and it has led to a deeper relationship. I honestly feel like we love each other more now than ever before. Eleven was a good year.

8. Much to our surprise (and perhaps dismay? Ha!), 11 brought some role reversals to the B-Love family.

I’m the golden retriever of the relationship, and Will is my lion. He’s firm, and I’m not.

This year was interesting because there were quite a few things that happened that brought out the lion in me, but rolled off Will’s back. Like super big things I felt he should have been riled up about!

What’s also funny, though, is that true to form, Will’s response was the wiser of the two. While it felt good to be the lion for once (albeit privately amidst conversations between just the two of us), it was much better to respond like a golden retriever.

Still- funny how we approached the situations completely opposite of our usual nature and much like the other person.

I wonder when we’ll start to look alike? πŸ˜‚

9. The latter part of the road to 11 was hard.

Something completely rocked our world and has left us uncertain about the road to 12.

I’ve been hesitant to post about it, and perhaps I will in due time.

By God’s grace, he is carrying us through and has brought Will and I closer than ever.

What had the opportunity to cause strife, has brought agreement, understanding, patience, deeper trust in God, and more love.

By God and God alone.

10. Early in marriage, I came to accept most every trip we take will also include some sort of sporting event.

Namely football.

Eleven years in, and nothing’s changed.

The Miami Super Bowl in 2007,

the Arizona Fiesta Bowl & Miami National Championship in 08,

Multiple trips to Minneapolis followed by a road trip Green Bay for Packers games (and a trip to Indy Will took with his dad and brother to see the Colts),

Notre Dame, FSU, Nebraska and an upcoming “vacation” to Tennessee in 2015.

(Side note- here’s where I’d normally link you to all the posts of these adventures, but I’m a little lazy today)

We may be vacationing… But we’re also footballing.

Will understands this may not always be the case, and we’ve agreed an Alaskan cruise vacation is a definite must in the coming years.

Even if they don’t have a football game we can attend.

11. As we celebrate 11 years and look toward12, I’m hopeful and optimistic.

This year has the potential to be different than any other. God has orchestrated a strange and divine series of events, and we have no other option but to wholly trust Him.

I don’t know what 12 will bring, but I have faith God is going to show up, and I pray He guides and blesses our marriage along the way.

Look how young and crazy happy we are. I love it.

Will taking Brittny's garter off
Will & Brittny in the reception line

That’s it for today. Thanks for checking in, friends!

WIOW: 30 Things I Did During My Workout

1. Wore the wrong socks.

I hate when I wear the wrong socks.

2. Scoped out available equipment.

Ugh, Meathead is sweating all over the free weights, and Sweaty Old Guy is lying on the bench.

Both aren’t wiping off the equipment.


3. Said my hellos and good mornings.

4. Decide to do some barbell work.

5 Turned on my Lecrae Pandora playlist.

6. Got to work.

7. Squats

8. Good mornings… Except it’s no good morning when Sweaty Old Guy is wheezing and pouring over the bench I’d hoped to use next.

9. Calf raises between each set.

10. Deadlifts.

11. Cried.

12. More deadlifts.

13. More tears.

14. Water break!

15. Oh hey! Meathead is leaving. Oh and hey again- never cleaned his equipment. Gagged.

16. Contemplated lunges.

17. Laughed.

18. Weighted bridges.

19. More squats, this time with shoulder press.

20. Ab work!

21. Cried.

22. Now time for my most favorite part of the whole workout (ha!): Cardio

23. Got on the elliptical, behind the chick that ellipticals like a super fast jack rabbit. “Run, little bunny, run!”

She makes me go faster, but not as quickly as her.

24. Set the timer for 30 minutes.

25. Got to work.

26. Added some dumbbells for added resistance.
27. Workout over! Threw up my arms like Rocky Balboa.

28. Water break!

29. Cleaned my equipment.

30. Said my goodbyes, & left!

Just another day at the gym. smile

That’s all for today, sweets! Check in tomorrow!

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Springing to Spring

Spring is right around the corner!

That means pulling out the short sleeves and springy skirts, and showing a little more skin than in the doldrums of winter.

If you’ve been hiding under fluffy sweaters and cozy pants, it’s time to shed the heavy clothes and lighten up!

I keep healthy year round, but do want to tighten up a little this spring.

For that reason, I decided to devote March Tuesdays to sharing what I’ve been eating.

The good, the bad, and ugly. I figured it would be good accountability.

I’m going to be honest, I did kind of a bad job this week.  I decided on Friday, so there’s a very limited amount of pictures this week. Sorry!

Plus, I’d remember to take pictures, but then I’d forget. No consistency!

I promise to be better next week and capture a full seven days. ☺️

We’ll call this an introductory post. Haha

That’s enought chatter! I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Check in next Tuesday for a more comprehensive post, and tomorrow for WIOW!

Good things

Good things
Sweet sorbet

Good things

Good things

Good things

Good things

Good things


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