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Tuesday Things, 9 Sept 14

-I’m pretty pumped about this Saturday’s game.

We have a home and home scheduled with Tennessee, and they’ll be here this week to take on the Sooners. Should be a fun one!

Speaking of, I think know technology has made Will’s fantasy football football obsession worse.

Way worse.

When we first got together you’d have to go to your desktop computer and put in your lineup.

Then you’d watch the games broadcasted on the main networks.

And you’d only check your scores every so often. After all, you’d have to be near your desktop computer.

Now not only does he have Sunday Ticket and every app and mobile device known to man, but he can watch on his phone.

I’m dead.

I was lucky enough to get to sample Skintimate’s Mandarin Burst shave gel.
Confession- when it comes to shaving, I am usually a soap and water gal.

Don’t judge, I already know.


Anyway, I gotta say I loved getting to try this stuff out. It smells amazing and yes, as we already know, Skintimate is far better than plain old soap and water. Lesson learned.

Oh my goodness sake.

Have you seen this video of the tarantula dog that’s gone viral?

I don’t know if it’s the fact that I have dogs or that I hate spiders, but oh my goodness guys I was cackling when I watched this video. Tears were streaming down my face, and I couldn’t catch my breath.

It’s not that funny, but I just couldn’t stop laughing.

Okay guys, do you know about the Walmart Savings Catcher?

Do it.

That’s pretty much the only place I buy groceries and I’ve used it three times and already have almost $3 accumulated on a gift card.

I realize that’s peanuts, but considering I did absolutely nothing for it and shop there all the time, I figure I might as well make some money if they’re going to do the work. Win.

Speaking of gift cards, we had a gift card to the Cheesecake Factory that was set to expire last night so we placed a to-go order to use it up.

Seriously- why is that place so great?

Or so terrible?

I suppose they’re one in the same.

I got one if their lightened up salads and skipped getting dessert.

I was so proud of myself.

Only, when I went to pick it up they took a little longer than anticipated. I was super nice about it and chatted the staff up and when I got to leave they threw in an extra piece for being so nice.

I was so proud I had the willpower not to order cheesecake. Aaaand then they took a long time and I was super nice about it and they threw in an extra piece for my kindness. Dead.


I ate the gut bombs and am going to let Will eat my non vegan cheesecake...though I might eat the chocolatey bits?

So dead.

Since we’re talking food, the Oklahoma State Fair starts this weekend.

One of the newly debuted foods is fried gummy bears.

I’m not sure I’m down? I mean, fried anything is good I suppose. However, given the choice, if I’m going to cheat on my macros, just shut up and give me a fried Snickers. smile

Check in tomorrow to talk about why we need to change up our routine

The Sleepover One & Look Ahead

Hey sweets!

How is it already Monday?!


This weekend flew by, and I’m beginning today wondering just where the heck it went!

Before we get to Friday night, can we please laugh at how many beverages I have handy on any given Friday!?

Drinking problem


I think there’s literally about 100 ounces of liquid between all these cups.

Moving on…

Friday night Will’s dad came to stay with us! He and Will went to the OU-Tulsa game Saturday, so he stayed with us so they could leave out together early the next morning.

We ate dinner and talked about his days growing up in Tulsa. He has lots of good stories.

Saturday morning started early. I hit the gym while Will and his dad headed to Tulsa.

Later that morning I went to Life Church to gather together with hundreds of other women for SISTERS! It’s a yearly event where women gather together for a time of worship and teaching.

This year Amy Groeschel spoke, and I was so blessed. She had such a gentle demeanor, yet is still able to command a crowd. I love her and I love her heart!

She spoke about standing firm in this day and time. To yield to God daily, and resist the devil.

Afterward I came home and got some stuff done and then headed to P’s for a sleepover party! Woo hoo!

We had such a fun time. We didn’t so anything exciting but it was just fun hanging out and not having anywhere to be afterward.

We are pizza, watched The Wiggles, contemplated the YouTuber “Disney Collector” (who is this chick and is anyone else creeped out?), and explored bizarre beauty rituals. Real life.

Girls night

Far different than our Chicago sleepovers, but still so fun in their own right.

Oh- and we had the most delicious pie EVER for breakfast. It was like a team of grandmas got together and created the most heavenly version of every berry pie imaginable, combined it, and tripled the butter and sugar.



Thankfully (?) we shared the piece so I didn’t feel as terribly afterward.

I am so glad we hung out and I can’t wait until we can again!

I came home to a house full of men. Will’s dad stayed Saturday night too, and wasn’t feeling the greatest so he ended up sleeping a little longer and having breakfast with us.

He got on the road late morning and Will and I kicked off the afternoon watching football and prepping for the week ahead.

I also managed to do Insanity. I will say pie isn’t the best pre-workout fuel. smile

Another long week ahead, but thankfully I have some fun stuff coming up!

Let’s take a look at what’s coming up this week:

-Tuesday Things
-Everything Works, Nothing Works Forever
-Things I’m Loving Thursday
-An intro to Ezra

That’s all my friends! Check in tomorrow! 

A Call to Prayer

Today’s post has been on my heart for weeks now.

Heavy and ever there, always on my mind and in my thoughts.

Girls, I don’t know where your heart is, and whether you hate these Friday posts or love them, but I love sharing my faith with you.

Without turning today’s post into an eschatological op-ed, I will simply say as I watch the signs of the times in this world we’re living in, I personally believe we are nearing the end of the end.

It makes me want to be even bolder.

To proclaim the hope of Jesus.

To grab you by the shoulders in love, and ask you to run the race God set before you.

To do the same for myself.

There will be a day (and I’m sure a post) for that, but today I just want to come before you humbly.

Simple and quiet.

Grasping your hand across the aisle, and pulling you by my side.

Friends, today is a day I call on us to join together and pray.

To pray for our world.

It is hurting so badly.

To pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ being executed by extremists.

It makes my heart ache. I hurt for them and I pray The Lord gives them protection and courage to stand strong.

To pray for the hungry tummies all over the world.

For those being trafficked, beaten, and killed.

To pray for our leaders. That God gives them wisdom and His grace in knowing how to guide our country.

To pray for our communities and neighborhoods.

To pray for safety over us and our families.

To join together and pray for vision and God’s guidance.

We may not be able to save the world, but we can each pick up our cause and use our gifts accordingly.

We live in desperate times, and it’s easy for me to get wrapped up in the news and the “what-ifs.”

But what if we got caught up in Jesus and his mighty power working in us?

Thank you Jesus that my hope is in you and your promises.

Do you know him today?

Of friends, what we can do when we are completely surrendered to Him. Give your heart to him.

Let’s join together in an attitude of prayer for all of the above, as well as anything else heavy on our hearts today.

Girls, I believe in the power of prayer. The Bible says he hears our petitions. I know it to be true.

In fact, I would love to pray for you over the weekend. Feel free to leave your request in the “Share the Love” comments section.

Finally, starting next Friday I am going to be going through the book of Ezra each week on the blog.

Yes, Ezra. Seems like such a random book to begin a weekly Friday study with, I know.

I just feel it on my heart and am going to obey. I would love for you to join me!

That’s it for now. Let’s lift each other up today, sisters.

Love and prayers,


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Thursday Things, 4 Sep 14

Royal Tailor-Making Me New

Thursday things

This one is fun, upbeat, and definitely a good one for a workout

Soffe Cloth Shorts

Thursday things

This is not a new love. It’s a very, very old one.

I wear the dickens out of these shorts and have one for every day in the week!

I wear these all summer around the house, and they are my go-to shorts for at-home workouts.

They’re super cheap, too. I’ve had all my pairs for years, and they are still in decent shape.

MuscleTech Cookies & Cream Protein

Dead. Let's hope it's a good as I want it to be.

I hoped it would be delicious, and it didn’t disappoint.

To be fair, I’ve only used it to make a smoothie and haven’t tried it the good old fashioned way (just stirred up with water). It was delicious in the smoothie though!

This post about breaking camp

Pixi Tinted Balm in Pretty Pink

July Ipsy
I got this color in last month’s Ipsy.
These days, I usually try to use up what I have before starting a new color. Mainly because I have about 30 opened lipsticks and lip glosses that are all half used. However, when I got this I knew it would be a winner. I’ve used this stuff daily and will definitely buy it again. 

These HIIT cardio workouts from the queen of figure, Nicole Wilkins

Short weeks
Waking up and knowing it’s Thursday instead of Wednesday was a good feeling, anyone with me?

Girls, if you have some time this weekend check out our Sisters event at

The event will be held for women across all campuses, but it will also be simulcasted online.

This Throwback Thursday Pic

Britt-1 yr old playing in her toybox

So much material here.

Without getting too brutal about my cheesy grin and floppy hair (let’s be gentle with baby Brittny, please) can we please laugh about how I’m totally lounging inside my toy box all reading it up like it’s completely normal?

Good times.

That’s all for now. If you need me, I’ll be hanging in my Strawberry Shortcake toy box reading…

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Work it Out Wednesday: Super Duper Superset Legs


Although it’s September, and cozy sweaters are around the corner, there’s no reason to neglect our summer workouts just yet.

Besides, if you’re like me, my training is fairly similar year round. Why put on extra weight in the winter when you can stick to one fairly static regimen (taking into account changing it up every few months of course)?

Today’s leg workout is just that- something to change up your routine and feel the caloric burn!

This is the circuit I’ve been doing the last couple weeks and am loving it. I’ve been lifting hard and heavy, and this routine has been challenging and fun.

I almost always do super (duper ☺️) sets when lifting because it makes the most of my limited time in the gym. Today’s routine is no different.

I didn’t add suggested reps because it’s really up to you and your goals for how many you do.

Perform three sets of each superset, adding in various preferred ab and calves work between each superset.

Is that confusing?

Sometimes it’s hard to clearly explain in writing.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

-Perform the following back to back without rest:

Dead lift
Glute Bridge

-Immediately perform 25 sets of calf raises and 25 leg raises

-Repeat two more times

Make more sense?

Let’s hope.

Okay, so now that I’ve (hopefully) explained the process, let’s get to work!

Warm up:
50 squats w/barbell of choice (I would go pretty light here because the goal is to simply warm up your muscles)

Perform the following chunks of supersets three times each, adding your favorite calves and ab work between each set:

Dead lift
Glute Bridge

Romanian dead lift
Lunge with kick

Hang clean
Step up with kick

One leg squats w/weight
Jumping jacks

Hack press machine
Jump squats

Leg extension machine
Hamstring curl machine

Perform as many hang-clean-presses you can to failure (in good form!)

I use a super light weight on the finisher because I’m exhausted by this point and don’t want to risk injury.

This is a more intermediate move, so just omit or change it up if you don’t want to give it a go!

Here’s a printout you can use to take with you.

Leg circuit
Leg circuit

Give it a go and challenge yourself to push through!

Check in tomorrow!

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Tuesday Things, 2 Sept 14

For the last two weeks, anytime I’ve been running late and had to blow dry my hair, I’ve simultaneously done my makeup.

Is this a thing?

Am I late to the game?

If it is, it’s probably a good thing I waited to start until I was in my 30s.  I think perhaps my coordination has improved over the years.

Although, I’m probably just telling myself that…

No softball last night.

Will was visibly bummed.

The good news is that next Monday kicks off Monday night football.

The bad news is that next Monday kicks off Monday night football.

Football widowhood commences.

My sister and I have a terrible habit of planning super exciting things and never following through.

We’ve been talking about a sleepover for months and months but have never actually done it. It’s tentatively on the books for Saturday night. I bought the pancake mix and she’s got the ice cream. Fingers crossed.

I ate my weight in vegetables yesterday.
We got everything on the grill, and a few minutes into cooking, the propane went out.

Labor Day

Sooo, we ended up finishing everything in the oven. Half grilled, half baked. I feel there’s a joke somewhere in there?

I was supposed to go to the OU-Tulsa game with Will Saturday, but it’s a 10:00 kickoff, our seats were in full sunlight, and it’s going to be 97.

I don’t need to link to the hundreds of times I’ve mentioned how I pour from my head and.cant.stop.ever.

Thankfully Will’s dad took one for the team and is going in my place.

Everyone’s happy.

Back in March Will and I ordered a love seat, followed by its matching couch soon after.

When the love seat arrived this spring, I swore it looked darker than what we saw in the store.


I checked online and confirmed there was only one color made in that style. So while I still swore it was darker, I figured the couch would bought had to be the same.


The couch came in Sunday and was the original color we saw and wanted in the store.

The new (super duper long) couch

I’m not sure if you can tell in the picture, but the love seat is way darker.

I have no idea what happened, and it’s crazy the place still supposedly only makes one color in the style. Ughhhh, guys.

I realize I sound like a brat, but when you buy new furniture it should be what you want.

So yeah. Kind of a couch problem with no real remedy because there are no exchanges or refunds.

So if you ever come over? Please don’t say anything about the mismatched couches.

Any randomness you care to share?

The One with Labor Day, Sooner Football, & Look Ahead

Happy Labor Day!

Hopefully you’re off today enjoying an extended weekend like I am.

For that reason, today’s post is short and straight to the point.

A few highlights and a look at what’s ahead.

Something terrible happened Friday.


Considering I’ve talked about these puppies three times on the blog in the last two weeks, I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

I brought a couple to my mom and Layla Friday afternoon and enjoyed special time with some of my favorite ladies!

At least someone likes my cooking

Saturday kicked off football! We headed to Norman and enjoyed Ted’s for lunch amidst a crowd of fellow fans.

The first game was hot as usual, but thankfully it was an evening game and (kind of) became more bearable.

OU LA Tech 30 Aug 14

So many freshman played throughout the game, and they looked so good! Hopefully good things to come all season!

We left early, which was nice. Instead of getting home at midnight, we beat the rush got home earlier.

Yesterday went just as quickly as Saturday. Gym, church, and lunch, followed by When the Game Stands Tall that afternoon (good movie!).

The couch we bought waaaay back in March was finally delivered to the store this week so they dropped it off last night. Yay!

And now another week begins.

I hoped today would be about relaxation, but sadly there’s lots of work to do! Yard work, washing the car, and a few more boring adult chores.

The fun of being a grown up. smile

I think we are also going to grill out with my parents later today so that’s nice, at least.

Hey, it’s nice to already be one day into the week, though, and get to spend it with my favorite people. 

Here’s a look at what’s coming up this week!

-Tuesday Things
-My current leg work
-Things I’m loving
-A call to prayer (and an mini introduction)

Alright that’s it for now! Happy Monday. I’m off to de-poop the yard.

Such a glamorous life I lead. 

Lipstick on the Pig

I spotted lots of cute animals at the fair this past weekend.

The sheep were so soft and clean, and the horses were shiny and majestic.

And the pigs.

Even the pigs were spiffed up!

Check out this pink porker.

The county fair!


Let’s camp out with the pigs today.

Because honestly?

I camped out with the pigs earlier this week.

I took a tumble through their filth head first.

There’s some pretty hefty changes coming for the B-Love family very soon.

It’s exciting and scary, all at the same time.

I have such a peace about everything. God is so good. When we seek him for answers, he answers.

Yet, as things begin to unfold, I’ve started to see “unfolding” as “unraveling.” I let Satan creep in and cause doubt.

I’ve found myself giving way to angst, worry, and fear.

I frustrate myself because I recognize his tactics, yet sometimes still succumb to the anxiety.

In one of those moments Monday, I snapped at Will and said a handful of stupid things about these changes I soon after regretted.

Ever been there?

There I went, rolling around in the pig pen.

After all these years you’d think I’d be wise enough to guard my mouth and tongue because it keeps my soul from trouble, just as Proverbs says.

Yet there I was, Monday night, rattling off a host of regretful things.

Lord help me!

So, now that you have some background, let’s get back to those pigs.

Proverbs tells us, “As a ring of gold in a swine’s snout, So is a lovely woman who lacks discretion."(‭Proverbs‬ ‭11‬:‭22‬ NKJV)

Can we please just stop for a second and laugh at the imagery in this verse!?


I love it.

It’s such a clear picture of the point being made. I need things in crayon sometimes, especially hard lessons.

You might be able to shine up a gold ring and wipe down the swine, but at the end of the day old Babe is still a pig and still wants to to wallow in the mud. 


Same with us.

We might clean up nicely, but if we do not guard our heart and tongue, we can really end up in a pickle.

Thank God for His mercy and grace.

Proverbs has numerous verses about contentious wives. They’re a constant annoying drip of water, and tear their houses down.

I don’t like these contentious wives!

The trouble, friends, is that I was one!

A few years ago, I was that woman. Tearing my house down and being that constant annoying drip of water.

Jesus rescued me from my destructive path, but it takes daily surrender of that gold-nosed pig, especially when the heat rises.

Monday was a good reminder.

The coming weeks and months are going to be a major test on my heart and character.

Lots of opportunities for refining.

So today, let’s talk about ways to develop godly character when the temperature rises instead of being a woman who lacks discretion.

1. Stay in Scripture
The biggest way I’ve overcome sinful habits is to read and memorize scripture.

When I’m in the heat of the moment, and it looks like I may not use discretion, I might not always have my Bible with me.

That’s why having scripture memorized is so very important. I pray the verses and make them personal.

Specifically, when that gold snouted, discretion-less piggy wants to rear her ugly head.

I pray with detailed intention and personalize the verses I’ve memorized.

For example, “Father your word says a lovely woman without discretion is like a stinky pig trying to shine herself up with a gold ring. Keep me true to you. Help me to be a woman of discretion and lovely in your eyes.”

Do it. Hide his word in your heart and you might be shocked about the life giving words that come out of your mouth during times of trouble compared to what we might have said in the past.

So help me God!

Oh girls, we need to be praying our faces off each day. We need God’s grace, mercy, and love to get through every single day.

We are surrounded with frustrating people and situations, and it’s important to have a heart of love and patience.

Sometimes, when I am at the end of our rope and feel like I might just lose it, I literally just have to cry out to God and simply stress my desperate need for his help. “You’re grace, God!”

Take a deep breath, close your eyes for a moment, and ask for the love, patience, and grace that only he can provide. He is faithful and will do it.

TV Timeout


I just need a break.

In the not so distant past, I would instantly react to things that irritated me without any of the discretion we’re talking about today.

The trouble is that my grouchy emotional response didn’t help resolve anything and actually fueled the fire more.


I’ve started taking a timeout when I start to feel my blood pressure rise. I recognize my ability to react too quickly and say something I will regret.

I’ve finally learned it’s good to talk through things, but foolish to respond so hastily.

Taking a few minutes to sort it out in my mind and ask for wisdom goes a long way in keeping peace.

I laugh because Will has been used to me shooting from the hip over the years. However, nowadays I’ll just get quiet and contemplative before responding and I think it sort of wigged him out at first. Haha

So there you have it. Not only a real life story of how I could relate to today’s verse, but also some practical applications.

Let’s have lovely hearts, friends. Ones full of goodness. I never want to be that gold nosed pig, and with God’s daily faithfulness, we don’t have to be.


Happy Friday! I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend! Ours will be busy, but I’m excited to have a few days off. Plus OU starts the season so we are pumped about that!

See you Monday, and boomer sooner! smile

August Ipsy Review

It’s Ipsy time!

This month’s bag was all about back to school.

(Which makes me feel incredibly ancient)

Time to open up the bag and see what’s inside!


Here’s the back to school glam bag.

August Ipsy

Please tell me you think it screams pencil case, too?

Check out this cutesy mini Lord & Black silk black eyeliner.

August Ipsy

Eyeliner is always a winner, even if it’s a pencil.

Confession: I’m terrible at sharpening the dang things.

I always splinter it off, and it cracks, and is a total mess.

Regardless, I’ll definitely use it up.

It goes on super smooth, and lasted all day. Win.

I also got this mini sample of GLAMGLOW Youth Mud tingle exfoliating mask.

August Ipsy

Can we just talk about how out of this world this stuff smells?!

So so good. In fact, I even looked to see whether they also made body spray or perfume.

Spoiler, they don’t.

I’ve heard of this brand many times before, but have never used any of their products.

I used the mask and it had an instant tingling and tightening effect.

Weird pieces of black stuff came out and sort of randomly smeared across my face, but I think it was supposed to? Let’s hope.

It was an enjoyable experience, but I doubt I’ll be able to determine how well it works from this small sample. Nonetheless, I’ll enjoy using this stuff until it’s gone!

I also scored this mini Manna shimmer lotion.

August Ipsy

August Ipsy

Basically liquid sparkle.

Lord help me.

It’s no secret I love glowy sparkle and shine.

To a fault.

This stuff? Totally beautiful.

Thankfully it’s not over the top, and a little drop added to foundation adds a subtle, gentle glow. least I think so?

If you see me and I look like I dipped my face in glitter, well, you’ll know what happened.

I also got this Urban Decay black super plumping mascara sample.

August Ipsy

August Ipsy

I always enjoy mascara samples, and needed a new tube so this worked out.

Finally, I got this super delicious full size You’re the Balm green apple lip balm.

August Ipsy

It smells and tastes fantastic, and it’s got a pretty and sheer pinkish hue. Totally excited about this stuff.

The bag was a winner, but I was a little bummed everything was sample sized except the lip balm (sheesh, I sound like a brat).

Let’s take a look at the price breakdown:

Lord & Black silk black eyeliner sample- $2.15 (I think...maybe?)

GLAMGLOW Youth Mud tingle exfoliating mask sample- $19

Manna Kadar shimmer lotion sample-$7.80

Urban Decay black mascara sample-$5.50

You’re the Balm green apple lip balm-$3

Despite the samples, the dollars definitely work in my favor.

So there you have it! My August Ipsy.

Check out past months here, my dear! smile

April, May, June, July, August, September,October, November , December,
And July!

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WIOW: Gym Friendly Circuit

Just about every workout I share these days is at-home friendly and only uses body weight.

I love those.

But sometimes, I like doing similar circuits at the gym with weights.

On the Fridays I have to work, I only have two days to hit the gym (the rest of my workouts are at home).

That makes it hard to keep my usual weightlifting split, so on those weekends I typically do a lower body day and an upper body day.

I occasionally will do a full body blitz, which is what I’m sharing today.

Print this picture out and take it to the gym with you. I always find I can somewhat memorize what’s coming next by using some of my time on the treadmill to look it over.


Get some weights in your hands and let’s move.

WIOW gym


Definitely hold some weights for the lunges and step ups. Also, I find using a weight plate makes for a smooth transition on the bicep curls into shoulder presses.

When all is said and done you will have done at least 20 minutes of cardio and worked through an entire resistance program in between. Winning!

Check in for an Ipsy review tomorrow!

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