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Easter Weekend & Look Ahead

Canines against cubicles
More RV fun with the inlaws
More RV fun with the inlaws
More RV fun with the inlaws
With my easter bunny bozzy
Goose hanging out in the church parking lot

>Proof we met in real life. <img src=">
Early birthday cake

Easter brunch goodness
Easter brunch goodness

It was a busy weekend! Seeing puppies downtown, a visit from the in-laws for an early birthday celebration, more RV hunting for their perfect getaway space, church with my parents, and lots of junky eating. I was also able to meet up with my longtime blogging friend, Marisa! Oh friends, it was such a blessing to visit with her and I had such a great morning with her and her kiddos. I also had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday brunch with my family yesterday. It was such a great weekend, packed with so many blessings and good memories.

I’m on cloud nine, but also sad to see the week start if I’m honest.

Thankfully. I have some good things lined up. Check in this week for more food things (the last one!), WIOW spring playlist, Thursday Things and more!

Good Friday: The Call of the Cross

It’s Good Friday.

My mind naturally goes to the cross today.

I’ve been thinking about it all week.

His love, His mercy.

His sacrifice.

Needing Jesus.

Waiting on Him.

Contemplating the depth of this week, and hoping He might reveal Himself to me more in the midst of it.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the life of Jesus, and the life of His followers.

Jesus was never ambiguous about his desires for us.

I love that.

I love that I know the desires of His heart for his followers.

To love others.

To forgive.

To be holy as he is holy.

To love him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.

To take up our cross and follow him.

To imitate him.

To give everything in our pursuit of Christ, even if it’s hard.

Even if it means huge lifestyle changes.

Even if it means death.

Yet, I struggle to piece together what exactly it looks like.

The truth is, it looks different for everyone.

Some are called to be moms and raise their children up in the Lord.

Others are called as missionaries to the front lines of Iraq, ministering to those displaced by war.

Some are preachers,

Some are nurses,

Some sit quietly behind a desk all day pushing paper and teach Bible study on Sunday.

We are His hands and feet to the world.

Regardless of what it looks like, the important part, what we absolutely cannot forget, is that we are called .

It’s not just the full time church ministers called to service, it’s you and me, too.

We are called to be the light of the world.

We are called to love others as Jesus did and to show them the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

The methods may change, but the call does not.

When I reflect on what Jesus did on Good Friday, I think about the cost.

I’m not sure how often we take a quiet moment to truly absorb the events that unfolded and the horrific shame and physical agony he endured.

All because of His love.

All because He is holy and hates sin. So much that He was willing to die to atone for ours.

The least, the very least we can do, is offer our lives as living sacrifices to bring Him glory.

We are all called.

That’s not the question.

The question is- what are we going to do about it?

Thursday Things, 2 April 2015

Peachy Keen
My mom visited my grandparents last week and brought home the most out of this world homemade peach preserves.

I’m dead over this stuff.

I got a small little glass jar, and then a big mason jar. The little glass jar is completely empty. With the exception of a tablespoon my dad had, I killed the entire jar on my own.

I suppose I should have just taken a picture of a spoon in the jar for my Tuesday post?

Since we’re telling secrets about junk food...

I had french fries for lunch Monday.

Real life.

And yes, I did take a picture for posterity. You’ll see it next Tuesday.

We took a quick trip to El Reno, Oklahoma. El Reno is famous for their onion burgers and has been highlighted on national TV.

I didn’t have any healthy options (none at all). Sometimes I’ll forgo eating until later, but I was famished and desperate times call for desperate measures.

We cleaned the office

I shared pictures of our empty office on Monday, but what you did not see was the before state.

It was awful.

With lots of hard work and lots and lots of shredding (so much shredding!), the office is actually serving its full purpose.
Office overhaul

It needs some decorations, but I’m not too worried about that right now. I’m just thankful it’s not covered in stacks of paper and junk!

Oh the treasures we found…

I am so incredibly pumped for Easter weekend!

For lots of reasons.

First, I’ve never worked anywhere that had Good Friday off, so tomorrow will be a special treat.

Two, I have lots of things planned.

Normally that would stress me out a little, but I’m pacing myself and am going to try my best not to freak out if the house isn’t perfect or if the laundry doesn’t get done.

Three, I’m excited about multiple family and friends outings.

Will’s family on Friday, a special friend on Saturday, and brunch with my family Sunday. Wee!

Four, Easter brunch. I pretty much need to plan my entire macro and caloric needs around this meal. You’d die over the stuff we’re making.

Oh, and Easter candy.

It’s pretty much the best candy EVER. 

White Reece’s eggs? Dead.

Cadbury chocolate? Dead.

The Cadbury crunchy chocolate eggs? Dead.

Starburst jelly beans? Dead.

Pretty much all the Easter candy.

Five, early Easter service.

We usually go on Saturday to free up space for big Sunday crowds and I’m looking forward to it.

So yeah, yay Easter weekend!

The Break-up

I broke up with my phone and social media over Lent and it was the best.decision.ever.

There were a few important things I missed, like details about our friend in the hospital, but God intervened without Facebook (gasp 😊) and we found out anyway.

It was such a nice break and quieted my mind. 

April Fools

Did you prank anyone?

I’m old and boring and did not fool anyone this year.

My favorite one was when P took a pregnancy test for me when she was pregnant with Layla so I could fool Will.

Good times.

April Showers

We had our first bout of bad weather last week and thankfully came through unscathed.

I totally wish we could fast forward from March to June and skip storm season. I hate it!

Thankfully we have a storm shelter I intend to overuse.

Will, God love him, is the guy standing outside watching everything roll in at a distance. I pretty much have to force him in there with me.


Let’s end on a happy note

Check out Rocky.
Dad&#x27;s little helper. That face! 😂

That face.😂

He looks so happy, right?

Will did some major dirt work in our yard a few weeks ago and snapped this picture of Rocky helping.

I love that dog.

That’s it for now! Check in tomorrow for Good Friday. 

WIOW: A Hipity-Hopity Easter Workout!

Why should the Easter bunny have all the fun and get all the exercise?

Today we’re following suit with a festive at-home workout that’s faster than a jack rabbit. Not to mention, it will leave our legs burning.

It’s all about hoping today.

Lots and lots of hopping.


It just seemed like the right thing to post for the WIOW before Easter. 🐇

Check in tomorrow! 

March Food Things

Soooo, I’m not liking this whole post my food stuff. What was I thinking!? Ha!

This was sort of an “eh” week.

I had lunch provided at work three times, which makes it difficult to keep things clean. Plus I was out of town one day for work and they fed us box lunches.  In addition to an unhealthy ham sandwich (meat removed), I also had a giant sugar cookie, pictured below.

I ate fish three times this week (!!) as you’ll see below. Will and I also went to The Cheesecake Factory, where I kept things healthyish with their skinny-licious fresh vegetable salad… Until I got a piece of their low carb cheesecake to go. smile

We ate out again later in the weekend, and this time I got the grilled shrimp at Long John’s.

It wasn’t my best week, but it wasn’t my worst either. You get the good, the bad, and the ugly. smile
Food things
Food things
Food things
Food things

Food things
Food things
Food things
Food things
Food things

Food things
Food things
Food things
Food things

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The Long One & a Look Ahead

Sams trip

New sneaks

The first step is admitting you have a problem

The new Aerogarden. We&#x27;re growing peppers yall!

The new Aerogarden. We&#x27;re growing peppers yall!

The new Aerogarden. We&#x27;re growing peppers yall!

Weekend things

Swinging with me sweets

Office overhaul

Office overhaul
Holy Week

It was a busy weekend full of good things. Sam’s trips, new workout sneaks, a new AeroGarden so Will can grow his peppers, date night at The Cheesecake Factory, church, time with the family, a major overhaul of the office (we actually have a floor!) and chores.

The good news is that I’m off today! Will and I have to make a little road trip this afternoon and I hope the rest of the day will be relaxing and full of good talks. I’m also off for Good Friday, so it’s an extra short week!

Check in for
-Food Things
-Thursday Things
& more!

I off to enjoy my day with Will!

music sounds better with You.

I’ve loved music forever.

My dad has drummed for over 40 years, so I think perhaps I was born with a music gene.

I sang in the choir as a child and young adult, and I played the cello and the piano for eight years (and wish I’d never quit!).

Music has always been and still is a big part of my life.

Back in the day, when epic songs like Jesus Freak and Flood were few and far between, I’d occasionally dabble in secular music.

Just the other day, I remember telling Will when I was in early junior high I’d watch MTV in my bedroom and have the remote pointed directly at the screen so I could immediately change the channel incase my mom walked in.

Real life.

As I got into high school, I listened to both types of music. I went through a phase when I tossed out all my secular music after a convicting series of sermons about some of the trash (and it was definitely trash) I listened to.

Eventually, I struck a “balance” and listened to both.

Even still, I’d always the put the Christian radio station on anytime I shut off my car to be safe.

You know, incase someone ever rode with me.

Looking back, my intent was twofold-

1. I wanted to create the appearance that everything I listened to was pure and holy.

2. I was actually convicted of what I listened to, hence why I knew I should have had Christian music on in my car. Only, I never stopped to think about the act of why I was changing the channel, aside from number one above!


The best of both worlds, if you will.

Or so I thought.

Oh- and before I go any further, it’s important for me to note this post is personal to me and me alone.

I would never ever say just because I feel this way, it’s the “only” way and the right way.

Please, please know my heart on this. Today’s post is not meant to condemn or judge but offer a look into a major struggle I faced and overcame though Jesus. It’s not about me telling you you’re “wrong” if you don’t only listen to Christian music.

Each of us needs to asses our own hearts and determine whether this is a topic we are convicted by.

This is not a post where I’m looking at all of us in general.

This is very personal.

I would simply encourage you to consider what I share and make your own decision regarding how the spirit moves you.

This is a completely safe and judge free zone, trust me.

Okay- hopefully what I wanted to convey clearly came across there!

Moving on-

Balance. That’s what we were talking about.

I thought I had balance. I thought I could handle and control what I listened to and how it affected me.

I was an adult, for crying out loud!

Adult or not, music influences even when we don’t realize it.

I mean, can you imagine your childhood without the ABC song?

Or the Preamble without School House Rocks?

To this day, I have to sing my multiplication tables because that’s how I learned them.

Real life.

Music is impressionable.

I can often catch myself singing words to a song hours after merely hearing in the background. I’ll suddenly stop and realize, “Hey! I didn’t even know I knew the words to that song!”

Same with the junk I listened to in the past.

The truth is, I couldn’t control what I did or didn’t absorb.

It began so insidiously.

Completely innocent, even.

Only, over the years, things began to erode. Slowly and continually.

Practically undetectable.

When we moved to Kuwait, I had no spiritual support group and things got worse.

My music began to evolve and get worse and worse.

Oh girls, my face turns red with shame thinking about the complete and utter trash I listened to.

I get it.

Some of you think I’m crazy.

But let me tell you- trash in, trash out.

Before long, I wouldn’t omit the cuss words in the lyrics I’d sing. Before long, my attitude shifted. Before long, I began to justify other things and sins in my life.

And eventually, my heart grew harder and harder until the one single act of my music choice completely uprooted me from God and caused a spiral of awful decisions.

As strange as it may sound, music was a quiet gateway that made me vulnerable and distanced my heart from God.

If Satan told us his end game was to rip us from fellowship with Christ we’d never be okay with that!
That’s why he’s much more clever and sneaky and weaves his way into our life, often unnoticeably. 

Music is such an easy and innocent gateway.

When I began to draw near to Jesus again, I became bothered by the stuff I was listening to.

For awhile, I’d reserve my secular music for workouts only.

Except, I’m not ok with rape, murder, and drug use. So why is it ok for me to listen to it at the gym when it wasn’t ok anywhere else?

At some point I figured… Why bother getting caught up in the temporary pleasures, heartache, anger, and whatever else people sing about here on earth, when all I desire is to set my mind on things above, know and honor God, and look to eternity?


That put things in perspective for me.

These days, I pretty much completely listen to Christian music and am extremely selective with anything else.

I’ve found this is my greatest security from temptation.

I feel so much more positive and uplifted listening to positive and uplifting music. Imagine that. Ha!

Again, this is my personal conviction based on my own heart and past.

Reminders of my past are ever near, though, with dozens of purchased songs on my iPhone I’m unable to delete (I’ve tried and tried). I suppose it’s a good exercise in humility and where I’ve been?

Anyway, music is obviously very important to God. He talks about singing songs unto him hundreds of times.


The Bible commands us to sing unto the Lord more than anything else in the Bible- over 800 times! Not only that, but the biggest book the the Bible is devoted to it! God loves our songs of praise.

We also get a glimpse of Heaven and the songs being sung when we look at Revelation.


Our songs are important to God, so they’re important to me.

There’s no more room for the garbage I used to listen to. I’ve wasted enough time on meaninglessness and want to make the most of each day in Christ.

I felt compelled to share my heart on this topic today. If you’ve ever been there, you get it.

If you want to take the plunge and give some good quality Christian music a try (I promise it won’t stink!), I’d be happy to help. Shoot me a note or leave a comment and I will flood you with positive and uplifting music.

I realize today’s post may seem a little crazy, maybe even a little “extreme.”

What can I say, I guess you can label me a Jesus Freak.

Good thing that anthem rocks. smile

2015 March Ipsy

Let’s talk the Ipsy March floral fantasy bag.

As usual, another winner.

No duds, plus two full-sized products.

Here’s the springy bag.


Check out this pretty, shimmery Pixi Beauty Mesmerizing Mineral eyeshadow duo.


The color is nice and neutral, and I’m going to enjoy using it.

I also got this mini Coolway Glow Oil hair treatment.


It has s nice orange creamsicle smell, and definitely smooths.

It was s tiny sample, so I only got about four uses out of it, but I definitely noticed a difference.

Check out this NYX butter lipstick in Pops.


I really didn’t want to open this up and start using it.

But lip products are my kryptonite.

This is a beautiful neutral color with lots of moisture.

Guysssss, I’m absolutely in love with this pur-LISSE cleanser and makeup remover.


I wash my face every night, but sometimes it’s a battle.

Why does such a minor task feel so hard sometimes!?

I’m going absolutely crazy over this stuff because it’s the perfect answer on nights when I’ve waited too long to wash my face and I’m at a crossroads between going straight to bed and taking 30 seconds and washing my face.

This stuff is ridiculous in the best way possible. It gently washes away makeup and mascara with ease and leaves nothing behind.

This stuff is a huge winner.

And it’s almost gone.

Sad face.

Finally, I got this Mimi Boo Boo cover up concealer.


This is another major win.

It goes on so softly and is incredibly creamy. It emulsifies nicely and provides good coverage. Not only that, but it includes ingredients like chamomile and green tea to help promote healing.

Hello perfect concealer for blemishes!

Though I’ve loved so very many Ipsy products, I haven’t been a repeat buyer on much. This might be one of those products I end up purchasing.

That’s my bag! Such a total winner. All the samples are well used, and some are even empty. Definitely a good bag.

Tune in next month for another review, and tomorrow for another post!

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WIOW: Workout Things

As I prepare for warmer weather, I begin making small changes to my workouts.

Yesterday was devoted to March food things in preparation for spring & summer weather, so it seemed like today would be a good day to devote to my March workout things.

Here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve been doing in the gym lately.

Preworkout food:

On days I workout at home, it depends.

Sometimes I’ll workout in a fasted state, but most days I’ll just take a bite or two of wheat bread, just to have a little something in my stomach.

On gym days, when I’m powering through a long and intense workout, I’ve been eating peanut butter toast. 

Workout Drinks

On days I workout at home, it’s water all the way.

The workouts are short and intense, but I’m not doing lots of lifting for long periods to necessitate the need for BCCAs. Plus, I never take any breaks during those workouts to get a drink most of the time anyway!
On heavy lifting & gym days, when I spend longer at the gym, I drink Scivation Xtend in green apple.

Really, while Xtend would be beneficial for both workout environments, it really comes down to me being cheap frugal. There I said it. ha!

Workout wears

We recently went over the whole workout pant debate, but hey, I’m still throwing it in today, too.

I have several different workout pants, but my favorite are a super comfy and broken in Champion capri.

I also don my beloved uniform on top- a variety of colorful bra tops with cut off t-shirts on top for a extra modesty.

Workout Tunes and Such

I’ve been listening to a variety of things during my workouts lately.

Spotify is my app of choice for workouts in the weight room.

I’ve got my favorite Christian rappers keeping me uplifted and focused, with a sprinkling of Christian rock, too.

Cardio is a different story. If I’m doing a long stint, I’ll do lots of different things.

If I’m doing steady state cardio, sometimes I’ll watch Kandee Johnson’s videos on YouTube to pass the time. Other times I’ll listen to a variety of sermons on podcasts.

If I’m looking to hit it hard, I’ll stick on Mr. Sam’s Opus and incorporate weights to the rhythm of the music during my elliptical workout.

Post-Workout Fuel

My post workout food is, and always will be, a green monster with protein powder.

These vary, but lately it’s been spinach, herbs from the Aerogarden, chia, coconut oil, protein powder, greens powder, 1/4 avocado, 1/3 frozen banana, almond milk, a little water, and ice.

There you have it. My recent workout things these days.

Thanks for stopping by, and check in tomorrow for Ipsy fun!

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March Food Things

Last week’s post was nonexistent, so this one is a bit more comprehensive.

As in, it actually contains pictures. Haha

I eat a lot of the same stuff, so I didn’t take five pictures of the same lunch.

You get the drift.

Enough talking, let’s eat! smile

Food things

Food things

Chickfila market salad. The chicken goes to Will.
Food things

Weekly fish atop sautéed peppers, onions, and potatoes
Food things

Kashi cereal with Greek yogurt

Food things

Food things

Food things

Food things

Food things

Food things
Food things

Food things

Food things

Food things
Food things

This onsie cookie was almost too adorable to eat. Almost.

Food lately

Veggie Qudoba gumbo 😍

Food lately

Food things

Food things
This past week’s fish with “fried” rice, egg, and veggies
Food things

Food things
Food things

Last week’s lunch- veggies, eggs, and spicy hummus

Food things

Food things

Scrambled eggs

Food things

Food things

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